I know there are many people out there who don’t watch the daily drivel emanating from their 72 inch HD boob tubes. I don’t blame them. Most of the shows on TV are dumbed down to the level of their audience of government educated zombies. The facebooking, twittering, texting, instagraming generation is too shallow, too self-consumed, and too intellectually lazy to connect the dots, understand symbolism or learn moral lessons from well written thought-provoking TV shows. But there have been a few exceptions over the last few years. Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Walking Dead are intelligent, brilliantly scripted, morally ambiguous, psychologically stimulating TV shows challenging your understanding of how the world really works.

The Walking Dead is much more than a gory, mindless, teenage zombie flick. Personally, I find myself interpreting the imagery, metaphorical storylines, and morality lessons of Walking Dead within the larger context of cultural, political, and social decay rapidly consuming our society today. I don’t pretend to know the thought process or intent of the writers, but I see plot parallels symbolizing current day issues plaguing our empire of debt. Their mid-season opener was one of the most intense shocking episodes of the entire series. It was titled No Way Out, as the main characters appeared to be trapped in a no win situation with long odds and little hope of surviving.

From my vantage point I see four explicit types of characters inhabiting the world of the Walking Dead. There are the infected mindless zombies roaming the countryside in search of flesh to consume. They are oblivious to the world around them, unable to think, feel, or act human. They can be distracted and led in different directions by loud noises or other diversions. Then there are the still human zombies inhabiting the walled city of Alexandria who are sentient, thinking, frightened men and women, not prepared to face the harsh reality of an unfair brutal world and the consequences of not fighting the forces of evil. They cower behind their walls and hope for the best.

There are bands of nomadic lawless gangs wandering the barren countryside, living off the scraps left behind by civilization and taking what they want through brute force. They abandoned any sense of morality as the world spun out of control. Killing innocent people to achieve their ends is fair game in their survivalist worldview. They see anarchy as an opportunity to loot, steal, murder and disrespect the rights of others.

Anarchy is essentially the absence of institutional coercion. It doesn’t mean chaos, with human beings automatically becoming bandits and murderers. Humans cooperate, trade, exercise personal responsibility and create social order without the dictates of a government ruler. What binds society together are not thousands of overbearing laws and a ruthless police state, it’s basically peer pressure, moral suasion, and social censure. We interact with other humans every day, without some higher authority dictating how it should be done.

The cohort of decent men and women trudging through the southern regions of a fallen America experience horrific scenes, but maintain their humanity despite anarchy. The main characters (Rick, Daryl, Michone, Carol, Carl, Glenn and Maggie) approach every day with their eyes wide open. In a setting where there is no government, no enforceable laws, no police, and no higher authority to provide guidance on how to approach every dangerous situation and ethical dilemma, they choose the honorable path.

As the crumbling remnants of a once mighty nuclear superpower decays, this tight knit group of heavily armed citizens rely upon their guile, intelligence, courage, and moral backbone to try and rebuild a new society. They are honorable, bold and resolute as they fight the ravenous brain dead zombies and the malicious roving mobs swarming over the apocalyptic terrain, while attempting to turn the cowering cowards of Alexandria into courageous patriots who see the world as it is rather than as they wish it to be. In a catastrophic situation where all governmental functions are non-existent it is those who are physically prepared, self-sufficient, mentally strong, heavily armed and able to deal with dire circumstances through the lens of reality, who will survive.

The No Way Out episode opens in the midst of a horrifying crisis within the bigger ongoing crisis. The village of Alexandria had successfully walled off their community from the outside world and had grown soft as they failed to grasp the nature of their perilous circumstances. They passively believed walls would always protect them; weapons were barbaric and unnecessary; and preparing for an adverse turn in conditions was pointless. But misfortune and a threat to their very survival did arrive. They were attacked by a band of murdering thieves and bad luck befell their community when their wall was breached. Their lack of preparation, inability to utilize firearms, and absence of courage to confront the dangerous threats, left them helpless in the face of a life or death situation.

The two types of zombies inhabiting the world of the Walking Dead represent two distinctive types of people populating our country today, as we relentlessly meander towards our own rendezvous with destiny. Our country is already disintegrating, as unpayable debt, endemic corruption, military overreach, civic decay, and moral degeneration coalesce to insure a societal collapse. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The zombies are unaware and apathetic, as their inability to think critically has left them trapped in an “all is well” paradigm peddled by their government keepers and their corporate fascist benefactors.

The American zombies resembling the infected mindless variety from Walking Dead inhabit the urban ghettos, semi-rural trailer parks, and putrefying suburban enclaves across the land. They probably constitute close to 50% of the population and continue to multiply. They are uneducated due to the dreadful government run public education system and the bad life choices of those who brought them into this world. They feed off the public welfare system, incapable or unwilling to work for a living. They are easily distracted by their iGadgets, 600 cable channels, sporting events, the latest fashions and hero worship. They don’t read books, participate in civic affairs, create cohesive communities, or think for themselves. The aimlessly shuffle through their wretched lives taking what they can and being herded by those in control. As society collapses they will panic, burn their dilapidated hovels to the ground and quickly die off, with no government to sustain them.

The next category of zombies populating America today is much like the people of Alexandria in the show. They are educated, employed, middle to upper middle class, living in suburban single family homes and townhouses, afraid of guns, trusting of authority, and are trapped in a web of normalcy bias. They’ve already forgotten the 2008 global financial crisis and believe their politician leaders that adding $70 trillion of global debt since 2008 has actually cured a disease caused by excessive unpayable debt. Since a further disaster has not materialized thus far, they convince themselves it will never occur. Therefore, they take no precautionary measures to prepare for any type of disaster, whether it is financial, societal, or related to their personal safety.

Despite clear warnings of a global conflagration already underway, these humanoid zombies optimistically believe everything will turn out for the best. The more aware among these zombies have an uncomfortable feeling about the state of affairs, as they know in their gut we are headed towards disaster. This cognitive dissonance makes them uneasy, so they purposefully avoid or disregard information that would confirm their worst fears. These zombies drive super-sized SUVs, shuttle their kids to soccer games, live in McMansions, commute to high rise office towers where they push paper, watch mainstream media, believe gun control will make them safer, and still think voting for hand-picked corporate candidates will make a difference.

They lack the intellectual curiosity to question the existing social order. They lack the courage to confront their oppressors, corrupt government, malevolent banking cabal, or corporate media mouthpieces spreading lies for the ruling oligarchy. They are completely unprepared for a world where processed toxic foodstuff isn’t plentiful and easily accessible at their local Wally World; ATM machines don’t spit out $20 bills on command; energy isn’t cheap, plentiful and accessible; and they are no longer protected from bad guys by government thugs. In a societal collapse their lack of self-sufficiency, firearms training and mental toughness to deal with a dreadful reality will result in most losing their lives. A segment of this zombie population can be salvaged if they can be convinced of the jeopardy in which they have been placed. With proper leadership and example to follow, the courage to resist and survive can be regained.

The nomadic lawless gangs committing acts of aggression against the well-intentioned decent survivors of the collapse know they are acting in a criminal manner, don’t care, and rationalize their psychotic disregard for moral standards because there is no institutional authority to stop them from raping, pillaging and murdering. I liken this segment to the criminal sociopathic Wall Street bankers; bought off crooked political class; government apparatchiks and surveillance state thugs; corporate fascists; military industrial complex; shadowy string pulling billionaires; propaganda spewing corporate media; and the leeches who suckle off this evil prototype. This gang of lawless psychopaths has no concern for the greater good or their fellow man. Their only objective is to pillage the remaining wealth of the nation, with no concern for laws, regulations, morality, decency, or the victims of their ravenous sacking of America. They are the real enemy.

Lastly, we have the self-reliant, courageous, disciplined characters that represent the last best hope for humanity in the apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead. Despite the catastrophic circumstances they face on a daily basis, they never lose their integrity or their humanity. Kindness, generosity, intelligence, adaptability, and situational awareness complement their courageousness and willingness to use whatever means necessary to survive. A common thread among the main characters is their ability to utilize weapons, think strategically, act as a team, and approach every situation in a realistic, resolute mode. They choose to not deny reality. Lying to yourself about the desperateness of your situation does you no good. They choose living over despair and death.

The people represented in our society by Rick, Daryl and their motley crew of freedom loving patriots is the gun clingers referred to by Obama in 2008:

“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

They are also derogatorily referred to in the corporate media as preppers, gun nuts, survivalists, right wing extremists, and potential domestic terrorists. Ron Paul supporters, Christian conservatives and anyone believing strongly in the 2nd Amendment is considered suspect by those in power. DHS is spying on them, the IRS is harassing them, the liberal media scorns them, and the president wants to disarm them. It is the hard working, self-reliant, morally upstanding, gun owning citizens of this country who have been screwed by the onslaught of illegal immigrants, the Wall Street owned Federal Reserve, and the corporate fascists who have written the laws and trade legislation which has enriched them while destroying the working middle class.

Wall Street/K Street oligarchs have financialized every aspect of our society, gutted the productive industries, indebted our grandchildren to the tune of $200 trillion, and destroyed the jobs needed to sustain our nation. The frantic efforts of the Federal Reserve, their minions in NYC & DC, and the propaganda press to prop up this hollowed out carcass of a country are failing. The debt is too vast; the corruption too entrenched; the vital systems too damaged; populace too apathetic and distracted by bread and circuses; and leaders too feckless to do what it would take to save the country.

When it all falls apart, it will be the small minority of gun clinging men and women who know what needs to be done and will do it. These people only represent a small percentage of society. They will do the heavy lifting during the coming crisis, because they have retained their moral compass, believe in the Constitution, and don’t need Big Brother and thousands of heavy handed laws to do what’s right. There is good and evil in this world. Bad people will need to be dealt with brutally and swiftly. The approximately 40 million households with a gun owner are our last line of defense against a government losing control, zombie hordes that will rampage when the EBT deposits stop, and the unprepared normalcy bias infected multitudes. It will require courage, endurance, and community team work to survive the perils ahead in order to rebuild our once great nation. A coercive overbearing bloated government will not be part of the solution.

In the meantime, there are lessons to be learned from the No Way Out episode. Rick and a group of the main characters needed to disguise themselves as flesh eating zombies in order to secure the weapons they needed to fight off the mindless voracious hordes overrunning their community. Until the SHTF moment descends upon our country, those whose eyes are open to the imminent threats will need to blend in with the iGadget addicted masses, while continuing to prepare, build supplies, accumulate weapons and ammunition, and becoming more proficient in using those weapons. They will need to stay under the radar of the corporate fascist military surveillance state until it crumbles in a heap of diseased debris. When the vast majority have been brought up to believe the only boundaries are those exerted through force by the authorities, and that governmental power disappears, the bad people take whatever they want, by force, unless good people fight back.

When their plan to blend in with the zombies goes awry due to fear and hesitation by some of the Alexandrians, loss of life ensues and Rick’s son Carl is shot in the eye. This event creates a turning point in the battle between the immense throng of zombies and the minority of fanatical freedom lovers. Rick goes rogue and single-handedly begins taking on the thousands of voracious zombies in a display of rage and retribution for his son’s life threatening injuries. Sometimes a single act of defiance can change the course of history.

When Rick dashes outside and begins to fight the zombies he has no concern for his own safety. His act of boldness and bravery leads his clan of fearless troops to enter the fray and kill even more zombies. Even the formerly passive priest Gabriel and the cowardly Eugene take up arms and battle the forces of evil. But, the most uplifting occurrence is seeing the previously weak willed inhabitants of Alexandria become inspired by Rick’s courage and valor to find their nerve and finally fight for their community. They didn’t fight for their country or because they were commanded to, but for their fellow man. They were still vastly outnumbered, but Daryl’s intelligence and understanding of the situation led him to implement an audacious strategy to lure the brain dead zombies to a fiery demise. His astuteness saved the day, proving the majority does not always win and the good people can prevail.

The lesson I deduced from this chapter of the Walking Dead is one of hope. The authorities pulling the strings of our increasingly mentally infected country prefer mindless, non-thinking, easily manipulated zombies so they can retain their power, control, and strip mining wealth operation. We only exist for the benefit of the state. Society does not have to be built for the benefit of an essentially criminal organization – the coercive state. There is nothing in human nature that makes it impossible to create a community of people that respect each other’s natural rights and follow accepted moral standards for working out differences. There will always be a few criminals and sociopaths to deal with, but the community can self-police and rid themselves of these vermin. These are the people who usually gravitate to and flourish within a government police state.

When the ongoing crisis worsens over the next few years, with government collapsing under the weight of debt and corruption, societal implosion results in civil chaos, and economic calamity befalls the nation, the brain dead zombie class will have no hope. It will require a tireless minority to prevail. We will need men and women to step up and lead through example. There is a segment of the sentient zombie class who can be awoken from their self-induced stupor by an irate few who set brushfires of freedom in their hearts and souls. The odds of a few rag tag farmers defeating the greatest military power on earth were virtually impossible in the 1770s . But through noble citizen leadership, fortitude while facing extreme adversity, and courage in the face of death, a minority of good people prevailed.

At the end of the episode, Rick finally sees a way out. As Carl lies unconscious in bed Rick tells him he underestimated the Alexandrians and vows to rebuild the community. They rose to the challenge. Rick adds that for the first time since before waking up in the hospital in King County, he feels truly hopeful for the future. “I want to show you the new world,” he says. Carl’s fingers grip Rick’s hand. The immediate future is bleak, but there is hope. The country and our future will be determined by those who are most prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to reinstitute the principles upon which this country was built. There is a way out. Are you prepared?

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”Samuel Adams

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  1. Brilliant. Bravo! I predict this piece will go viral and take the interwebz by storm. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

  2. I wish I had one of those bazookas like the picture above because my road would look the same except it would be the cars burning that came by at 2AM blaring rap crap with a woofer in the trunk that let me know he was coming 2 miles away.

  3. Just started watching this one in the evenings on Netflix. So far so good.

    Just finished watching another AMC production called “Hell on Wheels”. One of the better series I have seen in a long time it is a story about a southerner in the days and years after the civil war. He goes north to avenge the death of his wife and son – murdered by union soldiers during the war, and ends up finding a new purpose on the railroad.

    What makes this piece interesting is that the characters are more complex at times than they seem – they struggle with demons and some show growth while those who do not often self destruct (The Church lady as a good example of implosion). It raises a lot of questions about redemption, death and morality and presents us with the reality that sometimes there are just endings – and not happy endings.

    The juxtaposition between the main character (Bohannon) and the character referred to as “The Swede” is a sort of classic struggle between good and evil and on a deeper level Bohannons struggle with the Swede represents a struggle between the id, the ego and the super ego. The hero is human on an emotional/intellectual level, often consumed and obsessed but struggling for purpose and growth. Failing and growing then succeeding and growing only to fail again but following the failure up with another attempt to rebuild. Bohannon lives by a code of honour that is almost dead except amongst a small percentage of the population these days but it isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes but always comes back to his core. The id never rules for long and the super ego is always reinstated even in the face of the rot and filth around him. He is human. Struggling for nobility but still fallen.

    Plus there’s lots of gun fighting, drinking and whoring which makes it a classic western. well worth the time to watch imho.

  4. Wow.

    Someone wrote the Rise and Fall Of the Roman Empire. This piece is like that. The Rise and Fall Of America.

    Any comment I add to this masterpiece will only detract from it.

    Well, one thing, I’m still not going to watch the series. Still can’t figure out … if Zombies are DEAD, why do they need to consume living flesh? Whatever. I’m anti-Zombie.

  5. Dammit. Just one more thing ..

    “Since a further disaster has not materialized thus far, they convince themselves it will never occur. ”

    I must say, I’m STARTING to feel that way on some days. Seen the stock market today? Buy, baby buy!! I’m starting to feel as if the can will be kicked down the road for-fucking-ever.

  6. Well done!

    Reading this, in the way you described the connections, I could pick out from my friends and relatives, who will be a good ally, and who will be ignored and avoided, when the shit does hit the fan.

  7. Jason Dalton lived with his wife and two kids in a small ranch-style house in a rural area of Michigan.

    The 45-year-old former insurance adjustor has no known criminal history.


    His neighbor said Jason Dalton loved to do things outside with his kids, like taking them for rides on his lawn tractor.

    Dalton loved to do auto-body repair and once taught an auto body repair class at Kellogg Community College. He shuttles people around the Kalamazoo area for Uber.

    Dalton will be in court today because this past Saturday he went on a random shooting spree and killed six people.

    The Zombies, they really are coming.

  8. This piece reminds me of the majority of politically savy websites out there (Corbett, Inforwars, Boiling Frogs, TBP, etc) who see the evil deeds being committed globally and, yet, fail to discern that there is an architect behind this madness with an agenda for one world government and one world religion. This entity, worshipped by elites in the top circles of their secret societies is in a perpetual war with the one true creator who has written the end from the beginning. Unfortunately these politically savy whistleblowers are too impressed with their own intellect and fall victim to that evil architect because they fail to recognize who is responsible for the events unfolding and who will ultimately clean it up. The solution will not be devised by humans but by God, alone, as He has told us. This allegorical and secular series is nothing more than Jesuit drama mind control which Hollywood pumps out continuously. It’s not the Jews who control Hollywood, they are simply papal pawns in it for the money. The solution: Get saved. Trust in God. Keep His Commandments. He is coming soon!

  9. ditchner @ 12:44 pm –

    My Mamma always told me: “The Lord helps those who help themselves”. Throughout all of history the Lord required his people not to be passive, but rather to be his “hands and feet” in this world.

    Ironically, in the season opener of the Walking Dead as referred to in the above essay, the character Enid, in a church, looks upward and sees James 2:26: “Faith without works is dead”.

    Perhaps you should not be so quick to judge “savy whistleblowers” and, in your opinion, Jesuit mind control dramas.

    For those whose eyes are opened, beneficial lessons can be learned, sometimes, from where we might least expect.

  10. Excellent, Admin. I think the “No Way Out” episode is one of the very best of the WD, and your contrast to our current situation is spot on indeed.

  11. AS the mini solar system passes earth,Giant asteroids hit our planet,small ones too,but the lost of life and earthquakes will be beyond understanding to everyone,Then the planet starts to roll over,oceans wash over the lands,everything STOPS,no food,clean water,clothes,roads are destroyed,no power to run anything,the world returns to the 1840’s,and the GOVERNMENT who did prepare,attacks the survivors,murdering millions,see they left that out of the movies,BUT its going to happen,and yes then foreign militaries will be searching for survivors,and killing everyone they can find,ZOMBIES,hahaha,yea they’ll last through the first day if their lucky,and 90% of them won’t be………

  12. Two words: Fuckin’ A !!!

    @Stucky, it’s the character development and masterful script writing that makes TWD such a good series. Yes, the scenario of zombies is far-fetched, but you get past that if you watch from the beginning. My 21-aged son has watched from the start, but my first time was when I sat with him and watched part of the very brutal Terminus episode and got turned off immediately. But a few months later I went and watched from the first episode (he has all seasons on Blu-ray DVD), and I was hooked.

  13. Something tells me admin is a duck. What you see on the surface is a guy who just got his first pistol…..but underneath……

    Very nice writing Jim – you summed things up perfectly.

  14. What a brilliant piece…introspective and though provoking…and as a watcher of the Dead was impressed how you correlated it…bravo!

  15. If American was still 90% white and Christian like during the great depression i think we could reboot from anything but not now. Multiculturalism and diversity -liberalism has caused much culture and moral rot.There’s a lot of hate out there. There’s also hate in my heart. I have no common cause with liberals and very little sympathy for other races. If I never saw another black face it would be fine with me.

    I think America will break apart or become a totalitarian nightmare. I think there will be genocide in some parts of this land .I don’t have much hope of saving our REPUBLIC.

  16. Brilliant analogies, Admin.You almost make we want to connect my TV back up the outside world just to see this Waling Dead show..Thanks for the excellent read…as always.

  17. Like I said before, folks, better to prepare too early then too late. Admin has done another excellent job with this article and I’m queuing up that particular show right now.

    When things get so bad it has become obvious to all but the morons and niggers (But I repeat myself), there will be a mad rush to buy stuff. However, what if the .gov outlawed the buying and storing of large amounts of food? What if they made many of the items so easily available today, illegal tomorrow?

    Sure, right now all you need is money to buy food, water storage systems, guns+ammo (in the free states- in the commie states you already need ,gov approval), camo clothing, specialized weapon sights and many other items. But how about in one year…two?…five? How about 10 years from now, what do you think will be available, if the shit didn’t hit the fan before then?

    And don’t forget night vision. It’s a big price tag for the good stuff and no special .gov permission is needed to buy or own……so far.

    Already it’s illegal to buy or possess body armor in the commie states (CT, MA, NY…for example), and you don’t really know what will happen in the future where you live. No one could,

    Buy the stuff as soon as possible that you know or think you will need, especially the exotic stuff like body armor and night vision. And long term storage food, unless you can buy it without a paper trail.

  18. On Point @ 1:17 PM –

    Good advice from your Mama but we’re not in Kansas anymore and American Protestantism has now converted 99.9% to humanism. They no longer protest as the reformers of the 16th century did.

    I will stick with my analysis which was no knee jerk reaction but an (educated) opinion based upon hundreds of hours of learning about the true powers behind the elite of this world who have tried to remain in the background but they have found there’s no hiding on the Internet.

    My problem with Admin’s review is with his conclusion that in the 21st century an armed (or otherwise) revolution can “reinstitute the principles upon which this country was built. ” In fact, when you look deeply enough you will find that this country was built on Jesuit principles and on Jesuit owned land. The White House, for instance, was named for its color.

    It has gone too far. We have passed the point of no return. They are thumbing their noses at us because they now have all the power they need. The punch line is that in the end, they lose, but not to “a bunch of rag tag farmers”.

    I commend the whistleblowers for their courage and their messages but not, necessarily, their plans of action. I would like to see more of them shepherding people to God but, alas, that’s not a popular message in the 21st century.

  19. ditchner @ 7:32 pm:

    I hear what you are saying. And, I agree with some of it. We can debate America as a nation. The Statue of Liberty as representing the combined goddesses of Dianna, Ishtar & Columbia. We could further debate the bas-relief sculptures of the eighteen influential law-givers on the Supreme Court Building which includes the false prophet, Mohammad.

    We can argue regarding some of the founding fathers being free-masons as well as some considering modern America as being the Babylon of Revelation (which I believe to be in error, BTW).

    Obviously, we are in different circumstances than 1775 and The Burning Platform is not the Boston Harbor.

    However, you seem to have a predilection towards defeatism in that God will make everything all right. He will, but in the meantime, we are not to rest on our laurels. We must resist wherever, whenever, we can.

    It may be true an “armed” resistance is not possible in order to “reinstitute the principles upon which this country was built”. Especially by a “bunch of rag tag farmers.” Maybe there is no plan of action.

    However, faith, as the “evidence of things unseen” requires we must try. Even if only to protect our own families and strengthen our local communities to the best we can for as long as possible.

    Whistleblowers and truth-tellers wake people up. This is not a bad thing. God will Shepard those whom he has called unto him and the plan of action will work itself out. This is not the responsibility of the watchmen on the wall.

    Noone should EVER give up.

    Revelation 3:20 says: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

    Popular or not, perhpaps this is the message of the 21st century.

  20. To lead the charge you must leave PA. Anything else is a circle jerk. Nice note, but if you stay in PA you will die. The niggers will find you.

  21. Enough with the religious stuff. When the bad people come to do harm, I will shoot at them because I have a right to defend my family. If they get me first, at least I tried.

  22. If you don’t leave then you think it can be saved. It cannot. Leave now while you can. All the cute voices on this blog, I chuckle. You really think you will knuckle up to what’s coming? Get out. Get out now and flee while you still can. I think your blog is cute and has a article once in awhile that is interesting.

    To blog from PA is like to blog from hell giving “play by play” Hide. Hide now.. Come out of the dirt once it is over then maybe it can change. I hope. Not much can stop a ruthless juggernaut, than another one. Better to live to fight another day.

  23. Lysander

    Body Armor Law in Massachusetts:
    Like many states, Massachusetts has a law in place that makes it a felony to wear body armor during the commission of a crime. This does

    In Massachusetts, anyone can purchase and use a bulletproof vest, unless he or she has been convicted of a felony. Bulletproof vests and all other body armor can be purchased online or face-to-face.

  24. Thanks so much for the Article, the analogy was spot on, it was fun to read. There is so much to do. I have done much, but I was far down the rabbit hole. Thank you for all of these years highlighting the descent, you personally have provided miles of Bridge Out warnings, there should be very little surprise, I am sure it will be endemic.
    I have to echo Winstons sentiment, especially in light of your article, neck deep in zombie land. Veterans I know/knew would call that ‘Indian Country’. They also taught me that if you find yourself fighting, with guns, and you have a pistol in your hand, you fucked up. If there is gonna be a gun fight, then you best be the 1st to know, and you best have a rifle that you can shoot. Anything else is craps.
    Great Article, thanks again.

  25. “There is no new frontier
    We have got to make it here.” ~Eagles, “The Last Resort” (1976)

    “The things we see are the same things that are within us. There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.” ~ Hermann Hesse, “Demian”

    “Every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intersect, only once in this way, and never again. That is why every man’s story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of consideration. In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross.” (“Demian”

    “Those who are too lazy and comfortable to think for themselves and be their own judges obey the laws. Others sense their own laws within them.” (“Demian”)

    “I realize today that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself.” (Demian”)

    “Each of us has to find out for himself what is permitted and what is forbidden.. forbidden for him. It’s possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard. And vice versa.” (“Demian”)

    “You knew all along that your sanctioned world was only half the world, and you tried to suppress the other half the same way the priests and teachers do. You won’t succeed. No one succeeds in this once he has begun to think.” (“Demian”)

    “An enlightened man had but one duty – to seek the way to himself, to reach inner certainty, to grope his way forward, no matter where it led.” (“Demian”)

    “At one time I had given much thought to why men were so very rarely capable of living for an ideal. Now I saw that many, no, all men were capable of dying for one.” (“Demian”)

    “The realization that my problem was one that concerned all men, a problem of living and thinking, suddenly swept over me and I was overwhelmed by fear and respect as I suddenly saw and felt how deeply my own personal life and opinions were immersed in the eternal stream of great ideas. Though it offered some confirmation and gratification, the realization was not really a joyful one. It was hard and had a harsh taste because it implied responsibility and no longer being allowed to be a child; it meant standing on one’s own feet.” (“Demian”)

  26. On Point @ 8:23 pm –

    Well put! Nothing to disagree with here. I don’t recommend inaction but neither do I recommend revolution for the reasons I’ve previously stated. BTW My take on the USA is the Beast from the Earth in Revelation 13:

    11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

    12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

    13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

    14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  27. dirchner @ 9:53 pm –

    Cool. I am choosing not to disagree with you totally at this time as well. The “beast” is a worldwide religious, economic and political system. It is almost here. It is more than America. It is the Ten Kings under the auspices of the UN. John 14:6 is the only way out. Good night, good luck and may God bless us all. Pray for wisdom and I will too.

  28. I have been a fan of The Walking Dead since its premiere, and it has always made me think along similar lines described in this essay. I don’t think the writers intend it, though- that is the beauty of art, the artist often, and usually unaware of the message.

    A great essay.

  29. You religious buttheads are freaks. When I see the ten kings gather from the four winds, maybe I will pay attention. But for now, I think you’re a bunch of assholes who should fuck off. Maybe it’s too late to save the flesh-eating zombies. Maybe they don’t want to be saved. What do you care? I don’t. We all make our own decisions & reap what we sow. Do the maff douchebags.

  30. Sooooooo, you watch the show, too. Hmm, but everyone else are cattle. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Got here through Washington’s blog. Yep, viral.

  31. @ Yojimbo…..Thank you for the clarification…..I stand corrected.

    Holy smokes, can it be MA is a tad less restrictive then CT? Yikes!

  32. Really…..the Walking Dead. While some parts show some brilliance, the script and its general tone are pathetic.

    The characters are the dumbest people in the world. Morons of the highest order who have to reach up to touch bottom. If that is the sum total of the future of the human race, by all means let it go extinct. It is a show for the lowest common denominator.

  33. I’m always hopeful when a post from TBP gets spread around to other sites that it will result in more people becoming aware of our predicament, but it usually seems to only stir up trolls. Oh well, that’s their choice to make I suppose.

  34. “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”


  35. I was Christmas shopping for my son back in ’03 and I happened into a store that sold comic books and memorabilia looking for some reprints of the old Haunt of Fear/Vault of Horror/Tales From the Crypt magazines my dad had given me when I was a kid. I got a big bound copy of EC classics and while I was there I saw a new comic called…The Walking Dead. It was the first issue and I bought it thinking, cool, zombie comic, my son will love this (he was 5 or 6 at the time).

    On Christmas Eve my wife and I were putting last minute things under the tree or in stockings when she spotted that comic and leafed through it.

    Let’s just say he didn’t get that for Christmas and it took a lot of explaining to get her to understand it was just an impulse buy, not a determined effort on my part to scar my child emotionally.

    I should look around and see if I can find it.

  36. For your consideration:

    The Constitution set up a ruling class and was the repudiation of the rebellion of 1774-5. The Constitution reimposed exactly the situation of tyranny which those committed to freedom fought and died for in 1774-5. The point of the document was the legitimization of a ruling class, and the amendments (Bill of Rights) were afterthought rhetoric completely disjoint from and in conflict with the intent of the document. Notice that they have never done anything to stand in the way of the violation of their principles. (Read up on the Whiskey Rebellion which took place while the ink was still wet on the document.) The Constitution set up the groundwork for the situation we face today.

    Once the legitimacy of some people ruling over others is admitted, those who are ruled are owned completely and are at the mercy of those who rule.

    The path forward must be independent of the Constitution and its ruling class (Congress, army, etc.).

    Otherwise, this article articulates nicely the path of destruction which the ruling class has chosen.

  37. Season 1 – 3 of the walking dead were very true to this analysis. However, the later seasons (including the current one) have essentially become NWO talking points and homosexual smooch scenes. It’s so in-your-face it’s cringeworthy!

  38. On Point @ 9:53 pm –

    I like the choice of the UN for the Beast from the Earth except that it arose in Manhattan,NY, USA, which was already a sea (multitudes of people, tongues, etc.) by that tijme. The US, however rose from a relatively unpopulated continent (which would qualify as the opposite of a sea) and at a time when Rome (beast of the Sea) had “seemed” to suffer a mortal wound after Napoleon’s army arrested the Pope and destroyed the political power of the Catholic Church. I’ll stick with US as he Beast of the Earth.

  39. Ditchner @ 2:09 PM –

    There is no conspiracy, because it’s all been published. The U.N., the Club of Rome, etc.

    The elite have been planning it for years. See link below as well as the Club of Rome prototype photo from 1974. There have been some adjustments, like Mexico drafted from # 6 into # 1 with NAFTA, but the plan is still the same.

    We can argue the specifics but we are mere “fleas” fighting over the “dog”.


  40. It also explains the decimation of American industry over the last 30 years, the increase of US entitlements via the Cloward Piven paradigm, our open borders & the destruction of the US Constitution. Upon the final collapse of our current Keynesian / Bretton Woods economic system, a New World Order awaits. It’s a nice thought to think that Trump coukd stop it. But he’s no Rick Grimes. And may even be fictional himself.

  41. And finally, if one accepts the premise that Satan is the God of this world, then I don’t see how one could believe the Jews are behind the rising New World Order. Because Satan has hated the Jews since the times of Genesis, if not before?

  42. “Bad people will need to be dealt with brutally and swiftly.”

    and yer just itchin’ to go, ain’tcha? you’ve been waiting so long ….

    heads up, everybody. he’s talking about everyone who is not him or just like him. that’s just about all of you. yes, you. “but I’m one of the self-reliant, courageous, disciplined characters!” see, here’s the thing – HE will decide that. not you. there’s a reason people like this hoard 100,000 rounds of ammunition and talk about “dealing with people brutally and swiftly”. it’s because they intend to do exactly that, and reduce the world to a tiny handful of “self-reliant, courageous, disciplined characters” who just happen to be – well, who just happen to be exactly precisely themselves and no-one else.

    head’s up.

  43. Great article with the exception of his support for the constitution. Anyone who still supports that authoritarian document has yet to fully wake up. The belief that one group of people have authority over others is the true root of evil and the constitution is a seed of authority.

  44. “Because Satan has hated the Jews since the times of Genesis, if not before?”

    (shrug) “your father the devil” … “synagogue of satan”… “spirit of the anti-christ” … parable of the vineyard ….

  45. Genesis 12:3:

    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

  46. jesus’s, john’s, john’s, and jesus’ words.

    heh. check out the parable of the wedding feast in matt 22. “7 But the king was enraged, and he sent his armies and destroyed those murderers and set their city on fire. 8 Then he *said to his slaves, ‘The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. 9 Go therefore to the main highways, and as many as you find there, invite to the wedding feast.’

  47. Zechariah 12:3:

    “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.’

  48. Amos 9:15:

    “I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,” says the LORD your God.”

    Matthew 24: Israel is the fig tree. JC is refers to the powers that be. Open your eyes and you will see.

  49. matt 21:43 Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a [m]people, producing the fruit of it.


    Not only that, you don’t even know know what the hell you’re posting …. just random shit you pull out of your asses, misinterpreted and misapplied.

  51. I will elaborate; Although it is courageous to fight for values and the past. The fight is as far as the America that we knew (white male) is gone. The time to fight was 50 years ago, as our colleges were subverted, our whole educational system. The media was perverted. Corporations allowed to consume smaller media companies to become the behemoths they are today.

    My friends, the fight is over for the dream that was “America”. The working class lost. Now we are presented with two comic book caricatures to vote for;

    The socialistic
    The narcissistic fascist

    Oh lest I forget the rest. What they call the “establishment”.

    So remind me how any of these fuckers will make a difference to restoring our republic?

    They won’t. So it is over. Done. Fin.

    America the great Republic is finished. America was not fucked by one man and one man won’t fix it. If it could be fixed, it would have to come from the bottom up. Why do you think they flood the rural areas with migrants? To prevent this from happening.

    They don’t need to flood the cities. They are truly fucked beyond belief It is the people with vision that left the wasteland that worry the “establishment”.

    We are self sufficient
    We know they are all lying cocksuckers
    If backed into a corner, instead of hiding we will fight
    but for now we hide to see the truly courageous among us

    It is the people that hide that the government fears

    Not “Occupy Wall Street”
    Not “Black lives Matter”

    Or any of the other groups that challenge the power of the State head on. That’s what they want. To meet them in a open field so they can mow you down.

    Smart people lay silent and wait for the winds of change
    Smart people are never loud and quietly observe
    The smart people of our dying Republic may not take America back, but we will have a Republic again.

    Take heart and steel yourselves true patriots, our time will come, but it is not now. Better to see the whites of their eyes before firing.

  52. “Not only that, you don’t even know know what the hell you’re posting”

    “Wow, you guys can quote a book.”

    well the subject matter is people who think they’re special just because of who they are … you know, they’re “a small percentage of society” who are “self-reliant, courageous, disciplined characters” because … well, because they are who they are. elite. special. chosen. and you’d better listen to them because they’re gonna deal with all the bad people brutally and swiftly. you don’t want to be one of the bad people, just part of the uncourageous herds, do you?

    whole lotta that goin’ ’round lately ….

  53. Stucky

    Youtube Chuck Missler

    Even though it might piss you off.

    Jesus died for your sins to. Even if you don’t want to accept it. Listen to his sermons. He was a CEO and engineer, as well as a veteran. Think about the nature of God and not the idea of God.

    Think about what happens to you when your hardware is gone. The software remains. Where do you think it goes?

  54. “instead of hiding we will fight”

    if you were going to fight, you would have done so already.

    “Smart people lay silent and wait for the winds of change”

    that’s why they don’t change. that’s why you’ve already lost.

  55. We HAVE a republic. What we have now is inevitable result. The problem is that there is no possible way to limit government – they have the authority, not you. “We are the government”, “By the people for the people”, “it’s a republic, not a democracy” – you can spew all the rhetoric you want but that doesn’t change reality. Governments, ALL government, claim ownership over you – you belong to them, and the only thing that tempers their behavior is fear of revolt. Vote all you want, it won’t make a fucking difference. “Patriots” are just as much of a problem as the Berntards because they’re still endorsing the same system. Trying to reform government is like trying to reform cancer.

  56. John 8:58:

    “Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

    Hebrews 13:8:

    “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

    Hosea 4:6:

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

  57. “We HAVE a republic. What we have now is inevitable result.”

    similar to my thought. I’ve been saying the same thing about capitalism and our preset circumstances. people say, “this isn’t capitalism anymore!” and I answer, “yes it is, it’s end-stage capitalism.”

    “The problem is that there is no possible way to limit government”

    probably correct in the long-term. but certainly the accumulation of power can be delayed, and if necessary we can reset it – shutdown, reboot, restart.

  58. Of course there is a way to limit a Republic you idiots!

    It is the basis of a Republic.

    A rule of Laws, not of Men.

    We do not have a Republic and have not had one for 100 years. I am not sure what system we are in now, but it is not a Republic and has not been so, in my 50 years on this planet.

  59. And why isn’t it a “republic” now? Because you can’t limit it. You can say “it’s rule of laws, not men” all you want, but it’s simply not true. It still takes men to write, interpret, and enforce the laws. It is still men ruling over others and it’s still illegitimate.

  60. “A rule of Laws, not of Men.”

    but men write laws, and determine what they mean, yes? “penumbras formed from emanations”?

    “We do not have a Republic and have not had one for 100 years. I am not sure what system we are in now”

    late-stage republic.

  61. Winston – you dumbass. I remember you, you prick.

    Anyway, the working class did not “lose”, as you stupidly put it..

    To lose, they would have had to put up a fight. And they did no such thing. They chose the path that they are now on. The following list is what a group would do if they wanted to fuck themselves. The working class checked all the boxes on the list.

    (By the way, “working class” is bullshit. It means a whole class of people are reliant on someone to provide them a job. That system was always going to end in tears. Employers do not want to employ people – they want to make money. If they need to employ people to make money, they will, but if they can make money without employing people, that is a far, far, far fucking better option.)

    The How to Fuck Yourself List:

    No or little or poor education. Check.
    Heavy debt load. Check.
    Reliant on govt handouts. Check.
    Buy cheap foreign crap at expense of their own jobs. Check.
    Fail to save and invest in the future. Check.
    Sense of entitlement due to their exalted status of being American. Check.
    Reduced work ethic. Check.
    Unwillingness to compete. Check.
    Unwilling to go out and start your own business, instead relying on your “right” to a “job”. Check.

    The working class did everything they could to screw themselves, and there are always wolves ready to assist in that.

    The days of wine and roses for unskilled, poorly educated and unwise people without the sense God gave an ant are coming to a close. As it should be.

  62. “How do you limit government?”

    easy. have a population of citizens who desire it to be limited and enforce limitations.

    but this always breaks down. people what what they want and government has the power to make it happen, so the power slowly (or rapidly) accumulates, and someone seizes it piece by piece.

  63. A democracy was what the founder’s feared.
    A Republic was meant to limit “human greed”. Knowing the creator made us all flawed. That has been short circuited by corruption and sloth.

    I think it is almost pointless to comment on blogs like this sometimes. Nothing changes. Like a circular firing squad. Such a small sampling of the America we lost. We are now the minority.

    We all argue about the time, the place and the means of the murder of the Republic, but not that the Republic was murdered!

    Murdered by a Central Bank. Murdered by a income tax. Murdered by the rise of multi national corporations.

    And now, as people without the education, or the desire to know what the true dream of the Republic was flood into our county, It dies. It dies by 1000s cuts. The most well informed consitutionalist vote can be cancel by one idiot who wants free shit. It is over.

    Vote if you want. It does not matter. The path is clear for America, like all dying empires, it will make a mess of things when it goes out. The last one out, be sure to turn off the lights.

  64. I know who Chuck Missler is. Have heard a few of his sermons.

    Chuck formed a company to sell computers to Commie Russian schools in the late 80’s … and declared bankruptcy after a couple of years. He himself ADMITTED to plagiarism regarding two of his books — The Magog Factor and Cosmic Codes

    Chuck is a dick.

  65. There will always be people who will take advantage of the power that government provides. It is simply impossible to create positions of power and not expect people to use that power to their own advantage. Any system that requires the ‘right’ people to be in power will always be corrupted. No exceptions.

  66. llpoh you stupid cocksucker! Did you not flee the country? Is there not a blog you can spew the shit that comes out of your mouth to?

    You are a coward. At least I remain to fight alongside of my countrymen. You are twice a coward.

    A coward who did not fight for your race.

    A coward who did not fight for your country.

    Have any Indian friend their to keep you company, or did you run out of company? Well your rich, so you say. Maybe you can import them.

    Go fuck yourself.

  67. “Murdered by a Central Bank. Murdered by a income tax. Murdered by the rise of multi national corporations.”

    heh. “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

    “The last one out, be sure to turn off the lights.”

    oh, they’ll go out ….

  68. Slayer – I do not know you. But as a general rule I kick shit out of folks that badmouth the Constitution. It immediately marks them as idiots and puts a big old target on their backs.

  69. “Any system that requires the ‘right’ people to be in power will always be corrupted. No exceptions.”

    and they all require the right people. you know, ” the self-reliant, courageous, disciplined characters” ….

  70. Winston

    Llpoh is stupid? A coward? You don’t know the meaning of those words. Which is strange because you exemplify them to a tee.

    And then you taunt him with some bullshit about “Indian friend”??

    Wow, you are a truly loathsome piece of pig shit.

    Get out the popcorn. This could get interesting ….. IF Llpoh decides to engage your sorry pathetic ass.

  71. Like I said. A circular firing squad. Llpoh. Fuck you. I think your full of shit, but I have neither the time, nor want to expel the effort to fight with you. Suffice to say, I think your full of shit and a blowhard.

    I have trolled TBP for many years. Your comments have infuriated me the most.

    I see no reason to argue with you because you like it too much. Not because anything you say is worthwhile. You are the Internet’s version of a 14 year old flashing her tits.

    “Look at me! Look at me!

    Not impressed by your points, your views, or you. Anyhow, why do you even give a shit about America anymore you fucking coward?

  72. The only thing the constitution did is create a system of authority. It didn’t protect our freedom, it granted us rights, and the two are very different. Rights are nothing but promises by authority to not restrict certain behaviors, that’s it. Freedom is when there is no institution that even exists that can grant you ‘rights’.

    Why do you revere a document that created this monstrosity we have now? Why do you think there are people who are more qualified to run your life than you? Why do you want a master? Are you scared of freedom?

  73. Winston says “blah blah blah”.

    Winston is a fucking retard trying to sound like a simpleton, but that is a step too far for him, as simpleton is about 20 IQ points past his ability.

    I fled not. I believe in the right to choose. The US people have chosen. I disagree with their choice, so I left for a place where I and mine will be happier, and do not have to support their choices. I created the opportunity to do so long ago, as I had foresight this might come to pass. Why would I fight – they have a right to choose, as stupid as their choice is.

    By the way, I was in the military.

    I do not need Indian friends. I have dogs and family.

    Poor old Winston. He brought this all upon himself, attacking me once out of the blue. I tend to remember such things. Generally, the Winstons of the world are too stupid for me to focus on for long, but in his case I always make an exception.

  74. As I said Tonto. You have nothing to say to me that I feel is worthwhile to listen to. Your comments once again prove that.

    You are a coward and a blowhard.

    Not much else to say to you. Go away…

  75. ” Freedom is when there is no institution that even exists that can grant you ‘rights’.”

    the problem with that is there then is no-one to protect and enforce rights. one man may live as he pleases, ten may dictate to him, a hundred may dictate to the ten, a thousand may dictate to the hundred, and so on. thus government. in practice, no government means no rights.

  76. Your insults bounce off a person steeled by the righteous of the truth. I am in a America under siege. I have pulled back and regrouped.

    You on the other hand, fled. Fled like a…. a what….? Like a bitch. Like a woman. Like a… may I be so bold…


  77. Slayer – you are an idiot. It did not grant rights, it guaranteed them. It is a promise to uphold individual rights. Basically you are saying you are a total anarchist. That shit will not fly. It is too stupid for words.

  78. You don’t get it – there are no rights. There is freedom or there is oppression, there is nothing in between. Either you are free or you are not. In stateless society, there simply is no agency to restrict your free speech, your ‘right’ to a gun, etc. And because everything is privately owned, you also have the ‘right’ to hire people to protect your property, and who would do a much better job than the government currently does now.

  79. I agree slayer is an idiot, as well as Tonto. The government was put in place to protect rights given by a Creator to all men.
    Do any of you read the Constitution, let alone understand it?

  80. Winston – umm, just what have you done? You have “regrouped?”

    Bwahahahahaha! Regrouped? Hahahahahaha! that is too fucking funny. Regrouped. Stop it, Winston, you are killing me.

    By regrouped, dear old Winston means he has hid down a rabbit hole somewhere, too scared to raise his head.

    What have you actually done, Winston? I know you have not actually done anything. But you can hide in your hole pulling your little pecker telling yourself you will be brave when the time actually comes.

    What bullshit.

    Regrouped. Damn, that is funny.

  81. Ok, let me ask this again. How do you limit government? Education? How do you control education? By putting government in control of it? By voting harder? How do you limit government?

  82. “Are you scared of freedom?”

    of freedom, no. of people that are “steeled by the righteous of the truth”, probably. these people look forward to the collapse of government and law, they really really do ….

  83. Slayer – but there are always lines. Otherwise, I just shoot your ass, as I have total freedom, and there are no repercussions. You have no protections at all. The Cosntitution guaranteed the requisite protections.

    Winston – for the love of god, do not agree with anything I say. It will ruin the reputation I have built over many years of not being a moron.

  84. Slayer?

    Is that air your breathing right now?

    The Constitution did not give free men the right to anything. It just delineated those rights and a government’s purpose is to protect them.

    Those right’s are “Natural Rights” of all free men.

    It also gave the right for a people to rise up, if that government became tyrannical.

    Although, that right has been long forgotten…..

  85. gman – please feel free with to deal with Winston. He is worthy of your scorn and ridicule. Plus, it is fun to kick shit out of that asshole. I suspect he is about to burst an aneurysm.

  86. The government’s job is to protect our rights? That’s some hardcore indoctrination there. Only a goddamn fool would think that was the purpose of government. No, the role of government is to control a mass of people for the benefit of the few. It is a tool. You’re just to blinded to see it, you’ve bought the propaganda hook line and sinker.

  87. Winston – you great Contitutional scholar you, just where does the Constitution enumerate the right to “rise up”? Please enlighten us. Inquiring minds want to know.

    The Declaration comes close to saying that, but the Constitution? Umm, don’t think so.

    I see fuckwits everywhere.

  88. And yes, I’m an anarchist. I recognize that I own myself. Why do you think other people have a claim on your life?

  89. Slayer, now you are being an idiot. An anarchist idiot. Damn, I should have known.

    An anarchist cannot make a cogent and logical position, so invariable goes to the “you are blinded and cannot see otherwise you would agree with me” position. How piss-weak.

  90. See? A circular firing squad. A argument with enemies real and imagined. Is there a solution here, or endless fights and insults. Especially with people I have more in common with that TPTB.

    Don’t want to fight. Just frustrated . Frustrated at empty promises and things that never change. Frustrated that I see the America I grew up in changed beyond all recognition.

    Frustrated that the America I knew is gone and there is nothing I can do to change it.

    Frustrated that I realize at 50 that voting does not matter.

    Frustrated that I will not leave a better world for my grandkids.

    Frustrated that I fight with other frustrated people on the Internet about being Frustrated.

    I have no answers. I just know I am frustrated.

  91. Slayer – I do not debate with anarchists, who are imbeciles by definition. So solly. Your points are and will be idiotic. Even the way you phrase questions falls into the category of “how often do you beat your wife”. Your questions themselves are fallacious.

    I will content myself with abusing you and ignoring any attempt at debate. Works for me.

  92. Winston – gave you a thumbs up for being frustrated. The line of frustrated TBPers is very long. Your concerns are legitimate.

  93. You claim that government protects our rights yet you don’t even understand how government cannot exist without violating those rights. I’m not the idiot who can’t make a logical argument.

  94. “I recognize that I own myself. Why do you think other people have a claim on your life?”

    it’s not about ownership and claim. it’s that 1) you exist and 2) other people exist and 3) we all want rights and 4) how are those rights to be implemented? that’s all. “that to secure these rights ….”

  95. “An anarchist cannot make a cogent and logical position”

    oh it’s very cogent and logical, it’s just not sustainable in the real world.

    “I have no answers. I just know I am frustrated.”

    perfectly understandable. (sorry to bring up the religion thing again but) ask god what to do. he’ll answer, one way or another. you may not understand immediately, and if you do you may not like the answer, but he’ll answer. just ask.

  96. We can live together peacefully by using privatized services to protect us and our property. We don’t need an authoritarian agency reaching into our lives telling us how to live – we can organize in a decentralized manner where property owners make the rules for their property. To be honest though, it doesn’t really matter what we think, we are witnessing the end of the state regardless. With the advent of the internet and bitcoin, governments have lost control. It will get worse before it gets better, but this is the beginning of the end of centralized control.

  97. gman – it is illogical to believe that millions or billions of folks can live in an anarchist society, where there are no structures in place to protect the rights of the weak or few against the strong or many.

  98. “We can live together peacefully by using privatized services to protect us and our property.”

    we have thousands of years of experience with such services. history shows these services will answer to their owner, not to anyone else, and will enforce their owners’ will in disregard of everyone else.

    “the hell with you, I work for mel brooks!” (pow!)

  99. LlpoS

    Yer mistaken in yer description of anarchy. Anarchists don’t presuppose there won’t be no social structures, it’s just that they’ll be organizes from the bottom up, rather than top down like in a capitalist socioeconomic system. It ain’t like the old days is it, back when people gave uh shit about yer toothless geezer insults. Yer like watching a mongoloid pick uh fight with a tree.

  100. “it is illogical to believe that millions or billions of folks can live in an anarchist society”

    sure they can – around the world throughout history they frequently do – just not happily or successfully.

    (yes, most societies are anarchic in the sense that only a few people have power and they do whatever they want, and the rest do whatever they can get away with – the natural law.)

  101. “Anarchists don’t presuppose there won’t be no social structures, it’s just that they’ll be organizes from the bottom up”

    of course. the mistake they make is in assuming that these organizations will be beneficial to anyone but, and that they will answer in any way to anything but, their owners. in the (me) (other people) (want rights) (therefore government) sequence, they completely pass over the (other people) aspect, thinking “oh, they’re just like me, we won’t disagree”. unfortunately they’re not and they will. thus government.

  102. Monopolies only exist in a controlled economy. In a free market, the economy would self regulate through the nature of competition. All services, including protection services, would improve and cost less than what we’re getting for in equivalent tax. There simply is no service that the government provides (that is actually needed) that cannot be provided by private enterprise. And because it’s a free market, there is competition for your dollar so industries will have incentive to try to earn your dollar. “Evil” corporations can only exist in a state-based society because they can control the competition. My point is that we can have all of our “rights” protected by people who actually have to please you or lose your business.

  103. BW exhibits the same anger a teenager feels towards the absent father. Llpoh, you got you work cut out for you and theme park bribes or a fancy gift car will not win back BW’s love, she’s hurt and taking drugs obviously. Don’t take her hurtful accusations to heart. We still love you lots. Come back home, dad.

  104. [email protected] says:

    most of you fucks don’t have a clue about what hard times are lol . Peeps at work say I am daryl from the walking dead . why ?

    Because no matter how fucked up it gets ,I will do the hard stuff .

    The hard stuff is fucked up .
    It is not polite or politically correct . Who the fuck thought up that term !!

    It is living ,and that aint always nice . Sometimes it is eat or be eaten .

    Deal with it .

    Or be dealt with . That’s about it , if it crushes your fine sensibilities omg ,get rid of your cognitive dissonance and deal with the reality of life . Or death .

  105. It sure doesn’t take very long for thought provoking insights to denigrate into the lowest common denominator of gutter language. If this is the type of response generated from an ‘alternative
    view point’ from people who look to the web for different view points, I must say, we are truly
    doomed. I respect what TBP brings to the table, a lot of the editorials resonate with me. There are
    only a few people that respond in the comments area that I would truly look forward to meeting and trusting, I think you few commenters know who I am talking about. Keep the faith, whatever that faith may be. I will know who you are when we do meet and I will have your back.

  106. Winston

    You type things about Llpoh on your keyboard, safely tucked thousands of miles away, that I KNOW you wouldn’t say to his face. That alone makes YOU the most loathsome of all cowards.

    Suck your dick?? Do you even have one? Or, are you a flaming faggot?

  107. Stuck – it is frustrating. The caliber of this opposition is just so average.

    Did you get one of those dolls? I bet Mrs Freud would be excited to have one on her desk, too. It would remind her of you even when you were afar.

    I gotta say, though, you do owe IS a real ass kicking over that. Just because.

  108. Maybe if Stuck didn’t have so many selfies of himself “infraganti” posted around the house, he would be able to sell that anchor.

  109. A good shit-fest!

    Can’t imagine who Dis Nigga/Winston could be. The syntax and spelling errors being identical to those of EL dipshit must be mere coincidence.

  110. N-49 – what a nice comment.

    Now what say you go fuck yourself. The last thing we need is some goody two shoes pussy chastising us on the language we use and what we say.

    I doubt many folks want to meet your pansy ass either. And I am indeed talking about you.

  111. llpoh, that’s not nice suggesting Stuck owes me an ass kicking. It might just be that I owed him one……..and delivered!

    BTW, I’d love to see a transcript of your message to your “former” employees when the times comes. I expect it will contain much more wisdom than many of them will comprehend.

  112. IS – in the end, either I sell or close up. I have plans for either eventuality.

    If I close, I will be sad for those out of work. It will be because of my own personal circumstance where I do not want the headache. I cannot let their circumstances entirely dictate what I do, but it will be sad.

    If I sell – hey, here is the new boss! Good luck!

    Having employees sucks. But individually, they are people like everyone else. It is just that as employees they are thorns in my wrinkled fat ass. And I am over it, as they say.

  113. Slayer says: With the advent of the internet and bitcoin, governments have lost control.
    What are you gonna do with those bitcoins when the electricity gets cut off for months or years, either by a solar storm, EMP, or false flag?

  114. Admin- never watched the shows you listed like Breaking Bad or Walking Dead so I have not commented about the article. Out of curiosity, I asked three people that I am very close friends with that are big fans of said shows if they ever saw a deeper meaning in them about the decline of our society…………..crickets.

  115. Obviously if there’s no power, bitcoin won’t work, but neither will our existing financial system. If the power goes out for an extended period, we’re completely fucked whether your money is in USD’s or BTC’s. Secondly, you won’t lose your bitcoins, they’ll just be unavailable while the power is out, and considering that it’s beyond unlikely that we’ll have a global outage, your bitcoins will comeback online as soon as power is restored to your area.


    By now, it should be obvious to the observant that the ‘scoundrels-looting-the-treasury’ phase of our economic arc is about played out, and before the entire rotten financial edifice collapses, there will be a war ignited across Europe and the Middle East which will serve as a distraction for the masses, while the very worst of the scoundrels take to ground to wait for the smoke to clear before they emerge.

  117. Admin- That was my point. The sheep go into deep alpha wave state while watching tv unable to think. The Nazis like that about tv viewing.

  118. “The fact that society has few morals and values will contribute to how bad things will get.”

    the quantity of arms and ammunition out there, in the hands of those “steeled by the righteous of the truth” and looking to deal with “bad people” “brutally and swiftly”, will play a role, too ….

  119. “bitcoins will comeback online as soon as power is restored to your area.”

    maybe you could back up your bitcoins using solar power, and spend them using morse code ….

  120. All you need is your key and at the ability to connect to at least one computer anywhere in the world that has the blockchain on it to have your bitcoins backed up. Bitcoin will survive a power outage better than our current fiat currency will.

  121. Until bitcoin gains more credibility, I’m staying away from it:

    Published: 29 November 2015 09:03 PM

    “Shiny metals, pretty seashells and smelly animal hides have all served as mediums of exchange. Heck, prison inmates use cigarettes as currency.

    So I suppose it’s not that farfetched for someone to create a virtual currency. I first wrote about bitcoin, a digital currency, more than two years ago, and at the time I doubted it would evolve into a widely accepted currency. It hasn’t, at least not yet.

    But its popularity continues to grow, as evidenced by a recent price spike. The value of one bitcoin, which was in the low-to-mid $200 range through most of this year, recently soared above $400 and has since settled around $350.

    Since its inception in 2009, bitcoin has bounced all over the place, topping out near $1,000 in November 2013, then retreating until recently. This mysterious cybercurrency was a dream come true for computer geeks, libertarians and big-government paranoids.

    Bitcoin was developed by an anonymous group of computer programmers who apparently had grown skeptical of traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar, yen and other currencies after the 2008 financial crisis. A computer programming genius supposedly named Satoshi Nakamoto wrote 31,000 lines of computer code that created bitcoin.

    He set a limit on the amount of bitcoin that would eventually be available in the system. Only 21 million bitcoins will be created in the coming years, with about 14 million currently in virtual circulation, according to the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

    It’s also estimated that there are now 109 million bitcoin accounts, with a daily transaction volume of about 200,000 bitcoins, or about $80 million at the current price, according to the Journal.

    The compelling thing about all this is that there is no single server or clearinghouse that keeps track of bitcoin. Rather bitcoin transactions are validated in a digital ledger — called a blockchain — that is shared by a network of participating computers around the world.

    “Blockchain is a real innovation compared to the way electronic payments have worked in the past,” said Tyler Moore, assistant professor of cybersecurity at the University of Tulsa. “Blockchain created a way to send bitcoin or some other payment without having to go through the traditional financial system, which is run by the big banks.”

    In fact, there seems to be more excitement building around blockchain than around the digital currency itself. Earlier this year, the Nasdaq said it would try using bitcoin’s global network — not for trading bitcoin but to keep track of pre-IPO trading among private companies. Nonpublic companies monitor sales of their private shares through an informal system, including records kept at lawyers’ offices.

    Nasdaq’s interest in the bitcoin network certainly makes all this more mainstream and probably accounts for the recent price spike in the currency.

    “I think there is a chance that bitcoin could penetrate the mainstream, but there are a few problems that have to be overcome first,” Moore said.

    First of all, this is complicated stuff. Small investors have to first locate and feel comfortable with one of the dozens of so-called bitcoin exchanges in order to buy some bitcoin.

    For example, I checked out the Coinbase Exchange, which is considered one of the more respectable exchanges. I intended to buy bitcoin, but I lost my nerve when I was asked to disclose my bank account number. At present I wouldn’t trust any of the exchanges with my bank account information, so acquiring bitcoin is problem No. 1.

    “They need to make it easier for people to get their hands on bitcoin,” Moore said.

    Secondly, Moore examined the track record of 40 bitcoin exchanges a couple of years ago and discovered that 18 of them had closed. Nine of the 40 exchanges he looked at had been hacked.

    That’s problematic because there is no Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. standing behind these exchanges. It’s difficult to recover your bitcoin when exchanges close, as evidenced by the fact that five of the closed exchanges did not reimburse customers.

    Third, owners of bitcoin typically have an encrypted key — basically a string of digits that allows them to spend or transfer bitcoin. Well, guess what happens for those who lose their digital key? They lose their bitcoin.

    “If someone was able to steal your bitcoin, meaning the private key associated with your bitcoin, there is no recourse,” Moore said.

    And finally there is the currency risk. It is true that even stable currencies like the dollar and yen fluctuate in value, but not to the extremes of bitcoin. A customer might purchase something for 100 bitcoins today that could be worth 50 tomorrow. By the way, there are hundreds of merchants who now accept bitcoin.

    So bitcoin is growing in respectability, but Moore offers this cautionary note: “I think bitcoin is very risky right now. I would strongly caution against someone just going out and buying bitcoin, because there are a lot of risks.”

  122. The price of bitcoin has little to do with its adoption rate – its adoption rate has been exponential. And regarding its price, bitcoin was the best performing currency in the world last year. Yes, it’s volatile, but it will settle down over time.

    So what if exchanges shut down? A million banks have shut down over time yet that didn’t make the dollar any less valid. Through the nature of competition, the strong exchanges will rise to the top.

    You can acquire bitcoin via Circle by only providing them your debit card number.

    Your bitcoin key is like your wallet and it’s up to you to keep track of it. If you lose your wallet, you lose your money. It’s called personal responsibility. There are ways to back up and recover your keys though.

    Holding your money in USD’s a GUARANTEED loss of wealth as USD’s are an inflationary fiat currency. At best, holding cash will only slowly drain your wealth whereas holding bitcoin has the potential to significantly increase your wealth.

    Lastly, when you own bitcoins, they are yours and yours only. Conversely, any money you have in the bank belongs to the bank, not you. Bitcoin is the solution to global debt bubbles and the massive economic fraud being perpetrated against us.

  123. Joi Ito: Why I’m Worried About Bitcoin and the Blockchain
    Published on February 22, 2016 at 18:14 GMT

    Joichi Ito is the Director of the MIT Media Lab and Chairman of the Board of PureTech Health. He is on the board of the Sony Corporation, The New York Times Company and others, and has created Internet companies including PSINet Japan, Digital Garage and Infoseek Japan.

    In this opinion piece, Ito looks at the current state of the bitcoin and the blockchain, calling for unity and collaboration amid an uncertain time for the industry.

  124. Rise Up, that coindesk article is one of the few articles that I’ve read that has honest and legitimate criticisms of bitcoin. The vast majority of articles critical of bitcoin are written by people who either have a pro-establishment agenda or are pathetically ignorant of bitcoin. Thank you.

  125. “So I suppose it’s not that farfetched for someone to create a virtual currency.”

    money is a medium of exchange, so in theory money can be anything, sure. in practice, however, one of the requirements for money is that the owner have free-standing independent asportation of his money. bitcoin is dependent upon 1) a power grid and 2) a communication grid. if either one of these are not present then bitcoin is null. most here seem intelligent enough to imagine all sorts of scenarios where one or both are inaccessible or compromised.

    look at it this way. bitcoin is like gold in the bank, where the gold is never seen or touched but ownership is transferred virtually and electronically. would anyone here find such a monetary system acceptable? no, you wouldn’t, because there would be no personal asportation of or accounting for the gold. bitcoin is just like this, only without the gold.

    by the way, you can expect to see exactly this system in the future. “the u.s. dollar is dead, but try the new improved world dollar! it’s backed by GOLD! no, you can’t see the gold, no you can’t touch the gold, no we won’t tell you where the gold is, but trust us, the new world dollar is backed by GOLD! get yours today!” there’s bitcoin for you.

  126. No, bitcoin is not like having gold stored somewhere else that you can’t touch, it’s exactly the opposite of that. Bitcoin is like having gold in your own personal safe that you can access at any time you want. The problem is that you are still thinking in analog, not digital. Bitcoin functions exactly like gold but in the digital realm. And, as I already mentioned, if the power grid goes down, so do your USD’s. Only around of money actually exists in the physical world – the rest of it is nothing but an entry in a ledger. Lastly, I’m not arguing for bitcoin exclusively; I’m a huge advocate of gold, silver, and other non-fiat means of wealth.

    I find it odd that people who beat their chests about the corruption of government and how fucked up the system is are often the most resistant to adopting a system that actually grants them freedom that corruption. The banks and government have all their power because they control the means of trade. By moving to bitcoin, governments won’t be able to tax us, fund wars, spy on us, etc etc. Bitcoin is the first viable path to freedom we’ve ever had on a global scale; why on earth would you not champion it?

  127. Edit *Only around 8% of money actually exists in the physical world – the rest of it is nothing but an entry in a ledger.”

  128. *Only around 8% of money actually exists in the physical world – the rest of it is nothing but an entry in a ledger.”

    yep. but that’s not an argument in favor of bitcoin. in fact the arguments against a cashless society are the arguments against bitcoin.

    “The problem is that you are still thinking in analog, not digital.”

    no. real, not virtual.

    “Bitcoin is the first viable path to freedom we’ve ever had on a global scale; why on earth would you not champion it?”

    1) because it’s not real.
    2) because it’s dependent upon multiple complex systems for its very existence – power grid, comm grid, data base farms.
    3) because it’s not free from corporate/government control via power grid, via comm grid, via permissions enforced against you, and via encryption/decryption compromise.

  129. “We have terminator seeds”

    yep. at this point all the software and hardware is pre-hacked for surveillance. think you’re being sneaky and free spending your bits? it’s all transparent to them and data-based for use against you should they ever feel the need.

  130. gman

    1) A CD and an MP3 are both containers of music but only the CD physically exists. A letter and an email both contain messages but only the letter physically exists. Gold and bitcoin both contain value, only gold physically exists. Bitcoin is very much like gold on steroids. It has all it’s strengths – it’s scarce, it’s durable, it’s divisible, it’s fungible, etc, but it has abilities that gold doesn’t have due to it’s digital nature. Without a decentralized currency like bitcoin, trade over distance isn’t possible without a trusted middleman, aka banks, and I shouldn’t have to tell you that having banks at the center of all trade isn’t working out so great. Bitcoin, for the first time in history, has granted us the ability to trade with anyone in the world without having to get permission. Bitcoin is freedom.

    2) As I’ll say for the third time now, our current economic system is entirely dependent upon the grid. Bitcoin is actually more robust because of its decentralized nature.

    3) bitcoin exists outside of the control of governments and corporations. They can try to control it legally, but that would require that people voluntarily obey that order. Hiding bitcoin is ridiculously easy.

  131. Slayer of Sacred Cows says:
    “Obviously if there’s no power, bitcoin won’t work, but neither will our existing financial system. If the power goes out for an extended period, we’re completely fucked whether your money is in USD’s or BTC’s. Secondly, you won’t lose your bitcoins, they’ll just be unavailable while the power is out, and considering that it’s beyond unlikely that we’ll have a global outage, your bitcoins will comeback online as soon as power is restored to your area.”

    Hmmm…………I wonder what such an event might do to the *value* of yer BTC’s? I’m sure it will go up right?

    Got PM’s?

  132. Slayer of Sacred Cows says:
    “Lastly, when you own bitcoins, they are yours and yours only. Conversely, any money you have in the bank belongs to the bank, not you. Bitcoin is the solution to global debt bubbles and the massive economic fraud being perpetrated against us.”

    If the banks wanted solutions to global debt bubbles and massive economic fraud we’d be using gold backed currency. Solutions for us are not solutions for them.

  133. Indented Sphincter

    I beg of yer. Stop deucin all over admenstruater’s post. It’s all over the interweb, and now new people us gonner cone here and be lik, ‘if this is the kind uh dipshitted homos Jimmy Q attracts, might as well flush this latest far stretched interpretation of a pop culture totem right down the shit hole’.

    Good gawd yer an idiot IS.

  134. BW, your an assclown of the highest order.

    Like one of the 3 stooges, your mission is to deflate pomposity in all self-righteous judges of humanity like Infested Slayer.

    While I cannot approve of all your assaults on the TBP icons, I nonetheless admit, when you apply pressure on a boil, who knows what poisonous effluence will come out.

  135. LL, you and stukfuk can go fuk urselves, admin too.

    the only reason i left this site was because stukfuk and admin started censoring my posts, cuz they can’t handle the truth.

    stupid fuks, and you’re right up there with them. i know you didn’t leave the country, you just built a compound somewhere in gentrification country. if that just so happens to be in a different country, who gives a fuck. it’s probably in CAN anyway, you sactimonious prick. wassamatter, don’t like you’re own kind? i don’t give a shit either way.

    bwahahahaha yourself a new asshole, you butt bugger. you too stukfuk. admin gets a pass this time.

  136. ” … the only reason i left this site was because stukfuk and admin started censoring my posts, cuz they can’t handle the truth ” ————- Stukfuk

    Is that you Winston?

    I have ZERO ability to censor any posts.

    The reason you left is because you’re an asshole with nothing interesting to say and people don’t like you …. so, your butthurt special snowflake ass pouted and ran,

  137. Lilpooh, if a bank gets robbed, do you declare the dollar to not be valid? You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

  138. IS – bitcoin is not a solution for the banks, it’s a solution for us to escape the control of the banks.

  139. Ah, slayer, you have inadvertently hit on Bitcoin’s biggest flaw. As I have said many times before, all currency is at it’s most basic one thing: and agreement. As such, the ONLY thing that gives currency it’s value is confidence….the more widespread and ingrained said confidence (however misplaced it may be) is what really drives the value of a currency.

    Bitcoin has some wonderful features which you hit on: near-infinite divisibility, perfect fungibility, absolute cap on total number that can ever exist–making it slightly deflationary and best of all total transparency making governing bodies not only powerless over it, but ultimately unnecessary.

    However, you obtusely avoid it’s biggest detriments: it IS technically complex to use and to hold, the Blockchain, by definition, must be allowed to grow infinitely, which even in the cyber world is not possible, lack of vendors who accept it (although that is surely growing) and by far the biggest of all is most people don’t like it or trust it. Of course that may change and it may end up that the whole world will someday run (in it’s present ever-growing technological glory) on 22 million bitcoins—but I seriously doubt it.

    I believe your optimism in Bitcoin is misplaced and an example of linear thinking (which is devastating in a Fourth Turning). That said, I wouldn’t mind having a few Bitcoins just in case…it is just WAY down on my priority list for preparing for the future.

  140. DRUD:

    The internet was initially difficult to not only use, but for people to even grasp what it was, and look at it now. Likewise, bitcoin is getting easier and easier to use. Now, all you have to do is create an account on Circle and use your debit card to buy bitcoins – extremely simple. And buying things with bitcoin is easier than having to pull out your debit/credit card and entering your number, expiration, etc.

    Regarding the 4th Turning, I believe that decentralization is the new paradigm that’s going to emerge dominant. Decentralized technology, whether it’s bitcoin, Open Bazaar, Uber, AirBNB, etc, is out of the bag and simply can’t be stopped. What we are witnessing with the end of this turning is the beginning of the end of the state. Maybe it will collapse in the next ten years or maybe it will take another saeculum, but this is the end of the state, make no mistake on that.

  141. “A CD and an MP3 are both containers of music but only the CD physically exists.”

    in this example one has asportation of the cd with its data content. with bitcoin one has asportation of nothing, someone else holds it and controls access to it. be assured that if bitcoin ever is a significant player in economic interactions it is 1) thoroughly compromised 2) thoroughly transparent and 3) thoroughly controlled by the nsa. they’re watching everything you’re doing with bitcoin, buiiding up a data base of your behavior, and if someone decides they don’t like what you’re doing they’ll shut you down, zero your account, and/or send you visitors to inquire about your activities.

  142. “I believe your optimism in Bitcoin”

    probably not optimism. likely he owns some, he wants them to go up in value, so he talks his book, and the bitcoin market is so thin that a little carnival barking goes a long way.

    “That said, I wouldn’t mind having a few Bitcoins just in case…it is just WAY down on my priority list”

    in my opinion, the proper attitude.

  143. KaD – that article is 2 years old.

    gman – “shut your account down” – you don’t understand even the fundamentals of bitcoin. Go read, it would serve you well. And yes, I own several bitcoins. So? You think I actually have influence on a billion dollar market? Of course I want the price to go up, but I also wan the price of silver to go up. So what? I am actually am altruistic in support of bitcoin though – I actually want a better society and the path to a better society is not through centralized control of our financial system. But you go ahead and keep whipping your buggy horse while I drive by you in my horseless carriage.

  144. “Decentralized technology, whether it’s bitcoin, Open Bazaar, Uber, AirBNB, etc, is out of the bag and simply can’t be stopped. What we are witnessing with the end of this turning is the beginning of the end of the state. Maybe it will collapse in the next ten years or maybe it will take another saeculum, but this is the end of the state, make no mistake on that.”

    I do think you are right about decentralization in general, but tech worship is highly misplaced. Do you really believe that we can witness the “end of the state” but still somehow keep all our shiny electronics functioning flawlessly. The State (in general terms and specifically the Deep State of the USA!USA!USA!) is not going down without a fight (aka war) and the psychopaths in charge may just decide to pull the plug on the whole planet once their loss is assured. Point is, the state is not juts going to go gently into the night and leave all of us peons with our iGadgets and our global economy.

    Your knowledge on Bitcoin is clearly exceeded by your naivete on virtually everything else.

  145. DRUD: I never said that the state wasn’t going down without a fight. In fact, I’m so confident of it that I just bought 13 acres out in the middle of nowhere so I can ride out the upcoming shitstorm. I’m not naive, I’m just not as deluded as you in thinking that the state is all powerful and can simply “pull the plug”. I’m not worshipping tech, as you put it, it’s just that I’m intelligent enough to see the path when it presents itself.

  146. The point is that “bitcoin, Open Bazaar, Uber, AirBNB, etc” can and will be stopped when we have real problems to deal with. I think these things will be the tiniest of footnotes in history, along with Facebook, Twitter and most likely Bitcoin…hell, perhaps even the internet itself. Maybe I’m wrong…nobody can know.

    Land in the middle of nowhere is the ultimate investment to be sure. One of the many things that puts Bitcoin WAY down on my list.

    The “pull the plug” reference, which I thought was self-evident, was about nuclear war.

  147. “you don’t understand even the fundamentals of bitcoin.”

    at this point we can allow the readers to decide for themselves. good luck.

    “Do you really believe that we can witness the “end of the state” but still somehow keep all our shiny electronics functioning flawlessly.”

    it’s not that he believes that. it’s that the issues don’t even register with him. “continuity of power?” “BITCOIN!” “continuity and security of comms?” “BITCOIN!” “NSA?” “BITCOIN!”

    “I just bought 13 acres out in the middle of nowhere so I can ride out the upcoming ….”

    ah. now that is a wise purchase. all other things being equal of course – for example, if it’s not TOO far into the middle of nowhere, and if you actually can do something with it, and if your neighbors don’t get too uppity and snipe your house from half a mile away, and as long as some rogue national guard unit doesn’t come by and drop a few mortar rounds on your house and loot your property and move on, and as long as you can maintain access to power and comms to access your bitcoins ….

  148. “The “pull the plug” reference, which I thought was self-evident, was about nuclear war.”

    absolutely. a nuke pre-positioned in every major city on earth.

    who, you ask? simple. which nation on earth has 1) lots of nukes and 2) no relevant delivery systems?

  149. “The odds of a few rag tag farmers defeating the greatest military power on earth were virtually impossible in the 1770s”.

    That is perfectly correct – and they didn’t. You were referring to the last embers of quasi-Elcaderist Corsican resistance to the French takeover of Corsica, right? Because France was the greatest military power on Earth in the 1770s (you didn’t think Napoleon started from a low base just over ten years later, did you?). That means that you can’t possibly be referring to the American rebellion against Britain, then a weaker military power than either Holland or Sweden, let alone France and Spain who BOTH fought alongside the rebels. Sure, Britain then had the strongest ECONOMY (which was why that war was a Pyrrhic Victory for France, as its finances suffered so much that it brought on the French Revolution), and Britain had the strongest single NAVY (though not yet a match for France and Spain combined, which was why Yorktown could not be relieved), but Britain deliberately had a very weak army both to keep costs down and to prevent its use in imposing tyranny.

    “But through noble citizen leadership, fortitude while facing extreme adversity, and courage in the face of death, a minority of good people prevailed”.

    Now I know that can’t be referring to the American rebellion against Britain, because the bad guys won that time. How else do you think they set themselves up so they and their successors could do the very things to their dupes that the rest of this article so ably brings out? You know, the system that Hamilton sought. That is why all Americans save the powers that be should fear that “The country and our future will be determined by those who are most prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to reinstitute the principles upon which this country was built”, because that is just precisely what they have received and are suffering from right now.

  150. Stucky, ur a lying sack of shit and you know it. I don’t give a fuk if anyone on this site doesn’t like it. Censorship can and did it occur, and all of you know it.

    If you can’t handle the truth, go fuk urselves, and the horses you rode in on. That means you, too, stucky the dick sucker.

  151. @Stukfuk

    You know what I am? I am ……. IN YOUR HEAD! hahahaha I bet you think about me in the morning, afternoon, and night. LMFAO!

    How pathetic that you get ALL WORKED UP over a total internet stranger whom you will never meet.

    You have come unglued …. and I’m loving it, ya fuckin’ moron.

  152. Stucky says:

    You know what I am? I am ……. IN YOUR HEAD! hahahaha I bet you think about me in the morning, afternoon, and night. LMFAO!”

    Excellent response Stucky! That’s the thing these internet morons never figure out. You own them by being in their head and their obsession reveals the fact that you’re in their head. It’s a vicious circle they never seem to grasp….a prison of their own making. You just can’t fix stupid!

    Who the hell is/was stukfuk anyway? Can’t say I ever remember that moniker outside of the last few days. Coming to The Burning Platform to bitch about being censored is rich. Every single other site on the internet is 99.999999999% more likely to censor or ban someone yet this assclown is able to come here and bitch about being censored. That’s some effective censorship!

    @stukfuk, if you have an issue with the site owner or being censored, take it up with the site owner. His email is posted on every page. Otherwise, fuck off.

  153. IS, go fuck yourself, you dick wad. I am taking it up with the site owner.

    Fucking hypocrite calling someone else an internet moron, you fucking moron.

    Stucky, the ony head you’re inside is your own, when you don’t have one in your mouth, you fukwit.

    You and admin started this shit. When’s the censorship going to start up again? Eh, morons?

  154. @ stukfuk……….LOL!

    You’re definitely owned!

    If you are taking it up with the site owner, don’t quit your day job because you have zero skills at working it out.

    How is it that we can read your bullshit if you’re being censored?


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