NY Fed Joins War On Whistleblowers To Shield Goldman Sachs From Its Own Examiner

Guest Post from Jesse

And this sort of egregious behaviour from a ‘regulator.’  They argue out of both sides of their mouths whether Goldman is a ‘bank’ or not, in order to get what they want for…  Goldman.

The Fed is not a government agency, but a privately owned creature of the very Banks whom it is charged to regulate and restrain.

And as we have seen, over and over again, the Fed is not part of the solution, but has become very much a part of the problem in distorting the banking system in favour of a few powerful financial interests.

A Mangled Case of Justice on Wall Street
By Pam Martens
May 8, 2014

On October 10, 2013, bank examiner Carmen Segarra and her attorney, Linda Stengle of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, took on one of the mightiest and interconnected institutions on Wall Street: the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They relied on the Federal court system, funded by the taxpayer, and a fair and impartial judge to level the playing field. Things got off to a promising start.

Segarra was a bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a key regulator of Wall Street banks. She charged in her lawsuit that when she turned in a negative assessment of Goldman Sachs, she was bullied and intimidated by colleagues at the New York Fed to change her findings.

When she refused, she was terminated from her job in retaliation and escorted from the Fed premises, according to her lawsuit…

Read the entire story here.

5 thoughts on “NY Fed Joins War On Whistleblowers To Shield Goldman Sachs From Its Own Examiner”

  1. As a retired attorney I will only state that you expect that kind of crap from that kind of trial court “judge” and have to be prepared from the beginning to take the case to the appellate level. BC-LR to all

  2. What a joke. Wall Street owns the criminals in Washington, who shut down criminal investigations. The SEC is too busy watching, on average, 8 hours of porn a day on their work computers. JPM has paid more than $12 billion in fines and settlements, but Jamie and organized crime syndicate never goes to jail. The Federal reserve devalues the dollar daily with money printing, stealing the wealth of the average Joe, but Grandma Yellen gets praised by the criminals in Washington, who borrow money to give out free shit to the masses; the Fed enabling socialism and a permanent democrat voting majority. It’s sickening what goes on in this country. It’s got to end.

  3. Sounds like Ms Segarra should get to know Sibel Edmonds. They’re birds of a feather and we need many more of them. Then and only then will we rise from this muck we’re stuck in.

  4. @AWD: I truly do not see it “ending” except at the hands of the people. That means what you and I know it means.

    The fraudulent and outright criminal establishment is so well established in local, county, state and national governments and judiciary that no amount of “legal actions” will purge or punish the bastards (both male and female) who scalp funding and favors at the expense of the country and its’ taxpayers.

    It does have to end, but the population casualties will be horrific depending upon whether the military/pseudo-military police organizations get into killing ordinary citizens who openly protest the rape which is being carried out on taxpayers and ordinary law abiding people by all segments of government (including the Pentagon).

    Ordinary citizens; those that work for a living (successfully or not) – not all that smart or deeply educated or those who do not care unless their freebies are cut off – -when they get pissed and start reacting in mass, then the body count will start to rise.

    The older I get (which is definitely limited in scope), the more I observe the absolute criminal elements not even trying to hide their activities, assured that the sheeple will simply forget their lies, fraud and criminal acts if the bought and paid for media continue to just not cover their deeds.

    I mean how does James Clapper remain the head of National Security when he blatantly and plainly (and recorded doing so) lied to Congress? How does our sorry assed President (the worst I think we’ve ever had) openly lie over and over about not just his absolutely asinine Health Program (at lease a fifteen times that I can count) but also lie about Benghazi, actions against Russia in Ukraine and literally dozens of other subjects that within days or weeks turn out to be absolutely untrue?

    How can his minions, state dept, UN rep (a nut job is I ever saw one) a Treasury Secretary that can’t add 2+2, a Secretary of State that is told to lie his head off at international conferences (or just skips them), A Defense Secretary that couldn’t deploy a platoon without getting half of them killed – much less manage the entire defense industry which is busy (as always), figuring out ways to build in faults to their products so they can get juicy contract for maintenance to fix the problems they’ve build into the products.

    In my humble opinion, the entire Government of the United Sates plus many State Governments and some local country and city governments are totally out of control. The do not listen to the people they are suppose to serve, they do not seek out qualified or rational or smart people from the population to consulate with, they do no not work for the people whom they are supposed to serve.

    They work for themselves – to be reappointed to cushy positions where the duties are minimal and the pay is out of the taxpayer hide. They work to be be re-elected to retain power over the public purse and suck up taxpayer money and as many sweet deals (Hey, Senator, I’ve go this 1000 acres I can sell you for $10,000 bucks – hold it two years and I’ll buy it back for $50,000! All I need is a permit to pump a two million gallons from the Florida aquifer to bottle and sell at not cost for raw material. Will it damage the aquifer – well, sure, but who cares, before it shows up as problem, you and I will be long gone and you will be retired and I’ll figure out another scam.


    God Damn it pisses me off. Yet at election time, the only choices I am given are crooked and more crooked either one of which will continue the screwing of the citizen. Republican, Democrat or Muskrat, they are all the same. Assholes, scheming liars out to fuck the ordinary joe who works for $10-12 an hours, collects food stamps or uses a food bank to make ends meet.

    IT HAS TO STOP. How? Fuck if I know short of massive demonstrations (preferable peaceful until it is proven that that doesn’t work) and civil disobedience thereafter. After that fails (assuming it does – which I am not sure will happen), then TSHTF and all bets are off.

    Now I’m tired of venting. Tomorrow, I haul all my weapons to a shooting range to exercise them and then I will clean all them, oil and shine them all and tuck them where they go.. Probably never to use them but it makes me feel better to have them there.

    You know old men do not do well in an offensive campaign (we poop out to quick!)—— but we do really well in rear holding action simply because we do not get up and run. We sit there, taking out the pursuing enemy until there are no more old men to do the holding action.. Not much future for those who do it, but I’d rather go out being useful than a burden.



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