In Part 1 of this article I discussed the catalyst spark which ignited this Fourth Turning and the seemingly delayed regeneracy. In Part 2 I pondered possible Grey Champion prophet generation leaders who could arise during the regeneracy. In Part 3 I focused on the economic channel of distress which is likely to be the primary driving force in the next phase of this Crisis. In Part 4 I assessed the social and cultural channels of distress dividing the nation. In Part 5 I examined the technological, ecological, political, military channels of distress likely to burst forth with the molten ingredients of this Fourth Turning, and finally in this final part, our rendezvous with destiny, with potential climaxes to this Winter of our discontent.

We are now in the seventh year of this Fourth Turning. A famous quote from the seventh year of the last Fourth Turning portended the desperate, bloody and ultimately heroic trials and tribulations which awaited generations of our ancestors. What will be our rendezvous with destiny?

“There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt – June 27, 1936 – Philadelphia, PA

Our Rendezvous With Destiny

“The seasons of time offer no guarantees. For modern societies, no less than for all forms of life, transformative change is discontinuous. For what seems an eternity, history goes nowhere – and then it suddenly flings us forward across some vast chaos that defies any mortal effort to plan our way there. The Fourth Turning will try our souls – and the saecular rhythm tells us that much will depend on how we face up to that trial. The saeculum does not reveal whether the story will have a happy ending, but it does tell us how and when our choices will make a difference.”  – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

The people have been permitting a small cadre of elitists, billionaire financiers, corporate chiefs, propagandist media moguls, and crooked politicians to make the choices dictating the path of our country since the 2008 dawn of this Fourth Turning. The choices they have made and continue to make have imperiled the world and guaranteed a far more calamitous outcome as we attempt to navigate through the trials and tribulations ahead. Their strategy to “save the country” by saving bankers, while selling the plan to the public as beneficial to all and essential to saving our economic system, has proven to be nothing more than the greatest wealth transfer scheme in human history.  The ruling class is deliberately blind to their own venality and capacity for evil.

They commit evil acts, not for evil’s sake but to improve the world for their kind. All men have the capacity for evil, but only those with power and wealth have the ability to destroy the world in the name of their “progressive” ideology. The lust for power, immense hubris, arrogance towards the masses, and belief in utopian visions, by men portraying themselves as enlightened, have led to the deaths of millions in just the last century. The true reign of terror has yet to reveal itself, as this Fourth Turning will unleash the worst in humanity once the insipid and trivial are swept away by the cruel reality of life and death choices.

We are managed by a totalitarian regime and willingly oblige their aspirations for power, control, limitless wealth, and control over the political, social, economic, and financial levers of our society, as long as we can still facebook, twitter, text, post selfies, and generally amuse ourselves to death. Orwell’s vision of a totalitarian regime where boot on the face control, repression, surveillance, torture, and endless war had failed to materialize in the U.S. over the 50 years after the publication of 1984. The vision of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World proved more accurate and is still the dominant totalitarian game plan today. The invisible government manipulating the unseen mechanisms of society, forming the habits and opinions of the masses through propaganda and silence about truth, has efficiently convinced the masses to love their servitude.

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors, and school teachers. Such propagandists accomplish their greatest triumphs, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects… totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have done by the most eloquent denunciations, the most compelling of logical rebuttals.” –  Aldous Huxley – 1946 revised foreword to Brave New World

As the decade’s long debt fueled economic expansion petered out at the turn of this century, with average Americans experiencing an ongoing fifteen year recession, punctuated with multiple booms and busts created by the Wall Street owned Federal Reserve, a more Orwellian totalitarianism has begun to raise its ugly boot. As the exponential increase in debt reached its zenith and economic progress for the masses stalled, the ruling class embraced Orwell’s belief that once a society built upon hedonistic principles and “good times” loses its vitality, the ruling class would need to invoke government morality, patriotic fervor towards state mandated enemies, a quasi-religious belief in governmental omnipotence, and restrictions upon the freedoms and liberties documented in the U.S. Constitution.

The 9/11 attacks marked the turning point for totalitarianism in America. Their lust for power can no longer be sustained by using suggestion to convince the masses to love their servitude, but will require the truncheon, military hardware, surveillance technology, more prisons, and physical intimidation of the masses to maintain the status quo. We are in the midst of experiencing the worst of Huxley and Orwell’s dystopian nightmares.

Fourth Turnings are not finished portraits, but a canvas upon which the colors of history are painted. The specific events, timing, duration, and outcomes are not knowable or predictable in advance, but the reaction and mood of generational cohorts to the events are predictable and consistent throughout history. Anyone who denies the dramatic mood change in the country since 2008 and the deepening crisis mindset engulfing the world is either a member of the existing establishment or on their payroll. Denial and propaganda will not reverse the tide as a tsunami of consequences will sweep away the existing social order and replace it with something different. It may be better or worse, and our choices during the next decade will matter.

Strauss & Howe pondered four possible outcomes to this Crisis:

  1. It could mark the end of man. It could be an omnicidal Armageddon, destroying everything, leaving nothing.
  2. It could mark the end of modernity. The Western saecular rhythm – which began in the mid-fifteenth century with the Renaissance – could come to an abrupt terminus.
  3. It could spare modernity but mark the end of our nation. It could close the book on the political constitution, popular culture, and moral standing that the word America has come to signify.
  4. It could simply mark the end of the Millennial Saeculum. Mankind, modernity, and America would all persevere. Afterward, there would be a new mood, a new High, and a new saeculum. America would be reborn. But, reborn, it would not be the same.

None of the outcomes are pre-ordained. The outcome will be determined by the actions of human beings like you and me. Our choices, decisions, judgment, deeds, hesitations or inactions could impact the future course of history. Human beings are inherently flawed, susceptible to their emotions, greed, pride, arrogance, and hubris. They are prone to delusions, bouts of cognitive dissonance, herd like behavior, and a penchant for normalcy bias.

They are also inherently kind, generous, courageous and capable of great feats. The future of our country has hung by a thread during the three previous Fourth Turnings, on the snow covered fields at Valley Forge, at the stone wall in Gettysburg, and on the blood soaked beaches in Normandy. The time will come when the future of our country will be determined by the actions of a few.

One of the crucial problems we face is the inevitable fact positions of power in our society tend to be filled with psychopathic narcissists whose desire for control, ability to manipulate others into trusting them using charisma, lack of remorse or guilt for their lawless acts, and belief in their own infallibility, create a society with no moral boundaries, no truth, no hope, and no sense of right and wrong.

The psychopaths occupy key positions in Washington D.C., on Wall Street, on Madison Ave., within the military, operating the Department of Homeland Security, running think tanks, in corporate board rooms. They count amongst them media moguls, politicians, central bankers, regulators, CEOs, generals, policemen, religious leaders, and shadowy billionaires, who are meticulous in planning their crimes, with contingency plans when their malevolent deeds come unraveled.

The systematic pillaging of the world’s wealth by the chosen few is a highly organized strategy designed to offer few clues to the masses regarding its coordination, scope and malicious intent. The psychopathic ruling class is following a blueprint to enslave the masses in debt, while they fulfill their narcissistic fantasies of domination, control, power and wealth. The people are just pawns in their game of chess, disposable and interchangeable. These people give no pause in sacrificing the lives of millions to achieve their ambition of ruling the world.

We now enter the most dangerous phase of this Fourth Turning. Whether the next financial implosion leads to war or the next war leads to a financial implosion, the consequences will be far reaching and destructive. I see the chances of a unified country choosing shared sacrifice to fight a common foe as almost nil. The eight year reign of Barack Obama drastically increased the divisiveness and mistrust within our borders and around the world.

His failed presidency has left the nation significantly worse off economically, with trillions in new debt added, with more unfunded liability promises totaling tens of trillions added to the $200 trillion bill for future generations. Political, race, religious, generational and wealth divides have grown to cavernous levels, with virtually no chance of compromise or healing. The two leading candidates for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, promise to divide the country even further if elected.

I believe the Party realizes their game plan since 2008 has failed to revive the U.S. economy, exacerbated the failed socialist experiment in Europe, laid bare the complete and utter failure of quantitative easing in Japan, and as the globalization tide has receded revealed the epic levels of mal-investment in China. The thirty five year delusionary conviction that debt could sustain consumer societies perpetually is coming to its inevitable conclusion.

As more and more debt has been required just to maintain a declining standard of living for the average household, the unsustainability of this paradigm has come into full view. It now appears the contingency plan of the Party is a global war to cull the herd, further enriching the arms dealers and the financiers of war. Politicians around the world have been tasked with stirring patriotic fervor amongst the masses against terrorists – domestic and foreign – and the new axis of evil – Russia and China.

The world is already on the precipice of war, as the situation in Syria and the Ukraine deteriorates. The requirements of alliances and treaties would require a global war if a treaty member is “attacked” or a false flag event is staged to initiate hostilities. With the Chinese economy poised for a debt conflagration destined to be the world’s next Lehman moment, the spark which unleashes an inferno of debt going bad across the globe will lead to war.

Once the Rubicon is crossed, there will be no turning back. With Europe already teetering under an unpayable debt burden, enormous unemployment, and now hordes of Muslims invading their lands from the Middle East; oil producing countries undergoing a profound negative economic shock from $40 oil; and countries dependent upon U.S. and European consumption to sustain their mal-investment racked economies; politicians and bankers see war as their last resort for maintaining the status quo.

When the dominoes of debt begin to topple, a global depression will ensue, leading to an enormous surge in unemployment, skyrocketing budget deficits, intensifying currency wars, plunging global trade, and a final discrediting of central bankers and puppet politicians around the world. Civil unrest will unfold in urban enclaves across the U.S. and around the world. The police state will attempt to crush civil disturbances, but if they go too far, a backlash from heavily armed Americans will be in the offing.

The militarization of local police will inflame the situation. If race riots in the urban areas spread to the more rural domain of white America, the animosity created during the Obama years would result in much bloodshed. The elites living in NYC, Washington D.C., and California will insist upon an overwhelming Federal response to the chaos. States occupied by more liberty minded citizens and governors may well resist Federal interference, setting in motion secession scenarios and adding fuel to the fire of civil disarray.

In the midst of economic collapse, plunging stock markets, swelling unemployment rolls, surging home foreclosures, skyrocketing bad debt losses, avalanche of bankruptcies, and chaos in the streets, how will psychopaths controlling our political and financial systems react? Their immense egos, belief in their own brilliance, arrogance, disregard for the consequences of their actions, lack of empathy for mankind, and hubris will lead them to gamble it all on war.

Any attempt to conscript young people to fight wars on behalf of corporations and bankers will potentially be met with armed resistance from people who have seen the truth, as the Deep State veil is pierced. That will leave the psychopaths with only the current volunteer soldiers, their high tech weaponry, cyber-warfare, and most alarmingly their nuclear arsenal. The toxic mixture of human malevolence, miscalculation, bad luck and technological sophistication could lead to Oppenheimer’s nightmare.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Strauss & Howe pondered four possible big picture outcomes to this Fourth Turning. The first two are almost too horrendous to ponder, with the world destroyed in an Armageddon scenario or an end to modernity, with a complete collapse of science, culture, politics, and society. They are not the most likely scenarios, but their probability is certainly not zero. That leaves the remaining two likelihoods – the end of our nation in its current form or a successful resolution of the Crisis with a rebirth of the nation and a new High.

The reason I cannot fathom a positive resolution of this Crisis is the deeply entrenched corruption and diseased institutions controlling the levers of society. The system cannot be reformed from within and must crash, with the existing social order replaced. There is no gallant leader poised to bring the country back to its former glory. The Roman Empire lasted twelve generations, the Soviet Union one generation, and I fear the American Empire will not survive until its fourth generation in its current form.

So the question remains, what form will our nation take at the end of this Fourth Turning? Rome is still a city in Italy. The people who lived under the Soviet empire still live their lives today. The U.S. could become a drastically reduced nation state, no longer policing the world, with a lowered standard of living, less debt, less government, a currency based on the productive assets of the nation, an economy driven by savings and investment, small local banks that take deposits and lend money to businesses and people, and absolutely no Federal Reserve controlling the currency and interest rates of the country. A desperate public could also turn to a dictator who promises them even more safety and security, with the loss of all freedom and liberty. Or the country could break-up into a multitude of regional countries with like-minded values, economic interests, and beliefs.

I don’t know what the future holds for my country, my family, or the world. I do know our individual choices over the coming decade will matter. I do know we are in a fight for the survival of humanity where good people must prevail or evil will triumph. Victory will require individual and communal courage. The fight will require perseverance, determination, foresight, intelligence, and a willingness to die for the ideas of liberty and freedom.

Whether you lead or follow, the only way to bring the country back to its founding principles and restoration of the U.S. Constitution is to act with honesty, integrity, and honor. Leading by example rather than words, while setting high moral standards for your actions, will inspire others to do the same. It may not seem so at this moment, but the very survival of our country is at stake. There are no guarantees and believing God will always be on our side is wishful thinking. The glory or ruin of our country will be decided in the next decade and we will have a say in that outcome.

“Eventually, all of America’s lesser problems will combine into one giant problem. The very survival of the society will feel at stake, as leaders lead and people follow. The emergent society may be something better, a nation that sustains its Framers’ visions with a robust new pride. Or it may be something unspeakably worse. The Fourth Turning will be a time of glory or ruin.

History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to incurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high-tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Losing in the next Fourth Turning could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence – perhaps even our nation – might never recover.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:

a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot,

a time to kill and a time to heal,

a time to tear down and a time to build,

a time to weep and a time to laugh,

a time to mourn and a time to dance,

a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,

a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

a time to search and a time to give up,

a time to keep and a time to throw away,

a time to tear and a time to mend,

a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to love and a time to hate,

a time for war and a time for peace.

(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, NIV)


  1. An interesting read, as the rest of them. As I’ve said before, my biggest fear is the hubris of our leaders pushing them towards a nuclear exchange.” What’s the point of the world existing if I can’t rule it?” It is a tough call, whether a debt collapse will lead to war as a distraction, the ‘broken window theory’ writ large, or whether warfare will lead to a debt collapse. One way or another, our debt and spending will lead to our demise, as we are long past the point where this can be corrected by policy.

    I guess the best hope is the option where the US just sort of splits up into several autonomous regions. 8 years of Obama have left us far more divided as a country, that much is certain. If the liberals of the north no longer wish to be in the same country as the south, so be it. Admin and stucky, you guys would be welcome down here. It’s a plain fact that the differences between flyover country and the liberal coasts are nearing (or surpassing) the point where they can be reconciled.

    I do feel like there is a step missing between massive civil unrest and our present (tenuous) peace- they have to get the guns first…. If there is some kind of black uprising in the large cities, most likely due to a halting of benefit payments, once they spread out into the suburbs and country side it would be an absolute bloodbath. And government attempt to spread some kind of martial law out past the cities would result in the same. They will need to move forward with some kind of Australia style confiscation while thinks are still somewhat calm. I don’t think it will work or make much difference, but I do believe it will be attempted.

    Lastly, as this is turning into a far longer post than I intended, I cannot stress it enough to you guys that live in places like Philly and jersey- you really should try to get out of there while you still can.

  2. These ‘Forth Turning’ articles just keep getting better and better. I have printed copies of every single one. I have given copies to a few like minded friends. I have given copies to my daughter’s and my teen aged granddaughter so that they may understand the times that they are now living in, and what is headed at them from just over the horizon. So many think that life is just a linear projection of yesterday. I have lived long enough to know that this is not so. I felt for years that the existing ‘system’ was about to break. I feel this dread more so today than ever before. The Crack up is taking much longer than I had anticipated. But anyone with eyes can see we are today very close to the point when one BLACK SWAN event will cause most of the entire world to unravel. Today more so than yesterday it’s time to ‘batten down the hatches’.

  3. And to you Mr. James Quinn a huge gigantic BRAVO for a job well done ! Whether you are aware of it or not – YOU ARE HELPING TO CHANGE THE WORLD

  4. Agreed skinbag! These articles are intellectually stimulating and well written. Thank you for your time and dedication Mr. Quinn to this website and articles.

    If anyone is interested, Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education offers a Christian perspective that explains why our country is in such despair. Our country is spiritually sick and we are only addressing the symptoms.

    “There are no guarantees and believing God will always be on our side is wishful thinking.”

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  5. Of the four possibilities listed, I suspect number three has the greatest probability of outcome, and it won’t be without significant social conflict, either. I would say option four, but don’t believe there will be a new “zenith” in America. Demographics is destiny and at this late stage in the game, we as a society are too far down the pike in almost every facet of society to turn it around.

  6. Cry havoc, and loose the dogs of war. Option two is far easier to have occur than one might hope. Though option one is already in progress via fuckyoushima.

  7. I believe in fairies, yes I do. Clap, clap, clap.


    Excellent writing and excellent tone sir. I think I will send you another donation, even though you are over your goal. Another year is coming and it promises to be a cold one.

    I don’t know what will happen either, but I know what won’t happen. The people who could make the most difference will do nothing.

    I’ve always been particularly fond of the enigma of Ecclesiastes 3:15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

  8. The entire series has been a tour de force. Bravo!

    “… the country could break-up into a multitude of regional countries with like-minded values, economic interests, and beliefs”

    That might be our best option and let’s hope there is a decent chance for that outcome. There would be much strife in the meantime, for sure.

    I agree 100% with you here also: “The system cannot be reformed from within and must crash, with the existing social order replaced.” I’ve been saying and hoping for this for years, knowing full well that much pain will be involved.

    “Be vigiliant and make ready for what’s to come.” John B Wells (

    “Eyes open, no fear, be safe everyone” – Ben Davidson (

  9. Bravo, Admin. You’re firehosing the truth out there and I see ZH is playing along. Hell, you might wind up changing things, who nose.

  10. It would be interesting to see poll results as to the likelihood of each Fourth Turning scenario. Option 2 is just as likely as three, as the world will enter a new dark age if certain forces prevail and decide to squelch the legacy of Aristotle and Locke and Jefferson from history. Europe has chosen to greet the latest Muslim invasion force with white flags, Canada and Australia were willingly neutered decades ago, the Asian countries operate under a worker bee type subservience to authority, and Russia has always been hampered by the logistics of occupying a nation of vast frozen tundra. America remains the last best hope, and that’s a sad indictment in and of itself, considering the multitudes of man-purse wearing hipsters, illiterate minorities, and social justice collaborators currently inhabiting her. It’s going to be a tragedy indeed.

    But at least we have more information than we did, say circa 2010. Back then we were all still concerned about a sudden financial meltdown. We thought the 4T would resemble Mad Max or The Road, with individuals hunkering and hiding, fighting over the last can of sardines and trusting no one. The ability of the masters to avoid fumbling the financial football over the past 5 years, while they simultaneously militarized the police, fueled the racial divide, funded fringe groups and broke down social norms through de facto thought crimes speaks volumes as to their agenda. We are most likely poised for a combination of the previous three American Fourth Turnings, namely all kinds of war, civil and international.

    There are so many variables that spelling out a specific scenario is about as useful as idle bar chatter. But the signs are all there. The Millennials are broke and willfully ignorant; the Baby Boomers want to cling to their pensions, 401ks, and Social Security; the minority groups are emboldened and want the reigns of power, the “refugees” want to take their slice of prosperity through any means necessary; the international actors want revenge, dominance, and their turn at superpower status. All of the various agendas are competing and intertwined at the same time.
    They have the potential to all wreak havoc on the average individual at the slightest opportunity.

    The biggest challenge in such an event will not be how many cans of beans you can store, but navigating the loyalty minefield when the time comes. During the Revolution, if you were a Loyalist in Upstate New York or a Patriot in Charleston you were in for a very bad time indeed. Your life was at risk and you would most likely lose your wealth and property. Likewise if you were unfortunate enough to live in Vicksburg 80 years later, or were a conscript landing on some speck of Pacific sand 80 years after that, you might not live to see the end of the Turning. Geographic location, proximity to events, and the choices you make — which horse to back in the race — will likely spell out doom or fortune for people this time around.

  11. A lot of possibilities but I think the REPUBLIC is to divided to come together as one nation ever again. I have family members who are liberals progressives and I can’t stand to be in the same room with them .It is like we are completely different people with different worldviews with no common cause . That’s just in my family.

    On a national level the political class will declare martial law at least in the big cities. The real question is will the national guard go along with the plan.Many units probably will but some will not.

    One way or another I think America will come to an end as one nation. Sad but God judges nations in real time where as He judges people in time and eternity.

  12. You have created an excellent portrait of how I also see the world now. We do indeed seem to be moving more and more rapidly toward sudden changes to the way things are done, to how things are.

    Change is not so much my fear. There has been a lot of change in my 65yrs, especially when I look back, it all seems so compressed and intense. War is my fear and it seems my whole life has been spent waiting for the bombs to fly.

    The fact that in all this time there has not been a nuclear exchange gives me the hope I have in the future of humankind. I’ m not saying by any means that the money and political powers that be are going to pull their heads from their netherworld’s and do right by humanity. I’m suggesting that it’s such a miracle that atomics haven’t been used by the psychopaths that rise to power, that this alone, is proof that it is not being allowed.

    There must be some benevolent intelligence looking out for us, giving us all the free will we can handle, while it, or they, keep us from burning our hands on the stove.

  13. Admin , you are making a difference. I told several guys at FedEx about the Burning Platform and your articles. They read the site regularly now and agree with much of what you write. I know a couple guys is not many but your audience will keep growing. Hang in there. bb

  14. Your a regular Paul Revere, bb.

    My brother in law bought an off lease freight-liner cascadia for close to $100K. It has low emissions idle as mandated by Cali. Traded in the old dinosaur. He said he’s going to have to bust ass for the next 5 years, no more month long vacations.

  15. I always forget to thank the author for his insights. I’m here because I agree.
    There is nothing to cheer, lots to fear.

    I heard a definition of leadership once, it had to do with seeing clearly and warning others.

    This is a sample of a conversation the church lady and I had while driving home.

    – Soon he’ll be getting some girl pregnant.
    – My brother pays his child support since he can’t
    – Girls just seek to get their ticket punched so they can cash in on welfare
    – It’ll be a rude awakening when the welfare evaporates
    – Chavez got the Venezuelans used to welfare, now they have long lines and nothing to buy

  16. Thank you Mr. Quinn for all of your hard work.
    I will go back and read each analysis…I really
    sped through them. We are all searching for answers
    and hope for positive outcomes. We start by giving
    serious thought to serious issues. You have given
    us a head start, for sure.

    Sorry for another note, but someone said get out of the
    big city. Attention all men: Get your loved ones out at
    least. Visit on the weekend.

  17. El Coyote , your brother in law is correct :no more month long vacations .Those truck payments never stop no matter what happens in your personal life .I had a 2010 Freight liner that I traded in on this 2016 Volvo. Had some issues with the emissions system but pretty good truck overall.I think he will like it .

  18. Or is this the complaining of old people who don’t get today young’uns? When I watch TV shows and movies of the Old West there seems to the same underlying theme – American society is progressing fast, especially the help of the steam train and telegraph in a way the native tribes have to suck it up and get with the times as the life of the native and pioneer are both disappearing fast. Hearken about some romantic, simpler, gentler time and you’ll be increasing left behind and irrelevant.

  19. Well this has struck my interest ) ADMIN KEEP doing what you are doing sir !!

    I know absolutely that we are in a fourth turning , I upvoted westcoaster sigh ))))) what is your ZH name , I will trade , tho I bet my profile is ancient compared to your liberal ass lol .

    I think that TPTB will create as much turmoil as they can to solidify their position.

    @ el coyote fear not anything SIR! We live , we die , hope that somewhere in that time frame we LIVE, we LOVE , I know of nothing else , unless you got a rockin recipe I do not know )

    @ BB aint that the truth ? my family is all bent outta whack , some work their ass off to get what they get , and some think friggen EBT is awesome . One actually told me she was coming to my house if TSHTF / um she doesn’t understand my children are more important than she is .

    My kids are handicapped and I will not have them starve because she is stupid .
    My son autistic , he does not fall far from the tree , why I have such a terrible time trying to type coherently . Fuck you and any pity ! I will not tolerate it !!!

    Evaluate based only on my thoughts and whether they are applicable to the subject matter !!
    Any condesicion or however you spell it , will be attacked with the single minded focus I have sigh I will live LIFE and enjoy as much as I am capable of . I am not stupid , but I do think differently than others.
    Too many people in my real life have said this .

    Whatever , just a cook signing off be back in a week or so work is a pita atm

  20. It’s monday, I’m going to declare myself king for the day, and for my first official business, i’m declaring today, monday, november 30th, Eddie Snowden day, as one of the NSA’s largest data collection programs bites the dust. Official decree shall read, FUCK YOU NSA. the end. And so it is ordered, on this day.

  21. “Whether you lead or follow, the only way to bring the country back to its founding principles and restoration of the U.S. Constitution is to act with honesty, integrity, and honor. Leading by example rather than words, while setting high moral standards for your actions, will inspire others to do the same.”

    I became a big fan of this blog for exactly this reason. The writing is superb, the presentation of factual material well thought out and the conclusions logical and well reasoned, all things that I admire and hold in high regard, but it was the way that Admin allowed his analysis to determine a course of action that stood out to me. Here was a man who was confident enough in his perspective that he allowed for critique without censorship, free speech without qualification, encouragement of others who demonstrated commitment to these ideals and condemnation of empty rhetorical shuck and jive. These things rarely happen outside of elite military units or exceptional families.

    That was the best summation of this collection of essays you could have possibly come up with and if a critical mass of people can adhere to those simple choices, we may just survive whatever is headed our way, regardless of how terrible it may be.

    Great series, you should be extremely proud of what you’ve done.

    1. Hardscrabble Farmer

      I was off from work all last week and ended up writing the last three parts on most of my vacation. The six parts ended up being 54 pages in Word. I’m tired, but satisfied I gave it my best effort. I won’t be doing any more Fourth Turning stuff for awhile. I use your life and choices as a model for how we might get through this Crisis.

  22. The LORD is on HIS throne and in control! These things are being allowed for HIS plan to come to it’s conclusion, and end this earth age.

    The elites will see Mystery Babylon fall!!

    Satan has already been sentenced to death, so he only has a short time left. Read Ezekiel 28.

    Always remember, the victory was at the Cross!

  23. A large scale war would decimate the NWO’s infrastructure, the Orwellian Big Brother surveillance architecture, and undermine the control-freak Apex Globalist Psychopaths’ grip over the global casino economy. They won’t go there and they don’t need to. China and Russia are under NWO control and already totalitarian. Europe is headed that way and America is close behind.

    WWIII is already here in the form of engineered terrorism (ISIS), economic turmoil and growing austerity, climate and environmental destruction from geoengineering, mandatory vaccines and the Ebola psy op, and anything else TPTB can throw at us to accept 24/7 surveillance and monitoring overseen by the bankers and their UN construct.

    WWIII is the is the final war for our minds.

  24. “Whether you lead or follow, the only way to bring the country back to its founding principles and restoration of the U.S. Constitution is to act with honesty, integrity, and honor.”

    I am sure you mean after we hang,shoot,stab,poison,beat,club,and burn the fuckers that got us here we can return to honor. To restore it we will need in the words of Orwell ” People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

  25. Admin-The militarization of local police will inflame the situation.

    I am beginning to think the ramp up in police security is a wise move. When TSHTF which at this point now seems inevatble, the police force may become a welcome ally..or not…only time will tell, but the Roman empire survived for 12 generations, not because becasue they were tolerant of the rights of criminals.

  26. Admin, consider wrapping all 6 of your articles into an e-book, maybe title it “Essays on the 4th Turning”, or something like that. Put it up on Amazon. Get the word out beyond TBP and ZH, and make some money–you deserve it.

  27. Anybody read this?


    “The “End of America?” Most likely. The “Demise of liberty?” You betcha! The “Destruction of Western Civilization?” Of course! But why let all of the above get you down? Learn to “Enjoy the Decline!” “Enjoy the Decline” is mandatory reading for all conservatives, libertarians, Americans, and lovers of freedom who are mourning the slow, but sure death of their culture and their country. America is over. Freedom will be curtailed. Liberty is dead. And above all else, it is inevitable. But the answer is not to get depressed and give up hope. The answer is to change your attitude and learn how to “Enjoy the Decline.” You get one life on this planet and Aaron Clarey explains how to get the most out of it even though socialism and tyranny are all around you. From learning how to adapt your psychology to learning to let go and take advantage of the socialist system, “Enjoy the Decline” carries the freedom loving American through the 5 stages of grief and puts them on a path to enjoy their life regardless of what is happening to their beloved America. Dark, macabre, and morose, but truthful, helpful, and practical all the same, it is guaranteed to make you happier than your socialist counterparts even though they have everything they want. Make leftists, liberals, and progressives miserable. Enjoy the Decline!”

  28. “WWIII is already here in the form of engineered terrorism (ISIS), economic turmoil and growing austerity, climate”

    Great comment by Anna, a concise summary of the current cabals intention.

    I would only add that this whole “climate change agenda” is nothing more than placing a limit on the use of the most valuable resource (Energy). It is an attempt to limit growth of the the 3rd world, and an attempt to add a new level of taxation in the developed world.

    We are in a resource war now, for dinosaur farts, in the future it will be for some other valuable resource, like farmland or water.

    and the tool will be taxation, pushed by globalists, enforced by your local guberment goons.

  29. I have a feeling that there will be some sort of natural disaster: earthquake, flood, volcano, pandemic.

    There will be less people in the world afterwards.

    In order to move forward, charlatans – the likes of Obama / progressives / PC folks / University Administrators / bleeding heart liberals / will have to be exposed for what they are. Otherwise I see the US becoming two countries.

  30. International Socialism in league with Islam aligned against tChristian Nationalism almost guarantees the outbreak of WWIII.

    Read it all and prepare as you best see fit, but opting out will not be an option.


    Bracken: Tet, Take Two – Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

    As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

    Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism. Allow me to explain the salient aspects of each, and how they relate to the coming 2016 cataclysm.


    By the 21st Century, these cultural Marxist traitor-moles had subverted nearly all of academia, inculcating generation after generation of students with a contempt bordering on hatred for their own national and ethnic identities. Most of the media were also subverted, ensuring that mass communications would always reinforce the politically correct international socialist world view that had already been injected and incubated in the schools and universities.

    In this era of mass-brainwashing by the cultural Marxists, Christianity was recast as a retrograde social force, obsolete at best in the modern secular world, and at worst an outright danger to humanity. In the new politically-correct secular religion of humanism, European ethnic and cultural identity became the original sin and the mark of Cain. White European skin meant white privilege, and was transformed into a cause for shame.

    Meanwhile, emancipated European and American women aimed toward new goals, which increasingly did not include producing a new generation, and demographic collapse began. Both men and women alike were anesthetized into apathy with 24-hour entertainment transmitted by high-def screens and stereo ear buds planted nearly into their brains. This unceasing fountain of entertainment proved an ideal conduit for mass-brainwashing with politically-correct values and ideas. Thus distracted and demoralized, most Americans and Europeans today seem unable and unwilling to stand up and fight in defense of their diminishing cultural and national identities. Brainwashed “social justice warriors,” the latest iteration of Lenin’s “useful idiots,” hasten the demise of Western Civilization, blissfully unaware of what will follow.

    Now, the elite shot-callers have lit the fuse for the vast social explosion that is imminent in Europe, just as they did in Russia in 1917. How? By throwing Europe’s borders wide open. The Islamist corner of my triad represents a constant threat or push, and Muslims are always eager to fill any demographic vacuum. Their avarice for fresh Islamic conquest is a given or a constant. We see a 1.5-per birth rate among European women, and they see millions of European women with no or worthless husbands, who will soon meet real Muslim men.

    The current open-border policies of the European international socialists were intentionally designed to allow hundreds of thousands of culturally and religiously aggressive Islamist fighters and colonists to flood into Europe. The European traitor elites understand exactly what they are doing. They know what will happen. But why do it now?

    Is there any evidence of a concerted effort to deliberately throw Europe into bloody chaos and civil war? I think that there is. Thousand-passenger ferry ships cost tens of thousands of Euros a day to operate. Muslim hijra (jihad by immigration) invaders are receiving free or subsidized passage from Greek isles that are located only a few miles from Turkey, all the way across the Aegean Sea to mainland Greece. From there, chartered buses and special trains speed the migrants from border to border and onward into Germany, France and Sweden, at little or no cost to the muhajirs, or hijra migrants.

    Who is paying for the operation of the ferry ships, trains and bus convoys? Who is paying for the smart phones and prepaid debit cards? Who is passing out the hundred-Euro notes seen in nearly every migrant hand, if they are truly arriving destitute after escaping war-torn Syria? Somebody is underwriting the Muslim hijra invasion of Europe. George Soros is spending billions to fund a hundred groups advocating open borders through his Open Society Foundation, so that might be a good place for intrepid researchers to explore.

    To understand Europe’s future, simply ask the Lebanese what follows when a nation takes in tens of thousands of angry Muslim “refugees.” Civil war is what happens, even if it begins among the various competing refugee factions. It is a threadbare hope that a wished-for peaceful silent majority of Muslims will be able to influence the radical Islamists away from violence, and thus forestall the coming European Civil War, any more than imagined peaceful silent majorities could have prevented the civil wars in Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria or a dozen other places. Actual peace-loving Muslims will be as insignificant to the outcome of the coming conflict as were any Quaker pacifists hiding in 1944 Berlin. The only significance of the alleged silent majority of peaceful Muslims is that they will serve as living camouflage for the jihadists to hide among.

    Thousands of the recent Muslim muhajirs currently arriving in Europe were schooled in prolonged and savage religious and ethnic civil wars. Today’s Europeans, deliberately brainwashed with politically correct fairytales about the benefits of multi-culturalism, have utterly no idea what horrors await them. Increasing European discomfort will not change the outcome one iota. Just because the Europeans may tire of the irritating presence of Muslims (both new immigrants and native born), the Muslims will never willingly leave Europe. Nor will the Muslim immigrant invaders knuckle under and turn quiet and docile again.

    How many mosques have already received a truckload of shotguns or Kalashnikovs? Run the numbers again: eight jihadists per terror attack, eight hundred weapons per truck, 80,000 Viet Cong fighters in the original Tet Offensive, and an estimated 800,000 muhajirs flooding into Europe. Using radical mosques as clandestine armories is S.O.P in the Middle East, so why would the jihadists not use the same tactics in safe and docile Europe? Out of a sense of fairness and respect for European laws? Please. In the words of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” And bear in mind that anyplace an AK-47 can be smuggled, so too can a few kilos of Semtex.

    I predict that the unfolding European Civil War (after the initial Tet 2016 phase) will comprise a steady escalation from Paris-style rifle attacks and suicide bombers, to snipers, to IEDs, to car and truck bombs. This is why I mentioned the possibility of eventually reducing the Sharia-zone ghettos to ruins by air and artillery bombardment. This will indeed happen, after the car bombs begin to explode in European cities. At that point, an urban civil war loses any vestige of civilized norms. Fortified ghetto bastions that provide sanctuary to Muslim jihad terrorists will be destroyed if the Islamic conquest is to be quelled.

    This type of no-quarter urban warfare already has a name, “Hama Rules,” from the 1982 obliteration of that Syrian town. Hama was a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold used to launch attacks against the regime of Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian strongman. These guerrilla (or terrorist if you prefer) attacks occurred beginning in 1976, and didn’t stop until Hama was reduced to rubble, and at least ten thousand Sunni Muslim Syrians were killed among the ruins.

    If the Europeans don’t have the stomach for that level and scale of total civil war, then over time they will be defeated, and either forced to convert to Islam, or forced into subjugated dhimmi status, or they will be executed (if they can’t be put to useful work as slave laborers first). Those are Islam’s unchanging options for defeated male foes, at the pleasure of their Muslim vanquishers. The captured girls and women of the defeated kafirs will be taken as slaves – that is a given. So it will be war to the knife, and knife to the hilt, with no holds barred, and no quarter asked or given.

    Going into 2016, a peaceful de-escalation is improbable, not with up to a million fresh muhajirs of fighting age currently cast all about Europe without housing or prospects as winter comes on. This rapid mass influx of hundreds of thousands of unattached Muslim men into Europe is the equivalent of pouring a jug of nitroglycerin down the barrel of a cannon, then loading a double gunpowder charge, ramrodding three or four cannon balls on top, and lighting the fuse. It is the perfect recipe for a disastrous explosion.

    In reality, the international socialists and the Islamist forces have agreed upon a murder pact, wherein their common enemy, the nationalists, will be removed as a threat to either of them forever. In 2016, European nations will deliberately be torched, in order to finish off their people’s last remaining notions of national pride and cultural identity. In effect, the coming conflict will constitute an agreement about the dinner menu made between a jackal, a hyena, and a supremely stupid bliss-ninny lamb, who was raised on Utopian multi-cultural fantasies. The lamb believes that by its own sweet example, the jackal and the hyena can be turned into vegetarians—but the choice for the dinner entree is already a foregone conclusion. European nationalists will be shot and stabbed in their fronts and their backs until they go down and are consumed by both of their rapacious destroyers.

    And in the event that Islam either destroys or co-opts international socialism, I would expect the strife to continue until there were only Sunni or Shia Muslims left alive. Then there would arise schisms and conflicts among new competing sects, because of the innately violent instructions central to the Koranic blueprint. But without an external host for the parasitic Islamic ringworm to feed upon, (having killed and consumed the golden goose of productive Western society), Islam itself will most likely fester and decay. What would succeed a failed global Caliphate, I can’t imagine. By that time, the last believing and practicing Christians in Europe will be lying cold and forgotten in their unmarked mass graves.

  31. Armed resistance to the government will be a poor choice. Modern technology in the hands of the government makes for a very lopsided battlefield. Going Galt , don’t produce stuff for them to steal.

    Hold the drones personally accountable don’t allow them to say “I am just doing my job” Being a government employee must become dangerous. I hope Jim Quinn is wrong but don’t think he is. God help us.

  32. Civil war is the preferred method for TPTB in some cases. They would like for us to volunteer to kill each other off. If you ponder life, you are asked to volunteer to shoot yourself in the foot on many levels , please consider long and hard before you make your choices going forward.

    What if they gave a civil war and nobody showed up? What if the young people raised their fists and said “Hell No We Won’t Go” when asked to go to foreign soil to fight the bankers wars?

    The internet has pulled back the curtain and now too many people know that there is NO HONOR in any of it……….there never was, it is all a lie.

  33. Greetings,

    If you go to Hopewell, NJ, you can see the site where my great great great grandfather made a speech that convinced every single man in the congregation to pick up a weapon and follow him to Boston to fight the Redcoats.

    Most of the men in our family have had military training and I fully expect to see more Joab Houghtons in our upcoming 4th Turning.


  34. ah, good morning.

    I read “Enjoy the Decline.” Go ahead and read it.
    If I recall, Aaron Clarey suggests using the current
    welfare system to one’s advantage. That runs against my grain.

    Matt Bracken is a v. good seer. I have read his books…twice.
    Please take advantage of his free book kindle offer. The oldest
    book could have been written this year. The man is prescient.

    Mr. Quinn and Mr. Bracken have given us plenty of truth to chew on.
    The political climate is never changed by the masses, but by the very
    few. No wonder the NSA et al are trying to sweep up communications.
    Apart from looking for $, and blackmail targets, and opportunities for
    theft…they are hunting for any 3%. Please…get off the social media…
    using those are so adolescent. Do not support the cable stations…
    watch the game at a sports bar. Anyone with brains, and some means, please
    get at least a humble retreat. Only a tiny group can form farms and animal
    husbandry enterprises…but getting out, is still a worthwhile goal.
    Go and read Rural Revolution (Patrice Lewis) and find out what happened to
    their farm/ranch in the recent storms (Idaho). Their well is 600+” deep!!
    So much for the redoubt without power. Sorry Mr. J.W. Rawles…I remain
    grateful to you, but you have had quite a head start. It was Mr. R. that opened
    our eyes. Thanks.
    The End.
    PS Thank you Flash!! Please everyone, go to wrsa and read the whole thing.

  35. From above, “The true reign of terror has yet to reveal itself, as this Fourth Turning will unleash the worst in humanity once the insipid and trivial are swept away by the cruel reality of life and death choices.”

    Well, Jim that is one of the most insightful, powerful and profound statements that you will ever write.

  36. “The people have been permitting a small cadre of elitists, billionaire financiers, corporate chiefs, propagandist media moguls, and crooked politicians to make the choices dictating the path of our country since the 2008”

    How could we “people” have disallowed what this little gang of elites have been doing? Did we fail by not flash-mobbing Congress and hanging a few hundred of the rascals from lamp posts? I think that this shit has been done to us, not by us. Common people have no input into the processes used to rob us.

    If anyone has ideas of how to withdraw consent, or otherwise rein in the .01%, I’d like to read them.

  37. Just a great exclamation point to finish up the 4th Turning Series..

    Now I think I’ll take a trip out to my local gun shop, pick up a nice new Kel-Tec 9mm along with a case of 20 ga. #2 buck. (just right for taking out a ‘gator when white meat gets scarce!)..

    Want to read a really cheerful book? I’m about 3/4 the way through “One Second After” and if that one doesn’t spoil your whole week, nothing will..

    I am increasingly glad of being an old man, having lived a superior and adventurous and (mostly) successful life and if it all came to stop tomorrow, I’d regret not being a fly on the wall to see what happens but I don’t really want to suffer through it.

    I do fear for my grandchildren as they will bear the brunt of it and I doubt very seriously any of them are up to the task..


  38. Nickel Thrower , that is a small but great story. I wish we had a 20 million men like your great great great grandfather.I’m afraid this country just doesn’t produce enough of the type of men we need.Still stories like this give me hope.

  39. I am thankful that these articles can be cut/pasted without all of the ads and sidescreen interference. I also have made a few sets of these articles-pasted into WORD documents and given them to like-minded and receptive friends and family.

    I do not prescribe to an “American-centric” worldview, however as an American, I will grieve for her passing and the end of the grand effort at a constitutional republic. Jefferson was right, the banks ultimately were far more dangerous to our sovereign nation than any foreign army.

  40. Admin says: Any attempt to conscript young people to fight wars on behalf of corporations and bankers will potentially be met with armed resistance from people who have seen the truth.

    Potentially? Really? Just how many people do you think have seen “the Truth”? Don’t mislead yourself, young men will be drafted by the thousands. When the next World War starts this country will be in a fight for its very existence. More people will die in this Fourth Turning War than the last. ‘People believe what they need to believe when they need to believe it”

  41. EdD says:
    How could we “people” have disallowed what this little gang of elites have been doing? Did we fail by not flash-mobbing Congress and hanging a few hundred of the rascals from lamp posts? I think that this shit has been done to us, not by us. Common people have no input into the processes used to rob us.
    I agree with that sentiment. The public fought mightily to stop the TARP bailouts and the Congress dismissed all the phone calls and faxes and went against the people’s wishes anyway. Legislation is passed in the middle of the night on issues that affect every American, with little opportunity to view or oppose by Joe and Jane Doe. The gang may be “little” in numbers compared to the totality of the population, but they hold the boot to our neck and do not allow dissent. They do not rule with our consent, but through outright corruption.

    Perhaps a “V” for Vendetta moment is now an appropriate response.

  42. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and … Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning.

    In a Total War situation conscription is the rule every time, World War 3 will not be different, I look for this next war to reach our shore, our chickens will come home to roost. In my youth I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Rue Thomas, he was a retired potato farmer from Idaho. He was drafted into WW2 in his 30’s with a wife, three small children, and a farm to take care of! I can’t see anything less happening this time!

  43. Let me clarify my little poke at Admin. This article is very spot on, I read it three times and look up the words that were beyond my comprehension. When I made my first comment above I had just skimmed the writing. But after going back I realized I was reading the writing of a man that knows what’s coming and at the same time a man hoping against all hope his children could somehow enjoy a life as good as he his known. He’s a father that no longer hopes his children will have a better life than he has had, he just hope they can have a life. The comments below are the comments of a father and thus stand out in this writing like a fire in the dark night.

    “None of the outcomes are pre-ordained. The outcome will be determined by the actions of human beings like you and me.

    The time will come when the future of our country will be determined by the actions of a few.

    Any attempt to conscript young people to fight wars on behalf of corporations and bankers will potentially be met with armed resistance from people who have seen the truth”

    I’m a father and a grandfather. I have had two wives, I have seven children and 15 grandchildren. I clearly understand Admins concerns. The difference is, I can’t carry the entirety of my group, Admin is trying to figure out how he can, and most likely will. Me, I have to triage the situation, all my children are adults and all have been warned. Short of a direct nuclear strike on my location, I will survive. I’ve spent 13 years, scarficed much to do so. Admin has popped my ass before and accused me of inviting the apocalypse, no, I’ve just seen it coming from way off. He is right about one thing, I damn sure want to put my preparations to the test. I really, really think I can survive an invading army landing on our shores, the bastard just won’t cover the ground I’m prepared to travel, there’s no reason for them to do so. I really think my mindset was formed years ago when the movie Red Dawn came out! Watch it if you never have, watch it again if you have seen it.

    Fuck it, I’m Irish, we love strong Whiskey, crazy women, and a good fight. And I might add a solid horse that will carry a rider or pull a plow, one gentle enough to pull the high wheel cart with the misses on board, or swift enough to carry me deep into the night if the bitch starts shooting at my drunk ass. I’ve cracked a jar of 100 proof Arkansas Apple moonshine, gooood shit, it will make you take back shit you never stole.

    Allow me to leave you with a few words of wisdom. If you are not ready now, don’t worry about it. Let me tell you what to do. Find away to make contact with farmers or ranchers near you, make sure they know your face. When this shit goes down head their way. Why? They will need help protecting what they got. A friend will be more than welcome. For instance, there’s no telling how many families me and my five neighbors could support. We would welcome like minded people that would be willing to work hard, fuck, we’ve talked about it. There’s a few thousand acres of which I only have about 54, my neighbors all have a thousand plus and are very wealthy, I’m the fucking craziest and when the shit starts they will look to me for guidance. If that doesn’t prove to you inheriting money will fuck you up nothing will!! LOL

    Now, to put this all in perspective, my good friend AWD was prepped up and ready and some fucking how they found him dead in his home. Admin broke that news to me after I had taken a couple months off from posting. Totally fucked me up. So enjoy your family and friends each and everyday, we never know what the sunrise will bring. But sooner or later it brings your last day.

    drink mo whiskey, keep me and my still in business

  44. What Hardscrabble said. And Thank You, Mr. Quinn, for your talent, effort, perspective, courage and eloquence. The world of the free is a better place. Kudos!

  45. The little spark oh hope I have is if Trump’s elected he might be the one who could make the hard choices and avert the looming crisis. Highly unlikely though, this world is a powder keg and any number of countries could light the fuse and blow up stage. I’m just going to enjoy each day.

  46. This was the best blog and posted comments, yet. The depth of thought that went into many of the comments was profound. I’m dumbfounded.

    I’ve asked God to keep me around long enough to see how all this works out, but now I’m not so sure I want to. Admin’s dire prescription for the future. Utterly depressing. …And I’m a pretty upbeat guy.

    One thing I have learned in my old age is that only predictions that come true are remembered and those that didn’t, fall by the wayside and are easily forgotten and that predictions that do come to pass rarely happen the way they were predicted. So there is hope that this bleak picture of our future will take an unexpected turn for the better.

    The problems we are facing was well documented by Admin. It would be nice to have had some comment on what we could to do to prevent the worse from happening. Perhaps, that’s premature. We only address pressing problems when they’re pressing, Never the less, the future isn’t cast in stone and personal choices can change the outcome. Admin’s blog is certainly a choice that can influence change, in today’s political environment, a brave choice, I might add. I have always believed that change comes from the individual level–bottom up, not top down. I believe that’s God’s way and why He or She put a part of Himself or Herself in every person and not in the state or church or religion. It has been said, “Every day it is put before you, good and evil. Choose thou!”

    I have always thought that our times was the culmination of a great war. A great war between good and evil. A great war from the foundations of the earth and man’s beginnings. In every man’s life there comes a time where a decision is made, a path chosen, a choice. That choice is your inescapable future. It’s like the ring of a bell or tossing a pebble into a pond. The ripples go where they may and can never be stilled and are in the hands of God. Although we can’t un-ring a bell, we can make better choices that can add a symphony of sound to a bell that has already been rung.

    That’s my great hope. “That the future ain’t what it use to be.”

    As an adjunct, Obama Care, a top down choice, is being rejected by most of the population. The population made a decision, made a choice and that choice was NO. Obama Care will fail as a centrally planned program. The belief in the success of a top down centrally planned governance is a delusion. People do govern themselves and it is how well they govern themselves that determines their future success.

  47. @@@ To all who have read or will read “Enjoy The Decline” by Aaron Carey I just want to point out a few things to you all. Aaron occasionally writes some good stuff, but he is damaged goods. I’m saying that he’s not the same kind of guy that he puts out in his essays; in other words, he isn’t the Master Of The Universe that he tries to project. His insecurities and self-doubts has driven him to an overblown ego which cannot accept any criticism on anything on any level. He’s big in the MGTOW/Manosphere movements and that should tell you something if you are aware of the hissy-fit bitch fighting that, quite ironically, goes on there constantly.

    FYI, ‘MGTOW” stands for Men Going Their Own Way, a movement which is predicated on the idea that all, not some, but all women are inherently whores, idiots and gold-diggers and so women should be avoided at all costs. They advocate not dating, not associating and most importantly, not marrying any woman under any circumstances. Most of the population of MGTOW consists of basement dwelling gamers, bitter divorced men, beta males who can’t get a date and cowards who are afraid of women.

    The manosphere is very different, as it concentrates on men’s rights in family court cases and the general treatment of heterosexual men in the West. Unfortunately, it has divided into several battling factions and most of the original purpose has been lost to infighting and childish displays of ego.

    Aaron panders to this and it’s what got him noticed. Unfortunately, the boy has “issues” as the progressives like to call it. I don’t usually criticize anybody, but I had to make an exception this time.

  48. All you prepper out there who think they have it made.

    I’m afraid, when the brown stuff hits the fan, we’re all going to take a bath.

  49. @ Homer….I don’t think I got it made, I just know for a fact that I have it better then someone who has no weapons, no food, no nothing.

  50. Homer says Homer says: All you prepper out there who think they have it made I’m afraid, when the brown stuff hits the fan, we’re all going to take a bath.

    Very possibl, but, I’d like to think after 13 years and thousands of dollars later I’ve given myself a better shot at survival

  51. No bullshit people, I’m as ready as a 125K a year person can be I still feel like I have loose ends dangling in my face

  52. @Bea Lever… did you find out anything about T4C?

    Am up late with terrible stomach pains. Am sure it is due to all the stress over worrying about my interlecterural asswhoopin’ I very narrowly avoided.

    When the FF group started meeting as a prepper team instead of a 912 tea party organization (the two were supposed to be different groups, but get real… they were cut from the same bolt of cloth and coopted by the republicrats and destroyed)… we started our own huge garden on one of the members acreage and grew an acre of corn. So, we all have a lot of ground corn aka masa and a bunch of squash.

    The roma tomatoes that year were incredible and the way that the guy who helped us set them up in old tires lined up in a row against a fence was amazing and I’m so glad I took photos (with 35 mm and I’ll scan them sometime and share when I unpack them). I canned 24 quarts of tomatoes from that garden because what happened was people were all excited in the beginning but the summer heat caused the excited collective to drop away. My son was being paid to care for the lady’s horses, so I was driving there anyway. Since I was there, I would water the garden and check the corn, squash and tomatoes. If I came back in a few days and there had been NO ONE over to pick anything, I figured it was silly NOT TO PICK it. At one meeting I told everyone that I had picked X pints/quarts of tomatoes and squash and if anyone wanted any, they could pay me for the jars and I’d be happy to turn them over. No takers.

    However, at a meeting in September, when we were grinding all the corn because I told them it was ready to pick (NO WAY I WAS PICKING A FRIGGING ACRE OF CORN BY MYSELF) and they didn’t get around to it until it was almost dry, so we ground it into flour, which was fine. Makes great Tortillas and Great Corn Chowder. Anyway, one of the jerks complained that I had gotten all of the tomatoes. I was livid! I let him have it… I only picked them and canned them because they were falling off the vines and rotting on the ground.

    Anyway, I know that if the SHTF, a community garden effort will be a different sort of thing, but in MY EXPERIENCE, it sucked. I felt like the little red hen.

    So, the FF team also hit the Mormon canneries until the FDA stopped them from allowing people to come there and can. They can still sell their canned dry goods, but they have to can it. So it more than doubles the cost. When we went, we got the dehydrated apples for less than $5 for a #10 can (big coffee can). NOW? You would have to pay almost $15 for the same can of dried apple slices. Thanks to the government for sticking their nose in.

    (They decided that since the Mormons only supervised the canning, they couldn’t control the hygiene of the people canning well enough. Trust me, the persnickety people who were making sure everyone washed their hands, wore gloves, wore hair nets and washed every surface of the cans and lids before starting the process controlled the hygience of the process.) The Feds just couldn’t stand the idea of people being able to get large amounts of healthy nonprocessed foods from Mormon farms untouched by food companies into their homes without government oversight. So they had to put a stop to it.

    But, the FF group made more than a dozen trips out to the Bishops Kitchen and hauled away a LOT of wonderful food to put into storage for ourselves and our families. Two of our members were Baptist Preachers and we kidded them about having all that Mormon food hidden in their homes when their church members came over to visit. One of the preachers even cracked a joke about the deacon opening the closet door and seeing the Mormon beans stacked to the ceiling and him having to tell the deacon that he had just been getting worried about his wife being a little bitchy lately. (Baptists believe that they will be raptured out of here before the Tribulation begins… that’s the joke for you heathens who don’t get it. The preacher shouldn’t be hoarding food for the end time since he will be raptured supposedly.)

    Okay, now that I’ve rambled on and on like I do… LOL… that’s the kind of stuff I have here in teh hills, but even better? I have a huge supply of heirloom seeds.

  53. Maggie- Heirloom seeds are the best and most prized. I asked what people consider as long term food supply because most people will usually answer canned food and meat which I would classify as mid-term food storage.

    So far no answer from T4C, I am really worried at this point.

  54. Maggie, awesome year it sounds like to me. Good job with the preservation.

    A tip that might help you out with the food safety people is to get a Serve Safe certification. It’s a 2 day course, easy enough for an 18 year old dishwasher to pass and is good for 4 years. They’re accepted in every state and they are basically an insurance policy for government meddling at the food safety enforcement level. It’s basically a credential that says you understand the basics of food safety, handling, storage, time and temperature controlsetc., but the big advantage is that one person per organization (form up an LLC online for $15) qualifies you to do all the things they said you couldn’t do. The side benefits are that you will absolutely pick up some things you didn’t know, but it is an insurance against interference with your preps if you plan to continue using someone’s commercial kitchen. Or you could make a deal with a local restaurant to deep clean their walk in or range in exchange for a day of kitchen use (when they are closed). You have to be innovative, you have to stay under the radar as much as possible, you also have to play their game to some degree so get whatever paper they worship and stick it in a frame on the wall to protect yourself.

  55. Maggie, if you need any type of advice along these lines, drop a comment over at my blog so I can get your email and you can pick my brain all you like. We’ve already solved most of these issues already and there’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel.

  56. Thank you for the very well written piece Admin. Obama’s presidency is actually a smashing success. He’s an elitist puppet that’s racking up the debt, ramping up the war machine and playing the divide and conquer game perfectly. Call me CRAZY, but I see the Obama’s playing a significant role in whipping the Black Lives Matter crew into a frenzy with more Tuskeegee-like speeches focusing on microagressions and the plight of their ancestors. Let us not forget their abilities as orators. They’re going to be the Mao’s of the new Black Guard.

  57. Lysander says: @@@ To all who have read or will read “Enjoy The Decline” by Aaron Carey…
    Thanks for the backstory on Aaron Carey. Still thinking of reading the book, but this guy sounds like an asshole.

  58. @michaelj007 – After reading Matthew Bracken’s article about nationalism vs. socialism vs. Islam, I am thinking Obummer wants to lead the Islamification of America after the collapse. I’ve also read 2 analyzes of his narcissism that mentioned suicide, a la Nero, as his possible fate.

  59. Lysander & Sensetti–When I said we all will take a bath, what I meant was that if circumstances become so dire, we will all suffer. Sure some will suffer more than others, to be sure.

    All in Society benefit from the contributions that every member makes. When those contributions are out numbered by those consuming, a breakdown in societal cooperation manifests. There becomes a shortage of goods that we all need to survive. There becomes blackmarkets, a break down in law and order, and an escalation of prices of scarce goods, beyond the majority’s ability to pay.

    Preppers have a stash of scarce goods and an enviable position within an ensuing societal tsunami of a collapsing culture and economy. The Preppers are in a canoe on the beach awaiting the coming tidal wave, thinking that because they have a boat that floats they will survive the flooding unscathed. We should be so lucky. It’s an unrealistic fantasy. Without the commitment and cooperative efforts of others, we will all suffer regardless of stuff.

    You can thank the government and their fiat currency for the unwanted change in your life.

  60. Look, dear readers, fiat currency brings prosperity, so true. The from the mid forties to the mid seventies , things were pretty good. …But, fiat currency brings prosperity with tears. The wealth is allocated disproportionately in society and fiat currency ends in a societal tear jerker, hissy fit, economically. We’re at that point now. Von Mises says that there is no escaping the result of credit expansion and it all ends very, very badly. Whether you end it sooner or later doesn’t matter, you are going to suffer. What is different is the degree of suffering you will experience as an economy. The longer credit expansion the worser the suffering.

    Everything the government and FED has done is to get out of Von Mises pickle without the suffering.
    Their efforts are equivalent to attempts to unring a bell. It’s never happened before. Perhaps the government and FED’s logic is–We are all going to die, but it’s better to die tomorrow than today. Which is why the FED’s attempt to postpone the inevitable by instituting QE, TARP, ZIRP. NIRF, and the age old remedy for insolvency, STEALING.

    Perhaps, you can think of the government and FED as Preppers with their alphabet programs to maintain their survival, but at whose expense??? You get three guesses, hint it’s three letters and begins with “Y” and ends in “U”.

  61. Great article -top marks — but – – –
    The trouble with Americans apart from so many being fat dumb & lazy is that many of you are as well racist and religious ! Fair dinkum what a fucked up combination. Especially the Religion !
    I lost count of the down ticks I put against ALL comments that mentioned religion.

    To believe in Religous BS is bad enough but to shut your eyes & ears to what the USA War Machine has done in YOUR name is beyond any redemption. There s NO excuse ! There are many switched on progressive Americans who abhor the destruction & death but obviously a majority that think the USA is invincible & can do what it likes. Blow back is coming & it’s well deserved.

  62. Lysander:

    Re MGTOW, some of us are afraid of women because we know what our legal and social status is vis a vis women, and do not believe in their hearts that women are worth the risk or the trouble. It’s called cost/benefit analysis. It is not cowardice to avoid a risk that one has no actual obligation to expose themselves to the risk. Am I a coward because I do not choose to skydive? Am I a coward because I do not choose to play Russian Roulette? I would risk my life to do my actual duty as a man, but, committing to a woman in this day and age does not strike me as one of those essential manly duties the avoidance of which would demand that I be branded a coward. I believe St Paul in his epistles told Christians that is was quite alright and even commendable if we chose to remain unmarried, as long as we didn’t fornicate.

  63. I sent the links to the six parts to Neil Howe last week. He just sent me an email saying good job. He also noted that Glenn Beck has started reading passages from the book on his show and asked Neil to be on the show. Beck isn’t really Neil’s cup of tea, so he declined.

    I may have prompted Beck’s interest, as I sent him links to all six parts.

    Neil is going to resume blogging by the end of the year. I look forward to reading and posting his thoughts.


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