I know many people have no interest in watching the boob tube because 99% of the programming is either mindless drivel or government sanctioned propaganda. It’s the 1% that reflects the deeper themes and moods engulfing our society. Television shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead reflect the darkening mood of this intensifying Fourth Turning. I wrote one of my more pessimistic articles called Welcome to Terminus in April regarding the season four finale of the Walking Dead series. I essentially argued we are approaching the end of the line and the world is going to get real nasty.


In the six short months since I wrote that depressing article, we’ve seen men beheaded on Youtube videos by terrorists no one had ever heard of at the beginning of this year. Somehow a ragtag band of 30,000 Muslim terrorists, using American military equipment supplied to fight Assad in Syria and taken from the Iraqi Army when they turned tail and ran away, have been able to defeat 600,000 Iraqi and Kurd fighters with air support from the vaunted U.S. Air Force. Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan descend into never ending religious based warfare. We’ve even had passenger planes mysteriously disappear in Asia with no trace.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and rejoined Russia, initiating a plan to punish Russia by the western powers. America supported and planned the overthrow of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, with a predictable push back response by Russia, leading to a bloody civil war in the Eastern Ukraine. We’ve had a false flag shooting down of an airliner over the Ukraine by the Ukrainian government, blamed on Russia and Putin by Obama and his EU co-conspirators. The American corporate media mouthpieces have ignored the cover-up of missing controller transmissions, black box recordings, and physical evidence regarding the murder of hundreds of innocent people by western politicians. Israel and Hamas resumed their endless religious war in Gaza, with thousands of casualties and destruction.

UK fear mongering and financial threats barely averted the secession of Scotland from the UK. Cantalonia continues to push for a secession vote to leave Spain. Violent protests have broken out in Spain, Italy, France and even Sweden. Turmoil, protests and riots in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico have been driven by anger at political corruption, high inflation, and general economic dysfunction. Saber rattling between China and Japan has increased and young people in Hong Kong have been protesting the lack of democratic elections being permitted by China. The world economy, undergoing central bank monetary stimulus withdraw, is headed back into recession as Germany, China and the U.S. join the rest of the world in economic decline. And now the Western Africa outbreak of ebola has gone worldwide, with predictions of an epidemic potentially causing worldwide economic chaos.

What’s happening in the real world makes the dystopian zombie world of Walking Dead seem almost quaint. The writers of this show brilliant use of symbolism and imagery captures the violent, chaotic, inhumane, darkening, brutal world we inhabit as the Fourth Turning crisis period we entered in 2008 deepens on a daily basis. There is a good reason why the first episode of their fifth season drew the biggest cable TV audience in history. The show is clearly tapping into the mood of the masses. Early in the latest episode you realize Terminus has become a processing center run by cannibals. The line between victim and criminal, killer and prey, good and evil, madness and sanity, and moral and immoral is blurred. Everything is relative in the post-pandemic world of the Walking Dead.


Seeing Wall Street cannibals walk away unscathed after devouring the worldwide economic system in 2008 with their fraudulent financial schemes, corrupt politicians enriched by throwing taxpayers under the bus, militarized police forces trampling the Fourth Amendment, the NSA spying on every American, a private central bank enriching their owners by funneling trillions into their bank vaults, a president trampling on the Constitution by issuing executive orders to bypass the other branches of government, and billions of welfare and tax fraud from the urban ghettos to the penthouse suites in NYC, has convinced a large swath of Americans that everything is relative and nothing matters in our warped dystopian world. Right and wrong no longer matter. Morality is an antiquated concept. Adhering to the Constitution is an outmoded notion. Our society celebrates and condones our dog eat dog economic paradigm. Or zombie eats anything world in the case of Walking Dead.

The Terminus complex is reminiscent of the concentration camp in Schindler’s List. It is complete with railroad cars to hold the prisoners, gates with barbed wire, armed guards, and extermination facilities to “process” the prisoners. Thick black smoke belches into the air. There is a room stacked full of booty, teddy bears, watches, clothes – everything except the gold fillings.The Nazi like precision and attention to detail is reflected in the almost business-like method in which the Terminus administrators go about gutting their prey. The bone chilling efficiency and antiseptic processing facility evoke memories of the holocaust gas chambers. The opening sequence when Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are among a group of men lined up to be gutted like pigs over a trough in place to collect their spilled blood, might have been the most brutal scene ever put on non-premium cable TV.

The callous and dispassionate way in which the prisoners (cattle) are lined up in front of a stainless steel trough is disconcerting and bone chilling. The victims are hit with a baseball bat and then their throats are slit over the trough by men in protective suits. They have become nothing but cattle to be butchered and consumed by the Terminus cannibals. You see another part of the processing plant where human remains are hanging from hooks like sides of beef. Gareth, the leader of Terminus, supervises the operation like a CEO, berating the butchers for not meeting quotas and following standard operating procedures. Not much different than how our mega-corporations are run today.


The other fascinating similarity between the dystopian “nightmare of want” setting of Terminus and our modern day dystopian “empire of excess” is the use of false advertising and propaganda to lure “customers” into their web. Their version of billboard advertising was plywood with the hand written messages of “Sanctuary for All”, “Community for All”, and “Those Who Arrive Survive”. The Terminus cannibals would have fit in well on Madison Avenue with the highly paid spin artists, propagandists, and whores for the corporate oligarchs.

The signs along train tracks and radio transmissions from a call center like facility showed the calculated business-like efficiency of the cannibals in systematically and methodically luring victims to their slaughterhouse. It is the same techniques used by the apostles of Edward Bernays to consciously and intelligently manipulate the habits, opinions, tastes, ideas and actions of the masses, in order to control and influence their buying habits, voting decisions, and support of their rulers. The unseen men who constitute the “invisible government” use these techniques to keep the cattle docile, fed, and ignorant, as they are led to slaughter.

The government and lack thereof is always lurking in the murky background of how and why the United States has devolved into an infected world of the walking dead. This episode provided some clues about government labs producing viruses as weapons to be used against some unexplained enemy. The insinuation is that the government somehow lost control of the virus and the ensuing pandemic destroyed our modern world and left the survivors to battle the biters and each other for the remaining scraps. The Federal government caused the societal collapse and is nowhere to be found in rebuilding the nation.

It is unclear how the apocalypse went down, but you can assume it began with fear, which led to panic, chaos, economic collapse, violent upheaval, war, and total breakdown of governmental authority and control. It is ironic that today fear of a worldwide ebola pandemic is coinciding with an inevitable economic implosion, wars raging in the Middle East, violent protests raging around the globe, and trust in governmental authority plunging to all-time lows. The Walking Dead has wittingly or unwittingly captured the ambiance of our turbulent times.

When you are faced with desperate circumstances you can either do whatever you need to survive or you can submissively accept your fate and die. Gareth and his cannibalistic cohorts had been in the same situation as Rick and his posse, but they had somehow turned the tables on their captors. Gareth’s survival of the fittest creed was “either you’re the butcher or you’re the cattle”. Human beings react to intense pressure and life threatening situations in different ways. Some people snap and turn into monsters, like Gareth. Some people snap and lose their minds. Others, like Rick and Carol, summon an inner strength to do whatever it takes to survive while barely maintaining their humanity. Others turn into blind followers of a strong forceful leader, not questioning the morality, legality or humanity of what they are ordered to do. The line between right and wrong, necessary versus unnecessary, vengeance versus justice, and butcher versus cattle is blurred in a world without rules, government or accepted norms.

I believe the “butcher or cattle” analogy is sadly a valid meme for the world we currently inhabit. In the Walking Dead world, individuals must choose to be butcher or cattle. It’s a Darwinian world of kill or be killed. Like minded individuals with common values and goals form communities to protect themselves, provide for themselves, and attempt to bring a semblance of order in a chaotic world. The community of Westbury, led by the governor and the community of Terminus, led by Gareth, are founded upon a foundation of evil and ultimately destroyed. Rick’s community of liberty minded freedom fighters do whatever is necessary to survive, but retain their humanity, decency and desire to create a better world.

Our present day world may not be as brutish as the Walking Dead world, though the line between reality and fiction is often indistinguishable when you turn on the news, but the distinction between butchers and cattle is clear. The elected and non-elected rulers of the deep state are the butchers, sending young men off to die for oil companies and arms dealers, impoverishing the masses through inflation and their control of the currency, and enriching themselves through their complete control of the political, financial, judicial, and economic systems. This establishment, or invisible government as Bernays described, is committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. Its scope, financial resources, and global reach put it in a predator class all by itself.

The common people are the cattle being led to slaughter. We are kept docile with incessant propaganda from the mainstream media; marketing messages to consume from Madison Avenue; filtered, adjusted, manipulated economic data fed to us by government agencies; an endless supply of iGadgets and other electronic distractions; government education designed to keep us ignorant; 24/7 reality TV on six hundred stations to keep us entertained; corporate toxic processed food to keep us obese and tame; and an endless supply of Wall Street supplied debt to keep us caged in our pens with no hope of escape. The butchers of the deep state have maintained control for decades, but we’re entering a new era.

Fourth Turnings result in the tables being turned on the butchers. Some cattle are awakening from their stupor. They can see the bloody writing on the slaughterhouse wall. Anyone who isn’t sensing a dramatic mood change in this country is either a mindless zombie or a functionary of the deep state. The financial shenanigans of the ruling class are again being revealed as nothing but a Ponzi scheme built on a foundation of debt and propped up by delusions and ignorance. When the house of cards collapses in the near future, the tables will turn. When people have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. The butchers will become the cattle. There will be no sanctuary for these evil men. Their reign of terror will be swept away in a whirlwind of retribution, death and destruction. It might even make the Walking Dead look like a walk in the park.





  1. I don’t have a TV, so I’ve never seen Walking Dead. Never heard of it either. But if it predicts the sheeple will eventually wake up and turn on their evil rulers, it may be worth watching.

  2. I haven’t had a TV plugged into ‘the system’ since the mid 1990’s – this was hard at first but I soon got over it and to this very day I do not miss it ! And I have not even owned a Television (actual device) since 2008 and I do not miss the TV unit either. And over the ensuing years I have become more acutely aware of what is REALLY going on in the environment around me. Lots of observations – ever more questions.

    I do not use FACEBOOK, I am not addicted to my cell phone (use it for a few calls each week and I send out maybe 10 text messages per week to my daughter and my grand daughter) so I have lots of ‘free time’ to watch and observe all those around me while they drive themselves insane with their iGADGETS and stupid ass TV shows, sports channels and radio talk shows (Howard Stern anyone).

    I cannot tell you how many times I see young children neglected as their parents are on the cell phone. Just a few days ago I saw a young mother (mid 20’s maybe) engaged with her cell phone as she was pushing her toddler on a outdoor swing – in my opinion the mom was not even the slightest bit ‘present’ in her young child’s life – what will this sort of ‘partially being there’ do to millions of little children in their formative years ?

    Many men at work out here in the N.E. PA gas fracking industry are getting ever more tattoos and body piercings (especially the younger men) and are obsessed with internet porn and trying to ‘hook up’ online. Most all of the men that I speak with have no fucking clue as to the ‘Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads.

    Signs of “The Forth Turning” are everywhere all around us !

    And ADMIN you are (were) so very timely with your “Welcome to Terminus” article. ABSOLUTELY UN FUCKING REAL all of the shit that has developed since you posted that article on TBP. Things are gaining momentum and spinning out of control ever faster and faster. I guess time frames get compressed in the internet age.

  3. Now, I have to go find the “Welcome to Terminus” post.

    I do not and have not ever watched the Walking Dead, though a friend assures me it really isn’t about Zombies, but about relationships. Okay… but why does cannibalism have to play a role in the relationship drama? Oh, yeah… shock and awe are integral to viewership and in a world where we’ve all become desensitized to normal threats of bodily harm and emotional pain, taking the plunge to post mortem lunch menu is the shortest route to engaging the prurient interest of the masses.

    I’m sure there are some good stories involved… a series must have good plot to maintain viewership, but once upon a time, good stories could stand on their own, without implications of vulgarity.

    And I’m not a prude. Ask Stucky.

  4. I can’t really say I’m sensing a dramatic mood change but I don’t get out much. The thing I’m noticing lately, which I suppose is indicative of a mood change, is how the vacant, for sale/lease properties are starting to look noticeably run down. Seems like every parking lot has a few of those big for sale/lease signs made of half a sheet of plywood with upside down T-shaped legs. Most of them have sand bags on them to hold ’em down in the wind but the Sun has taken a toll on the plastic causing the sand to run out and the signs are blown over. They have been blown over all summer. Routine maintenance is no longer being done and properties with vandalism issues are being boarded up or fenced off. Sometimes both. Landscaping is dying because the sprinkler systems are shut off.

    The company I work for leases five suites in a large horseshoe shaped industrial building. Four are adjoining and one is separate and used for storage. (We buy auction lots of equipment literally for prices less than scrap. $500k growth machines for $5000.00 plus shipping. That shows how hard the semiconductor industry has been hit. Check out Dovebid to see just how cheap equipment is.) Anywho, I started there in 2006 and we have had the same property management firm since long before that. There are three big PM firms in the area but the one maintaining our building basically just stopped doing anything for months. The building owners fired them and hired another and the place was whipped into shape pretty quick. If PM firms are going under that means property owners are cutting back to bare bones like keeping the places weather tight and paying taxes. I suspect more than a few insurance policies are not being paid as well. (If Clammy is reading, start your own small property maintenance company and undercut the competition. I’m sure it’s a dying industry but a go getter could still do quite well for now and it would require a pretty minimal investment.)

    Apart from that, the sheople keep sheopling. I still get the impression they are oblivious. Restaurants are full. Bars are full. Theaters are full. Idiots are paying $15 a pop to ride an old school bus for 20 minutes and shoot 100 paintballs at “zombies” that come out of a corn field maze. One of the zombies even died for real when he tripped and accidentally used his head for a wheel chock under the bus tire as it bounced along in the dark.

    Come on ebola!

  5. Off topic for Stucky.

    I read your Breaking Bad post. I just finished watching all 62 episodes of BB. It was actually one of the better TV shows I’ve seen which surprised me given the subject matter. I hate tweakers with a passion.

    I hated just about all the characters especially Walt, Walt Jr., Jesse, Hank, Marie and Skylar. That being said I thought the actors playing Jesse and Walt Jr. were excellent. My favorites were Mike and the dude who would give you a new identity. I’m probably more like them than anyone in the show.

    I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did but their adventures in melting corpses in HF acid were great. I work with HF acid in my job and can vouch for it’s effects. Fring getting killed was awesome and I was glad to see Hank go as well. He was a prick!

    I was never sold on Walt being a badass tough guy so that never worked for me. He was more of an extremely lucky, bumbling idiot! I thought the ending sucked. What the fuck was Jesse so happy about? He was still destined to be a miserable (and now broke) fuck having to live with his shitty life choices. I seriously doubt Walt could take a .50 cal round in the upper abdomen and be functioning the way he was. Meh……..I don’t regret the time I spent watching it which is more than I can say for most TV.

  6. “And I’m not a prude. Ask Stucky. ” ——- Maggie

    Yup. Mags is a PARTY ANIMAL!!

    Actual picture of Maggie when she first wakes up.

  7. Such are the outcomes of Capitalism. C’est la vie.

    No TV for the last decade for me, so I haven’t seen any of the latest greatest in Pop Culture Collapse Scenarios pitched across the Boob Tube.

    The ongoing Real Thing is plenty entertainment for me.


  8. IndenturedServant

    I hope you enjoyed the Breaking Bad post. I don’t want to hijack this thread (I know that’s not your intent) so this will be my only comment.

    My views regarding drug legalization are well known. That being said, I found that I was annoying MYSELF for cheering on Walt and Jesse. They were fucking drug dealers for chrissakes!!! How many lives were destroyed by the product they produced? Well, that wasn’t the point of the show so I don’t want to go off on a tangent. Just sayin …. they were fucking drug dealers.

    Leading up to the Final Episode, Walt giving up his $9 million dollar loot … for what … to save his fatfuk brother-in-law?? Highly implausible. They were never close to begin with … not to mention that it was quite odd that Walt suddenly developed a conscience.

    The final episode seemed to me to be all about moralizing …. bad guys prosper only for a while, and then they get broke and dead. Of course, that does happen. But, so does the reverse. I would have preferred an ending with Walt and Jesse buying an island in the South Pacific, sipping Pina Coladas on the beach, and 40 pairs of bouncing titties in their face. And, oh yeah …. Skyler gets her head blown off.

    I still consider it the best TV drama of all time.

  9. I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Walking Dead. Just couldn’t get into it. The cannibalism thing was actually a turn-off. But, I watched some middle episodes and was “lost” …. maybe if I watch from the beginning it would be more enjoyable. But, that’s a LOT of time commitment.

    Admin said —- “We are kept docile with incessant propaganda from the mainstream media”.

    That’s profoundly true. Imagine an America without television. Wow.

    But, the chances of that happening? ZERO. In fact, it will only continue to get far, far worse. In that sense, most Americans are truly brain dead zombies.

  10. The front rolled in right before dark. You could feel the change in the air as the barometric pressure dropped and the cattle who had been standing in the upper paddock eating the last of the pumpkins abruptly hunkered down to chew cud. My son and I were in the shop of the big barn working on a project. The doors were rolled back so we could watch the sunset. He stood at the band saw while I worked at the bench and neither of us spoke much after the day we had put in. Being together working on something for fun was enough. Inside my wife and the younger children were preparing our supper and every once in a while they would come in to check on our progress, the new puppy following them like a shadow. We were assembling a scale model of a cabin that my son plans on building for himself. Everyone would call it a tiny house today, but he refers to it as his getaway. I understand that and in a way I am excited for him to start his own life wherever it takes him. If he remains on the farm the cabin is a good start for a young man, out on the edge of the property with his own entrance he can learn what it’s like to live alone out from under the shadow of his parents while still doing what he loves. If he feels the pull to go on to something else he will have an asset that can earn him an income rather than to hit adulthood indebted. He’s thinking farther out than most kids his age and that, coupled with the skill sets he has already developed will serve him rather than forcing him to serve others.

    Every year around this time swarms of tourists come up for the weekend to view the changing of the seasons, up here they call them leaf peepers. The expensive sedans and SUV’s with out of state tags are filled with well dressed out of staters who come to see the phenomenon in all its glory. This area in particular is known as one of the premier regions for fall colors because of the variety of hardwoods and the numerous rises and falls of grade. The process of color change is as much about light as it is chemical. As the days shorten chlorophyll production drops off and the glucose stored in the leaves begins to turn towards the red end of the spectrum reflecting light in an entirely different way than during the Summer. The change begins to show in the weakest trees- the saplings and the dying and in the lowest spots where the water concentrations are highest, along the rivers and in the bottom land and swampy bogs. Certain species begin to go before others, first the ash and the soft maple, followed by the poplar and the birches. The sugar maples with their heavy tops take the longest, putting on a month long striptease where they slowly give off vibrant displays of dropping their cover from the top of the crown to the bottom as if consciously trying to get every last bit of color squeezed out one leaf at a time. After thsat the fruit trees and the nut bearing ones step up on stage like the flurry near the end of a fireworks display- bright yellows, glittering purples, scarlet and magenta, then nothing. The oaks finish last, usually with a duller display of orange and umber as the wastes are left trapped in their foliage.

    This year has been a stunner. Seven weeks of solid color so bright it hurts to look at it. The colors that started in the lower folds of the hills has progressed up the hill like a spectral fog enveloping the slopes in riotous hues until it reached the crest of our ranges and then moved on. Depending on the time of day, the color of the sky, the quality of the air the combinations of orange leaves and azure sky or lavender sunsets against aureolin canopies provide art school demonstrations of complimentary color wheels that literally take your breath away. I can’t tell you how many times I stop in the midst of splitting wood or building fence just to stare at it, my jaw hanging open at the sheer beauty on display, drifts of falling leaves scuttling downward on each breeze, twisting as they fall against the backdrop of dark forest and exposed ledge. The livestock appear to watch as well, heads rising in unison as a gust of wind cuts loose from the distant peak of Little Bear mountain, shaking the trees like an incoming wave and setting loose a confetti storm of falling leaves.

    Towards the end of the evening, after we’d eaten and the rest of the family was settling in for the night, my son called me outside one last time. He had set up a couple of lawn chairs in front of the barn facing the Mink hills in the distance. The cloud cover was so low and so dense that you couldn’t make out the rock maples in the front yard and there was a darkness that surrounded us so completely you could feel it. A soft drizzle was starting, more like a mist than a rain, but you knew what was coming behind it. We sat there, the two of us, worn and tired but still filled with an awe that felt electric. My son is taller than I am, stronger too, but when I look at him all I can see is a toddler with bare feet, a boy with his hands up to the elbows in a stream, a teenager in a football uniform making a tackle and springing up from the turf with a smile on his face. This Winter we will select and harvest the hemlocks for his cabin and drag them across the snow to the site where he’ll begin to build his life wherever it takes him. I hope that there will be many more nights where we’ll get to sit together in the dark and talk about books and weather, or spend evenings in the shop working together on other projects, but if not I will always have the ones we’ve shared.

    At some point I learned that as much as we see of trees and forests above the ground that there is just as much that we do not see. Over fifty percent of the mass of a rock maple is found beneath the surface of the loam at its butt end. Here there is a hidden economy of roots and mycorrhizae. The functions are unseen at that level, but demonstrate their ceaseless work in the canopy above. A healthy forest is a thing of beauty, but it is the result of never ending functions and processes of a world that exists in the shadows beneath it. Our own societies and cultures are similar in that we are able to point to the lights and the rising cities as some kind of proof of our success and vigor as a people and a civilization, but that is certainly the result of the things we do not see- the thankless hours spent raising children to be thoughtful and honorable adults, the toil and labor of individuals doing tasks of drudgery and endless repetition in order to keep the lights on, the water flowing, the streets in good repair. I can see the decay around the edges, the disease manifested in the body politic, the soured tones of every discourse, the fouled and polluted exchanges both economic and social and understand that the failures are deep and manifest. We live in a forest that has already had it’s finest display of Autumn color and are entering a terminal phase. Winter is coming and you don’t need to be a farmer to see that.

    The rain came heavy during the night and took down the last of the yellow leaves. The dawn was suffused with orange- the sky was filled with it and it leeched into every corner of the house awakening us in a surreal world that was more beautiful than the one we went to sleep in. Outside the two lawn chairs sit in front of the barn, empty, facing the distant hills and I can see us sitting out there in the dark together, my son and I, facing the darkness together, but only for an instant and then it is gone. Winter is coming and I think it will be a hard one, but who knows. The only thing I know for sure is that we have done everything we could to prepare for the future no matter how uncertain it may be and that will have to be enough. The roots are deep, the hard work has been done and no matter what comes next we can sleep at night knowing that life will go on as nature intends. In this, I am well pleased.

  11. “Restaurants are full. Bars are full. Theaters are full.” ——— IndenturedServant

    Indeed! And don’t forget America’s True Religion ……. sports.

    Every fucking type of sporting event has full stadiums. 100,000 screaming fans at Michigan football. Pro football stadiums filling up to overflowing, even for shit teams. Soon college basketball will start … and over 300,000 maniacs will fill just Indiana’s Assembly Hall this season. NASCAR. Wrestling. Tennis. You name it. Even the most boring fucking game ever invented …. golf …. has huge throngs of people following whatever hero they worship.

    Everything is just fuckin honkey-dorey. What, me worry? The Jets are on teeeveee!!

    These people need to be kicked in the fuck. (I knew I’d get that in there today.)

    But, those are just OUTWARD signs. We can’t see what’s in their brain … in their hearts. Ms Freud and I discuss this frequently. I ask her what percentage of her clients, both at home and at the hospital, are there because of economic/financial fears. Without hesitation she said “Way more than half.” People ARE worried. All that happy go-team-go horseshit is often just an act.

  12. Everyone has their opinion and I’m no different so here it comes. There will never be a day of general uprising in this country. Pockets of resistance will always exist, but general uprisig, no. The people as a whole are just too far gone. Their minds just don’t work in the independent realm anymore. thanks

  13. “There will never be a day of general uprising in this country. … The people as a whole are just too far gone. Their minds just don’t work in the independent realm anymore.” ——— pantsupdontloot

    That’s a VERY reasonable assumption …….. IF, and only if, things stay relatively the same.

    First time I’ve seen you here, so here is something many of us say, often; “Just wait until the Free Shit stops flowing!!” I’m talking about government payments, free loot, SNAP cards, free bennies, free cell phones …… free everything.

    You think the Free Shit will flow forever? Trust me, it won’t. And then, the shit will truly hit the fan. You don’t have to trust me on that. You’ll have front row seats.

  14. I have been waiting for the next season – thanks Admin for the heads up.

    I stopped watching commercial TV years ago – but I do manage to watch shows like this (and BB, GOT etc.) through the ROKU box and generally while I’m on the elliptical.

    The show does reflect a huge range of responses to chaos, crisis and emotional pain – on natural leaders and innate followers – how trust becomes the currency of the day to be desired and abused.

    I had thought it odd that discussions among the various survivors concerning “what the hell happened” have been completely non-existent – not sure if that is an accurate reflection of how people would behave, as an INTJ I know I would be a bit curious.

  15. pantsupdontloot says:
    “Everyone has their opinion and I’m no different so here it comes. There will never be a day of general uprising in this country. Pockets of resistance will always exist, but general uprisig, no. The people as a whole are just too far gone. Their minds just don’t work in the independent realm anymore. thanks ”

    I’m really wondering if gun owners will eventually come out en masse like we saw at the Bundy Ranch or whether they will hunker down and hold their own? In my travels I’ve had the opportunity to live among different people for years at a time and Americans have this strange propensity to take quite a bit of shit before they finally “lose it” and draw a line in the sand. Unfortunately they immediately cave when offered some small concession so it is going to be interesting to see. As Americans we have a front row seat to the coming freak show to beat all freak shows!

  16. HSF, if you ever find the time to make a post about your new puppy, I’d love to read it. Our new pup will be a year old in a few weeks. If I had the time, I could write for days about how she enriches our life. The rest of the world means nothing when spending time with her. She can be so shy, gregarious, funny, ferocious and stupid all at the same time. Ours is a blast.

  17. @hardscrabble farmer… you must know I admire your storytelling. The tone and cadence is marvelous. I may have to change my name to Indefatigable Maggie.

    @Stucky… where DID you get that picture of me? And, sigh, I suppose I might add a few Breaking Bad episodes to our store of Andy Griffith, Outer Limits, Star Trek (original) and a few of our favorite riffed movies from years of watching mst3k.

    I have heard good things about it from others, but your opinion may sway me to actually watch.


  18. The mighty pen of Quinn is never a disappointment. Thank you for all you do!! Endeavor to persevere my friend your work here is needed,valued, and appreciated.

  19. I consider myself one of those in the 1% – that said, the writer of this article seems to know quite a bit about TV shows of which only one I had heard of – The walking dead.

    If the really wants to address the 1 % about TV shows he needs to understand we really do not watch them, follow them or read about them – thus we don’t know anything about them.

    1. Dave

      I do understand that you need to learn how to write, so people can understand what the fuck you are saying.

      It is better to let people think you are ignorant, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  20. Dave … the SELF PROCLAIMED 1%er. HAHAHAHA!!! He probably convinced himself is one inch inchworm is a mighty python. Fuckin’ dweeb.

  21. @ Hardscrabble

    Your comment could stand alone as a topic post.

    Whoever gave it a thumbs down is clearly a shit bag government drone stooge

  22. “I do not and have not ever watched the Walking Dead, though a friend assures me it really isn’t about Zombies, but about relationships. Okay… but why does cannibalism have to play a role in the relationship drama? Oh, yeah… shock and awe are integral to viewership and in a world where we’ve all become desensitized to normal threats of bodily harm and emotional pain, taking the plunge to post mortem lunch menu is the shortest route to engaging the prurient interest of the masses.” — Mags

    No, it’s not about shock and awe and pushing the boundaries of violence to keep the desensitized sheeple watching.

    If you would have seen the show from the beginning, you would understand that the core of the group – Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, etc, has been together from the start. At first, some were friends – BEST friends – and others hated each other’s guts. Now it’s completely flipped. Personally, I’ve enjoyed watching Glenn go from pizza delivery kid to a pretty good second in command to Rick. Carol went from a mousy, abused wife with an asshole husband to a stone killer who is so loyal that even though Rick banished her (with justification) she still came back voluntarily and saved their collective asses.

    I’ve enjoyed watching Rick go from Dudley Do-Right – Sheriff of Jerkwater County, Georgia to a complete mental case when his wife died (but seriously, she needed to go anyways), and now he’s finally embraced his Inner Warrior… at the end of the last episode, the others are saying “Hey, we’re free. We should just get out of here.” And Rick turns and says completely straight faced “They don’t get to live” – meaning he’s gonna hunt those cannibal bastards down and smite the shit out of them with that big Colt’s revolver… THAT’S what I was waiting for…

    The cannibalism thing – it is THE taboo of taboos. Western man has held a particular aversion to cannibalism for millennia. Almost anything else can be rationalized away – but not killing and eating your fellow man. Not really.

    Even the survivors of the Donner Party – though hailed as heroes – were greeted by a horrified public. The greatest taboos always attract a morbid fascination as well as being repellant. In the case of the Donner Party, cannibalism was undertaken at the utmost end of need, and so reluctantly that some folks suffered breakdowns. In The Walking Dead, it is undertaken for entirely different reasons… and yeah, I was happy as hell when Carol set a half dozen Walkers loose on that crazy bitch Terminus Mary.

    So, yeah… there’s lots of smashing zombies to pieces in many creative ways… and yeah, there’s some folks who are Too Stupid To Live – but do – and good folks you genuinely like – like Hershel – who get taken down… like life, it’s inverted and it sucks…

    But there’s little you can do except embrace the suck and cowboy up…

  23. Hey Jim, though I forgot to say it, your work inspires the hell out of me. That’s where a lot of my posts come from, as a reaction to what you write. I get enough of the bad stuff from the real world that trickles through up here to want to watch fictional humans being eaten alive, but I believe you when you write that these various shows are a reflection of the underlying mood of the country. When trees get sick up here the leaves develop cankers and spots- reminds me of tattoos and piercings on people- like they are some sort of outward manifestation of the inner illness. The girl who did the soliloquy for her chicken was a good example of a world so out of it’s natural order, so out of tune with it’s own health and vigor that the illness, the spiritual Ebola leaks out like infected fluids from every pore.

    Great piece.

  24. What a contrast between Admin’s post and HSF’s comment on fall colors in his neck of the woods.
    I suspect that will become it’s own post as frequently happens, deservedly so.

    Funny to read people’s comments on how Breaking Bad was flawed in their views, or at least should have had different ending(s).

    Why does holier-than-thou Stucky berate sports fans? Everyone has a right to whatever passion or stress avoidance they choose in these trying times.

    …so all this gloom and doom on a Friday? This is a rainy-day Monday mood post. But nonetheless excellent analogies to today’s situation, as only Admin can convey.

    So WHY are all these decadent occurrences happening seemingly at once? Was Terrence McKenna’s TimeWave Zero just a few years premature? I suspect something more sinister: The Archonic influence has kicked into high gear. The Nag Hammadi texts warned us of this 2000 years ago. Perhaps I’ll try to put together a post on that.

  25. @Billy… I defer to your judgement about TWD. I probably would like the storylines, but the cannibalism aspect really puts me off, so I doubt I will ever watch. However, I stand by my comment about those making television series’ need to include formerly taboo material to overcome the numbed minds of our youth, who have been exposed to more blood and gore in their games that some of our PTSD disabled vets.

  26. @hardscrabble farmer… I name most of my chickens and some are like pets, crouching down under my outstretched hand and allowing me to pet them or lift them up. Then, before I slice open their artery and impale their brains in order to bleed them out humanely and with as little pain as possible, I thank them by name for providing us with eggs and/or with meat to add to our soup and stews.

  27. “Israel and Hezbollah resumed their endless religious war in Gaza, with thousands of casualties and destruction.”
    —-from the article

    Hamas (Sunni), not Hezbollah (Shi’a). Hezbollah is based in southern Lebanon. Hamas is in Gaza.

  28. Mags,

    I don’t have any heartburn with you saying that those who make television keep ramping up the violence/sex/debauchery in an effort to draw and keep viewers… they obviously do this, since writing intelligent shows – or even genuinely FUNNY shows – requires effort. And besides, most of the unibrow, mouth breathing types don’t watch things that are genuinely funny or intelligent. Most programming is written on a 6th grade level… plus, they’re probably pushing some social agenda. (Partial retraction: that information is dated since I first heard it back in the 80’s… no telling what it’s sunk to by now..)

    I don’t hold it against you. Why would I? You find a certain aspect distasteful, so you choose not to watch something. Same reason why I don’t watch anything with homosexuals in it… or anything that inverts reality…. usually some multi-culti paradise where all the white males are window licking morons worthy of derision and all the minorities are glib, funny, successful über-intelligent professionals…

    Those who make television mostly make shows that portray life as they wish it to be, not as it actually is.

  29. As with most herds you have those that are easily led to the slaughter. They form a line and without so much as a peep they accept their demise as part of the social order . But in that herd there is always the one who gets out of line, that disrupts the social order and refuses to accept their demise. Those are the ones that change the social order and lead revolutions . Our Forefathers we of this mold. Are there folks like this today…I’m not sure but I certainly hope so . When I think of the “Awaking ” of the folks here in the USA I often wonder will it be like Brad Davis’s character in “Midnight Express ” who realizes he isn’t a bad machine ?

  30. “Hope. It is the ONLY thing as strong as fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.”

  31. I had a feeling you would turn last Sunday’s episode into a commentary.

    Walking Dead is not about zombies, it is about the “walking dead” which is US. The biggest threats are from the living, the dead have no morality issues, just survival. The dead will overwhelm you and eat you, its the living that could keep you alive and suffering forever.

    EVERY person in that world is already infected (mass vaccines anyone?), it takes either more live virus transferred (like when the walker bites you) and overwhelming your system, or your system dying in another way.

    I agree with Admin, it is like the Zeitgeist can see/feel what is coming our way.

    The Strain was FX network’s version of TWD. The books were written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

    The comments on the Strain seem to run along the basic lines of “I don’t like I like it because it isn’t exactly the way I imagine vampires/zombies to be,” and my favorite, “the non-response from the government and corrupted government officials covering it up (thus allowing the foothold) is not believable.” Which is one of the things that endears me. Of course the government would cover it up and as such, help it along. We will never see a government official pop up on TV or the Internet saying, “you are screwed! Prepare! Save Yourselves!” until AFTER it is way too late.

    Oh the sheep are going to be in for one helluva raping when this collapses.

    Yep, either the cattle or the butcher. I’ve never been good at lowing in the meadows, so butcher it is.

    At least that is my prayer and hope. Give me the strength to survive this and help my kids survive whatever is coming next. Amen.

    Thanks again Admin. Outstanding read.

  32. @ cliff,

    I should rephrase that… not a show with fags in it, but shows that are about fags with their blatant faggotry being shoved at us. Yeah, I know fags exist, but I don’t want to see that shit…

    Let’s take Big Bang Theory. Yeah, I know the guy who plays Sheldon is a fag in real life, but the show is so howlingly funny it more than overshadows that fact… plus, his real life faggotry isn’t held up as something to aspire to… so long as it’s not shoved at me, I can tolerate it…

  33. “The Nag Hammadi texts warned us of this 2000 years ago. Perhaps I’ll try to put together a post on that.” ——– Rise Up

    Sure. The bizarreness of Revelation isn’t good enough for you … so, let’s bring in some Gnostic Gospels …. cuz, you know, the ramblings of some goat herder 2,000 years ago is so relevant to today. If you write a post — assuming you can put two coherent paragraphs in a row together — I suggest you title it, “Rise Up’s Pulp Fiction”.

    Every time I see your name attached to a post I say to myself “I hope he finally says something intelligent.” And I am disappointed every time.

  34. “Even the survivors of the Donner Party – though hailed as heroes – were greeted by a horrified public.” ———– Billy

    They weren’t heroic to me. (Not trying to start an argument. This is just how I feel.) They were people without principles …. hypocrites, perhaps even without a shred of morality. I question the morality aspect because there are several instances of cannibalism in the Old Testament, and it is NEVER condemned. Actually, Da Lawd might even endorse it; —-

    “The hands of compassionate women have boiled their own children; they became their food during the destruction of the daughter of my people.” —- Lamentations 4:10

    To see the Da Lawd describing a woman who eats her own children as being “compassionate” is a shock to my senses. Then again, me and Da Lawd disagree on a lot of things. (That’s probably one reason that dickhead Rise Up calls me ‘holier than thou’.)

    People that eat others, especially their friends or family, are monsters. What they are saying is that THEIR LIVES are so damn precious that they will resort to any means to extend it … fuck principles. Fucken pigs.

    So, someone might say – “Stucky, don’t be so judgmental. You have no idea what you would have done in the same situation.” This is pure bullshit. This argument presumes every situation in life is relative, and that a person’s principles will be comprised under the right circumstances. Bullshit. I will NOT eat another human being …. and sure as holy fuck not my own children. I’ll take a bullet to the head, or jump off a cliff, or end it by whatever means necessary. I KNOW that … AHEAD of time. This life isn’t THAT important to me.

    Why would that be such a surprise? People die for principles or “causes” all the time. “Renounce Jeebus!!”. “No!” “OK, Bang! You’re dead.” We call them martyrs.

    And that’s where the hypocrisy comes into play. I know there were Catholics in the Donner Party. I’m guessing, because of the times, there were other Christians there also. Now, if Christians REALLY believed that upon death they would be in the bosom of Jesus, in Paradise, with eternal bliss and happiness …. then why in Hades wouldn’t they welcome that??? What the fuck are they holding on too? I say it’s because they really don’t believe that fairy-dust tale. And why would they commit murder? They didn’t just eat those who already died. They shot and killed Salvador and Luis, two Indians who helped them, to eat. Fuckin cowards and hypocrites.

    Like I said, if cannibalism is a regular feature on The Walking Dead, I ain’t gonna watch it.

    I have a scenario for you, Billy. You and Bar-r-r-rack Obama are stranded on Donner Pass. No help is coming. You are near death. Obama just died. Now, are you gonna eat that nigger to survive?? And if so, which part you gonna eat first? I gots to know.

  35. Stucky says:
    “Where’s bb and juan??”

    Who gives a fuck?!!

    Maybe they got stuck while playing leap frog.

  36. GOD bless you Stucky , I just got back from a long job at a FEDEX TERMINAL They had us running all over the country the last couple weeks but it’s finally over.
    I love the walking dead tv show. It and gold rush are two shows I watch now that breaking bad is over.
    Admin ,another really good article . Maybe one day you’ll get some national tv coverage . Say Fox

    I S ,why you being so hateful. I haven’t did or called you anything yet.

  37. Delwyn Lounsbury

    Admin is probably changing a flat tire somewhere in the 30 blocks of Squalor.

    As a one of the founding members of TBP Big Dog Club I can tell you what Admin ALWAYS says to these requests; Go right ahead. Guaranteed, but feel free to wait for his go-ahead.

    Your websites look nice. Good info. I liked the article “Jesus Was Libertarian not a Liberal”.

  38. Stucky,

    Hey… this goes to yesterday’s brötchen discussion/recipe…

    Got an email from the missus over in Germany… she went and talked to the baker 3 doors down from her mom…

    The baker says instead of using warm water/baking soda right before you put them in the oven, you should:

    – Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and dissolve in 1 1/4 cups milk.

    – Heat up the milk and bring to a boil. Then take it of the Stove and add the baking Soda. Use a little brush and just brush the foam on to the Brötchen. THEN cut the crosses, etc..

    This should turn them that wonderful dark brown…

    Everything else is the same, except for this last step…


  39. “I have a scenario for you, Billy. You and Bar-r-r-rack Obama are stranded on Donner Pass. No help is coming. You are near death. Obama just died. Now, are you gonna eat that nigger to survive?? And if so, which part you gonna eat first? I gots to know.”


    People have aversions to eating all sorts of things… I remember one guy down in JOTB. Despite not having eaten for days, he flat out refused to eat snake… or lizard…. or any other type of critter. Just flat out refused…

    Folks will indeed starve to death rather than eat something (not necessarily human beings) they consider “not food”, whether it be icky or gross or wrong or whatever… they just can’t get past it, and so will die. My own particular aversion is bugs. I will NOT eat a bug. Yes, I know they have more protein than beef. Yes, they are easy to find. No, I won’t eat em… sorry. I’d rather die than eat bugs…

    As far as your scenario?

    There’s a saying, bro. When the enemy gives you two options, both equally distasteful, discard both and go with a 3rd option.

    My option would be to take his dead ass, chop it up and use it as bait for several traps and deadfalls. Whatever comes to scavenge that dirty nigger is what I will eat… crows, bears, wolves, coyotes, any of the big cats, etc… at least he’d be useful for once in his miserable life…

  40. Billy

    The purpose of mixing active dry yeast in sugar (food for the fungus) and water … called “proofing” … is to ‘wake up’ the dormant yeast. It also lets you know whether or not you have a good batch (if it bubbles). Never heard of putting it in milk (I guess for color?). Nevertheless, I shall follow those instructions. Thank You.

    I’m not THAT adverse to eating strange food; rattlesnake, gator meat, ostrich, buffalo, bear, guinea pig, and even dried insects like locusts. The only food I ever refused to eat in a restaurant setting was a sea urchin …. and that was because the fucker was ALIVE. Fuck that.

    I like the bait idea. But all those critters would get about 100 yards from oreo-bait and they would realize “Man, that crazy Billy, he’s trying to bait us with SHIT!”, and they would scamper away.

  41. Billy

    NEVERMIND my first paragraph above. You weren’t talking about yeast!! You said BAKING SODA!!!

    What the fuck is wrong with me???

    Well, had a bad day, I guess. We went to the body shop this morning. Yesterday Ms Freud and a UPS truck thought they could both travel down ONE lane, the same lane. It was determined both drivers were at fault. The damage to the car? $3,700. The UPS truck didn’t even have a scratch. I’m not sleeping well tonight either.

  42. Daddeh, I think my rectum done finally played out.would you please bring me a damp towel – cleanup on aisle deuce if you know what I mean.

  43. Stucky,

    You know why I get so incensed when dick-smacks like the above start their shit-talking and go after my wife to get at me?

    Because she’s well educated, well spoken and classy. She has a good heart and a gentle soul, but can be tough as nails when she needs to be. She saw something in me that I didn’t even know was there. Stood by me through the absolute worst, when I was bedridden and physically incapable of walking. Stood by me when anyone with lesser depth of character would have left.

    She’s BETTER than me… and I owe her my life.

    And then motherfuckers like above start shit talking and mocking her…

    I’m wondering how well Jim would take it if someone ridiculed and mocked Avalon in a similar fashion, just in an effort to get at him… and I’m hoping Jim reads this and realizes how important my wife is to me and outs that motherfucker…

    I ain’t gonna ask him to do it, but I hope he does just to hold that dishonorable piece of dogshit up for ridicule…

  44. IndenturedServant says:
    Stucky says: “Where’s bb and juan??”

    Who gives a fuck?!! Maybe they got stuck while playing leap frog.

    I’m surprised you know such a thing can happen. I’m beginning to think your a troll, I-S, everything out of your trap is negative. I neverfuck with you but you just can’t help getting your digs in. Then again, your a misanthropic starchild.

    It’s Friday – your alive – go ahead, crack a smile blow the hugest ball of gas out your blowhole and see how it feels to shake some of the space dust from your colon. Naw, that’s asking too much, just go ahead look outside see if you can find Uranus.

  45. Billy, your having a good week this week, I find myself agreeing with you when you talk shit about queers and faggots, although I would never disrespect the cocksuckers by talking about them that way, I understand your point.

    I tied to intercede on your behalf with my buddy BW, but he’s not going for it. You said somewhere that if you cant stand the options you got, you can find another option. Since you have a personal connection with your moniker, you might want to change it to Mountain Boy, Brokeback Billy, Snaggletooth Pussy, whatever.. I mean, I let it slide when you ragged on my moniker, talking about coyotes and rabies, fleas and shit.

    I’m sure BW is not referring to you old lady personally, I think he has made up his own persona who supposedly is married to “Billy”; consider that there is another one called “Billy Second Wife”. You know, BW may be a weak prole, who feels powerless to take you on so his fucking with you is a symbolic gesture of ‘sticking I to the man’ type of gallows humor. I’m sure you’ve pissed off a few peeps and taking a bit of your medicine can’t be all bad , at least I hope not because unresolved anger can fuck you up. Just say fuck it, he aint talking about your real fambly.

  46. Apparently cannibalism is barbaric. It’s better to cut people up (especially the niggers) and use them for bait. After all, we white folks be civilized. WTF JQ? You’ll pound somebody for saying they think they’re in the 1% and go totally chicken shit quite on stuff like Stucky says. Over and out.

  47. EC/Coyote/Chen/BW/Sock Puppet/Beanbag/Whoever,

    The exact saying is “When the enemy gives you two option, both of which are distasteful, disregard both and choose a 3rd option”.

    “I mean, I let it slide when you ragged on my moniker, talking about coyotes and rabies, fleas and shit. ”

    I’m not changing my name. It’s MINE. And I busted on YOU, not your wife, not your kids, not your mother.

    “I’m sure BW is not referring to you old lady personally,”

    And I’m sure YOU are a lying sumbitch.

    “I think he has made up his own persona who supposedly is married to “Billy”; consider that there is another one called “Billy Second Wife”. You know, BW may be a weak prole, who feels powerless to take you on so his fucking with you is a symbolic gesture of ‘sticking I to the man’ type of gallows humor.”

    You can rationalize your sock puppetry and attacking my family – including my SON – however you want. It doesn’t change the fact that anyone who would do that is a dishonorable piece of dogshit. I’m about 98% sure who’s who, but I’d just LOVE Jim to formally out you for the dishonorable motherfucker you are…

    “I’m sure you’ve pissed off a few peeps and taking a bit of your medicine can’t be all bad ”

    My medicine? This includes hiding behind a sock puppet and sniping someone with first-strike shit talking? About someone’s wife and child because I’m too piss weak to square off straight up? The fuck are you talking about?

    “at least I hope not because unresolved anger can fuck you up. Just say fuck it, he aint talking about your real fambly”

    And again I call you a fucking LIAR. You ARE talking about my family and laughing up your sleeve the whole time…

    You’re lower than fucking low… You have no idea how much I hate you. If I could reach through this screen and tear your fucking balls off, I would…


  48. Stucky says:

    “The Nag Hammadi texts warned us of this 2000 years ago. Perhaps I’ll try to put together a post on that.” ——– Rise Up

    Sure. The bizarreness of Revelation isn’t good enough for you … so, let’s bring in some Gnostic Gospels …. cuz, you know, the ramblings of some goat herder 2,000 years ago is so relevant to today. If you write a post — assuming you can put two coherent paragraphs in a row together — I suggest you title it, “Rise Up’s Pulp Fiction”.

    Every time I see your name attached to a post I say to myself “I hope he finally says something intelligent.” And I am disappointed every time.

    Stucky, It seems you have dissed me ever since our exchange about the Sandy Hook shooting hoax. That’s OK, you are welcome to your opinions and I respect them. I really like your posts and it’s apparent you take pride in your research on Italian cooking and castles. The pictures are wonderful as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you after you read Elaine Pagel’s “The Gnostic Gospels” and John Lamb Lash’s “Not in His Image” books, or the Nag Hammadi Library in English (which are widely available in several translations on the web).

    Sorry you had a bad day dealing with your auto accident.

  49. Daddeh

    Jimmy Q don’t bore everybody to death with 30 or 40 per day long ass musings by a snaggle toothed retard everybody loves to hate. That’s the difference. Now shut up and get me that damn towel.

  50. Eh, you’ve convinced yourself and I-S that I’m BW. I’ve also been accused of being bb.
    But look, I enjoy fucking with you on my own, I don’t need sock puppets, not my thing, dude. After all your abuse, I still wouldn’t wish you any harm. Besides, I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to do sock puppet theater.

    I change my moniker, since when is that illegal? Jackson has an alter ego, and I’m sure someone dopples the dude from the 30 blocks. I find it strange that you can’t follow the lines that anyone can see clearly, let me help a bit, naw, better not, that would be snitching.

    Your wasting your time hating me.

    Live, you worthless piece of shit, the world sucks that much more with you in it. At least we agree on another thing besides queers – I don’t know what your lovely wife saw in you either.
    See, asshole? I don’t need a fake name to mess with you.

  51. ” I’d just LOVE Jim to formally out you for the dishonorable motherfucker you are… ”

    According to Stucky and others, I’m a dick, bb’s a dick and BW most definitely is a dick.

    How formal is this affair going to be and do I have to dress for the occasion?

    Who’s reading the charges, I mean that would have to be very articulate, no sputtering hillbilly half truths.

    Will there be a tribunal or a simple no-knock arrest?

    Finally, how the fuck can you, a slanderous, go for the throat, family attacking, two bit Rambo call me dishonorable? Do you have any proof or are you making this up as well?

  52. Rise Up

    I have completely forgotten, and forgiven, you for your dastardly comments on the Sandy Hook thread. I don’t like carrying grudges.

    BUT, this is a new thread, and time for a new grudge. You said I was ‘holier than thou”!!! I did not like that, no, not one bit. So, I just had to bring out my Verbal Shotgun and blast ya. I’m sure you understand.

    Not familiar with John Lamb Lash. Am a HUGE fan of Elaine Pagel. Read many of her books … including “The Gnostic Gospels”.

    I ENCOURAGE you to go ahead and write that article.

  53. Billy Doppler(s)

    How many HOURS do you think it takes Admin to write such a piece like this?

    Yet, once again, you fly by to drop shit on his thread … ruining it for everybody. You are such a self centered little child … not to mention cowardly, hiding behind a fake moniker like a child hiding behind mommies skirt.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Stuck

      SHTF plan posted this article and it has 268 comments. I couldn’t find one that actually referenced the article.

      ZH is the same way.

  54. Stuck,

    I’m done wasting time responding to the piece of dogshit. Said my piece and that’s it.

    Jim will either out the cowardly little pockmarked weasel, or he won’t.

    Either way, I’m finished devoting one more second of my life to this piece of vile shit.

    And that’s that.

    1. There is nobody to out.

      Whoever it is manages to change their IP address every time they post a comment.

      Sorry. Life is too short.

      I’m not going to be the TBP police.

      You monkeys can do whatever the fuck you want. I don’t read it anyway.

  55. “I’m finished devoting one more second of my life to this piece of vile shit.” ———- Billy

    MUCH RESPECT to you!!

    The gang at TBP is cheering you on.

  56. One last thing Billy ….. Jim has stated before that the doppler changes his IP-address with every post, and is impossible to identify.

  57. The doppler(s) with the mutating IPs do an excellent job distracting, diffusing and destroying any thread they enter – and potentially turning off anyone new that strolls by to take a look.

    Admin has done a fine job attracting the attention of the evil, captured, co-intel drones whose sole job it is to destroy powerful internet voices – and as a group of INTJs that can’t be an easy thing.

    Well done Admin – way to stick it the man!

    1. Gilbert

      I might not go that far – yet.

      Since no one reads books anymore, good writing on TV shows might be the only way to convey the mood of the country. The Grapes of Wrath movie was more powerful than the book.

  58. Words are as shap as a two edged sword that cuts both ways and should be used with the precision of a surgeons scalple to heal and help not hurt or harm.

  59. Words are as sharp as a two edged sword that cuts both ways and should be used with the precision of a surgeons scalple to heal and help not hurt or harm. Peoples with full stomachs tend toward more peacefull conduct than violence. Those with empty stomachs will kill for food. Does this explain anything to you who read this? Food is the ultimate weapon of warfare. Its absence or presence is critical. Yet what we eat has only 16 to 18% food value. See Senate document 264.

  60. The ancient Geeks worshipped a god named Chaos, as did the ancient Romans. The late great horror writer Howard Philips Lovecraft created a character named Nyarlothetep which he described as the Crawling Chaos. This is part of the Cthulu Mythos. Studying these subjects will shed light on the direction in which the inhabitants of this planet are headed.

  61. Busted. I’m a paid troll! Me n Billy git $20 credit on our SNAP card fer every month we divert the stimulating hard hitting discussions that take place here.

    We r legion. We don’t never fergive. We don’t never ferget.

  62. H.T. Guillaume says:
    “Studying these subjects will shed light on the direction in which the inhabitants of this planet are headed.”

    Hopefully that direction is extinction. Hopefully it happens all at once and the worms will rise to top dog status on Earth. They can’t do any worse than we have.

    Just look at bb/chen and their merry band of gonorrheal drips to see the direction humanity is taking. Resistance is futile……..you will be dumb-assed to death by these mental midgets and their ilk.

  63. What’s your problem I-S, didn’t you get the word? I’m clean as a whistle, Billy’s tormenter is technically savvy. I’m not. I still don’t know how to post pictures, much less change IP addresses.
    But whatever, you had me looking for your buddy in Rosamond and now you pay me this way. At least Billy is not an ingrate like you. I’m done with you.

  64. EC, you and bb and your myriad alter egos/doppels are intellectual contraceptives like rest of the AOL Kiddies. You ass-clowns just happened to escape the AOL reservation and get out into the big boys world. Follow this link: http://www.aol.com and then click the help link. Someone will come rescue you and get you back to the AOL forums where you’ll feel at home again. Besides, I’m sure your fellow AOL Kiddies have missed you.

  65. I-S, Billy whoever the fuck you are – fuck you and all the pashas of internet propriety. This is The Burning Platform, you miserable fuck, it isn’t your Terrible Billy Platform for making every thread about you.

    Your the fucking LIAR. Why Stuck lends himself to coddle you and give you an electronic handjob every time you start whimpering is beyond me.

    You said described my parents as being from a TJ whorehouse and some other such vile shit you say. And you ran over another person with the most dishonorable shit about her son as would stir the bile in any man to see a woman assaulted like that.

    But now we see the new Billy in sheep’s clothing, bleating about being abused on TBP. You put Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart to shame.

    One of my several duties here, maybe you thought I didn’t have a purpose, is to call out bullshit when I see it. One sure way to see a medium go to hell is to swallow bullshit whole and never raise a fuss because it would derail the topic. Fuck the topic, if people are sleepwalking through the comments and nodding their heads and yeah-yeah-yeahing like they were fucking groupies of a bunch of artherosclerotic old dogs, then this Blog is toast. But if there are some nonconformist fucks who see bullshit going down and foul when the bullshit gets deep…we are protesting the crap of a self-proclaimed “master-debater” which is you.

  66. Plus, Billy explained ter me about how the Messicans like Chen are actually interlectually inferior to the like of Einsteins like him and IS, and you can’t rightly blame him fer inferior genetics. Plus, I only raised mah butt ugly face when twin dipshits Stucky n Billy started talking bread recipes on a boner fide Admin doom thread.

  67. I haven’t had a TV since 2003, but what I have noticed is that the movies are progressively and acceleratingly turning into either cartoons (Iron Man) or horrors (zombie) movies. Is this because we are entering the final phase of the Culling and the sheeple instinctively know they, especially in the US, are helpless and the situation hopeless, and hence the dire need to turn out of reality and turn into fantasies?

    So, the $64 Quadrillion USD question is WHEN is this SHIT gonna end? Anyone?

  68. I’ve never watched these shows–don’t watch any tv or movies anymore. From clips and ads and word of mouth, I can tell you that these shows are not symbolic of anything. They are productions made to rub in your face what you are going to have coming very soon. They all have these tiny images of hope and maybe small victories, but hope ain’t what they got planned for you. Better wake up cause these productions have gov handlers seeing to it that you get used to this stuff coming.

  69. I’ll go with Jeremiah, it always seems to follow the money, millennials loved zombie movies, let’s give them more of the same, we have a built in audience and surefire ad revenue.

    BW, the fucking zombies (not including LLPOH who rightly says he doesn’t read Billy’s man-o-war posts because that jelly-fish has no substance) on this site have a predilection for old story lines, KKK doctrine is fine according to some, as long as no dares to complain or one stir the pot.

    Nothing like a folksy cooking convo to make the guilty fucker look totally harmless. Reminds me of Nixon’s special where he revealed that he suffered from phlebitis – a story designed to make the public forget his minor indiscretions while in office.

    What’s new? The partisans in the media do the same, doling out mind-numbing bullshit 24 hours a day, then show you see a folksy feel good story on “my grandma” to assuage your worries that maybe they are feeding you crap.

    By the time everybody has ditched this site, Billy, Stuck and Insipid/Staple will be left standing like top guns in the middle of the rubble once known as TBP. The NSA couldn’t ask for a better troll than Ignorant/Shit Billy to destroy a patriotic site.

    Of course, they will blame the 3 dicks for attacking Indentured/Billy and driving away visitors.

  70. @ EC, who said, “By the time everybody has ditched this site, Billy, Stuck and Insipid/Staple will be left standing like top guns in the middle of the rubble once known as TBP.”

    I wouldn’t be so quick to predict the demise of TBP. This isn’t the first thread that has gone to hell in a hand basket. Nor will it be the last. I’ve seen articles that turned to shit (see next sentence) on the very first comment. My all time favorite is an article Admin posted on gold that quickly pivoted to bat guano. Really, it did.

    There are a lot of very strong personalities who visit and comment here. It can get quite unruly. Sometimes, it turns nasty and personal. In that case, I would strongly advise that any wrath be laser focused and totally exclude mention of the target’s family, who I consider off limits under any and all circumstances.

    Back to the article itself. Much appreciation is due. I think these articles arise out of Admin’s intense interest and concern for both his family, his community and his country. He sees and watches all the day-to-day crap going on, jots down notes until his head is about to explode, and hits the keyboard just to let off steam. Oh, and put together the big picture, remind, and inform. Does it quite well, IMHO.

  71. I’m not seriously predicting such a thing, I’m replying to I-S’s claim that we are ruining it for everybody and possibly bring about the blog’s demise, he even went so far as to mention the great cost to the owner, yet he is not slow to take his own potty mouthed potshots early on today.

    It is so grating to put up with someone’s croc tears when the very things he complains about are things he’s written himself. He is an inveterate liar, he brings to mind someone’s description of a person so dishonest that when they walked down the produce aisle, the vegetables became schizophrenic.

    Billy won’t accept it from me that he shit his own bed regarding BW. I was trying to ask BW to take it easy but BW must be a Southerner because he (or she) is of the attitude – ‘Forget Hell’. As for me, I have no reason or desire to hurt his family. The only reason I keep talking about this is because he enlisted Stuck and I-S, whose opinion I respect. Thanks for your comment, SSS.

  72. Now that you mention it, perhaps it would be an idea to go back and print out a selection of Billy’s abortions, and maybe start a museum of hate and intolerance featuring the worst of his work with appropriate highlighting by featured respondents: I’ll print a few copies and send them to folks for some constructive criticism, maybe a succint editorial like wiping their ass with it. Just think, it would rival AWD’s picture of a museum of assholes, which were, in fact, real assholes.

  73. “Cantalonia continues to push for a secession vote to leave Spain” – sadly, not any more. Their planned referendum was “verboten”. First the Spanish government said that it was unconstitutional and they weren’t going to respect the results. The Catalans decided to make an “informal, non-binding” referendum anyway. Now even that was forbidden by the Spanish Supreme Court and they were forced to cancel it. So, the vote isn’t going to happen.

  74. Damn well written article. I’ve been too busy working on the wood pile to watch any TV. Had no idea such a program existed. And Jeez, I hear there’s an election coming up. I suspect that the Dems will be the cattle in this one, just because those former democrats who pre Obama had some hope for honest and representative government have thrown in the towel, whereas those who see elections as a way of limiting government, mainly wishful thinking Republicans, will come out in droves. It’s got to the point where Washington is more easily understood as a region outside the United States, a hub of trans-national business and finance. The politicians are mere courtiers whose role is to curry favor with the unseen royalty whose bidding they do, the butchers whose hands are never bloody, the real rulers of this neofeudal world. Feudal rulers do often meet unpleasant fates, but this time out I suspect it’s more likely to be from the collapsing of a complex society than the sharp end of a pitch fork. Hard to see a good way out of this unless enough of the beneficiaries of the status quo realize that being the CEO of Terminus is not all that much fun. Hope springs eternal. Back to the wood pile. Winter is coming.

  75. “we’ve seen men beheaded on Youtube videos by terrorists no one had ever heard of at the beginning of this year”

    But we haven’t have we.

    We’ve seen what we were told was a prelude to a beheading and it’s supposed aftermath but no actual beheading was witnessed.

  76. Aside from naked leap frog my favorite thing is watching TWD and Kim Kardashian, they’re so relevant and spiritually uplifting, like not. I hardly have any time in the day after reading TBP to do any thing else.
    How does hardscrabble farmer do it, I wonder?

    Joking aside.

    The comments on this blog prove one thing. Namely, how in the hell can one expect any cooperation when the SHTF from others, when these commentators can’t come together in some kind of agreement about this post without insulting and tearing each other down? Reading these comment was about as bad as watching 48 hrs of the TWD with out any breaks. Mind numbing.

    Cannibalism, you bet, the gov and the TPTB (those who shall remain nameless) are eating you alive, financially. Kiss your sorry ass goodby because it is on the menu.

  77. “We’ve seen what we were told was a prelude to a beheading and it’s supposed aftermath but no actual beheading was witnessed.”
    —-Bill Jones

    You’re a specal kind of skeptic. I’ve watched one of those unedited beheading clips (they’re not easy to find). The one I saw started with the executioner sawing at the victim’s throat, followed by the victim’s head lying on the back of the victim’s headless body. There was at least one witness. The guy operating the video camera.

    If that’s not good enough for you, Bill, why don’t you contact ISIS and volunteer to be an eye witness at their next beheading?

  78. The Waling Dead isn’t about cannibalism. Once you turn you are no longer human. You are just a consumer, relentless part of the migrating herd. Going after the still normal.

    Terminus is about a place that didn’t start out as a lure for cannibals. That happened later. But it is about the living who turn on their own kind. Usually when food is in short supply cannibalism happens. However they had enough food and just did it as traitors predating on their own kind. Different from the Biters, the Walking Dead who are cyphers.

    Reminds me of the Plutocrats who are at this time eating up not only the USA but other rich countries in an effort to leave everyone else paupers in their yoke. That is what I see. Even the Wall Street Journal warned it would even hurt those same Plutocrats in the long run. It hurts us all right now.

    The beheadings are very personal, the US bombings are not since no US “news” station will show the after math of our bloody raids. Which though impersonally done, still very personal to those who were killed and the radicalized survivors.

  79. Reading these comment was about as bad as watching 48 hrs of the TWD with out any breaks. Mind numbing.

    Well, Homer, I prefer humor. But, if there is one truth we can gather from TWD (I have never watched it) or a movie like ‘La Strada’, jokers and raging Hulks are a bad combination and a threat to a group trying to survive. Wise men like admin will be sorely needed to guide the group and peace keepers like SSS will ensure the group’s integrity which will secure its survival.

  80. EC–PEACEKEEPERS!!! Go tell ISIS that you’re a peacekeeper. Peacekeeping is not a one sided deal. All parties must desire peace to have peace. Peace is a compromise of opposing principles and an acknowledgement of principles held in common.

    How can you be so sure that jokers and raging hulks are a bad combination? You’re opinion may be valid or not be well thought out.

    Another thing, groups don’t try to survive. YOU EITHER SURVIVE OR YOU DON’T!!! There’s no trying.
    You can try to figure out a plan to survive, but success depends on a myriad of things that may be out of your control.

    Do you feel lucky?

  81. If I, in any way, contributed to encouraging the negative comments on this post by expressing my distaste for TWD, a show which I’ve NEVER watched, only because I find some of the subject matter distasteful, I apologize profusely to the author. The article is well-written and makes excellent points, albeit about characters with whom I am not familiar.

    I see this same sort of need to be disagreeable about things and stir up discord on many fronts these days. Maybe it was always there but I just never paid attention, but I seem to remember a time when people attempted to be civil to one another in spite of disagreement.

    A woman on FB took a dislike to me and unfriended me. It was no big deal, she was only an acquaintance I’d met at meetings with the 912 group in the early days before it was coopted by politicos. But, she makes a point to always comment in mutual friends timeline posts after I have commented, usually with something that blatantly disagrees with or insults the comment I’ve made. It has gotten so obvious, friends contact me privately to ask what I did to her. Since the only “event” between us was a time when she publicly called me out on FB, claiming I’d cheated her out of 4 ounces of green coffee beans when I’d “paid” her for some loaves of frozen bread. I PUBLICLY replied with my quote from the original transaction, when I said “I will bring you a PINT of green coffee beans for two loaves of frozen bread dough.” My final comment was that the pint jar I’d brought her was full, so if a half cup had gone missing, I couldn’t imagine where it had been lost. When she realized I’d not promised her a pound, she ungraciously said that she’d misread my offer the first time, which suggested to me she still thought she’d been cheated. The real kicker? Her lazy husband draws disability and doesn’t work. She claims he takes care of the chickens and dogs in their lowlife neighborhood, and keeps the burglars away. She is smart, and works hard, but is not highly educated. She works a lot of telephone soliciting type of jobs, with her most recent being the charitable donation gig, where she finds folks who are willing to let donation bins sit on their commerical property. I would not have thought there was money in that, but apparently, there is BIG money in it for companies who sell truckloads of discarded clothing and shoes to 3rd world countries. So, when I learned she made homemade bread and tried some at a meeting we both attended, I suggested she make me dough and freeze it and I would pay her for it. She wanted some more green coffee beans, which led to the FB discussion. Since I really just wanted to help her out a bit (her bread is good, but so is mine), I really was put off by her attitude about the whole thing.

    Thus, I can only deduce that irrational desires to wrongfully insult others in a public forum is derived from being PROVED to be a liar and/or an ass first. But, that is just from my experience.

  82. Thus, I can only deduce that irrational desires to wrongfully insult others in a public forum is derived from being PROVED to be a liar and/or an ass first.

    Welcome to the big leagues, Maggie, FB was only the kiddie pool.

  83. How can you be so sure that jokers and raging hulks are a bad combination? You’re opinion may be valid or not be well thought out.

    Dr. Pangloss said if you go to his office at 11AM a couple of times and find he’s not there, you don’t have to go to his office every day for a month to infer he is out to lunch at that time.

    Similarly, having watched ‘La Strada’ and also seeing the conflict between jokers and serious folks here, I can say I have thought this out and that is my conclusion.

  84. Mags,

    Nah, it ain’t you, hon.

    About every 15th thread or so spins out of control into a shit-flinging contest… it just happens. Like the weather.

    Plus there’s bad blood that goes back aways… most times, it’s like a barracks fight. Knocking out someone’s teeth one minute. Drinking a beer with them the next day. Of course, there’s worthless pieces of shit you’d just love to feed – alive, sober and conscious – to some hungry lions or crocodiles ‘case they’re Too Stupid to Live… but that’s anywhere…

    Don’t sweat the small shit.. you’re fine.

  85. But don’t let the warm welcome fool you, always wear a chastity belt, pack a blade, strap on a sidearm and stay alert, you will get mugged here.

  86. @EC I haven’t had the opportunity to tell you about the time, when in college at age 19, a guy from my economics class saw me at a party and asked for a ride home, since it was snowing. Once at his frat house, he invited me in, I accepted, curious about life in a frat house, only to be dragged to a room where he, apparently, intended to have his way with me. What he didn’t intend was coming face to face with a loaded 9 shot 22 revolver my brother had given me and instructed me to carry in the really cool Navy Peacoat he’d given me with the inside pocket to hide such a tool inside on cold winter nights when I might be confronted by some perv hoping to score big.

    I still chuckle at the sight of his pants around his knees, his erect penis wilting like a cartoon flower when Pepe LePue (the looney tunes skunk) walks by. I said something like “I’ll be going now.” And marched out of that frat house like the Queen of Sheba.

    Bring it.

  87. @Maggie, you are my hero, and your brother is obviously a contender for Best Brother Ever.

    Thanks for sharing, I have a huge smile on my face.

  88. @TE,

    I’m glad I made you smile. I chuckle every time I think about the schmuck. I hope he developed erectile dysfunction from that scare. I reported the incident but since I didn’t know his name and drinking was involved, the campus security folks obviously believed I was over-reacting. This was in 1981, long before the feminazis had convinced everyone that everything was rape, including consensual sex. Since he dropped that econ class and I never saw him again, it became just another day in the life. And, yeah… it was pretty cool of my big brother to hand me that for high school graduation. I bet I’m the only valedictorian that ever got a revolver as a gift with the comment that “if you ever have to use it, make sure the dude is dead, wipe it clean and drop it in the nearest alley.”

    I traded that cherished little handgun to a pawn shop owner last year for a really awesome Marlin 22 rifle that I LOVE. I carry a 20 clip 40 cal. Berretta for predators now.

  89. @Administrator… I will take your word for it for now. Although, if I decide to watch a season or two of Breaking Bad to see if we need to have it in our entertainment stores, I just might have to rent a season of TWD to see what all the hullaballoo is about. The local grocery in the nearest town rents season DVDs of shows at the rent two get one free bargain. So, two BB and one TWD to see if they meet my taste requirements. (pun intended)

  90. Mags,

    Good for you, re: Mr. Rapist…

    Always boggles my mind that some feminazi anti-gun types seem to think that a woman who has been raped and beaten to death is morally superior to a live woman holding a smoking gun and a dead rapist with a bullet in his brain…

    For the record, my better half carries a S&W 686+….

  91. This is pretty close to what she carries… a 686+ Carry Comp. Front sight set back a bit and a compensator at the muzzle… 7 shot, 357 mag. Trigger is like greased ball bearings on glass. Fully adjustable Tritium sights.

    The grips are a bit different, but it’s still close… she carries it in a plain brown leather Galco thumb break holster plus one speedloader in a jacket pocket. Teaching her to shoot was rather difficult… she’s left handed, but right eye dominant. Which is the worst possible combination for an instructor to overcome… luckily, she had no bad habits to unlearn and did quite well..


  92. +100 on S&W. The triggers are great.

    The only revolvers I own.

    On my 586, I removed the diamond embossed walnut grips and replaced them with Hogue grips

  93. @ Gubmint,

    Appreciate the kudos, and S&W’s are good, but they ain’t all that… the P&R guns are way better, IMHO. Good as the triggers are, I reworked all of ours.

    A Colt Python or Anaconda can have the same awesome trigger. Just takes more work and knowing what you’re doing… my EDC is a Colt Anaconda. 4″ tube in .45 Colt. Had the Colt Custom Shop make it for me about oh… 10 years ago or so?

    I’m in agreement on you re: factory grips. Most factory supplied grips blows goats… I dump them and replace them with something better. The Colt wears a pair of Skeeter Skelton pattern smooth combat grips I had made from Desert Ironwood.

    I seriously need to get a Colt Python…

  94. Re: “Some cattle are awakening from their stupor. They can see the bloody writing on the slaughterhouse wall. Anyone who isn’t sensing a dramatic mood change in this country is either a mindless zombie or a functionary of the deep state.”

    I am not “sensing a dramatic mood change in this country” and I am neither “a mindless zombie or a functionary of the deep state.” I am seeing very few people waking up. A lot of people are scared and unhappy, but very few of them have any idea of what’s really going on and they really don’t want to know.

    A perfect example is “rethink911.org/.” That website offers compelling proof that, on 9/11/2001, WTC7 fell as a result of a controlled demolition, not as a result of any damage sustained by the collapse of WTC1 and WTC2. I was working in lower Manhattan that day and the area was under martial law immediately following the attacks which took place in the morning. WTC7 fell at about 5PM in the afternoon. Who could have had access to WTC7 that afternoon when all of lower Manhattan was under martial law? Connecting the dots backwards in time, it’s clear to me that some organizations of the US government knew that the attack was about to happen and let it happen. Add in what we now know about NSA spying on everyone, and it doesn’t take any leap of the imagination to think that the US governments’ spooks knew it was about to happen.

    I’ve explained this to friends of mine, all of whom are college-educated residents of Manhattan who lived through the attack and its aftermath. They don’t care and are not interested in learning the truth. They aren’t experiencing “a dramatic mood change.”

  95. Now let me guess ?? Just one guess please, pretty please..
    Who’s the cattle ?? (goyim)
    Who’s the butcher?? (chosen one)
    Is my guess correct??

  96. i bet you ameri guys and gals will be writing a comment about the unfairness of your world when the shit drips off your face after hitting the fan that you paid for, complaining how it smells and writing your experience of it. with you people i get reminded to an ostrich bijd, you know, the ones that put their head into the sand… spineless, but then, how much spine do I have? judging others is easy. point is, when is it really enough 4 u? the ones in control know how to control the crowd: don’t give in too much, just enough to keep the status quot, keep em bizzy and maintain it. and to be honest , they are doing a pro job here, for many decades now. also in europe.

  97. @Thomas M McGovern… here in flyover country, lots of us are awake. Some refuse to get out of bed, but they know something big is coming. Those of us who have been awake and out of bed for a while are ready to face whatever the truth really is… I’ve heard that it sets us free.

  98. SS says–” the ones in control know how to control the crowd”
    What do you think the 2 year mandatory community service is all about? You remove the most volatile part of the population, the 18yr to 26yr olds and place them under gov control so that they won’t be in a position to foment social discord. Beside which, the baby boomers get all this free, or low cost labor, in which to continue in their gluttonous ways. Young people are indebted because of student loans. The jobs are disappearing for young people because of a mal-adjusted economy, because of central planning and delayed retirement for the older folks because of financial repression. The young’uns have nothing and have nothing to lose. They question their future and sense that they have been lied to. They sense the corrupt nature of the game. When the economy turn downs, again, and the economic facade, a ‘Baby Jane’ reality, is bared for all to see, they are not going to be happy campers.

    Of course a war is much more preferable to distract the minds of the masses, but has grave consequences, slaughter of the young and civilians alike, the destruction of capital, and this time a regression to serfdom and feudalism.

    ” It is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”, TPTB ( those who shall remain nameless)

  99. You are still being fooled.

    Remember that you can awaken people to as many truths as you like but as long as you leave out the only truth that matters then the evil will never stop. (The one truth being that queen Elizabeth is our satanic overlord.)

    We are being slowly awakened to certain truths. It’s all part of the plan.

    We are all aware of the plans for a one world government. The way things are going just now a one world government will be cheered in by the people as the saviour of the horrors yet to come.

    They will absolutely have their one world government. To think otherwise is incredibly naive.
    Our chance to avoid this horror is long gone.

    Our only hope is that the buddha was right and maitreya is coming.

  100. I agree with “one truth” above, and I commend him or her for his or her insight; Bravo!

    Everything is proceeding according to plan, that plan being the Cloward-Piven strategy which is being used by the NWO gang to bring on the social/economic/political collapse from which will rise the NWO fascism. How ironic that the NWO is using the C-P strategy, which was developed by socialists at Columbia University, to bring on the collapse from which fascism will rise. The NWO is taking the rise of fascism in Europe after WWI as their model.

    The new thing this time will be the idea that only a one-world government can solve the problems, and that national sovereignty must be yielded to the UN. The sheeple will gladly do this.

    As for Maitreya saving the day, I am doubtful. The historical record of humanity responding to bodhisattvas is not good, e.g., Jesus. If Maitreya does come, I expect his/her reception to be like the one accorded Jesus when he returned to earth in Book 5, chapter 5 of The Brothers Karamatzov. That chapter, one of the greatest in world literature, can be found here: http://www.trinityfoundation.org/PDF/The%20Trinity%20Review%200070a%20TheGrandInquisitor.pdf.

    One option would be to move to a place where Satan’s minions would assert their dominion at a later time. The western world would be the first to fall, but there might be other places where one could live in relative peace for a few decades.


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