Why Islam Lops Off Heads, Christianity Doesn’t, and Trump Is Right

As an introduction to this article, I would like for you to ask yourself the following question; — “What is life like in a western nation where Muslims are at least 10% of the population?”. To get an honest appraisal of that question, please click here regarding how “multi-culturalism” is working out in Sweden. At least scan the article.

Horrific, is it not? But, it shouldn’t be surprising. Not when one considers the statistical fact that since September 11, 2001, followers of the Religion of Peace have committed more than 27,000 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. Neither is it surprising that Danish linguist Tina Magaard, after leading a team of researchers who for three years studied the texts of the holy books of the world’s ten biggest religions and interviewed 45,000 subjects concluded that; —- “The texts of Islam are clearly distinct from the other religions texts as they, to a higher degree, call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror. … Moreover, in the Qur’an there are hundreds of invitations to fight against people of other faiths.” No, to those of us who have eyes and ears and the intellect to cast aside the pure “Islam is peace” bovine-excrement thrown in our faces by the Tolerance&Inclusion panoply of liars, none of this is a surprise.

What may be a surprise, especially to those who haven’t completely read the Old Testament, is that the Bible is every bit as violent as the Koran. There are thirty six (36!!) different offenses in the Bible which qualify for capital punishment. Here are a few of them; — cursing parents, working on the Sabbath, premarital Sex (girls only), disobedience (boys only), worshipping any god but Yahweh, witches, loose daughters of clergy, girls who are raped within the city limits, blasphemers, anyone who proselytizes Yahweh worshipers to a different religion, men who lie with men, adulterers, men who lie with beasts (btw, the beast is also put to death … so think about that before you decide to boink your toy Poodle).

(References: Leviticus 20:9 — Exodus 31:15 — Deuteronomy 22:20 — Deuteronomy 21:18 — Deuteronomy 17:2-5 — Exodus 22: 18 — Leviticus 21:9 — Deuteronomy 22:23-25 — Leviticus 24:16 — Deuteronomy 12:6 — Leviticus 20:13 — Leviticus 20: 10-12 — Leviticus 20:15)

It’s in the Bible. God’s word! These are commandments, NOT suggestions. So, in the last two thousand years how many children who have cursed their parents has Christianity put to death? I believe the correct answer is …. zero. In America, Christianity has killed people for only one of the above offenses; about 20 people were executed for witchcraft in Salem, MA., and that was about 325 years ago.

The most logical question to ask is, Why aren’t Christians faithfully obeying God’s commandments in the same manner and fervor as Muslims obey the Koran? Are we less faithful?” The answer to that can be found in The Reformation.


My intent is not to turn this into a doctrinal essay so, I’ll keep this brief … a view from 50,000 feet. None of what follows is a criticism of Catholicism. Rather, it is an indictment of human nature when fallible and weak humans are given unlimited power.  

In the 1,500 years prior to the Reformation there was but one church – the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). How, what, when, and where to worship and believe was determined entirely by a small group of elite leaders, culminating with the Pope. Popes eventually became as powerful, if not more powerful, than kings. Corruption became the norm. They lived in splendor, and the people in squalor.

The Reormers believed the Church bastardized the essence of Christianity with questionable “doctrines” which more often than not were established merely to enrich the Church’s coffers. For example, the utterly evil practice of selling Indulgences — the world’s first “get out of jail free” card — to escape hell and go to heaven (if you could afford it).

The RCC was able to hold on to such power to a large extent because of the doctrine of Apostolic Succession — the claim that the RCC has a unique authority over all other churches and denominations because the Popes can trace their lineage directly all the way back to the Apostle Peter.

God no longer spoke directly to believer’s hearts. No! God now spoke directly and only to The Pope. Humanity, which once was the direct object of God’s love has become nothing but a pawn to be used and abused as the elite saw fit. All dissent was silenced. The occasional foolish believer who dared speak out against these abuses would find himself tortured, killed, or excommunicated (a fate which in that era was often worse than death).

And then one day, along came Martin Luther – and he changed everything. Albeit, not without much violence and bloodshed — for those in power never ever give up their place in the universe without first inflicting even more pain and horror than ever before on the poor souls under their thumb. Reformation and suffering work in tandem.

At the heart of the Reformation was the desire to answer four basic questions;

—- 1) How is a person saved?

—- 2) Where does religious authority lie?

—- 3) What is the church?

—- 4) What is the essence of Christian living?

The answers to those questions — which changed everything by uprooting the monolithic power of the RCC — is summed up in the 5 “Sola” declarations;

 —-1) “Sola Scriptura” (Scripture Alone) —- Affirms that the Bible alone is the sole authority for all matters of faith and practice.

—-2) “Sola Gratia” (Salvation by Grace Alone) —- Affirms that salvation from God’s wrath is by God’s grace alone. Grace is the sole efficient cause of salvation which raises us up from spiritual death to spiritual life.

—-3) “Sola Fide” (Salvation by Faith Alone) —- Affirms justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. Nothing man can do on his own will save him.

—- 4) “Solus Christus (In Christ Alone) —- Affirms that salvation is found in Christ alone. His sinless life and substitutionary atonement alone are sufficient for our reconciliation to God the Father.

—- 5) “Soli Deo Gloria (For the Glory of God Alone) —- Affirms that salvation is of God and has been accomplished by God for His glory alone.


Ok, great! So, what does this all mean? I’ll tell you. Hold tight and read carefully for comprehension because this is extremely important.

1)— The Reformation laid down once and for all the right and obligation of the individual conscience, and the right to follow the dictates of that individual conscience. Do you grasp what this means? In one word ….. Liberty! We in the West talk a good talk about “liberty”, but too few realize and understand that they owe their liberty to this event.

2)— Individual conscience allowed believers to reconsider how the Word of God was received, and its effectual operation in their lives. For the first time in hundreds of centuries people of faith could read for themselves how God chose to reveal himself in the written Word which, according to 2 Timothy 3:16 is as follows; — “All Scripture is INSPIRED by God ..”.   No longer did they have to believe that every single word of the Bible was dictated by God (as Islam believes about the Koran) which only an elite clergy could interpret.

3)— By understanding that Scripture was inspired, and not dictated, this allowed believers to “re-interpret” Bible verses and even entire passages without fear that they were altering God’s Word

 4)— The ability to “re-interpret” Scripture without fear of being banned as a heretic led to an avalanche of scholarly work. New ideas, previously suppressed by the brute authority of the RCC, now flourished in vast abundance. Human brains, previously dormant for 1,500 years, were once again put to use. (See “Special Note” below.)

 5)— One of the very most important of these (many) new ideas was that God works differently in different eras. God is not like a rigid stone but, rather, has a heart of flesh. So, while the death penalty for many sins may have been sufficient and necessary at one time during the Age of Law, that same death penalty was totally unnecessary in the Age of Grace.  

 THAT, dear friends, is why Christians no longer kill adulterers. And, as you will soon see, the lack of all of the above is why Islam still does.

[Special Note: Modern Science as a discipline is a fruit of the Reformation. Science could not have developed to the same degree amongst those who worship Allah, because of Islam’s fatalism. Science did not flourish to its potential under Hinduism or Buddhism because of their belief that the world is an illusion. Humanists believe that life is irrational and illogical, and by rejecting absolutes, humanists reject the very foundation of science. If there are no absolutes in nature, then results in experimentation can only be relative. If everything is relative, then engineering, and all other branches of science, becomes difficult, if not impossible. Science needs a proper philosophical base for investigating the universe and only Christianity provided that base because a Creator established laws for people and laws for the natural world. This created world would then be expected to have design, order and purpose … which science now could study unhindered by philosophical roadblocks. Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method put it this way; — “There are two books laid before us to study to prevent us falling into error; first, the volume of the Scriptures which reveal the will of God; then the volume of the Creatures, which express His power.”]


Just kidding. There hasn’t been an Islamic Reformation. The religion is interpreted and practiced in the same anachronistic manner today as it was back in 610AD. And, by all indications, there won’t be any reformation in the foreseeable future.


Islam Basics: Islam comes primarily in two flavors; Sunni (about 80%) and Shia (about 15%). Sufiism and a handful of other mostly obscure denominations make up the remainder. The major division between Shia and Sunni concerns the death of Muhammad, and the question of who was to take over the leadership of Islam. Sunnis believe Mohammed wanted the new leader to be whomever was capable of the job. Shias wanted to keep it in the family, so upon Mohammed’s death leadership passed directly to his cousin/son-in-law. Over this triviality both groups have been killing each other ever since. Shias also have a little bit of “Catholic fever” going on. They believe their spiritual leaders (Imams) are sinless by nature, and that their authority is infallible because it comes directly from God. Imams are often venerated as saints and Muslims perform pilgrimages to their tombs and shrines in the hopes of divine intercession. The only other contentious religious difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims concerns the Mahdi, which is Arabic for “guided one“. Both groups perceive the Mahdi as the sole ruler of the Islamic community. But while the Sunnis hold that the Mahdi has not yet been born and anticipate his arrival, the Shiites believe that the Mahdi was born in 869 A.D. and will return to Earth under Allah’s orders.

Sunni and Shia agree with each other in all other major tenets of Islamic faith, such as the Six Elements of Belief and the Five Pillars.

There have probably been less than twenty Islamic scholars in the past hundred years attempting a serious discussion on reforming, at a minimum, at least certain aspects of Islam. Several were put to death, and not one came even close to reforming mainstream Islam (Sunni and Shia).

One modern day entry calling or an overhaul of Islam is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali born Muslim, an ex-Dutch politician, and a critic of Islam in its current form. In her book “Heretic” she proposes five tenets of the faith that must be “reformed or discarded”, which we will now examine.

1)- Realize that Mohammed was not infallible

One should stop being an “apologist” for The Prophet, and examine his entire life, evaluate his actions at face value, and then use common sense to determine his infallibility. For example; he created a great many widows and orphans, sold many into slavery, the extremely young and pretty girls became his “wives” (wink, wink), he once had a woman killed as she slept in her bed surrounded by her six children because she disagreed with him, he contradicted himself – often in the same chapter (sura) such as when he said “whoever killed a human being…shall be regarded as having killed all mankind,” yet, that was followed immediately by the notice that all those who oppose him “shall be slain or crucified”.

You see, the question of infallibility is really a quite simple one. A preponderance of evidence is not necessary to disprove infallibility. Infallibility is shattered at the first occurrence of a wrong-doing, a mistake, or an error. For a more complete list of Mohammed’s fallible actions as found directly in the Koran please see this article “32 Sins of Mohammed”.

According to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one potential solution is to recognize the two distinct periods of Mohammed’s life; Mecca and Medina.

Mohammed spent twelve peaceful years in Mecca in an attempt to persuade his fellow Meccans that he was the messenger of God. That message was wholeheartedly rejected. So, Muhammad migrated with his followers to Medina … where he began to use more forceful militaristic means of persuasion; raiding, looting, assassination, and warfare.

Ali recommends that Muslims retain the more spiritual, religious form of Islam that developed in Mecca, and reject the supremacist and intolerant form that developed in Medina. However, problem arise immediately because Muslims minimize the peaceful years. Mohammed received his first revelation in Mecca in 610AD. But, that is not when the Muslim calendar begins. Rather it begins in 622AD, when he migrated to Medina and commenced his warrior career. What is clear here is that while still in its infancy Islam came to a fork in the road, and they chose the road named Violence.

Overall, this much needed reform is a very tough sell, likely impossible. The astute reader will quickly understand that to reform Islam by repudiating Muhammad is likely no different than reforming Christianity by repudiating Christ. So, immediately we find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma. For Islam to change it must come to grips about their beloved Prophet … but, in doing so, Islam falls. The impossibility of reform should be rather clear just from this one issue so, maybe I should just end this section right here and now.

2)- Acknowledge that the Koran “was shaped by human hands” and not dictated verbatim by Allah

Islam is bound by the extreme rigidity of the doctrine of “tanzīl” – which states that the Koran was dictated verbatim by Allah. Man’s role in Koranic revelation is one hundred percent passive. It’s like this; God spoke, write it down, now shup up! How, then, is reform possible, when it means arguing with God?

This is unlike Christianity which states that “all Scripture is inspired by God” …. NOT dictated verbatim. In other words, a human being receives the Word – via a dream, vision, angelic appearance, hearing God’s voice, God occasionally manifesting Himself in human form, via the Holy Spirit, and many other ways — and only then does that person write about it. It is exactly this active human involvement in revelation —— again, completely absent in Islam — which allows for God-inspired revelation to be debated and interpreted in a multitude of ways.

This principle is what allowed Jesus to make of mockery of the Pharisee’s belief system. You might recall than on one particular Sabbath Jesus’ disciples picked some grains while walking through a grain field. Aghast at this turn of events the Pharisees, hoping in vain to trap Jesus, asked him,   “Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” Jesus answered brilliantly, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” The Law results in slavery, while Jesus sets us free. Such interpretation is absolutely impossible under Islam. Rather it is the other way around; man is a slave of Allah and, therefore, a slave to the rigid text of the Koran.

A “modernist” Muslim — limited mostly to Arab intelligentsia in the academic world– will attempt to soften the harshness found in the Koran. Muhammad’s command to “kill the infidels” is rendered as “kill them insofar as they attack you”. The command to “beat your wife” is rendered as “beat her on her buttocks with a feather”. The modernist wants to enter the 21st century while at the same time his religion tells him that a woman is worth half a man in inheritance, or as a witness in court. What does a modernist do when the Koran states in multiple places to cut off the hand of a person who steals? Will he stick to his “modernism” and try to be more progressive? Or, will he revert to believing the literalness of the Koran? When presented with that choice, it’s always the latter because, in reality, he has no choice … not if he wants to maintain his Muslim-ness. The modernist is akin to the little Dutch Boy trying to avert disaster by vainly sticking his fingers in the dike.

You see this often in countries such as Egypt, which on a social level, has generally abrogated the Islamic law of apostasy. However, when the powers are confronted with an actual case of conversion from Islam to a religion other than Islam, then the full fury of Islamic zeal boils up in their blood, and they begin to demand that the apostate be killed. They can’t stand the idea of somebody choosing something else over Islam. Why? Because Allah willed it …. by specifically dictating in the Koran to literally murder apostates. How in this world does one reform such a religion?

3)- Emphasize the rewards of this life, as opposed to the rewards in the afterlife

Let’s keep this one simple. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. More sex. Sex. Day and night. Sex. Night and Day. Sex. Sex. Sex. For all eternity. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. 72 wide-eyed maidens of Paradise. Bang, bang, bang that booty … and don’t worry about getting bored or tired because the Koran says “her attraction never lags nor his arousal ever wanes.” For an erection lasting more than 1,000 years please call 1-800-Softdik. Sex. Sex. Sex.

A Muslim theologian named al Ghazali (died 1111 AD) even wrote – “Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one will marry seventy houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas”. WooHoo!! Eternal erections! Perpetual virgins! (Now, THAT’S a neat trick! “Step right in ladies to Allah’s Perpetual Hymen Repair Shop. No fuss. No muss. No charge. Make sure you ask about our Anal Lubrication Service.”). Tasty vaginas!! What’s not to like! Sign me up!!

See what’s going on here? Life here on earth becomes utterly meaningless when the next life promises an eternal fuck-fest. Then again, can a Muslim man – or any man — give up their dreams of a Heavenly Harem of Hotties?

Here’s what happens when you live in the “here and now” as opposed to the “bye and bye”.

———- The Jews rarely speak of the afterlife. The world’s total Jewish population in 2015 does not exceed 15 million people — or, 0.2% of the world’s population. Yet, 194 Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prize … accounting for 22% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2015.

———- Muslims are consumed with the next life. There were 1.7 billion Muslims in the world …. or, 23% of the global population. In the 21st century just twelve (12 !!) Nobel Prize winners have been Muslims. And seven of those twelve were the ridiculous Peace Prize.

Moral: you’ll never make this world a better place if all you think about is pussy in the next.

Until Muslim men give up this idea of an eternal futuristic Sexual Fantasy Camp, don’t expect a reformation in the here and now.

 4)- Reject all elements of Sharia law which are “violent, intolerant, or anachronistic.”

The Islamic Law, shari’ah, is not some add-on to the faith (such as, for example, ‘speaking in tongues’ is to some Christians), something that would be nice-to-have but no big deal if not. No! Sharia Law is part and parcel of Islam, a non-negotiable fundamental, because it is based on the authoritative text of the Quran and confirmed by the Traditions of Mohammad. There. Is. No. Choice.

Islam is much more than just another religion. Mohammad’s military tactics in Medina finally culminated in victory for Allah, Mecca was conquered, and then the people of Arabia had no choice but to “submit” to Mohammad, the conqueror of Mecca. The Koran intended that Islam from its inception be both an ideology and a political way of life, and by way of force whenever necessary.

You people who have no problem with opening America’s borders and accepting Muslims en masse better hope they don’t become powerful enough to enact the poll tax. Once again, a Muslim is obligated to obey the plain text of the Koran which unequivocally states — “An infidel who has to pay his poll-tax, jizya, should be treated by the tax collector with disdain; the collector remaining seated and the infidel standing before him, the head bent and the body bowed. The infidel should personally place the money in the balance, while the collector holds him by the beard and strikes him on both cheeks.” But, perhaps you don’t care because you don’t have a beard.

OK, so you don’t have a beard. What will you do about your Christianity, or if not a Christian, then your Christian heritage? (The Koran makes no distinction between the two. You are an infidel, regardless.) Do you have the foolish hope that maybe somehow Islam will reinterpret the following command to mean something kinder and gentler? — “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. … Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.” Of course, right about now, someone is getting ready to respond to my “Islamophobia” by citing some Koranic verse that says something nice about unbelievers …. verses which constitute at best only 3% of the verses in the Koran

Meditate on the following. How can a God who made all people ever allow a human being to violate the dignity of another human created in His name?? The Christian God actively seeks man, has made everything for man, and for man’s sake He takes the initiative of love. Man reciprocates that love and realizes that his true Paradise is to make God the goal of his life. The Biblical God calls man “his friend”.

The Dignity of Man is an unknown concept to Islam. To Allah, man is but an annoyance, to be subjugated, ruled over, humiliated, and beaten down whenever necessary. Christianity advocates freedom of man …. Islam, man’s slavery. One brings the message of liberation, the other, of submission. How does one reform such a religion?

5)- Reject political Jihad

It makes sense to judge a man by his whole life, rather than by just a segment of it. That being said, we all do put more weight on the latter portion of that life. The young Saul ruthlessly persecuted and killed Christians. Augustine, by his own admission, was a most zealous sinner as a young man. What we do is forgive a saint’s earlier sins if he makes up for them later in life. Saul (who became Paul), Augustine, and countless other Christian saints were profoundly and dramatically changed for the better after their conversions. Mohammed completely reverses the order.

Even before his first revelation there is no evidence that Mohammed was a sinner who found God and decided to repent and change his ways. It seems he was a model citizen, a trustworthy merchant, a man faithful to one wife. As mentioned previously, his stay in Medina was relatively peaceful – perhaps because his followers never numbered more than one hundred. Then came Mecca. After twelve years, perhaps his revelations in Medina grew in scope and importance (in his head) as he developed an increased sense of his own importance. As he gathered many more followers, Mecca enabled him to go on the offensive; moral rules were more easily compromised, he acquired concubines and wives, reneged on his promises, engaged in slave trading, massacred defenseless civilians, and sinned more boldly and openly.

Suppose that six months before his crucifixion, Jesus Christ decided to order assassinations, sanctioned rape … and even committed rape, and engaged in other immoral and violent acts. Wouldn’t that cast doubt on his entire previous ministry?? Wouldn’t it cast doubt on the entirety of Christian revelation? Of course, it would! Would you follow this man? Imitate him, as called for in the Bible?

Yet, all Muslims consider Mohammed the model to imitate in every detail. If you believe nothing else written so far, then I beg you to at least believe this; — there are many verses in the Koran about jihad, and all jihad rests on two massive pillars; War and Deception. Our Western “leaders” – and their many sheep-like followers — are incapable of realizing that this deception and violence practiced by Islam’s prophet can only lead to deception and violence performed by its followers … no matter where they live. Logically, how can it be any different?? Why, oh why, do we not understand that the imitation of Mohammed by Muslims and the imitation of Christ by Christians leads in entirely different directions? They are not like us. They won’t become like us just because they move here.

All this being said, and forgetting even the first four suggested reforms, Islam could stop being the world’s pariah if they only adopted the principle of “No Jihad”. Learn the lesson we all learned in kindergarten; learn to play nice with others. Stop deceiving, hating and killing other people simply because they disagree with you.

Sadly, they just can’t do even that. They must follow Mohammed’s example … to the tee. How does one reform a religion like that?


The Muslim world, and unsurprisingly even the Western press, have reacted in typical fashion – heaping scorn upon scorn upon Ms. Ali, calling her a lesbian, deranged, evil, hateful, an atheist whore, and dangerous.  It’s just the typical nonsensical ad hominem attacks when truth can’t be answered any other way. Here is a typical article.

Her efforts at reforming Islam have resulted in a fatwa calling for her death. Ms. Ali collaborated with Theo van Gogh on a film about Muslim woman. Of course, van Gogh was murdered in 2004, and a message was left stuck into his chest with a knife saying that she was next. Freedom of thought, such as the freedom to explore alternative ways to live their Holy Scriptures, is virtually non-existent in the world of Islam. Muslims, especially those in the Arab world, are designed to either cow or be cowed, to be the oppressive dictator, or be the oppressed. In other words, perhaps this is the greatest reason why Islamic reform is impossible ….. they don’t want it. Such people will never know freedom. Nay, they can never even comprehend it.

Baha’u’llah —- THE HOPE OF ISLAM?

What is the point of reforming a religion founded by a man, possibly mentally deranged, who committed so much evil on this earth? A man who; lied, deceived, raped, tortured, raided, looted, massacred and subjected billions of people over the last 1,700 years to live in a constant state of fear and slavery? Why should his memory be honored? Thousands of religions have been discarded in the trash heap of human history. Why not this one? It is time.

Well, that was harsh you Islamophobe piece of crap!”, you might say. Well, Baha’u’llah gave serious consideration on reforming Islam. He came to the same conclusion; Islam simply cannot be reformed. So, he started a new religion, Bahai. It has similarities to Islam, taking only the good, and for more information on that — (I’m not a Bahai expert, and don’t have the time or energy to become one.) – then go here. Or, go directly to the Bahai Web Site, here

Baha’u’llah sad he received a new revelation from the same God who revealed himself to Mohammed, and he told the Muslims;

—- beforetime Allah told you to slay unbelievers …. now He wants you to love all the people irrespective of their faiths

— beforetime Allah told you women are deficient in intelligence and to beat them if they disobey ….. now He says men and women are equal and to educate your daughters for they will give birth to future generations

— beforetime Allah told you all non-believers will go to hell …. now He says it’s your deeds that matter and your faith without good deeds is worthless and that He is not going to discriminate against anyone because of his belief. It’s the purity of heart that matters not what you profess with your tongues.

— beforetime Allah told you “fighting is good for you,” …. now He is tired of all the fighting and says fighting should be left to ferocious beasts

— beforetime Allah promised you virgins ….. now he says there are no virgins, and the rewards are all spiritual in nature, like joy and love.

— beforetime Allah spoke of hellfire …. now He says there is no punishment, except the regret that you’d feel for losing the chance to develop spiritual limbs in this world.

— beforetime Allah built a huge rotisserie to burn humans for disbelief ….. now He has shut it down, and He wants you to obey him for the love of Him alone and not because you fear him.

From the bowels of Islam is birthed a beautiful religion of peace and love. Comparing the two religions, why, oh why, in the world would anyone choose Islam? Naturally, Baha’u’llah was put in a dungeon and spent the rest of his life in exile, and the people of Bahai faith have been heavily persecuted throughout history. Evil always desires to kill love.

Nevertheless, Christianity was heavily persecuted in its infancy also, and look where we are now. Maybe the seed of Bahai will take a while longer to germinate in the hearts of Muslims and “reform” them for the betterment of all mankind. I know that sounds Pollyanish. But, what do we have besides hope?


The word “reform” is derived from the Latin “refōrmāre”, meaning; to redeem, to reclaim, to renew. In other words it is restoring something to its original form.

The Christian Reformation began as an attempt to reform, not the religion, but the Catholic Church. We already mentioned the practice of selling indulgences. There was also simony — the buying and selling church positions. There were also several Catholic doctrinal issues; devotion to and the Supremacy of Mary, the intercession of and devotion to the saints, mandatory celibacy for the clergy, Purgatory, to name just a few.

However, these were practices of the Catholic Church. The Reformers did not believe these practices reflected true Christianity. They only rebelled against the Church. They did not question the authority of the Bible. They did not reject the Deity of Jesus. Their intent was merely to reject anything not contained explicitly in the scriptures, and to follow unwaveringly all things explicitly contained in Scripture. That is the essence of the Reformation.

At last, this brings us to The Burning Question; “What is there to reform in Islam? Behold the answer: NOTHING!”.   As just stated, reform means to restore something to its original form. But, TODAY’S Islam IS in its original form! In theology, in belief, and in practice the religion in 2016 mirrors the religion of 622AD. Nothing. Has. Changed. So, what is there to reform?

That’s why there’s no such thing as an “extremist radical” Muslim, or even a “moderate” Muslim. Someone said a radicalized Muslim will blow you up, while a moderate Muslim will be happy about it. Look … a Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. Qualifiers are irrelevant, and not required — other than a tool used by politicians and media whores to obfuscate, complicate, conceal, perplex, darken, confound, baffle and generally just bullshitting about the religion o peace to the Perpetually Gullible Sheep. Islam simply is. “Oh, they’ll be nice people when they come to America!”, they say. If or when you hear that, just remember this; that’s the biggest lie you will hear in your life. (Other than, “the check is in the mail”, and that other thing.)

The problem with Islam is that it has rotted from the inside. When the core is rotten, the whole apple needs to be discarded … not cut up in an attempt to make it “better”.  Every Muslim alive knows exactly the meaning of “reforming Islam”; it means taking the entirety of his religion apart, piece by piece, discarding, replacing, and adding, and then handing it back to him saying, “Here ya go! Your religion needed some fixing .. well, a major overhaul actually … and we repaired it and made it so much better just for you!” How many Muslims do you think there are in the world who would accept that? One percent? Two percent, on a good day?

And now you know why there cannot be a Muslim Reformation.

Bonus Section #1: AMERICA’S CULTURE vs. SHARIA

It bears repeating (so sorry) that Sharia Law is not something practiced by fringe extremist elements who have supposedly “hijacked” the religion. No! It is a fundamental tenet of the faith held by all mainstream Islamic authorities to be the perfect expression of divine will and justice.  It is a “complete way of life” that mandates social, cultural, military, religious and political norms. In other words, Shariah is a totalitarian ideology that controls all aspects of life

I admit that not all nations with a predominant Muslim population practice Sharia. Turkey, for example, has a “secular” government. Well, I don’t care! Can you guarantee that Sharia will never take hold in Turkey? No, you cannot! All it means is that in Turkey (or any other Muslim dominated country) the necessary ingredients to implementing Sharia have not occurred …. YET. But, the danger is always there. And, you’re a damned fool if you believe America can escape this horrible fate, again, if the right mix of ingredients presents itself. In fact, in some ways, we are already under Sharia.

When we are forced to censor ourselves to avoid “offending” Islam or Muslims, then we have just become dhimmis. We become dhimmis when we change our customs, rules and laws to conform to demands of Muslims, or when a Muslim cleric insists on offending the vast majority of Americans by building a mosque next to Ground Zero. We let these interlopers eat away at our own national ideals, our own personal dignity, our culture, and our way of life while at the same time we apologize for being Americans! The possibility that Sharia can eventually come to America – no matter how small the probability – is enough reason to deny Muslims entrance to this country. You might protest, — “Well, you’re just wrong. Stop exaggerating! That just can never happen in America!”. Sure. The Europeans thought the same thing.

Shariah unequivocally beyond all doubt rejects the fundamental premises of American society and values:

  1. a democratic republic governed by a Constitution written by man
  2. freedom of expression (such as being allowed to reject Shariah)
  3. that the governed have a right to make law for themselves
  4. economic liberty, such as ownership of private property
  5. freedom from cruel and unusual punishments
  6. equal treatment under the law
  7. the pursuit of happiness
  8. freedom of conscience
  9. individual liberty
  10. a FREE people!

Even our Founding Fathers understood the dangers of Islam. John Quincy Adams wrote a 136-page series of essays on Islam addressing the threat facing America via jihad and dhimmitude. —-

“The precept of the koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.”

My goodness! That could have been written in 2016! Nothing has changed (except for the worse). If Adams understood the dangers posed by the Mahomet, why can’t we?

For more information check out this article titled “Were the Founding Fathers “Tolerant” of Islam?here.

Lastly, and briefly, can we smarter Americans please put to rest the notion that jihad is only a “personal struggle” of sacrifice towards God to be the best possible Muslim? Yes, it is that. But, it is much more than just that. Why is it that Muslim apologists always pick-and-choose verses which paint their religion in the best possible light? Why do they purposely withhold from us the other half … for example, the 164 verses that specifically refer to jihad against non-Muslims in terms that include military expeditions, fighting enemies, slaughter, servitude, and distributing the spoils of war?

Let’s fully appreciate, and believe, what a prominent 14th century Muslim theologian had to say about Jihad; —- “Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion.” Ya got that? Can it be stated any simpler? To a Muslim an unrepentant America will always and forever be the target of jihad until the end of time or, or until we submit, whichever comes first.

Yet, a huge portion of Americans continue to live in a state of ignorance and/or denial. Believing that America can continue to allow an unfettered and un-vetted horde of Mahometans to invade our country, and that it will all work out. We are all from somewhere else, they say, a Melting Pot of pure success; Irish and German and Polish and Spanish and Scandinavian and African and from all corners of the globe. See? Ain’t it grand??!! Yet, watch these pie-in-the-sky fools run for the hills as you slay their fantasies with five simple words – “Yea, but they assimilated.”

Watch this video. Then answer me this; “Are these people like previous immigrants?” A very recent poll revealed that a stunning 51% of American Muslims prefer Sharia Law to the Constitution. Be careful America, coming soon to your neighborhood. Oh, wait … it’s already happening.



I’ve already proven that there is no such thing as a “moderate” or “extremist” Muslim. They are all one and the same. Nevertheless, people just love and need a system of classification so, let’s go with the title from a 1966 spaghetti western.

The GOOD Muslim

Good Muslims follow the Koran and the example set forth by Mohammed. Good Muslims are the most likely to become terrorists. For example, political and media whores will shout from the rooftops “The 19 hijackers who wreaked havoc on Sept. 11th were not TRUE Muslims! They were radical extremists!” Are you kidding me? Au contraire! Those people actually practiced perfect faith. They followed the Koran’s call to jihad with perfection, 100% certain that they were doing God’s Will, Allah Snackbar. It is perfect faith which allows a man to kill his own mother because of “apostasy” (Picture above, story here). Be very afraid of the Muslim who strives to follow Islam with his whole heart, soul, and mind.

The BAD Muslim

The bad Muslim shares similar qualities to a bad Christian. They don’t read the Koran regularly, or at all. They rarely go to mosque. Their knowledge of Islam is quite weak. Because they don’t know what’s in the Koran, they usually don’t have ill feelings towards non-Muslims. Like most of us, they just want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit unencumbered by religious gobbledygook. If a Muslim moves in next door, you really want them to be bad Muslim. When people say that they personally know 2.3 Muslims and that they are “just like me!”, they most likely are talking about a bad Muslim.

When people with Muslim friends or acquaintances regale you with touching anecdotal evidences; that his friend doesn’t support jihad, or terrorism, or Sharia, or the burqa, or beating his wife softly with a feather, or whatever … then that can only mean one of two things.

— First, they could be bad Muslims. This is good.

— Secondly, they are a good Muslim, but they are culturally American – meaning, that on the surface they have adopted our beliefs about how an individual should interact with society. This is bad. Most Muslims are smart enough to outwardly adopt their host country’s values as long as the Muslim population is a small minority. Playing nice when you are a minority is the smart and prudent thing to do. However, it is pure foolishness to think that just because they adopt American values, that they are no threat to America. Short-term thinking is Fool’s Gold. The adoption of American values is temporary and strategic. All bets are off once the host country’s Muslim population reaches a tipping point — anywhere from 10% to 20% — and Sweden-ization takes root. Screw you and your Western values! (See below; four stages of Islam Conquest.)

There’s one caveat to be aware of when it comes to bad Muslims. Some bad Muslims – just like a bad Christian — will admit that they are not good Muslims and hope that eventually (after they are done sinning and living it up) they will summon enough faith to become good Muslims. Then you gotta sell your house.

The UGLY Muslim

The ugly Muslim knows the truth about Islam … but lies about it. This is the worst Muslim of all. These people will always portray Islam in the best possible way. They will twist all the heinous verses in the Koran and make them sound reasonable or, they’ll just ignore them, pretending they don’t even exist. They are the ones who make the loudest claims about Islam being “hijacked”, even though know it’s not true. They’ll even agree with you that the good Muslims are bad. They will say that Sharia is a terrible idea. How can this be? How can one say they are a follower of Islam while at the same time not follow Mohammed’s explicitly clear commands? This is fishy, blatantly dishonest and hypocritical. You can’t trust these people. They can try to sugarcoat Islam all they want but, what they can never do is change its nature.


There are four stages of Islam Conquest according to this website.

STAGE 1: INFILTRATION —- Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle. They are under 10% of the population.

STAGE 2:   CONSOLIDATION OF POWER Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts. They have reached 10% of the population.

STAGE 3: OPEN WAR w/ LEADERSHIP & CULTURE Open violence to impose Sharia law and associated cultural restrictions; rejection of host government, subjugation of other religions and customs. They are now 20% of the population.

STAGE 4: Totalitarian ISLAMIC “THEOCRACY” Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology. YOU are now a minority in your own country.

Fortunately, much to the chagrin of followers of the faux religion of Tolerance and Inclusion, the United States is still in Stage 1. If Americans want to keep their freedoms and avoid becoming like Sweden, then the only solution is to demand that Muslims stay out of America. They cannot reform. They will not assimilate. To deny this is, quite frankly, to deny the reality of reams of both current and historical data – and all you politically-correct snowflakes offended by this truth ought to go to Ace Hardware and buy a crowbar and WD-40 Lube in order to remove your heads from your anal regions.

Look, you are sorely mistaken if you think I hate Muslims. I even say a blessing for them from time to time. “May the good Lord mightily bless all Muslims …. and keep them far, far away, from me!”. That’s all I want. You stay there, I’ll stay here. That is not too much to ask! And, I feel that way because Muslims can NOT do what FDR said they must do;

In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Donald Trump, despite all his warts and failings, is the only presidential candidate who understands the danger of Islam. If you value freedom and security for yourself, your children and grandchildren, then consider giving him your vote … for he may be America’s last remaining hope.

Author: Stucky

I'm right, you're wrong. Deal with it.

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  1. Wow. This is a stunning piece of work, Stucky. An absolute tour de force. You have outdone yourself.

    You have managed to weave together all the information that I have seen in the best videos and essays about Islam, and you have done it in a compelling, readable, and extremely persuasive writing style.

    I hope this is picked up and mirrored across the Internet. My hat is off to you.

    I ask everyone to send this link to everyone they know to spread the truth about Islam.

  2. Thanks, Jojimbo!

    I just went to Trump’s website — https://www.donaldjtrump.com/contact/ — and submitted this;


    To Whom It May Concern;

    I have just written an article for a popular website (www.theburningplatform.com) titled “Why Islam Lops Off Heads, Christianity Doesn’t, and Trump Is Right”.

    The article takes a brief look at the the driving force behind the Protestant Reformation, and why Islam is truly incapable of achieving the same. I then examine why Islamic immigration into the Unites States is not a good idea … primarily because their values are so different than ours, and they generally refuse to integrate. I conclude the piece by saying that folks should consider voting for Mr. Trump …. because he is the ONLY candidate who understands the issue, and as such, may be America’s last hope.

    Here is the link to the article: —> http://www.theburningplatform.com/2016/03/23/why-islam-lops-off-heads-christianity-doesnt-and-trump-is-right/

    If you think it can be of use, feel free to distribute and/or copy with complete freedom.

    However, if you do so, please do not use my real name as submitted above. I’m trying to avoid being noticed by the NSA. Ha! Instead, please use my pen name, “Stucky”. Thank You.

    Humbly Submitted,


    Maybe he’ll send me Trump baseball cap!!

  3. Thanks Stuck, I learned some things. Islam is the same indigenous response to western aggression today as it has been since Mohamed. As a defensive tool it has served well enough. I fully agree with your contention that there is no place for unreformed Islam in the west, further, reformation will degrade its usefulness as a defensive tool, therefore pointless.

  4. Stuckers … you better not go into ‘your favourite’ mosque for the next month or two. I’m just saying …..

  5. A little draw from an essay uttered in 2014 by Lt. Colonel Tom Kratman:

    *Defeat is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that has been fulfilled so often at this point that an Arab who didn’t expect it probably ought be locked up for his own good.

    Add in the fantasy mindset. Don’t forget “Insh’allah,” (Which is like “mañana,” but without the sense of urgency) which makes it somewhat impious to train really well since it is all the will of God anyway. Insh’allah also provides an excuse for bad behavior on the battlefield. Add in a set of social values that despise and loathe physical labor.

    Militarily, they’ve got nothing going for them.*

    The title of the essay? “Why Are Arab Armies So Generally Worthless?”

  6. Good Work Stucky ! Make America Great Again ! I hope Trump uses your article. Try sending it to ZeroHedge or maybe Drudge Report !

  7. Sticky amazes me. I don’t think the man ever sleeps. He writes stuff like this takes care of elderly parents and Mrs. Freud. All the other stuff of life gets in there as well. I can’t even imagine the time he has spent seeking God.

    No wonder he is a big grouch ass sometimes. He is a hell of a guy.

  8. A very fine piece of work my friend! I have one comment/question about the interview in Minneapolis. If they would rather be in Somalia, why aren’t they THERE?

  9. Thanks,all. I am ALWAYS humbled when I read your nice comments. Yeah … I have a self-esteem issue. Heh.

    I hope SSS doesn’t give me shit for posting a picture with …. NIPPLES!

    I wonder if cdubya wil have an aneurism reading this.

    Very nice Yojimbo, submitting this to Western Rifle. Others might want to submit it to their favorite web site. Only because one of my goals in writing this stuff is to drive readers to our lovely site.

    Hope this article draws in some old timers missing-in-action.

    G’Night. See y’all tomorrow.

  10. Nice find Tucci.


    Why Are Arab Armies So Generally Worthless?

    As an American soldier, I found that one of the best and most satisfying things about the first Gulf War, the liberation of Kuwait, was that we’d never again have to listen to how great the Israelis were. We’d seen the Arabs, met them, and went through them like a hot knife through butter. What did Tzahal have to teach us?

    It’s a complex set of problems they have, the armies of the Arab world. Here’s a true story that will illustrate a lot of that why. It’s also a story I’ve told before in the essay, Training for War1:

    During Bright Star 85, the Egyptian Army, which is one of the better Arab armies, set up some tents for us as Wadi Natrun, northwest of Cairo. The officer in charge of the detail looked at the Americans, looked at the tents (which were, by the way, better than ours), looked at the Americans…

    He was thinking that an American’s signature on a hand receipt would do him no good if one of those very good and very expensive tents grew legs and went to hide in a shipping container. He put his platoon in formation, held up three fingers, and announced, “I need three guards.”

    Every man reached into his back pocket, pulled out a wallet and began peeling off notes. That is to say, they were offering bribes, baksheesh. The three who came up with the smallest bribes were picked to guard the tents. These three then proceeded to squat by the road, hold hands, and cry like babies.2 And it was sort of understandable that they cried because for the next four days they got no food or water except what our men gave them out of pity; their officer just didn’t care.

    That’s what you fight when you fight Arab armies, and that’s why we went through them like lightning. They’re a collection of demoralized bipedal sheep, usually led by corrupt and connected human filth. Exceptions? Sure there are exceptions; I’ve met a few. That’s why we call them “exceptional.” Shazly, the Egyptian general who got the army across the Suez, was an exception. He’s dead. Baki Zaki Youssef, the then young lieutenant of engineers who figured out how to breach the sand wall on the eastern bank of the Suez is old now. That he’s also a Copt, a Christian, may also suggest something about the problems of the Muslim mass.3

    The Arabs are what the sociologists like to call “amoral familists.” This means that they are nearly or totally incapable of forming bonds of love and loyalty with anyone not a blood relation. Even then, the degree of blood relation determines where loyalty legitimately lies. The saying in the area is: “Me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother and my cousin against the world.” This not only allows a superior to extort baksheesh from non-relations, but identifies him as an idiot – a weak idiot, actually – if he does not.

    The Arab private? He’s no more a coward than anybody else. Indeed, as an individual, I might rate him above, or even substantially above, the human norm. But he is just one man, alone.

    With us, the very broad us within the western military tradition and some eastern military traditions, or with Israelis, who are very western, “It’s all of us against all of them. They’re toast.” With him? With that poor dumb-shit Arab private? “It’s all of them against me alone. I’m toast.” He knows no one in his unit cares about him; after all, he doesn’t care about any of them, either. They’re just not family. So when that private is placed in the loneliest position in the world, the modern battlefield? He runs or surrenders at the first sign things are going badly. (He’ll be fine as long as they are going well, though. Note: Things rarely go well.) Defeat is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that has been fulfilled so often at this point that an Arab who didn’t expect it probably ought be locked up for his own good.

    Add in the fantasy mindset. Don’t forget “Insh’allah,” (Which is like “mañana,” but without the sense of urgency) which makes it somewhat impious to train really well since it is all the will of God anyway. Insh’allah also provides an excuse for bad behavior on the battlefield. Add in a set of social values that despise and loathe physical labor.

    Militarily, they’ve got nothing going for them.4

    This may piss some people off; the Israelis have routinely stomped the Arabs so badly not because the Israelis are so great. In fact, outside of a few units the Israelis are just decent citizen soldier militia, nothing very special. But fighting the Arabs even just decent militia can shine.

    I suggested in footnote four, below, that there is a way to make better Arab units, but it has three severe limitations and problems. The first of these is closely related to what I said above, Arabs rarely if ever can form bonds of loyalty and love with non-blood relations. Hence, one forms units of blood relations. They will fight like hell for each other, their fathers and uncles, their brothers and cousins, and for the glory of the clan. What happens then, though?

    The first problem is that the units so formed are also the power, standing and security of their clan. They can only afford to lose or to risk so much without damaging that power, standing and security. They won’t usually run. Surrender is rare indeed. Still, there comes a point when they simply have to retire in good order.

    The second problem is a problem from the point of view of the government that raises the blood-based units. In an organization that is formed from a clan or tribe, the loyalty of everyone, from the rank and file to the commanding officer, is not to the government. It isn’t to the country, which is a pretty weak concept in the Arab world anyway. Family and faith matter there a great deal; countries little or not at all.

    I don’t know if the third problem is inevitable, but I’ve seen it just about enough to suspect so.

    Watch the commander of a battalion of the Saudi Haras al Watiny, the National Guard.5 Watch how he acts with his driver. Tactfully nose about to see what the familial relationship is with that driver. Odds are, the driver – driving, not being driven, is the prestige and power position amongst the Saudi Arabs – is the battalion commander’s uncle, hence senior in the clan. He is the real battalion commander. He exercises real political control over the battalion. He may let the youngster pretend that said youngster is in charge. The above may differ in details, but the trend generally holds.


  11. That was quite an education. That also required a significant amount of commitment, thought, analysis, reasoning, time, and research.

    This opus of yours is without question your most important post.

    Excellent job….I learned a lot.

  12. How you could expend the mental energy for the research and compilation is beyond me; I couldn’t do it. Glad to see you are on the Trump wagon, even if it is solely for one item that he espouses.

    And, I do like your humor sprinkled throughout.

  13. Excellent work Stucky. Your self esteem shall be renewed!

    The piece is correct and true. I have in laws in Minneapolis/St Paul

    and my son went to college there…the Ami on the street video

    is very telling and proves the point. I agree with you on every point!

    Very refreshing to see these points in print.


  14. Stucky, truly epic. I wish I had half the writing talent you and several others who call this place home possess. A couple of runs through this thing and I will know more about izzlam than I ever thought nessesary. Hats off.

  15. Good job Stucky and thank you.

    I have an idea for your next project: Could you please trace the first invasion of Europe by the Islamic hordes prior to the Middle Ages and what it took for the Europeans to beat them back (the nature of the Crusades)? If I recall, it took the Muslims about 400-800 years to accomplish their conquest. I think we would find that most interesting.

  16. “And then one day, along came Martin Luther – and he changed everything.”
    —-Stucky in his article

    Correct. This pious Augustinian monk did change everything. Did you also know that he was quite anti-Semitic? As in very? Then again, it was the 1500s. Context is everything.

    “I hope SSS doesn’t give me shit for posting a picture with …. NIPPLES!”
    —-Stucky in his article

    Not at all. Art is art.

    BTW, Stucky, I don’t know how you and especially Admin do it. Admin has been doing the heavy lifting for so-o-o-o-o long, I think the visitors MAY forget his efforts, which are laser focused on our fucked up government. You generally compliment his articles with both entertaining, informative, and well-researched subjects such as the above.

    The visitors here, I among them, owe you both a vote of thanks. Unless you post a piece of shit with which I disagree of course. Then all bets are off.

  17. Very nice. Very scholarly. Your best ever.

    Guess you are going for Trump. Good idea. He is not perfect, but he is better than more of the same.

  18. If you had written this three moths ago I wouldn’t have had to take that slog through the Koran. Very difficult read that made my Winter darker than it actually was and I am pretty sure that I missed most of the subtler points- if there were any.

    Nice job.

  19. Wow, every American should read this and be tested over it. One of the reasons I do love this site. Thanks you for your effort Stucky.

  20. Stucky’s greatest post ever, among many great ones. Admin, please keep this post current- at the top of the list of recent posts.

    Wish I had more time this morning to discuss this post further.

  21. One important aspect of Islam, in my opinion, is that Mohammed (piss be upon him) essentially hijacked monotheism.

    He managed to jump on a moving train (Christianity) that was gathering steam in the Middle East, and he convinced people that he was the next step after the New Testament.

    Mohammed (piss be upon him) was a con man, a grifter, a swindler, who figured out that he could manipulate people by perverting Christianity.

    And that is what is missing in the world-wide discussion of Islam – that it is a HERESY, a perversion of Christianity.

    Mohammed was a disgusting, revolting, reprehensible human being who made up the word of Allah as he needed it to get what he desired. As such, it was essentially EVIL.

    The best parts of Islam are taken directly from Christianity. The worst parts (i.e. the majority) is taken from the life of Mohammed (piss be upon him).

  22. Now that was some serious edumication. Brilliant. Thanks Stucky. Better put on that tactical vest for a bit maybe.

  23. From the Zero Hedge article linked early in Stucky’s piece:

    “The District Court of Falun established that several men had taken part in the attack, but the District Attorney was unable to prove who had done what. Therefore, only one man was convicted of aggravated rape, and sentenced to five years in prison. The others were sentenced to only 10 months in prison for helping to conceal a serious criminal offense. After serving their time, the men will be allowed to stay in Sweden.”

    I don’t know whether Sweden has capital punishment. Whether or not such punishment is an option there, the court was astonishingly lenient to the one rapist found guilty of aggravated rape. Five years for aggravated rape is a slap on the wrist.

    Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is, IMO, the only sane alternative to the death penalty for the crime of rape, especially in a case of gang rape. Further, allowing any of the other participants to remain in the country after serving 10 months is just asking for more gang rapes from these morally retarded bags of shit.

    OK, I’m going to read the rest of Stuck’s piece now.

  24. Excellent piece stucky!
    You didnt have to do much to convince me but i also learned a lot.
    Great work, hope this spreads and starts some shit-hurricanes on sites where the readership that dont already know the truth.

  25. Stucky, very nicely done. Excellent work deserving of the compliments already offered.

    Just one question…was the following sentence an intentional Joe Biden moment?

    “Yet, watch these pie-in-the-sky fools run for the hills as you slay their fantasies with five simple words – “Yea, but they assimilated.”

  26. Thanks, Stucky, for a most thought-provoking theme. At the risk of provoking anger amongst your audience, I must disagree with your line of reasoning.

    First, I would say that you cannot judge a religion by the cowards and fanatics that claim to adhere to it. Those people simply do not represent the spiritual dimensions of those religions. That is true of any era, any place. Can you judge Christianity by the greatest crimes committed against humanity just 70 years ago by reformed or RCC Christians – I’m talking of course about the genocide of 7m Jews in (reformed) Europe. Of course not: those people entirely lacked any Christian virtue. Do you think the bombers in Europe ever attended mosques, or studied the Quran, or are ever mindful of God? I don’t think so – what we know of them doesn’t lead anyone to that conclusion.

    Second, it helps if we all look at ourselves and our own countries to improve proper behaviour. For example, one country has been virtually ceaselessly at war since the 1940s. It has the largest exports of military equipment. According to a certain Mr Trump, it went to war in Iraq on a pretext. Does that make Americans complicit in the deaths of so many Iraqis, so many civilians? It’s easier to lash out at others, rather than examine our own failings,

    Indeed, Islam, because it is spiritual, calls this examination and change of ourselves “the greater Jihad”. Far greater than all these “lesser jihads”.

  27. nkit


    I originally wrote (really) — “Yea, but they fucking assimilated.” Then when I edited it, I thought that I should take it out the f-word because some sites might reject it for just that word. That’s one reason this was difficult to write …. 6,700 words, and only one “fuck”! It’s like I was tongue tied.

  28. Colin- While it is easy for me to agree with your assertions of western aggression in Islamic lands, are you honestly refuting the premis of the article? That is, Islam and the west are fundamentally incompatible cultures, best left seperate.

  29. Can you judge Christianity by the greatest crimes committed against humanity just 70 years ago by reformed or RCC Christians – I’m talking of course about the genocide of 7m Jews in (reformed) Europe

    The “Church’s” crime is that it was silent. We cannot be SILENT about the destruction of Western Culture & civilization. If we are we deserve what we get.

    The church was already dead and dying in Europe at the time. It was Christian in culture only. The few true Christians that were left in Europe at the time gave their lives standing up to the Nazi’s. The death of the evangelical and reformed church in Europe has become the death of Europe in one generation.

    That is exactly what is coming to the USA. It will come in our grandchildren’s generation (for those of us over 50) if we do not stand and fight the evil that is before us today. We are one generation away from everything the reformers lived and died for evaporating into the dustbin of history.

    Thankfully, I believe that history is His-Story so in the end God will never leave Himself without a true witness in the world.

    Luke 21:25-31

  30. I would hold off about Christainity being without flaw. Remember the (Un)Holy Crusades, the (Un)Holy Inquisition, the witch burnings/torture.hangings….

    Beheading is much less painful than those!

  31. ” Remember the (Un)Holy Crusades, the (Un)Holy Inquisition, the witch burnings/torture.hangings….”

    Michael, aren’t those examples you give things done by the RCC before the Reformation? Stucky’s article deals with Christianity after the Reformation.

  32. Well, it is nice to see Michael Rivero showing up on The Burning Platform.

    However, Michael needs to read for comprehension. Where in the article does it say that Christianity is without a flaw?

    I have respect for WhatReallyHappened, but Mr. Rivero needs to read a little of the tenor of The Burning Platform before he disgraces himself with such absolutely stupid, ignorant, and ill-informed remarks.

    Just so he understands, the author of the article, Stucky, is entirely irreverent and usually offensive towards religion and Christianity. This article, however, deals with the Reformation of one, and the lack of it of the other, and compares the two to illustrate the failings of the latter.

    Please, Michael, join us, but not with such asinine comments.

  33. All this now… will be in the rear view mirror of the masses shortly.. Biblical Wrath is approaching.
    GOD is about to kick of the 7YR Trib Party…

  34. “First, I would say that you cannot judge a religion by the cowards and fanatics that claim to adhere to it. Those people simply do not represent the spiritual dimensions of those religions.”
    ———- Colin

    Can’t disagree with that. BUT, where in the article do I focus ONLY on the “cowards and fanatics”? I think what I wrote (I’ll have to ask myself) has to do with Islam in it’s entirety.
    “Second, it helps if we all look at ourselves and our own countries to improve proper behaviour. For example, one country has been virtually ceaselessly at war since the 1940s”
    ———- Colin

    Can’t disagree with that. BUT, what does that have to do with my article? What do ceaseless wars have to do with the premise and conclusion of the article?

    In essence, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  35. So Stoopy came out of embarassed hiding after his stoopid Venn diagram. Got comments? Boy that disappeared from BP fast!
    This is the longest, most moronic trash written. Read the Talmud, pal. Oh you can’t go there…….pussy!

    Catholic church invented torture during the Inquisition, remember that. Maybe they don’t excommunicate divorced people anymore, but they do bugger little boys and they do conceal and protect the buggerers.

    We’re all the same. The world would be a better place if we looked more at our similarities than our differences.

  36. “I would hold off about Christainity being without flaw.” ——— Michael Rivero

    First of all, it’s spelled Christianity.

    Second … WTF??? Are you on drugs?

    Where in the hell did I say Christianity was without flaw? Not that it matters because the historical references were for CONTEXT, while the main emphasis concerns the HERE AND NOW. Meanwhile, you bring up some tired old bullshit about witch burnings that happened HUNDREDS of years ago. How dishonest can one be?
    “Remember the (Un)Holy Crusades ..” ———- Michael Rivero

    See all the red dots? Those are all Muslim conquests before the Crusades.


    Do you know what that means? It means that without the Crusades ALL of Europe would have been an Islamic conquest. But, you wouldn’t have a problem with that … since Christianity is so eeevil, and loping of heads is so painless. Read a book, ya fucking dumbass!!

    You know, I have your website bookmarked, and I’d visit about once a week. Now that I know you’re intellectually challenged, I think I’ll just remove that bookmark. Too bad, the IQ on your website just went down 30 points.

  37. “Catholic church invented torture during the Inquisition ….” ——– Rife (with lunacy)

    Occurred TWO THOUSAND years ago. Rife doesn’t think this is torture.

    “We’re all the same.” ———— Rife

    Ummmmm ….. NO! For example, you’re a retard. Henceforth, and forever more, you shall be known as Rife Da Retard. Wear it with pride!

  38. An Ode To Stucky:

    He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool — shun him.
    He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child –teach him.
    He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep — awaken him.
    But he who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man — follow him

    (Sufi Proverb)

  39. It’s difficult being a Social Justice Warrior, feelings and cherry picked disinformation combine to form a douche patina on ones arguments. In our current social lighting, these patinas are really starting to glow.

  40. ” In our current social lighting, these patinas are really starting to glow.”

    Very aptly stated. That paints a picture.

  41. Mohammed was in it for the pussy – just like most cult leaders: Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, Warren Jeffs, David Koresh, Charles Manson, etc.

    Libtards with their “coexist” should consider Islam like Charles Manson’s group having taken over 1/4 of the world. Only 1,000 times worse.

  42. It seems many experts concur that Martin Luther was the third most influential person of the last millennium. Some place him after Thomas Edison and Christopher Columbus, whereas others place him after Johannes Gutenberg and Sir Isaac Newton.

    In any case, there can be no denying the Protestant Reformation definitely launched upon the wings of Gutenberg’s printing press. There was much political turmoil in the 1500’s as German princes desired to break from Rome to rule their own states and as the plebes began to organize against feudalism.

    Luther’s translation of the Bible to German allowed for separate churches and masses to be celebrated in their own language. These reformers were called “protest-ants” (against Roman Catholicism).

    Like a fire, the free-flowing of ideas could not be stopped. To me, this is reminiscent of the internet today.

    It is also interesting to note that Luther’s wife (Katharina von Bora) was an ex-Nun who later ran a brewery. Luther was a lucky guy! In fact, he liked to party. He would drink beer and spout off many quotes and comments (sometimes irreverent) with various friends and students around his dinner table that later became published as a collection named “Table Talk”.

    Probably not much different than TBP today, I suppose. Except the table is larger and we all can’t see each other.

    Good stuff, Stucky.

  43. Sorry but by this reason the Catholic Church would still be advocating capital punishment which they do not by reasoning that we can now lock up even our most hardened criminals, thus giving them more time to repent and save their soul. According to Catholic Answers, Canon law has always forbidden clerics to shed human blood and therefore capital punishment has always been the work of the officials of the State and not of the Church.

    The sole reason that Islam is not reformable is that it does not accept God’s mercy made available through Jesus’s sacrifice. They don’t have Jesus to pay for those sins and fulfill the law, not abolish it.

    God Bless

  44. Violence is the only language that can be spoken when two ideologies are so diametrically opposed.

  45. Stucky,

    Great job – if I owned my own university I’d give you a position in it as head of the deptartment for religious studies. Blown Away.


  46. Where does it say in the Bible that it has to be in the Bible? Is this a manmade rule or tradition? This is a serious question that I really need an answer too. Thank You!

  47. Well done Stucky, I mean that will all sincerity. You probably will not take praise from a “skinhead” such as myself, but I must admit I was very impressed with this article.

    My only question would be, who is facilitating the mass migration of Muslims into Western civilization? Who benefits by having them live amongst us?

    As I stated above, well done.

  48. Wow! Once again, being a regular reader/commenter on TBP pays off big time for me. This isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last time that an article or comment on TBP has filled a significant gap in my knowledge and/or understanding, and my perspective suddenly clicks into place.

    In this case, I have been struggling with the issue of the silence of the ‘decent’ Muslims in the wake of all these barbaric atrocities being committed in the name of Islam. I had accepted that there were surely ‘decent people like me who believed in the one true God”. NOT ANYMORE!

    Stucky, I believe you have cut to heart of the truth about Islam, and it is lamentable that there is no real prospect for any meaningful reform. So, starting today, let’s call Islam what it really is:


    I say we deal with it accordingly!

  49. I see that TBP has not changed much. A nest of racist, homophobic vipers that attack any one who has the temerity to contradict their thinking. Tour de Force? More like Tour de Fart. A lot of hot air ignoring a lot of History. So, the Reformation was the point where Christians confessed their sins and all past sins were forgiven? After that, why we were nothing like these blood thirsty Muslims of today! You might want to ask those indigenous people who populated the New World when the “Christians” arrived. Read Eduardo Galeano’s “The Memory of Fire”. for the atrocities committed by Christians, the roasting of humans, feeding them to the dogs (literally), genocide on an epic scale, millions dead and all for gold.
    If that is not enough continue on to the American Indians, the slave trade, etc. all after the purifying Reformation. The Vietnam War with the 2-4 Million S.E. Asians killed in the most grisly manner imaginable. Muslims are pikers when it comes to killing innocents. Muslims committed 27,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11. No mention of the daily drone attacks that kill innocents or the estimated 4 million dead Arabs since we began to attack Iraq? Radical Islam is the bastard child of our misguided foreign policy. If we were a manly nation, we would own our sins instead of trying to blame another. Stucky’s essay is a piece of hatred that he is trying to disguise as some kind of intellectual endeavor.

    1. Thank God the intellectually challenged sub 85 IQ liberal douchebag demographic has been aptly represented by B. What would we do without his tremendous contributions to the site? Aren’t you late for a Bernie rally or a SJW protest?

  50. Admin

    Stucky did not have enough comments. I had to stir the pot.

    Someone has to defend Western Civilization.

    1. Stuck’s post is doing phenomenally well, whether it has comments or not. It already has over 6,000 views.

  51. And I managed to stir the pot enough so that “B” has come out of the woodwork.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  52. some believe that islam is an invention of the kkkatholic church in order to be able to attack israel with impunity. seems to be some evidence for that view.

  53. The author clearly does not understand Scripture, as he denies the inspiration of the Hebrew scriptures when he criticizes the more severe moral code, while not understanding that the reason for such a high moral standard and consequences, was the presence of God himself with Israel from the time of the Exodus to the Babylonia captivity, then the Ark was taken from the Temple. While correct as to Islam, his lack of Biblical understanding moots everything that he has to say.

  54. Yes, you just explained why cultures do not have the “Jesus” believe YOU must die for their SINS. See this in many ancient cultures including Islam.

    But Christians realize that their Jesus DIED for their sins and no other human sacrifice was required.

    Those that do have been brainwashed by Satan and explains why they are BLOOD thirsty for your necks.

  55. B @ 6:45 pm says: “Radical Islam is the bastard child of our misguided foreign policy.”

    Wrong. It is the child of the false prophet Muhammad and his unholy Koran long before the U.S. ever existed. If you go back in history, you will find that the Musloids definatativly are not “pikers’.

  56. @B- labeling those that frequent TBP racists and homophobes is incredibly inaccurate. I have some strong beliefs in regards to race and have used slurs/ deeply disparaging remarks unabashedly when discussing certain people, yet every time I do, many members on here rip me for it. I make no apologies for my beliefs, but labeling everyone here with a term they might not be comfortable with is rather cowardly.

  57. Colin says: “According to a certain Mr Trump, it went to war in Iraq on a pretext. Does that make Americans complicit in the deaths of so many Iraqis, so many civilians? It’s easier to lash out at others, rather than examine our own failings,

    Indeed, Islam, because it is spiritual, calls this examination and change of ourselves “the greater Jihad”. Far greater than all these “lesser jihads”.
    Utter bullshit. This is typical liberal dodge/weave–address the issue by deflection. Our “own failings” didn’t cause the Caliphate–there doctrine says they must slay all non-believing Infidels (that includes YOU, Colin!).

    Islam is spiritual? What’s spiritual about treating women as they do? Putting their children in front of them when faced with danger? They are soulless.

    @Stucky – can this get over to some European websites? They need to read this, too.

  58. Rife says: “We’re all the same. The world would be a better place if we looked more at our similarities than our differences.”
    No, we’re not all the same. Maybe biologically, but not ideology-wise.

    Your simple mind is frightful. Please stay home in front of your Bernie/Hillary/Obama shrine.

  59. “The author clearly does not understand Scripture, as he denies the inspiration of the Hebrew scripture” ———–Ad


    I see the retards have escaped the asylum. Nowhere did I deny “the inspiration of the Hebrew scripture”. Dumbass,

  60. Th seven “noahide laws” will be a cause in lopping heads off also .

    What you see in islam is the ENACTING of the seven “noahide laws”

    Islam is already in complete COMPLIANCE with the seven “noahide laws”

    Why are islam and judaism so similar ?

    Because they are both of the FLESH and not of SPIRIT

  61. The more I see of Arabs the less I think of them. By having studied them a good deal I have found out the trouble. They are the mixture of all the bad races on earth, and they get worse from west to east, because the eastern ones have had more crosses.

    — George S. Patton, Letter to Frederick Ayers (5 May 1943), published in The Patton Papers 1940-1945 (1996) edited by Martin Blumenson, p. 243

  62. @Tucci- you should research what General Patton thought of the Arab’s Semitic cousin, the Jew. It is definitely eye-opening material, especially in regards to their behavior following World War II.

  63. This article has holes in it . The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church split in 1054 A.D. They are not in communion together for a lot of reasons.You need to study history of the Eastern Church and what caused the Great Schism.The Roman Catholic Church wanted run and control the whole church, even though it was evident from the scriptures that Christ is the only head. The Eastern Church does not believe in the infallibility of the pope or in purgatory. All men are sinners and all have to repent even the Priest.

  64. “you should research what General Patton thought of the Arab’s Semitic cousin, the Jew.”

    You mean eevul joos or regyoolah joos?

  65. “This article has holes in it .” Your objection is nit-picking triviality. The article is NOT to precisely define the exact history and nature of the Catholic church and whatever offshoots; it’s to point out the differences between Islam and Christianity (all versions)!

    Go back and read it again, for comprehension. Or clean out your toenails, which have as much to do with the discussion as your comment.

  66. Anon,

    Stucky can defend himself but I’d simply like to say that failing to mention the schism between the RCC and the Eastern Orthodox Churches does not represent “holes” in the article. It is irrelevant to the topic at hand and would be little more than a side bar for additonal discussion if it were to be added (although I’m not sure why you’d want to). The article is not about the schism, moreover history and the rest of us are already aware of the subject in general. It simply is not related to the topic here. It’s like you are trying to create an arguement or conflict where there is none. Either you didn’t read closely for comprehension or you have issues with logic, context and continuity.


  67. Not a bad article but again a sad laugh at all the Yank religious nut jobs jerking off to Lord Stucky.

    Not once- in that overlong article did Stucy refer to the FACT that the USA & allies have brought this terrorism on themselves by their actions over the past 30 + years by invading Muslim Countries. It was always COWARDLY – attacking 3rd World Countries that could hardly fight back. Those Countries have been left in ruin -totally destroyed . millions killed & maimed — – and you NEED a long winded article to fathom WHY ?

    You low class Yanks feel proud -don’t ya ? Land of the free – -ha ha ha Gag gag spew. Well you’ve earned the hatred – hope you enjoy all your freedom cause it isn’t safe now for Yanks to go overseas. Plus it’s not even safe for you from your own Government. $tiff shit ! Lick it up.

  68. James says: Not a bad article but again a sad laugh at all the Yank religious nut jobs jerking off to Lord Stucky.

    James, you need to go suck some Arab dick. You could not be more wrong in one short statement. Stucky would laugh to hear himself called Lord. Also, nobody is jerking off to his person or writing. It is simply that folks recognize a truth-teller, if somebody had told you guys all this, maybe you would have nixed the open borders experiment.

  69. Stucky – what a brilliant piece! This must have taken a long time to put together, and I thank you for that. Very educational and, I believe, nails the truth to the wall.

    The Afghan men in the following video were just regular people, not so-called “extremists”, and yet look at what happens to this woman! Everybody should see this.


    Great job, Stucky!

  70. James – I think that Stucky has been scathing in his attacks on the average American (and what Americans and the rest of their NATO puppets have done in Third World countries is unconscionable), but Americans hardly hold the title of “attacking those who could hardly fight back”. Islam has certainly done its fair share of slaughtering and slaving, don’t you think?

    God comes from within. It’s what the idiots who wrote the Bible didn’t understand, and no doubt what Mohammed failed to understand as well. When Mohammed couldn’t convert people, he just got down and dirty (kind of like the U.S. and its puppets do): “Like what I’m saying, or so help me, you’re going to die!” You’re never going to find God in a book and listening to some preacher or Imam. It comes from within. That is what Jesus Christ was trying to teach.

    All religions are useless, just another way of making people conform to a power held in a few people’s hands. Same old.

  71. backwardsevolution says: God comes from within. It’s what the idiots who wrote the Bible didn’t understand,

    The ignorance of some folks is astounding. I don’t keep a list of idiots or nutjobs, I usually just remember who said something I liked or something worth keeping but I guess a list would help to tell rational people from some of the freaks here.

    I made the mistake of attending a gathering of new-agers who spoke this way, one guy commented, ‘people say we’re witches’. They prayed in a circle while holding hands to a god they called ‘higher self’.
    The leader of the group gave answers provided by higher self to those who asked important business questions like, can I safely fire this person?

    I was also the only brown guy there in a group of less than 20 folks.

  72. El Coyote – I’m not into the “higher self” bullshit, new-age crap, but I’m also not into organized religion. Both rely on someone else telling you how to live, what to think, what constitutes a good person. They sit there like mindless drones, and for many, the only thing that keeps them in line is that they heard someone tell them something was wrong. It doesn’t come from within themselves; it comes from outside of them, from someone else. Unless it comes inherently from yourself, it means nothing. This is what I think Jesus was trying to say.

  73. Yojimbo

    That’s just awesome! Admin once said sites tend not to pick up articles over 3k words, so I didn’t think it would be picked up at all.

    Thank you for submitting it.

  74. “Lord Stucky.” ———- James

    Why do you call me “Lord”? There is but one Lord ….. and it’s not me! The real Lord is going to send your ass to hell for saying that.

    “Not once- in that overlong article did Stucy refer to the FACT that the USA & allies have brought this terrorism on themselves by their actions over the past 30 + years by invading Muslim Countries ….” ————James

    1. On too many instances to count here on TBP, I have said exactly that. If I’m at my son’s wedding, and some foreign interloper decides to drop smart bombs on it killing dozens of my family, then I would become a terrorist MYSELF! I get that.

    2. But, even so, your comment ignores the fact that Islam has practiced terrorism from its inception. What excuses do you make for them in all those instances?

    3. This article was NOT about terrorism. I know it was “overly long”. But, you might consider rereading it, this time for comprehension.

  75. Stucky

    I sent a email to Gates of Vienna asking them to publish it. They said they would put it in the queue.

  76. “Stucky

    You made western rifle shooters association this morning.”

    Hey, I think that might make Stucky a Southerner, or at least a Copperhead. Good for when you move south, Stucky.

  77. Stucky,

    Very well done. Seems everything that could be said about your article has already been said…

    Question: Are you going to give credit to Dr. Bill Warner for using his slides? The one with the dots that shows how many attacks Islam has made on the West? It’s from his video “Why We Are Afraid”…

  78. Billy

    Hi and thanks.

    In another thread from a few days ago I said it was good to see you back … cuz you were absent for some time …. and I was concerned ….. and I asked how you were feeling. Well, you’re “back”, so I assume all is A-Ok. Cool.

    Well, I actually didn’t use Dr. Bill Warner’s slide in the article. But, yes, he gets all the credit. My article owes a debt of gratitude to MANY. I used an enormous amount of references. If I were submitted this as a college term-paper the bibliography would be several pages long.

    Good to read your comments again, Billy.

  79. I enjoyed the article. Well thought. Well written.

    I tend to fact check articles, mostly the ones that resonate truth to me so I checked your Biblical scripture references as I couldn’t recall where there is Mosaic (?) law for killing a woman that has been raped. I read all comments and no one else questioned this so maybe I am missing something. I think you said capital punishment for “girls raped within city limits” I understood from the scripture reference that a woman that is accosted but does not cry out for help, gets axed like the aggressor. I can only think that this would be a smart move to discourage the scenario where “oh, hey, yeah, um, so you caught us doing the wild thing, well, so, Abu here, um raped me, yeah rape” I am sure you follow what I am getting at.

    Seems to me a fail safe to discourage promiscuity for both parties as well as to protect the male from getting whacked if the female throws down the rape card. I would enjoy reading your reply.

    Lastly, not here enough to know who you are but I gather this is your site? Anyway, I have you bookmarked as one of my founts of knowledge I go to. I especially enjoyed the 4th turning series.

  80. Stucky – Finally got a chance to read the article, thank you for the education and enlightenment about Islam all in one concise piece. Well done and very informative, as always we appreciate your effort.

  81. B., while it is true that the secular (but mostly Christian) military forces of the US and it’s followers have committed and continue to commit atrocities against anyone who stands in their way (many of whom are Moslems) that fact is not relevant to the valid question as to the wisdom of allowing Moslem populations to grow in secular states due to a fear that the Moslem population will come to dominate. This is an important question that sadly is off-limits for public discussion these days.

    You are quite correct that TBP is largely a forum for hate speech and group think, as evidenced by the comments on this article. (and energetically enforced by the intellectual thug supreme; Lord Admin) Stucky is clearly part of that mindset. Having said that, this particular article raises excellent points and deserves to be critiqued separately.

    PS where is the link to the Swedish article?

    1. Stuck

      I wouldn’t ban Cdubs or B. How else could we get to witness the warped, illogical, asinine, hateful, socialist, demented mindset of liberals in all its glory? Neither has added one iota of substance to any dialogue on TBP. They just drop by and take a shit and then move on back to Huffington Post where they can circle jerk with other low IQ liberals.

      They believe in free speech when they agree with the speech. Anything contrary to their warped beliefs is hate speech and everyone is a racist. You wonder where stereotypes of SJWs come from? Just watch Cdubs and B in action.

  82. “You are quite correct that TBP is largely a forum for hate speech and group think, as evidenced by the comments on this article. (and energetically enforced by the intellectual thug supreme; Lord Admin)”

    Just fuckin’ ban this ass clown.

  83. “I checked your Biblical scripture references as I couldn’t recall where there is Mosaic (?) law for killing a woman that has been raped.” ————— Inconsequential

    Huh! Why? You even mentioned the occasion in your post.

    “If a young woman who is a virgin is betrothed to a husband, and a man finds her in the city and lies with her, then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and you shall stone them to death with stones, the young woman because she did not cry out in the city, and the man because he humbled his neighbor’s wife; so you shall put away the evil from among you. But if a man finds a betrothed young woman in the countryside, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die.” ——— Deuteronomy 22:23-25

    Seems pretty clear cut to me; a woman is raped …. she’s in the city …. she’s put to death …. but if the same incident occurs in the countryside, only the man dies.

    Spin the “reasons” any way you want but, ….. those are the facts. That chapter makes distinctions between “legitimate” or “field” rape, and rapes that never happened, or “city rape”, etc. To us Westerners it’s one of the most bizarre chapters in all of the Bible.

  84. backwardsevolution says: I’m not into the “higher self” bullshit, new-age crap, but I’m also not into organized religion. Both rely on someone else telling you how to live, what to think, what constitutes a good person. They sit there like mindless drones, and for many, the only thing that keeps them in line is that they heard someone tell them something was wrong. It doesn’t come from within themselves; it comes from outside of them, from someone else. Unless it comes inherently from yourself, it means nothing. This is what I think Jesus was trying to say.

    I don’t mean to say you are into Higher Self, I mean that I heard that kind of talk before. I wanted to say that it isn’t new, it comes from new age thought which is merely a corruption of the gospel. bb can tell you better than I can, corruption comes from within, where all sorts of sinful ideas are born. Nobody can be good of himself.

    You anti-god guys really ought to compare notes. One asshole said recently that ‘we are Satan’. Now you are somehow claiming that we are God because ‘God comes from within’. Sheeesh.

    So you hate organized religion, who doesn’t? America was birthed by organized religion hating Pilgrims who came here seeking freedom from pre-packaged religious rituals.

  85. Admin

    Ok. Good points.

    But, when he referred to you as — “intellectual thug supreme; Lord Admin” — I just wanted to reach through the screen and throttle that chick-necked cocksucker. Pissed me off. You know how I am.

    Of course, he’s a tough guy and thinks I couldn’t accomplish that task. But, we both know he’s wrong.

    1. Stuck

      I’ll pinpoint his whereabouts by tracking his IP. Then we’ll venture into the great white north and teach the motherfucker how to pronounce his Ohs. He’ll probably report you to the Canadian Mounties for threatening his safe space.

  86. Stucky,

    If you ban them then TBP and its posters become no better than the morons and fascists that operate places like Salon, Huff post and the CBC. Besides if they’re paying attention and posting here then it means you wrote something that scares them and the establishmnet they support. What better way to tell the establishmnet to go fuck itself than to simply tell the truth and let it rip and flow.

    I say let the mentally challenged stay and make fools of themselves. Besides – it’s entertaining.


  87. Stucky

    Not only the best article but the most important you’ve ever posted.

    Islam propagates by way of deception lies and coercion. It collapses under close examination; truth is the enemy of Islam.

    There will be those that read your article and decide to learn more and the more they learn the less they will be deceived by the bull shit sound bites such as “Islam is a religion of peace”.

    America needs to wake up and recognize the danger of the evil that is infiltrating this country. Your article is an important step in that process.

    Thank you for all your hard work! You did good my friend.

  88. Cdubbya – if you’re looking for good Swedish rapefest articles, start with this one. Lots of pool party fun.

    “In 2015, when roughly 163,000 asylum seekers came to Sweden, the problems at public pools increased exponentially. More than 35,000 young people, so-called “unaccompanied refugee children,” arrived — 93% of whom are male and claim to be 16-17 years old. To prevent complete idleness, many municipalities give them free entrance to the public pools.”

    Big mistake there!

    “It seems unlikely that Swedish politicians will start deporting sex offenders. The politicians seem convinced that some education on “equality” will change the ways of men, who, since childhood, have been taught that it is the responsibility of women not to arouse them — and therefore the woman’s fault if the man feels like raping her. Such a shift in attitude seems as likely as if a Swede visiting Saudi Arabia would suddenly renounce alcohol just because it is forbidden there. The Swede would follow the rules as long as somebody was watching, and then take every opportunity to drink his schnapps, because it is a thousand-year-old Swedish tradition, and something most Swedes feel is agreeable as well as just.”


    “On January 15, a local paper, Kungälvsposten, wrote that two girls had been sexually assaulted in an elevator at the Oasen public pool Oasen, in Kungälv. The two suspected perpetrators are “unaccompanied refugee children.” Jonas Arngården, Municipal Director of Social Affairs, told the paper: “This shows that we need to step up the work concerning issues of equality and interaction among our new arrivals, in schools as well as at the asylum houses.”

    The poor Swedes think that “education” is going to make the difference, that additional work involving issues of “equality and interaction” needs to happen. Yes, you Swedish fools, that’ll make the difference (not!)


    Here’s my question: what happened to the friggin’ Vikings? They went limp.

  89. I don’t call queers “nigger” often but when I do, I suggest B and Cdubs go fuck each other.
    It’s amazing how freely Cdubs and B can spout their hatred of free speech here.
    They want to paint TBP with the monochrome brush of haters.

  90. Cdubbya – “You are quite correct that TBP is largely a forum for hate speech and group think…” Didn’t God say something like, “Let there be light”?

    The Burning Platform shines light on taboo topics, asks questions that few dare to ask, uncovers lies, and tries to bring some truth to a dark world. I don’t always agree, but at least we get to voice our opinions on topics that the MSM NEVER touch.

    You don’t ever get to the truth without making lots of mistakes, stirring up the pot. That’s what TBP does.

  91. Stucky- As I predicted, a article done in the style that only you can do.

    The scary part for me is that we Americans are but 5% of the world population while the mooslimfuks are a whopping 23% and multiply like rabbits. Imagine 25 years from today ,not a good scenario if you add up the numbers.

    Also, how sick is this thing with Joos and mooslims finding 6 year olds acceptable sexual partners?
    The Elders of Zion declared goy little girls are fair game as long as they are at least 4 years of age.

    The big question is how do you win against the invasion of the mentally diseased? Have the gates of hell been opened on us?

  92. Hi Guys,
    I really should be getting on with more worthwhile activities (working, prepping, gardening, family) but baiting you people is just way too much fun (some say I am a master at the art).

    Stucky, I said TBP is largely a forum for hate speech and group think, not totally a forum for hate speech and group think.
    To wit, there are 160-odd comments for this article, I think there are about 3 or 4 dissenting opinions and you pour forth bile upon them like they raped your grandma. The other 157 comments uniformly bark in favour like trained seals while offering up a slew of mindlessly anti-moslem ‘cartoons’ and quotes (some of which, like Ayaan Hirsi Alli, are entirely valid).
    Looks like hate speech and group think to me.

    And now you are both threatening me with physical violence – how utterly appropriate for champions of free speech and free thought. Meanwhile I have never called for you guys to be shut down – I think it’s great that your mindsets are publicly visible.

    I also praised the article and thank you for helping me think more deeply about the implications of large scale Moslem immigration, but I guess in your haste to loosen your bile you missed that. By the way, can you really “reach through the screen and throttle” me? I better watch my mouth!

    I am sorry if I offended you by calling your buddy Admin a thug but if you read his replies to my comments he always ignores my questions and resorts to childish name calling. I appreciate a good insult but the faggot/asshole/cocksucker/etc. invective is soooo boring. Admin please try and do better in the future.

    In closing I would like to say that there is an important distinction between a sober, rational decision to protect your culture by excluding a defined group and mindlessly hating them and all they stand for. The second path leads to pogroms, slavery and genocide. Is that where you really want to go?

    Good Friday to you all.

    1. Cdubs is having some butthurt. He writes 40 paragraphs and says absolutely nothing. Another shit dump of invective with no substance. What are you prepping for Cdubs? The world is a happy diverse place where socialists redistribute wealth and make everyone happy. No need to prep. Your beloved government will take care of you. Invite over a few Moslems for dinner and tell us how it goes. Is your black mechanic a Moslem? Now get back to your safe space and call everyone who has an opposing opinion a racist. That’s what you do best. Right Cdubs.

      We’re coming to get you Cdubs. Lock your doors and hide under the bed.

  93. Cdubbya says: I am sorry if I offended you by calling your buddy Admin a thug but if you read his replies to my comments he always ignores my questions and resorts to childish name calling. I appreciate a good insult but the faggot/asshole/cocksucker/etc. invective is soooo boring.

    Blaming the victim is a nice way of weaseling out of your shitty attack, pencil dick.

    Just a few weeks ago, I explained to Unibody that commenting on a person’s sexual preference or dick size is OK, making personal comments is not.

    If Admin is nice enough to lay off your grandma, consider that a sign of a gentleman.

  94. Cdubbya the intellectually challenged said:
    “The other 157 comments uniformly bark in favour like trained seals while offering up a slew of mindlessly anti-moslem ‘cartoons’ and quotes (some of which, like Ayaan Hirsi Alli, are entirely valid).
    Looks like hate speech and group think to me.”

    We are far from mindless. We do not spout PC gibberish, invented government statistics, cherry-picked news articles or coastal liberal rubbish (well, there’s WC, but he’s OUR mindless liberal). Your problem is one of cognitive dissonance: you hear MSM platitudes about the “religion of peace”, and see blood in Brussels. You hear Obama praising Islam (“the most beautiful sound in the world”) and see dead in Paris. You hear Swedish officials demanding tolerance, and read of rapefugees. Your world is horribly inconsistent, and you cannot reconcile the differences.

    We see the truth and reject the PC, the Obama noise and the NWO officialese. This you call hate speech and group think. That is called projection, the attribution of one’s own failings on others who do not have them.

    We are not trained seals, we are untrained and independent thinkers who look at lies and call them out. You appear to be indoctrinated by the MSM, liberal mindfails and cultural Marxist trash.

    The words “safe space” and “hate speech” are not in the Constitution; people who fought for freedom cannot hide behind nonsense and manufactured grievances. Admin allows you to post here for illumination, of just how bad current fashions of psychotic thought have gotten.

    “In closing I would like to say that there is an important distinction between a sober, rational decision to protect your culture by excluding a defined group and mindlessly hating them and all they stand for. The second path leads to pogroms, slavery and genocide. Is that where you really want to go?”

    I’m not an expert, so you would have to ask the Bahai’s of Iran (almost exterminated), the Yazidis of Iraq (whom ISIS is trying to exterminate), the sex slaves ISIS is currently auctioning, and the folks ISIS have ejected from their homes (or executed) WHO ARE ALREADY THERE in pogroms, slavery and genocide, and most assuredly under Islamic coercion. The liberals of America call Donald Trump a “fascist”, among other things. Isn’t Islam (a system that merges church, state and daily life at gunpoint if necessary) the very epitome of fascism? Why are you upset when we point such incongruities out?


    Now you can tell me how WorldNetDaily is untrustworthy because it isn’t Salon, isn’t MSM and isn’t staffed by responsible journalists from Ivy League university journalism schools.



    Don’t just get a life, Cdubbya, learn to live your own; that brain is there for a reason, and it’s not just to keep your ears from collapsing inwards. Who benefits from keeping you brainwashed and compliable, Cdubbya? Is it you? Cause they are WINNING at your expense, every time you defend Islam and ignore the evidence in front of your eyes.

  95. Cdubbya @ 2:54 PM says: “there is an important distinction between a sober, rational decision to protect your culture by excluding a defined group and mindlessly hating them and all they stand for. The second path leads to pogroms, slavery and genocide. Is that where you really want to go?”


    No one here in the comment section of TBP has the “magic bullet” for world peace. But, at least, we still exercise our free speech within the “conversation”.

    In my opinion, the invective here merely represents the strength of one’s feelings towards any given subject. I consider it as mere expression as opposed to taking any of it personally.

    Mindless hate, defined groups, rationality, pogroms, slavery and genocide are not “relative” in nature. On the contrary, an underlying morality exists beneath it all. Good versus evil. This is what we debate here on TBP. The rest is merely fluff. It’s the ideas that matter. Not the messenger or the medium.

    You may disagree. That’s fine. That’s why this website (and others like it) exists. Keep rolling.

    In the meantime, tell your Grandma this…. (OK! I will stop now. If only, because El Coyote has appealed to my conscience once again.)

    Happy Good Friday to you. And a happy Catholic Ishtar day on Sunday. 🙂

  96. Unisex, are you trying to get invited to the three musketeers (EC, Stubb, Ed) ass-chasing foray this summer? We are going to start at a womens’ prison and proceed to a bowling alley. All under the TBP flag so it’s legitimate, of course.

  97. EC – sounds like fun! Can we please invite Cdubbya’s Grandma too? I love older women. I’m also a pretty good bowler.

  98. Cdubbya says: I said TBP is largely a forum for hate speech and group think, not totally a forum for hate speech and group think.

    Wow. That makes a huge difference. I thought you called us TOTAL assholes. Guess not.

    BTW, Cdubs, opening with a “Hi Guys” after you fucked with this monolithic racist, homophobic crew sounds suspiciously limp. Do you suck dick?

  99. Stucky, I gotta say, I’m very impressed. I guess that pretty much rules out you becoming a Muslem.

    I didn’t read all the comments, but two stuck out. The quote by Obama and the quote by Putin.

    Maybe one should think about immigrating.

    As your treatise explains, deception is a honorable sought after goal in furthering the Muslem agenda. I always thought that Obama was a Muslem despite his unconvincing claim to be a Christian. His actions speaks, loudly, of his beliefs and they ain’t Christian.

    As I have repeatedly said, people always act consistent with their beliefs regardless of what they say. Apologists for Islam need to understand that and see Islam for what it is.

    Stucky you spelled it out loud and clear.

  100. @Admin….We’re coming to get you Cdubs. Lock your doors and hide under the bed.

    What a damn fine idea…..then drive him back to Philly and kick his lily white ass outta the car in the middle of the 30 blocks and leave him to do some social justice organizin’ and battlin’…..

  101. “baiting you people is just way too much fun (some say I am a master at the art)”

    A master baiter?

    Shit, CW. That’s what you said, right? Oh, you actually tried to make a joke….or maybe not. When I read one of your run on sentences, I imagine hearing the words pronounced by those insufferable dweebs on “The Big Bang Theory”. My wife watches that shit and I can hear it in my office sometimes.

    You sound just like them.

  102. Maybe if Cdubb has something worthwhile to say he should just say it?? I suspect he doesn’t because – well – he would have to use reason and facts to back up his arguements. Something progressives (regressive cowards?) seem to have a problem with.

    If you can see problems with Stucky’s article (or anything written here) then just list them – that’s what a real man with a functioning brain would do. However, be prepared to back your points up with facts and reason – not feelings, opinions or inuendo. In case you are unaware – that’s how free speech and debate has worked since the dawn of civilization. And it’s the only way you’ll get any traction around here.

    Make your case point by point and be prepared to defend it or get lost – permanently.


  103. At this point Cdubs is regretting that his particular gamete did not run down his momma’s leg, it would have been better at that point to be wiped away into oblivion.

  104. cdubya or whatever the fuck .

    Why is it racist?

    Black this , black that .

    But omg , a white saying white this or that ,is racist?

    Why is the MAJORITY , treated so badly? WHO funds that shit ? SORO’s and his ilk .

    I Will not apologize for being Caucasian asshole.

    Learn your history .
    Get rid of your manufactured white guilt , as it is not true .

    Stucky , very nice work sir . Your sword is sharp .

    Mine is a tangible sword . Yours is literary . I think you reach more than I do .

    Your pen is probably mightier than my actual sword .

    For the time being Sir , For the time being

    Awaken all that you can .

    So that there are ally’s on the field of battle that is coming .

  105. Oh, yeah, CW, you asked:
    “PS where is the link to the Swedish article?”

    It’s in the first paragraph of the article you didn’t bother to read before whipping out your list of grievances about the article.

  106. Give it up, everybody. CDubs and B have gone out for a menage a’ twat. I should know already that simple minds take everything literally. I’m glad I didn’t suggest they go jump in a lake.

  107. @ Iwill not post

    Good to hear from you again, flash.

    Tell me if I’m wrong, and I will repent in sack-cloth and ashes.

  108. What you have written is very educational for most people. I would like to clarify a few things, though.

    Let’s do a simple, rudimentary, contrast between Christ and Mohammed. Christ NEVER tortured, killed, raped, enslaved, or subjugated anyone. But we all know that Mohammed did, … and with great enthusiasm. There are NO similarities between Christ and Mohammed. None.

    Yes, historically, there have been very un-Christianlike-acting people professing themselves to Christians. But their actions were never the fault of what Christ taught, or in the example of how Christ lived his life. Their actions were solely a result of their own distorted thought processes.

    Many non-Christians aren’t aware that the Bible is divided into two main sections, the “Old Testament” (BEFORE Christ was born), and the “New Testament” (AFTER Christ was born). A Christian’s faith is based on what is found in the “New Testament” because that’s where the teachings of Christ reside. A Christian could get on quite well the rest of his/her life without ever referring back to anything written in the “Old Testament”. Believe me. Sure, many Christians read the entire Bible, but that is not what their faith is based on. They could get on quite nicely with just Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, and never miss a beat

    Go to any bookstore, and browse a copy of the “New Testament”…. you will note that it doesn’t contain any passages from the rest of the Bible (aka, “Old Testament”). It doesn’t need to. … not if you’re a follower of Christ.


  109. “Go to any bookstore, and browse a copy of the “New Testament”…. you will note that it doesn’t contain any passages from the rest of the Bible (aka, “Old Testament”).” —– Monni

    That couldn’t be more false.

    All four Gospels quote portions of the Old Testament, often verbatim, often from Jesus’ own mouth. Paul across quotes from the OT.

    Unless, of course, my “New Testament” is different than yours.

  110. Bea

    Other than the ones listed already, I have no idea.

    Admin submitted to Lew Rockwell and Zerohedge. That cocksucker Rockwell hasn’t picked up an essay or Pictorial Essay of mine in a couple years. He can go fuck himself.

    Also wondering if we broke the 10,000 reads mark. Have no idea.

  111. Monni @ 26th March 2016 at 7:48 pm needs to go bible school.

    According to Matthew 21:12 Jesus kicked some serious butt when he cast out the moneychangers. Some “Christians” use this passage as justification for doing some pretty nasty stuff (e.g. bombing abortion clinics) and get really offended when you quote passages about turning the other cheek and casting the first stone to them – ask me how I know this 🙂

    Most “Christians” will pick and use passages from the Old Testament when they feel the need to prove or disprove something. Some of the passages that they quote are pretty innocuous, e.g. Psalm 23, but some are not, e.g. Leviticus 20:13.

    Stucky already pointed out quote from the Old Testament in the New Testament.

  112. “All four Gospels quote portions of the Old Testament, often verbatim, often from Jesus’ own mouth. Paul across quotes from the OT.”


    Without the Old Testament for reference in nothing else, much of the new testament would not make any sense.

  113. Islam cannot be reformed. It is based on a man known to be a psychopath, a misogynist, a murderer, a man who marries a nine year old girl, a man who murders men I front of their wives. a man who takes the widows of those he murdered as sex slaves. I could go on but there is no point. And yet people will say it is a religion of peace. It is as far as I am concerned institutionalized mental ilness. It has nothing that is redeeming and is a plague of mankind.

  114. Islam…. Brings back the memories. Those five letters spaced sequentially still look the same…

    Great article. I shared it with my friends and family. Can’t wait to see (or not see) the response from my libtard friend who says he agrees 100% with obama and has no issues with anything he’s done.
    I keep telling my family and friends-War is coming to Europe and it’s going to be like Crusades 2.0.

  115. “Islam cannot be reformed. It is based on a man known to be a psychopath, a misogynist, a murderer, a man who marries a nine year old girl, a man who murders men I front of their wives. a man who takes the widows of those he murdered as sex slaves. I could go on but there is no point. And yet people will say it is a religion of peace. It is as far as I am concerned institutionalized mental ilness. It has nothing that is redeeming and is a plague of mankind.”

    From the viewpoint of somebody Jesuitically obliged to minor in Philosophy and Theology as an undergraduate (I was a pre-med Biology major, f’ghussake!), I read the fatal flaw in Islam as the result of the Muslims’ obligation to take the Qur’an as – literally – dictated by their excuse for a god (in Arabic, yet!) and the Hadiths as the unquestionable thoughts of their Prophet (a character defined above and much, MUCH worse when you parse his personal history even further).

    First, you have in Islam the apotheosis of the Arabic character, and they’re a fucking HORRIBLE culture, enshrining brigandage, rapine and massacre as the pinnacles of manly achievement. They’re civilized only to the extent that they can be said to live in large clusters of housing. Capitalism – the free-market exchange of goods and services facilitated by the key factor of capital, which enables productive investment and therefore economic growth – is alien to them, and they not only sustain chattel slavery in their societies but enshrine it as a model of holy behavior.

    Second, because the Qur’an and the Hadiths MUST be studied only in Arabic, and it is a mortal sin for a believing Muslim to translate them into any other language, these rabid insanities are (according to Islamic doctrine) preserved unchanged from their 7th Century origins. No exegesis of any substantive character goes on in Islamic religious scholarship.

    Shit, no wonder the Sand Nazis hate the Jews above all other infidels. Imagine the wranglings of Talmudic scholars as witnessed by various flavors of self-anointed Qur’an-memorizing asshole Mullahs. As for the Roman Catholic Curia and the utterances of the various Popes under the Church’s doctrine of infallibility in matters of faith….

    I count it as something of a miracle that one of the Pakistani “Islamic bombs” hasn’t already been detonated just outside the gate at Vatican City.

    Their dogmata, their liturgy (such as it is), their Holy Writ utterly frozen 1400 years ago, they’re fucking BARBARIANS, both practically and theoretically, and can never become compatible with contemporary civilization. This is, for example, why Arab armies are shit and will ALWAYS be shit.

    As Tom Kratman once put it, it’s not that the Israelis are so goddam good (though they ARE a very good citizen militia army with a solid core of long-serving professionals) but that every wog polity surrounding them is a shit pit and couldn’t raise a decent army unless they converted to Christianity. As long as they’re Islamic – and therefore Arabic in philosophy and culture – they’re brainfucked.

    As on the field of battle, so in every other regard by which a society is measured.

  116. Hi Tucci I wrote that Islam cannot be reformed screed last night. I wanted to be anonymous when I wrote it so that could tell everyone here how I felt. Out of fear mostly, worried I suppose that some crazy would read it and be be offended. This morning I changed my mind. I can’t be scared of what these fucktards might do to me. Yes they will scream Islamophobia, that I am narrow minded, whatever. There is no place for anyone who believes in literal meaning of koran in a liberal Western society. I would like to see all of them shipped back to where they came. What really bothers me are the progressives out there who want more of these people coming to our shores. These same people who in one breath will accuse me of being a privileged white male oppressor and in very next breath will be making excuses for Paris attacks saying that those cartoonists should not have published charactures

  117. (sic) sb caricatures

    -crap pushed send- I spelt it

    of their prophet. In essence they deserved to die because they dared to challenge the sensibilities on their faith. Many here on this site know that I am wavering in my faith. I can, in small part do this because Martin Luther centuries ago had the courage to stand up to RCC. There is a twisted irony that my freedom is derived from the courage of a man of faith. I am tired of all the religion polluting the age of reason. Great minds over the last 500 or so years have pulled back the veil of ignorance and yet ideologues persist everywhere. If people want to believe that is fine. Just don’t quote books of faith as fact. It is counter-productive to reason. Only evidence works for me and arguing over meanings of books that have no basis in facts beyond the superficial is no better than watching Hulk Hogan wrestling André the Giant and betting on the outcome. That match, like the books, being predetermined by those who wrote the script. I only want to live a moral life and not impose my code on anyone else. Yet there are folks here who will down vote what I am saying for sole reason that I don’t believe in god. Offended because I challenge their cherished beliefs. I wonder sometimes how safe it is for me to hold these values. We tend to believe that we are better than them. More Liberal in our views on dissent.

    I think we are just more sophisticated in our contempt.


  118. What total bunch of crap. Scriptures said, “kill everyone and take your promised land” — So if you are protestant you are supposed to believe that ? I guess so because so-called Christians for all types committed massive genocide in the Western World. They killed everyone and took their land. I don’t think I need to go through all the atrocities — but they are far more than you think — including what the Brits did to the Irish.

    Should I mention that the blood stain of the world is Europe, with the nearly endless wars ?

    I can’t explain the reasons why Muslims still live in the dark ages — but my guess is that wealth and well-being makes people less interested in half-ass religions, and they need a couple more generations to absorb their wealth. The fanaticism is the last dying grasp of a religion in decline.

  119. Christians were just slaughtered in Pakistan and ninestreams wants to talk about how we are just as bad. Says that muslims just need a bit of seasoning then presto they will join civil society.

    That faith is built on the rot of bad ideas. If one needs an explanation as to why they live in dark ages just read koran and hadiths. Those texts are guides to sociopathy. While it is true that past behaviour of Christians is nothing to brag about at least we in West have turned the corner. Same cant be said for Islam. Couple more generations, Give me a break. If anything things are getting worse not better.

  120. To Rob in Nova Scotia ,
    You still cannot swallow that his whole thesis is complete hogwash. The reformation led not to peace but massive genocide. Not only against all the people that lived on 1/2 of the world, but for 400 years there was nearly endless wars in war culminating with WWII. Should I mention the colonial genocide — get a good copy of some histories of the Belgian Congo. Yeah, all those ‘christian” kings and ministers doing God’s work – but somehow could not get past the easiest commandment to understand – “thou shall not kill ”

    I have completely demolished his theory with just a few basic facts , yet you can’t handle the truth. The only way his thesis is accurate is if it took 400-500 years to take hold…But now most people don’t believe the Church through the majority still believes in God. Face the facts, dude.

    I am not defending Muslims in the least, I believe the only way to resolve the Islam problem is to nuke Mecca – giving everyone plenty of time to leave (no more haj — no more Muslims by definition) and take over SA and Qatar (no more money). This could be done almost bloodlessly. . But our oligarchy prefers war and control.

  121. “I have completely demolished his theory with just a few basic facts”

    Please seek help before you snap and kill us all.

  122. “You still cannot swallow that his whole thesis is complete hogwash. The reformation led not to peace but massive genocide. Not only against all the people that lived on 1/2 of the world, but for 400 years there was nearly endless wars in war culminating with WWII.” ————— ninestreams

    1). You obviously did not read the entire article, probably because of your anti-Christian stance, for I did say this; ——- “And then one day, along came Martin Luther – and he changed everything. Albeit, not without much violence and bloodshed — for those in power never ever give up their place in the universe without first inflicting even more pain and horror than ever before on the poor souls under their thumb. Reformation and suffering work in tandem.”

    2). You opinion is yours, and yours alone. Nowhere can I find even a halfway reputable source that ties the Reformation to WWII. Such nonsense is hard to come by. Congrats. Why stop at WWII? Why not Desert Storm? What about future wars … maybe 500 years from now? Gonna blame those on the Reformation also, Einstein?

    3). One can more clearly see the foolishness of your thesis by reversing it. In other words, you are really saying that if there was no Reformation, then we would never have had WWII, genocide in the Congo, … mankind would have lived in peace. See how foolish that is?

    4). What about all of man’s violence and genocides PRIOR to the Reformation? Who you gonna blame for that? (Hint: Mankind has been red in tooth and claw since we lived in caves.)

  123. “Yeah, all those ‘christian” kings and ministers doing God’s work – but somehow could not get past the easiest commandment to understand – “thou shall not kill ” ———– ninestreams

    You clearly loathe Christianity. So, I won’t school you with a Bible lesson ….. casting pearls before swine, and all that. But, I will point out your error for others.

    The big question about “Thou shalt not kill” is this; is that command “absolute” or “relative”.

    You treat it is an absolute; that no man may not take life under any conditions, ever. Just a little logical thinking will reveal that that just can’t be true. Therefore, the command to not kill must be relative — meaning, there are occasions, or a subset of people, where killing is allowed. And guess what! That’s exactly what one sees in Scripture!

    —- God endorses making war against evil nations. In fact, God commands it.

    —- there are many instances — 36 of them — whereby God prescribes killing people for violating His laws.

    —- in many places God allows killing in self-defense

    The word “kill” is an unfortunate translation from the King James era. What the 6th commandment clearly means is the prohibition of unlawfully taking another person’s life. A much more accurate translation is “Thou shalt not murder.”

    So, there! It took a little more than just a few words … but, I just completely demolished your theory.

  124. the world denies the Muslim Terror “CANCER” that is spreading thru Europe in particular. The Euro countries should STOP all muslim refugees but will NOT because their pols are all gutless. History REPEATS ! We need an armed coalition of EURO citizens / a Euro based ARMY to go after these guys – since that will NOT happen – the entire Euro continent will continue to suffer way more strife until & unless someone like another Churchill comes to power & deals with this worsening disaster – As a Christian I say ~ GOD help us – BUT remember the old proverb – God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES

  125. It is really simple one of thesis is that the reformation stopped the aggression – no it did not The reformation did not stop the blood-lust. 400-500 years later it slowed down somewhat that could just as easily be to modernity and nihilism or it could be temporary. I am no way claiming that the reformation is the cause of all the violence past and future — that’s not my point at all.I just reject your claim that it the solution to all the ills.

    I don’t loathe Christianity – it really is about what lurks in the heart of men.

  126. Ninestreams you are the one dealing in absolutes. Not me! Your misdirection is a nice try but your argument is invalid. You presented nothing to contradict anything Stucky said. The reality is that there was a reformation in Christianity and not Islam. Yes there has been violence but for you to lay that all at feet of church is a logical fallacy. The creed of Islam is rotten to the core with violence and coercion is basis for it’s spread. Christianity has at least evolved beyond the rigid dogma that is bible.

    I have one question if you could go back in time who would you want as a friend.

    Jesus or Mohamed?

    I’ll take Jesus for 200 Alex. And I am an Atheist.


    This is cover of National Magazine in Canada this week. Putting aside your strawman about past genocides by Christians. Do you expect riots because of this cover. Would you expect same treatment of Mohamed following week. Those journalists don’t have courage to take on that one so not to worry. There will be no picture of Mohamed on cover. Why is that I suppose.

    This week will be a nothing burger. Next week it would be blood in streets if they proceeded with deconstruction of Mo. Yet rather than calling out Islam you would project guilt of past sins to excuse present behaviour. Bravo sir. Do you also believe in white mans burden. If you don’t you should.

    Me I am going to thank Martin Luther for what he did. I can type without fear because of him and I was born Catholic. What irony. eh!

  127. I beg to differ on a couple of points. First of all, all the death penalty regulations you quote from the Bible come from the Old Testament, specifically the Law of Moses. The New Testament is perfectly clear that the Law of Moses is no longer operative under the Christ’s New Covenant. The Roman Catholic Church did not impose the same punishments as the Old Testament. Thus, for example, there were no executions for cursing parents, or for adultery. When various countries became Christian, they attempted to make their laws compatible with Christianity, but enforced it as best they could. Some legal codes were much harsher than the Mosaic Law; some less. And, for that matter, the legal code of 18th century Protestant England had far more crimes punishable by death than did the Middle Ages, let alone the Old Testament.
    Furthermore, the aim of the Reformation was to get back to the teachings of the early church and to strip away all the novelties which had accumulated in the meantime. In that sense, there has been a Reformation in Islam. The people who seek to return to the teachings and practices of Mohammed and his immediate followers are called Salafists – and they are the ones responsible for most of the fanaticism in the world today.

  128. The following is excerpted from http://geroldblog.com/2014/06/07/our-insane-judeo-christian-slave-morality/

    The Invention of Christianity

    “Faith: not wanting to know what is true.” – Nietzsche

    Warning! If you’re a Christian believer and you don’t want your fragile faith challenged, then you’d best skip this section on the invention of Christianity. Start reading again after the red XXXXXXXXXXXXXX’s below. You’ve been warned. As Mark Twain said, “Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.” The same admonition applies to the creation of religion.

    One of the most serious shortcomings of Slave Morality is the ease with which it can be hijacked for nefarious purposes. And, the most significant example of this is the creation of Christianity itself by an opportunist from Tarsus who became Saul, a Pharisee persecuting the early followers of Jesus. Saul supposedly had a conversion on the road to Damascus. His revelation was similar to L. Ron Hubbard’s, the founder of Scientology; that there’s money to be made in creating a new religion.

    Saul changed his name to Paul and hijacked Jesus’ small Jewish sect by inventing a new religion and making it up as he went along. It was Paul’s followers who completed the canonical Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, not Jesus’ followers that did so.

    This self-proclaimed apostle, Paul, writing twenty years after the death of Jesus who he had never met, perpetrated a coup d’état against Jesus’ brother James who Jesus had appointed as his successor. According to Neil Godfrey, “Paul broke away from the Jewish sect that Jesus had begun, and he took with him the majority of this sect’s members; he convinced these people that Jesus had been a god, and that the way to win eternal salvation in heaven is to worship him as such.”

    Paul introduced the duality of the previously singular Jewish God, so now God consists of the Father and the Son (the Catholic Church later added a third element of the Holy Ghost to create the Trinity.) Furthermore, Paul’s concept of the “Christ’ was radically different from the Jewish concept of the messiah.

    Peter, James and the rest of Jesus’ disciples died as members of this small Jewish sect and their movement died with them, overtaken by Paul’s so-called ‘Christians’. There are many who would argue that Christianity should actually be called ‘Paulinism’ after its real founder.

    We mustn’t forget that Jesus, his disciples and Paul himself were Jews steeped in Slave Morality. However, as explained above, it is not uncommon for people to have both Master and Slave morality. Jesus’ nihilistic disrespect for authority clearly puts him closer to the Master morality end of the spectrum whereas Paul would work the Slave end for his own purposes. For instance, Paul preached salvation by faith (Slave Morality’s ‘intention’) as opposed to Jesus’ Jewish belief in salvation by works (Master morality’s ‘consequences’).

    Paul realized that the small Christian sect was gaining no traction with the Jews so he changed the message to appeal to a much larger non-Jewish audience in order to gain more converts and thus greater monetary contributions. One of the sticking points was circumcision, the sine qua non of Jewish identity. So, Paul simply abolished it because many potential adult male converts were reluctant to endure the pain and take the health risks of circumcision in an age before aesthesia and antiseptics.

    Paul also made his new religion more palatable to the Roman power structure thus making it an efficient tool for empire maintenance. We read, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”. Mathew 22:21. In other words, pay your taxes and obey the law like a good little citizen.

    Slave Morality’s disdain of wealth and earthly pleasure can be seen in Priests and Nuns who take the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Slave Morality is the idea that humans must toil away on Earth for decades of suffering but will live wondrous lives in heaven afterwards. This, in part, explains why the Catholic Church, despite gaining considerable power and amassing a great fortune, does little to alleviate human suffering except offer words of comfort. After all, talk is cheap.

    Paul was shrewd. He saw that the Jews had rejected Jesus and his small radical Christian sect. However, he realized the great potential that the Roman Empire’s larger population offered him. The Slave Morality of Paul’s so-called “Christianity” appealed to Gentiles more than it did to Jews. Significant parts of Rome’s population were slaves. Half of Rome’s population were females who, aside from a few Patricians, were largely powerless.

    The newly revised Christian message appealed to the downtrodden. The following passages are from the Book of Mathew, chapter 5:
    “Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
    “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
    “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.
    “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”
    And so on …

    The slaves found comfort in this. The next converts were gullible women and then the children who simply followed their mothers. Thus, Paul’s Christianity appealed to the majority of Rome’s people.

    Men, the last hold-outs, reluctantly followed. Imagine this conversation late at night in a Roman bedroom:
    She: “Not tonight, Dear. I don’t f#ck pagans.”
    He: “Oh, hallelujah, Honey, I’ve seen the light!”

    It took another three centuries before Christianity became the official religion of Rome. Mission complete. Slave Morality now became capital ‘M’ Morality for western civilization.

    It has even been suggested that the reason Emperor Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christianity in the fourth century was to solve a tax problem. Rome’s economy was largely dependent on tribute from captured nations. As the Roman Empire expanded, it became ever more difficult to protect the booty on the long journey back to Rome. As well, such protection was a costly drain on Rome’s dwindling military capability. The Emperor realized that instead of garrisoning troops in each town, one or two priests could serve the same function in collecting and protecting the tithe. After all, what highwayman would rob a priest and risk eternal damnation?

    Nietzsche criticizes Christianity for obsessing on other people’s sins in order to feel better about oneself. Master Morality favors education and improvement in order to better oneself whereas Christian Slave Morality sociopathically drags other people down in order to make oneself look better by comparison. Christianity encourages the view that other people are terrible sinners, but our own transgressions are merely human weakness. Again, we see how Slave Morality is based on self-deception.

    No doubt, some of you are shocked by what you’ve just read about the invention of Christianity, but there are several books that explain this in much more detail. One is Hyman Maccoby’s “The Myth-maker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity (1986) wherein he shows that Paul’s claim that Christ died for our salvation went far beyond Jesus’ own messianic claims and, in fact, was invented by Paul out of a hodgepodge of Hellenism, Gnosticism and ancient mystery cults.

    Another more recent book is Eric Zuesse’s Christ’s Ventriloquist who uses modern ‘legal/forensic methodology’ to “reach the writer’s intent, and not merely his assertions, and to identify when this intent is to deceive instead of to inform.” Until now, we’ve had little to go on but the self-testimony of Paul’s letters. Modern criminal investigators understand that eye-witness testimony is notoriously unreliable which is why DNA evidence is often used to overthrow convictions based on eye-witnesses. Most of the Gospels were written 30 to 40 years or more after Jesus’ death and were based on unreliable recollections.

    Zuesse says, “Previously, the only available methods, which scholars have used, simply assumed the honesty-of-intent of all classical documents, especially of canonical religious ones, such as Paul’s epistles, and the Four Gospels. Only now is it finally possible to penetrate deeper than that, to reach the writer’s intent, and not merely his assertions, and to identify when this intent is to deceive instead of to inform.” He demonstrates how Paul deliberately misrepresented Jesus’ intention about replacing the Old Testament which was supposed to be eternal and unchanging. And, it worked. Today, we believe that Jesus wanted it so.

    Paul twists and bends words and meanings to entice Gentiles into joining his new religion. The Book of Galatians is considered the most ‘Pauline’ of the Gospels yet Zuesse finds internal inconsistencies within Galatians as well as endless inconsistencies with what Paul says elsewhere.

    Zuesse does not attack the core values of Christian beliefs, but he convincingly demonstrates these beliefs are not Jesus’ beliefs.

    “… there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.” – Nietzsche

    The core values were invented by Paul who based them on Slave Morality because he realized it would be accepted by a wider audience and thus gain more converts. Warning: if you read Zeusse’s book you may find it overly-long and repetitious, and not very well edited.

    An “historical-critical” approach was taken by the Westar Institute and their Jesus Seminars (1985 to ’93) whose religious studies scholars presented papers at publicly attended bi-annual national meetings and voted on the authenticity of Jesus’ words in the Gospels. The last report I read in 1995 was their conclusion that 95% of the Gospels were not the authentic words of Jesus. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Westar Institute has been roundly criticized by Slave Morality evangelicals and fundamentalists.

    When presented with such evidence, clergymen respond that the Books of the Bible were “inspired by God”. I’ll let you decide if this is another example of self-deception.

    So does it matter that what we know as Christianity was invented by Paul and has little to do with Jesus? No, not really. We could call it Pastafarianism and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all the difference it makes. Whatever Jesus’ message was is lost in time and obviously didn’t catch on anyway.

    What is important is that the so-called ‘Christianity’ that we know and that shaped so much of western civilization’s culture, religion and beliefs was accepted by us because it resonates with us and answers our base needs much like heroin satisfies a junkie’s craving. Is it noble Master Morality? No, of course not! It’s lowly Slave Morality. What is important is that the so-called ‘Christianity’ that we know and that shaped so much of western civilization’s culture, religion and beliefs is based on a psychotic, warped and twisted Slave Morality.

    Below we will briefly examine several other areas of our society that are infected with Slave Morality.

    “In Christianity neither morality nor religion comes into contact with reality at any point.” – Nietzche


    Ok, Christians; you can start reading this again …

  129. Roy puts his faith in Nietzsche. Nice! What a fucking douchbag troll. It’s amazing to see some contort themselves in order to swallow bullshit while accusing others of doing the same. Gag me with a motherfucking spoon. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Forgive me my sins Nietzsche, and take me home.

  130. I did no write the article, I am only the messenger. Set up a straw man and attack it and launch ad hominium attacks if you are to stupid to offer any intelligent.

  131. OK Roy. Fair enough. But just answer this. Who changed world history more: Jesus of Nazareth or Frederick Nietzsche and why? Be honest.

  132. Are you aware of “The Power Of Myth” by Joseph Campbell and others. Santa Clause probably changed History more than Nietzsche.

  133. Roy, you’re looking at the wrong stuff. J. Cambell, PBS, Bill Moyers, George Lucas, Star Wars and Santa Claus. Myth is right. Jesus said to: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Seek the truth and it will set you free. Read “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel.

  134. wip


    The next time Admin logs in, and reads through the comments section, he will see your comment, and he WILL answer you.

    Either he’ll just post it or, he’ll give you posting privileges.

  135. “Either he’ll just post it or, he’ll give you posting privileges.”

    Thanks Stucky. It would be a real honor to be able to post. I won’t expect it though.

  136. Roy says: Warning! If you’re a Christian believer and you don’t want your fragile faith challenged, then you’d best skip this section on the invention of Christianity.

    Roy, your a fucking moran. I read your bullshit gospel. You didn’t change my mind you idiot.

  137. Stucky says: Kill this bitch.

    Deacon – (after surveying the new store-front church) Pastor, there are some evil spirits roaming here.
    Pastor – Well, if they won’t leave, take up a collection.
    Deacon – We did as you said and the evil spirits are gone.

  138. Islam was founded as a crime syndicate, much like the Italian Mafia – neither one wants any living ex-members who could spill their ugly secrets, both use violence to enforce their will, and both rob and extort their victims. But the Mafia won’t tolerate pedophiles and child rapists. Apparently those low-lifes are too low even for the Mafia. But Islam celebrates such low-lifes. And at least the Mafia is discriminating in who it uses violence against. Islam, by contrast, levies predatory war against the entire human race. Muhammed’s first followers were even asked if they know what they were doing by pledging allegiance to Muhammed at Aqaba. They replied, “Yes. By pledging allegiance to him [Muhammad], we are committing ourselves to unending war against all humanity.”

    Oh, and as Allah is always portrayed as residing in hell, personally attending to torturing people, and in his “revelations” contradicts Yahowah’s Torah at every turn, making Allah the exact opposite of Yahowah, it’s no surprise that Allah is a perfect fit for Satan – because Allah IS Satan, though in one of his many moon god disguises.


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