Now this is some really funny shit. This is what Obama, Rahm, teacher’s unions, and decades of Democrat run urban welfare kill zones have wrought. Nothing like a Chicago public school named after a famous black person, where the kids can’t read, write, add or subtract. At least they spelled Robeson correctly. I bet they have some really cool murals in this neighborhood showing black people doing great things.

Here are some more amusing facts about Paul Robeson high and the Chicago public school system:

  • The percent of freshmen who graduate from Paul Robeson high school within five years is 39.9%.
  • The ACT test is the best measure of how ready students are for college. A score of 21.3 or higher is “college ready.” “College ready” means that a student has about a 50 percent chance of getting a “B” or better in his or her college courses.The average score of the students that take the exam at Paul Robeson high is 13.4. These are the brightest and best at good old Robeson high.
  • Now for the real kicker. Thank Obama for those student loans doled out to anyone with the ability to breath. 53% of the graduates from Robeson high are “enrolled” in college. That is simply hysterical. No data on how many graduate. Do you think the American taxpayer will be getting paid back on those loans?
  • 91% have to take remediation courses in college because of their basic math and school-work shortcomings.
  • If you think the City of Chicago school system is bad, check out Robeson’s scores versus everyone else. Then remember that 53% of the graduates enroll in college:

  • The 50% level of meeting minimum standards for Illinois is pitiful to begin with. 30% for the city of Chicago schools is pathetic. 5% for Paul Robeson high is about the most atrocious result possible. You could probably guess on every question and achieve that result.
  • So doing some basic math, we know that 40% of their students graduate and 53% of them enroll in college. That means that 21% of graduates go onto college. How can this be if only 5% of them can meet minimum standards for math, reading, and science? Could Obama’s student loan program be the cause of rising tuition? If students who should not be in college enroll with taxpayer funded loans, the demand stays high. Price is a function of supply and demand. Creating artificial demand through debt causes prices to rise. I’m sure Al Sharpton will be doing a story about this on MSNBC tonight.
  • The student diversity is 99% black.
  • The school district spends over $13,000 per student per year and achieves this result. But, the libs and the unions contend that if you hire more worthless teachers and spend $16,000 per student, all will be well. The student to teacher ratio is 15 to 1. Does that sound overwhelming? The ratio in my Catholic high school was at least 25 to 1.
  • The average Chicago Public School teacher salary is $76,000. That is the average. They work 9 months per year, produce this kind of result, and get paid 150% more than the average worker in America. And this doesn’t include their gold plated pension and health benefits.

This is the end result of LBJ’s Great Society. In the Englewood neighborhood, where Robeson is located, the average per capita income is a paltry $12,255 and the unemployment rate is running at almost 24%. You can bet the majority of these kids have never met their daddy. The welfare mentality breeds this type of person and leads to this result.

THIS IS ARE STORY should be the title of Obama’s autobiography.


  1. MW-CH752_studen_20140610163105_MG.jpg?uuid=304aacd8-f0de-11e3-a893-00212803fad6

    Students get debt relief so colleges can charge more

    Opinion: Ponzi finance providing quite an education

    By Al Lewis

    The solution of too much debt in America is always more debt — and so it goes with student loans.

    President Barack Obama signed an executive order this week capping student-loan payments for 5 million borrowers to 10% of their income. This comes on top of recent legislation that does the same for most other students.

    More help is on the way: Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has introduced legislation that would allow students to refinance at lower rates. This seems only fair since student loans carry interest rates that are many times higher than some multibillion-dollar corporate bond offerings.

    Interest on student loans can run higher than 7% while companies such as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) can borrow for less than 2%.

    Even European nations that were recently on the precipice of massive bond defaults can currently borrow for less.

    If Americans can bail out banks, and let banks refinance at incredibly low interest rates, they might as well bail out students, too.

    Student loan debt now totals about $1.1 trillion. This is more than credit card and auto loan debt. It’s at relatively high interest rates, too. And the people who borrowed this money are defaulting at an ever-increasing rate — now nearing 11%.

    College-aged kids were sold the American Dream. They borrowed heavily to chase it. And then they graduated into the weakest job market since the Great Depression. It’s no surprise their leveraged investments still aren’t paying off.

    The Class of 2014 is the most indebted class to ever graduate, with an average of $33,000 in student loan debt. The Class of 2015 will surpass it with even more debt.

    They’ve got so much debt they can’t take on more debt to buy houses. And their refusal to participate in what economists call “household formation,” is holding up an alleged economic recovery that is already six years old.

    Easing their financing and payment terms would give them more money to spend on other things — and this would increase consumer demand and stimulate the broader economy.

    Big business got theirs. And now that there’s an election approaching, it’s time to take care of the little people.

    “If you’re a big oil company, they’ll go to bat for you,” Obama said of Republicans opposed to his latest student-debt relief plans. “If you’re a student, good luck.”

    Since 2008, the national strategy has been debt-relief for the rich. Debt-relief for the middle class and the poor — well, we can’t do that. That’s what you call a moral hazard.

    Washington fully believes that bailing out the banking system and large corporations is the same thing as bailing out the economy. Obama, despite occasional bursts of populist rhetoric, has championed this idea, too.

    This is why we have a stock market at record highs, yet millions of Americans remain left behind, including kids with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and lousy job prospects.

    America now has waiters with a master’s degrees, and they still can’t get the orders right.

    When a business defaults on government-backed loans it can usually shake them off in bankruptcy court. But when a student files bankruptcy, the government can garnishee wages and withhold tax refunds and Social Security payments.

    More from Al Lewis:
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    And, in the end, what is higher education, besides a free farm team program for corporate America?

    Pubic universities develop the workforces that modern businesses need to thrive. Schools also do much of the expensive research that spawns the innovations for businesses to profit. So subsidizing students is really just another way of subsidizing business.

    Few stop to wonder why public universities are a) subsidized, and b) so expensive that the students have to be subsidized, too, through the financial miracle of government-backed student loans.

    Over the past 35 years, higher education costs have far exceeded the inflation rate , soaring 1,120%.

    How do schools get away with this? Easy finance.

    Ask any used-car dealer: No credit. No problem. The more readily something is financed, the easier it is to sell and even raise prices.

    Easing terms on student loans may avert a student-loan crisis for now. But it will also make it easier for students to borrow more, and easier for schools to raise prices more.

    Nobody ever thought America would have nearly $18 trillion in national debt. Who is to say we can’t have $2 trillion in student debt?

    Just lower the interest rates and ease the terms.

    It seems to be working for the rest of the economy … for now.

  2. I can’t make any sense of that graph of 11th grader percentages–why are there 3 sets of bars for one grade level?…of course, I’m a product of public education so maybe that’s why.

    1. Rise Up

      It’s missing the legend. The gray bar is Illinois schools. The light blue bar is City of Chicago schools. The dark blue bars are Paul Robeson high. This is the % of students meeting the “minimum” standards in those subjects.

  3. It’s not that they need more funding. They need more “resources”. See, it sounds better when you say it that way.

  4. Upon seeing typos/misuse such as this, I often find myself asking the following:

    How MANY different sets of publicly educated eyes approved this?

    And, exactly how many hours of my life has been stolen from me to pay for this shit?

    Printing is rarely done without multiple people inputs, which means that it isn’t just the one girl on the committee, there is more than likely an adult, with even more education, involved.

    Ever since I started working to pay taxes, a portion of my labor has been squandered to produce results such as this.

    How very demoralizing.

    Beauty and temporary celebration fades, stupid is forever (co-opted from Judge Judy)

  5. Greetings,

    I’m currently spending the summer at my home in N. Italy. I invited a friend to come and visit me. He has never been outside of the United States. He is one of those Fox News listening types that believes that the USA is number one and the greatest and that the rest of the world lived in cardboard boxes.

    I am in N. Italy which isn’t nearly as wealth as Germany, Sweeden or Norway. Anyway, after a week in Italy he had definately changed his tune. He couldn’t believe how good food could be when it isn’t factory food. He was shocked at how thin and fit everyone was. He was amazed to see how a real community can live with vibrant town squares and markets. He was horrified at how well educated the children are.

    As he was leaving, he looked at me and said: Everything I’ve ever been told is a lie.

  6. I have concluded that maniacs are now running the public schools, with the support of more than a few parents, apparently.

    Example: In a nearby town, a school-sanctioned senior “prank” (WTH?!?!) resulted in what I would call vandalizing the school (see pic in the story) while “adults” supervised. Vehicles were driven into the hallways of the school, among other things.

    And the taxpayers sit for this?!

    In this news report, they quote a parent whose daughter participated in the prank saying ‘”They’re good kids and they shouldn’t have to take the heat of the whole community. It feels like the whole community attacking them for something they weren’t responsible for,” Powell said.

    Weren’t responsible for?!? Is she insane? If you participated, you bear some of the responsibility!

    I think my head’s gonna explode!!!

  7. @Zara, well drug dealers and meth lab chemists immediately come to mind.

    Most drug users understand the metric system better than most Average Joe’s.

    CommonCore should pounce on that and gear their curriculum to that.

    Watch the grades jump when little Tyrese figures out that even the local crackhouse dealer uses math!

  8. I suspect our very own Clammy was proofreading for the chillrun.

    These poor kids must look at the written word and see what I see when I look at Arabic in written form.

    My youngest brother had a huge problem with dyslexia. He could barely read after 12 years of schooling. It pissed him off so right after graduation he hired a tutor who got him sorted out.

  9. One of my Chemistry instructors told me once “A monkey with a pencil making random marks on this test sheet will get about half the questions right. All you have to do to pass is come up with the other 20%.”

    Which begs the question: Using Robeson High students as a control, would a room full of monkeys score higher or lower than them on the ACT?

  10. I briefly considered pointing out the grammar/etc. mistakes in Admin’s article, and then commenting on his Catholic school education.

    I decided against it because, you know, he might well stroke out as a result of his face turning purple and the veins in his neck swelling up and cutting off circulation to his brain. Not to mention Avalon would have to clean all the spit off the computer screen.

  11. ASIG – I just read as much of the article that I could stomach at the link you posted.

    That is some sick shit right there. A couple of highlights:

    “Nothing is being invested to give those young people whose jobs are being taken, nothing is being done to create jobs for them,” Latiker said.”

    “Black teens, especially males, are the most neglected group of people in America,” says Dr. Watkins. “If they were white, this would be recognized as the crisis that it is. ”

    “Watkins also is a believer in the old adage that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Black people in Chicago and elsewhere must speak up, must make our demands clear and unequivocal”

    “This is where government can and must step in to help immediately. The city, together with state and federal monies, can and must :

    Provide laptop computers to all junior high (“middle” school) kids and up in Chicago.
    Using its constitutionally (Illinois) sanctioned “home rule” powers, the city of Chicago can and must impose price controls on Internet providers so that access is treated as any other essential utility which cannot be “disconnected” for nonpayment. In other words, yes, socialize Internet access so that it is available free of charge or at nominal cost on a sliding scale to anyone – anyone.”

    F-u-u-u-u-ck me dead. It is all whitey’s fault: “Gimme sum mo’ dat free shit an Izell be able to get me one dem jobs. Gimme free laptop, and gimme free internet too. Ize been neglectid to long. Dem white needs to pay me, muthafucka, so Ize ken get me a job”.

    Fuck me. We are doomed.


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