Fights in school during my day were broken up by teachers. This barely seems to be a minor scuffle. This copfuk should go to jail for causing brain damage to this kid. Maybe a million dollar lawsuit payout will convince these government school drones to stop allowing armed psychopath copfuk thugs to roam their hallways.


By Tony Plohetski

American-Statesman Staff, KVUE News

A grainy but dramatic security video raises new questions about the actions of a Bastrop County deputy sheriff who used his Taser on a high school student, resulting in brain damage to the 17-year-old, and casts doubt on official statements about what happened that day last fall.

In the video, Noe Nino De Rivera does not appear to be displaying any aggressive physical behavior toward two deputies at Cedar Creek High School and may have been backing away when one of the two deputies fired his Taser, causing Rivera to fall backward and hit his head on the hallway floor.

Sheriff’s officials said at the time that deputies were trying to break up a fight between two girls and that Rivera tried to interfere and acted aggressively. But the video makes it clear that the fight had been over for at least several minutes when the deputy arrived and used his Taser on Rivera.

The video, obtained by the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV, provides the first detailed look at what happened in the high school hallway on Nov. 20, 2013. For more about the video and what witnesses say happened in hallway, read our full story here.




  1. The only thing the police protect is their pay and pensions. A more worthless and parasitical crowd would be hard to imagine.

  2. If they have the technical ability to spy on you they will. Even if it is against the law. If they have weapons and snipers and tanks they will use them, no matter what the law says. The AG uses discretion about which laws to enforce. DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

    Remember that armed citizens backed off the BLM in Nevada(for now).

    Above all else be armed. Sure feels as if we arenear the crisis period of 4T.

  3. I have vague memories of a cop hanging out at my high school (’73-’75), but I don’t remember him doing anything but digesting donuts. My high school was pretty big, almost 1,500 kids so I suppose that was standard practice, even then.

    Fights were generally a result of personal animus so they were usually planned in advance and occurred in the parking lot or the locker room after school where they were unobserved by anyone except what other students happened to be around.

    I do remember the principal sometimes sitting in his Volkswagen Beetle in the parking lot looking for kids who were skipping class. I guess he had nothing better to do…

  4. The supposed “benefit” of the tazer is that it’s “non-lethal”.

    But there is now ample evidence that this is NOT the case. People die … especially susceptible are those with heart conditions. When will the authorities consider the facts?? Probably, never.

    That COPFUK should be tried … and, convicted … of attempted murder. That will probably never happen either. He’ll probably get a Letter Of Commendation for his bravery.


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