It’s good to see the foreign press isn’t totally in the capture of the ruling oligarchs. They actually reported a self immolation in front of the Reichstag. Only TBP and a few non-mainstream sites reported on the self immolation of Thomas Ball on courthouse steps in New Hampshire. The MSM pretended it didn’t happen. Here are links to the details:

Hundreds of tourists and Berliners on Saturday became eyewitnesses to a spectacular suicide in front of the Reichstag building.

A 32-year-old Berliner stabbed himself in the chest according to police at noon at the main entrance of the Reichstag. He then doused himself with a flammable liquid and set fire to himself. Passersby alerted the police and rescue workers. They tried in vain to resuscitate the man. He succumbed to his injuries on site yet.




  1. Well it’s one way to let people know you’re really serious. And better than shooting innocent people in a school or a theater. But it’s not an act I advocate.

    As far as the media blackout of such acts…it just doesn’t sell enough product.

    1. 54-Year-Outdated Italian Dies Right after Self-Immolating In Front Of Parliament

      – August 19, 2012Posted in: Trading

      Very first Tunisia, then Greece, now Italy (the exact same Italy in which the economy is “choosing up” in which yields are “stable”, and in which considerably “improvement” is being produced). From Reuters: “A 54-yr-aged man died on Sunday right after setting himself on fire outside the house the Italian parliament final week to highlight his struggle with unemployment, police explained. Angelo di Carlo endured eighty five percent uses up following the incident in front of the decrease property of parliament – the Chamber of Deputies – in central Rome throughout the earlier hrs of August 11, Italian media documented. Police on duty close by put out the flames with fireplace extinguishers and took him to medical center. The widower was going through financial issues immediately after shedding his work and experienced struggled for many years prior to that with short term function contracts that supplied small security or positive aspects, in accordance to media studies…Di Carlo’s loss of life is the latest in a wave of highly publicized suicides joined to economic woes in latest months which have highlighted the human price of the country’s economical disaster.”

      It will not likely be the final. But for as prolonged as the delusion that the welfare state is “sustainable” exists, do not assume the Arab Spring domino impact that took the MENA area by storm adhering to the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in late 2010 to be replicated in Europe any time shortly. Right after all, “created world” folks are still persuaded they have considerably far too significantly to drop if they even contemplate a revolution: thank you Bismarck.

  2. Lots of things should be shown and talked about.Execution of prisoners should be shown live,with information on what evil dumbass thing got the individual to that point.
    In the day of video games that seem to be on the most part about killing people.Some reality needs to be taught.
    The medias denial of problems with muslims blending in with western countrys.Things like the non reporting of muslims running over people with cars while yelling allah eclabar.I see knothing on the news on riots in France or Britain by muslims.
    You think the governments crack down on civil unrest well get accurate reporting?

  3. A number of rich men jumped out of buildings after the 1929 stock market crash. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more of that when the ponzi collapse happens

  4. I have personally felt the deep, soul crushing dispair and hopelessness of economic downfall in my own life twice to date. The first ‘fall from grace’ was in 1990 after the RTC (Resolution Trust Corp.) “SAVED” my local Savings and Loan. The RTC called in all of my notes and loans – payable within 30 days. Economic ruin was the result. I lost EVERYTHING that my wife and I had worked our asses off for. If I had owned a gun I would have blown my brains out the day they changed the locks on my home ! The home that my wife oversaw the construction of. The home where I read bedtime stories to my little girl. I fell into depression, which lasted 10 years. The second fall from grace was in 2007 when I fell 2 1/2 stories at a construction site – my life changed in a heart beat ! It took me 7 months before I could walk to the end of my driveway and back to my house. Recovery took me over 3 years. Durring this time while I was laid up in recovery the health care industry “managed their costs” by paying my wife less and less for her billable services. The financial strain blew-up my marriage of 26 years.

    I guess what I am trying to say is this – as the global economy continues it’s downward spiral and as more people become “superfluous displaced fodde’r” we can expect more and more people to JUST FUCKING GIVE UP and do themselves in ! I certainly know first hand how losing everything can make a person feel like a worthless piece of shit. I struggled with thoughts of suicide EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY for more than 10 years. It was like dying a thousand deaths – EVERY DAY !I would look at my wife and children and all that I could see was all of the ways in which I was failing them as a provider.

  5. I am a survivior and a fighter. But at some point a person ‘snaps’ and forever after they are not the same person. I have not reached the ‘breaking point yet’ but I have been to the edge of the cliff many, many times.

    Lots of good, honest, hardworking people believe that ” If I just work harder thing will get better soon” – “If I just maintain a positive outlook things are bound to change for the better”. Sorry folks, not this time. The good jobs that are being off shored or downsized are never coming back. All of us in what remains of the middle class can expect in our futures a “Darwinian” version of economic survival. The “Darwinian” intensity will increase at an exponential rate. More high income earners being shit canned – those jobs NEVER to return – more of the former high income’rs desperately struggling to maintain their former lives – to no avail. And the GOV attaching anything you have to get their student loan money out of you – the final kick in the balls. You just can’t replace a 100K income working 5 full time walmart or convenience store type jobs.

  6. When I make comments in the future, you guys behave, ja? You are talking to a 1/500 millionth nobel laureate here. I am expecting my due reverence here. Otherwise I´ll call my laureate buddy Obama to give you some NDAA hellfire.

  7. Note to self: NEVER vote thumbs down on a Jimi D post …( not that I have before, iirc).

    That’s a helluva story Jimi D. You’re a survivor … and a hero, in my book. As Admin said, hang in there.

  8. “As far as the media blackout of such acts…it just doesn’t sell enough product.” —- Eddie

    Au Contraire’, Amigo. Possible sponsors;

    Lighter Fluid
    Fire Extinguishers

  9. …speaking of waht passes for journalism is the dysfuctional American media.

    One of my friends- a member of the silent moron generation and supporter of Romney- expressed his surprise at recently hearing professional asshat Bill O’Reilly and guest on Faux news declaring Ron Paul to have been the only candidate in the POTUS race to strictly adhere to all tenants of the US Constitution like this was frikkin’ news to me.

    I’ve been telling him and his other fellow silent generation morons for years about Ron Paul being the real deal, but unless these delusional tea party patriotsbutt swipes hear it on Faux newz , it ain’t to be believed.

    I couldn’t possible count the number of times iIve heard ” he can’t win”, to which I usually just replied, “then you lose”.

    Now we have hack-jaw Freta posing the question , whats so great about Ron Paul after he’s bumped from the nomination..
    Whats up with the networks bringing up Ron Paul’s quality of character after the ass hair scorching snubb he got from them during the nomination process?

    Answer this question about Rep. Ron Paul…

  10. Jimi, I’m right there with ya. With the exception of maybe two or three years’ cumulative time, my existence on this rock has been pretty damn well pointless for the past couple decades. If I had the stones to pull the trigger, I wouldn’t be here now – that’s for certain. I can’t even keep track of how many times everything’s gone to shit and I had to start over again, and again, and again… there comes a point when one no longer has the energy, let alone the enthusiasm, to build a life only to see it summarily destroyed by any combination of factors, fuckups, and shit luck. I suppose it’s one of the reasons I’d love to see this whole charade come crashing down… disaster is at least familiar. There’s a certain comfort in familiarity with one’s circumstances, once it becomes obvious that this is the best one can hope for.

  11. Jimi d

    Thanks for your comments describing the way politics has impacted your life and livelihood. Your story is eerily similar to many others I have heard over the years….similar to the stories of those who have tried to somehow strike back….I am thinking now of Joe Stack, the man who flew his plane into the IRS offices here in 2010.

    I remember the pundits saying how they could not understand why a man would ever do such a thing. I, having sat in those offices myself and been harassed and lied to by government agents, understood very well how he must have felt.

    My philosophy has always been that “living well is the best revenge”. Good for you for picking yourself up and starting over and hanging in there. The greatest thing about Americans is that they are never quitters…we as liberty loving individuals have shown a remarkable ability to overcome tremendous set-backs, persevere, and eventually triumph against nearly anything that can be thrown at us.

    This is why I refuse to be hopeless in the face of our current challenges.

  12. ecliptix543 / Eddie

    Thanks for reading my post and thanks for your ‘replies’ ! I will go down ‘kicking and screaming’ – I am not a quitter.

    ECLIPTIX543 – “don’t you dare give up” ! Hang in there ! What you and I have been through will see us through in good form as the inevitable riots come to the USA and most of the population ‘freak out’ and ‘break down’. We will be pillars of strength among the riotous and cowering masses – bet your ass on this ! Jimi d

  13. @Jimi d

    What you just described is my worst nightmare (literally). I’ve climbed so high in my life (statistically speaking I should be in Afghanistan or Jail), but I can’t help but feel I’m balanced on a knife edge.

    As Eddie said previously, ‘My philosophy has always been that “living well is the best revenge”.’

    I strive to enjoy the little things about life, because its been the only constant positive through the years.

    I particularly enjoy the outdoors. Virtually any weather can be considered beautiful as long as you are dressed for it.

  14. Jimi – At this point, I refuse to miss the absolutely EPIC fiery catastrophe awaiting us. I’m 36 at the moment so unless something crazy comes along and snuffs me out, I should have a pretty good seat in the Theater of the Absurd for the final act. Long popcorn and Newcastle!

  15. Jimi d says: THANKS MAN !

    You’re welcome….. like ecliptix says, get some popcorn , kick back and bear witness to what happens when the the greatest ponzi scheme on earth begins to unwind…the coming crash and burn is guaranteed to be one for the history books.

    Here’s Reuters’ reporting on another no-shit-Sherlock moment.
    Exclusive: Study shows $1.2 trillion gap for public pensions

    The 100 funds Milliman studied used a median rate of return for their investments of 8 percent. But the recession slashed into the market, dropping actual median returns to just 3.2 percent for the last five years, according to data from Callan Associates.


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