This moron is hysterical. Her nickname is “where’s my limo”. She has a chauffer drive her the one block from her residence in D.C. to her office on your dime. I see lots of people with distended stomachs in West Philly, but they aren’t distended because they are starving. The food stamp program is a joke. You can buy ice cream, cheetos, grape soda, and KFC with your EBT card. Doesn’t SNAP stand for supplemental nutritional assistance program? There is at least $30 billion of fraud annually with this Obama voter bribery program. Watching the mind of an ultra-liberal in action is fascinating and disturbing. This woman is actually one of the idiots in control of this country.



22 thoughts on “STARVING CHILDREN”

  1. The people of Texas should be proud, and they just keep electing this stupid race-baiting free shit grabber. We spend $80 billion on food stamps, not one dime of which comes out of her pocket. But then she had nothing to do with building this country, but a lot to do with destroying it.


  2. difference?
    bag of rocks……………….I use rocks in my landscaping, look nice and keep down the weeds

    bar of soap…………………I bathe using soap

    bag of hammers………….I use hammers all the time, and I prolly have a bagful for different purposes

    shiela Jackson lee……….useless

  3. She stated that “the only thing this bill will do is defeat starving children.”

    Isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t we want that? Wouldn’t that mean they are no longer starving? Isn’t that success.

    Food stamps can be used to buy soda and pay the deposit.

    Can be used for chips, and Fruit Roll-ups (made in China, now with NO real fruit!) and Little Debbie Snackcakes.

    Yet you can’t use it for toilet paper. That amuses me

    If this bitch, or any other libtard with visions of societal grandeur, really wanted to “feed the starving children,” they would do two simple things:

    1. Ban the use of food stamps for anything other than FOOD! Soda pop is NOT FOOD! Doritos and Twinkies are NOT FOOD! If a person could die from malnutrition while still eating said “food” then it ISN’T FOOD! Way back in 1983 when I was on the food stamps (for a grand total of 6 months) we NEVER bought soda with them! We couldn’t afford it, we received just enough to keep just enough (real) food on the table to keep us from starving. There were few FAT people on the welfare back then. And if they were, they were gaming the system because no way would the gubment allotment feed you to obesity.

    2. Require ALL participants (barring a real physical disability like not having arms) to learn how to cook real food, from scratch even if it meant another gubment program (better yet, community based and funded) to run the classes to teach them. We should have NEVER stood back mute while Home Economics was shut down across this country. Big mistake that was.

    While these would not solve the problem, they sure as hell would do more to alleviate “child hunger” than throwing more money at it and allowing the FSA to buy lobsters and Pepsi.

  4. I suppose Home Economics courses were removed because even our John Dewey-inspired “educamators” realized how useless they were.

    As a girl growing up in the 60s, I was required to take one hour per week of “homemaking” in 8th grade. What a waste of time. As the daughtersof a single working mom, and being “latchkey” kids to boot, my sis and I liked to surprise Mom by making dinner for her, having it ready when she arrived home. We burned the fish and boiled the pasta to a gooey pulp on our first couple of attempts, but we damn well learned how to cook, only to be made to sit through lessons on How to Hardboil an Egg, and how to ruin your mom’s silverplated flatware by rinsing it in water with bleach to “sanitize” it, because the donk teaching us didn’t bother to inform us that that would ruin silver. She assumed, erroneously, that no one’s parents in that class owned any. The class taught nothing about basic nutrition or how to avoid cooking all the nutrients out of food, and at the end of the class, we learned only how to make Tuna A La King.

  5. I have come to the difficult conclusion, based on years of observation, that most black folk are not fit for public office … not in Amurika anyways, perhaps in Freeshitlandia. I suppose that makes me a raciss.

  6. when we were on foodstamps for a brief time when I was a kid, we received government cheese and shopped at a food co-op to stretch those dollars
    lotsa lentils, wheat germ, flour, rolled oats, kidney beans
    prolly the best I ever ate in terms of nutrition
    bought ingredients, and beans and made everything
    didn’t eat meat until it was served to me in the army…we just never could afford it
    that’s why I have the garden I do
    I never want to go hungry again
    the current program doesn’t instill this mentality at all

  7. “most black folk are not fit for public office”

    The race baiting, race card playing, you owe me, gimme free shit, I’m entitled, it’s whitey’s fault, kill whitey, spend other people’s money, liberal progressive blacks are doing more damage to themselves and this country than a sane person can imagine. But not all black leaders are insane liberals.


  8. The constant hatred of food stamps here gets old. Its like employed people complaining about the unemployed. That Lee bitch being a waste ill agree on. Certain states keep voting for people that I cant stand. Reid and Polousy? My old brain dead senator McCain. Term limits are needed. I wonder what well happen first, public hanging of politicians or term limits?

  9. Sorry people but i agree with the crazy-ass black woman. If you happened across a homeless child in the street would you offer help? If not, you are part of the problem. If you drove past a homeless veteran in a wheelchair begging for change, you are part of the problem. These people are so obviously helpless but you won’t cough up any money because:

    1. there are homeless shelters
    2. the department of human services is supposed to deal with those brats
    3. they will just spend it on booze

    Let me tell you something my self righteous friends. If i was confined to a wheelchair and had no legs, I would drink until I died. That’s how depressed I’d be

  10. Until you in the expensive clothes and car sipping a freaking 4 dollar coffee can stand up and offer a simple helping hand government agencies will have to take care of the homeless/runaway/mentally ill /elderly/

    or soon we will be driving over their decomposing bodies in the streets.

  11. s. petersen

    What percentage of your lifetime earnings have you given to the poor? C’mon, blow your own horn.

    So solly, it is you who comes across as “self righteous”.

  12. When I was a little boy my godfather would take me to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. They had a gorilla there called Gargantua. Apparently she grew up to be a Representative from Texas.

  13. What is hacking off people is the massive abuse of food stamps/cards by the so-called poor. Go to any grocery store like Win-Co(here in CA)at the first of the month and you can find plenty of Blacks and Mexicans loading up with shit junk food. The saps even get addicted to it. I’ve seen shopping carts loaded with nothing but Ramen noodles being pushed by some obese simpleton.

    And the state, they go out their way to provide education programs to help this scum eat healthy, but the classes are ignored. The welfare types want to consume junk like Doritos.

    if the system did what it is supposed to do, provide people with the ability to buy food to live on but not junk food, fast food, booze, tattoos it wouldn’t piss people off.

    I won’t give the homeless a red cent. Here in CA, they are a mixed bag of lunatics, drunks and addicts. Many are homeless because that’s because they want to be that way, a lot of them won’t follow the rules of homeless shelters or are simply too dangerous to be allowed near other homeless people. Many are also getting SS and state aid as well.

    Homeless kids? That’s the responsibility of the parents. If they let their kids wander, let the state take away their offspring as they don’t deserve them and probably deserve to be sterilized.

  14. What would happen if all those on disability, food stamps and various government assistance had to put in 1 hr of labor per 20 dollars in benefits they revive working at government jobs replacing tens of millions of government employees. I wonder how many bureaucrats and politicians would support the FSA programs then?

    Or how about the “Assistance” terminology. To “Assist” would imply helping someone who is doing something. What if the SNAP cards were issued only to low income workers who have jobs and need assistance. No work………then no “Assistance”.

    How about just giving even more Free Shit to everyone form giant corporations to little ghetto dwelling protruding belly juveniles?

    What if none of it matters one fucking way or the other anymore?

    We have past the point of no return economically. Everything now is just smoke and mirrors. It will not matter if you are for or against food stamps. It won’t mater if you are for more military spending or for massive military spending cuts. Every dollar, every Euro, every Currency is backed only by fraud, deception and the manipulation of paper that accounts for other paper that hold title to things that don’t exit. Every thing is going to get cut and no one will get anything. The world is slowly moving away from the chains of the USD reserve currency. They will pay dearly when they swap transactions in their phoney currencies in place of our phoney currency and so will we. Debts worldwide both public and private are far beyond sustainable. The amount of hypothecated and rehypothecated already rehypothecated paper is beyond comprehension and all measures of accounting and sanity. It is a bewilderingly slow decaying process but in the end these things go out overnight with a big massive bang. Then events will unfold in instant confused violent entropy.

    We are doomed. Most all of us will suffer. The FSA and the fully institutional system dependents will starve and perish in droves slaughtering billions over crumbs. The Gooberments will loose control terminating the hostile governed as they fade to dust and death along with each other. The military and paramilitary will melt into the fractures and factions of the chaos. Some will be left stranded with no supply and overrun in far away places. The Zombies will be legion and extremely dangerous but unlike the movie Zombies they will starve, be slain and die off quickly.

    There will be blood in the streets across the planet. Anarchy and chaos will rule the day. But for certain small furry creatures who manage to ride it out the new raw opportunities should be numerous with no giant reptilian thunder chiefs and regulators left. Things will settle down in time and the march forward will resume with few lessons learned and any lessons learned quickly forgotten. That is of course if things don’t go terminally nuclear and put an end to the spiraling cycle of mankind once and for all.

    We can argue all we want but worrying about what the Government is doing is now useless. It’s to late for that to help. The Doom is on us now. Its here plain as day to see if one has eyes and can add and subtract. More Doom is coming. Even if you have an ark you might not make it. If you have no ark you are finished. Embrace the Doom. Take in her bitter kiss or surely become one of the lost, the dead and the forgotten.


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