Stop eating Tuna …. Unless you like flirting with death

Fukushima. Such old news. Yesterday’s news. From a place far away. Fuckem. Everything is under control. We have enough shit to worry about. Why am I such a doom and gloomer?

Research I’ve done and found today. I think Fukushima is still a problem. Judge for yourself.

We often/usually buy in large quantities when items are on sale. So, a few months ago we bought 20+ cans of tuna for about a buck a can. I have since, even before this latest finding, thrown them all away. I won’t be eating tuna again in my lifetime. Seriously. Or, sushi. And I’ll be checking if the rice I buy comes from Japan, and if so, no sale.

You might consider likewise. That’s why I’m posting this.

—————————- –

1) — 38,000 children under the age of 18 in the Fukushima prefecture have been examined.

2) — An unheard of 36% have thyroid nodules, cysts and nodules ………. doctors say thyroid nodules in children are as rare as hen’s teeth … doctors there state they have never seen thyroid lesions such as they are seeing

3) — theta pollen in Fukushima was so full of cesium it was almost unbelievable ….. and it’s everywhere … a month ago some dust was found in a 10th floor apartment in Tokyo …. dangerous levels of cesium 137, 134, uranium 238, and 235 …….. did I mention 10th floor?

4) — the food is radioactive …. much of the rice grown in Japan is grown in the Fukushima prefectures ….. it is being harvested with cesium ………. It is being mixed with non-radioactive rice

6) — spinach and mushrooms are full of cesium and other isotopes ……… but they’re only just measuring cesium

7) — 63% of the fish caught within 60 miles from Fukushima have cesium in them

8) — tuna caught off the coast of California is carrying cesium from Fukushima

9) — Yes, the cesium is quite dilute ……. but it doesn’t fucking matter ……… if you eat tuna with some cesium in it, the cesium goes to one of your muscles or into your brain. …… “cesium is the potassium analogue, so it’s like potassium and our bodily cells are reaching for potassium” ….. so you ONLY NEED A SINGLE MUTATION IN A SINGLE CELL induced by a very small amount of cesium to induce cancer ……… the incubation time is around 5 -17 years ……. so one day you get these terrible headaches and the doctor says you have a cerebral tumor …. and you won’t remember the tuna you ate 15 years ago.

10) — building 4 is still very delicate and damaged ….. on top of it is a cooling pool of spent fuel rods over a hundred tons ……. if there’s an earthquake greater than 7.0 Building Four will collapse … down will come the cooling pool ……… the zirconium clouding of the fuel rods will burst into flames reacting with air at very high temperatures ……… TEN TIMES more cesium and radioactivity will be released from that cooling pool than from Chernobyl …. Tokyo will be toast ….. a good portion of the northern hemisphere will be contaminated.


CONCLUSION: Everything is A-OK!!! The EPA has stopped testing your air and food. “Trust us, you’ll be fine.”

No thanks! NEVER trust our government …. in ANYTHING. Take matters in your own hands. Do your own research. And act accordingly.

Author: Stucky

I'm right, you're wrong. Deal with it.

47 thoughts on “Stop eating Tuna …. Unless you like flirting with death”

  1. #8 is always the coolest item on the list, I don’t care what you say.

    PS: As a rule of thumb I don’t eat anything from the ocean, we pump way too much shit into it for fish to remain healthy for much longer.

  2. Thinker

    Dammit!! I had no idea this topic was already covered once before. I somehow completely missed that thread. I believe I was in Chicago at the time. Oh well …..

    Being an oatmeal lover, that aricle you posted was most enlightening. (I buy Irish Steel Cut oats imported from Ireland … from Trader Joe’s).

    You know my stance on 100% boycott of Chinese food. I seriously believe I must boycott ALL foods from SE Asia. Who the fuck knows what’s in it.

    Thanks, again
    The direct link to Thinker’s oatmeal article;

  3. card802

    I actually clicked on your link … and then clicked on the “Buy Now”.

    Wow. You can actually buy Soylent Green crackers for just $8.99. I don’t like their disclaimer though — “•May or may not be really made of people.”. If I’m gonna pay nine bucks for crackers it damn well better contain real people.


  4. Geeze, Louise. These people ruin everything. What’s next, peanut butter and jam? Ice cream with fudge sauce? A really great Pinot Noir?

    Crimety. They know how to take the fun out of life…..

  5. Underground nuke waste storage plants at Hanford (where the plutonium used to nuke Nagasaki was created), are leaking again. Built in the ’40’s they were supposed to have a 20 year lifespan. Gotta love the government. Hey, lets build tanks that last 20 years to store radioactive soup full of isotopes that have halflives for many thousands of years…

    The government says there is no danger of the leaked waste reaching the Columbia River via groundwater. Right.

    Fuck it, I’m eating tuna.

  6. Thanks Stucky
    Salmons are right up high on the food chain like tunas are. Used to be a staple for me while living on the Southern coast of Alaska. I dint like the odds anymore so 4 months after fuckyshima I pulled up stakes after 35 years there and bugged out over the Rockies. Like it’ll do any good, but maybe it will get diluted a bit being farther downwind. The solution to pollution is dilution? and lots of time…..

  7. Stucky – don’t have time to get links now, but apparently what the Japanese are doing is shipping their fish, rice, tea and whatever else to other countries first, and then it’s shipped on somewhere else, and then it gets labelled as coming from the last country. This is to get around putting “product of Japan” on the label.

    A couple of weeks ago I heard that the cutlery being sold could be manufactured from recycled materials with radioactive content, so now you’ve got to wonder about what you’re eating your contaminated food with.

    Good article. Thanks. Fukushima was and continues to be covered up, same with genetically-modified foods, etc. We will wake up when it is too late.

  8. @backwardsevolution – I think the wheels will come off this bus before big-pharma is ever outed for the evil group that it is.

    Lets face it, the subject matter is too complex for most people. They can only think in terms of black and white (safe v harmful) never understanding just how dynamic the world is around them.

  9. Throwing out tuna is an overreaction unless you know that the tuna in question is likely contaminated with a dangerous amount of Cs.

    Our environment has a plethora of mutagens. To wit, UV light from the sun causes thymine dimers
    yet most humans do not contract skin cancer.

    Eukaryotic cells have four distinct mechanisms for DNA repair. DNA damaged by ionizing radiation does not necessarily lead to mutation, let alone cancer.

    Cs is as much an “analog” of K as As is an analog of P. Please, don’t confuse similar chemical properties with matching chemical properties. I do not know about the biochemistry of the first pair of atoms, but I do about the latter. Arsenate bonds are much weaker than phosphate bonds, so they don’t work the same. Too, a small intake of As happens all the time with no ill health effects. Despite a lifetime exposure to some As, humans generally do not contract arsenic poisoning, showing that bodies do cope. Dosage REALLY matters.

    Radioactive iodine is usual culprit with thyroid. Iodine supplements can prevent accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid.

    A more serious concern with tuna is that, being at the top of the food chain, it concentrates heavy metals such as Hg. Again, dosage matters. Even a can or two of tuna a week does not appear to be a problem save /perhaps/ for pregnant mothers and small children. In high amount mercury causes neurological problems, likely by binding sulfur in the nerves. (A sulfide group is also called mercapto.) Nonetheless, lifetime exposure to modest amounts of Hg have not led to mass mercury poisonings.

    An alternative protein source is salmon. It is not at the top of the food chain and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Canned, fresh caught salmon is tasty and only about 50% more expensive than tuna. Salmon is fine if you are accustomed to a fish diet — and don’t mind bones.

    I have no reason to see why seafood from the ocean would have more contaminants in it than would farm-raised protein sources. I can see why it should have fewer. The ocean is vast.

  10. I can honestly say that this article caught my attention as soon as I fired up the laptop. I just got home from work and made myself a tuna melt sandwich before visiting TBP today. LOL! The sandwich was great BTW!

    Fuck it! I have no kids, I’m worth more dead than alive and death would almost be a release at this point. I’m in no hurry at all to die but I have honestly had a fantastic life so far. I can think of only one minor regret I have after 46 years so I’m ready!

    For those of you interested in the day to day outrage that is Fukushima, I suggest the Ex-SKF site.

    I remember about a month after the Fukushima meltdown, I saw a video on his site of newborn rabbit kits that had been gestated at ground zero and were born with no external ear parts at all. Poor little shitters were even cuter that normal rabbits but that shit ain’t right! As I recall, the tea harvest was about ready at the time of the meltdown and the Ex-SKF site was reporting that they were still selling the tea to people. Radiation levels in Tokyo at the time were higher than Chernobyl. In the Fukushima region they were still sending kids to school and telling them that as long as the spent recess indoors they would be safe.

    I just checked on the Tohoku Tsunami wiki page to learn that the death toll was 15,880 and there are still 2694 people still missing. I expected the numbers to be higher.

    If I remember to grab it, I’ll bring a new, recently calibrated radiation detector home and check the cans of tuna I have.

  11. Stuck, your writing on food is amazing. Maybe try out for the Food Channel. You could be “the Food Doomer”, advising people about this shit.

    Fukushima was a COMPLETE containment breech. And there is no nuclear material left at the site, it ALL escaped and drained away into the water (and air), but mostly the water. Now, it’s being disseminated throughout the Pacific ocean. It’s been detected in California for quite some time now.

    And, fresh water fish aren’t safe either. Pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer levels in fresh water are concentrated in fish. Pesticides are massive carcinogens.

    My advice, don’t eat fish, period. Stick with the hormones in chicken and beef. They will augment your moobs and play havoc with your testes, but heh, it’s worth it.

  12. Re Hanford:

    I doubt that leaking tanks are the biggest concerns there. I worked there building containment and long term (50,000 years) storage sites for the solid waste that would be turned into a glass like substance in a vitrification plant. I heard some pretty shocking things while working there about how much waste they cannot even locate. It is not stolen or anything but back in the day, when they had a bit of hot waste to dispose of, it seems they just drove out into the desert, dug a hole and buried it. No records were kept of the disposal sites but as they discover them, the dirt gets turned into glass and buried in a pair of holes that can be seen from space.

    The strangest thing I noticed while working there was the absence of birds of prey. I do not recall ever seeing any kind of bird or even hearing any. There are mice all over the damn place on Hanford but no birds of prey to be seen. It’s like they know. Outside the Hanford area mice are rarely seen because the birds of prey snatch ’em as fast as they can catch ’em!

    Civilians can access the Hanford site to visit the LIGO Gravity Wave Observatory there.

  13. I’m sure glad I don’t live in California. Or Hawaii, or New Zealand, or central America, or any other place that is glowing with Fukushima party favors.

  14. Stucky…..I just got a job as a Federal Food Safety Inspector. Today safe food list contain just two foods

    Garbonzo Beans and Slugs….eat hardy my friend.

  15. Stucky:
    What happened to #5? Is the radiation getting to your counting skills? The Bernak might want to hire you to run his printer… Better yet, has Geitner’s post been filled yet?

    IS: is more interesting then EX-SKF IMHO.

    A giger counter is only of limited usefulness. The guy at Fukushima Diary had a good article on that a few months back, doubt I can find it on his site tho.

  16. Produce your own food; don’t be a consumer:

    “…Well, when it’s the only thing you can afford – then of course you are going to buy it.
    Consumers WANT to make better choices…

    This is such horseshit. Stop kidding yourself.

    Consumers only real choice is to consume MOAR or MOARER.

    Consumer’s give up any real power to choose when they become consumers.

    Do my cattle, rabbits, and chickens get to choose what they want to eat? No.

    The producers get to choose to feed you whatever is most profitable.

    Don’t be a consumer, be a producer, if you really and truly do, “…WANT to make better choices.”

    Then, I thought about Warren Buffet’s recent acquisition of Heinz and the fact that Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, ADM (Supermarket to the World), Kraft Foods, John Deere, and Costco are also major holdings of Berkshire Hathaway. I remembered how I felt when I discovered that our elected representatives have made it illegal for anyone other than the government to test for Mad Cow Disease in the United States. I remembered reading Ron Paul’s letter regarding raw milk producers being raided. One of the characteristics of a fascist nation came to mind:

    “Corporate Power is Protected – The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.”

  17. AWD says:

    “I’m sure glad I don’t live in California. Or Hawaii, or New Zealand, or central America, or any other place that is glowing with Fukushima party favors.”

    That only shows what got distributed by the ocean. What got distributed by the atmosphere landed all over Canada and the US. My guess is that some of it is still swirling.

    I know that locally, shortly after the meltdown, grass and milk was shown to be contaminated. I cannot imagine that it has become less contaminated since then.

    Breathe shallow my friend, I’m sure you got your share.

  18. I.S.

    I breath the fresh, clean nuke-free socialist state of Illinois air every day. My dream was to be rich and retire in Hawaii. You have to be rich to even live in Hawaii, but I don’t want to live their anymore. That purple color plume is getting ever closer to Hawaii. It can’t be safe to even go in the warm Hawaiian waters anymore.

  19. Zarathustra says:

    “IS, the vitrification plant is billions over budget and as yet, unfinished.”

    What? A superfund site project run by the DOE is over budget and unfinished? I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked I tell ya!

    The construction contractor I worked for at Hanford was called E. P. Johnson out of Pasco, WA. I worked on several projects in the northwest with this company. It was rumored that the company was about to go bankrupt for most of time I worked for them. Word was that during the Hanford project they did in fact go broke. The job superintendent told us it was true and I high tailed it out of there while the checks were still being cashed. I learned a bit later that the DOE would not allow the company to go out of business on a superfund project because it would look bad so the DOE bankrolled the company until their portion of the project was complete and about a month later they declared bankruptcy and went out of business.

  20. IS, my ex-gf’s dad was a nuclear engineer at Hanford and she grew up in Kennewick. She is my age, 56, and a year and a half ago was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Given the leaks of radioactive iodine from Hanford in the ’50’s, I have wondered if there is a connection.

  21. i got home to find we have pan fried tilapia for dinner. (or broiled i don’t know, i just eat it.) my chinese doctor advises me to keep my sugar in check, she urges me to lose weight, she hasn’t said anything about rads.

  22. Zara, that sucks. There are many claims by so-called Down-winders from nuclear sites all over the US including Hanford, that their cancers were caused by the govt.

    I cherish my time in Scouting as a boy. They gave me an outlet to broaden my interests and horizons in so many areas of interest with their Merit Badge programs. I think the most valuable one I earned was Disaster Preparedness. I happened to live on a Minuteman II nuclear missile base at the time and not only did book reading on the dangers of radiation but our troop was given what I believe was extraordinary access to things most Americans never see. The vast majority of what we learned about radiation was to avoid all types that humans had not evolved to live in. Even then, we were reminded that a simple sun burn meant that we had enough solar radiation for a while.

  23. varnelius says:

    What happened to #5? Is the radiation getting to your counting skills?”

    My good sir varnelius ……..

    Long ago, on TBP version 1.0, a person called Stuck in New Jersey posted a numbered list. Said list omitted the number 5, which prompted a long, detailed, and derisive reply from a person whose screen name is similar to SSS.

    Since that occasion, a person now known as Stucky has deliberately avoided any use of the number 5 in a list. It has become a trademark. I’m sure he appeciates your keen powers of observation.

  24. In the annals of time, Fukushima is a fart in a hurricane, just like Chernobyl. It happened, for Christ’s sake. So get over it already.

  25. What’s the problem with irradiated Japanese rice?

    It add ambiance to that intimate candlelight dinner, the gentle blue glow in the rice bowl.

  26. Much of our food is grown in Cali, especially “fresh” fruits and vegetables (and tons of “organic!”).

    I’m sure, though, that none of the radiation has gotten to the farmlands of Cali. After all rain is pumped from Obama to nourish the fields, so no worries.

    They have been irradiating much of our food for years now. Thanks CONgress!

    There is not a ton you can do to protect yourself, but the one thing I know for sure is to keep your levels of iodine high.

    I use Lugol’s (now diluted, thanks FDA for saving me from an element my body cannot survive without!) and paint it on my daughter and I a couple times a week. Easy, peasy. You can also mix it with water or juice and drink it, but it is way too easy to just paint it on.

    Easy test to find out if you are iodine deficient (as the majority of us are, the only real iodine we ingest is from table salt and the docs tell us not to use that), buy Lugols (or other solution, not the kind for cuts) and paint on skin. If the stain is gone in 24 hours, chances are you are deficient. The first time I did it the stain was gone in 3 hours. Now it takes a day or more.

    The iodine thought leads me to another fact of modern American life. The chemicals and additives in topical products are not regulated by the government.

    There is little research into the effects of our bodies’ largest organ (the skin) absorbing hundreds of untested, unregulated, newly created, artificial chemicals on a daily basis. Main reason I switched to a mainly natural skin care regime years ago.

    That is the problem with being curious and the internet. What started out five years ago as the need to figure out how my dog was allowed to be killed has led me to all sorts of knowledge that makes me crazy(er).

    F* it Stuck. While the stores still have food, I’m going to eat what I want (within reason) and worry about my health on the supplement/detox end. Our world is so full of toxins that at a certain point you can’t be any safer by denying ourselves (real) food, while still being inundated and poisoned without your permission.

    The entire world is lined up to give us cancer. Acknowledge it and then research ways to undo (not just avoid) the poisons flowing throughout our modern bodies.

  27. TeresaE

    That iodine info is OUTSTANDING! You’re a sweetheart.

    Iodine is something I’ve never even considered as a supplement …. mostly because it’s in salt … and who has gout anymore? lol But a quick foray into googleland reveals that the salt/iodine combo has some negatives, like aluminum something-or-other.

    Anyway, I’m going to do the iodine test very soon.

    Regarding the diluted iodine …….. I found a web site that sells the original Lugol’s formula ..(10% Potassium Iodide and 5% Iodine in an aqueous solution). Here ..'s-Iodine-Solution-(50-and-100-ml).html

    I also found a youtube where a pharmacist makes his own iodine. I haven’t watched it yet. Even if I watch it, I’m not medically trained, so I won’t know if he’s telling the truth, or full of shit. Maybe someone else with medical training (hint hint) can check it out.

  28. Aha, so it was intentional that #5 was left out. I had kinda thought that it was a list someone else had written uip that Stucky had just copied, but decided #5 wasn’t worth reposting so edited it out.

  29. varnelius

    You damn cur. 90% of my material is original. When it’s not I put quotes around it and/or provide links.

    I hate the number 5. Fuck five. Five eats shit. I hate 5 so bad I do the four-knuckle-shuffle … if and when needed. 5 is the lonliest number since the number one.

    SSS loves 5. And that why I hate him.

  30. Know what else doesn’t have thumbs?

    They also like 4 knuckle shuffles. =)

  31. 4) — the food is radioactive …. much of the rice grown in Japan is grown in the Fukushima prefectures …..

    This is not true.
    Fukushima isn’t known for producing rice, it is more Western part of Tohoku, like Nigata, etc.
    Fukushima is famous for fishing, and growing peaches in particular.

    I live in UK and see only California grown Japanese rice, and wondered which one (California or Japanese rice) is affected by the radiation, after seeing how the sea water is contaminated…

    Seems like we are in the same boat…

  32. This supposed NOAA image is obviously your “original content” (FAKE!!!!) . As any pattern of distribution would follow the natural currents in the Pacific Ocean.


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