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Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer

I finished up a small post and beam project that I had been working on for the past couple of weeks. The following day the temperatures, which had been hovering around zero all week, suddenly rose with a front bringing a hard day of mid winter rain with it. The ground was frozen and the water, unable to percolate, gathered in pools and ran in streams down every hill and gully. I decided to take a day and pull my shop back into shape, to maintain the tools and equipment that I had been using and return them to their rightful place.

My oldest son had been working on a boat and took the rain day to give me a hand. And so, after we finished chores we went into the garage barn and set to work. No matter how often I try to maintain some sense of order and discipline with the various aspects of the farm, things get out of hand and I have to devote a full day just to get back to a starting point. There are always extra five gallon buckets- we use them for everything from picking up slops from local restaurants to storage for lengths of chain, extra nails from a split box, used baling twine, rock salt for the ice, potting soil mix, etc.

Their utility is exceeded only by their ubiquity and in virtually every corner of the barn we pull the buckets to the center of the room and dump them, one by one of their contents and file through the mix of hardware and brushes, tools and electrical parts, winnowing out the garbage and cast offs from the useful and the utile. My son takes charge of organizing the chain saw room under the stairs, lining up the bar chain oil totes and fuel cans, the accessories and kevlar armor we wear hung on their hooks, sharpening the chains to a razor edge and sheathing each bar before returning them to the shelves. The helmets hang next to the choker chains and peaveys, the old military ammo cans with their water tight seals filled with coiled rope and cable, files and keels in coffee cans on the in their cubbies and the extra bars and chains hung by size on hooks.


Will Saudi Arabia take the bait?


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Is the US Leading Saudi Arabia Down the Kuwaiti Invasion Road?

February 9, 2016

Philosophy of Metrics

For the first time in a long time I feel concerned and worried about the prospect of war. The reaction of Saudi Arabia to the Russian intervention in Syria has always been the wild card in the shifting geopolitical power base in the Middle East. Turkey and Israel, along with Saudi Arabia are the three countries with the most to lose because of a strong alliance between Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.

These three traditional American allies have been accustomed to Western support in regards to their own specific regional goals and ambitions. This support has been so staunch and counterproductive to regional stability that the growing comfort and alliance between Iran and the US should be both confusing and worrisome to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
On the one hand the US is making agreements with Iran and lifting sanction while on the other hand it is indirectly supporting Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s proxy war against Syria. A war which Iran, along with the support of Russia and Hezbollah, are resisting and countering with massive aerial and ground support.

This contradiction is suggestive of another and more complex strategy which may be unfolding in the Middle East. A strategy which is beginning to look familiar.


Banning Cash: Serfdom in Our Time


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Banning Cash: Serfdom in Our Time


Over the last few months a stream of articles have crossed my screen, all proclaiming the need of governments and banks to eliminate cash. I’m sure you’ve noticed them too.

It is terrorists and other assorted madmen, we are told, who use cash. And so, to protect us from being blown up and dismembered on our very own street corners, governments will have to ban it.

It would actually take some effort to imagine a more obvious, naked attempt at fearmongering. Cash – in daily use for centuries if not millennia – is now, suddenly, the agent of spring-loaded, instant death? And we’re supposed to just accept that line?

But there are good reasons why the insiders are promoting these stories now. The first of them, perhaps, is simply that they can: After 9/11, a massive wave of compliance surged through the West. It may not last forever, but it’s still rolling, and if the entertainment corporations can pump enough fear into minds that want to believe, they may just get them to buy it.

The second reason, however, is the real driver:


Americans Can’t Help Themselves From Borrowing More on Credit Cards


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Deferred gratification is an unknown concept to most Americans. Wall Street and Madison Avenue have colluded to brainwash a dumbed down populace into going into perpetual debt in order to keep up with the Joneses and live for today. Saving for the future is for suckers. When 65% of Americans roll a credit card balance at 10% to 25% interest, you know our government run public educational system has succeeded in producing brain dead dumbasses. Charge!!!!

Via Bloomberg

Credit cards are an addiction that most Americans never shake.

Through the booms, busts, and recessions of the last 15 years, U.S. credit habits have been remarkably consistent, according to a recent study from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Most people carry over a balance from month to month, the study said, and they eagerly gobble up any additional credit their card-issuers offer.

It adds up fast. Consumers owed a total of $936 billion in credit-card and other revolving debt in December, according to Federal Reserve data released on Feb. 5. They’ve added $103 billion since April 2011, but they still have less revolving debt than just before the financial crisis in 2008, when they owed $1.02 trillion.

To see how individual Americans’ relationships to credit cards has changed through time, researchers at the Boston Fed’s Consumer Payments Research Center analyzed a huge data set, a sample of 5 percent of U.S. credit report accounts from 2000 to 2014. Here are some findings:

1. The Typical American Is Always in Credit-Card Debt

About 35 percent of those aged 25 to 50 with credit cards are “convenience users,” who pay off their balances each month. The majority, whom researchers call “revolvers,” carry debt forward from month to month and usually pay high interest charges in the process.

Americans don’t really taper their credit-card borrowing until their fifties. Even at age 70, 45 percent of credit-card users aren’t paying off their credit cards each month. And the typical 80-year-old still has more than $600 on a credit card. “The median person is always borrowing, although at the end of life she is not borrowing much,” the study concludes.


Free Speech or Hate Speech? I’ll Take Both, Thanks


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Guest Post by Jim Goad

Free Speech or Hate Speech? I’ll Take Both, Thanks

Every so often the leftist dogma machine will spit out a mantra so innately nonsensical that it’s hard not to scream.

The ludicrous idea that “rape has nothing to do with sex” has been drilled so diligently into the rubes’ empty, medicated heads, they’re able to look away from all those problematic penises and vaginas.

If you keep lecturing them that “race is a social construct” but that “racism” is everywhere, not only will they blindly swallow such self-contradictory idiocy, they’ll call you stupid for not dutifully playing along.

Such self-replicating slogans are not eternal truths, because the truth is required to be logically consistent. They are more like Zen koans—self-contradictory and designed to free you from logic’s oppressive shackles. They are the theoretical version of one hand clapping.

And so it goes with another meme that has become disturbingly prevalent of late—this warped, crippled idea that there’s some innate schism between “free speech” and “hate speech” and that the terms are mutually exclusive.

“Hate Speech” is Not the Same as “Free Speech” blares the idiotic headline from Daily Kos, blithely trouncing upon the very meaning of the word “free.”




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About 15 cars sank into the water in Lake Geneva, Wis., about 50 miles southeast of Milwaukee, Saturday — a warm winter day where the main attraction was supposed to be the town’s Winterfest and the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition.

No one was injured, but 10 of the 15 cars are believed to be a total loss, according a Fox News television station in Milwaukee. The other five could be driven away.

Midwesterners sometimes park on frozen lakes, and according to one press report, motorists were being directed to park on Lake Geneva Saturday.

Putting America’s Defense Spending into Perspective


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Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Wouldn’t it be a strange world to live in if 50% of military spending was paid for by just 5% of the population?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Every year, the United States government spends the equivalent of $3,300 for each working citizen on its military budget. In aggregate, this grand total of $610 billion in defense spending amounts to about half of the dollars globally spent on the military.

With $216 billion spent per year, China has the next largest budget by far. But, to get to a number even close to U.S. spending, the military budgets of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, United Kingdom, and France would have to be added together.

From another perspective, the amount of annual defense spending per working person in the U.S. is higher than the income per capita of 70 countries, including places such as Morocco, Nigeria, Nicaragua, India, and Ukraine.

This means that if somehow the people of Nicaragua were taxed 100% with all money going to defense, it would only amount to a budget 1.8% of the size of America’s.

How Pat Buchanan Rebirthed American Nationalism


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And, this is the foundation of the America First power house of populism that Donald Trump now builds upon. Regardless whether one loves it or hates it, the new Right movement towards American Nationalism is here to stay.

From Household to Nation
by Samuel Francis
Chronicles March 1996

If there was any major difference between the presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan in 1995 and his first run at the Republican nomination in 1992, it was the relative calm with which his enemies greeted the announcement of his second candidacy and his rapid move last year to the forefront of the Republican field. Rabbi Avi Weiss and his goon platoons still found time and someone else’s money to dog Buchanan’s steps from New Hampshire to California, and occasionally some other hired thug, usually a failed neoconservative politician, would emerge from the political graveyard to moan about Buchanan’s “fascism,” his “nativism,” or his “racism.” But in general, even Buchanan’s most left-wing critics found the man himself likable and many of his ideas compelling. Tom Carson of the Village Voice traveled with the Buchanan Brigades in Iowa last spring, and despite the agony of enduring a couple of weeks slumming in the Heartland, he could not help but be drawn to the popular insurgency the candidate was mounting, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone running for president to talk about the Fortune 500 as the enemy,” Mr. Carson told Buchanan, “and when I finally get my wish, it turns out to be you.”

Of course, there was criticism. In the early stages, its main thrust—from conservatives—was that Buchanan could not possibly win the nomination, let alone the election, and that his image as a fringe candidate, the notorious organizational weaknesses persisting from the 1992 campaign, and the lack of adequate money this time would stop him from becoming any more than a divisive vote-taker from real winners like Phil Gramm. By the end of the year, the Texas Republican had largely faded from the discussion, though his bottomless pit of contributions kept him in the race. The more recent polls show Buchanan leading or matching Gramm in key early states like New Hampshire and Iowa, and by last summer Pat’s fund-raising was outstripping that of the Texan’s opulent money machine. It was beginning to look as though the boys who put their dollar on Mr. Gramm had backed the wrong pony.




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Via The Feral Irishman

Liberals plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases — Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans


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Hat tip Francis Marion

Via The Rebel

The Canadian military has been ordered by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at military bases, according to documents obtained exclusively by The Rebel (see below.)

Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for “religious support,” including the purchase of Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.

The plans also call for the construction of mosques or “worship centres,” using taxpayers dollars.

The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel “Access to Information” request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.

But the detailed Quebec budget plans also shed light on the sheer scale of the Trudeau government’s plans to set up refugee camp-style accommodations on seven Canadian Forces Bases across Quebec and Ontario.

The budget for Quebec alone totals more than $46 million for the first six months.

For a typical migrant family, that’s a $200,000/year subsidy — not including medicare or welfare.

It’s shocking that Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be ordered to abandon the coalition battle against ISIS and return to Canada to become waiters, chauffeurs and social workers for Muslim migrants, and that Canadian Forces Bases will be turned into squalid refugee camps.

It’s a disgrace that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for foreign migrants.

But for the DND’s budget to be diverted away from military purposes and towards buying Korans and building mosques for foreign migrants, is especially outrageous.



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Infographic: 2016 Presidential Primaries: Which Candidates Are U.S. Muslims Supporting? | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

According to research conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), 73 percent of Muslim voters in the United States will go to the polls in state primaries. 15 percent will vote for Republican candidates compared to 67 percent who plan on supporting Democratic candidates. Overall, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the two most popular candidates among Muslim voters, garnering 52 and 22 percent of support respectively. Even though Donald Trump wants to ban more Muslims entering the United States, he is still the most popular Republican candidate among American-Muslims.

“The Market Knows It’s Over” Jim Rogers Warns “We’re All Going To Suffer”


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Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com,

Back in the 1970’s as recession gripped the world for a decade, stocks stagnated and commodities crashed, investor Jim Rogers made a fortune. His understanding of markets, capital flows and timing is legendary.

As crisis struck in late 2008, he did it again, often recommending gold and silver to those looking for wealth preservation strategies – move that would have paid of multi-fold when precious metals hit all time highs in 2011. He warned that the crash would lead to massive job losses, dependence on government bailouts, and unprecedented central bank printing on a global scale.

Now, Rogers says that investors around the world are realizing that the jig is up. Stocks are over bloated and central banks will have little choice but to take action again. But this time, says Rogers in his latest interview with CrushTheStreet.com, there will be no stopping it and people all over the world are going to feel the pain, including in China and the United States.

We’re all going to suffer… I can think of very few places that won’t suffer. But most people are going to suffer the next time around.



Central banks will panic. They will do whatever they can to save the markets.


It’s artificial… it won’t work… there comes a time when no matter how much money you have, the market has more money.



I don’t know if they’ll even call it QE (Quantitative Easing) in the future… who knows what they’ll call it to disguise it… they’re going to try whatever they can… printing more money or lowering interest rates or buying more assets… but unfortunately, no matter how much P.R. or whitewashing they use, the market knows this is over and we’re not going to play this game anymore.

The entire world is about to get hammered and the average person on the street is the one who will pay the price, as is usually the case.

We can expect more losses in markets, more losses in jobs and more losses to freedom as governments and central banks point the finger at everyone but themselves.