Sometimes I wish I could just passively accept what my government monarchs and their mainstream media mouthpieces feed me on a daily basis. Why do I have to question everything I’m told? Life would be much simpler and I could concentrate on more important things like the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass, why the Honey Boo Boo show was canceled, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, whether I’ll get a better deal on Chinese slave labor produced crap on Black Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, fantasy football league standings, the latest NFL player to knockout their woman and get reinstated, Obama’s latest racial healing plan, which Clinton or Bush will be our next figurehead president, or the latest fake rape story from Rolling Stone. The willfully ignorant masses, dumbed down by government education, lured into obesity by corporate toxic packaged sludge disguised as food products, manipulated, controlled and molded by an unseen governing class of rich men, and kept docile through never ending corporate media propaganda, are nothing but pawns to the arrogant sociopathic pricks pulling the wires in this corporate fascist empire of debt.

I’m sure my blood pressure would be lower and my mood better if I just accepted everything I was told by my wise, sagacious, Ivy League educated, obscenely wealthy rulers as the unequivocal truth. Why should I doubt these noble, well intentioned, champions of the common folk? They’ve never misled us before. They would never attempt to use two highly publicized deaths as a lever to keep black people and white people fighting each other and not realizing all races are now living in a militarized police surveillance state supported by the one Party. They would never use their complete control over the financial, political, judicial, and media organisms to convince the masses that voting for one of their hand selected red or blue options will ever actually change anything. They would never engineer the overthrow of a democratically elected government, cover up the shooting down of an airliner, and attempt to blame their crimes on the leader of a nuclear power in their efforts to retain a teetering global empire. They would never overthrow or wage economic warfare on countries that don’t toe the line regarding the continued dominance of the petrodollar in global commerce.

Sadly, I’m cursed with a mind that questions everything and trusts no one in authority or associated with the status quo. It’s the reason I don’t read newspapers or watch mainstream media television entertainment propaganda, disguised as news. It’s the reason I will never vote in a national election again. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I’m skeptical of every piece of data fed to the sheep by the government apparatchiks working for the state. The faux journalists being paid millions by one of the six corporations controlling the media and dependent upon the government, Wall Street bankers, and mega-corporations for their advertising revenues regurgitate whatever they are told by those pulling the purse strings. The mainstream media are nothing but propaganda peddlers for the Deep State and truth telling is prohibited in their world of deception, debt, and denial. Their job is to sustain, enhance, and further enrich the status quo by engineering consent through what they report and what they do not report. The true ruling powers who operate in the shadows behind the scenes are men of power, wealth, status and education who truly believe they are better equipped to consciously manage and manipulate the public mind to achieve their ends. They are disciples of the Edward Bernays School of deception, manipulation and propaganda.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits.” Edward Bernays

The Nazis were pikers compared to the technologically savvy Madison Avenue maggots and Silicon Valley snakes who mold the opinions, tastes, and beliefs of the iGadget addicted, vapid, unintelligent, unquestioning, zombie-like masses who beseech to be led, told what to do and what to believe. A vast swath of the population don’t read books or even know how to read above a grade school level. They couldn’t write a coherent paragraph if their life depended upon it. But they can twitter, text, Instagram, and facebook at the speed of light. Try walking down any street in an American city without some iGadget distracted oblivious moron bumping into you. The addicting nature of today’s technology is being used by the ruling elite to monitor, control, and make you respond the way they choose.

Facebook, corporate media organizations, quasi-government organizations, and the NSA are creating a corporate totalitarian state where the slaves willingly sacrifice their privacy, liberty and freedom for mindless entertainment and distractions. The 21st Century totalitarian state captures your political beliefs, daily activities, habits, interests, spending behaviors, organizational associations, love life, pictures, psychological makeup, and fears from your own postings on the internet. With the right algorithms they can uncannily predict how you will react to different situations and messaging. They can also uncover threats to the status quo. Under the guise of keeping you safe from terrorists they are actually ferreting out subversives and radicals who refuse to conform to their idea of a good citizen slave. We will all be subject to our own Room 101.

Dan Kaplan in his recent article about Facebook as a tool for totalitarianism lays out the extreme threat to our future:

Today’s totalitarian demands a more subtle way to influence cultural and political sentiment. But if you got your hands on an algorithmically filtered newsfeed? One that could control the stories people see every day and influence their emotions across geographic, political and economic lines? You’d be in business.

But then there was the mood-influence study that scandalized us for a couple of weeks this year. Facebook changed the tone of content showing up in people’s feeds to test the impact it could have on their moods. The results, not too surprisingly, suggested that Facebook has the power to manipulate sentiment at scale.

Given how easy it is to scare people about the scary-seeming-but-actually-low-risk Ebola, and how dumb we all get when we are afraid, it is not crazy to think that under the wrong circumstances — like one or two more mass-scale terrorist attacks on major cities — modern democracy gives way to something akin to 1984.

If Big Brother were to seize the reins of power, sure, he’d use the cable news the way it’s being used today. But Facebook’s data maw, targeting power and sentiment-manipulation capabilities would be far more insidious. Whether this is what we become or not comes down to the future we choose to build.

The saddest part of this episode of mass delusion, mass confusion, and mass media collusion is that even though we are moving towards Orwell’s totalitarian vision of society, thus far, technology, triviality and an unending array of distractions have lured the masses into passive preoccupation with egotistical pleasures. We’ve been persuaded to love our servitude while drowning in a sea of irrelevance, diversions, and trifles. We continue to amuse ourselves to death while forging our own chains of debt and yielding to the direction of an all-powerful welfare warfare surveillance state that promises to protect us from phantom threats while actually abolishing our rights, freedoms, and liberties. No coercion necessary. We have been trained to love our servitude.

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

Arrogance, Desperation, Lies & Truth

 “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

The level of data massaging by the government and their co-conspirators on Wall Street and in the corporate media is a futile attempt at a happy ending that will never come to fruition. The intensity and relentlessness with which the state and its quasi-state minions attempt to paint a false picture of economic recovery is equal parts arrogance and desperation. The arrogance is a function of successfully pulling off the greatest heist in world history from 2003 through 2008 with no adverse consequences, no criminal charges, no penalties for their crimes, and more power and wealth than they had prior to 2003. The only way to stop sociopaths is to throw them in jail or kill them. In our dystopian paradise of greed, they were rewarded with trillions in rescue packages by their cohorts in crime at the Federal Reserve and in Congress. They’ve paid themselves billions in bonuses for gorging at the Federal Reserve trough of QE and ZIRP. The desperation is borne from the fact that after $7.5 trillion of debt added by the Federal government and $3.5 trillion of debt created by the Federal Reserve since 2009, the Greater Depression for average Americans deepens by the day.

The men pulling the strings behind the scenes are drunk with power and their hubris allows them to believe their own infallibility and blinds them to the dire consequences for our country when their debt Ponzi scheme fails. But, as we grow ever closer to the day of reckoning, they will use every means at their disposal to paint a positive picture, regardless of the facts and reality for the average person. The examples of twisting, distorting and outright lying about the economic reality of our times are endless. These are some of the major false storylines peddled by our benevolent corporate fascist leaders:

The BLS reported 321,000 jobs added in November and the unemployment rate at 5.8%. Jobs are plentiful, based upon these statistics.

A skeptical critical thinking individual might ask a few questions or point out a few inconvenient facts the government purveyors of propaganda might not want us to ponder:

  • The non-manipulated, non-seasonally adjusted number of jobs in November FELL by 270,000. The BLS added 600,000 jobs as an adjustment to achieve the headline grabbing result.
  • If the jobs market is so good, why is the labor participation rate at a 30 year low of 62.8%?
  • Since 2007 the number of working age Americans has risen by 17 million, while the number of employed has risen by less than 1 million, but the unemployment rate is about the same.
  • Why would almost 14 million working age Americans leave the labor force since 2007 if the economy is booming and jobs plentiful, with 1.2 million leaving in the last 12 months?
  • Why would payroll tax receipts be flat with last year if millions of new jobs have been created?
  • If the country has really added 8 million jobs since 2010, how could real median household income FALL by 2.3%?

According to the government reported figures, the economy hasn’t been this strong since 2007. GDP has supposedly grown at greater than 4% over the last two quarters.

Anyone who is sentient knows consumer spending accounts for 68% of GDP. Capital investments that lead to long term prosperity continue to decline as a percentage of GDP from 20% in 2000 to 16% today. We’ve chosen consumption and financialization over savings and investment. This fact leads to some observations:

  • If GDP has actually grown by 20% since 2008 how does this correlate with a 6.9% decline in real median household income?
  • GDP has been goosed by a $69 billion increase in government spending, with the majority going to the military industrial complex. ISIS has been a godsend for our GDP and arms dealer profits.
  • GDP was increased retroactively by $500 billion last year based on a new way the government accounts for intangibles.
  • The surge in consumer expenditures over the last two quarters has been in the purchase of services. The higher costs for Obamacare are a boon for GDP. Are they a boon for your bank account?
  • The trade deficit has fallen as exports of petroleum products have temporarily provided a boost to GDP. The collapse in oil prices will reverse that trend rapidly.

According to the quasi-governmental mouthpieces at the Conference Board, consumer confidence is near a 5 year high, reflecting what should be robust spending.

So we are told by the representatives of corporatism that we are confident about the economy and the future. How does that measure up to the facts on the ground:

  • Black Friday weekend sales collapsed by 11% versus the previous year. As the pundits tried to blame it on on-line sales (10% of total retail sales), Cyber Monday also proved to be a dud.
  • If the average person is confident about the future and happy with their economic circumstances, why did they just vote to throw out the bums in November?
  • If consumers are confident, why have real retail sales, excluding subprime debt goosed auto sales, been flat for the last three months and up only 1% in the last year?
  • If consumers are so confident, why are credit card balances still $138 billion BELOW where they were in 2008? If all these new jobs are being created why is credit card debt lower than it was in mid-2010? Maybe consumers are so desperate they are using credit cards to pay utility and tax bills and not using them for frivolous Chinese crap at big box retailers.
  • The increased spending at grocery stores and restaurants is driven by food inflation, not foot traffic. Discretionary spending at furniture, electronics, and sporting goods stores is flat.
  • Department store sales continue to fall. Sears and JC Penney teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. Delia’s is liquidating and Radio Shack isn’t far behind. The major chains have completely stopped building new stores. The great bricks and mortar unwind relentlessly plods forward. In addition, online growth is stalling as states implement sales taxes.

According to the government, the deficit was ONLY $483 billion in 2014.

This is a real doozy. Obama has been touting how he has cut the deficit through his wise management of the budget. This is where government accounting is used by apparatchiks to mislead the public and obscure the truth. A few pertinent facts are always left out by the politicians touting deficit reduction:

  • Because of the budget impasse in 2013, the Federal government stopped updating the national debt on a daily basis, but we know from when they started counting again, the debt went up by $2.3 billion per day. Therefore, the national debt on October 1, 2013 was approximately $17.038 trillion. On October 1, 2014 the national debt was $17.875. Therefore, the national debt went up by $837 billion in 2014. Just a smidge higher than the reported deficit of $483 billion.
  • Interest is not paid on reported deficits. It’s paid on the national debt, so the massaged, manipulated and made over deficit is meaningless. The national debt was always slightly higher than reported deficits, but in the last few years the deviation has grown to a Grand Canyon size.
  • The deficit number has been artificially lowered by nothing other than accounting entry hocus pocus. The Federal Reserve increasing its balance sheet to $4 trillion out of thin air creates approximately $80 billion of phantom interest profits that are paid to the Treasury. Why don’t they increase their balance sheet to $40 trillion and eliminate deficits all together?
  • The biggest accounting scam is Fannie and Freddie. Just as the Wall Street banks have created fake profits through accounting entries regarding future losses, Fannie and Freddie have gone the extra mile in helping fake deficit reduction. These bloated insolvent government run pigs required a $187 billion taxpayer bailout in 2009. Amazingly, when you allow criminals to value their assets at whatever they choose, phantom profits flow like honey.
  • These two horribly run institutions of fraud “generated profits” of $129 billion in 2014 which were “paid back” to the Treasury. That is four times more than Apple or Exxon’s profits during a non-existent housing recovery. Why are their stocks trading at just over $2 per share if they are generating vastly more profits than they were in 2007 when their stocks were north of $70 per share? It’s because the profits are fake. Everyone knows it, but the Federal Deficit is reported $129 billion lower because these insolvent entities pretended to pay the taxpayer back. Accounting entries do not reduce deficits. Spending less than you generate in revenues reduces deficits.

According to the government, we’ve experienced a strong housing recovery since 2010.

The supposed housing recovery storyline continues to be beaten like a dead horse by the Wall Street media (CNBC) and the shills at the NAR. Anyone with a functioning brain (eliminates CNBC bimbos, hacks, and Ivy League economists) can see there has been no real housing recovery:

  • The 24% rise in home prices (Case Shiller Index) since the 2012 low has been nothing more than a Wall Street hedge fund/Federal Reserve scheme to elevate prices and make Wall Street bank balance sheets less insolvent. Wall Street banks withholding foreclosures from the market while Wall Street hedge funds (Blackstone) use free money from the Fed to buy up housing and rent it out to former homeowners has enriched the .1% while destroying the dream of home ownership for millions.
  • The percent of first time home buyers remains near record lows, while speculators, flippers, hedge fund managers, and rich Chinese businessmen make up a record number of purchasers. The fact this is a fake housing recovery is proven by mortgage applications to purchase a home sitting at 1995 levels and 30% below 2009 recession lows. Maybe the fact real median household income is also at 1995 levels, real wages keep declining, and labor force participation is at 1978 levels has something to do with real people not being able to purchase a home.

  • Even with the artificial hedge fund demand, existing home sales are lower than 2013 and languishing at 1999 levels. They are still 25% below 2005 levels, despite the lowest mortgage rates in history. New home sales are a disaster, with no appreciable increase in two years. Apartment construction has far outpaced single family housing construction. After a five year housing recovery, new home sales languish at levels seen at the bottom of our last six recessions. New home sales are 65% below the 2005 peak and at levels seen in the early 1960’s when there were 130 million less people living in the country.

According to the corporate media, the auto market is hitting on all cylinders with annual sales of 16.4 million, the highest since 2006.

Pretending to sell automobiles to people without the means to pay you for the automobile is always a good business idea. Of course, when you have Ally Financial and the rest of the Wall Street banking cabal doling out 7 year 0% loans and subprime auto loans like candy, it’s easy to move inventory. The temporary boost to GDP by issuing more bad debt always works out in the long run. Right?

  • If the auto business is booming why have GM profits fallen from $9.2 billion in 2011 to $5.4 billion in 2013, and on course to fall to $4 billion in 2014? Record levels of channel stuffing produces sales gains, but no profits. Why is their stock 25% below its 52 week high and lower than it was in 2010 when it was IPO’d after being rescued by Obama?
  • If the auto business is booming why are Ford’s profits falling by 35% versus last year and lower than they were in 2010? Why is their stock price 16% below its 52 week high and still 20% below its 2010 price?
  • Auto loan debt is at an all-time high of $950 billion, up 33% since 2010 when the Fed, Wall Street, and the political class in the fetid D.C. swamp decided they needed new debt bubbles in auto loans and student loans to jump start our moribund economy.
  • There are 65 million auto loans outstanding, and the average debt now stands at $17,352. Over 30% of auto “sales” are actually leases. The rest are financed over an average of 65 months. Virtually all new car sales are nothing more than 3 to 7 year rentals. It’s amazing what easy money from the Fed can produce.
  • Over 31% of all new auto loans this year were to subprime borrowers. They now account for 36.5% of all outstanding auto loans. You become a subprime borrower by defaulting on previous debt obligations. In a shocking development, auto loan delinquencies surged by 13% in the last quarter, with subprime loan delinquencies skyrocketing by 18%. When has issuing billions of debt to subprime borrowers ever caused problems before?
  • Only a University of Phoenix African Studies major is more of a subprime risk than the millions of ecstatic Escalade drivers cruising around our urban ghetto paradises. The average student loan debt is now $33,000. Until the Obama administration went Keynesian, student loan debt was primarily in the private sector. When Obama entered the White House total student loan debt was $620 billion and delinquencies totaled $50 billion. There are now $1.3 trillion of student loans outstanding, with the Federal government accounting for $830 billion and guaranteeing a large portion of the rest. Delinquencies have skyrocketed to $125 billion, as another taxpayer bailout beckons.

According to the corporate mainstream media pundits, the plunge in oil prices from $100 per barrel to $61 per barrel is unequivocally good for the economy. The shale oil boom has worked its magic and happy times are here again.

Sometimes you have to wonder whether the highly educated spokesmodels on the corporate mainstream media are really as vacuous and clueless as they appear or whether they are just paid to look pretty and mouth the corporate line. They seem incapable of comprehending the unintended consequences of various events. The collapse in oil prices is one of those events.

  • There is no doubt that lower oil prices will lower the price of gas for the average American. Estimates say they will save $368 per year, which can be spent elsewhere. The highly paid shill economists who declare this will boost spending seem to be math challenged. Retail sales figures include gas stations. What isn’t spent there will be spent in another category, most likely healthcare or groceries as prices in both areas continue to escalate. It’s a zero sum game. No new spending will occur.
  • The worldwide supply of oil has only increased marginally over the last few years. The U.S. shale boom has been offset by declines elsewhere (Libya, Iran, Mexico). The reason for the collapse is the same reason for the 2009 collapse – worldwide demand is contracting. Europe is in a depression. Japan is in a depression. Russia’s economy is contracting. China is decelerating rapidly. The U.S. demand is flat. The implications of another global recession after five years of central banks printing trillions of fiat currency are alarming to say the least.
  • The cost to extract shale oil and transport it to a refinery capable of processing it is high. Honest analysts will tell you that a price of $70 to $80 is required to breakeven. Most companies don’t build breakeven into their plans. Bakken shale oil sells at a discount of about $14 per barrel due to the difficulty of extraction, transport, and processing. It is now selling for $47 per barrel. The number of permits for new rigs fell by 40% in November when oil was still selling for $75 per barrel. Do you think permits for new wells will fall at a price of $61 per barrel? Capital spending by the energy industry accounted for 33% of all capital spending in the last few years. I’m sure some other industry will pick up the slack. Right?
  • It seems the shale oil boom has resulted in a few jobs being created since the 2010 recession trough. In fact the states where fracking is prevalent have accounted for all the job growth in the nation. I wonder if a shale oil bust will have any employment implications. There are 9.3 million jobs related to the energy industry across the country. The plunge in oil prices created by Saudi Arabia in the 1980s created a depression in Texas which contributed to the S&L crisis. This plunge will reveal who has been swimming naked in the high yield bond market and derivatives market.

These are just a few examples among a multitude of lies. Others include: stocks aren’t overvalued, gold isn’t money, inflation is good for you, and ISIS terrorists are an imminent threat to your way of life. Every feel good story fed to the masses by the oligarchs running this shitshow we call America is no different than the propaganda doled out by other infamous totalitarian regimes throughout history. We believe things because we’ve been conditioned to believe them. The crony capitalist oligarchs are intelligent enough to invent theories to explain how the world should work, but not intelligent enough to interpret their models correctly. When they act on their theories (Keynesianism), their actions appear to be those of a lunatic. Despite all evidence refuting their theories, their arrogance and hubris lead them to destruction. The collective insanity of this world is almost too much for a rational thinking person to grasp. The extremely wealthy men operating in the shadows will use every means at their disposal to retain power, enhance their wealth, and crush dissent.

“Being a card carrying member of the privileged class means never having to say I’m sorry, much less ‘not guilty.’  Power is doing what you want when you want, and consequences are for everyone else. Or perhaps these titans of modern industry and the halls of power are at heart just good natured bumblers, who in a genuine belief destroy lives and crash economies, while pursuing insane ideological assumption put forward by vested interests, all the while stuffing their pockets, and crushing all dissent with the political skills of a Machiavelli and the ruthlessness of Al Capone.” – Jesse

The two party system is nothing but a ruse designed to keep the people believing they have a say in how things are run in this country. Both parties support the military industrial complex. Both parties support the militarization of police forces around the country. Both parties support the mass surveillance of its citizens. Both parties do the bidding of their rich corporate and special interest benefactors. Both parties favor deficit spending for eternity. Both parties believe the government should expand its role in our everyday lives. Both parties do the bidding for and protect the Wall Street interests who really run this country. No more proof is needed than what has occurred over the last five years, as criminal Wall Street bankers were rewarded for their malfeasance with trillions of dollars from taxpayers and their puppets at the Federal Reserve. While we were allowing ourselves to be distracted, amused, entertained, and indebted, the oligarchs were busy conducting a silent coup.

“Let’s be clear about this, the oligarchs are flush with victory, and feel that they are firmly in control, able to subvert and direct any popular movement to the support of their own fascist ends and unslakable will to power.

This is the contempt in which they hold the majority of American people and the political process: the common people are easily led fools, and everyone else who is smart enough to know better has their price. And they would beggar every middle class voter in the US before they will voluntarily give up one dime of their ill-gotten gains.

But my model says that the oligarchs will continue to press their advantages, being flushed with victory, until they provoke a strong reaction that frightens everyone, like a wake-up call, and the tide then turns to genuine reform.” – Simon Johnson

The oligarchs have had a good run. The system cannot be reformed from within. The corruption runs too deep. The system is broken and can’t be fixed. There is no doubt in my mind that a collapse approaches which will make 2008/2009 look like a walk in the park. The anger, blame and retribution will sweep away the existing social order and replace it with something new. It will be up to the people to decide what happens next. We were warned two centuries ago by a wise man. Hopefully, we’ll get a 2nd chance.

“However political parties may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” George Washington



  1. You said you were sick.

    That was another well delivered crotch shot to the people responsible for this Emporer’s New Clothes zeitgeist which we are compelled to endure day after day.

    I keep expecting them to change the National Anthem to the theme from the Lego Movie.

    “Everything is awesome!”

    Fact after fact, data point after data point contradicts every last word of it and everyone keeps a straight face. I don’t know how they do it. If it isn’t some complex form of Stockholm Syndrome then maybe They Live was a documentary.

    You write best when you’re under the weather. You might want to make note of that.

  2. Sums it all up nicely. The collapse cannot be far off. Oil is dropping and I just ran across an article where the FED’s Stanley Fisher says JP Morgan is 21 billion shy in capital. Bail-outs will be the last ditch effort to save the system for this crooks. They will set off as many false flags as needed for cover.

  3. I’ve had a shitty run of it at work, essentially spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it.

    Yesterday I put the nail in the coffin for three different projects, in their entirety. I can finally focus on getting back on track.

    I actually walked into work with a smile on my face.

    I should have known better than to think “one TBP article couldn’t hurt.”

    I’m back to my caustic and abrasive self now, thanks for bringing me back to ground level Admin.

  4. All the mythology, folklore and propaganda we grew up believing has fallen away – I drive around wondering if this really is the Truman Show and we are being psychically driven using feed-back from FB likes.

    It is the very definition of crazy-making – and perhaps that is a goal. Reality is for losers.

    I obviously need to take more mental health days ….

  5. Admin, you’re so darn negative all the time. Don’t you get tired of it?? Try looking at the bright side of life once in a while.

    Well, that’s what Ms Freud’s daughter-in-law told me a couple weeks ago. We were in the hospital admiring the new baby. I said something to the effect if she ever wondered what life will be like for little Rena twenty years from now. “No” she says, things will be just great. She pretty much rolls her eyes and walks away if I mention resource scarcity, like, peak oil. Just yesterday Ms Freud’s stockbroker son hounded his mother (yet again!) about getting into the stock market … which is doing great and she’s losing all kinds of opportunity to make big money … he said.

    But, I have TBP, and with the click of a mouse I can go to several other like-minded sites …. and I might conclude that — “hey, there are a lot of people waking up to the bullshit!”

    But, that’s just not true. How many people know what we know, and believe it? Five percent of the population … on a good day? Almost everyone I know has swallowed the Kool Aid …. sure, things might be rough, but another Great Depression type event can never, never, never happen. Ever. The people in charge — yeah, the ones who caused these problems in the first place, lol — yeah, they have the answers. Stop worrying, Stucky.

    The day is coming when they WILL wake-the-fuck-up. But, it will be too late. I promise that I won’t laugh my fucking ass off at them. I promise.

    Meanwhile, I don’t give a rats ass anymore. This morning we had a fruit breakfast; tangerine, banana, blueberries, pineapple, cactus pear, and mango …. topped with a Greek yogurt / sour cream “sauce” … dusted with cinnamon. In the middle of fucking December! Life is good.

  6. This piece in particular shotguns the entire shit show so well with its all incompassing pattern so well I want to send it (like print it out and mail it ’cause his calculator is his computer) to my Dad, a silent, who just doesn’t want to hear it. Ever. This would be the second or so piece I’d have sent to him mentioning, ‘this is the last warning I can offer you’.

    Since I, nor anyone, tell him ‘when’ – its all bullshit you see. Fucking normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance or whatever – he’ll show up on my door with the complete expectation that I’m not only here to help, but wanting to help.

    So, dear silents, please write a piece from you perspective and send it to admin so I can maybe find the chink in my Dad’s rusted armor that only you can understand. That is what I want for Christmas. I’ve been mostly good, so there you go…..get crackin’. Nomad’s already know there fucked so that’d just be a dead letter campaign.

  7. Dear Tommy’s dad:

    I’m a 60 year old Boomer. My parents are Silents.

    My dad was born in a tiny little village in Romania around 1925. My mom was born ten years after that in an idyllic Yugoslavian village. My dad’s parents were farmers. My mom’s dad was a renowned carpenter … I am told people came from great distances to buy his furniture, especially his beds and chests.

    I sometimes wonder what my grandparents thought and hoped for regarding my parent’s future prospects on the day they were born. I’m sure were were simple dreams. Maybe that my dad would keep farming, only with more land. Maybe that my mom would marry well and not have any lack of comfort in her life. They were simple people who lived in remote villages relatively far from government interference. There weren’t endless laws or an even more endless series of crisis. They got up every morning, worked, sold their goods, ate, slept well, went to church on Sunday’s, and everyone in their village was a friend. Life was hard, but it was also good and rewarding. There was no reason to expect their their children’s lives (my parents) would more or less be the same.

    Little did my dad’s parents know that their son would be forcibly taken by the German war machine when he was a teenager, and that they would never see him again, or that he would languish in a Soviet prison camp. Little did my mom’s parent’s know that she would be herded into a Soviet concentration camp, one that the Russians would murder her mother in front of her eyes … or that her father would die of a broken heart, literally.

    They were not alone, of course. Millions of people lost everything during WWII, often literally overnight. There are conflicts all over the world … today … where people lose everything. Only irrational exuberance believes it could never happen here.

    Oh, but you are not Romanian or Yugoslavian, you might counter. You’re American!!! I have news for you ….. that’s worse!!! Just read the article your son gave you. There are no lies therein, only truth.

    Even if you don’t believe all of it, wouldn’t it be wise to prepare for the worst? Were you not alive during or shortly after the Great Depression? What happened to THOSE people who lived a Pollyanna life, and refused to prepare? They suffered greatly. Remember? You’re only kidding yourself if you think it can never happen here again. And if it does happen, would you rather be a burden to your son … or a help? I know how you would answer …. so, please, listen to what he has to say.

  8. Jim: your debt numbers are wrong: 10/1/13 was 16.767 Trli, 10/1/14 was 17.875–1.128 trillion increase.

    we know the govt freeze in fy13 stopped everything, but they took it out of the budget and debt increase in fy 13 so fy 13 was understated, then they get a double benefit when they ignore it again in fy 14.remember after the fact they had to give back pay for people who were furloughed. with interest.

    yeah, one can argue the deficit was really 850 billion in fy 14, but then you as govt have to go back and raise fy 13 and communicate that.

    1. Mickey

      I was dealing with it in a realistic manner, rather than goofy government accounting. They may have stopped counting, but they were still spending. The FY13 national debt was higher than the 16.767. It was really 17.038.

  9. Tommy, my dad too. He is a late Silent. He has spent the past six years either feeling like shit and sitting in a chair, or in the hospital.

    Just like throughout his life, he primarily thinks about today’s creature comforts. How great it is to have 150 tv channels of crap, how great it is to be sending his grandchildren to die for freedom, how great it is to be on 12-15 meds that slowly kill any health he might find.

    He will not listen, and really, why should I expect him to? The man voted Democrat for life (up until 2008), why? Because his union, racist father did. Even after the party’s ideology changed, the “my team” vs. “your team” kept millions voting.

    His generation deserves what is coming, sadly, they are going to be ending their ride about the time our children are cold and hungry.

    And you are right, they will not hear it, will not give up one freaking cent to stop it.

    We love to talk about how entitled and privileged the Boomers and Gen X/Ys and Millennials are. But really, whom did they learn it from?

    Every generation with members over 25 has helped in their own way to lead us to today.

    This week I have really been trying to figure out how to let this shit go. My constant, and now long-term, worry, only hurts me, it sure as HELL doesn’t help those I love pull their heads from their asses.

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson over the past 6/7 years. The lesson is that from the time that God gave man a choice to be ruled by man or not, man chose government, rulers, and the horror we are living through.

    So, how does an aware person survive? And as horrific as your article is, you left out the entire chemical economy that is LITERALLY killing us with near impunity. By government mandate and with the express permission of the ‘murkin citizenry.

    I don’t understand why I am continuously drawn in to try and educated the ignorant in the (futile) effort to help them save their own lives and futures.

    The vast majority have zero desire to contribute one more brain cell or second of existence to save their own asses. The not only WANT government control, they freaking BEG for it through their actions, inactions and actual demands.

    Most of us have at least pondered the end of times “what if” scenarios of nuclear war, a new ice age, alien invasion, the Apocalypse proper, super volcanoes, meteroid crashing and the Zombie Apocalypse.

    What we never, ever, wish to consider, is that there may not be a *boom* but just a whimper.

    The more research I do on what this country is doing to our food, our infants, our elderly, and every single one of us through consumer use chemicals, the more I am convinced we are being intentionally chemically altered to create cash cows that give and give until they die a horrible, pain-filled, death.

    Not a boom, but a whimper.

    And nobody wants to do the work to protect themselves and their families, just like with our productive and free economy, the vast majority will chose to do nothing and then cry as they pay and pay.

    Dear Lord, give us the strength to change the things we can, the patience to accept the things we can’t, and the intelligence to know the difference.

    That third one is the one I need to work. Amen.

    Thanks Jim, hope you are feeling better.

  10. Still waiting on that collapse….everyone was so sure it would be 2012, then 2013, then 2014 now it will be 2015….I’m tired of listening to alex jones, steve quayle, Dave hodges and on and on and on……..nothing they predict like FEMA camps, economic collapse, Russian invasion on and on NEVER HAPPEN.
    Yeah things aren’t good, but some of these people are praying on weak minded fools just like the government does
    They say “don’t listen to the government, listen to us”. Like they are all truthful as well….

  11. Good one, Jim, as usual. Thinking about the big picture, I can’t help but notice the timing and convenience of 911 used for necessitating the measures used to cloak reality for the hoi polloi and enable this modern-day theft. Not to mention testing their knowledge of physics and thus reality and providing a new scapegoat for a new century of war adventurism and debt. All so convenient.

    That’s all that I need to say. Have a good day, everybody.

  12. Admin.,

    You write real good for a sick guy, better than most in their prime health. The “I’m Sick Pic” was good.

    It is raining cats and dogs in N. California today and your doom and gloom fit the weather. They stated that peak winds on Donner Pass (7200 ft.) might gust to 100/140 mph.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Hi Jim-I think we are at same point however the govt caca way of doing things makes it difficult.

    yes–the actual deficit was 800 and change in fy14, but then they did not raise the fy 13 deficit because the spending was deferred into fy14

    regardless-just like in the clinton years each year had an increase in debt so there were no surpluses.

    corrupt accounting and communication like everything else.

    now the numbers are getting bigger

  14. Let me address this one (of many) bit of propaganda that is making the rounds in the news and that is that the drop in gas prices (oil) is going to be such a boost to the economy. The claim is that now everyone will have so much more extra money to spend and good times are here again. The average family will spend about $380 less for gas for the year. Great an extra $380 to spend is a good thing right?

    Well let’s put that into some perspective. In 2014 that average family will be paying in excess of $1000 more for food than in 2013. Their housing cost will have increased by about the same. Their insurance premiums will have gone up by about $2000 – $4000 in the year. Yes these are very rough numbers but they are real. Do the research any you will be able to prove it for yourself.

    So the average family has been hit with more than $4000 in expenses and someone is trying to sell you on the idea that a $380 savings is going to save the economy? Sad thing is most people believe what they are fed—thinking is too much trouble.

  15. US 2nd District Court of Appeals Issues the Economic Equivalent of the Dred Scott Decision

    By Jesse

    In their zeal to exonerate some Wall Street wiseguys, the sophists on the 2nd US Court of Appeals just issued the equivalent of the Dred Scott decision for US markets.

    “Although the government might like the law to be different, nothing in the law requires a symmetry of information in the nation’s securities markets.”

    Barrington Parker, 2nd U.S. Circuit of Appeals Judge

    Are you kidding me? Equal protection under the law? Who says we have to do that? We can do whatever we want, and just try and stop us. We own the lawmakers and we own the courts.

    Symmetry of information, also known as a ‘level playing field,’ is the cornerstone and underlying principle of US Securities laws since 1933.

    “Information symmetry is condition in which all relevant information is known to all parties involved. For example, in the stock market, stock information has a full public disclosure, and all investors are in the same position to share information.”

    “In contract theory and economics, information asymmetry deals with the study of decisions in transactions where one party has more or better information than the other. This creates an imbalance of power in transactions which can sometimes cause the transactions to go awry, a kind of market failure in the worst case. Examples of this problem are adverse selection, moral hazard, and information monopoly.”

    Is this the point where the pigmen take the masks off and say, ‘what the hell, we really are just robbing and cheating you. So what are you going to do about it? We own the system, and can have our sophists rationalize just about anything.

    Some judicial propeller head was encouraged to put themselves into super-literalist, laser beam mode, and twist the letter of the law hard enough to find a reason for freeing some particularly blatant insider trading, and the substance of the law be damned.

    As long as the exchanging of favors is sufficiently soft and undocumented, and not the blatant exchange of cash, videotaped and posted to Youtube, it’s all good. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of financial fraud on the people.

    The purpose of information symmetry is to prevent certain market actors from engaging in control frauds. This ideal was a cornerstore of one of the great economic canards that justified deregulating the markets.

    “In finance, the efficient-market hypothesis asserts that financial markets are ‘informationally efficient’. In consequence of this, one cannot consistently achieve returns in excess of average market returns on a risk-adjusted basis, given the information available at the time the investment is made.”

    Are they counting on most people not understanding what ‘symmetry of information’ means?

    It means that some analyst or CEO cannot tell his friends that they are going to give downward guidance in a week, so that they can all sell their stock and even short it ahead of the public.

    It means that the most powerful players in the market cannot traffic in private knowledge, presenting two sorts of datastreams, one for the public and one for themselves.

    It’s a big club. And you aren’t in it.

    I expect this decision to be reversed, because otherwise there can be no confidence in US markets any longer, and no one who is not an insider can no longer believe in their impartiality and honesty. They are worse than any casino, because the dealer can signal some of the players when he has an ace in the hole.

    The most rational response from the rest of the world will be to shun US markets, and take steps to prevent the contagion of this abuse of privilege.

    The only law the moneyed interests recognize is ‘Do what you will,’ and just don’t document the evidence of wrongdoing and post it on the internet for bragging rights.

    This is the kind of situation where the locker room talk at the Country Club gets leaked out in public, and the boobs who do it are suddenly exposed for exactly who and what they really are, and what they really believe.

    And brother, its a brave new world if this decision stands.

  16. “Still waiting on that collapse….everyone was so sure it would be 2012, then 2013, then 2014 now it will be 2015….I’m tired of listening ……….” ———– kp24

    I feel your pain. Really. I yearn (yes, I do yearn) for the fucken’ reset to happen. Be patient, grasshopper!

    Time for a tale …. a fairy tale …. which contains nuggets of truth.

    The little boy cried “Wolf!!” so often that eventually no one listened to him. But, then, one day …

  17. What frustrates me is how people who are obviously highly intelligent continue to be mesmerized by the BS stats, BS press releases, BS House resolutions, etc.. The only online discussion forum I frequent is populated almost exclusively with high-IQ people – physicists, economists, former Jeopardy champs, and generally very articulate, well read people. The subject of the website is baseball, but conversation often veers off into domestic and international politics, monetary policy, world history, religion, and many aspects of high-level science, yet almost to a man, each one of the other posters still see America as a mildly flawed country that is still the “beacon of light unto the world”. Its one thing to witness the ignorance of the mouth-breathing masses who can’t point out the UK or Japan on a map, but when you are confronted with highly intelligent people in perpetual denial it really cuts to the bone.

    Your article has a similar tone to one written recently by Dmitry Orlov – its really worth a read, and at least you’ll get a few chuckles mixed in with the doom and gloom.

    1. Alfred1860

      I like Mr. Orlov so much, that I post every one of his articles on TBP, including the one you linked to.

      If you want to associate with fairly high IQ folks (bb brings down the average) who aren’t in denial, stop by TBP every day. It’s not very civil, but it is entertaining.

  18. ” …. yet almost to a man, each one of the other posters still see America as a mildly flawed country that is still the “beacon of light unto the world”” ———— Alfred1860

    Invite your friends from that website to TBP. Maybe post the link to this article. You bear the burden of waking them the fuck up. lol

  19. Admin, I’m totally moved to see my vodka and grapefruit cure-all recipe brought out your muse and inspired you to write this brilliant piece. +1000

    Stuck, don’t feel line the boned ranger. I had a local elected official tell me recently that negative thinking is the #1 cause of economic decline…you think bad thoughts therefore it is…a deep well there.


  20. Kramer: “Do you have a job?”
    George: “No”
    “You got money?”
    “Do you have a woman?”
    “Do you have any prospects?
    “Do you got anything on the horizon?”
    “Uhh …. no”
    “Do you have any action at all?”
    “Do you even have any conceivable reason for getting up in the morning?”
    “I like to get The Daily News.”

    Ya gotta admit …. that sounds exactly like bb.

  21. “Stuck, don’t feel line the boned ranger. …. you think bad thoughts therefore it is…a deep well there.” ————– flash

    He might be right!! I usually sing songs when I think negative thoughts.

    This one gives me boner —– “Chim chiminey chim chimeny chim chim cheree / a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be / chim chiminey chim chimeny chim chim cheroo / good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you”

    And when I’m really down, this one gives me a mega-boner —–

    Raindrops on roses
    and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles
    and warm woollen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cream colored ponies
    and crisp apple strudels
    Doorbells and sleigh bells
    and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I’m feeling sad

    Seriously, try it. Right now I have so little blood flow to my brain I feel like I’m about to faint.

  22. I knew you weren’t sick. You were ok enough to write this, but not ok to come to work? Really? You expect me to buy what you are selling?

    Next time you drag your bed and your sorry ass in to the office and do some real work. If you are well enough to write this, you are well enough to count some beans.

    I went to the LLPOH management school, and I learned to tolerate no absences. Better not happen again.

    Nice article, though.

    1. Boss

      I’m glad you’re not a hard ass prick like Llpoh. I understand he fired a woman last week for calling in sick to have her baby.

  23. Admin – you have the story about the woman wrong. Yes, I fired her, but dammit, she took a day off last year for the same thing, and I warned her to not let it happen again. But she was too stubborn to listen.

    Not my fault she cannot time her pregnancies to coincide with weekend delivery, now is it? That is just piss poor planning on her part. She needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

    Hell, good samaritan I am, I offered to let her have a full hour for lunch to have the baby, but nope, she took the whole day. I mean, who can blame me as it was all her fault she lost her job.

  24. Been waiting for the collapse for 4 years now. Others have been waiting longer. Where is it? Think back just a few years. The things that were shocking like MFGlobal, NDAA, police state and riots seem to happen everyday now. The fragment of the torture report just released reads like a sick maniac’s cell wall scribbling. We are thoroughly desensitized.

    In 2008, people were galvanized enough to actually fill out a web form to their Congresscritter. The people were almost universally against the bailouts, and they still passed. Because back then, Congress was scared. They made sure they are ready this time. It is hard now to even keep track of all the draconian laws, executive orders, and precedent loopholes that have been quietly inserted into governmental doctrine since the 2008 collapse. With the national takeover of the economy/medical system, masses of desperate immigrants ready to do what they’re told, mass control grids and spy systems, and a standing army of law enforcement, it looks like there’s really nothing to be done by an individual to avoid the coming trainwreck.

  25. kp24 says: “Still waiting on that collapse….everyone was so sure it would be 2012, then 2013, then 2014 now it will be 2015….I’m tired of listening to alex jones, steve quayle, Dave hodges and on and on and on……..nothing they predict like FEMA camps, economic collapse, Russian invasion on and on NEVER HAPPEN.”

    There is a law of quantum physics (The Uncertainty Principle) that says observation of an event changes it. If you don’t want it to happen, you “observe” it (ie. predict it.) and it doesn’t happen. If you want it to happen, you predict the opposite.

  26. My late uncle used to say “Life is good, but the news is bad”. He was always in a good mood.

    These days it’s impossible to make sense of things. Black is white, up is down, bad is good, etc.

    Oh well, we still have the Hitler YouTube parodies…

  27. JMB says:

    “There is a law of quantum physics (The Uncertainty Principle) that says observation of an event changes it. If you don’t want it to happen, you “observe” it (ie. predict it.) and it doesn’t happen. If you want it to happen, you predict the opposite. ”

    Ahhh, quantum physics–love that. Been reading alot from Neil Bohr, Warner Heisenberg,
    Erwin Schrödinger, etc., and it’s mind-blowing. Probably why I went to see “Interstellar” twice–2nd time in IMAX–the music alone is worth the price (Hans Zimmer rocks!).

  28. Awesome read…highly educational, amazingly aware, and delightfully comical. I just loved this article from head to toe. Thank you so much.

  29. From the post…

    ” I’m cursed with a mind that questions everything and trusts no one in authority or associated with the status quo.”

    Oh! What about _____ where for years you’ve _______ and have _________ and have ________?

    On the other hand, no one’s perfect.
    Even the greatest president’s (See Ivan Eland’s “Recarving Rushmore) have had their weaknesses or failings. Tyler re Texas, Harding and improvements, etc.
    So no problem.
    TBP’s great, JQ’s wise enough to be getting more savvy as the years go by, and… and the world would be perfect, for a while, if the Eagles beat the Cowboys this weekend.

  30. So you are agreeing with the MIT professor . Most Americans are to stupid to realize they are being deceived. It that your point? Your attitude towards most of Americans is no different from the evil elites that are running the country.Don’t worry this is not a condemnation just an observation. Am I right ?

    Do you wish you could go back to being just another ignorant soul ?Life was easier when you were amusing yourself to death.Anyway you write better when you’re sick.

  31. “Anyway you write better when you’re sick.”

    So do you, bb. You make me laugh with your sick comments. See you in about a week.

  32. Great article, sir. I do think ford is doing a little bit better than the numbers suggest. Production and profits are down and capex is through the roof while they set up their production lines and dealer repair networks for a radical remake of the company cash machine, the f-150 pickup. They will be aluminum bodied, starting right now. And with the profits they can expand the aluminum bodies to their entire fleet over the next decadr or so. Hello future. Made in america

    1. Harquebus

      Blow me. It’s assholes like you who keep the corrupt system functioning. Did you notice the bipartisanship shoved up your ass last night?

  33. The comment and thumbsy war at “11th December 2014 at 10:09 am” above illustrates the effectiveness of the brainwashing and propaganda war being waged against us.

    From the article:
    ““A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.””

    Pretty good description of Republicans and Democrats!

  34. I followed the link to that Dan Kaplan article about Facebook and he states:

    “I don’t know Mark Zuckerberg personally, but I believe he has a vision that involves eliminating artificial barriers between people and building a better world.

    While Facebook has made a few boneheaded privacy blunders in the past, I have been willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt. I have trusted that Zuckerberg and his senior staff have benevolent intentions for the power they are amassing.”

    Kaplan is naive, to say the least. Zukerberg is surely a willing tool to the NSA/CIA total awareness scheme and profits from it for billions of dollars. Benevolent intentions, my ass.

    We are so far down the “1984” path already, moreso than Orwell even imagined. There is no way to escape the all-seeing eyes and all-sucking belly of this beast. We are all catalogued and marked in numerous databases, ranked and filed as to our threat to the machine.

    Until it all crashes down we are simply slaves to this borg. Nothing less than total collapse will save us from this repression. I hope to live long enough to witness it, as ugly as it will be.

    The 4th Turning winter is coming…

  35. IN a world where the USA is trying to shove a red hot poker up RUSSIAS ass,what could go wrong,The sky is blue,the grass is green,and the leaves are gently swaying in the breeze…..

  36. anytime u see or hear of a politician, or their name in print, & anything these lying smug sickos are up to, u can save a lot of time analyzing anything they say by just recalling this:

    Coldplay – Violet Hill (Dancing Politicians)

  37. ….arrogant sociopathic pricks pulling the wires in this corporate fascist empire of debt.

    And he hits it OUTTATHA PARK!!

  38. If you don’t vote then, don’t complain….Harquebus

    Really? You can only say bad things about the fools of Los Pinos when you VOTE FOR the problems they created?

  39. So, Harque…start your bitching, PRONTO!!

    Ah b waitin

    Whilst I await those two neurons to bang together in the expanse of your bony skull,,,,,

    I ponder.

    Wonder what those who voted for Hitler complained about. And those that didn’t.

  40. This morning I clicked on an article about Suntan of the House Boehner and his “betrayal” by passing the pork budget bill. One of the top comments went as follows:

    “We’ll show them elections DO matter! Vote them all out!” There were lots of upvotes associated with this one.

    So literally one month after millions of morons voted them back in, it’s time to vote the traitors out again. The mouth-breathers they voted in haven’t even taken office yet and the semi-awake armchair quarterback dittoheads are already looking forward to the next election, when they will undoubtedly “fix everything.” No doubt 2016 will be our “last chance to save the Republic” and “the most important election of our lives.”

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So now that the cronybus bill has been passed, who has been proven right? The millions who bustled to the polls, or those of us who stayed home?

  41. the ‘sheeple’ have been ‘sheared’ for so long that they only think of it as a ‘good time feeling’ since they have been conditioned to feel there is nothing to see here so continue on…….as history shows us…..hundred’s of millions have never been allowed to ‘wake up’…they were put down, by the ‘hands that feed them’…..most will go as history tells….some of us will go, but not quietly…..Semper Fi

  42. “Stucky, that was great…..I’m going to send it to him, along with your request.” —— Tommy

    You’re welcome.

    Tommy, please do let us know your dad’s reaction to Admin’s article. Just a brief update … that would be interesting to us …. if you can.

  43. Just the simple fact that the content of this article is what it is, leads me to believe that more and more, people are actually WAKING THE HECK UP!!! I mean halle-freakin-lujah it’s finally reaching a point that EVERYBODY is beginning to see, to feel it, to start being profoundly sick of what we’re all seeing and how profoundly corrupt everybody running the show actually is. Now the question remains, what the heII are we going to do about it?

  44. “Just the simple fact that the content of this article is what it is, leads me to believe that more and more, people are actually WAKING THE HECK UP!!!” —— TheThingsThatShouldNotBe

    True …. more people are indeed waking up.

    But, don’t kid yourself, our numbers are still miniscule relative to the sheeple population at large.

    What can WE do about it? fuhgedaboudit Change the “we” to “I”; What can I do about it? Take care of you and yours, and let the chips fall where they may for the others.

  45. I was told this method.Called the rob Peter to pay Paul. Using one credit card to make a payment on another.The shifting of debt around only lasts so long.
    From what i see and have read. Our country is running out of tricks. When the Chinese want to base money on their system,if they stop buying our debt?
    Buying real things,even at a loss,just to get rid of worthless U.S.Paper.
    It’s not like the psychopaths from wall street have made any change since 08. The spending hasnt gone down.
    It’s just a matter of time.People lying their asses off won’t make our problems go away.
    i just hope the government doesn’t talk people into a CHANGE. Like some kind of agenda 21 thing
    With more government powers.

  46. A few comments… Well, Admin, ain’t nothin’ I ain’t herd befour. A long reed tho. I try to codgitate aboot
    yer artukal. Wht you say is trooth. Ok, you say like it is. What wil werk to save us, I wunder?

    When’s the next train off this fucked up rock???

    Dan Kaplan–“I don’t know Mark Zuckerberg personally, but I believe he…”is a perfect example of why birth control is sooo important. He personifies precisely what is wrong with corporate America. His mentality of “beggar thy neighbour” filters down to the least among us. Evil tolerated,,, “A little lump leavens the whole loaf.” Soon, we all embrace evil. BUT, it works that way for GOOD, too! This article
    may be the lump that leavens the whole loaf for good. I hope so. But, I fear change will come only when we are dragged down into the depths of despair. God help us!

    All brush fires which turn into conflagrations are started from a small spark. This is ‘Complexity (Chaos) Theory’ in action. Which snow flake caused the avalanche? When did it happen? Where did it alight?
    Was it predictable? Was it controllable? Afraid not. Dammed the computer models.

    It may seem hopeless, now. But… This is how the ‘Ghost Dance’ of the 1890’s, the ‘hundredth monkey’, and all changes in thought which lead to changes in behavior occur. So…as Darryl Schoon says. “The old world is passing, A new world is coming, be thankful,”

    “Real courage is risking something that you have to keep on living with, real courage is risking something that might force you to rethink your thoughts and suffer change and stretch consciousness. Real courage is risking one’s cliches.” – Tom Robbins

    Have courage in the face of fear.


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