1. The next few years are going to be very interesting and very hard on a lot of people. I believe the world could have accepted the US dollar for a long time if it weren’t for the fools we worshiped and gave awards to.

    Now it’s too late, the world is tired of our attempt to create wealth out of debt, and our exportation of inflation. We fucked with the world and now they will fuck us.
    It’s too late but now we are starting to get it and throw the bums out, maybe they should have been hung, but we were the fools as well, we wanted to believe them but we lost.


    Professor Paul Krugman is leaving Princeton. Is he leaving in disgrace?

  2. The Fed debasing, diluting the dollar, printing trillions. Obama adding another $10 trillion to the debt to pay for his 110 million FSA voting block majority, issuing IOU’s to fools stupid enough to loan us money for goods. Well, the BRICS have had enough, as has the rest of the world. Obama’s paranoid psychotic spying, the NSA, CIA, IRS, destroying relations with every country on the planet. Not only is Obama going to bankrupt and collapse this country, he’s going to lose reserve currency status, lose the petrodollar, and the rest of the world is going to leave us in the dust pile of history. Who’d have thought one incompetent mulatto could destroy an entire nation? Oh yea, hope and change…..

  3. I refuse to accept nor lay the blame for the current global/western economic crisis at the feet of Obama. You’re giving him way too much credit. It can all be traced to the FRA of 1913, which brings into consideration elements and factors going all the way back to the money changers in the temple in Jerusalem oh so many years ago, but of which we thankfully have a record.

    It’s simplistic and naive to even mention Obama’s name in the long list of conspirators, reading more like the book of kings in the old testament, than anything else.

    AWD, you’re not seeing the forest for the trees, even though it fits into your narrow two party view of current events.

    Card, you’re correct, the system could be tweaked to work for everyone. As it is, the system is continually tweaked to work for rich and powerful.

    “Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen.”

    (Revelation 1:7 ESV)

  4. AWD,

    I don’t pretend to understand everything about economics… I’m not an Economist. Don’t even play one on TV. Didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Hotel.

    But I do know that the only reason why we can keep inventing phony-baloney “currency” for the sole purpose of paying the interest on our international debt is because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency.

    If we lose that, then we lose the ability to invent more phony-baloney currency and foist that off on our creditors… they will cease taking it as payment on debt. Our fiat currency would be fine for inside the US, but people won’t take it outside the US…

    Which means we will be up shit creek without a paddle… we would be fucking DONE.

    How will we pay even the interest on our debt? We’d have to find some idiot to accept our junky “dollars” and trade them for something our creditors would accept as payment. That, or start handing over solid, 3 dimensional assets – steel, building materials, copper, food, anything that has intrinsic worth.

    I seriously doubt any of our creditors would be willing to ‘forgive’ our debt, as we did in the past to others…

    And maybe that’s been the endgame of these assholes all along…

  5. Obama: “AWW YEAAHH BITCHEZZ!! I GOTS DA PLATINUM CARD AN WEEZ BEEZ PREEZY NOW!! I’ll just run this bitch up – spend more than every administration that has come before me COMBINED!! WAHH-HOO!”

    Nonanon: “I refuse to accept nor lay the blame for the current global/western economic crisis at the feet of Obama. It’s simplistic and naive to even mention Obama’s name in the long list of conspirators..”


    Dude, I know you have a very valid point re: Red Shield and others contributing to our current cluster fuck, but to absolve Obongo completely? Even Jeebus Hisself thinks that’s chock full of FAIL.

    The HNIC has been playing “nigger rich” since he got into the White House. Spent more than every administration before him COMBINED going all the way back to George Washington himself… to blow that off is.. well, it’s fucking retarded.

  6. @nonanon – Obummer accelerated the decline by leaps and bounds. He (and recent presidents) could have “righted the ship”, but didn’t, so in my mind the current prez is most to blame. Creation of the Fed Reserve was, you correctly point out, a huge blunder.

    @Billy, the Chinese are already buying up infrastructure (“3D assets”, as you say).

    “American government officials at all levels are flocking to Beijing and Shanghai in hopes of recruiting Chinese investors who are eager to expand their businesses, or in some cases safeguard their wealth. While China owns more than $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities, it has only $28 billion in direct investments in American companies and real estate, according to estimates by the Rhodium Group, a private research company. By the end of 2020 that sum could balloon to between $100 billion and $400 billion.”



  7. Abolish the Federal Reserve , Abolish Fractional Reserve banking and then make congress issue the currency debt free and in limited supply backed by a basket of different commodities.(Gold ,oil ,natural gas ,)Then stop all third world immigration to this country .Sound money and sane immigration policy is our only hope .The policy of the elite is to bankrupt nation (destroy the currency) and a continuous reduction of the white voting population. These FOOLS think people of color will be easier to manipulate and control.So unless the military takes over and stops this shit we are doomed. The republicans aren’t going to stop it .The military is our only hope at this point or a complete economic collapse.

  8. Let’s not forget Usury….which the banks whole heartedly embraced.

    All of our previous Presidents knew that a Central Bank would lead to the destruction of our Nation. Woodrow Wilson, the Judas that he is, sold us to the Banksters for 40 pieces of silver.

    I disagree that any President since 1913 could have righted the ship. All of them needed Wall Street and the banks in order to get elected . They may have warned us as Eisenhower did but alas we were too busy worshiping at the altar in the Kingdom of Thingdom to care .


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