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“And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.” John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Everyone has seen the pictures of the unemployed waiting in soup lines during the Great Depression. When you try to tell a propaganda believing, willfully ignorant, mainstream media watching, math challenged consumer we are in the midst of a Greater Depression, they act as if you’ve lost your mind. They will immediately bluster about the 5.1% unemployment rate, record corporate profits, and stock market near all-time highs. The cognitive dissonance of these people is only exceeded by their inability to understand basic mathematical concepts.

The reason you don’t see huge lines of people waiting in soup lines during this Greater Depression is because the government has figured out how to disguise suffering through modern technology. During the height of the Great Depression in 1933, there were 12.8 million Americans unemployed. These were the men pictured in the soup lines. Today, there are 46 million Americans in an electronic soup kitchen line, as their food is distributed through EBT cards (with that angel of mercy JP Morgan reaping billions in profits by processing the transactions).


Pictorial Essay: 18 Things I Did That My Grand-kids Can’t Do Without Someone Getting Arrested


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WE ARE RAISING A NATION OF WEENY-FIED CHILDREN!! Yes, we are! And, we will eventually pay the price. EVERY one of the actions below in today’s ‘Murika is frowned upon, downright illegal or,  subjects you parents to a visit from the State Gestapo, aka Child Protective Services.



(Of which I was on the receiving end of more than one black eye … to which my dad would say, “You’re such a pussy!“)

“13 Year Old Up On FELONY Charges For Throwing A Snowball That Reportedly Hit A Cop” ——- http://www.thedailysheeple.com/13-year-old-up-on-felony-charges-for-throwing-a-snowball-that-reputedly-hit-a-cop_022014


“Texas police shut down girls’ lemonade stand, demand permit” ——– http://abc13.com/news/police-shut-down-girls-lemonade-stand/776322/


The Impulsiveness of US Power


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Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s impulsive use of power is a danger to America and to the world. Arrogant Washington politicians and crazed neoconservatives are screaming that the US must shoot down Russian aircraft that are operating against the US-supplied forces that have brought death and destruction to Syria, unleashing millions of refugees on Europe, in Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government.

Even my former CSIS colleague, Zbigniew Brzezinski, normally a sensible if sometimes misguided person, has written in the Financial Times that Washington should deliver an ultimatum to Russia to “cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets.” By “American assets,” Brzezinski means the jihadist forces that Washington has sicced on Syria. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article43059.htm

Brzezinski’s claim that “Russia must work with, not against, the US in Syria” is false. The fact of the matter is that “the US must work with, not against Russia in Syria,” as Russia controls the situation, is in accordance with international law, and is doing the right thing.


Question of the Day, Oct 8


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Who will be the next speaker of the house?



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Holy Chinese New Year Batman!!!

50 fucking lanes of traffic???

Merging into 20 lanes of traffic???

This makes my daily commute seem like a drive in the park.

I’ll just keep this visual in my mind whenever someone cuts me off on the Schuylkill.


Traffic after the holidays tend to be pretty awful. But China may have just turned every driver’s worst nightmare into reality as hundreds of millions of people headed home at the end of a Golden Week, a week-long national holiday.

Thousands of motorists found themselves stranded on Tuesday in what looks from above like a 50-lane parking lot on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, one of the country’s busiest roads. Some are dubbing the traffic jam a “carpocalypse,” while others are calling it “carmageddon.”

Though foggy weather may have played a role, the real culprit is a new checkpoint that forces traffic to merge from 50 lanes down to just 20, according to The People’s Daily. Traffic was reportedly backed up for hours.

China is no stranger to these ridiculous traffic jams, especially on national highways. In 2010, gridlock spanning more than 74 miles on the stretch between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Beijing left drivers with nowhere to go for a staggering 12 days. That time blame fell on everything from road construction to broken down cars and fender-benders.

People played cards to pass the time while nearby vendors took the opportunity to sell food and water at premium prices. “If you said ‘no’ or complained about the price they threaten to break your [wind]shields,” one driver told the Inner Mongolia Morning Post.

In 2012, the government’s decision to grant free road travel during the same national holiday turned 24 motorways in 16 provinces into a massive parking lot with more than 85 million people stuck in their cars.

Reuters/China Daily

Reuters/China Daily



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Via Lonely Libertarian

The Real Reason for the Refugee Crisis You Won’t Hear About in the Media


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The Real Reason for the Refugee Crisis You Won’t Hear About in the Media

By Nick Giambruno

There’s a meme going around that the refugee crisis in Europe (the largest since World War II) is part of a secret plot to subvert the West.

I completely understand why the locals in any country wouldn’t be happy about waves of foreigners pouring in. Especially if they’re poor, unskilled, and not likely to assimilate.

It leads to huge problems. Infrastructure gets strained. More people are sucking at the teat of the welfare system. The unwelcome newcomers compete for bottom-of-the-ladder jobs. Things easily turn nasty and then turn violent.

But the idea that the refugee crisis in Europe is part of a hidden agenda – rather than a predictable outcome – strikes me as strange. And it’s a notion that conveniently deflects blame away from the people and factors that deserve it.

Interventions Destabilize the Middle East

The civil war in Syria has turned the country into a refugee-maker.

Syria’s neighbors have reached their physical limit on their ability to absorb refugees.

That’s one of the reasons so many are heading to the West.

Lebanon has received over 1 million Syrian refugees. That’s an enormous number for a country with a population of only 4 million – a 25% increase. Jordan and Turkey also have millions of Syrian refugees. They’re saturated.

The number of refugees heading to the West, by contrast, is in the hundreds of thousands. So far.

But it’s not just Syria that’s sending refugees. Many more come from Iraq and Afghanistan, two other countries shattered by bungled Western military interventions.

Then there are the refugees from Libya. A country the media and political establishment would rather forget because it represents another disastrous military decision.

Actually, it’s not just Libyan refugees. It’s refugees from all of Africa who are using Libya as a transit point to reach Europe.


Syrian Crisis: What Will Happen Next?


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Guest Post by Brandon Smith

The Syrian crisis and the confluence of clashing interests there was entirely predictable. In fact, I wrote an article on my former website in 2010 outlining the potential for Syria as a high value catalyst for global conflict titled “Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?”

In it, I summarized the dubious history of wars initiated over the past century, including the nature of false flags and false paradigms created by globalists designed to divide nations and peoples and turn them against each other. This strategy of engineered war (along with engineered economic collapse) has been used time and time again by the elites to artificially generate chaos and then consolidate and centralize power while the masses are blinded by confusion.

Even back then, the problem with Syria seemed obvious:

“…We have a nuclear armed Israel itching to attack Iran. We have Iran engaged in a defense pact with Syria against Israel. We have Syria with Russian navy bases and weapons on its soil, and we have the U.S. rampaging through the Middle East encroaching on the borders of Pakistan and Yemen, essentially pissing off everyone. What we have is a Globalist made recipe for disaster, using the same ingredients they have used for the last several major wars…”

Only a year after I published the piece the civil uprising in Syria began, starting with the “Daraa protest movement”, aided by covert intelligence agencies including the CIA.

In 2012, I decided to reexamine my original theory on Syria as a global catalyst in my article “Syria And Iran Dominoes Lead To World War.”


The World Map of Debt


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Please note Russia versus the U.S.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Every country is scaled based on its debt-to-gdp

What if we were to redraw the world map based on the sustainability of national debt levels?

Countries that are smaller in size, but that have big debt loads, would stand out more. If we used debt-to-GDP as scaling criteria, Japan would become the largest country on our new map. Japan holds 19.99% of all global debt despite only having about 6% of the world’s economic production. The country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 230%.

Greece and Italy, two medium-sized European countries, would be bigger than North America as a whole. That said, the United States does hold an extreme amount of debt itself, equal to an astounding 29.05% of global debt. It is just masked more because of the country’s significant GDP. We have also looked at the United States another way in the past, and by the measure of debt-to-revenue, the US has the 2nd largest debt burden in the world.

On the opposite side of the question, there are large countries that have less debt – they disappear from the map almost completely. Australia, a giant land mass, is reduced to a tiny island with its load of 29% debt-to-GDP. Nigeria shrinks to a tiny speck on the map with an 11% ratio.

One Presidential Candidate Wants to End the Drug War and Pardon Snowden


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Guest Post by Claire Bernish

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — John McAfee likely rings a bell for most, simply by virtue of his cyber-security noteworthy surname — which makes his September announcement of his bid for president as a member of the Cyber Party quite logical.

As Americans’ faith in, well, just about everything surrounding traditional elections wanes to perilously close to an all-time nadir, McAfee’s platform shows surprising glints of common sense worth more than a simple passing glance.

McAfee’s reasons for running, as well as his stance on a number of pertinent issues currently asked of major party candidates, were clarified in an interview with S.M. Gibson on a recent edition of Anti-Media Radio.

“Quite frankly,” McAfee opens with his reason for jumping into the field of presidential hopefuls, “I would much rather go fishing than run for president; but my advisors and my friends, and particularly my fans, finally threatened to break my kneecaps if I didn’t do it.

“Here’s the issue: they’ve been urging me to run for about a year, and I finally looked at the field of candidates and realized that we don’t have anybody running [who’s] qualified to fix the problems of this country.

“I mean, we live under an insane government — this is the absolute truth — if you look at the simplest things, like the TSA [Transportation Security Authority]. They tell us that they’re there to protect us; yet, when I’m standing in line, with my belt and my shoes off, and they’re scrutinizing my belongings and my hands are in the air while they’re frisking me — I don’t feel protected. I feel like the enemy. And sometimes when you feel like the enemy, maybe to the government, you are the enemy.

Listen to the full Anti-Media interview with John McAfee below:




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St. Louis Prepares For “Catastrophic Event” As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache


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Tyler Durden's picture

Beneath the surface of a St. Louis-area landfill lurk two things that should never meet: a slow-burning fire and a cache of Cold War-era nuclear waste, separated by no more than 1,200 feet.

As AP reports,

Government officials have quietly adopted an emergency plan in case the smoldering embers ever reach the waste, a potentially “catastrophic event” that could send up a plume of radioactive smoke over a densely populated area near the city’s main airport.


Although the fire at Bridgeton Landfill has been burning since at least 2010, the plan for a worst-case scenario was developed only a year ago and never publicized until this week, when St. Louis radio station KMOX first obtained a copy.

But don’t panic, as officials say it is “contained”…


The Bernanke Decepticon Spews Once Again


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Guest Post by Karl Denninger


Wonders never cease.

Of course my emailbox has been overflowing with people asking if I’m going to comment on Bernanke’s “new book” and his statements that “someone should have gone to jail.”  No, really Ben?  He, of course, tries to excuse himself (and the rest of the Fed) by noting that The Fed is not a law-enforcement agency.

That may be true but that doesn’t prevent The Fed from criminally referring things to actual law enforcement agencies, does it?  After all you’re not a law enforcement agency either but if someone robs your house you certainly can pick up the phone and call one of those agencies, and if they refuse to act you can raise hell in public.

Bernanke, of course, did none of the above.

But that’s not the real problem. No, if you read closely you’ll find it here, in the last paragraph of the NY Times article written on his tome by Andrew Ross Sorkin:

He writes that it was simply impossible to save Lehman, pointing to the nearly $200 billion of losses that Lehman’s creditors have since suffered. No one has come forward on the record, nor has any contemporaneous document been produced in the past seven years that said the government had found a way to save the company and specifically chose not to do so for political reasons, a point Mr. Bernanke alludes to in his book. “I do not want the notion that Lehman’s failure could have been avoided, and that its failure was consequently a policy choice, to become the received wisdom, for the simple reason that it is not true,” he writes. “We did everything we could think of to avoid it.”


Now there is an admission.