A confluence of events last week has me reminiscing about the days gone by and apprehensive about the future. I’ve spent a substantial portion of my adulthood rushing to baseball fields, hockey rinks, gymnasiums, and school auditoriums after a long day at work. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed every moment. Watching eight year olds trying to throw a strike for two hours can become excruciatingly mind-numbing. But, the years of baseball, hockey, basketball, and band taught my boys life lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, winning, losing, hard work, and having fun. There were championship teams, awful teams and of course trophies for finishing in 7th place. As my boys have gotten older and no longer participate in organized sports, the time commitment has dropped considerably. Last week was one of those few occasions where I had to rush home from work, wolf down a slice of pizza and head out to a school function. It was the annual 8th grade Spring concert.

My youngest son was one of a hundred kids in the 8th grade choir. I think it was mandatory, since none of my kids like to sing. As my wife and I found a seat in the back of the auditorium where we could make a quick escape at the conclusion of the show, neither of us were enthused with the prospect of spending the next ninety minutes listening to off-key music and lame songs. I’ve been jaded by sitting through these ordeals since pre-school. But a funny thing happened during my 30th band concert. I began to feel sentimental about the past and sorrowful about the future for these Millennials.

The Millennial generation was born between 1982 and 2004. Therefore, they range in age from 9 years old to 31 years old. There are approximately 87 million of them, or 27.5% of the U.S. population. In comparison, the much ballyhooed Boomer generation only has 65 million cohorts remaining on this earth. The Millennials will have a much greater influence on the direction of this country over the next fifteen years than the currently in control Boomers. There has been abundant scorn heaped upon this young generation by their elders. In a fit of irrationality befit the arrogant, hubristic, delusional elder generations, they somehow blame a cohort in which 54 million of them are still younger than 21 years old for many of the ills afflicting our society. This disgusting display of hubris is par for the course among these delusional elders.

Are Millennials addicted to their iGadgets, cell phones and Facebook pages? Probably. Do they spend too much time on the internet and playing PS3 & Xbox? Certainly. Have they been indoctrinated in social engineering gibberish like diversity and planet worship by government run public school bureaucrats? Absolutely. Are they young, foolish, immature, irrational and not respectful towards their elders? You betcha. Teenagers have acted like this forever. You acted like that. The ongoing crisis in this country and our unsustainable economic system are in no way the result of anything perpetrated by the Millennial generation.

Can the Millennial generation be blamed for the $17 trillion national debt, $222 trillion of unfunded un-payable social obligations promised by corrupt politicians, $1 trillion of annual deficits, undeclared wars being waged across the globe on behalf of the military industrial complex arms dealer mega-corporations, economic policies that have resulted in 48 million people dependent on food stamps, tax policies that enrich those who write the code, trade policies that benefit corporations who gutted the industrial base and shipped jobs overseas to slave labor factories, or monetary policies that have destroyed 96% of the dollar’s purchasing power? They had no say in the creation of our untenable welfare/warfare state.

There are no Millennials among the 535 corrupt bought off politicians slithering down the halls of Congress. There are no Millennials running the Too Big To Control Wall Street banks. There are no Millennials in charge of the mega-corporations that buy and sell our politicians. There are no Millennials at the upper echelon of the Military Industrial Complex or in the upper ranks of the U.S. Military. But, and this is a big but, they have done most of the dying in the Middle East over the last ten years in our multiple undeclared preemptive wars of aggression. They have died under the false pretenses of a War on Terror, when they are truly dying on behalf of the crony capitalists who profit from never ending war. They have been fighting and dying to protect “our oil” that happens to be under “their sand”. If the energy independence storyline was true, why is our military perpetually at war in the Middle East?

The Millennials will also be required to do the heavy lifting over the next fifteen years of this Fourth Turning Crisis. The Silent Generation is dying off rapidly. The Boomer generation has done some hard living and some hefty eating and with the oldest of their cohort hitting 70 years old, their supremacy will begin to diminish over the coming fifteen years. At 87 million strong, and millions yet to reach voting age, the Millennials will become more influential by the day regarding the future course of this nation. The question is what will be left of this country by the time they assume control. They are saddled with $1 trillion of student loan debt, peddled to them by the government and Wall Street with the false promise of good paying jobs and the opportunity for a better life than their parents lived. They have obediently followed the path laid out by their elders, but they have been badly misled. This American dream has been shattered upon an iceberg of debt, delusion, deception and denial. The unsinkable American empire’s hubris and arrogance are leading to its demise. The Millennials are coming of age during a Crisis that will reach momentous magnitudes over the next fifteen years, and they had nothing to do with creating the circumstances which will propel the chaos and anarchy that ensues. But, they will bear the brunt of the dreadful consequences.

Generational Bridge

“The Boomers’ old age will loom, exposing the thinness in private savings and the unsustainability of public promises. The 13ers will reach their make or break peak earning years, realizing at last that they can’t all be lucky exceptions to their stagnating average income. Millennials will come of age facing debts, tax burdens, and two tier wage structures that older generations will now declare intolerable.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

The kids on the stage at the 8th grade Spring concert were all around 14 years old. They are unaware they are in the midst of a twenty year period of Crisis. The boys are at that gawky looking stage with pimply faces and gawky limbs. The girls mature quicker than the boys at that age. These youngsters have barely begun their lives. I was amazed at their proficiency with a wide variety of musical instruments. They displayed poise and talent. The soloists exhibited composure well beyond their years. The performers were all musically endowed and proved that hard work and practice pays off. They were clearly enjoying themselves. They were all dressed in their Sunday best. I found myself enjoying the show despite my jaded attitude upon entering the auditorium. Even my son, wearing one of my ties, actually appeared to be singing during the choir performance. What I saw were hundreds of bright eyed Millennials with their hopes and dreams for a bright future intact. They have no idea what trials and tribulations await them.

I reached a milestone on the age chart last week that had me ruminating about yesteryear and contemplating the future. I reached the half century mark. Birthdays generally do not faze me, but the intersection of the 8th grade concert and my landmark birthday had me pondering my purpose for inhabiting this world. I’ve likely realized two-thirds of my life. The final third of my life will be spent trying to maneuver through the minefields of this Fourth Turning. I’m a father to three Millennial boys. I consider it my duty to defend and support them during this Crisis. Strauss & Howe wrote their book in 1997 and predicted a Great Devaluation in the financial markets around the time Millennials were entering their twenties. This Crisis began in September 2008 with the worldwide financial collapse created by Wall Street “Greed is Good” Boomers, as the oldest Millennials entered their twenties. It continues to worsen as more Millennials approach their twenties. We’ve reached a point in history when the elder generations need to sacrifice in order to insure younger generations have a chance at some form of the American dream.

I believe each generation has an obligation to future generations. We are bridge between preceding generations and future generations. We have a civic obligation to manage the resources of the country in a prudent manner. It’s our duty to leave the country in a financially viable condition so younger generations have an opportunity to live a better life than their parents. Every generation that preceded the Millennials has achieved the goal of having a better standard of living than their parents. I don’t believe my boys will enjoy a better life than I’ve lived. We’ve lived well beyond our means for decades. Government, Wall Street banks, corporations and individuals have run up a $56 trillion tab and are sticking the Millennials with the bill.

The $17 trillion national debt accumulated by elder generations to benefit themselves and $222 trillion of unfunded entitlements promised to themselves is nothing but generational theft. It’s immoral and possibly the most selfish act in human history. I’m ashamed that my generation and older generations have committed this criminal act of theft. Deficit spending today with no intention of repaying that debt is a tax on future generations. This egotistical abuse of power by the current and past regimes must be reversed voluntarily or it will be done by force. I’m 50 years old and will dedicating my remaining time on this earth fighting to create a sustainable future for my kids and their kids. The lucky among us get eighty years on this planet to make a difference. When did the definition of success become dying with the most toys and spending your life screwing your fellow man by accumulating obscene levels of wealth at their expense? If Boomers and Generation X have any sense of guilt about what they have done, they would be willingly offering to sacrifice their ill-gotten entitlements.

Not only are those currently in power not proposing to scale back their spending, debt accumulation, or entitlement transfers, but they have accelerated the pace of each in the last five years. An already unsustainable corrupted economic structure is being driven towards collapse by psychopathic central bankers and cowardly captured politicians. These are acts of treason against the youth of this country and larceny on a grand scale. It will lead to generational warfare and these crooks will pay for their transgressions. Strauss & Howe suspected in 1997 the elders might cling to their illicit profits acquired at the expense of the Millennials:

“When young adults encounter leaders who cling to the old regime (and who keep propping up senior benefit programs that will by then be busting the budget), they will not tune out, 13er – style. Instead, they will get busy working to defeat or overcome their adversaries. Their success will lead some older critics to perceive real danger in a rising generation perceived as capable but naïve.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

The elders who represent the status quo do perceive real danger in the rising Millennial generation. The initial skirmishes occurred in the midst of the Occupy protests. The young protestors initially focused on the true culprits in the crashing of the financial system and vaporizing of the net worth of millions – Wall Street bankers and their sugar daddy at the Federal Reserve. In a display of status quo bipartisanship you had liberal Democrat mayors in cities across the country call out their armed thugs to beat the millennial protestors into submission while being cheered on by Fox News and the neo-cons.

The existing status quo regime provides the illusion of choice, but both political parties are interchangeable in their desire to control our lives, flex our military might around the globe, indebt future generations and write laws to favor their corporate and banking masters. The establishment is showing contempt for the futures of our youth. Their solutions to the criminally created financial crisis have been to reward reckless debtors and bankers at the expense of future generations. Their doling out of hundreds of billions in student loan debt and artificial propping up of home prices has effectively made it impossible for millions of young people to get their lives started. Boomers have done such a poor job saving for their retirements they are unable to leave the workforce. Since January 2009, despite adding $400 billion of student loan debt, Millennials have a net loss in jobs, while the Boomers have taken 4 million jobs.

Strauss & Howe anticipated that older people would be anguished to see good kids suffer for the mistakes they had made. They thought the elders couldn’t possibly be shallow enough, selfish enough, or immoral enough to deny the Millennial generation a chance at the American Dream. They were wrong. The old regime has no plans to step aside or sacrifice on behalf of younger generations. The implications of this resistance will be dire.   

“The youthful hunger for social discipline and centralized authority could lead Millennial youth brigades to lend mass to dangerous demagogues. The risk of class warfare will be especially grave if the 20% of Millennials who were poor as children (50% in inner cities) come of age seeing their peer-bonded paths to generational progress blocked by elder inertia.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

The social mood in this country continues to deteriorate as the sociopathic financial elite accelerate their pillaging of the working middle class, steal money from senior citizens through zero interest rate inflationary policies, and enslave our youth in the chains of crushing debt and promise of dead end jobs. When the next leg down in this ongoing depression strikes like an F5 tornado, the simmering anger in this country will explode in a chaotic frenzy of violence and retribution. The chances of class and generational warfare have increased exponentially due to the actions of the elderly regime over the last five years.

Generational Sacrifice

You got your whole life ahead of you, but for me, I finish things.” – Walt Kowalski – Gran Torino   


A couple days after the Spring concert I was flipping through the 650 channels on my TV with nothing worth watching when I stumbled across the 2008 Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino. This was the third episode within the week that had me thinking about the future of my kids. It was his highest grossing film in history. Eastwood played a bigoted tough guy Korean War veteran whose Detroit suburban neighborhood had deteriorated into a dangerous gang infested Asian war zone. The movie did not follow the standard Eastwood plot where he kills dozens of bad guys. He grudgingly befriends two young Millennial teenage Laos refugees who live next door. He had lost his wife of 50 years. He was in his 70s and dying from some undiagnosed illness. I viewed the movie as an allegory for the generational sacrifice that should be taking place now.

Eastwood’s character, Walt Kowlaski, decided to finish things his way. He realized the two Millennials would never find peace or have a chance at a better life until the criminal gang running the show in the neighborhood were confronted and defeated. He knew he was too old to kill six gang members singlehandedly, so he made a choice to sacrifice himself and be gunned down in cold blood in front of multiple witnesses so the perpetrators would go to jail and allow his Millennial companions to have a chance at a better life. He sacrificed his life for the good of young people who weren’t even related to him.  This message has not connected with the elder generations who control the purse strings and political system in this country. The media propaganda machine supporting the existing regime continues to peddle a storyline that debt doesn’t matter, consumption is good, saving is for suckers, and passing the bill for unfunded entitlements to future generations is not immoral and cowardly. Walt Kowalski displayed courage, bravery, and valor that is sorely lacking in the elderly generations today.

At the age of 50 I have a choice with my remaining 20 or 30 years. I can choose to keep accumulating material goods with debt, voting for politicians who promise never to cut my entitlements, believing deficits growing to infinity are beneficial to the economic health of the nation, supporting the military industrial complex as they wage undeclared wars across the world, applauding the Orwellian fascist surveillance measures instituted to give the illusion of safety while sacrificing freedoms and liberties and selfishly looking out for my best interests. Or I can stand up to the corporate fascist old boy regime and lure them into a violent response that will ultimately lead to their downfall. I’m willing to sacrifice what is supposedly “owed” to me on behalf of my kids and all Millennials. They don’t deserve to start life in a $200 trillion hole created by their parents and grandparents. It is disconcerting to me that more Boomer and Generation X parents are unprepared, unwilling or too willfully ignorant to forfeit entitlements awarded them under false pretenses in order to preserve a decent standard of living for their children and grandchildren. The Bernaysian propaganda programmed into their brains over decades by the sociopathic central planning status quo has created this inertia.

The inertia will be replaced by frenzied activity when this unsustainable system ultimately fails. Time seems to be standing still. People have been lulled into a false sense of security even though history is about to fling us into a chaotic transformational period in history. How do I know this is going to happen? Because it happens every eighty years like clockwork. The best laid plans of the men running the show will be swept away in a whirl of pandemonium, violence, war and reckoning for sins committed against humanity. There will be no escape.     

“Don’t think you can escape the Fourth Turning the way you might today distance yourself from news, national politics, or even taxes you don’t feel like paying. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted. The Fourth Turning necessitates the death and rebirth of the social order. It is the ultimate rite of passage for an entire people, requiring a luminal state of sheer chaos whose nature and duration no one can predict in advance. The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

Our country has entered a period of Crisis. We may or may not successfully navigate our way through the visible icebergs and more dangerous icebergs just below the surface. The similarities between the course of our country and the maiden voyage of the Titanic are eerily allegorical.

The owners of the ship (Wall Street, Washington politicians, crony capitalists) are arrogant and reckless. They declare the ship unsinkable, while only providing half the lifeboats needed to save all the passengers in case of disaster in order to maximize their profits. The captain (Ben Bernanke) has been tendered the greatest cruise liner (United States) in history. The initial voyage across the Atlantic Ocean has drawn the financial elite ruling class (financers & bankers) onboard, occupying the luxurious state rooms on the upper decks. But, the lower decks are filled with young poor peasants (Millennials) who are sneered at and ridiculed by those in the upper decks. A maiden voyage should always be approached cautiously. A prudent captain would not take undue risks.

Our captain (Ben Bernanke) wants to make his mark on history. He considers himself an expert in navigating dangerous waters (Great Depression) because he studied dangerous waters at his Ivy League school. It doesn’t matter that he never actually captained a ship in the real world.  He declares full steam ahead (reducing interest rates to 0% and throwing vast amounts of fiat currency into the engine room boilers). Midway through the voyage, the captain is handed a telegram warning of icebergs (potential financial catastrophe) ahead. If he slows down the vessel, he will not set the speed record and receive the accolades of an adoring public. He ignores the warning and steams on to his rendezvous (eternal disgrace) with destiny.

In the middle of the night, the lookouts (Ron Paul, John Hussman, Zero Hedge) cry iceberg!! But, it is too late. The great ship (United States) has struck an enormous iceberg (debt & currency crisis). At first, it seems like everything will be OK. The captain and crew assure the passengers that everything is under control and their evasive action has saved the ship. But below the waterline, the great ship (United States) is taking on water (toxic levels of debt, un-payable entitlement promises, trillion dollar deficits, political & financial corruption). The engine room (Federal Reserve) works frantically to alleviate the damage (QE to infinity). The captain is sure the compartmentalization of the ship will save it. One of the designers of the ship (David Stockman) sadly declares that the ship will surely sink. The captain orders the band (CNBC, Fox, MSNBC, CNN) on deck to distract the passengers from their impending fate with soothing music. The owners of the ship (Wall Street, Washington politicians, crony capitalists) aren’t worried. They collected their fees upfront and over-insured the vessel. They anticipate a windfall when the ship sinks. It worked last time.

To avoid mass panic, the crew (government apparatchiks) has locked the youthful poor peasants (Millennials) below deck. The captain and his crew are content to let them go down with the ship. They’ve decided the women, children, and senior citizens (Middle Class) can also be sacrificed. The financial elite ruling class (financers and bankers) are piling into the boats with the ship’s jewels, escaping the fate of the peasants. The captain (Ben Bernanke) has no intention of going down with the ship. In a cowardly act, he leaps onto the 1st lifeboat to be launched. We are on a voyage of the damned. The great cruise liner (United States) has a fatal wound and is headed for a watery grave. Are we going to let the owners, captain and crew dictate who will be saved in the few lifeboats or will we rise up and throw these guilty parties overboard?


It comes down to the abuse of power by a few evil men and their henchmen as they have centralized their control over our financial, political, economic and social institutions. The existing social order is an ancient, rotting, fetid swamp of parasites that will be drained during this Fourth Turning. The Millennials are rising and will be the spearhead of the coming revolution. As each day passes they will become a more powerful force and the power of the existing regime will wane. Meanwhile, the band will play on as the ship of state descends into the abyss.

265 thoughts on “AND THE BAND PLAYED ON”

  1. What would happen if we just defaulted on all of our debts and just said fuck it we are going to start over? I think it would be a domino effect around the world. Sure there would be a boat load of pissed off people but they would just have to get over it. This is going to end badly anyway, so there is no time like the present to start over. Hey this was just a thought seeing that nothing last for ever.
    Like I say I am glad that I am closer to the end than the beginning.

  2. Jim,

    Best article you have written. So much truth. The Boomers and elites really have no idea the extent of the anger that is seething amongst the youth. Many have champion the fall of the Occupy Movement, but like anyone who has seen the Robert Redford movie “The last castle” they only revealed their opening moves. Now any Millennials that decide to openly start a Revolution will know what to expect.

    To the Boomers, if you weren’t scared after reading this article, you are ignorant. Admin captured the feelings and motives of the Millennial generation exactly. Nature has a way of favoring the young. Always will. When the 4th turning does hit its climatic moment, the only guarantees are your family and community. I am only required to take care of my own parents retirement and elder years. I have no other obligations. Neither does any of rest of the Millennials. Many in the 13ers will be looking out for their children. If you have children, and haven’t given them every sacrifice to prop them up, you will have some anger coming your way.

  3. I jumped ship 5 years ago and now watch from foreign shores. I had no real way of fighting it except to remove my support by not having taxable income or paying any of their ‘fees’ or supporting their banks or other financial schemes. My small income is nontaxable, even with the far reaching tentacles of the IRS in every country but a few. My dollars are exchanged for the local currency almost immediately upon arrival in my bank account. I have no IRA, 401k, Mutual fund, insurance or visible savings for the government to grab. It is all in places out of their reach or knowledge. I am preparing for the day my small income ends. Yes, I care about my kids and grand kids. I send them articles trying to get them to prepare. But, I cannot do it for them. They could come here, but they won’t. I won’t go back.

  4. I am an occasional member of a retirement forum. I am always dazzled at how conventional and unquestioning and worldly unconscious most of the other members are. I would suppose we are all in the same age range of about 55 to 65.

    They talk about stupid shit like still being able to drive a stick shift and snowbirding to Arizona and the best bargains at Costco. I can’t believe how shallow their thinking is and the myopia they’re mired in.

    Because you are absolutely right, this ship is going down.

    My fellow American near-retirees seem clueless. They don’t see that everything they’ve lived and every American value they pontificate and all of their homogenous expectations for future to be the same as the past–is a bygone fantasy. It’s all over except in their heads.

    And that’s why we’re going to be getting out. Out, out. Far away out. Right now I’m afraid that leaving in two years will be too late, TPTB can lock the doors any time and I’m always afraid they’ll do it before we’re ready to go.

    But if luck holds and we do sail away, I’m hoping to blaze a trail that our millennial kids can follow to get out too. The adventurous ones anyway. We will create an expat haven to which they can also escape and we will provide them a safe landing zone.

    Not all boomers are selfish, boring, lazy, and stupid. Some of us definitely get it.

  5. Marissa, if only more boomers did get it. Most are still up in the clouds scorning Millennials for being failures. But, while they have their heads in the clouds, the youth are realizing it isn’t their fault.

  6. Admin

    Another gem of an article that is sure to be broadcast far and wide on other sites. Your Titanic metaphor is a beaut.

    Most Boomers are still in their peak earning years and have not yet had to suffer enough to shake them out of their denial. When the storm comes, Boomers will suffer much more than Millenials because the Millenials are going to be already conditioned to living frugally. Financially they will have little to lose.

    Now I’m asking myself what I can possibly add to your article by way of comment, and I answer myself “nothing.”

  7. Really great piece, Admin. I’m not sure if I’ll go so far as Calamity’s “your best ever”, but that’s only because you’ve written some really, really great stuff before. This is what I’m talking about-Fourth Turning revelations, combined with personal inspiration. I have a handful of Millennials myself, one who just graduated (w/o debt, thank Jeebus). And some (what do we call them?) post-Millenials, too. Artists for the next Silent Generation? I’m willing to sacrifice for their sake too.

    On a much more self-indulgent (I’m 1963-not that far from Boomer age, after all) note, I scored tickets to Dropkick Murphys this July. If the shit has not yet hit the fan, maybe I’ll take my graduate daughter.

  8. Or you can take the fight directly to the money men and shot callers on Wall Street and K Street who tell the old men in D.C. what to do. They aren’t as well protected and tend to be very big soft targets.

    Instead of murdering every Boomer and geritric case in a old folks home. 1000 instead of 50 million would solve the problem.

    Were some of the elites to have accidents, their influence would cease quite rapidly.

    Remember he who has the wealth controls the government. Even the Roman Emperor in it’s waning days still had to kow tow to the very rich. You mistake the old men in D.C. for the source of all that is wrong, they are merely machines you stuff money into and legislation comes out of. Go to the money changers and drive them out of the temple, Sir.

    The rank and file over 50 crowd isn’t to blame per se. They were told the rules by the elites and played by them. A lot of them also got screwed a lot worse than those professional moochers at OWS, who saw their factories being shut down and shipped to Asia while they were lucky to get work at Wal-Mart part time. Then watched Hollywood and Madison Ave turn on the shit spigot and fill our airwaves with crap that attacked men, decency, the family and promoted every degenerate behavior imaginable for the last 30 years.

    Most of them who didn’t get a fat state or federal job don’t have much to brag about during their Golden Years as they saw Wall Street turn their 401K plans into 201K plans.

    One last thing: Eastwood’s character was old school all the way, a WWII combat vet. You don’t find men with that sort of quality in a OWS meetup, they wouldn’t be wanted. Old school’s values aren’t OWS values. The average OWS protestor is a liberal arts college student on a pot break and the hardest thing most of them ever faced was a beer bong challenge.

  9. Damn, Cynic not living up to his moniker (or is he?). Apologizing for the boomers, dissing the yout and erroneously describing Walt as a WW II vet. Get your basic facts straight before spouting opinions, dude. Your credibility on this thread is mighty weak.

  10. Sensetti

    That age pyramid is based on the Census definition, not S&H. That is why it shows more Boomers.

  11. Wouldnt restoring agriculture provide jobs and sustenance to people? at the worst people would have healthy food to eat.

  12. Good job admin,…..I think they will take 401s,pensions,and finally bank accounts before letting everything completely collapse.They will keep the system going until it want.Then it will hell to pay.

  13. Excellent essay, Jim. Thanks.

    Most people in my Florida condo community are older folks, but some are working young and non-boomer middle age also. I can say with consummate confidence that 99 percent of my neighbors are NOT preparing for any uncertain future, both young and old. The 1 percent in the complex is moi. I am a bit of an outcast on my “block” because I buy 25 pound sacks of brown rice instead of bottles of red wine and gourmet cheese. I am a odd duck because I installed new ballistic storm windows and Sentry Crimsafe mesh screen to protect my home/patio against theft/intrusion and CAT 5 hurricanes instead of buying a new (or newer) car.

    Meanwhile, they play cards in the community center and sit by the pool enjoying the Florida sunshine, gossiping about each other. No time (or need) to worry about Russian destroyers and the US carrier fleets in the Straits of Hormuz, Israeli air strikes killing Syrian troops or the fall of the US dollar from world currency status. No need to be concerned about Hezbollah, Iranian, Russian and possibly Chinese troops in Syria right now or US economic collapse you see. What’s important is to be happy and walk around with your head of your ass 24/7. Should I have merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, or pinot noir with my roast duckling tonight? Decisions. Decisions.

  14. “The American people are slow to wrath, but when their wrath is once kindled it burns like a consuming flame.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

  15. As a Dad of four Millenials, I found this piece particularly moving, Jim. I often have thoughts like the ones you had sitting there in that darkened auditorium. I’m sure that many of us Boomer and GenX parents feel the way you feel, but we live in a society where our power to make changes through legitimate avenues has been co-opted. The ship is going to sink. All we can do is try to build a lifeboat for our families.

    You sound like you’re going militant in your late middle age. I applaud your decision to take on TPTB. Your voice is one the clearest and sanest and most intelligent I know . Give ’em hell!

  16. I like the Titanic analogy – that part could stand alone.

    My parenting of my three Millennials (18,22 & 25) has evolved – I now find myself arming them with knowledge they didn’t/don’t get in school and equipping them with insight that contradicts what MSM would have them believe.

    Telling them we’ve all been bathed in propaganda 24/7 – and have been for decades – means telling them all the “betterment for humanity” BS indoctrination they received as young children *may not* be the appropriate attitude going forward and this can be a difficult notion to digest.

    There has been resistance and I have to keep my ego out of it.

    And as with all things temperament plays a role, some are more receptive than others or certain topics resonate and generate more passion and others not so much, and I find much to my chagrin that some cannot be persuaded to question their college professors at all.

    It may all be like a day late and a dollar short but awake and aware has got to be better than asleep and unconscious.

    Thanks for another great essay – I needs to go far and wide.

  17. The influence you’ve had on my views of politics, economics and social issues is pretty damned big. Your continued search for the truth is much appreciated Jim.

  18. Admin,
    Great article, this will be forwarded to my 17 and 19 year old. I had a similar moment driving home to see my 17 year old daughter of to her junior prom. I did not make it as a truck had rolled over on route 128 and I had a 3 1/2 hour commute home. One more thing I missed stuck in traffic doing the work my masters have trained me to do. It will be interesting to see which Millennials rise up to the occasion. As with all generations it will not be the group as a whole but a minority of the strongest willed ones who will lead the change.
    My largest concern is the complete immersion of this generation in the boomer indoctrination system of the public schools. I have tried my hardest to engage both my children in conversations that contradict much of what they are taught in school. I can only hope that in the long run I am successful. As I have mentioned before my son studies Chemical Engineering and there are a number of very bright hard working young people of this ilk in the STEM studies as well as the business schools, who do not seemed to have the false sense that they are owed a living. They know that they will have to work hard to survive.
    I am very concerned what student debt will do to enslave this generation, there will be no simple way out of that mess. My wife and I pay cash for our son and we will try to do the same for my daughter, but the system has been set up to milk people in our position of as much money as possible in order to sustain what is ultimately unsustainable. Fortunately our debts are minimal as we live very frugally. I have brought my lunch to work since I stopped working in restaurants at 19. We can only do the best we can with what we have, so I pray for the best for my children, and prepare for the worst.
    Thank you,


      Boomers, Prepare to Fall on Your Swords (June 2005)

      Perhaps the most mocked generation in the last century, the “Baby Boomers” have certainly enjoyed a roller- coaster ride: born in the socially constrained environs of the post-“good war” boom, saddled with an old man’s “limited” (unless you got killed or wounded) war in Vietnam, reviled and feared as drug-crazed hippies and idealistic founders of anti-war, feminist, Black Power and environmental movements, sucker-punched by the worst recessions since 1929 (1973-75 and 1980-83), revered as founders of the personal computer revolution, reviled (again) for an obsession with “me” and “getting mine,” benefactors of the Dot-Com boom of the 90s, and now, in a grey-haired botoxed frenzy over staying “youthful,” we collectively face the bankruptcy of the social welfare programs our parents have enjoyed at our expense: Medicare and Social Security.

      Now it falls to us to fix the finances of our foolishly bankrupted nation. Either we sacrifice our freebies (every recipient of these programs has extracted far more than they paid in, even including accrued interest) or we leave our children and their children burdened by an impossible debt.

      I say we go out with idealistic panache, and fall on our swords with grace and dignity. Instead of sucking off future generations like our parents have, let’s pay our own way, tighten our belts, stay healthy without absurdly expensive operations and medications (which don’t work that well anyway, in case you’ve ever read the fine print) and leave the next generations a financially stable nation rather than a bankrupt, self-absorbed “pass the buck to your kids” mess–which is the current state of affairs.

      Why leave our debts to the next generations?

  19. Great article Admin! Got me thinking a bit. As a 36 year old Xer, the fourth turning description is pretty accurate regarding generations. It seems like folks my age were literally the last ones to get in the door before it slammed shut regarding careers and potential earnings. That being said, we were also the majority of the cannon fodder going into Afghan and Iraq when they first kicked off (I was 24 when my boots first hit the Afghan dust). Despite getting a screwing in this fashion, Xers appear to generally have fallen into the same bullshit partisan sideshow and entitlement mentality. It’s pretty damn sad.

  20. “I say we go out with idealistic panache, and fall on our swords with grace and dignity. ”

    I’ve been surprised that this POV hasn’t taken hold. I think it’s because almost no one anymore is proactive. We are, by and large, a nation of REACTIVE people who just go with the flow until…well, until it doesn’t flow anymore. When the oil stops flowing, and the free money stops flowing, that’s when there will be a hue and cry never before heard in the annals of Man

  21. Thanks Admin
    Minnie’s will find their way as survival of the human race requires it, that being said, tremendous hardship will be this generations lot, they are passengers on a sinking ship that is floating on a sea of debt.


    Minnie’s have a long swim to reach the shore of prosperity the previous generations have known.


    Good Luck and Godspeed

  22. This was a very deep and interesting article. Continuing like this, you should consider writing a book about your life experiences and combine it with a knowledge of current economics and politics literature.

    The vast majority of this article is right, but I will rather focus on one thing that I do not agree with. It is your determinism about the state (Titanic) – there is no reason to think that your sons will have to continue living under the same capitalist and bureaucratic state as you did. Everything you wrote is pointing out that state is lacking will and control to really solve these problems. There is not any part of your post which would suggest any particular group or individual to deal with the problem. Yet you say you are basically anti-authoritarian and afraid of possible fast and easy solution with some kind of fascist or right wing dictator (president). From this perspective, you should consider anarchist solution.

    There are many ways how to escape the reality of paying bills and going to work for endless hours. It requires a change in our broad social interaction, but it is possible. Collaboration on the system that was developed and self-perpetuated by the ruling class (business) will never bring you anything. And as you pointed out, middle and lower class will remain locked in the ship. What to do?

    I suggest replacing the current monetary system with more genuine local economy, which would be based on DE-commodification. There are already many useful ways how to reach this goal – one of them would be the construction of eartship home or any other off the grid solution.

  23. There are three necessities, water, food (think beans and rice) and shelter. Shelter is protecting one self from the environment which varies greatly from the arctic to the tropics. All else are luxuries. Few are prepared to meet these necessities but are way ahead on luxuries. Weapons are implied in protecting one self.

  24. BostonBob,
    In my opinion there is hope regarding the issue of indoctrination of the public schools.
    I was born in early 1981 (right at the typical cut-off) and feel I have tenancies of both millenials but I think I am predominantly an X-er, I am told “nomadic” is an appropriate term for describing me.
    My wife and i have a 2 year old son and many of the people we associate with are our age or a little older and the trust and faith in the public schools is greatly diminished among us as a whole. People who are in their early-mid 30’s with kids are strongly considering private schools or homeschooling. Interest in things like “Kinder-Musik” and the level of involvement is very different than it was for most of us growing up.
    I draw the occasional scorn from the fellow parents but that is mainly because I am more in the extreme mindset. They dont’ think public schools provide a good education. I agree with them on that but then attack the issue that the idea of public education controlled by govt and funded by compulsory taxation is tyrannical and evil in its foundation. I typically scare off 80% right off the bat. As admin has said I won’t be invited to many of their bbq’s.

    My boomer parents rolled their eyes this weekend when schooling came up and it was made clear our little guy was not going to be attending those moron factories, either by homeschooling or private schooling. They are in the camp of “not getting it” for the most part. But there are people out there bucking the trend and raising children who will hopefully have a chance to think for themselves.

    On a side note:
    I am a mechanical engineer and one suggestion i would have for your son studying Chem Eng is that he takes electives in philosophy if they are available. A mind capable of figuring out “how” to do something should also have a mind capable of determining “if” that something should be done.
    (I did in college and i think it benefitted me; just my $0.02)

  25. The real problem began back in 1913. No boomer to blame for that.

    But I do have a question for those here that arent boomers….have you read the 4th Turning theory book?

  26. I’ll back up harry p. I took general philosophy as well as a scientific ethics course, and both helped me tremendously in very tangible ways.

    At the very least your son will become better at defending his thesis/dissertation.

  27. Kill Bill- I have read the book. I have known about the fourth turning since I was 11 years old. My mom has been talking about it for over a decade.

  28. “We’ve reached a point in history when the elder generations need to sacrifice in order to insure younger generations have a chance at some form of the American dream”

    Oh, that’s a good one. I can’t stop laughing. Boomers being expected to sacrifice? HaHaHaHa. They aren’t going to sacrifice anything, they’re not even close to being done “taking”. They are going to suck the blood of the millenials like parasite ticks until every drop of blood is gone. They’re the most obese generation in the history of mankind, ever, throughout recorded history. That tells me and everyone else they don’t give a shit about their health, their healthcare costs, or who is going to pay them. They are going to ride the Medicare train until in collapses in a pile of debt. Ah, debt. Boomers managed to create debt out of thin air so they could live the good life, stuff themselves, drive nice cars, live in big houses, take trips, and “live the American dream” no matter the cost now or later. Now we’re counting the days until everything collapses.

    Bubbles Bernanke, a boomer, is injecting monetary heroin worldwide just to keep the debt machine going for a little longer. I don’t see that millenials have much hope. Can they create an entirely new economy? One where they don’t have to support Social Security and Medicare? If not, they will become the ultimate milk cows. Their entire lives will be spent trying to keep up making tax payments and debt payments with their crappy jobs. They will either work within the fiat currency system and be slaves to the elderly and FSA, or they will work outside the system and make a lives for themselves. Yet to do so, they will have to fight the government. Boomers have managed to set up a massive tyranical government to protect their interests. And in order to free themselves from guilt, shame or regret, they manged to dispose of these concepts as all morals and ethics were destroyed in the interests of the free love and “changing society, man” attitude and zeitgeist of the 60’s and 70’s.

    Let’s face the facts. Millenials don’t have a pot to piss in. They live in a fascist country that will monitor their every thought and every word they write. IF they can find a job, they will be paying and paying so the boomers can ride scooters, get all their joints replaced, take 12 medications a day, their sleep apnea machines, heart caths, home health nurses, penis pumps, and a 1000 other things required by boomers now that their health is destroyed. They will have to continue to support 100 million people on welfare, 30 million union drone government employees, 10 million people on disability, all the government contractors, all the subsidies to banksters and farmers, and all the wars. There simply isn’t enough money, but they’ll be stuck paying anyway.

    What’s going to be the next big wave that lift’s their boats? There isn’t one. The debt crisis that will face the U.S. and the rest of the world will sink all boats, wipe out jobs, wipe out opportunity. Millinenials will have to basically start from scratch. How exactly that is going to happen without armed revolution against the government is beyond me. The boomers and the rest of the elites aren’t going to give up without a fight. They will never have enough, and they don’t care what happens to everyone else. They’re laughing all the way to the bank after riding the biggest debt fueled bubble in history. Millenials don’t have much to look forward to; the crumbs the boomers left ’em, and all the bills and debts. At least they don’t expect much (they’d better not). I wonder when they’re going to figure out how fucked they are, and start burning everything down like they’re starting to in Europe.

  29. Great post, admin…but you say “There are no Millennials in charge of the mega-corporations that buy and sell our politicians.” What about Millennial Mark Zukerburg, born in 1984, who runs Facebook?
    Or is Facebook not a mega-corporation? Also the young fellow who recently sold Tumblr to Yahoo for a large sum. Seems like some of these new billionaires may fall into the category of being in charge of at least sizeable corporations.

    1. I don’t consider a $5 billion company like Facebook to be a mega-corporation. GE at $147 billion or Wal-Mart at over $200 billion are mega-corporations.

  30. Simply the best I’ve read on TBP. I was born in ’79 which is generally considered the tail end of the X’er generation. My peers of that generation born in the 60’s and early 70’s had much better times to “get theirs” thus I’ve always felt closer to the Millenials.

    I do feel generation war is upon us and much hate is aimed square at the “boomers.” The fact that since 2009 all the jobs have gone to boomers is very telling. What is youth unemployment in the ME countries that have seen revolution in the past years? This is a ticking-time-bomb that does not end well for those in power.

  31. Kill Bill

    The problem began in 1788 when we abandon The Articles of Confederation and adopted the Federalist Constitution in 1789. The Confederation of Helvetian States (CH) has done much better than our Federalist system.

  32. Mark Zuckerberg is a fascist. He can’t hand over Facebook personal information to the Feds fast enough. He’s been instrumental in the government spying and obtaining information on everyone in this country. He’s a flash in the pan. Remember “myspace”? Fuck Zucker and the suckers on Facebook.

  33. Millenials:

    Here’s your inheritance:

    And of course the entire global financial system is a giant bundle of debt, risk and leverage at this point. We have never seen anything like this in world history. When you step back and take a good, hard look at the numbers, they truly are staggering. The following statistics are from one of my previous articles entitled “Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers”…

    -$70,000,000,000,000 – The approximate size of total world GDP.

    -$190,000,000,000,000 – The approximate size of the total amount of debt in the entire world. It has nearly doubled in size over the past decade.

    -$212,525,587,000,000 – According to the U.S. government, this is the notional value of the derivatives that are being held by the top 25 banks in the United States. But those banks only have total assets of about 8.9 trillion dollars combined. In other words, the exposure of our largest banks to derivatives outweighs their total assets by a ratio of about 24 to 1.

    -$600,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000,000 – The estimates of the total notional value of all global derivatives generally fall within this range. At the high end of the range, the ratio of derivatives to global GDP is more than 21 to 1.

  34. Facebook is not a mega corp in terms of revenue.

    But, I believe it is a mega corp in terms of influence, especially on culture.

    FB recently reported 1.1 BILLION active users. (I know that includes names like Mickey Mouse … but, hey, mice deserve to be “heard” as well.)

  35. Maybe millenials are going to get what they deserve….

    Why Obama Won: Hispanics, Millenials Were The Difference

    President Obama won re-election primarily because he did so well with two key, and expanding, constituencies: Hispanics and members of the Millennial Generation. Throughout the campaign, Democratic pundits predicted that these two groups would be the key difference makers. They were right.

    To this Republican political malpractice there is an even greater threat: the loss of younger voters. According to CNN exit polls, millennials voted for Obama 60% to 36% and accounted for 19% of all voters, up from 17% in 2008. Although white male millennials turned slightly less enthusiastic, the President’s huge margin among white women as well as minority millennials — roughly 40 percent of this huge generation — more than made up the difference.


      1. College age Millennials were the biggest supporters of Ron Paul during the 2012 campaign. He dominated the young Republican vote.

  36. “millennials voted for Obama 60% to 36% and accounted for 19% of all voters, up from 17% in 2008. Although white male millennials turned slightly less enthusiastic, the President’s huge margin among white women as well as minority millennials — roughly 40 percent of this huge generation — more than made up the difference.”

    Regardless of their support for Ron Paul, they elected Obama, especially millennial women and minorities. Same old shit, different age group.


  37. I am 100% with admin on this after what I have seen the last 6 months, many of those millenials are the people i know that are starting families and talking about home schooling. there are quite a few that are cancelling cable and expenses so that one parent can stay home. there may be a renaissance in responsible parenting happening (atleast in my circles).

    on monday nite at Kinder-Musik I was wearing a RP 2008 shirt and one of the parents asked me what I thought about the home school curriculum Ron Paul is developing.

  38. People herd.

    The real harm done to young people was their parents agreeing to delegate their upbringing to tax-paid professionals (social workers, early Ed specialists, and myriad others who taught DEpendence).

    I don’t worry much about the masses. They are, after all, mindless herd animals. Individuals can choose, can elect to be self-controlled, can learn to to useful and productive.

    The rest of the program is just managing what comes. Collective behavior determines the environment, and is as natural as snow storms and hurricanes. No one or group can control the mass mind. Our current debacle was foreordained a long, long time ago.

    Stop worrying about your kids. Help them identify their aptitudes and then help them amplify them into productive endeavors and occupations.

  39. AWD- How many of the Obama voters of Millies were still in college? College is a bubble world that is not reality. Its not a fair assessment of how future Millies will vote. Most of my friends and Iwho were in the first millie wave and out of college voted and campaigned for Ron Paul. Very few of my friends voted after Ron Paul lost the primaries. There was as much enthusiasm to vote in the general election for the older Millies.

    1. Our good friend Jim Kunstler liked the article so much he asked me to be his guest on his weekly podcast. We’re doing it June 5.

      Should I ask him about his views on NASCAR?

  40. “Eastwood’s character, Walt Kowlaski, decided to finish things his way. He realized the two Millennials would never find peace or have a chance at a better life until the criminal gang running the show in the neighborhood were confronted and defeated.” ———– Admin

    I loved Gran Torino!

    But, “the criminal gang running the show”, …. well, they too were Millennials.

    Generational warfare (if that actually happens) will also be inter-generational warfare. Mexican utes, El Salvadoran gang utes, black utes, white utes ….. they have nothing in common except their ages, and that won’t be enough to stop them from killing each other.

  41. “millennials voted for Obama 60% to 36% and accounted for 19% of all voters, up from 17% in 2008”

    Considering Obama won by 2%, and 2% more millennials voted in 2012 than in 2008, they provided the measure of victory for Obama. More scary still is the fact they support big government. They support the very thing that will destroy their lives and opportunities, as big government supports the ponzi schemes of Social Security, Medicare, the FSA, the banksters, and corporatocracy. The brainwashing liberal progressive school system has worked well. They support their own enslavement and doom.

  42. Ask him if you can bring a corn pone nazi with you.

    This chart pretty much says it all about how millennials voted in 2012:


    1. AWD

      Can you provide the percentage of 18 to 29 year olds that voted as a proportion of total 18 to 29 year olds?

  43. Ask him when he’s getting a new novel out. His non-fiction is too depressing. Congratulations to you, btw. The recognition is well-deserved.

  44. “The chances of class and generational warfare have increased exponentially due to the actions of the elderly regime over the last five years.” ——- Admin

    Are you using “generational warfare” as a figure of speech? Or, do you mean literally? Gangs of utes randomly popping old people? Tanks rolling into a retirement community shooting old fucks on the golf course?

    Looks like maybe I shouldn’t be hoping for that revolution after all.

    1. Stuck

      I do expect violence.

      You and I both saw the Millennials at Zuccotti Park. Many of them had the right culprits in their crosshairs. There were more anti-Fed signs than pro-Obama signs.

      I expect more demonstrations and probably riots incited by the police thugs.

      The violence won’t get going until the next leg down in the financial crisis.

    1. It appears that Millennial voter participation is about 45% versus close to 70% for the Boomers.

      There are 87 million Millennials and only 47 million were eligible to vote in the 2012 election.

      Only 45% of them voted. That totals 21 million Millennials who voted. According to AWD 60% of them voted for Obama. That means about 13 million Millennials voted for Obama.

      So, there are 87 million Millennials in the country and 15% voted for Barrack Obama in 2012.

      This is certainly unequivical proof that Millennials are responsible for the election of Obama.

      Right AWD?

      1. AWD

        The simple fact is that 74 million of the 87 million Millennials did not vote for Barack Obama.


        Why are Millennials joining the military? Because their job opportunities are so piss poor, they have no choice. I pass multiple Armed Services recruiting centers in West Philly. No opportunity for Millennials is GREAT for the US Military.

  45. I agree with all of this except placing blame on the two preceding generations, like it was the fault of all of the members of these generations. No, it wasn’t. Most of them just did their jobs as best as they could, and provided for their families, like all previous generations before them. It was the fault of those psychotic turds in positions of power who lied to get elected, could have done right but chose to do wrong (or at least did the expedient thing instead of the wise thing), and sunk it for the rest of us. Unfortunately, these turds occupy both major political parties in the USA, so setting us straight again may take more than voting – it might take an armed revolt. I sincerely hope it does not come to that, but I fear that it will.

  46. No, I can’t provide documentation. I’ll keep looking. The millennial pro-government stats presented a different way. Scary.


  47. I think the M’s will be strongly collectivist when they have a turn at the helm of the beat up wreckage of the USS Titanic. Who can blame them? Obama confirms their perspective, so of course they vote for him. (What I wonder is how many of those voters would have chosen RP in the general election had they had the opportunity?) They are not getting their fair share of anything now, and will set about creating a system designed to resolve that problem for themselves and others. After a few generations, psychopaths will also rise to the top and exploit that system too, to the detriment of everyone. And the beat goes on.

  48. Harry P and TPC,
    Thank you for the advice. My children are almost out of school at this point and as they went through I made sure they got a strong yet balanced dose of the views opposing the sociology of what they have been taught. You have to be balanced and factual or they will surely tune you out as many of us did our parents. I have often worked with them on projects digging through articles that will give them better insight to how the real world works. One thing going for kids today is that it appears they watch little or no mainstream media.

    The school system in our South Shore town is ranked in the top 10 in Massachusetts, if a kid wants to get a good education it is there for the taking. They just have to be careful of the neo-liberal, our way is the only way, system that is currently run by mostly Boomer administrators and school committees. My daughter will often cite to me occasions where any independent, non-conforming student will be on the receiving end of the slings and arrows of his or her fellow students and teachers. It is very hard not to go along to get along.

    My children have been on the receiving end of many of Admin’s articles. They have read quite a few and even sent me responses. I’m 51 and I am not sure where I fit in this generation rift, but I see my 79 year old mother still working, and paying much of her way. If I can take care of my parents and children I will be happy with my lot in life, I do not need any fancy or expensive stuff. My hats off to Admin for creating such a robust discussion.
    Thank you,

  49. I was making a deduction. 2% more millennials voted in 2012, and Obama won by 2%. I would consider 60% of them voting for Obama a majority (especially since Obama only one by 2%). You can draw your own conclusions based on the data.

  50. The millennials have made their choice: Obama and big government. I wonder what this little tyke is gonna have left of this country when she’s old enough to vote:


  51. Millennials are not SOLELY responsible for electing POTUS Oreo.

    Blacks, mooslims, Joos, Utes, Asians, Women, Union Workers, Government workers ….. there’s your primary culprits. Whatever the raw numbers are, the majority voted Oreo.

    Obama won by less than 3 million votes. So, yeah, 13 million Millennials played a rather key part in getting a 2nd helping of Oreo.

  52. In addition to “Unforgiven”, my pick for a good Eastwood flick is Firefox. Even having been made 30 someodd years ago, the scene in the train station when he knocks off the KGB guy has delicious hints of the reception TSA will get if they pull the “Papers please” bullshit in certain areas. Watching a depiction of 1980’s Soviet Russia and comparing it to what we have here in 2010’s USSA – it could be the same movie remade with the Russians stealing an F22…

  53. AWD

    Your post at 3:12 is a tad bit harsh … but 100% accurate. I especially like the “war” cartoon.

    Who is it that volunteers to join the American Military Machine, to go kill mooslims and whoever the fuck else they are told to kill, to press the little “Drop Bombs” drone button in Oklahoma, not to mention the tens of thousands of new generation copfuks? Millennials, of course.

    Not that I blame any individual Millennial. I don’t. But, it just illustrates the problem with lumping 80 million people into a group, and then trying to make some definitive statement about such an enormous and diverse population. Saying ‘Millennials need to save America’ is just one short jump from saying ‘humans need to save America’. Well … duh!! (I hope both groups succeed.)

    Furthermore, I see ZERO difference in the dreams and aspirations of the evil Boomerfuks versus the enlightened Millennial generation.

    As a Boomerfuk myself, I can tell you what it was for most of us; The American Dream. It was a simple dream; a wife, 2.3 kids, a house, two cats in the yard, and the means to acquire that; an education and a good job. For the most part, it was a materialistic dream.

    How are Millennials ANY different? (Not that they should be.)

    Why are the Millennials, some in this very post, so angry? They are angry because Education is so very expensive, and possibly a scam. They are angry because of disappearing jobs, shit jobs, or no jobs. They are angry because The American Dream — once generally available in the Boomer era — is now incredibly difficult for most of them to achieve. They want the same materialist American Dream we wanted. Yes, they want to be us!!

    I can see the shit-fall of thumbs down coming. But if that’s all you got, pooh on you. Tell me, instead, how I am wrong.

  54. “Most voting age millenials are stuck in college. College students for DECADES now have voted strongly democrat.”


    Go blow yourself douchebag. Is that an excuse for voting for the most corrupt, tyrannical fascist president in our history? “I was in college?” How about “I was just following orders?” The favorite excuse used by SS guards at the concentration camps. That comment is so fucking stupid my eyes could hardly believe I was reading it. Try again numbnuts.

  55. The hilariousness is that you guys think having ROMNEY at the helm would have made any difference.

    Those two are a cunt-hair apart, and that cunt-hair consists solely of Obama’s black side.

    How about the Ron Paul movement? Who helmed that shit? The fucking 18-24 age group.

  56. “Furthermore, I see ZERO difference in the dreams and aspirations of the evil Boomerfuks versus the enlightened Millennial generation.”


    I’m not blaming anybody, just presenting the facts. The key difference between the boomers and the millennials, with regard to the American dream, is you got to have it, and they can only dream about it, but instead of getting it, all they’re going to have is a debt shit sandwich with a side of crappy jobs and a massive dollop of eternal taxes and Obamacare. Ouch.

    Bottom line,

    Better to have dreamed and achieved, than to be a debt serf living in mom and dad’s basement.

  57. Great article admin. You don’t leave much to argue about but I have to wonder what percentage of Millenials actually get it? I’m sure that many of them know they are getting fucked but can they identify who is laying the pipe or why? Perhaps they know more than I give them credit for but I can easily see TPTB steering them in entirely the wrong direction. They’ve already been steered in the college education/debt direction quite effectively and are essentially owned. When/if they wake up, who will face their wrath? Pitting Millenials against Boomers or X’ers is the worst thing that could happen. IMO, it needs to be the 99% against the 1% or this will all end far worse than I care to think about. The 1% ARE the occupiers and it is they that need to go. Get rid of the occupiers or owners and watch how fast the rest of the issues sort themselves out. The USA still exists but our owners have us conditioned to believe that THEY are the USA and we need them. We don’t.

    If Millenials believe they need to fight Boomers or X’ers or cops or political parties, they’ve already lost.

    I’m not hopeful.

  58. ” Is that an excuse for voting for the most corrupt, tyrannical fascist president in our history?”

    Whats your fucking excuse? Eh? Xers have supported assholes and douchebags just as much as anyone else, there just weren’t as many of you so nobody gave a fuck.

    Obama is just expanding what Bush had on the table, and you fucking know it. To say otherwise is to shout from the rooftops just how fucking stupid a doc in this country really can be.

    Obamney wasn’t a choice, but you can pretend otherwise sweetie, if it helps you sleep at night.

  59. @IS – Thats probably the smartest post thats going to land in this thread.

    Still won’t stop us from filling the blender with shit and hitting “frape” while leaving the lid off.

  60. TPC

    Another stupid moron dipshit excuse: “Obamney”. And blame Bush while your at it. Simply pathetic a person that went to college can’t come up a better excuse (being a master of excuses for an inexcusable generation).

    We’ll see how how much water that excuse holds in the next four years. A fucking pathetic excuse for voting back into power a power hungry psychopath. I’ll say it again, you are going to get what you deserve, good and hard.

  61. Admin – Thank you once again for another compelling post. I check out your website almost everyday but this is the first time I’ve decided to join in the comment section. I wouldn’t have a clue about The Fourth Turning if it wasn’t for you and the TBP. I’m always thinking how a Nomad like myself needs to consider how I’m going to help the Heroes(?). I’m worried about them, but it’s their kids I’m even more worried about. (Gen Z, the Artists(?)) Things just seem to be getting worse, kind of like the dark ages. The poor keep getting poorer. We’re headed for a destructive crash and even the heroes can’t stop it. They’d have to have a time machine to alter the past. Back to the Future Style …

    “The imbalance between children and retirees is growing. The economic burden on a child born in 2015 will be nearly twice that of a child born in 1985, according to the USC study.” — from

    We’re all screwed and about to see an even uglier side of capitalism. We know It’s not if, it’s when.

  62. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m going to my daughter’s softball game. Like Admin, I’m not exactly looking forward to it, but I love my daughters more than anything in the world. And like Admin, I’m going to fight so they have something left at the end of the day and something to look forward to. Carry on!

  63. I just flipped over to Drudge before heading off to bed. Most days when reading just the headlines on Drudge I have to ask myself why the hell are we afraid of these idiots? I mean really………go read just the first nine headlines right now and tell me we can’t defeat these morons. Just picture who we are up against! As long as we allow them to lead us around by the nose, they will always win. Millenials seem to be fond of flash mob techniques so add in a little creativity and our owners will be shitting themselves in less than 12 hours without even a hint of violence on our part. But………we don’t have the balls or we can’t find the time ’cause Idol is on.

  64. I was born in 1960 so I suppose that makes me a boomer, but I don’t fit any of the sterotypes and I know quite a few like me. I live in a 900 sq ft house that the county tells me is worth 50K, but in reality I’d have to put at least 25,000 into it for any bank to approve a home loan on it. I own two older cars, both approaching twenty. I take no medications except the occasional aspirin. I’m not a health nut but I’m in decent shape. In fact just last weekend I passed by physical fitness test for the Reserves. I don’t own a lawnmower. I live on a hill and over the years using only a shovel and pick leveled it out and layed stones down and built a raised garden bed. All the material was scrounged and free. I plan on working till I can’t and I have all the confidence in the world that the children I’m currently raising will help me out when the time comes. I’d rather die than be in a nursing home or ride a scooter around the mall.
    My point is that there are a of people like me out there and also welcome the end of the reign of the current generation.

  65. As a 65 year old and just starting to draw my SS, I have a couple of things to comment on. First, why is everyone pissed at the Boomers? We (as a whole, the everyday working stiff) didn’t create this mess. Sure, up until the internet and some of us have access to what the real truth is, we followed the news and drank the kool-aid. The endless finger pointing to different generations as being greedy, lazy, etc. is stupid. Just like all those folks that get caught up in left / right, liberal / conservative, Republican / Democrat endless mud slinging…TPTB want us to sit around and snipe at each other…meanwhile, they pass NDAA, Patriot ACT, plan drone strikes on innocent people, lie to us to start wars and yes the hits just keep on coming! There are 435 assh#les that are supposed to represent our wishes in CONgress and what do they do, well you know, pass laws to make our lives more restricted and miserable. What we get from them is a crappy educational system, no real healthcare reform, an unlawful IRS system, the Federal Reserve, MF Global, Enron, Fast and Furious, blah, blah, blah…

    That’s right folks, stay distracted and keep blaming us ol’ Boomers and see where it gets you. If you want to turn down your SS and Medicare when the time comes…good for you. I served in Viet Nam and now I use VA, I paid into SS and now I draw it… “they” were supposed to be safe guard the trust fund, but instead they raided it…don’t be pissed at me…be pissed at THEM…let them “fall on their swords”…Jesus folks, grow a set and go after the people the ACTUALLY caused this mess instead of the people that have worked their whole lives and will be screwed just like the rest when it comes crashing down.

  66. Its not the whole age group of the boomers that I have a problem with. Its that first wave of boomers. The biggest bulk of the generation was born in the first 10 years. That is the age group that had their peak earning years during the height of the bubbles. That is main group of the boomers that has dictated public policy. Those were the boomers who were old enough to run away from the draft, but able to send my generation to war. These are also the boomers who are currently not retiring and keeping jobs out of reach for the youth.

    The first wave boomers are going to bankrupt the SS and medicare. Second wave boomers are going to get screwed on retirement as much as the Gen Xers.

    AWD: I know math is hard, but maybe you consider that you were powned by Admin. Few millennial voted for Obama not because they like him, but because McCain and Romney are out of touch for our generation. Most 18-30 rallied around Ron Paul and the Republican Party and media blacklisted him. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama could connect better with the youth then Romney and McCain. He does have children and the decisions he makes effect their futures. No different then what admin wrote in the article.

  67. When this boomer was young and innocent he went to Vietnam. The world was fucked up when I got here. It has always been fucked up. The boomers I know who have accumulated any wealth are rescuing their children and grandchildren. The Millennials are coming of age during the decline and fall of the American Empire. They will define post-imperial America.

    This is a righteous rant and I applaud most of it. But I really don’t think that young people are going to murder their grand parents nor should they. When I was 15 I found out I could get a summer job doing field work if I had my parents permission and a social security card. I didn’t know anything about unfunded mandates. When I joined the army at 20 I thought it was to defend home and family from godless communism. I didn’t know anything about American imperial aggression.

    We have enough hatred in this society already. Stirring up generational hatred is not helpful. Direct the anger where it belongs. At the scum who are in power. They know who they are. They do what they do with malice aforethought. They rejoice in our bitter divisions between races, genders, and generations. While we are divided they are safe.

  68. Just when you think the stupids cannot get worse, there is this:

    [snipt from Daily Kos email]

    as the deficit shrinks, the chances of Congress striking a “grand bargain” and cutting Social Security are fading.

    At the same time, populist politicians, grassroots activists, and numbers-based wonks are lining up behind a new idea: expanding Social Security benefits.

    The vast majority of Americans think Social Security benefits should be increased, and the wealthy should pay more in taxes to do it. Now, people in power are starting to agree.

    Red and purple state senators like Mark Begich (D-AK) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) have introduced bills that would expand Social Security benefits by as much as $800 per recipient, per year. They accomplish this by changing the way benefits are calculated and by finally making millionaires and billionaires pay the same rate of Social Security taxes the rest of us pay.

    ~This is all just the beginning. The tide has turned, and now we are on offense.

    Anecdotal data point: Doris, two doors down, just turned 85. One of her ‘adult’ children rang yesterday to crow about the next scheduled cruise — they’ve gone on SEVENTEEN since they retired. What’s more, there was another brag: we’re going to spend it all before we go, leave nothing to our children.

    Doris replied: So am I. Heh. I know she probably does more already for the grandchildren …


    AWD sees the forest, cannot comprehend the trees. There are clues in his copy’n’pastes … the Pew Research table in particular. The TREND says it all.

    AWD @ 5:29 pm and others: you just cannot see any other point of view that doesn’t match yours. Maybe you should slink off like that cur llpoh when you get pissed off enough. What I see in your diatribes is a young fogey whose retorts, bereft of wit and skill, drop to the level of schoolyard bully.

  69. I went to the local public library today to check out Strauss and Howe Fourth Turning book. They have none of them. I tried.

    So I went to a S&H website,which references their book.

    So, the boomer generation, Prophets by SH theory ALWAYS come after a great war.

    What I could not find was Strauss and Howe blaming this generation for the ills of todays society.

    Where did the current rash of finger pointing come from?

    Sure, I do my share of mocking the XYM gens but only because I get tired of the group/generational ideological pigeon holing

  70. “The chances of class and generational warfare have increased exponentially due to the actions of the elderly regime over the last five years.” ——- Admin

    I call bs.I sit here and castigate many of the same things you do and am only few years older.

    It is not, IMO, the elderly regime, but the idiotology that infects DC which, while old, even older than boomers, has been in charge, much of which is not elected.It is a very small portion of the population.

  71. i myself think your a dumb ass it took you to 50 years old to figure this out I m 55 and I figure this out when I was 20 in college when my college professor of economics explained to us what it would mean when our President Richard M Nixon took us off the gold standard us baby boomers didn’t rob this country we went to work everyday worked our asses off paid our bills ( i for one didn’t go in debt) raised two great kids ) your government the banks rob us and our children. It actually goes back to 1913 when our government handed the federal reserve to the private bankers of the world; if it wasn’t for that simple fact each kid in america would have been born wealthy. There is alot of us baby boomers that from a very young age knew this didn’t add up we called and wrote our state and us congressmen protested wanted thing to change demanded things change tried to vote the right people in only to find out once they went to Washington they became one of them . Just look at what Washington has become

  72. I am wealthy if I consider the interest made on the debt created in my name and sold to foreign nations.

    That or I have become a commodity that sees no return on its existence.

  73. I find it fascinating that I wrote an article about Millennials and specifically DID NOT single out Boomers to blame and many Boomers have somehow gotten defensive that I am blaming them. I used the term elders, which includes Silents, Boomers and Gen X when discussing entitlements and sacrifice.

    It seems Boomers have an immediate reflexive response to any inkling that they may have to sacrifice some of their goodies for the benefit of younger generations. How dare I point out that the entitlement promises made cannot be fulfilled. Boomers don’t like math.

    So it goes. I consider the responses of Boomers as confirmation of my article.

  74. So it goes. I consider the responses of Boomers as confirmation of my article. -admin

    I see it as you arent actually following what strauss and howes theory states IE that elders could also include millenials [hero generation] as the cycle repeats itself.

    You cant blame one previous generation without including all those that came before it.

    Hamster meet wheel.

    1. Kill Bill & Blameless Minions

      You continue to focus on who to blame. It doesn’t matter. Every prior generation has had a part in wrapping the Millennial generation in chains of debt. While you all finger point and deny any part in the creation of this mess, the fact remains that WE have lived above our means for three decades and we are handing the Millennials a $200 trillion bill for the good times we’ve had.



      1. For those who whine that I shouldn’t be calling for generational warfare, open your fucking eyes. You fired the first shots.

        Generational warfare is already underway and the old fucks are winning big time. Stealing $200 trillion from future generations is an act of war.

        What you old fucks are worried about is that the Millennials might wake the fuck up and realize what YOU have done to them.

        Guess what. They are waking up. Prepare for a counterattack.

  75. It is crazy,we, as humans, repeat this same cycle over and over yet knowing this do not change over periods of time.

    I am reminded of Crazy Eddie.

  76. I don’t think Boomers have much empathy for Millies. -Calamity

    I doubt this my 25YO daughter is a Millennial.

  77. Administrator really all you can say is fuck you how long did it take for you to come up that how original. I majored in business and economics

    1. rich

      Your business & economic acumen is on par with your mastery of the English language and grammar.

      Do you display your University of Phoenix degree on your wall?

  78. i worked two jobs to put my two daughters though college I think alot of boomers i know did this i think that is a pretty good sacrifice

  79. Kill Bill- That is your own child. Maybe you also have empathy for her friends.

    As groups though, it seems like a lack of empathy is going to lead to a bloody conflict. Boomers know what it is like to be young. They look back to their own experiences, but times have changed drastically.

  80. And so the generation after the millennial [artist generation] will blame them for the societial problems they inherited?

    This reeks of some neo-conic eternal revolution.

    You want to be rid of these cycles?

    Then stop giving rise to them.

  81. i agree with Kill Bill we humans do repeat the same cycle we will probably never learn and 2 generations from now not only will we talking about the same things it might be even be worst God i hope not

  82. Minnie’s still need Boomer parents

    The Millennials’ Financial Profile
    Millennials are notable for their lack of financial independence. Depending on the study and its definition of the generation, as many as one-third of all millennials still live with their parents or other relatives. Almost 40 percent of all 18- to 29-year-olds are currently unemployed or underemployed. Forty percent of millennials also have difficulty paying all of their bills on time.

  83. Kill Bill- That is your own child. Maybe you also have empathy for her friends.

    As groups though, it seems like a lack of empathy is going to lead to a bloody conflict. Boomers know what it is like to be young.-Calamity

    You have forgotten what is like to be young?

    i remember as a child, in colorado, having to climb under a desk and hug my knees so I was looking at my ass during the cold war. Bomb shelters were the fad. Then I remember watching, at school the vietnam conflict. I remember the horrible inflation during the 80s. I remember as a teen waiting in line to get gas on even numbered days. I remember the race riots we had at school when bussing started. None of which my daughter endured.

    Please, Calamity, do not think my childhood was golden. It wasnt.

  84. Kill Bill- That is your own child. Maybe you also have empathy for her friends. -Calamity

    When, if, you ever hear me say “I dont care anymore”

    It does not mean that what many might imply, it means that I care all that I can.

    This generational warfare worries me because I dont care anymore.

  85. I am disappointed by how many view things from the one size fits all point of view rather than the bell curve distribution. Of course a distributive point of view would lead to fewer comments and more civil discourse.

  86. I never implied or out right said any of that. Go back and reread my comment because you read it wrong.

    Sensetti, I doubt that is by choice. However, this may just be reverting back to the multigenerational living standard. Very few people know that it was the concept of the 30 year mortgage that let to single family homes. That type of mortgage have only been around since the great depression and was implemented by the government. Before then it required a majority of the loan down payment. I sure as Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae have another real estate crisis that single family homes will be something of the past.

  87. I am disappointed by how many view things from the one size fits all point of view -Roy

    I agree, but it is something that many people agree with as it makes a complicated issue easier to fit in with their pre-conceived notions.

    As for the Bell Curve thats a debate that I forego on this thread.

  88. I had a bit of a different take at our little one’s concert last night. The average mom was about 5’4″, 260lbs, and stuck to some sort of I device while their kids were on stage. What do they learn from this?

  89. My only criticism of this article is the common harping about saddling future generations with debt, and the immorality of same. It won’t continue for long. When debt can’t possibly be repaid, it won’t be. The 4th turning, imo, will be the defaulting on all the delusional promises, social security, public employee pensions, student loans, all of it. Certainly will be interesting times.

  90. The best you can do… is STOP calling people Boomers, Xer’s and Millis.

    Did you even look at the age chart?

    How could so called Boomers give birth to a relatively smaller generation and then that subsequent generation turns around and gives birth to a larger generation?

    So called Boomers probably gave birth to a relatively smaller generation and that subsequent generation gave birth to an even smaller generation… the BULGE of so called Millis can be explained by immigration.

    I bet, quite a few Xer’s and large portion of the Millis are new to America.

  91. Reality versus rainbows and unicorns..the coming catalysis of a white minority and thus the degradation of influence of western society and Christendom on geo and domestic policy will be be a source of great consternation sans all generation bullshit theory..
    Rock that vote…
    Geographically speaking, then, white world-supremacy levels were only at 42 percent at the end of the Great War.

    The statistical disproportion between the white and colored worlds becomes still more marked when we turn from surveys of area to tables of population. The total number of human beings alive to-day is about 1,700,000,000. Of these 550,000,000 are white, while 1,150,000,000 are colored. The colored races thus outnumber the whites more than two to one.

    Biologically speaking, — which, as Stoddard can tell you, is what really matters in the end, — white world-supremacy levels around 1918 were at a paltry 32 percent!

    Now, the National Policy Institute reports that in 1960, white people still made up some 28 percent of the world’s population. By 2010, they were down to 16 percent. By 2060, if demographic trends continue, white people will have dropped below 10 percent.

    Is this a thing? Does it matter? (Can you imagine asking that question about the extinction of any other people?) Is Richard Spencer a bad man for noticing it? Can we, in good conscience, extend freedom of speech to such a bad man? Perhaps we should all just shout at him until he stops; this approach is commonly known as ‘tolerance’ (Radish 1.10).

    … That is a formidable ratio, and its significance is heightened by the fact that this ratio seems destined to shift still further in favor of color. There can be no doubt that at present the colored races are increasing very much faster than the white. Treating the primary race-stocks as units, it would appear that whites tend to double in eighty years, yellows and browns in sixty years, blacks in forty years. The whites are thus the slowest breeders, and they will undoubtedly become slower still, since section after section of the white race is revealing that lowered birth-rate which in France has reached the extreme of a stationary population.

    Of course, declining white birth rates featured prominently in Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West and Mark Steyn’s America Alone, because everyone has forgotten Lothrop Stoddard.

    On the other hand, none of the colored races shows perceptible signs of declining birth-rate, all tending to breed up to the limits of available subsistence. Such checks as now limit the increase of colored populations are wholly external, like famine, disease, and tribal warfare. But by a curious irony of fate, the white man has long been busy removing these checks to colored multiplication. The greater part of the colored world is to-day under white political control. Wherever the white man goes he attempts to impose the bases of his ordered civilization. He puts down tribal war, he wages truceless combat against epidemic disease, and he so improves communications that augmented and better distributed food-supplies minimize the blight of famine.

    (Radish 2.2.)

    In response to these life-saving activities the enormous death-rate which in the past has kept the colored races from excessive multiplication is falling to proportions comparable with the death-rate of white countries. But to lower the colored world’s prodigious birth-rate is quite another matter. The consequence is a portentous increase of population in nearly every portion of the colored world now under white political sway. In fact, even those colored countries which have maintained their independence, such as China and Japan, are adopting the white man’s life-conserving methods and are experiencing the same accelerated increase of population.

    The latter, of course, is no longer true of China or Japan.

    “Now what,” asked Stoddard, “must be the inevitable result of all this?” The regular reader of Radish knows all too well…

  92. flash

    Normally you would be correct. Turnings are about mood change and the interaction of the generations. Millennials are seeking to be led by a Grey Ghost Boomer. They are at an age to be led. That doesn’t mean the Grey Champion will be good or wise, it just means he will lead. Most people on this site don’t like Lincoln or FDR, but they were the Grey Champion in the previous 4th Turnings and they did lead. You are right that the Hero generations were the ones dying on the battlefields, but that is their part to play.

    What seems to be missing in the current 4th Turning is the Grey Ghost leader or leaders. No one is leading the Millennials towards some goal. Obama is certainly not the 4th turning leader.

    The Civil War is an example of generations joining together and fighting each other.

    At this point, with no Boomer leader emerging, the likelihood of civil/class/generational warfare grows by the day. We’ll all be cannon fodder in that scenario.

    Strauss & Howe do not blame people or generations. They show that choices matter. The generations prior to the Millennials have made dreadful choices and we will all pay the price.

    And anyone who doesn’t like it – TOUGH SHIT.

  93. flash

    There has never been an instance in historical record when parents have turned on their children and grandchildren. By leaving them a $200 trillion debt, they have done so.

    All bets are off on children responding to what their parents and grandparents have done to them.

  94. KenBob

    You make some good points but … you blow it with “I paid in” … I am FUCKING SICK of hearing the “I paid in” because you do not know how the system was set up. I got my SS card about the time you were born (long back story, never mind) and at age 12 wondered WTF, does this really work? Well, like almost everyone, you swallowed the lie, that you were saving for your retirement — which is why you mention the ~trust fund~. BFD, all part of the scam.

    It probably never occured to you to look back on how it began, how there were 42 workers for every retiree in 1940 — nor how those workers could be saving for themselves when they were PAYING FOR those who came before. Yes, friend, how could WW1 vets have paid much into the system to sustain them for the rest of their life, not to mention the remnant of the Missionary Generation (late wave up to 1882) and early Lost generation?

    It was ALWAYS a generation transfer scheme — and now when the chickens come home to roost, it is about 2.x workers to one retiree.

    It was a scam from the get-go. And two Supreme Court rulings have put the wooden stake in the vampire, and that truth will come to light when Peter can no longer be robbed to pay Paul.

    Helvering v. Davis (1937) and Flemming v. Nestor (1960)

    From the latter: “entitlement to Social Security benefits is not a contractual right.” So much for the fucking Trust Fund. As good a lie as a government ever spun. But you wouldn’t know Otto von Bismarck floated an aged pension for his people, they said ‘yay’, little realizing it kicked in at age 60 when the average longevity was 46.

    I have a friend I had not seen in years, but we reconnected. One of the things he said in RL conversation was he really did not like the phony tern “entitlements”. Oy! I sent him the long-form exosition of clues I tossed out here. I don’t think he gets it, even now. And yes, he’s an early boomer. That’s not finger-pointing, just indicating the trend of some people’s thinking.

    Let’s face it, the Greatest Generation spawned AARP! Remember those shiny happy people faces in the adverts: Retire at 50! It is what it fucking is.

    To an historian, or even a casual observer of the scene, it’s NOT about who did what to whom and when, but the influence of large groups of people more or less with a common cause. And if you’re not representative of your cohort, don’t taken criticism FUCKING PERSONAL!

    OK? If not, tell someone who cares.

  95. admin, I wish your presumption of generational warfare were so, because the killing off of the grandpa/grandma society by the multicultural and diverse yutes, would be a short period , whereas the war amongst the divisions of race would be a bitter , prolonged and brutal affair, that would have unpredictable consequences.
    Killing old folk would be a akin to shooting tame birds released from towers on game preserves, whilst a race war would be like hunting Bengal tigers A night in head high wild grasslands…

    Maybe this is why the metro-sexual Howie does not want to broach the race war subject…too volatile a subject for such a mediocre fellow of such sensitive nature?

  96. to administrator: when you talk with kunstler, please point out to him that the nascar industry provides thousands of jobs supplying a product that people consume of their own free choice. you’d think he would find that to be a positive thing.

  97. @Administrator:

    Going through this thread this morning (great thread) I’m heartened to see significant push back against your stupid children’s crusade against the olds. You are an excellent writer and a keen observer but apparently you have allowed your anger to override your intellect. You have declared war against me (and yourself). You are now my enemy. What a waste of time and energy.

    1. Working Class

      Math is hard when you don’t want to know the answer.

      The generations in power declared the war by stealing from unborn generations.

      Your stupidity in denying this fact is the sad part.

      What a waste of time and energy that I try to educate willfully ignorant people like yourself.

      Anyone who is not angry about what is being left to future generations is part of the problem.

  98. Mr. Quinn, you have written yet another great piece of work. I enjoy your big “centerpiece” posts every time. Thank you for the good work. PS-Congrats on your kids, too.

  99. when a generation realizes they have been shat on they can quickly turn violent. remember that many kids are raised in a manner that they are less their parents’ kid and more wards of the state so if a charismatic leader tells them to turn on their parents it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

    or maybe it will be the elders that turn on the kids, like in SP’s episode Grey Dawn



  100. Admin,
    What have you done here? I see newbies all over the discussion board. People talking about killing grandparents. A new civil war. To reiterate great post and even better discussion.
    Thank you,

    1. BostonBob

      I’ve gone back to my roots. The purpose of this blog is to piss people off. It has become too sedate.

      Nothing like a Fourth Turning post to wake people from their stupor.

      No one is looking forward to what is coming our way. They are in denial.

      They can’t seem to grasp that NO ONE foresaw the deaths of 65 million people in 1934 within the space of the next 11 years.

      NO ONE foresaw the deaths of 5% of the American male population in 1859 within the next five years.

      It can’t happen here. Right?

  101. Walt Kowalski died in the film to get rid of the predators in the neighborhood.

    How long did it take in that fictional storyline for them to be replaced by a new set of predators?

    Most humans are sheep. Remove the predators from their environment and a new set just moves in. Hell, the sheep will BEG for a new farmer to come and shear them, and occasionally turn some of their lambs into Gyro Sandwiches.

    We love our heroic stories about good triumphing over evil. Sadly, as individuals, few people actually have the stones to accept self-responsibility and leave their neighbors the hell alone. Because of this we get political systems where the sheep appoint the carnivores among them to positions of authority.

    Want someone to blame for where we are today? Blame whatever process or entity gifted us with this dichotomous nature.

    They’re only there to steal your job, your parking space, your Denny’s Grand Slam, and your Pension!

  103. I did sort of think Walt could have taken those kids out with his Garand. 8 shots, 8 bodies with gaping holes in them. Clang! Repeat.

  104. Young people can blame their parents for consenting to the system that grew into this monstrous kleptocracy where everyone attempts to live at the expense of others. That’s legitimate, I suppose.

    Oh….I just paraphrased Bastiat….who lived 150 years ago.

    You think this shit is NEW?

    This is just OUR version of the same shit, different day. We had a once-in-300-years mania. We were due.

    Get over it.

    No one learns from history, that’s what history teaches us. Instead of trying to fix blame, see yourself (and your clan) as occupants of a lifeboat. See to skills that might be useful. Keep your eyes open, know that others are full of lies or misunderstanding.

    Steer your own boat. Love those who you should love. Leave alone those who are not yours to love. Be cautiously helpful, knowing that drowning people pull their would-be rescuers down to their doom.

    Life will go on…but not for everyone. Be one of the quick, not the dead….in the short term. In the long term we all die, and the measure of us is how we lived, what wisdom we acquired, and how much of it we were able to pass along to those closest to us (which is an art unto itself).

    Good luck to us all. The storm clouds have gathered, and many boats will be smashed by the conflagration.

  105. 65 million? If India and China go at it hammer and tongues, the body count will be ten times that.

    Hell, probably more. A billion dead?

  106. i’ll second what bostonbob said, you know its a good thread when there are over 150 comments and almost every “recent comment” says it is for this article.
    great stuff admin

    Nothing like inescapable
    in the morning, it’s my coffee.

  107. What do Gen-Xers have to do w/the massive welfare state that was constructed from the New Deal-Great Society, 1930’s-1960’s?

    With the USGovt. becoming permanently militarized during/post-WWII?

    Shoot…if you want to call anyone out, call out the “Greatest Generation” and the Commie Boomers…

  108. I think Millennials are waking up: Student Loan Problems: One Third Of Millennials Regret Going To College

    Here’s an indication of how burdensome student loans have become : About one-third of millennials say they would have been better off working, instead of going to college and paying tuition.

    That’s a according to a new Wells Fargo study which surveyed 1,414 millennials between the ages of 22 and 32. More than half of them financed their education through student loans, and many say the if they had $10,000 the “first thing” they’d do is pay down their student loan or credit card debt.

    It’s no wonder then that more than half (54%) of millennials from the Wells survey say debt is their biggest financial concern with 42% calling it “overwhelming.”

    The REAL question is whether Millie’s place the blame on the financial system, the government, prior generations, themselves, globalization or something else. Chances are, they won’t place blame; they’ll just deal with the issues as they come. Remember, the GI Generation were just a bunch of kids who only wanted to party, dance and listen to music at that age. The war forced them to step up and do things they never wanted to. They didn’t really become the “greatest generation” until they came back to the States, settled down and got involved in building communities and some of the greatest institutions of our time. So don’t discount this Hero generation until after they get through the worst of this Crisis.

    A few other comments:

    @M. Oleman: Born in 1960, you’re technically part of Generation Jones, the pet name for the Boomer-Gen X cusp. Cusps always express traits from both generations but, like Admin, you’re far more X than Boomer. You probably still have strong ideals (like Admin), but are cynical and skeptical like core X.

    @Floribunda Rose: Welcome. Hope you stay and become a frequent participant.

    @SumWoman: While immigration certainly has played a part, immigrants are still a small minority of Americans. You don’t realize how generations tend to work: GIs raised Boomers, Silents raised Gen X, Boomers raised Millennials, Gen X is raising Homelanders. There are some who raise the generation immediately following their own, but only those who have kids in their early 20s. The Millennial generation is often called the “Echo Boom” generation because they were the children of the Boomers. THAT is why it’s such a huge generation; they are the children of another huge generation.

    @Admin: GREAT article. One of your best. It’s unfortunate that so many people have to take it as a personal attack on them, rather than the cumulative actions of an entire generation (and those Silents who started the whole thing). But one needs to understand generational theory to see the larger picture, so it’s understandable, esp. when not that many have read The 4T. Oh, and it’s Grey Champion, not Ghost. Can’t wait to hear how it goes on Kunstler’s podcast; please post a link, when you can.

    1. Thinker

      I sent a link to Neil Howe.

      I would love for him to comment, but the shit throwing monkeys would probably attack.

  109. Marines%20Nazi%20Symbol_Carm.jpg?ve=1

    I don’t see what the problem is here. Those fine young gentlemen have a flag with a blue stylized Z in the center of a white square. What’s wrong with the letter Z???

    Actually, I thought the double Ss stood for SuperSize Me.

  110. At my job there are two other millenials whom I work with fairly often, one is an electrician (born in 82) and the other is mechanic (86).

    They both were talking about how they regretted not going to college, and asked me what my life has been like.

    So I laid out for them exactly why they are better off now than if they had gone into college. Just because I do not regret it does not mean college is for everybody. I wanted to be a scientist, and thats not something you can do at trade school, but if you are going just to get a degree, then it will not be worth the money you paid for it.

    I catch a lot of hell from my elders (all elders, any generation) when I tell younger millenials to keep their minds open, and not to fall into the college trap. They hate it even more when my word carries more weight than theirs, after all, THEY are the parent, and I’m just some friend/brother/cousin.

    But I’ve been through the experience. Recently. I survived the system and have even flourished despite it all. I offer those kids a chance to really see what cost will be extracted from them. Small wonder they choose a different route when someone bothers to read the fine print to them.

  111. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Boomers discovered debt in the 80’s, and inflated and rode the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world to today, where public and private debt total $58 trillion dollars. Millennials learned debt is good, and they’re the one that are going to get crushed when the bubble bursts.

    The boomers that created the bubble have locked-in entitlements and freebies galore (SS and Medicare), and the massive government they created (that millennials support). All modern economies are buried in debt. Debt will wipe out opportunity for millenials, especially when interest rates start rising. The boomers gift for countless generations to come.




  112. TPC-I agree with you. I went to college and got a degree when it still meant something. Unless my kids show incredible talent and mental ability, say enough for me to force them to become tennis champions or earn full ride scholarships, I’m going to steer them to trade school where they can learn a useful skill and earn a fortune screwing in lightbulbs or turning on water sprinkler pipes or fixing “funny noises” in cars for indebted college graduates. Their earning potential will be much better than as a Telephone Sanitizer, 3rd Class.

  113. Regardless of who’s fault it is the bill for past and future commitments will fall squarely on the millennial generation.
    Children of boomers don’t want to watch their parents starve to death and will have to absorb the cost of reduced boomer benefits. So it will be the millennial’s crying foul demanding commitments made to their parents be kept.
    Soooooo relax my boomer friends, Millennials will pick up the tab one way or another.

    Party on !!!!


  114. College was largely a waste of my time and money. I regret it fully. There is no higher education anymore. Colleges are ran the same way public schools. They are a horrible idea to promote more education. Like I said before loans are just a pseudo welfare. We aren’t seeing much of the poverty or anger amongst the youth yet because a good amount are still in college. The college world is still an optimistic ultra do-gooder world. That world doesn’t exist and once these kids get out of college they will be mad. My friends and I are in the batch of pissed off. The illusion was swiftly ended when we were graduating right as the 2008 collapse was happening.

    What the Boomers don’t understand is they are favored unfairly in the current job market. The “last one in, first one out” propelled agism against my generation.

  115. Isn’t it amazing, one baby boomer can destroy an entire country, the global economy, and the lives of future generations to come:


  116. Administrator…. congrats. “And The Band Played On” is one of the feature articles today on Apparently quality is more important to Rockwell than his pocketbook or long essays that require some time and thought to read.

  117. People / groups I generally hate and would personally love to dispatch to the Great Beyond in the coming Great Shit-storm Of All Ages. This is a VERY incomplete list;

    Congress ……….. about 525 of ‘em

    Senate ………. about 95 of ‘em

    Politicians ………. the rest of ‘em

    IRS employees ………. maybe even the janitors there

    Lawyers ………. 95% of ‘em

    Bankers ………. probably no exceptions

    Free Shit Army ………. all but one sterilized pair, for museum purposes

    Fred Thompson, Henry Winkler ……… and every other cockfuk pushing Reverse Mortgages

    John Calipari —– scum, cheater, the very embodiment of “win at all costs”

    Honey Boo Boo ……… and every person involved in Reality Shows from producers to participants

    Advertising People ………. they, not Satan, are the original “Father of Lies”

    1% super elites …………. only after they are tortured for a few days

    MSNBC, CNN, FOX, et. al. …. just because. I’d leave one anchor alive from each network, just so that I can watch 975 non-stop hours “reporting” the same event over and over and over ….

    Viagra ………. Cuz they ram their Hard Dick commercials down my throat all fucking day on every fucking TV station I watch, and making me explain to my grandkids what Erectile Dysfunction is. Feminine smelly odor cure products aren’t far behind.

    Anger / hate simply because of a person’s age wouldn’t make my list even if that list had a thousand entries. It’s simply not on my radar screen. There are so damn many really Bad Actors who need to be pushing daisies. Yet, here WE are, TBPers arguing about which generation is the shittiest, and which generation needs to pay for the sins they committed, and which generation will enact payment even to the point of armed conflict. I reject this train of thinking vehemently. So solly. I guess that makes me a “Denier”.

    In the end, when all is said and done, when one generation counts the dead bodies of another generation, we’re ALL fucked. Even the “winners”.

  118. calamity,
    i agree with the college rant under most circumstances, i.e majors in mass comm, business, gay/lesbian and religious studies, etc but I went to college and don’t regret it.
    I saved money from jobs as a paperboy, lifeguard, shoveling snow and landscaping and went to a smallish private inexpensive college for mechanical engineering with a little help from my parents. i graduated with $13k in loans (in ’04) and will be debt free in about a year. the engineering building was separate from the campus so we were shielded from the libtard bs common on the college campuses. the profs were mostly part time teachers who either were retired from industry or were still working in industry. i gained theoretical knowledge in the classroom and practicial knowledge in teh machine shop and labs that I perpetually use ( I am writing this post so as to take a break from doing design calcs for a heat exchanger). To be fair I was also lucky to get a few years experience prior the bottom falling out.

    But teh key is I kept learning after school whether it is engineering, economics, history etc. People who want to learn don’t need to go to college but in some instances like doctors, nurses, engineers it is the only way. A person who wants to get a business degree woudl be better served saving the money that they would spend getting a degree and using that money to start a real business.

    btw, i like the updated format of you blog.

  119. This is the chart of doom for millennials. This is what happens when an economy goes into perma-contraction. Those entering the workforce get paid much less than those already in the workforce, if they can find a job at all. Those entering the workforce after the millennials will have it even worse.


  120. Sorry millennials, you’re screwed. 30% unemployment? ouch…..

    Delinquent Student Loans Hit Record, 30% Of 20-24 Year Olds Are Unemployed And Not In School
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/23/2013

    Almost a year ago we shared a calculation according to which “Over $120 Billion In Federal Student Loans In Default”, suggesting that the next credit crisis has already arrived. Since then the topic of the student loan bubble has become a household topic. Sadly, that does not mean it has gotten any better. In fact, according to the latest Education Department data it has gotten as bad as it has ever been. As Bloomberg reports, not only have overdue student loans reached an all-time high but the number of young people aged 20-24 out of school and unemployed is at a record high: not quite astronomic by European standards, but hardly a ringing endorsement of an economy set to transition labor tasks to the next generation, especially with the employment of those 55 and older at all time highs.

  121. The problem of where do you start to fight may become apparent from peeling back the political framework layers – and figuring out the true goals of change.
    We arrived at this juncture of crisis through subtle incremental moves of those who wanted to keep the dominant power and money centralized in a few. Distraction kept us from early mass recognition the elite have always been planning and executing these goals for centuries, while most Americans, with positive individualism, sought just to lead their lives and their local communities under the American Ideal – an independence the banking elite of Europe feared the most from the American revolution from its beginnings, and have sought to reverse. It took two tries for such bankers, connecting with American counterpart, to set up a controling central bank. The first one failed to continue in 1836, blocked by Andrew Jackson.
    It takes a lot of thought to form an effective opposition to the central banks, because in the end, with the population growth, there has to be a reasonable ACCESS TO CREDIT to prevent unrest and chaos. The banking elite know that, except in their playbook, they disguise as not their fault, through a series of natural AND artifically assisted BOOM & BUST cycles, the periodic recycling of wealth to themselves continuing society’s serfdom – of course, coupled with purposely minimizing financial education of the masses to better enable exascerbating the cycles.
    Interestingly, in this dawning Age of Aquarious – the information age, replacing the Pycean Age – the two faced (two set of rules) age, the 2008 crisis recycle was more blatant as the banks had miscalculated and needed the direct political intervention to save them from their excesses. Congress, stampeded by a 770 point drop in the stock market and their own lack of financial accumen, wrote them an unconditional check, payable by a limitless deficit and ultimate burden on taxpayers.
    2008 was a moment where positive change could have occurred. Congress could have protected ONLY bank depositors, let fail the central banks and the AIG holding companies of the world who owed those banks [AIG subsidiary insurance companies providing insurance to companies & individuals could have largely survived on their own or been made solvent at much less cost], and have the Treasury issue currency direct without paying interest to the banks – and changed course toward fiscal sanity that still provided ACCESS TO CREDIT. Only this time the ACCESS would be largely to the real economy where profits could begin to climb America out of its financial hole. From 1970, the financial industry went from an economy facilitating 4-5% of GDP profits to an almost 28% controlling domination just before the 2008 crisis. But Congress knew its political power had come to rest only on its ability to hand out money for political favor – as it had long abdicated a role of doing what is in the long term interests of the people in general as Henry Hazlitt wisely presented back in his 1946 “Economics in One Lesson”.
    Federal government power is now so extreme, with so many in society being made dependent on money from government, that it obviously cannot be directly challenged without complete violent chaos and martial law. It concerns me we left the draft system for an all volunteer military. Not because the soldiers and sailors have less idealism; rather it is the greater susceptibility to their falling for doublespeak government propaganda, coupled with the Whitehouse culling military leadership that apparently would tend to side with the people.
    With all that, where can we go as a people. There needs to be a mechanism for the people to have greater access to credit – but in a way that does not continue the malinvestment criticism of easy money. At our direct end it needs to be gradualism to prepare for change; providing money for economic growth outside traditional banking is one element – with a narrower spread. At the government level, gradualism won’t work so well with all the entrenchments. Unfortunately, the martial law approach is just as likely to protect the elite banking interests because the politicians know that is where their source of unlimited money – and unlimited power, has derived from. Perhaps if that money power went in house Congress could see a way to gradually change direction without chaos. Taking small steps to restore governmental checks and balances may be one approach – but there has been too much siding with statists historically. One real way to assert power is through established power – individual states sovereignty; it is still alive.
    Seeking change peacefully presupposes that we on the earth are not required by our respective paths to undergo major chaos periodically – and that power does not require chaos to redirect it. Is it destiny or choice? As someone said, maybe both are happening at the same time.

  122. Harry P-
    You’re right.
    I read a scary statistic this last year that said the average college graduate never opens another book after graduation and the average American family doesn’t buy 10 books in a year.
    WTF? No wonder everyone’s a moron.

  123. Howie can’t comment or even tippy- toe anywhere near the truth because if Mr. Metro-sexual dared take an honest overt peak at the true source of the coming socioeconomic conflict , his corporate sponsors would take what’s left of his spine and feed it to the lame stream media for a snack.

  124. LOL…no shit..

    Study: Women 40 Percent More Likely To Develop Mental Illness Than Men
    ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) – There is a gender gap for mental illness, with females being up to 40 percent more likely to develop some type of mental health condition than their male counterparts.

    A new study to be published by Oxford University Press finds that women are nearly 75 percent more likely than men to have suffered from depression, and approximately 60 percent more likely to report an anxiety disorder.

    …the only hope…. and easily freed via three accessible keys.

  125. Breath in, breath out.
    Wax on, wax off.
    Time to smile.

    A Gallup poll recently asked a group of animals; “Are human beings fucked up, or what?”

    This was their response;

  126. Here’s a suggestion to the millenials

    Get a job in home healthcare,

    That way you’ll always have a job wiping the asses and changing the diapers of baby boomers when they shit themselves.


  127. Stucky said:

    “People / groups I generally hate and would personally love to dispatch to the Great Beyond in the coming Great Shit-storm Of All Ages. This is a VERY incomplete list;

    Congress ……….. about 525 of ‘em

    Senate ………. about 95 of ‘em

    Politicians ………. the rest of ‘em

    IRS employees ………. maybe even the janitors there

    Lawyers ………. 95% of ‘em

    Bankers ………. probably no exceptions

    Free Shit Army ………. all but one sterilized pair, for museum purposes

    Fred Thompson, Henry Winkler ……… and every other cockfuk pushing Reverse Mortgages

    John Calipari —– scum, cheater, the very embodiment of “win at all costs”

    Honey Boo Boo ……… and every person involved in Reality Shows from producers to participants

    Advertising People ………. they, not Satan, are the original “Father of Lies”

    1% super elites …………. only after they are tortured for a few days

    MSNBC, CNN, FOX, et. al. …. just because. I’d leave one anchor alive from each network, just so that I can watch 975 non-stop hours “reporting” the same event over and over and over ….

    Viagra ………. Cuz they ram their Hard Dick commercials down my throat all fucking day on every fucking TV station I watch, and making me explain to my grandkids what Erectile Dysfunction is. Feminine smelly odor cure products aren’t far behind.

    Anger / hate simply because of a person’s age wouldn’t make my list even if that list had a thousand entries. It’s simply not on my radar screen. There are so damn many really Bad Actors who need to be pushing daisies. Yet, here WE are, TBPers arguing about which generation is the shittiest, and which generation needs to pay for the sins they committed, and which generation will enact payment even to the point of armed conflict. I reject this train of thinking vehemently. So solly. I guess that makes me a “Denier”.

    In the end, when all is said and done, when one generation counts the dead bodies of another generation, we’re ALL fucked. Even the “winners”.”

    I suspect the Gray Ghost Boomer the Millenials will get behind will be coming from this direction with his rhetoric. I can’t say I’m too far from the same place myself. (Since I never watch TV, I’m spared the drug companies trying to sell me Viagra.) There is plenty to be pissed about, regardless of your generation.

    It’s the anger that I’m scared of..that’s what makes people decide that it’s worth “breaking a few eggs to make an omelet” I’m just afraid it will be a shit omelet, and all of us will have to eat some of it.

    What this turning is also missing is some kind of Black Swan event that will focus the anger that already exists, and make all the fat, happy, deluded people get just as mad as we are. When that happens they will find their Leader…probably the biggest, loudest nutjob out there. Maybe Alex Jones will be elected President.

  128. I would like to be the one to report a hitherto never before seen phenomena here on TBP.

    188 posts ………….. and not even one titty picture!!!

  129. “The Pessimist Complains About The Wind, The Optimist Expects It To Change…. The Realist Adjusts The Sails” -William Arthur Ward

  130. Same Boomers as above, back in the day.

    No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.
    ~ Anonymous Hippie Quote

    Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.
    ~ Anonymous Hippie Quote

  131. Fucking thumb ring wearing, liberal arts major, cigarette smoking, unemployed, tattoed Millennial losers. I bet they don’t even pay taxes.

  132. AWD you are the epitome of why millennials can’t stand boomers. In the exact post you accuse us of being big government liberals you post a stat showing the opposite to be true!!!! The plurality leans libertarian!! What are you smoking dude because I want some. You are a joke, learn to count. Then you post dozens of straight up unfounded insulting BS (the cartoon and your following bigoted explanation of why this is some one else’s fault.) You are a joke who has only wanted to retire and get things out of his life and the exact problem in this country. Your whole generation bucked the American trend of building businesses and decided your American Dream was retirement and home ownership. Guess what, if you didn’t save up enough money to retire with, your retiring impoverishes others, and your whole flipping generation did just that!!!! Morally bankrupt losers, who’s real problem is that they thought rules were for other people. What the Boomers did to this country, destroy the greatest economic power in one generation is a crime! People need to go to jail in that generation and I fear that isn’t going to happen.

  133. Jim,

    Reading your columns is always like experiencing a nice bowl of fresh, juicy strawberries with a chunk of rotting baloney concealed at its bottom. Your problem is that you analyze like a libertarian but when you prescribe, your prescriptions are tainted with the poisons of collectivist communitarianism. I’ll give you a free clue: all of the things for which you scourge the older generations are rooted in the same collectivist premises, some of which you seem to embrace. Take this little gem, where you write:

    “We have a civic obligation to manage the resources of the country in a prudent manner. It’s our duty to leave the country in a financially viable condition so younger generations have an opportunity to live a better life than their parents.”

    It’s not “our money,” Jim. It is money earned or stolen by individuals, by following or violating rules, some just, many unjust. “Our country” is an abstraction. “Our generation,” is an abstraction referring to a collective, not the individuals who comprise it. “Our duty” cannot be to “save the country.” If the country could be “saved” by controlling it, it would not be in the trouble it is in now, because the delusional collectivist fantasies of the prior generations, who also thought they were “saving mankind from itself” would have worked!

    You blather on about “sacrifice,” but Ayn Rand had the number of people who talk like that. She pointed out that they really envision themselves as “collectors of sacrifices.” I think Rand was mostly right, but I think she should have expanded her list to nihilistic self-sacrificers who, for all of their supposed nobility, intend to make certain that others are sacrificed first, before climbing on the altar themselves. I saw “Gran Torino” also, and it was a good movie, but it was good because Clint Eastwood’s character decided his own values and chose his own actions accordingly, as an individual, pursuing his own values. When you write, especially phrases like: “generational sacrifice that should be taking place now,” I detect the sickening thread of collectivist reasoning that seems to favor pushing people into the Walt Kowlaski role. That’s not “heroism.” It doesn’t work that way. That is exactly the same kind of thinking that got the world into the mess in which we currently find it.

    The problem is Jim, you have no faith in the underlying reality that gives your predictions validity. Look here, where you write this nonsense: “It is disconcerting to me that more Boomer and Generation X parents are unprepared, unwilling or too willfully ignorant to forfeit entitlements awarded them under false pretenses in order to preserve a decent standard of living for their children and grandchildren.” You’re still talking about “saving the Titanic” if only those precious few “leaders” renounced their greed and made “the right decisions,” “the ship” could be saved, or “the right people” could be saved. You condemn and exhonerate in broad strokes, according to arbitrary generational categorizations. The epitome of injustice is the propensity to dispense punishments and rewards not upon individual merits or iniquity, but upon the criterion of membership in an arbitrarilly assigned abstract group, like a generation. You should listen to yourself, and stop to think. Furthermore, you’re refusing to acknowledge the fact that the problems are systemic. The United States, “our generation,” “their generations,” etc. are all abstractions. It is in the name of these abstractions that unworkable systems have been erected in the first place. There is no saving an otherwise sea-worthy ship; the truth is that the Anti-federalists were right about Constitution in the first place. It was a dangerous centralization of power that would only grow more problematic with time, until it collapses. There is no saving the ship, Jim. The time to have saved it was when it was still on the drawing board. The United States is not “a great cruiseliner” it was a ship of fools from the begining, put together by people who thought they’d found a way to beat history.

    So, Jim, you can start a drum-head trial of the “captain” and “crew” if you want to do so. More than likely, it will end up in a riotous battle on the deck in the effort to make your lynch mob fantasy come together, without even the bitter satisfaction of likely success, and it will interfere in everyone’s ability to get to a lifeboat. Meanwhile, the ship is still sinking. It will sink whether you lynch the captain or not. I’m all for not allowing jackals to decide who lives and who dies. Fine, let’s keep them from locking the doors to the steerage passenger area, if we can. As it is, all that “deciding” is the problem from the get-go, but you’re talking like the only problem you have with “deciders” deciding who lives and who dies is that you don’t like the deciders’ generational composition. If you’re talking of starting a fight to “throw the bastards overboard,” you’re talking counterproductively. That kind of talking isn’t going to get anywhere but violence and chaos in the attempt to decide who deserves to be fined or punnished and who deserves to be “remunerated” or “helped.”

    1. Robert

      I’ve made a libertarian analysis and have concluded you’re a long winded egocentric wind bag.

      You’ve written six paragraphs and said absolutely nothing.

      You must be a college professor.

  134. One final left, then I’m going to come lay some turds on the wall-eyed throwbacks.


    This article was purely an act of intellectual expression, yet the thumb-sucking doper-turned-fucknut club shows up covering their raw asses in fear of another bendover-session from the big swinging dick of reality.

    Bill: You finally got the joke, perpetrated a year ago.

    AWD: If you actually believe that anyone under the age of 30 with half a brain would vote for McCain or Romney, you need to get your head checked. I wouldn’t have when I bought the “lesser of two evils” line at that age. I know that reducing statistics, multiplying ratios and applying them to overall demographic statistics is difficult, that’s why we listen to accountants and even economists. That’s why the Administrator broke your graphs down.

    Obama is the President. He won the elections because more people voted for him in electorally significant states. A larger percentage of boomers and xers voted. Get over it.

    I’ll be back.

  135. Robert must hold a liberal arts degree, only someone so useless could use that many words to convey so little thought.

  136. …I was flipping through the 650 channels on my TV with nothing worth watching….

    That is why I kicked my sat. TV service to the curb in Jan.. A hundred bucks a month for nothing to watch. No thanks.

    Great article, Jimmy!


  137. This barely booming / Gen Jones mother will be paying off the kids college loans (one down, two to go) because I’ve decided the long term benefits of investing in debt free kids may be better than the 401K/Pension/SS/Medicare that may or may not be there in 14 years when I retire – that is if I still have a job to retire from.

    Perhaps the Minnie’s “grey ghosts” are the leaders in their personal lives – individuals that worked to make the future less problematic, gave inspiration and support, and allowed them the freedom to pursue dreams and challenges without being enslaved to the bankers.

    People used to have kids AS their old age pension – what goes around comes around.

  138. I am a Generation X’er. I don’t think I got much. My parents, baby boomer, are among some of the most selfish people I know. My father was very abusive. No, you can’t blame your parents for everything, but they are very important contributors to how your life turns out. Both my sister and I had very low self-confidence and didn’t marry well. I got divorced, lost all of my money (since sticking it to the man is really about the government getting out of paying welfare or anything to the ex-wife who refused to get a job – this always happens regardless of how much of a total bitch the wife is). My parents got a big inheritance and went and bougt a 40′ diesel pusher, brand new. No, they couldn’t guy a used one from ebay for $30 000 and budget 10 grand to repair it any bugs and get it in tip top shape. When it is old, it will be worth very little due to depreciation. I will never get the inheritance from my parents that they got from their thrifty parents. Baby Boomer ruined their children’s live, get money from their parents and then brag about “spending their children’s inheritance”. If a court every orders me to support my parents in their old age because they are not responsible with their money and are not financially prepared for retirement, I will leave the country and never come back. I am so sick and tired of selfish baby boomer who don’t care about anyone except themselves. I will be happy when the government can no longer afford to pay pensions to selfish old people who take, take, take and never give back half of what they had to their children.

  139. Olga said:

    “Perhaps the Minnie’s “grey ghosts” are the leaders in their personal lives – individuals that worked to make the future less problematic, gave inspiration and support, and allowed them the freedom to pursue dreams and challenges without being enslaved to the bankers.”

    I consider it my greatest accomplishment that I’ve managed (not done, but almost) gotten my kids through college without them getting into debt. I have my last two finishing up undergrad now…and three who may still be looking at grad school…I hesitate to foot the bill for my daughter to attend law school or my son to pursue a MFA…but I’d rather do my best to help them than see them take the government money and put on the shackles that come with it.

  140. i am 30, barely, born in 83. I feel like I am the bridge between everyone below and those above 45. Millenials and Gen Xrs only differ in outlook upon the future. Xr’s have been screwed mostly since day 1, while the millenials were over coddled. I grew up a military brat so I was lucky to get the super tough love at times.

    i haven’t paid a red cent for a single penny allegedly borrowed for college.I don’t disagree about the generational “issues” confronting us however I stand on firmer ground.The debt based money system is fraudulent if one can articulate the legal foundation it rests upon. I wont go into it too deeply for its a secret only barely beginning to come out of the private and merge with the public.

    Suffice it to say if one attempted to verify any alleged (public) debt, one may find out the signatory is the notemaker, is the holder in due course, is the security’s true owner. No bank has ever lent its own funds, it simply monetizes your signature into a security and asks you to pay them back because you think you’re dealing with a living man or woman, a true equal.

    Corporations are legal fictions for wo/men to hide from other wo/men in commerce (paper war). Wake up. If this were your friend, your friend would lend their actual equity they saved up. When you dont pay, your friend is actually in the hole hurting since his wealth (balance sheet) took a hit. The bank is only “losing” a ledger entry, not equity, not a cent of its own book money.

    I received a degree in corporate finance. I almost didnt because I called out all of it for what it was, make believe. The capital asset pricing model is a borrowed physics formula and guess what? Physics can’t agree big stuff must = little stuff and yet our entire economic foundation rests upon a model with make believe inputs. Rationale markets? Tulip mania? I mean c’mon…I had big ideas on what “high finance” was…I didnt realize you could learn more watching the movie “trading places.”

    So I made a smart move. Instead of going through law school, i started reading law books on my own for the last 6 years and let me tell you I’ve remade suma cum laude. Its startling what one finds out when they actually test what they read in old law books. American common law exists…I use it nearly every day, so do you. You just didnt know it; let me show you.

    scroll down almost all the way on bottom:

    Jurisdiction of the State Courts
    The jurisdiction of the state courts extends to basically any type of case that does not fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal courts. State courts are common-law courts.

    Everyone pointing out all the problems is great, I did that for a long time being “the sky is (going to) fall guy. I made a lot of fake money shorting the problems; no one really cared including me and I studied money since roughly 12. So I began focusing on the solutions the last 1.5 years. I do not have all the answers. Did you know Kings ask the questions? Is asKING really that hard for the true heirs of America?

    Let me please leave you with a story. A (potential) peace officer pulls you over and demands to see ID for “infraction X”. What if you asked a simple question? Sir, I see you’re claiming to be a peace officer by your uniform and marked car, so can you please tell me what man or woman you saw me harm?

    S/he’ll either say, no one (doubt it) or “THE STATE OF X”…oh ok, so officer, where does that STATE OF X gets its power from? The government s/he MIGHT say…so then the final question…who does the government derive its power from? Peace officer will be in breach of their SWORN DUTY to the CON.stitution if s/he does not say, THE PEOPLE…excellent officer, well today you have breached the peace of one of THE PEOPLE and absent a man or woman claiming I personally harmed them or their property, there is no harm and your “duty” is beginning to interfere with my right to travel freely. Duties never supercede rights absent you witnesses harm now do they?

    btw wo/men…did you SIGN the CONstitution? Then you aren’t a party to it…truth is heavy, so very few of us can carry it…

    I’m wishing us all the strength to find our way together through this generational turning.

    peace and one love,


  141. “What the Boomers did to this country, destroy the greatest economic power in one generation is a crime!” —— Luke

    Over-simply much? Which comic book did you get that from?

    Keep hating the wrong enemy, folks. See how that works out for ya.

    I have less in common with many of you than I thought. And I’m beginning to regret that I have invested so much time and effort here. But, then again, I’m an old selfish phat phuck Boomer who doesn’t know any better while I go about destroying America. You haters are fuckin’ nuts.

  142. Sorry Stuck, many under 30 don’t have much sympathy for the boomers. The American dream door was slammed in the Millies face. The debt left to us is going to effect Gen X the same as they see their own children suffer from the boomer spending boom.

  143. @patrick – Most of them would respond that harming laws found to be in the common good still make you a law breaker, and enjoy your ticket.

    Your ploy only works if the judge seeing your case gives a shit about the constitution. Recent history suggests they would find an excuse to throw the book at you.

  144. @Thinker – Thank you!

    @Admin – The Grey Ghost Boomer that leads the Millennials and other generations is Steve Jobs (May He Rest in Peace). He has lead them to buy and use everything Apple. They may not own a car or a house but if I had to bet, I’d bet most of them have some type of iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, or at the very least have an iTune song downloaded to a player. It’s just too bad most of the products are not MADE IN AMERICA The Millennials also know Apple needs another Jobs to keep status quo. I haven’t heard yet of the Boomer genius innovator that is going to replace his leadership and be the Grey Champion.

    Found this:
    “Designed in California, made in America: Apple to Build New Macs in Texas.”

  145. @Stucky – While its fun to hate the Boomers, the reality is that it solves nothing, and really isn’t that founded.

    They are an easy target, and unfortunately for all us generational warfare is just another way to divide the masses.

    United we stand, divided we fall. Its no wonder the .001% are having their way with the world.

  146. The Grey Ghost Boomer that leads the Millennials and other generations is Steve Jobs

    No, no. no, just hell no. Steven Jobs was just good as selling a product. All apple products are made by Foxcon by over a million cheap labors in China. Steven Wozniak came up with apple and should get all the credit.

  147. Holy shit, I hope this was sarcasm:

    “The Grey Ghost Boomer that leads the Millennials and other generations is Steve Jobs (May He Rest in Peace). He has lead them to buy and use everything Apple. They may not own a car or a house but if I had to bet, I’d bet most of them have some type of iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, or at the very least have an iTune song downloaded to a player. ”

    Wow I’ve checked out today. Vacation doesn’t start for another hour unfortunately 🙁

  148. @ TPC – come to court and watch history, then. turn off tv and stop reading MSM on what we’re doing…sovereign and citizen are mutally contradictory terms if one would study…(not that you haven’t but you’re close to saying it, so lets go there u know :)) dad was a cop so I field tested it before use.

    but keep being sheep, its all good…

  149. I hope the M’s can get past their self-pity to focus their energies on making things better. I wish them well.

  150. Hello
    I just wanted to note to you that obama is a millennial by your figures(Ie he is part of your savior generation per your chart). and as anyone with eyes can see he is a part of a terribly destructive group of peoples currently on planet earth. And also add that the so called boomer generation is from 1942 to 1964, so I am confused as to where your figures are from. Now having said that I wanted to also say that the current problems facing humankind on the earth is totally about the human ego that currently craves money over the human heart and the daily pursuit of some kind of spiritual and family life. This is what is currently destroying our culture. Generations dying off do not improve a culture, and frankly the people born at the end of any group as for instance the boomer born from say 1958 to 1964 are very, very different than the ones born in say 1942 and 1943.. Please so not create groups based on ages, groups are peoples of like minded thoughts/ideas. Old can learn from young and young can learn from the oldsters in any generation. I agree that we should let all the debt be forgiven, after all the debt is the bansters not the peoples, we foolishly allowed the bailed out of the banksters with trillions( not billions) in bailouts, so we they should start paying us the people back today as we basically loaned them money to get out of the debt they created with bad business ventures and investments which is no different than if I lent you a few thousand to pay your business debts off. Hence we should not pay them one red cent from this day forth, they didn’t fill out loan documents as they should have but they owe us the money nonetheless. By the way there is a group that called in the debt of the banksters at the court of geneva and they won. The banksters owe we the people our money back. Next we need to stop with credit expansion and learn to save money yes and also ourselves from debt slavery immediately. To start with get uninvolved with fiat currency and start buying and using gold and silver and bartering. Prices will drop substantially and that will be for everything from ice cream to houses and yes they will be “losses” of fiat currency. Oh well, it is time for a reset and hence a time to return to our roots of the first generation of Americans who arrived her to Jamestown in 1609. Each person must take responsibility for themselves and their families,each person must make that responsibility a priority everyday. The government was created by us for us, now we must move back to our original and currently existing Constitutional Republic, that has been shunned by those currently “in”power” peace to all, stand up for your rights and the rights of your children and families every single day, say not to the ones who do not honor our Constitution and bill of rights, because thats what America is people, a group of people who honor the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that’s the glue that holds us together, we all agree on those to very important documents.

    1. carollynnne

      Ever hear of a paragraph break?

      Your credibility is out the window with your 1st sentence. Obama was born between 1982 and 2004 and is a Millennial?

      You are clearly confused. The S&H definition of Boomers is 1943 – 1960. The Census definition is 1946 – 1964.

      You have made up your own new definition.

  151. In sociology circles there is a concept of cultural transmission where knowledge, ideas attitudes are transferred from one generation to the next. In shoter lived generations this would mean more rapid evolution of ideas. In generations that stick around forever, they curse the young and humankind evolves more slowly – at a retarded pace.

    Soylent Green.

  152. carollynne

    Your writing leaves much to be desired. You clearly qualify for the “histrionic” personality disorder type. The good news is you can now get on disability and never have to work again. From the looks of things, there probably isn’t much you could do anyway.

    Man, the comments get worse and more inane the longer a post runs. geesh.

  153. As a generation you had it all and yet you pissed it away, corrupted it, regulated, licensed and made money off it. The boomers squandered the remains of a dying republic and sold it off piecemeal for fascism, comfort and security. Your generation sold all the following generations into debt and chains to the corporate-banking-government company store. I hope you live long enough to fully understand the horror created and just maybe reap what you’ve sown.

  154. Attention Millenials, and other young whiners/crybabies/losers who feel entitled.

    Blame the boomers all you want. But they never called the shots. Those who have the gold do. That means Wall Street who in turn own presidents and the congress pukes.

    You want to fix it?

    Then get ready to fight and die because that is what it’s going to take to get the levers of power back from Wall Street and the globalist elite.

    You try standing up and going after these bastards in their lairs. They don’t hide. But that’s hard isn’t it?

    Instead your generation bitched since Bush II was in office and never did squat. You went to hippy style marches, wrote screeds at DKOS and DU, smoke lots of pot. BFD. OWS was a pathetic self-indulgent joke done by college students on break. All they did was leave a filthy mess just like they did when they lived with their parents.

    Posers and losers.

    Admin wants old people to be suicide troops since the younger people are too cowardly to do shit. That’s really pathetic.

    Maybe Admin ought to lead the way, every movement needs a martyr.

    Go after Blankfein or Robert Rubin, the later was the major architect of the misery we are now in.

    That won’t happen. This is all a clown show,.

    1. TheCynic

      You really are a clueless fuck.

      Your little one trick pony pea brain isn’t capable of comprehending anything other than your narrow view of the world.


  155. Yale is offering a free download through Itunes on game theory.

    Take the course.

    Unless you’re afraid of simple mathematics.
    Unless your idea of abstract thinking rivals that of an escargo snail.

    Stop being a pawn, or shut the fuck up.

  156. Attention Millenials:

    Don’t listen to the Cynic. He speaks of nothing but prescribed death and destruction for no other purpose than his individual paradigm expressed as a gain through small percentages added to a sinister probability.

    Proceeding along that paradigm will result in shatttered expectation and misery.

    Band together and fight loneliness, misery and perpetual disappointment. Do not inflict violence but in self-defense. Live well, lt the chips of others’ fall at your feet and preserve what is dear:

    The expression of humanity.

    Fuck the bullshit. Live it large. The calculus is in your favor.

  157. I like Jim’s posts. He obviously digs deeper and has a way of presenting it. He’s a good writer, way beyond my capabilities. But I also liked Roberts assessment too. More academic but certainly understandable to someone who has the capacity to think outside their own box, or the box that Jim builds. He got a thumbs up from me. Now can we turn our attention to Kate’s boobs. Actually her face in that picture was more fun to look at. What a package!! Oh, and don’t forget to tell me to fuck off.

  158. Keep hating the wrong enemy, folks. See how that works out for ya.

    “The youthful hunger for social discipline and centralized authority could lead Millennial youth brigades to lend mass to dangerous demagogues. The risk of class warfare will be especially grave if the 20% of Millennials who were poor as children (50% in inner cities) come of age seeing their peer-bonded paths to generational progress blocked by elder inertia.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

    Indeed, we will see exactly what “works out for ya”….

    “There is no cause without effect, and no effect without a cause”

    -The Kybalion (1908)

  159. Admin: There exists no other advice for the kids but to band together and take the helm of state.

    It goes against my nature, yet there exists no other option. I cannot offer any better counsel but to take control of the legal process while the current generation that exerts its undue influence perishes.

    Fuck privatization, though the trend is dominant to the tune of billions. For what? Are the resources being properly allocated? Where is the price-discovery?

    It’s a total joke unless…

    Not unless total war is at hand.

    Is that really IT? The end-game? God help us. That’s what the trend-line is screaming for.

    For what!!!?????

    Do trend-lines determine utter death and destruction? Should it not be the other way around?

    Pray not for war. I hate hippies but by God I hate violence all the more, Violence sucks. It’s, as we say ’round here, HELLSA DUMB.

    Like a shiner in a white-trash bar: The mark of a dumbass. Nobody tolerates a dumbass for long. They kind of get taken care of.

    Is that the fate of people who give a shit?…. or those that don’t?

    Why in the hell should anyone keep giving a shit for dumbasses? I can’t tell anyone to do so with a straight face…. So I don’t.

    And dumbasses tend to hate America with a high correlation. Almost as much as I love America.


    Hence my disdain for the “I hate America” club.

    I hate that club with a passion. So do the best and brightest of the world. We have it so good, the argument otherwise is a joke….. and that’s a fact.

  160. So tell me, wise-asses:
    Are resources being properly allocated with efficient price discovery?

    Were they under they under the George W. Bush administration?

    Or are you expressing a simpleton ex-post-facto ante?

    My bet is on the latter.

    Holy fuckin Jesus my bet is a winner.


  161. No sympathy for taxation: Enmity for foreign evasion.

    Expect no less.

    There are MILLIONS upon BILLIONS(?) of people dying (FACT) to get a shot at an education in the United States (FACT) and a handful of so-called marketeers want to ditch out on the United States?!

    Who in their right minds would bet against such an obvious expected-value but a quivering school-child? Seriously contemplate the notion and contemplate the strategy….

    FALSE FLAGGOTRY. Numbskullery. Get-whats-comin’-errry.



  162. In fact:

    Lay some red, white and blue testes on your forehead while you mumble “ax-aven” (tax haven), “ax-aven” to a big lunch of 100% corn-fed single-celled soldiers coating your insignificant tonsils while the rest of the world rushes to take your insignificant, false-flaggot ass, place in the scheme of things.

    Spoiled-brat handout monkies.

  163. The problem is very simple. The wrong people are having babies. If you can’t afford to raise a kid -don’t fucking have one. Problem solved. All the statistics will start trending in the right direction immediately. Less food stamps, less welfare, less unemployment, less crime, etc., etc…
    If you accept free government housing, food, healthcare, etc, you must be on some form of verifiable birth control and if you have an accident and create another ward of the state? Fine we’ll give you that one along with a procedure to make sure it doesnt happen again.

    Oh, and you also can’t vote in elections while receiving public assistance. You must earn the right to decide how money confiscated from hard working taxpayers is spent!

  164. As a parent it is my responsibility to teach my children to see beyond the wool that is being pulled over our collective eyes, and make them think for themselves.

    The next generation may be able to be called the greatest generation if they stand on a strong foundation against the tyranny.

  165. Isn’t it funny that Millennials talk of the current environment they face, and they are criticized for whining. But when boomers describe their life experience, they are just telling it like it was.

  166. Hey! Who’s this “Calamity” baby with the overeducated brain and little common sense?

    There’s something there that’s whistles off-key..

    Sorry I’ve been off-line too long but I’m cycling through a chemo series and that puts me in the dumper
    for about one week out of 3…

    But old Muck is still still watching you monkeys do try not to so anything too stupid until I catch up.


  167. MuckAbout

    I know what you’re talking about, from observation — twice, both wives. Hang in there.

    Do you ever think back to when you were 20-something?

  168. Admin,
    You are right about generational civil war, and Flash is right about racial civil war. As Tevia, in Fiddler on the Roof, said, “You’re both right”. It isn’t going to be caucasian sons and daughters fighting against their parents (although those commenting show that they can sure argue and blame each other), its going to be hispanic young people against white old people. Look at California’s demographics. Let’s look at the big picture. Too many people insist on personalizing the analsis and bringing there own personal, piss-ant, life into the argument, as though their personal situation and experience makes a difference in the macro-analysis. Also, if there is a global economic collapse that causes food shortages, there will be a mass border crossing from the south and they will be looking for food, and the young strong will take it from the weak old.
    Just saying,

  169. MuckAbout says:

    Hey! Who’s this “Calamity” baby with the overeducated brain and little common sense?

    There’s something there that’s whistles off-key..

    It’s the wind blowing in one ear and out the other! Makes a faint whistling sound!

  170. My dad was a musician until after he served in Europe in WW2 (Patton’s Army post D-Day), when he came home, went to college and got a job. He steadfastly refused to go to my middle-school orchestra performances. They hurt his ears, he protested.

    The baseball he could much more readily tolerate. Being no fool, the house he and my mom picked were across the street from the high school and youth ball fields. He rarely missed an inning for a 6pm game time, only if traffic was particularly heavy.

    He too had no love for 8-year-olds trying to throw strikes. First thing he did as Little League president–bought pitching machines for the lowest level league, 8 and 9 year olds (I was 13 at the time, moved on to the next level). The pace of games and the development of hitting and fielding skills immediately improved drastically. The feared lack of development of pitching in the town never materialized (turns out nothing is lost if you don’t start pitching until age 10).

    Amazing to me this simple step was not widely adopted then, or since. Plus, I soon mastered repairing those suckers, even though they rarely broke down.

  171. time to start teaching the kids some potentially useful sports/skills. I played baseball as a youngster and it was the only time in my life that I have actually been bored. I had a couple of my kids try it thinking maybe it was better than my memories, painful.. Took my youngest to Louisville KY the week after the Derby for the National Archery in Schools Program tournament. Good fun, 10k + participants, talk about a potentially useful skill, they claim more kids now involved in school archery than Little League! Things have changed. Think all shooting sports, wrestling, track and field, paintball, basically prepare them for the Hunger Games and pray they never come.
    Admin, welcome to the 50+ club, the club none of us want to be a part of. Yes you are likely well past the halfway mark, and from a physical perspective your best days are behind you. Pick up a bow (genesis) with a target, turn your kids on to it they will love it-even older kids. This is an activity you can do with your kids for fun and maybe later for necessity. Baseball is just like America, unfortunately best days behind them.

  172. I was in Walgreens Friday where I saw Time’s latest cover Me, Me, Me, Generation — Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents–Why they’ll save us all
    I didn’t buy it, but I started investigating any buzz. What I thought was interesting was all of the controversy I started learning about the article by Joel Stein – @thejoelstein via twitter. Some Millennials have been insulted and the cover has been parodied a few times.

    But I ♥ this honest review by Millennial, Adam J. Manley. It’s his tumblr post with his youtube video: Check out his video – it’s worth a listen!

  173. Floribunda Rose

    Thank you for the clues and links. I do know enough HTML to be dangerous 🙂 and could have swore I had tried it here. Let’s see what happens … with WP, you never know …

    The bold and the fearful

  174. another rembrandt from admin….how long before you blow through the glass ceiling and attain the skill level others only can dream of?
    Wait…your already there! 🙂

  175. There’s a disparity in the demographics of the US. The amount of US citizens that every year the age of 65 was up to say 2000 – more or less – flat. Since the year 2000 the amount of people that become 65 started to increase every year. This trend will continue to to about 2016. Only then the amount of people that become 65 will gradually start to decrease.

    At the same time birthrates have gradually been dropping since about 1980. So, a decreasing amount of people will have to pay a increasing amount of people that expect to be paid e.g. benefits and Social Security.

    The math simply doesn’t work. The boomers can grant themselves all the benefits they want. And it’s precisely the boomers who find out that there isn’t enough money/tax revenues to pay the boomers their benefits.

  176. I turned 67 in Jan 2013 so I am a much-maligned ‘Boomer’.’ I am also educated and well-traveled, and a student of the U.S. Constitution and our Republic form of government. It is naive to blame my generation for our current state of affairs, as I can go back through many U.S. Presidencies and find
    untold examples of White House and Congressional stupidity on both sides of the aisle. Trust me, legions of historians have literally rewritten our history, filling it will blatant biases and often downright lies and sordid ommissions. Kids have grown up for generations now with distorted facts about who did what to whom…and, as I see it from my own research, the crooks in gov’t and politics were equally bad (in the late 1800’s) as they are today. Americans just don’t pay attention — this is a stark societal truth — it is no wonder the self-serving elites, including members of the Supreme Court, get their way.
    The rule of law hardly matters any more. Hopefully the Millenials will have more success than my educated cohorts at vastly REDUCING the size and scope of the fed gov’t, and returning sovereignty
    to the States. Wake up, everyone. A boomer problem it is not.

  177. Of course admin fails to acknowledge that it was the “Millennials” who got the Usurper “elected.” The “Millennials” ushered in the destroyer of the Republic! DUH!!!

  178. Pingback: Eschaton
  179. Hey Admin!
    Not sure since I’m not into French but it looks like Timayoa is a spammer, trying to push discount prescription drugs of some sort on TBP. Do we have to wade through his spiel for some reason?

    [ piretanid En première ligne pour se sentait, Kuroneko hasard il balançant son corps como puedo comprar clomid venta viagra sin receta antofagasta Si leurs situations ne sont pas si différentes, je me suis rendu, les deu pantoprazol 40 mg precio] sure looks weird on a thread about kids, school performances, Boomers and so forth.


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