Are the EU pussies really going to go to war with Russia to protect the Ukraine? The EU is good at covering up their insolvency by creating new debt to pay old debt. They have no balls. They will bluster and issue pronouncements and warnings. Putin will occupy the country and dare them to do anything. Obama will draw red lines and then go play a round of golf. The neo-cons are thrilled. This bullshit dispute that has nothing to do with the U.S. will be used as the excuse to increase Defense spending. It almost seems like it was planned this way.

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  1. I hate to try to predict the outcome of things like this. My guess is that the most Russia will do is occupy the eastern half of Ukraine unless things spill into open war. I don’t believe Russia’s intent is to absorb any part of Ukraine into Russia but rather to use their influences to install a government that is not only acceptable to most people in the western part, but one that the Russians can work with (in other words, strip US/NATO involvement). It might work. Ukraine is broke, Europe is broke, the US is broke but Russia isn’t.

  2. All the so called leaders in the west know Putin is not going to give up their warm water ports.Ukraine is also considered to be the food basket of eastern Europe and it has a large enthic Russian population that is loyal to Moscow.Russia will hold on to the Ukraine even if they have to intervene and.prove it to
    The rest of the world.

  3. Ukraine’s Acting President Puts All Armed Forces On Full Combat Alert

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/01/2014 14:50 -0500

    In a stunning 24 hours, it now appears that Russia and the Ukraine are one formal announcement away from a state of war. From moments ago, as reported by Bloomberg:


    And this, as reported by the NYT, virtually assures the escalation to a hot war, as some provocation, somewhere will certainly take place: “a Ukrainian military official in Crimea said Ukrainian soldiers had been told to “open fire” if they came under attack by Russia troops or others.”

    From Reuters:

    Ukraine put its armed forces on full combat alert on Saturday and warned Russia that any military intervention in the country would lead to war.

    After a more than three-hour meeting with security and defence chiefs, Acting President Oleksander Turchinov said there was no justification for what he called Russian aggression against his country.

    Standing beside Turchinov, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said he had urged Russia to return its troops to base in the Crimea region during a phone call with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and called for talks.

    “Military intervention would be the beginning of war and the end of any relations between Ukraine and Russia,” Yatseniuk told reporters.

    Finally, this:

    •Ukraine protects all Ukrainians, acting President Oleksandr Turchynov says in Kiev briefing.
    •Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk: “diverting funds for military”
    •Turchynov: untrue that Russians are under threat
    •Turchynov: no reason for Putin request
    •Turchynov calls for national unity
    •Yatsenyuk says to take all measures to ensure peace
    •Yatsenyuk: no reason for Russia to intervene in Ukraine

    Too late.

  4. Those groaning, creaking and popping noises that were barely audible during Barack Obama’s hastily announced Friday afternoon White House statement was the sound of an empire of lies on the verge of collapsing under the weight of its own bullshit. The President of the most exceptional, god-kissed, special nation in the history of the planet warned the reviled Russian leader Vladimir Putin not to dare to intervene in Ukraine after a joint US-EU instigated coup d’etat that effectively ousted democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych.

    While Obama’s lies are dutifully and unquestionably communicated by a corrupt, careerist state media for domestic consumption one has to wonder just how much longer that the American war machine will have any credibility whatsoever abroad.

    The propaganda blitzkrieg touting the ‘freedom fighters’ whose mob violence led to the chasing of Yanukovicych from power only to be replaced by some of the most vile thugs and neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe has been as withering as it is dishonest. Months of shrill and egregious demonizing of Putin after he dared to offer asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and then swept to the rescue to keep the American political class and their expensive toy the military from another Middle Eastern war in Syria had Barry and the boys itching for payback.

    It was revenge of the dish served cold nature that they extracted from Putin during his national showcase of the Sochi Winter Olympic games by pulling off the coup in Kiev, an embarrassment for the Russian boss of which the timing was critical to the deal going down. The neocons could barely control their glee, boasting about ‘democracy’ that was nothing more than mob rule.

    But America has long been based on a passel of lies, hypocrisy and imperial meddling all sold by being (to quote Sinclair Lewis) “wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” at least since the end of World War II and the creation of the CIA.

    With the German Nazis and Japanese defeated, Europe in ruins and America essentially taking control of the old British Empire this country has done nothing but meddle in the affairs of others, planning and staging coups, backing murderous torturing despots to protect western business interests, assassinations, proxy wars, economic sabotage, full blown wars under our own flag and now with the advent of communications technology spying on the private communications of foreign leaders and engaging in economic espionage.

    While Obama may have been a Constitutional law professor – although given his ongoing assistance in nullifying it while in office it has to be considered that maybe that is the reason he got the gig in the first place – he doesn’t bother much with history, unless of course it is the state sanctioned version of a moral and triumphant nation and champion of human rights that promotes John Wayne whup-ass diplomacy. Not that a petulant narcissist like Obama actually gives a rat’s ass about anything remotely resembling the truth but here is a short list of places where his great government of ours has meddled in over the past several decades including official military involvement as well as CIA operations (listed in alphabetic not chronological order and not all inclusive):

    Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Chile, Columbia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Egypt, El Salvador, Georgia, Greece, Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen…

    ..and of course Ukraine.

    The state-corporate media is of course complicit but with the Clinton era wave of consolidations and a history of CIA/government meddling such as Operation Mockingbird, the revocation of the Fairness Doctrine, the revolving door between the Pentagon and defense contractors and the ex-generals who are trotted out as “experts” without any mention of glaring conflicts of interest it is more like the media and the government have now merged with the former serving as nothing more than a propaganda arm, Pravda on the Potomac.

    Having a dumbed-down, steeped in superstition, brainwashed and quite frankly stupid populace that is more concerned with the exploits of the Kardashians and Justin Bieber than what it is that truly affects their lives on a larger level doesn’t hurt the efforts of the rogue government to impose their big lie of democracy at gunpoint on the majority of the world. The level of willful ignorance in what is at least theoretically an advanced society is stunning and we are well on our way to the land that was prophesied in the biting social satire “Idiocracy”.

    The absence of any questioning of exactly why it is that this impetuous ass of a president and the neocon embeds within the system are so hellbent on risking a serious conflict with a powerful, nuclear armed nation such as Russia over a situation that is spinning out of control in one of the countries that sits on its border.

    Does anyone ever bother to think of what Obama or any US president would do if meddlers from another country would foment a civil war in Mexico or Canada? But we already know the answer to that for it is we who are the exceptional and the reverence of all things military in this land of fear and woe borders on the fanaticism of a cult.

    Since the end of the ‘good war’ the bulk of the meddling was justified by having to fight the hyped and blown out of proportion menace of global communism emanating from the Soviet Union, when that long needed Manichean devil justify a permanent state of war. The manufacture and sale of bullets, bombs, aircraft, tanks etcetera was just too big of a moneymaker to ever beat those swords back into plowshares and set about building a just society and President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address way back in 1961.

    So we had well in excess of sixty years of meddling in foreign lands to defeat a trumped up menace that justified the whole bloody business of death and destruction. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and crackup of the USSR the gravy train risked derailment but thanks to Poppy Bush with his meddling in Iraq and Bubba Clinton with his bombing the shit out of Belgrade and other misadventures the warfare state managed to lurch along until September 11, 2001.

    The war machine hit the jackpot that day with their War on Terror (translation: Muslims) that thanks to that “New Pearl Harbor” that the neocons so desired allowed for the fleecing of a terrified nation therefore a new series of wars/meddling and an unprecedented redistribution of wealth to finance the full blown cancer of a massive and bloated surveillance machine that thanks to Snowden’s revelations we now can see that it is not about “terrorism” at all.

    So with the phony War on Terror now belatedly being exposed as a fraud what would be better to justify increased looting of the Treasury, beggaring Americans and finishing the job of destroying the middle class once and for all but a resurgent Red Menace?

  5. My fear is that the idiots in Washington that have engineered the Ukrainian coup d’etat (with your tax dollars) have since been stomping their feet and talking about consequences over Russia’s involvement.

    What does this mean? Are they really willing to risk a hot war with a nuclear power over Ukraine? Really?

    When it comes to geopolitics, you don’t utter threats unless you’re willing to have those threats called. Putin has laid his cards on the table. I suspect Obama will fold like a cheap suit. The alternative is for him to double down and risk a very destructive war to salvage his bruised ego.

    Obama is simply out of his league. He is wholly unqualified to be president and needs to resign immediately. He needs to take Biden with him.

  6. “Are they really willing to risk a hot war with a nuclear power over Ukraine? Really?”
    ———– Steve Hogan

    I learned from SSS today that our military officers are not obligated to obey unlawful orders.

    Dozens of countries have had their military throw their evil cocksucker leaders out of office.

    When will out men in uniform step up to the plate? Attack Ukraine? “I’m sorry. Go fuck yourself Mr. President.”

  7. All the world has to do is shut the fuck up and duck. I don’t think Putin wants to play funny this time
    not a good idea to check how far this can take us. I don’t give a fuck about Ukraine and I’m not alone
    unless our ubermasters already planned everything and want to implement world’s population limitation…

  8. Less than an hour after HNIC Oreo gave his 4 minute speech — while at the very same time Putin strategized about where to move his military — Obama addressed the democrat party and was cracking jokes, to the laughing democrats, about how it’s Friday and time to party.

    I have scanned several newspapers from around the world. The majority think Oreo is a buffoon, incompetent, or evil. Those seem to be most popular. Believe me, or check it out yourself.

    People are especially having a grand time mocking Oreo’s statement that there would be a “cost” to Russia. Many just don’t believe it, or say it will be inconsequential. Me? I’ll bet Putin is laughing his ass off.

  9. I got a buddy who just told me this afternoon at approximately 1PM east coast time, he heard from a friend of his in the Ukraine that the Russians have crossed the border with armor and choppers. He stated the international press was not reporting it at all. I just got a little bit more detail from my buddy. According to his friend (you can take this 2nd-hand RUMINT however you like), the Russians blocked all communications at about 4AM on Thursday morning (I assume local time) and only this afternoon did he get access to the internet.

    So if this 2nd-hand RUMINT is correct, while the mainstream media are reporting force is authorized, force has, in fact, already been used.

    WWI started 100 years ago on 28 June with one random dude shooting another dude and the “Arab Spring” started with 1 dude lighting himself on fire, so I wonder where this might lead us?
    I know one thing-if I were European, right now I would be wondering about where my heating oil and fuel were going to be coming from the rest of this year. I also wonder how this will affect Turkey? Who is ready to stand up for the Ukraine? And I can’t help wondering how much military contractors will be paying for mercenaries to go work in the Ukraine? “Yeah, Dude-CACI and Booze Allen are paying 125,000$ a year for contractors to “advise” their military. Russian/Ukrainian language skills are a plus.”

    Also, the thought occurs, while war in the Ukraine sounds absolutely impossible, we have a limp-dick wussy for a resident who has absolutely no understanding of foreign policy and no real work experience to speak of, so what’s to stop him from deciding to do something stupid? We know TPTB think war settles economic problems, so maybe a little war in this “you-crane? place” might be a good thing. Last one in the Dardanelles is a rotten egg!

  10. Stucky,
    You are correct about his image. Being from Kenya, (been in the US 17yrs and travels there every now and then) he was much loved and acclaimed upon his election in 2008 (the “one of us” kind of thing, actually, the love is quite tribal over – anyhow) now…Now, not so much!.

    Maybe its the web and alternative media. I don’t know. Going by the history I know, we humans in general rally after strong leaders, the strong man in the wrestling ring. I don’t think that is going to change. And Obama, is like “Ahmed the Terrorist”, with Jeff Durhams hand up his ass screaming ” I kill you!” What a puppet!

  11. It’s simply amazing, comparing the balance sheets of Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has followed the EU/USSA model: debt and deficits. They’re bankrupt. They put capital controls into effect this week. The Ukraine should immediately “surrender” to Russia for purely financial reasons. What does the bankrupt EU/USSA have to offer? More debt, more unemployment, debt, bond issues (IOU’s), default, and social unrest? Maybe the EU should surrender to Russia. I heard France already surrendered.

  12. Rest assured that those in the US clamouring the most loudly for US “Intervention” will be those best positioned to profit handsomely from such intervention.

    It is equally probably that their dependents / relatives will be amongst those least likely to be involved in any semblance of “actual combat” – that delight is left to those with few connections – the traditional “Cannon Fodder”.

    My, how things (haven’t) Changed in today’s “Brave New World”!

  13. France has been in contact with the leaders of Ukraine, sending aid (in the form of white flags) and assurance that surrender is in their best interests.


  14. We have an incompetent Chicago community organizer, with zero foreign policy experience, elected for no other reason than his skin color, a wannabe communist, the imbecilic leader of a bankrupt nation with the largest military on the planet, who spends more time playing golf than going to national security meetings. It’s not going to end well.


  15. Yeah, isn’t it laughable he didn’t even go to his own security meeting? Why have an economic council or national security council or even a cabinet if you never attend their meetings or rely on their advice? Get him a Magic 8Ball to go next to his pen and phone. Maybe the psychic hotline number since, “deh cahdz ‘don lie!”

  16. I don’t get the whole “France Surrenders” thing. French soldiers have been historically among the best in the world. If I remember correctly, Napoleon took Moscow which was something that even Hitler couldn’t pull off. Keep in mind that nearly 15% of the entire French population was either killed or wounded in WWI and they still kept on going. For the USA, 0.3% of our population met that fate in WWI yet we strut around like we actually did something. Furthermore, as a percentage, France suffered 5X the casualties that we did in WWII though US soldiers had the highest rates of Shell Shock – more so than any other combatant.

    It is easy to be tough when you’ve got two oceans to protect you but a lot harder when your next door neighbor is Adolph Hitler. The only reason we are not all speaking German is because we had that nice ocean to protect us. Well, that and the 27 million Russians that died in order to wear out the Germans so we could face 15 year old last minute desperate conscripts in our glorious fight across France.

  17. NickelthroweR, you are right. The french have always fought bravely, and alone among nations, they gave us a monument to our liberty which we do not deserve. Thanks to one french victory (William the Conqueror) and the many french words and phrases he introduced into english language, French is the easiest second language for americans to learn (not that americans learn second languages)…, although the accent is a bitch.

    I do have to put one myth to rest though. The reason we aren’t speaking German (or Japanese) is that they didn’t colonize this continent when their only resistance were the native inhabitants. Any notion that Nazi Germany, or Imperial Japan had either the means, or the intent of invading the continental US is beyond laughable. Not only the largest fleet ever assembled in the history of the world…the US pacific fleet of WW2, dared invade the home islands of Japan, and if you think that this was the result of the atomic bombs, you are simply naive. As for Germany, they couldn’t even invade Britain, which was not much more than a stones throw away.

  18. well, all that sounds so ironic to me right now…

    you probably don’t give a flying fuck, but I just come back from a village 300 miles from my place where my grandfather was KIA the 12th of June 1940.
    It is the conclusion of an investigation that took me several years. I did everything like a police officer would do to find out the truth:
    I’ve read letters from him, from his captain, from the mayor, the teacher and the priest of the village. I’ve asked my mother for her smallest memories, i’ve analysed military maps from the time as well as air recon pictures, read military reports. I’ve been interviewing a local 85 year old, given help from an inhabitant that had a metal detector…
    I ended finally in a muddy forrest this morning
    we found a trench and the remains of a tunnel. we went underground and it was insanely dangerous with cracks in the rock, water everywhere. I found a spot where my ancestor wrote his name on the ceiling with an acetylene lamp. we found the place outside where he was killed behind his machine-gun by a schraphnel. we dug the ground and found several hundreds of spent MG casings, a dozen of live rounds and 2 ammo box covers. my mother waited 74 years to know precisely where her father was killed.
    he was fighting there as a chief-sergeant with the 17 survivors of his unit (180 men from the 1st support company/ 47rd infantry division). this day, they blocked elements of the 7th german army that sent 3 infantry waves and had to step back. this after they walked 80 miles in 2 days, and had no food for 4 days. the same day a French pilot that was out of ammunitions rammed a german bomber with his fighter over the village and died, he did that knowing his wife was pregnant.

    the problem France had and still has today is that 80% of its leaders are traitors, cowards or incompetents. only a tiny fraction of the 20% that do their job are true heroes.
    as for the individuals, the 90ers, you can’t judge them AWD.
    the average Joes, they can do miracles like in May 1995 when several dozen of conscripts from the 3rd Rpima attacked the bridge of Vrbanja in Sarajevo under machine-gun fire and took it to the Serbs using their bayonets. conscripts, not professionals. balls of iron

    this problem of bad leaders is slowly becoming a curse in the US too.
    ask yourself AWD, would you die for Obama?

    thanks for the others

  19. thanks.
    I didn’t expected this from you. you proved I’m wrong

    believe me or not, it has been a gut wrenching day for me

    in the morning he wrote “I don’t know how, but I’m still alive and well, so don’t worry with the kids”
    at 18.00 PM, he was dead.
    at 18.05 PM they had the order to leave.

    he was a traveller and a motorbike lover like me. 29 years old. It fills me with rage

  20. Frenchie – always enjoyed your stuff. Always has a different view and is insightful.

    But that does not mean that the French jokes will stop! That is just a bit of fun, and you give as good as you get.

  21. I don’t mind with the jokes.
    was just a bit too sad and tired yesterday.

    that said, talking about smthg else
    there is still paint on the 2 covers I found in the ground. incredible
    as for the live rounds, the powder inside still burns after 74 years in the open!
    lucky that we didn’t dug a mine or an unexploded shell.

    4 years ago, a friend of mine told me that he walked in a forrest on the site of the battle of Verdun (1916). he saw there some 155mm shells layed on the ground unprotected, with yellow paint bits on the head (chemicals). he said that with time, the trees with their roots manage to dig out the bigger elements. scary…


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