I find it fascinating the mainstream corporate media and Wall Street shysters spend SO MUCH time talking down gold and spending an inordinate amount of electronic ink trying to convince the masses that only nutjobs would buy it. I believe less than 2% of people have gold in their investment portfolio, so why the endless articles bashing it?

Newsletter hawkers like Martin Armstrong take every opportunity to shit on gold as an investment. I wonder if he was shitting on it from 2001 through 2011? We don’t know, because he was in prison for investment fraud during most of that time. Fatass Barry Ritholtz is in the same boat. He’s nothing but a failed lawyer pretending to be an investment guru. He’s gleeful when gold falls. It’s because he completely missed a 10 year bull market.

The suppression of gold prices through the paper market since 2011 by the Fed and their Wall Street bank co-conspirators has thus far been successful, but it is fraying at the edges as China continues to accumulate physical gold and pushing the ponzi scheme towards its inevitable conclusion. Soaring gold prices tells the masses central bankers are a fraud, that’s why they are desperate to keep the price capped.

With zero and negative interest rates throughout the world, gold should be skyrocketing. It is showing signs of calling the central banker bluff. Jesse’s comments below should be heeded. The stock market dead cat bounce and the holiday manipulation of gold down $30 will fail. If there is a lesson from the Big Short, do the opposite of what Goldman says to do.

Chart of the Day

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Goldman Says Have No Fear and Buy Our Paper


Goldman analyst Jeffrey Currie came out this morning with a ‘sell gold’ recommendation for Ma and Pa Muppet.

I was fortunate enough to hear his explanation for this in his own words on Bloomberg TV, which had touted his gold call about every fifteen minutes all day.

The net summary of Mr. Currie’s forecast is that Goldman’s economists think that there ought to be no fear in the financial paper markets, since there is an historically low chance of a recession, less than fifteen percent, and he sees no real possibility of negative interest rates.

Therefore, since in his mind gold is strictly a ‘fear trade’ and since Goldman says to have no fear one ought to therefore sell gold.

Do with that what you will.

As for my own forecasts, I see the world economy fraying substantially throughout the year, with the domestic risk of inflation unusually high relatively speaking, and the geopolitical risks to be also rather elevated.

But at the end of the day, gold is now trading as a currency, and Uncle Buck was on a no fear tear this morning.   And no matter what Mr. Currie may be saying, I am watching what Asia is doing.

So far so good on the charts as noted below.

It may be a bit of time before one might determine whether the lip of the cup is straight horizontal or slanted IF the chart continues to develop.

There was very little action at The Bucket Shop on the PM delivery front, and some silver was shoved around the plate and taken out of the warehouses.   Not much happened in other words.  What a surprise.  The Bucket Shop is a monumental mausoleum for what has gone wrong in the US markets.



  1. We rec’d two 16oz gold bars when we were married back in 96′ from my folks and her folks. Not sure what the price per oz. was back then, but we still have them, and no they are not in a bank vault but they are very safe. Remember, the squid has many arms and hundreds of tentacles, always reaching and trying to steal your shit.
    Kill the squid. Jump Fuckers!

  2. Buy gold on paper?




    Piss weak Jedi Mind Trick is piss weak.

    Thanks squids, but I’ll stick to buying physical gold and silver.

    NOT because I think trading worthless currency now for genuine “money” so I can possibly trade it back for even MORE worthless currency at some nebulous point in the future is a good idea…

    But because I have zero faith in our currency. I buy gold and hold it because gold maintains it’s value. The price of gold does NOT go up and down – the price fluctuates depending on the relative worthlessness of our currency when compared to gold.

    An ounce of gold will still buy the same amount of shit today as it could 100 or 200 years ago – it’s value is constant. The worth of our currency when compared to it has cratered.

    Which means even if Economic Ragnarök does not happen in my lifetime, my family will still have that gold and will be able to feed themselves or do what they need to do. Gold is eternal. It is as constant as Polaris. It is anonymous independence…

    So fuck you and your “paper gold”, squids… find some other chump to peddle your snake oil to…

  3. goofyfoot

    Gold was about $400 per ounce in 1996, so the value was $12,800.

    Today it is $1,200, so the value is $38,400.

    The USD, using the fake understated CPI, has depreciated 34% since 1996, so even using the REAL value of the dollar at $790 shows you are 100% up in your gold “investment”.

  4. Here’s my best guess… the “PTB” are doing everything they can to suppress the price of physical so they can accumulate all they can without bringing attention. If you notice the reports of all the central bank repositories, the inventory is shrinking. Once all the gold is empty from the people’s treasuries the PTB will do a mass global-wide paper currency devaluation. It wouldn’t surprise me to see all the major central banks declare bankruptcy, especially since that failure will flow through to the taxpayers rather than the owner banks. It’s going to be a fuck job on a scale most people can’t imagine.

  5. Spot on, Billy.

    Try as I might, it’s hard to get people to understand the concept of value vs money.

    Will gold hit $50k an ounce? Who the heck cares, not going to trade gold for paper, don’t want it, don’t need it.

    Is land now going for $50k an acre? Fine, here’s an ounce of gold I bought for $1,200.

  6. Gold has an inverse relationship to fiat money.

    As gold goes up, fiat value goes down. this is the worst relationship a banker can have.

    Bankers loves gold, but Bankers deals with money.

    how are these two love birds every going to reconcile their relationship (gold vs. dollar)
    create fictional gold (paper/ETF gold) and use it to control the price of physical metal

    since you can print unlimited paper shares of gold, and then use that falsehood to influence the market price of the physical, you have now created a bankers wet dream.

    The price of gold got away from the bankers in 2011/2012 reaching almost 2k an ounce, and silver followed. Ever since then, the bankers realized that if they allowed gold to rise, it would take investment dollars out of the stock market, and banksers would have less capital to gamble with.

    An investment in gold (physical) is an investment outside of the banking system.

    This is the reason why gold will always be suppressed, it is a direct threat to the system.

    Now, if they attempt to outlaw gold, and paper money, and go all digital, with a little Nirp on the side, I think we could guarantee a revolt of the masses, against the oligarchy that attempts to control our destiny. (we can dream)

  7. “Fannie and Freddie are well capitalized”

    Then a Treas. Sec., but a former Vampire Squid.

    If you are the type that would put your child into prostitution for money, then YES, you can trust the Vampire Squid.

  8. Jeffrey Currie’s sell recommendation could be designed to get the muppets to sell their physical so the squid can pick it cheap. It could be a desparate “Hail Mary” pass in the final seconds of the game because the paper manipulation is no longer working. Or, it could be a signal they are going to hammer the metals downward again. In any case, I’m not selling. It stinks in Squidtown. Smells like “fear”, to me.

  9. Bottom line: Right now, gold is “on sale” so long as the “paper gold” market continues to have an influence on the price of physical. Buy now while you can and before it breaks out of the paper chain holding it down. The time is comin’…..keep stackin’.

  10. Regarding that Thrive video…………the innerwebz really needs a bullshit filter. I almost shut it off a dozen times but stuck with it until the 16:40 mark when they talked about some “flower of life” pattern having been “burnt” into stone at an atomic level at the Osirian Temple in Eygpt.

    So aliens or Jeebuz or some other benevolent being burnt or charred some pattern into solid stone, atom by atom in a relatively obscure location on the stone itself in such a way that part of the pattern, the right most edge of the right pattern, is no longer there or was never included to begin with. Riiight!

    Even if I assume the stone was imprinted with this atomic level pattern at some other location on a more prominent/reverent location on the stone itself and later moved to this site, it would appear that the masons didn’t give two shits about it and cut off a portion of it to reuse this stone at this site.

    Earlier in the vid they talk about how the torus is represented throughout nature at every scale and claim that stars in a galaxy flow in this torus pattern from the edge of the galaxy, up and out of the plane of the galaxy and into the vortices that are 90 degrees to the plane of the galaxy and then move down the vortices and back into the galactic disk. Mmmm Hmmm! He even claims Arcturus is known to have already completed this cycle. I defy ANYONE to present any evidence that ANY star has ever moved in this way in relation to its parent galaxy.

    Fuck! If you believe this shit I’ve got some magic feces given to me by a Grateful Dead roadie who swears on Stuck’ys 12″ python that if you rub a little in each nostril and on the roof of your mouth at 10:11am EST, a genie will pop out of your ass and jerk you off before granting you three wishes!

    Crap like this is testament to the exceedingly low level of science education in govt run indoctrination camps. What is it? The slow, soothing music that lulls people into full on retard mode?

    To be fair though, I did forward to the part flash indicated and it does indeed explain the plan in store for us all. Well, at least IMO.

  11. I notice this writer has no qualms about tossing a dart at some other writer, provided of course there is a clear basis for doing so. In fact, we need more, not less, of such commentary. This does not remove us from the classification of “gentlemen” if we toss a dart at someone who has plainly entered into error. By such commentary we can serve a legitimate role of burning some dross out of the camp of the alleged good guys. If someone is wrong—say so, and say why if it isn’t obvious.


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