Pictorial Essay: Your Life

You were born free … a bundle of tremendous potential.



You were loved, and loved unconditionally.



The concept of lack was foreign to you.



As you grew you started to question the world around you.



You hunted fireflies on warm summer nights and you put them in jars to light your room at night.



And the door to your imagination was never locked.



Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”  But government schools were more interested in you becoming an obedient drone … and they wound up killing your joy of learning.



You were ridiculed when you challenged the status quo.



You were judged … and so learned to judge others.



And so you allowed group mentality to sway your actions and decisions.



The Powers That Be worked very hard to make you believe you have no power, no control. So, you did as you were told, and feared the consequences of what would happen if you did not. You became ruled by fear. 



But, your beliefs were formed by television programming.



And what your culture says you should believe about God …. pick one.



And by what your government wants you to believe about itself, and what you should sacrifice for blind Patriotism.



You sought news of the world … but were fed propaganda.



You were presented with continuous distractions to keep you from questioning the reality around you.



You were kept deliberately ignorant.



You were given hope … that you could effect change by voting. But hope was crushed when you realized both parties played the same hand.



So, you joined the rat race as no other options seemed evident.



You were trained to be a consumer.



You bought into The American Dream.



They fed you poison.



You acquired debt.



You ….. conformed. Is it any wonder you feel confused and hopeless?



But … you’ve felt it all your life …. that it’s all just an illusion.



You let the past dictate your present, and you worry about your future. But you only have the present … living in the moment is all you can do.  Once you realize no one has power over your thoughts … you will never again act against your will.



Just remember who you are … the same soul that was born all those years ago (though your years may be closer in age to the hands holding the baby).



But, years of conditioning almost completely eroded your sense of who you are, and the power within you. Don’t you want to change? Will you roll the red die, or the green one?



It’s your choice, completely. The labels you were given as you lived your life no longer fit. Simply choose to start believing again in your infinite potential.



You are what you believe. What you believe, you are.  Mahatma Ghandi said, “Your beliefs become your destiny”.



The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said;  “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”  So …. 



The universe is in your hands. You were born free, you will die free … but will you LIVE free?



Author: Stucky

I'm right, you're wrong. Deal with it.

148 thoughts on “Pictorial Essay: Your Life”

  1. Normally I don’t go for that stuff – but that was well done. Good enough for me to show it to my kids in fact…..like a ‘you are here’ moment.

  2. hey stucky, this is kinda neat. i enjoyed it. though i think you left out the cranky old fuck stage, which for me began at age 32.

  3. Hey, Stucky –

    I dropped by for a look at TBP today and find this.

    After my first experience of you, I had written you off as a complete a-hole.

    My opinion has now been amended in your favor. (Which fact, I recognize, counts for exactly zip but I thought you should know.)


  4. DaPerfessor

    Sorry about that … (I don’t remember what we battled about). I can be an asshole to someone in one thread, and a saint to the same person on another thread. It’s all on a case-by-case basis … and rarely lasts more than one day.

    Hey … did you hear that Eric Holder resigned? I bet he read this article.

  5. The universe is in your hands .You were born free .You will die free …..but will you live free ?

    Stucky , are you on drugs ? Your beginning to sound like some new age guru . Other then that good job.

  6. bb

    Stucky is my designated emissary on Earf so, indeed, he speaketh truth about having the world … yeah, even the universe … in his hands. What do you have in YOUR hands? Never-mind … I KNOW what you’re holding, you pervert.

  7. I needed this today Stuck.

    I’ve been building and sanding, fixing and sanding, patching and sanding and finally painting and now sanding for what feels like months.

    I’m tired and needed some motivation to go forth and accomplish more.

    Thanks for this.


  8. Firstly, being a visual person……Your choice of pictures were beyond perfection. Firstly, the tempo and flow of the essay were beyond perfection. Firstly, your message was Truth beyond perfection.

    This was very timely for me as the events presently taking place in my life are challenging and testing me to fully understand and live this Truth.

    There’s so much I’d like to say but I have to continue to get through “the events” and pass this Exam with an A+. Before the day it out I would like to add some more thoughts about your First Rate Essay.

    This was stunning Stucky…..simply stunning.

    ps. Did you see where Hawkings said he was an atheist:

    “Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe,” the world-famous theoretical physicist told Jauregui. “But now science offers a more convincing explanation.”

    “What I meant by ‘we would know the mind of God’ is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God, which there isn’t,” he added. “I’m an atheist.”


  9. “Your choice of pictures were beyond perfection.” ———– T4C

    Believe it or not, it took me a few hours to find just-the-right pictures. As such, I sincerely appreciate your noticing that, and the compliment.

    “Before the day is out I would like to add some more thoughts about your First Rate Essay.”
    ———– T4C

    VERY much looking forward to your thoughts, T4C.

    I’m delighted you (and others …. except that cur, Billy) have enjoyed this post.

  10. Stuck… dude you have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now…

    seriously, wtf? Your post was so schmaltzich I had to go get an insulin shot…

  11. Thanks for shitting on this thread. It says more about you, than me.

    More and more I’m starting to realize that you are no internet-friend of mine whatsoever.

  12. On Sunday morning we were up before first light, something that happens with a lot these days as we head into Autumn. I made the children a big breakfast; creamed chipped beef on toast, fried eggs, roasted potatoes and applesauce from the first harvest of the year. They drank milk from our neighbors farm poured out of half gallon mason jars and I enjoyed watching them fill their bellies with healthy food to start the day.

    While they got dressed I got out the tools for the day; chain saws and files, a peavey and fuel cans, hammers and wedges, a maul, an ax, a coil of rope, earplugs and helmets, chains and a breaker bar. I hooked up a well worn pair of kevlar chaps and tossed some plastic bottles filled with water into a bucket. By the time I had finished the children had come outside and were heading out to the sugar orchard with the dogs to help me harvest firewood for the day.

    During the busiest part of the Summer we rarely get up into the forested part of the property. As Fall approaches it begins to come back into focus as the site of our hardest work of the year. trees that have fallen or dropped limbs must be cut up into blocks and stacked for splitting. In many places we can make our way in with the tractor or the gator to load up the wood, but in other, like the one we were working on that day are too steep, too bouldered to be navigable by anything other than foot and here each piece must be carried out by hand. This is the kind of work where even the youngest can not only help out, but make a difference that counts.

    I had selected two large rock maples for harvest, each one standing deadwood that had gone out of production in the past several years after a century and half of vigorous growth. Dropping a 100 foot tree in a densely wooded lot is a tricky proposition that requires a great deal of thought and planning. The act of harvesting trees of this size is something that takes two or more years of preparation if it’s done in a working sugar bush. The under story must be cleared and the brush pulled into bunny piles- beaver dam looking mounds of saplings and lower branches collected from the cut and placed in depressions to decompose. In the first couple of years they become home to numerous species of wildlife- rabbits, ground squirrels, field mice and nesting birds. As they decompose they fill in the low spots with a rich humus of decayed carbon that feeds the orchard. Smaller trees that are misshapen, too many of any given species in competition with the sugar maples like hemlocks and beech are felled for firewood or boards and removed in advance of the big cuts. If you scope out the proper lean of the tree to come out you can, if all goes according to plan, drop it precisely where you’d like it to fall without doing further damage to the younger trees coming up for replacement, or snapping off branches that get hung up in the canopy creating “widow makers”, dangerous deadwood waiting for stiff wind or time to bring it down with enough force to kill a man.

    As the younger kids pulled brush onto the pile I set to work bringing down the maples. The first cuts remove a wedge from the side of the tree where you’d like it to fall, the second relief cut is made behind and above the wedge cut and allows the tree to topple to the forest floor. Even when done properly these kinds of cuts are extremely challenging and pose risks based on the grain of the wood, unseen hollows within the tree and a multitude of factors that simply cannot be accounted for with any degree of certainty. Everyone working in the area removes themselves to a safe difference and watches the top of the tree for signs of lean while I cut. It is one of the few times when I feel apprehension about what I am doing, but some times you have to either fish or cut bait. As they would say these days, the tree ain’t gonna cut itself. As the tree falls the sound builds; the soft snap at the butt where the grain breaks free, the movement of the leaves high up swishing like they would before a thunderstorm- then the crack of branches the displacement of air as the speed builds and the explosive report of 15 tons of carbon connecting with the earth in one final instant. The vacuum of sound that follows is immense. A few stray leaves flutter to the ground, everyone looks to each other as if to confirm that something that big just happened and then smiles break out spontaneously, five sets of white teeth sparkling in the gloamy green of the forest.

    I cut the butt end into two eight foot sections for lumber, inch thick boards that will be milled and dried during the Winter for floorboards, cutting boards and chopping blocks. On a tree this size from a sugarbush the entire periphery is marked with tapping scars, dark indents where a hundred years of sap has been drained each Spring, one drop at a time. As the tree grows it not only expands in girth, but ascends upwards carrying the oldest spile marks upwards, sometimes as high as twenty feet. The boards made from these marked pieces are coveted by master furniture builders and craftsman and bring top dollar when they come to market. Above these butts we block the wood into 24″ pieces which my oldest son goes to work on with wedges and sledge hammer, splitting them into four pieces that weigh 150 pounds or more each. The younger children take a keel- a red wax crayon for marking timber- and a stout branch pre-cut to length to mark the trunk and leaders for cutting. I go to work and follow behind them, pushing the blade into the wood, a shower of creamy chips blowing into the leaves and loam.

    By noon we have disassembled what took the Sun and the rain and the soil 150 years to make and begin the process of carrying it out of the woods one block at a time.

    Our friends stop by later to visit- the younger children have lost interest and at this age its best to let them go- so the husband and my son and I finish up at the splitter and quickly crank out three cords or better before darkness pulls the plug on the day. The women and children are in the house, you can see the golden light of the kitchen spilling out across the granite slabs of the porch before fading away at the edge of the lawn. Inside food is being prepared, conversations run one on top of another in a pitch just under what my chain saw ears find audible and outdoors, exhausted, filthy, and gazing towards the last light in the west we stand together without a sound and regard the pile of split wood that marks our harvest.

    When people visit the farm there are a couple of things they always say to us, the most frequently heard comment being, “It must be a lot of work.” I think that they mean it as a compliment and so I take it as one, but what it seems to mean underneath is that we are doing something very few people would ever want to do. We live in one of the most work averse eras in human history, as if rest and relaxation were the panacea of existence. Yes, it is hard work to provide for oneself, to seek out sustenance not in the grocery store but from the soil, to harness energy rather than tap into a source someone else maintains and provides, but it is fulfilling too in a way that no distraction or entertainment could ever approximate. It marks our place in the world as something other than a bystander or spectator, but rather as an integral part of something bigger, something older, something profound.

    Later, after our friends had gone and the children were asleep in their beds, my wife and I spent some time as we always do when we’re together, talking about things. After all these years there is nothing as pleasing as to watch my wife smiling and laughing at something I have said, or telling me some story about something she did during her day and being close to each other in our own home with the dogs laying outside the door to the kitchen, fast asleep. By the time we wound things up we were both bone tired and we leaned against each other as we made our way upstairs to a rest that we had earned. I have said to my children that when I die I hope that they cremate me and spread my ashes on the fields, so that I can give back something to the land that has given so much to us. They think I am joking, but I am not. Everything is harvested in its time, energy becomes matter, matter returns to energy and the cycle continues until the end of days. I only hope that what we’ve done while we were here is as valuable as the trees we took down and that somehow we’ve grown as they have, rooted to the land.

  13. Hawkings said he was an atheist. He’s pissed because GOD tied him up and put him in a wheelchair.
    Good job Billy , Stucky needs to be made fun of every now and then.Keeps him humble.

  14. bb,

    I trolled Stuck for my own amusement, not to teach some lesson… it was just too good to pass up… it was almost like he was begging for it…

    I didn’t really mean anything by it, just having some fun…

    Meh… guy can’t even get cheap laughs around here anymore without getting everyone hacked off…

  15. pure genius…our little Stuck is all grown up…no more threatening those who disagree with ass-whoopings and shotguns blast…I am so proud..no snark intended.

  16. I’m currently experiencing a bit of an existential crisis myself.

    It’s the latter autumn of my life, and winter approaches. The shadows in my yard are doing their serious autumn lengthening and the days grow mellower. It is the same inside – or should be.

    I grapple with the question “How shall I then live?” (with apologies to Francis Schaefer). This question is beginning to haunt me as I feel myself becoming more and more angry, cynical and disillusioned with the world In which I live. Although some may consider this an appropriate response to current events, I am beginning to think that the evil is winning me over. What I absolutely do not want to be is an angry and bitter old woman, but I fear that is the direction I am heading.

    How do I remain in peace while focusing on the culture of death surrounding me? Detaching emotionally would seem to be the solution, but how do you detach from the futures of your children and grandchildren and the false reality you are constantly bombarded with? And by the way, just what is reality?

    To protect my own psychological health, I am going to have to withdraw much of the time I spend studying current events. I am going to opt for reading some great literature, puttering in my garden, playing with my grandchildren, feeding friends around my table, writing some memoirs, worshiping God. These seem to be ways to spend my time that are life-affirming rather than life-sucking. My preoccupation with the culture must diminish. Not end, but diminish.

    So Stucky your photoessay was timely for me and confirmed for me what I must do to increase peace and kindness in my life. I won’t leave TBP but I will be participating less often.

    Thank you and everybody.

    T4C – I will pray for you.

  17. Quick check-in to see what’s happening in this thread.

    Gayle – “T4C – I will pray for you.”

    At first I thought you wrote that because I relayed that Hawkings said he was an atheist, in which case it would be instead of ‘kill the messenger’ it would be ‘pray for the messenger’.

    Then I thought “that doesn’t sound like Gayle”. Fortunately realized the prayers would be to help me get through the ‘scary events’ I’m going through, in which case……sweet Gayle, pray away as I will take them to heart. One does not have to believe in a ‘God’ to fully appreciate invocations of aid and strength from cyber-friends.

    Thank you.

  18. Great post Gayle.

    I’ve been limiting my comment time and even now – reading time – on sites like this for the same reason.

    I’m trying to read more stuff that is less current events related and to spend more time with loved ones doing the things I love.

    I’m always reminded of the phrase – garbage in garbage out – and aware of what it can do to your soul should you wallow to long in it all.

    Too much doom porn is not good for us. The truth is the truth – it will be what it will be – and it will be outside of our ability to control it. Worrying too much about it is like allowing evil to win as it sucks from you the one thing you truly own and cannot replace – your time.

    It’s good to be aware but not obsessed.

    Good luck with your new journey.


  19. Gayle , would you pray for me .Seriously , I need all the help I can get.Something like Lord watch over bb and little bb .Keep them out of arms way.Little bb is always with me.Thanks.

  20. Francis

    I suppose in the end it’s about balance and temperament. I happen to be “blessed” with a melancholy character. Others not so inclined are probably better able to hold on to their equilibrium. Oh, how often I have wished to be the carefree life of the party! Too much stern English and German in my DNA I think.

    Anyway, thanks.


    Confirming that your train of thought led you to the right conclusion. Take care of yourself.

  21. thanks for enlightening us T4C that purportedly peer reviewed scientishism is greater than God.Hawkings ..we are truly not worthy.


    Thursday, September 25, 2014
    “The Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time”
    Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer Merck, declares that Gardasil has “has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer”:

    The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed: everyone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless! Diane Harper, a major opinion leader in the United States, was one of the first to blow the whistle, pointing out the fraud and scam of it all.

    Gardasil is useless and costs a fortune! In addition, decision-makers at all levels are aware of it!

    Cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS and vaccine-induced encephalitis can be found, whatever the vaccine.

    I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.

    Gardasil appears to be literally worse than useless, because it has demonstrably harmed many girls and young women without any reduction of cervical cancer rates. Gardasil was introduced in 2006. As of 8 September 2013 there have been more than 57 million doses distributed in the United States. The result with the latest available data from the CDC:

    2003: 11,745 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer
    2011: 12,109 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer

    Needless to say, the pro-vaxxers are already attempting to destroy Dr. Dalbergue’s reputation

    Breaking: MMR vaccine, autism, CDC coverup
    Aug20 by Jon Rappoport

    Breaking: autism, MMR vaccine, CDC coverup

    by Jon Rappoport

    August 20, 2014


    Sources: Age of Autism, Focus Autism Foundation—

    Age of Autism 8/18 article: “Senior government scientist breaks 13 years’ silence on CDC’s vaccine-autism fraud.”

    CDC research scientist comes forward, anonymously, comes clean, tells Dr. Brian Hooker that the CDC has known about the MMR vaccine connection to autism for at least 11 years.

    Has known, and has intentionally covered it up.

    The CDC and the US government have gone to extreme lengths to assert there is no vaccine-autism connection.

    This CDC scientist has spoken with Brian Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, many times.

    Hooker states he has seen raw CDC data not included in any study. And the data show that:

    African-American boys who receive their first MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine before the age of 36 months have a 300% increased risk for autism.


  22. Much appreciated Stucky, nice work as usual and thought provoking as well.

    Another eloquently written and refreshing story by Hardscrabble where he takes what most would think is a simple story about a necessary seasonal chore and turns the whole experience through his words into a vision of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover from days gone by.
    Well done sir.

  23. Billy dont much care fer the touchy feely. He’s more of a meth bump followed by some spray paint direct in the nose, and he don’t like mexicans or hippies AT ALL.

  24. Gayle, this place won’t darken too much but it will be darker after your gone. What is there to look forward to? A heavier concentration of Billy. He’s OK if you have a racist bent. His humor is the kind Bill Tomey once described as “makes you want to hit somebody”.

    There for a while we had a heavy rotation at work and everyone who left said, I won’t forget you guys, I’ll call. We never heard from them again. And if I were unscientific about it, I would have to conclude our dumb-ass boss was the cause. They finally kicked him upstairs to stop the bleed out.

    Billy has the technique and the words, what he lacks is a brain. I can’t believe he tried to patronize me saying I ended my rant on a weak note. Violence, even verbal violence is all he knows. Here’s an idea, Billy, stop reading the porn magazines, the same way your body exudes the smell of sausage, you writing stinks of a porn mentality. Do yourself a favor and do as Gayle recommends, read the literature you claim illegals love. (That was a strange claim but you must have seen some non-white reading when you were in the Army).

  25. I tried to warn you guys but Billy was the loud one posting pics and derisive comments so that a few began to give him thumbs up and that got the ball rolling. This place is no longer a free community, it is a group held in thrall by the white equivalent of Al Sharpton, his word is gospel and none dare contradict the Grand Dragon Billy.

    Stuck, I hope your not hurt, I hope you opened your eyes to this pariah. This mocking hyena. This human Ebola. This Garbage truck on Google auto-drive. This back flowing toilet. This shit stain on Old Glory.

    Bye, Gayle, you held on long enough, asking you to stay on with Billy shitting the proverbial bed is too much to ask of anyone.

  26. Stucky that maybe your life but it damn sure ain’t mine.

    Stuckys says: You ….. conformed. Is it any wonder you feel confused and hopeless?

    Stucky do another cooking post.

  27. Good stuff, Sticky. Well done.

    If there is one thing that absolutely mellows me out, it is a picture of a dog and a baby. Poof!!!! All’s right with the world, at least for a little while.

    When I was younger and had hair, I was blonde. And when I was a kid, I had a beagle. Dumber than a box of rocks, but she was my best playmate when it was time to head out into the farmland and creek behind my house and just do “stuff.”

    Actual picture of SSS and his dog.


  28. “To protect my own psychological health, I am going to have to withdraw much of the time I spend studying current events. ….. I won’t leave TBP but I will be participating less often.”

    Life has never been pretty, never. But, you do what you gotta do.

    The people who visit and post here are a unique collection of (fill in the blank). The “lurkers” who just visit, I suspect, far outnumber loudmouths like me. But remember, you can come here and find an article or two where you can learn or have fun or just read something where you say, “I didn’t know that.”

    Stay steady and stay in touch, Gayle.

  29. SSS says:

    Actual picture of SSS and his dog.

    That is an amazingly good quality picture SSS considering how old you are. >:)

  30. Most of my posts come from my intellect. This one came from my heart. The overwhelming majority felt it was of value, three did not. It was worth the effort.

  31. Hey all you guys dumping on Billy ,who would you rather have on your side in a war ?Who would you want on your side when the SHTF in this country?Most of you would pick Billy hands down. I know I would.
    El Coyote , lighten up a bit .Don’t want you having a heart attack. Besides your the next one Iwould pick to be a friend if or when the SHTF in this country.

  32. Hello. I am a fairly new visitor to your website.

    I appreciated the happy messages and nice pictures. I do feel I need to correct one point raised, however.

    The journey of a thousand miles properly should begin with a trip to the bathroom.

  33. RE

    I appreciate that you put up some of my posts on your website, really …. especially since they don’t get a lot of comments there.

    Ms Freud asked me to put this essay in a Word doc, and print it on high quality paper on our color HP printer. She wants to put it on the end table where the clients sit … and sometimes have to wait for her. So, I said “sure”, and will do so today …. but I was trying to come up with a suitable cover page, and that 2001 pic is absolutely perfect. Thanks!

    I’m going to need a much better title than “Pictorial Essay …”, though. Got any suggestions … anyone?

  34. Reading this thread, it’s like Sock-Puppet Theater.

    Can’t get anyone to jump on the “Let’s All Hate On Billy” Express, so you have to invent half a dozen fakes and have a conversation with yourself?

    The same desperation those dirty stinkin’ halfbreed Mexicans show by raping children is evident in the sock puppetry… sad, really.

    As far as trolling Stuck? You fucking people need a sense of humor… y’all must have had them surgically removed at birth… along with your balls.

  35. Billy – jr is stuck to the dog again and they are both howling like nobody’s business. Bring home a large can of Crisco ASAP.

    PS you was born free hon, never forget that.

  36. Thank you for the above comment about your farm and family, hardscrabble farmer. I would encourage you to take the time to write a bestseller, but I believe your farm work to be much more important. A labor of love without question.

    I miss AWD also, SAH. Not a week goes by that I don’t.

    Thanks for the above post, Stucky. Great stuff.

    Mr. Chen: You and Billy need to get together sometime in KY and have a few beers. In no time, you’ll be telling each other spic and cracker jokes and hooting it up. Great music comments (above) by the way.

  37. Chen

    Thanks for the great tunes – one so upbeat and one so melancholy and I love them both.

    I saw the ageless Willie sing September Song at the Hollywood Bowl last summer. At age 80 he couldn’t hit the high notes quite as easily, but other than that is still totally on his game. He’s still willing to sing On the Road Again with gusto, which he could probably do in a coma.

  38. I was great with the piece up until the whole “limitless life” thing. Only people who do not come into contact with other people could believe that people in general are not extraordinarily….limited.


  39. “This Billy character above, is he always such a major asshole? ” — FwankL

    Only to sanctimonious dickheads and humorless prigs, like you…


  40. It amuses me how many people stick to dismissing positive thoughts as “new age” stuff, worthy of not an iota of thought or energy.

    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill

    And it works both ways.

    I hate hearing, “I can’t do it,” which right next to “I won’t try” are two of the biggest self-limiters ever to pass my lips.

    When you say, “I can’t do it,” your mind BELIEVES that. So you can’t.

    This is what I know, it is scientifically proven, and being reinforced with every fairly run research group, I know that continuously feasting on negativity, breeds more negativity.

    Positivity breeds positivity.

    NOT “new agey” but HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

    Years ago I worked for a door-to-door insurance agency. One of the world’s largest that nearly no one “knows” from the name (now gone).

    It was started by W. Clement Stone during the depression. He soon found Napoleon Hill and they began a friendship that enriched Stone’s life in many ways. Then his company enriched mine.

    Some of our sayings stuck with me and I still use/altered and use. One of them was the way we began every meeting, by saying, “I feel health, I feel happy, I feel terrific.” It is hard to remain depressed after standing on your feet and chanting that with your fellow asylum inmates.

    Over the years I’ve changed it a little, and I use it more for health than anything. When I get sick, or my daughter gets sick, we say, over and over and over and over, “I am healthy, my body is illness and disease free.”

    Some may laugh at this, but I KNOW that I once had a lump in my breast that was scaring the hell out of me. I used my little saying all day, everyday, for over 2 weeks. Traffic, shower, anytime I was alone.

    By the time I got into my doctor there was no more lump, it was just gone.

    Believe what you want O’ Doubters, I know that there is much more to this world – and our own bodies – than Big Pharm, Big Religion and Big Government want us to realize.

  41. 1. I have no quarrel with the writer known as Billy. I hear he’s quite a good neighbor. His persona here is detestable yet entertaining.
    2. This is a great Pictorial, Stuck, it tops your castles pictorial.
    3. I miss AWD’s acerbic sense of humor. He could pull out his light sword in and instant if you messed with him but he replied with a wonderful bedside manner if you asked a serious question.
    4. Gayle, Autumn has this sobering effect on some of us. The boffins suggest that the decreasing light may be to blame, the shorter days, it takes getting used to and then there is another gradation in late December. This may have inspired the myth of Persephone. There is a short story on this theme, called “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield. In it, the young girl enters the house of an accident victim, it is almost dreamlike, good story if you can find it.

  42. T E ,because new age paganism is really old age paganism in a different wrapper.That’s why my darling .
    Stucky , this post has gotten 80+comments so far or have you noticed.

  43. My Darling? Are you a southern gen’lman, bb?

    Some of these New Age thoughts are part of the Charismatic church teachings disparagingly called, Name it and Claim it. I could say it is their biggest draw but I don’t really know why other people go to church, I know why I went, I’d be dead now if not for that wise choice.

  44. “It amuses me how many people stick to dismissing positive thoughts as “new age” stuff, worthy of not an iota of thought or energy.” ————– TE

    That’s why you’re my internet girlfriend …. you have a beautiful mind.

    Mention the “mind” and the power it has and some people roll their eyes. Those are the skeptics. That’s OK … I am a skeptic myself in other areas. But, what rubs my ass the wrong way are The Real Dickweed Idiots …. those who feel it’s their duty to mock even the idea.

    The real questions is …. and I know you know this …. is the mind merely an appendage of the body? The heart supplies it blood, the white cells provide defense, the liver cleanses, the brain houses it, etc., and so, the mind is “just there”, an innocent by-product of all the body’s other functions.

    Or, does the mind control the body? (Probably both, eh?)

    — I know if I walk on hot coals that my feet will burn to crisp and I will be in tremendous pain. It MUST be that way for reasons concerning SCIENCE. Yet, I know folks who can do this with nary a singe on the bottom of their feet? Are their feet different than mine? Are they not flesh and skin, like mine?

    — I know my heart rate is about 70 beats a minute. It MUST be that way, and I (we) can NOT control it. Yet, I know practitioners of meditation, especially Buddhist monks, who can lower their hear rate to a few beats per minute. Their hearts must be different than mine.

    — I knew this lady (she died last year), my mom’s friend for 50 years, who was chronically SICK her entire life. I believe she had every disease under the sun at one point. But, doctors never ever found a single thing wrong with her. She was a true hypochondriac. Her brain … her beliefs … made her sick. But, noooo, it CAN’T work the other way around (where your brain … your beliefs … can make you well. No!!)

    — Medical science STILL can’t actually explain the PLACEBO effect, where a sugar-pill has virtually the IDENTICAL effect as the medical drug …IF the patient believes the sugar pill was the real drug. True story follows, from a book called ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat, and other clinical tales’. A man with cancer is given two months to live and is offered a new “miracle” drug. Only it’s not a “miracle” drug, it’s a sugar pill. He gets well! In fact, the cancer ……. totally disappears. He finds out later that he was given a placebo. He is so distraught that the cancer comes back pronto, and he’s dead within two months.

    — Here is a very simple experiment that anyone can do. Close your eyes, and think about a horrible experience in your life. After a while guess what WILL happen? Your blood pressure will rise! Just from thinking … but, no, the mind does not control the body.

    — There are literally — and I mean literally — thousands of people who practice visualization as a means to getting their bodies to do things above and beyond what would have been ‘normal’ for them. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he sculpted his body in his mind through hypnotic visualization before producing the results for real. Bodie Miller does it … in fact, many Olympians do it.

    But, no, mention positive thinking for a mere mortal such as you and I, and we are greeted with rolling eyes and dumb-ass commentary befitting a retard. They’ll rip apart every example given above, and any other possible example, and feel proud of themselves because … goddammit, it’s all bullshit, and they just set all of us positive thinking believers back on the right path. THEIR path … the path of denial. One should not befriend, or associate, with such people. THEY are a cancer to your soul, and they will bring you down. Discard them as chaff, and be done with it. I know I will.

  45. Billy! Jr replaced yer confederate flag with one of them rainbow banners agin. He’s up on the trailer singing wind beneath my wings at the top of his lungs. Please come home soon, and pick up a six pack of mineral spirits.

    PS Congrats stucky!

  46. Rating: 4.7 12,910 reads @ ZH

    Fri, 09/26/2014 – 17:04

    knukles’s picture

    Oh my oh my …. I see evidence of some sort of an awakening process through the photos and captions ….. as will several others of us.

    Uh huh
    Uh huh
    Uh huh


    How very cool is that?

    Congratulations. 🙂

    1. Stuck

      I haven’t been able to logon to the internet since yesterday morning. I just read your post. Simply brilliant. It is a well deserved top spot on ZH. I didn’t even send it to them. They picked it up themselves. I’m going to send it to a few other sites so it gets more exposure. Thanks for running the show while I’m away.

  47. No problem-o, Admin.

    I will be gone most of tomorrow to attend to my parents. Hopefully, you’re back, or if not, some of the other regulars can chip in.

    Zero Hedge. Wow. When will they send me mah mooney?

    1. Stuck

      The check is in the mail. ZH has published hundreds of my posts and I’m still waiting for the check. I’m betting your article gets over 40,000 reads on ZH. And at least 3 of the 400 comments will actually refer to the article.

  48. “I have no quarrel with the writer known as Billy. I hear he’s quite a good neighbor. His persona here is detestable yet entertaining.”


  49. Ah hell… good snark spoiled by poor execution… it will embarrass you every time…

    What ev’s… this shit is getting old anyways…

  50. Well, now, Billy is the last to get tired of his own shit.
    BTW, Queer of de Nile, I’m not the one behind Billah’s wife and other gag commenters,
    I also cannot post pics, so that aint me. That be some of your glee club fans here.
    Now let’s see your Dar Vader dance to that.

    Not to say I don’t appreciate your military service, I give you my one finger, mocha latte salute for that.

  51. Chen says:

    “Well, now, Billy blah blah fuckin blah, some bullshit, blah…
    BTW, Queer of de Nile, I suck dick and get assfucked by niggers behind a dumpster.
    I also cannot get an erection, even with Viagra.
    Now let’s see your Dar Vader dance to that.

    Not to say I don’t appreciate your military service, since I’m too much of a fucking coward to do anything like that… so, I disrespect the shit out of you and all the guys who came before you, and I give you my one finger, mocha latte salute for that.”




    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my life of awesome…


  52. Billy Billy Billy dint I say I was in the Air Force? If you had applied yourself,maybe you could have passed the ASVAB and maybe qualified for the Marines at least.

  53. Australian rap video about MSM BS headlines and propoganda. Why did I only find out about this yesterday? These guys are in my city and I had never heard of them.

  54. Chen says:

    “Billy Billy Billy dint I say I was a big fuckin pussy and was in the Chair Farce? If I had applied myself, and actually grew a pair, I could have passed the ASVAB and maybe qualified for the Marines. But, since I’m a big fuckin pussy and I look FABULOUS! in a blue suit, I chose some bitch job instead of being a real man. Plus, it was an easy way to fast track my US citizenship… I mean, it’s the AIR FORCE! HAHAHAHAH!! Not like I was gonna have to, you know, actually DO anything… ”




  55. Billy told me to tell you he’s sorry for being such a rank anus on this thread. He’s mighty stressed these days cuz first Jr comes out homersexual, makes us start calling him Billette, then comes home with some kind of mongrel boyfriend with questionable genetics and Billy just don’t know what to say. So he acts out and embarrasses us all. On behalf of Billy, Billette and myself, along with Gayle, I bid you all a fond farewell.

  56. You are a master at enabling. Throughout the pictorial I was reminded, fearfully remanded, of my minds’ imaginations while reading 1984. Through fear I am unable to read Orson Welles’ 1984 without frequent intermissions. This is not the first time I have read 1984, but it is the first time I have read it as a much older adult, an adult terrorized by how the closely the conditions in 1984 parallel the conditions in our beautiful country. As a younger man the story was just that…a story without realism in which the storied conditions were invisible and could not occur within my lifetime.

  57. Stucky,

    DOH! You sooo got me! 🙂

    Dude, it ain’t MY fault the Air Farce hosts fag picnics… take it up with them if you’re embarrassed about it…

    Gotta lubs dat inter-service rivalry… heh..

    Blow me, Stuck..





  58. Billy

    You are an asshole, plain and simple. There will be NO make-up stuff after the shit you pulled on this thread. NONE.

    You are an angry old fuck who hates and belittles virtually everyone. I have no use for you. Can’t you just go away?

    The only question remaining is whether or not there will be a shit-fest on every thread we both comment on. I just as soon you fuck-off and leave me be. We’ll see how that goes.

    Hey, I found a picture of you in your service days …. gives a whole new meaning to ‘service’, that’s for sure.


    Have a nice day, you piece of shit.

  59. Don’t worry hon, Stucky gets real mad and says things he don’t mean. He tells llpoh he hates him forever once a week, but they always make up. He’s more temperamental than Billette.

  60. Rambo was based on My exploits in ‘Nam. Nobody woulda believed Rambo was from Kentucky with a full set of teeth but Stallone wouldn’t wear hillbilly teeth so they changed his race to Injun.

  61. I once parachuted naked from the second story balcony onto my wife’s bed. It was a hole in one, if you know whut I mean.

  62. I once stared down about twenty Iranian Joos in East Pakistan next door to Syria, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done trying to buy some black market sausage but I was jonesing.

  63. A Air Force dude showed me how to bresh my tooth without shakin ma haid. He also told me it warn’t neseseeded to warsh ma hands after takin a piss, he sed jes don’t pee on yer hands, he told me. Golly, them Air Force is smart.

  64. Remember the story Billy told about seeing his dad catch the wake of a steamship in a canoe, and getting filmed unbeknownst to him, but Billy happened to catch it years later while channel surfing? He has got to be the biggest blowhard idiot in the whole south. His stories are so patently false and self agrandizing that you know, without a doubt, in real life you would avoid ever having to converse with him at all costs.

    But Stucky will still make up with him.

  65. I oncet dated a Skandinavian chick what lived in Hog Waller up the way, she wuz beyootiful owing to she had most of her teeth but we had to part ways when ma uncle sed thet was his daughter.

  66. I was in Iraq when some Ebola terrists attacked our troop and they threw a hand grenade at us but I picked it up and threw it right back at them.

  67. This thread degenerated from touchy feely to a bbunch of shit thrown by monkeys. I had to wait to comment because I was laughing so hard . Damn the regulars on this site are fun. Admin this creation of yours is the best on the nnet.

    BTW because of the creativity on this siten any high profile celebrities should be honored to be interviewed by JQ.

  68. DId I ever tell you about the time I was fighting in Da Nang back in ’70?

    I’m telling you, I was killing gooks with my bare fucking hands, left and right, 30 of ’em.

    I was some kind of bad-ass, I can tell you that!

  69. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in Ka-San in ’50?

    I’m telling you, I was killing slants & chinks, anybody that drew near, they was dead fuckin’ meat, I can tell you that!

    Kill ’em all. Let God sort ’em out. That’s what I always say.

  70. Did I ever tell you about the time I landed on Normandy beach?

    Look, the German people are the finest people in the world. I mean, they’re the best at everything! And the German wimmens. Well, you can just rest assured that the spoils of war go to the victors. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Unless, of course, you aks me, and then I’m glad to tell you about how I was bangin’ hard and strokin’ long.

    But, in this case, I had to follow the orders that was given to me. And I was given orders to kill them fuckin’ Krauts. So I did. I killed more Krauts in one day than the rest of my platoon killed in a week.

    I was a beach-stormin’ mo-fo. I can tell you that.

  71. Well, this thread turned into solid gold shit.

    Stupid Shit That Billy, aka Chen, aka el What-the-fuck-ever …… you’ve turned into a dick. Shame on you.

  72. Stucky says:


    You are an asshole, plain and simple. There will be NO make-up stuff after the shit you pulled on this thread. NONE.”

    Yeah, I’m an asshole – I freely admit that. But dude, come on… just having some fun and you start acting like a Special Snowflake. I thought you had balls, bro… the whole reason I poked some fun is because this post was so unlike you. It is so unlike you, out of all the posts you have made, it is likely unique. I didn’t even think you were the author, at first. Never figured you for the hippy-dippy shit, so I wanted to have some fun… geez…

    “You are an angry old fuck who hates and belittles virtually everyone. I have no use for you. Can’t you just go away?”

    I don’t hate EVERYONE. But everyone usually gets belittled sooner or later, at some point.. I don’t follow people around for the sole purpose of mocking them. I’m not that obsessive. But, I will take advantage of a target of opportunity when it shows up…

    “The only question remaining is whether or not there will be a shit-fest on every thread we both comment on.”

    No. I don’t have any ill feelings towards you at all. You went off the reservation and posted some hippy shit, and I had my fun. The End. Far as I’m concerned, this will be my last post in this thread and I’m going to leave all this shit here… what you choose to do is up to you.

    “I just as soon you fuck-off and leave me be. We’ll see how that goes.”

    Whatever you want. If you want me to consider you Persona Non Grata, I can do that…

    “Hey, I found a picture of you in your service days …. gives a whole new meaning to ‘service’, that’s for sure.”

    Heh… good one. 🙂 THAT’S the spirit! I knew the old Stucky was in there behind that Special Snowflake…

    For what it’s worth, your OP was all right…. not my cup of tea, but it was okay…

    “Stupid Shit That Billy, aka Chen, aka el What-the-fuck-ever …… you’ve turned into a dick. Shame on you.”

    It took you till now to figure that out? I had Balls On My Chen figured in the first 5 seconds, even without him bombarding the thread with garbage, as if quantity outweighs quality… one good snarky post from you is worth 1000 of his bloody queefs added together…

    Laters, Stuck…

  73. Don’t that beat all, this was a two ring circus along with POW thread, Billy went full moron on that thread but here, he plays the victim. The moral of all this is never interfere with a lover’s quarrel, while they are kissing and gargling each other’s spit, old Chen get called a fucker and a dick. Then petulant Billy adds, yea Stuck,Honey, I knew et wuz him all along…No it wasn’t, it was you, you mountain moron, and your pretend sock puppet theater is a real protester, Dang, your thick headed.

  74. Stupid Shit that Billy, Billy is an Idiot, Billah’s Wife and other insurgents fighting to liberate TBP of the Purveyor of Ignorance, Huzzah. Carry on.

  75. I have not posted on this thread til now. I was watching a bit, then saw it disintegrate into total bullshit.

    Some folks were enjoying this thread and then some assholes ruined it.

  76. Stuck, great comments on the mind, ah, your internet girlfriend. I know that shouldn’t make me so happy, but it does!

    I once knew a young lady who had both a mother and a father get cancer within a couple of years of each other. Every time I saw her for the next two years she would mention “I’m guaranteed to get cancer now.” Every time.

    Three years after her mother was diagnosed, so was she, Twenty eight years old with breast cancer and no other contributing conditions.

    She survived it, but I often wonder what she is battling now (my ex got her in the divorce).

    Ah bb, the power of the mind isn’t a “pagan belief,” but Christmas sure as hell is/was. Food for thought

  77. Stucky’s post was on Zero Hedge. An odd post for them, that’s how I ended up here.

    An amazing post, Stucky. Chen, “The Garden Party” was quite a story. hardscrabble farmer, also quite a story.

  78. Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

    “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…” – H.L Mencken

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master.” – George Washington

    That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.” – Henry David Thoreau

    The happiness of society is the end of government.
    John Adams

    “The welfare state is the oldest con game in the world. First you take people’s money away quietly and then you give some of it back to them flamboyantly.”- Thomas Sowell

  79. Admin

    I really like that Rockwell only posts part of the article, and then forces the reader to click on the source page to read the rest. Hopefully, a lot of new folks will visit TBP today.

  80. Not usually one for the photoessays but this was a good one. It was interesting too, the colors you used in the text. Blue for the blind acceptance and just giving up part and green for the daring to be open to the potential part. Then green dice for yes to change and red dice for no. Did you choose those colors purposefully or just by chance?

    It’s kinda hard to explain but these colors represent ideas. Red is more of the masculine color and is more associated with domination whereas blue is the more feminine and is associated with submission. Then you have green which is the balance point.

    The balance point is where we no longer feel the need to dominate others nor do we feel the need to submit to others’ domination; where we see the inherent power within us and the potential in those around us; where we realize that we don’t have to live in a world built on coercive force (ie violence) but could, if enough people realized this too, build a world on mutual respect and voluntary association.

    This is why, as you say in the essay, that so much time, energy and resources are devoted to breaking us into “blues” and “reds”. Notice the colors of the Democrats (blue) and Republicans (red) and that they generally take two roles, the Democrats are the “nanny state” which embodies the feminine and the Republicans are the “war state” or the authoritarian “father” figure which embodies the masculine.

    At any rate, what you’re talking about is very real and questions about what our minds are, what we are, why we are here and just what exactly “here” is are precisely the kinds of questions we should be asking. The answers are out there…actually the answers are inside us. As the sign at the oracle at Delphi said, “know thy self and you will know the Universe and the gods.”

    If you’re at all interested in pursuing this line of thought and questioning I highly recommend Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar http://youtu.be/C1pkJaNbzLU

    It’s long and he’s not the most engaging speaker (I find him so but I’m a weirdo), but the information is fantastic and it’ll make you think. There’s far more being hidden from us than anyone realizes.

  81. “Did you choose those colors purposefully or just by chance?” —– Jack

    Yes and No. None of the pictures are my original work. But, yes, I was looking for exactly what you described. Thank you for your comments.

    “Not usually one for the photoessays” —– Jack

    I’ve done several. There are two others that were popular that you also MIGHT like.

    1) Bridges —- http://www.theburningplatform.com/2014/08/07/pictorial-essay-16-awesome-bridges-of-the-world/

    2) Castles —- The Outrageous Beauty of MEDIEVAL CASTLES
    ——————- http://www.theburningplatform.com/?s=castles

  82. Very cool. I was thinking it was a bit of synchronicity but it’s better that you did it purposefully. It’s nice to know that there are more and more people out there thinking about these things.

    I actually saw your Castles one, it was posted on LRC as well.

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