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Make no mistake about it, without plentiful, cheap, and easy to access oil, the United States of America would descend into chaos and collapse. The fantasies painted by “green” energy dreamers only serve to divert the attention of the non critical thinking masses from the fact our sprawling suburban hyper technological society would come to a grinding halt in a matter of days without the 18 to 19 million barrels per day needed to run this ridiculous reality show. Delusional Americans think the steaks, hot dogs and pomegranates in their grocery stores magically appear on the shelves, the thirty electronic gadgets that rule their lives are created out of thin air by elves and the gasoline they pump into their mammoth SUVs is their God given right. The situation was already critical in 2005 when the Hirsch Report concluded:

“The peaking of world oil production presents the U.S. and the world with an unprecedented risk management problem. As peaking is approached, liquid fuel prices and price volatility will increase dramatically, and, without timely mitigation, the economic, social, and political costs will be unprecedented. Viable mitigation options exist on both the supply and demand sides, but to have substantial impact, they must be initiated more than a decade in advance of peaking.”

In the six years since this report there has been unprecedented oil price volatility as the world has reached the undulating plateau of peak cheap oil. The viable mitigation options on the demand and supply side were not pursued. The head in the sand hope for the best option was chosen. The government mandated options, ethanol and solar, have been absolute and utter disasters as billions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered and company after company goes bankrupt. The added benefit has been sky high corn prices, dwindling supplies and revolutions around the world due to soaring food prices. The last time the country went into recession in 2008, the price of oil plunged from $140 a barrel to $30 a barrel in the space of six months. I’d classify that as volatility. We’ve clearly entered a second recession in the last six months. So we should be getting the benefit of collapsing oil prices.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to another oil price collapse. It didn’t happen. WTI Crude is trading for $87 a barrel, up 23% since January 1. Unleaded gas prices are up 54% in the last year and 43% since January 1. Worldwide oil pricing is not based on WTI crude but Brent crude, selling for $113 per barrel, only down 10% from its April high of $125. The U.S. and Europe consume 40% of all the oil in the world on a daily basis. Multiple European countries have been in recession for the last nine months. The U.S. economy has been in free fall for six months.  

Some short term factors will continue to support higher oil prices.  The Chinese continue to fill their strategic petroleum reserve, Japan is still relying on diesel generators for electricity post-tsunami, and the Middle East is developing a love affair with the air conditioner. But, it’s the long term factors that will lead to much higher oil prices for myopic oblivious Americans. 

U.S. GDP 2011 Q2 update 2009-2011 US GDP second Q2011 (percent) July 2011

John Hussman describes the situation on the ground today based upon six economic conditions presently in effect:

There are certainly a great number of opinions about the prospect of recession, but the evidence we observe at present has 100% sensitivity (these conditions have always been observed during or just prior to each U.S. recession) and 100% specificity (the only time we observe the full set of these conditions is during or just prior to U.S. recessions).

With 40% of the world in or near recession, how come oil prices are still so high and much higher than last year, when the economies in Europe and the U.S. were expanding? The number of vehicle miles driven in the U.S. is still below the level reached 43 months ago and at the same level as early 2005. The price of a barrel of oil in early 2005 was $42. The U.S. is using the same amount of oil, but the price is up 112%. It seems the U.S. isn’t calling the shots when it comes to the worldwide supply/demand equation. 

It would probably be a surprise to most people that U.S. oil consumption today is at the same level it was in 1997 and is 10% lower than the peak reached in 2005. This is not a reflection of increased efficiency or Americans gravitating towards smaller vehicles with better mileage. Americans are still addicted to their SUVs and gas guzzling luxury automobiles. It’s a reflection of a U.S. economy that has been in a downward spiral since 2005.

1996 18,476.15 3.89 %
1997 18,774.07 1.61 %
1998 18,946.01 0.92 %
1999 19,603.83 3.47 %
2000 19,717.92 0.58 %
2001 19,772.60 0.28 %
2002 19,834.31 0.31 %
2003 20,144.82 1.57 %
2004 20,833.01 3.42 %
2005 20,924.36 0.44 %
2006 20,803.93 -0.58 %
2007 20,818.37 0.07 %
2008 19,563.33 -6.03 %
2009 18,810.01 -3.85 %


If the U.S. isn’t driving oil demand in the world, then why are prices going up? There are three main factors:

  1. Dramatic increase in demand from China and other developing countries.
  2. A plunging U.S. Dollar
  3. Peak oil has arrived

Surging Developing World Demand

The Energy Information Administration issued their latest forecast and it does not bode well for lower prices:

Despite continued concerns over the pace of the global economic recovery, particularly in developed countries, the US Energy Information Administration expects worldwide oil consumption to increase this year and next spurred by demand in developing countries. US oil consumption, however, is forecast to contract from a year ago. Worldwide oil demand, led by China, will increase by 1.4 million b/d in 2011 to average 88.19 million b/d and by 1.6 million b/d in 2012, outpacing average global demand growth of 1.3 million b/d from 1998-2007, before the onset of the global economic downturn.

China is now consuming over 9 million barrels per day. This is up from an average of 7 million barrels per day in 2006. Platts, a global energy analyst, put China’s 2010 figures at 8.5 million barrels per day, up 11.43% from the previous year. The forecast for China’s crude throughput in 2011 is an average of 9.24 million barrels per day up 8.5% from 2010. In the first seven months of this year, total crude throughput stood at average of 8.95 million barrels per day.

Standard Chartered Bank predicts that, by the year 2020, China will overtake all of Europe as the second largest consumer of oil in the world, and should catch up to the U.S. by the year 2030 as China’s demand continues to rise while U.S. demand is expected to be flat. Chinese crude imports grew 17.5% in 2010 to 4.79 million barrels per day. China is importing 55% of its oil today versus 40% in 2004.

China’s oil consumption per capita has increased over 350% since the early 1980s to an estimated 2.7 barrels per year in 2011. Consumption per capita has risen nearly 100% in just the past decade. Oil consumption per capita in the U.S. currently ranks among the top industrialized nations in the world at 25 barrels per year. However, today’s consumption levels are approximately 20% lower than they were in 1979. The chart below paints a picture of woe for the United States and the world. China overtook the United States in auto sales in 2009. They now sell approximately 15 million new vehicles per year. India sells approximately 2 million new vehicles per year. The U.S. sells just over 12 million new vehicles per year. In China and India there are approximately 6 car owners per 100 people. In the U.S. there are 85 car owners per 100 people.    

They call China, India and the rest of the developing world – Developing – because they will be rapidly expanding their consumption of goods, services and food. There will certainly be bumps along the way, as China is experiencing now, but the consumption of oil by the developing world will plow relentlessly higher. China isn’t the only emerging country to show big increases in per capita consumption. The growth in consumption for several other countries far outpaces China. Consumption per capita in Malaysia has nearly quadrupled since the mid-1960s. Consumption in Thailand and Brazil has more than doubled to roughly 5.7 barrels and 4.8 barrels per year, respectively.

Developed countries, especially those in Western Europe, have experienced substantial declines in oil consumption. Today’s per capita consumption in Sweden is roughly 12 barrels per year, down from 25 barrels per year in the mid-1970s.  France, Japan, Norway and U.K. all use less oil on a per capita basis than they did in the 1970s. These countries have been able to drive down the consumption of oil by taxing gasoline at an excessive level.

Americans pay 43 cents in taxes out of the $3.70 they pay at the pump for a gallon of gasoline. A driver in the UK is paying $4 per gallon in taxes out of the $9 per gallon cost. Gasoline costs between $8 and $9 per gallon across Europe today. The extreme level of gas taxes certainly reduces car sizes, consumption and traffic. Too bad the mad socialists across Europe spent the taxes on expanding their welfare states and promising even more to their populations. Maybe a $6 per gallon tax will do the trick. Forcing Americans to drive less by doubling the gas tax is a quaint idea, but it is too late in the game. Europe is still made up of small towns and cities with the populations still fairly consolidated. Biking, walking and small rail travel is easy and feasible. The sprawling suburban enclaves that proliferate across the American countryside, dotted by thousands of malls and McMansion communities, accessible only by automobiles, make it impossible to implement a rational energy efficient model for moving forward. We cannot reverse 60 years of irrationality. Even without higher gas taxes, the price of gasoline will move relentlessly higher due to the stealth tax of currency debasement.

A Plunging US Dollar

The US dollar has fallen 15% versus a basket of worldwide currencies (DXY) since February 2009. This is amazing considering that 57% of the index weighting is the Euro. If you haven’t noticed, Europe is a basket case on the verge of economic disintegration. The US imports a net 9.4 million barrels of oil per day, or 49% of our daily consumption. Our largest suppliers are:

  1. Canada – 2.6 million barrels per day
  2. Mexico – 1.3 million barrels per day
  3. Saudi Arabia – 1.1 million barrels per day
  4. Nigeria – 1.0 million barrels per day
  5. Venezuela – 1.0 million barrels per day
  6. Russia – 600,000 barrels per day
  7. Algeria – 500,000 barrels per day
  8. Iraq – 400,000 barrels per day

These eight countries account for over 70% of our daily oil imports. You hear the “experts” on CNBC declare that our oil supply situation is secure because close to 60% of our daily usage is sourced from North America. The presumption is that Canada and Mexico are somehow under our control. There is one problem with this storyline. US oil production peaked in 1971 and relentlessly declines as M. King Hubbert predicted it would. Mexico will cease to be a supplier to the U.S. by 2015 as their Cantarell oil field is in collapse. Most of the oil supplied from Canada is from their tar sands. Expansion of these fields is difficult as it takes tremendous amounts of natural gas and water to extract the oil.

The rest of the countries on the list dislike us, hate us, or are in constant danger of implosion. When the Neo-Cons on Fox News try to convince you that Iraq has been a huge success and certainly worth the $3 trillion of national wealth expended, along with 4,500 dead and 32,000 wounded soldiers, you might want to keep in mind that Iraq was exporting 795,000 barrels of oil per day to the U.S. in 2001 when the evil dictator was in charge. Today, we are getting 415,000 barrels per day. Dick Cheney was never good at long term strategic planning.

We better plant more corn, as our supply situation is far from stable. Maybe we can install solar panels from Obama’s Solyndra factory on the roofs of the 65 Chevy Volts that were sold in the U.S. this year, to alleviate our oil supply problem. The reliability and stability of our oil supply takes second place to the price increases caused by Ben Bernanke and his printing press. The average American housewife driving her 1.5 children in her enormous two and a half ton Chevy Tahoe or gigantic Toyota Sequoia two miles to baseball practice doesn’t comprehend why it is costing her $100 to fill the 26 gallon tank. If she listens to the brain dead mainstream media pundits, she’ll conclude that Big Oil is to blame. The real reason is Big Finance in conspiracy with Big Government.

Ben Bernanke is responsible for Americans paying $4 a gallon for gasoline. Zero interest rates, printing money out of thin air to buy $2 trillion of mortgage and Treasury bonds, and propping up insolvent criminal banks across the globe have one purpose – to deflate the value of the U.S. dollar. The rulers of the American Empire realize they can never repay the debts they have accumulated. They have chosen to default through debasement. It’s an insidious and immoral method of defaulting on your obligations. Let’s look at from the perspective of our two biggest oil suppliers.

A barrel of oil cost $40 a barrel in early 2009. The U.S. dollar has declined 30% versus the Canadian dollar since early 2009. The U.S. dollar has shockingly declined 20% versus the Mexican Peso since early 2009. How could the mighty USD decline 20% against the currency of a 3rd world country on the verge of being a failed state? Ask Ben Bernanke. Our lenders can’t do much about the continuing debasement of our currency, but our oil suppliers can. They will raise the price of oil in proportion to our currency devaluation. Since Bernanke’s only solution is continuous debasement, the price of oil will relentlessly rise.

Peak Oil Has Arrived

“By 2012, surplus oil production capacity could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 MBD. At present, investment in oil production is only beginning to pick up, with the result that production could reach a prolonged plateau. By 2030, the world will require production of 118 MBD, but energy producers may only be producing 100 MBD unless there are major changes in current investment and drilling capacity.” – 2010 Joint Operating Environment Report

We’ve arrived at the point where demand has begun to outpace supply and even the onset of another worldwide recession will not assuage this fact. World oil supply has peaked just below 89 million barrels per day. Supply has since fallen to 87.5 million barrels per day, as Libyan supply was completely removed from world markets. The International Energy Agency is already forecasting worldwide demand to reach 90 million barrels per day in the second half of 2011 and reach 92 million barrels per day in 2012. The IEA warns that “just at the time when demand is expected to recover, physical limits on production capacity could lead to another wave of price increases, in a cyclical pattern that is not new to the world oil market.”

project global oil production through 2100

The world is trapped in an inescapable conundrum. As supply dwindles, prices increase, causing global economies to contract, and temporarily causing a drop in prices, except the lows are higher each time. The drill, drill, drill ideologues do nothing but confuse and mislead the easily led masses. We have 2% of the world’s oil reserves and consume more than 20% of the daily output. We consume 7 billion barrels of oil per year.

Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and areas formerly off limits in the Outer Continental Shelf will not close the supply gap. The amount of recoverable oil in the Arctic coastal plain is estimated to be between 5.7 billion and 16 billion barrels. This could supply as little as a year’s worth of oil. And it will take 10 years to produce any oil from this supply. The OCS has only slightly more recoverable oil at an estimated 18 billion barrels and the BP Gulf Oil disaster showed how easy this oil is to access safely. The new over hyped energy savior is shale gas. The cheerleaders in the natural gas industry claim that we have four Saudi Arabias worth of natural gas in the U.S. This is nothing but PR talking points to convince the masses that we can easily adapt. The amount of shale gas that can be economically produced is far less than the amounts being touted by the industry. The wells deplete rapidly and the environmental damage has been well documented. And last but certainly not least, we have the abiotic oil believers that convince themselves the wells will refill despite the fact that there is not one instance of an oil well refilling once it is depleted.

I wrote an article called Peak Denial About Peak Oil exactly one year ago when gas was selling for $2.60 a gallon. I railed at the short sightedness of politicians and citizens alike for ignoring a calamitous crisis that was directly before their eyes. Just like our accumulation of $4 billion per day in debt, peak oil is simply a matter of math. We cannot take on ever increasing amounts of debt in order to live above our means without collapsing our economic system. We cannot expect to run our energy intensive world with a depleting energy source. There is no amount of spin and PR that can change the math. Un-payable levels of debt and dwindling supplies of oil will merge into a perfect storm over the next ten years to permanently change our world. The change will be traumatic, horrible, bloody and a complete surprise to the non-critical thinking public.

“In the longer run, unless we take serious steps to prepare for the day that we can no longer increase production of conventional oil, we are faced with the possibility of a major economic shock—and the political unrest that would ensue.”Dr. James Schlesinger – former US Energy Secretary, 16th November 2005

We were warned. We failed to heed the warnings. If we had begun making the dramatic changes to our society 5 to 10 years ago, we may have been able to partially alleviate the pain and suffering ahead. Instead we spent our national treasure fighting Wars on Terror and bailing out criminal bankers. Converting truck and bus fleets to natural gas; expanding the use of safe nuclear power; utilizing wind, geothermal, and solar where economically feasible; buying more fuel efficient vehicles; and creating more localized communities supported by light rail with easy access to bike and walking options, would have allowed a more gradual shift to a less energy intensive society.

We’ve done nothing to prepare for the onset of peak oil. Until this foreseeable crisis hits with its full force like a Category 5 hurricane, Americans will continue to fill up their M1 tank sized, leased SUVs, tweet about Lady Gaga’s latest stunt, and tune in to this week’s episode of Jersey Shore. Meanwhile, economic stagnation, catastrophe and wars for oil are darkening the skies on our horizon.


“Dependence on imported oil, particularly from the Middle East, has become the elephant in the foreign policy living room, an overriding strategic consideration composed of a multitude of issues. …. Taken in whole, the National Energy Policy does not offer a compelling solution to the growing danger of foreign oil dependence.  …  Future military efforts to secure the oil supply pose tremendous challenges due to the number of potential crisis areas.  …..  Economic stagnation or catastrophe lurk close at hand, to be triggered by another embargo, collapse of the Saudi monarchy, or civil disorder in any of a dozen nations.”–  America’s Strategic Imperative A “Manhattan Project” for Energy

  1. Administrator says:

    We have allowed oil to become vital to virtually everything we do. Ninety per cent of all our transportation, whether by land, air or sea, is fuelled by oil. Ninety-five per cent of all goods in shops involve the use of oil. Ninety-five per cent of all our food products require oil use. Just to farm a single cow and deliver it to market requires six barrels of oil, enough to drive a car from New York to Los Angeles.

    Jeremy Leggett

    Peak oil is at hand with low availability growth for the next 5 to 10 years. Once worldwide petroleum production peaks, geopolitics and market economics will result in even more significant price increases and security risks. To guess where this is all going to take us is would be too speculative. Oil wars are certainly not out of the question.

    US Army Corps of Engineers, September 2005

    “Surveying the available alternative energy sources for criteria such as energy density, environmental impacts, reliance on depleting raw materials, intermittency versus constancy of supply, and the percentage of energy returned on the energy invested in energy production, none currently appears capable of perpetuating this kind of society.”

    — Richard Heinberg

    “Where the United States is in regard to oil: most of the untapped reserves we have left are smaller, deeper, farther offshore, less permeable, increasingly sour, and generally more expensive to bring to market. And the more we drill, the more this will be the case…The faster we use up the little oil we have left, the quicker OPEC will be the only one at the table with any chips left. Strategically, this is a loser’s strategy.”

    — Timothy Kailing

    “OPEC, over the last 20 years, has not managed to add any additional capacity. So we’re in a world today where we’re going to need a vast amount of additional energy, and we’re utterly dependent on countries that in the past generation have added absolutely no additional capacity.”

    — Steven Lee, oil analyst

    “Technology is great, but it can’t find what’s not there. In the last five years, we consumed 27 billion barrels of oil a year, but the oil industry discovered only three billion barrels a year. So only one barrel was replaced for every nine we used!”

    — L.B. Magoon report for U.S. Geological Survey

    “The idea that we industrialized humans are immune to the natural laws that have restrained growth in other species—and humans in past social regimes—is to me so self-servingly blind as to be morally reprehensible.”

    — Richard Heinberg,

    “We are not good at recognizing distant threats even if their probability is 100%. Society ignoring [peak oil] is like the people of Pompeii ignoring the rumblings below Vesuvius.”

    — James Schlesinger, former US Energy Secretary

    “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”

    — Ayn Rand


    4th September 2011 at 12:31 pm

  2. Steve Hogan says:

    Fear not, for our Dear Overlord, Barack Obama the Magnificent will be our savior. As soon as he creates all these wonderful jobs he’s been promising for 2.5 years, he’ll turn his attention to the energy thing like a laser beam. Have you no faith?


    4th September 2011 at 1:17 pm

  3. Old Buck says:

    long lines at gas stations. even or odd day to fill up. nice future


    4th September 2011 at 1:19 pm

  4. paul says:

    Unfortunately we are in for it no matter what we do. Oil to heat a home has risen so fast and so high that we are seeing people who paid 2k last year starting to get quotes for fixed prices well over 3k. Not sure why so many seem to “hope” prices come back down when they can control prices themselves — well at least our members.


    4th September 2011 at 1:21 pm

  5. [email protected] says:

    There is simply no way around the reality of Peak Oil, none. Just as there is no way around the mathematical certainty of a US sovereign debt default or economic crash, none.

    Numbers do not lie, they are the ultimate truth. Oh, they can be massaged, spun, corrupted, politicized, and they are, they are, my friends. But pretty soon the cold hard equations will be stomping the crap out of the unicorn farting lollipop fantasies that pass for analysis by our elites.

    Yet we are a nation led by Poli Sci majors whose degree plans have the same math requirements as for football players. We are a nation where cash registers not only compute the change but use icons for the selections so you don’t even need to fucking read – yet the morons behind the counter still screw up your order and your change. We are a people that have sold our liberty, our dignity , our very souls, for empty promises of “safety” and worthless gimcrackery from China.

    Oh yeah, a Smack Down of Cosmic Proportions is coming, my friends, and soon.

    Peak Oil? Yeah, it’s a reality, but since we’re living in land of the willfully deluded and led by the hopelesly corrupted and inept moronic, well, mebbe PO will not be the worst of our problems.


    4th September 2011 at 1:23 pm

  6. Powerhourcoug says:

    Outstanding read.

    I’ve been lurking on this blog for about 6 months now, and sharing articles on my FB for a bit as well.

    Whenever I bring up these topics people’s eyes tend to glaze over until we return to horrendously superficial discussions about Snooki and SportsCenter. Even my girlfriend is a hopeless optimist. She’ll come around eventually.

    At any rate, I’ll keep doing my best to get ready for the coming shitstorm. Could be next week, could be next month, could be next decade. No one really knows. But it is coming, guaranteed, and this craven new world will not look kindly on the bloated, self absorbed breed we’ve come to embrace breeding into our society.

    We will need critical thinkers, warriors, and most importantly patriots. Hopefully enough will rise to the occasion.


    4th September 2011 at 1:45 pm

  7. babystrangeloop says:

    “Standard Chartered Bank predicts that, by the year 2020, China will overtake all of Europe as the second largest consumer of oil in the world, and should catch up to the U.S. by the year 2030 as China’s demand continues to rise while U.S.” — SAY WHAT?!?

    By 2030 there will be not enough producible oil to be worth mentioning.

    2030 is the Optimists’ idea of when Peak Oil will hit. Only a sufferer of Panglosian Disorder would talk about which nation will be consuming the most oil in 2030.


    4th September 2011 at 2:06 pm

  8. Dave Doe says:

    When the SHTF, it will come down to the law of the jungle and who can use force to guarantee access to oil. That would be us – for now.


    4th September 2011 at 2:16 pm

  9. Colma Rising says:

    The Spice MUST flow.


    4th September 2011 at 2:31 pm

  10. The Watchdog says:

    Enjoy the oil orgy while it lasts and prepare for your personal post-carbon world. It’s the only rational response.


    4th September 2011 at 2:52 pm

  11. ecliptix543 says:

    He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe! I’m with Muad’dib. Stop the flow and make the Emperor come down here personally to deal with us.


    4th September 2011 at 3:11 pm

  12. Stan says:

    Late 2011 will be a very interesting time in history.

    For you fucking liberal democrats who always and forevermore play the race card, Read this:


    When black people finally wake up and see how the democrats have used them all these years for their votes, they will loot and rape and murder every democrat they know.

    Democrat playbook: 1st, you make a minority dependent on you. 2nd, you do shit to make them think you love them, ie foodstamps, section 8, quotas, ect. Then you forget about them and they vote 95% for you forever.

    Oh I can’t wait till this crap stops. It will too. You all know about the dreaded “N” word that no white person must ever say. Oh how evil that word is. So evil that black people call each other that all the time. Well, that dreaded “N” word is about to become the most quoted word on earth.

    Why? One reason. Barack Hussein Obama. Get ready folks. When the son of a bitch gets re- elected in 2012, he will have 4 more years unabated to finish us off, which has been his goal all his sorry fucking life.

    To all you guys who voted for this sorry piece of shit: FUCK YOU!! And yo mama. and yo sister and your fucking grannie.


    4th September 2011 at 3:23 pm

  13. Punk in Drublic says:

    “The U.S. dollar has shockingly declined 20% versus the Mexican Peso since early 2009. How could the mighty USD decline 20% against the currency of a 3rd world country on the verge of being a failed state?”

    Here is another question.
    How many Americans know this little snippet of information?

    Damn few. All the average bloke knows is higher prices at the pump. All the average bloke can do is piss and moan and write to their congressmen.

    Dear Congress,

    Those bastard oil companies keep raising the prices. Those bastard wall street speculators keep driving up prices. Yesterday I had to choose between filling my tank and picking up a case of Budweiser. There ought to be a goddamn law against that.

    John doe the dipshit


    4th September 2011 at 3:35 pm

  14. platoplubius says:

    @ Stan

    reminds me of this clip from the movie “Bulworth”….I have shown it on here before…but I can’t help myself.
    this is the only link I could find to the clip…Please don’t let the fact that you have to enter your date of birth prior to viewing the clip to discourage you from doing so. It is a classic.

    For those who don’t want to take the time to watch the clip above, here is some of the text from the speech.

    Angry black woman: Are you sayin’ the Democratic Party don’t care about the African-American community?

    Bullworth: Isn’t that OBVIOUS? You got half your kids are out of work and the other half are in jail. Do you see ANY Democrat doing anything about it? Certainly not me! So what’re you gonna do, vote Republican? Come on! Come on, you’re not gonna vote Republican! Let’s call a spade a spade!
    [Loud, angry booing]
    Bullworth: I mean – come on! You can have a Billion Man March! If you don’t put down that malt liquor and chicken wings, and get behind someone other than a running back who stabs his wife, you’re NEVER gonna get rid of somebody like me!


    4th September 2011 at 3:41 pm

  15. Thunderbird says:

    I think it is time to look at the positive side of peak oil and peak fiat money. Americans have had so much discretionary money to spend over the years our houses are stuffed with junk made in China and each family has two or more cars in the garage.

    Remember the offical unemployment rate (U6) is 16% while the employment rate is 84%, so we are still well off. So there is still lots of money pouring into the government purse in taxes and unmentioned royalties from oil & mineral leases.

    It is the cost of maintaining our overseas wars and military bases that is draining us; not entitlements, unempoyment insurance, food stamps, and social security. The addition of Homeland Security and TSA is another drain on the purse.

    The cost of oil is up for more reasons than peak oil. How about the declining purchasing power of the dollar. The use of oil is also higher than normal because of military use. Wonder why jet fuel is so high? Look no farther than the military. Why can’t we include all the factors that drive up prices; like the cost of maintaining the military.

    This country had the greatest commercial boom ever after WW2 for one reason; people sacrificed purchasing durable goods because the war effort needed everything, and while this was going on people were saving their money. At the end of the war when military support was no longer needed the people had the money to purchase durable goods. If we were doing this now to support the wars we are presently in, we would be in great shape. The people did not sacrifice so we are now reaping what we have sowed.

    Today people have lost their memory of what it takes to support war. They think the country can fight all the wars it wants using up precious resources like oil, and at the same time they can have all the durable goods and crap they want. Not so and the reality is fast catching up with us.

    So when the financial crash comes it will knock economic reality into the people. This includes the rich ones that will also be eating in the soup lines. We have done it to ourselves.

    Peak oil? What is this really supposed to mean? The government and talking heads have been talking about getting off of foreign oil dependance since the 70s. It is pure BS and we won’t do anything about it until the oil is used up. So the sooner we use it up the better.

    We are going to have an oil price collapse along with the collapse of the global market. The elite have shot their wad. We should be glad to see what is coming. No rioting will happen except for isolated black getto areas. This is America. The American people have been through many boom & bust periods throughtout our history. We will pick up and start over; this time without the elites controlling everything through their banks.

    America has always been a “can do” society. It is the people that “can do,” not the educated idiots now running all the top political offices in this country. Just look how recently they screwed up focusing on hurricane Irene and the coastal areas; when they should have been focusing on the huge storm system it brought with heavy rain on an already water saturated Northeast. They forcefully evacuated 350,000 people from the safe coastal areas into the upper land mass and many of the people got trapped in the flooding. Is that intelligent critical thinking when all the information was in front of them? The FEMA trailers should heve been repositioned into the town centers. The storm system was as big as Europe with heavy rain forecast; what were they thinking? Duh.

    We should all be happy this farce of a political & financial system is apparently coming to an end. Instead of focusing on the negative think about the positive things that will develop for a change.


    4th September 2011 at 3:56 pm

  16. Smokey says:

    Excellent article.

    It would behoove each of you to reread and then read again the first two paragraphs of the [email protected] post earlier in this thread.

    There is enormous wisdom in those words.


    4th September 2011 at 3:57 pm

  17. platoplubius says:

    Great points Thunderbird! and I am happy this farce of a political and financial system is coming to an end.

    I have just one quivel….the “official unemployment rate”….although what you quote is accurate the unemployment rate is much higher…I’m sure you know this being a TBP regular…


    4th September 2011 at 4:00 pm

  18. Steve Hogan says:

    “It is the cost of maintaining our overseas wars and military bases that is draining us; not entitlements, unempoyment insurance, food stamps, and social security.” -Thunderbird

    Tbird, to state that entitlements are not draining us financially is extreme ignorance. While we definitely need to end the wars, the empire, close the bases, and bring the troops home, even if you zeroed out the Pentagon budget, we’d still be running deficits.

    SS has $15T in unfunded liabilities. Medicare Part D is now over $20T in the red…and it’s only 7 years old! Throw in Medicare Part B at a mere $80T and you have yourself $115T that cannot and will not be paid.

    The Free Shit Army is not just couch potatoes collecting 99 weeks of unemployment or lazy bastards using SNAP cards to buy booze and cigarettes. The free pills, the zillion dollar medical care system, school subsidies…all of it desperately needs to be phased out. All of it.


    4th September 2011 at 4:06 pm

  19. Major Kong says:

    Anyone ever seen that documentary, Collapse, with Michael Ruppert in it? He had an interesting theory that as the availability of oil decreases, so will the world population. Just curious about opinions…


    4th September 2011 at 5:09 pm

  20. ron says:

    Its about controlling people.When i was in Holland in 1989 i watched a program about the keyoto? climate treaty.The speaker talked about how they had to make the USA raise its prices to like 8 or 9 dollars a gallon so americans wouldnt drive as much and their would be less carbon released.All i keep hearing about is new fields discovered and places that have oil but we cant drill there.So this peak oil stuff is malarky(sorry about the rough language)I like natural gas and think the country needs to develope filling stations for it and push it.I use synthetic oil and change it twice a year.Make trucks commercial vehicles so people want to drive cars and save a lot of oil,pickup trucks are horrible as a commuter vehicle.


    4th September 2011 at 5:13 pm

  21. Stucky says:

    Two words. Abiotic oil.

    Two more words: Problem solved.

    Two final words. Chill out!!!


    4th September 2011 at 5:27 pm

  22. Stucky says:

    Two words for Smokey: Eat shit.

    (That’s called a pre-emptive strike.)


    4th September 2011 at 5:29 pm

  23. Smokey says:


    How do you keep from drowning when you take a shower?


    4th September 2011 at 5:30 pm

  24. Smokey says:


    I should have known you’d buy into abiotic oil.

    Who ties your shoes in the morning?


    4th September 2011 at 5:32 pm

  25. Smokey says:


    Keep believing that the supply of oil is infinite.


    4th September 2011 at 5:34 pm

  26. DavosSherman says:

    To see how this will play out, all you have to do is overlay this chart on the production capacity of 87 million barrels a day.

    Either we BK them or they BK us or it’ll be the 4th turning, a nuclear effing Holocaust.

    If we BK them we are effed since we don’t manufacture anything.

    I want an island.



    4th September 2011 at 5:34 pm

  27. Thunderbird says:

    Steve Hogan says: “Tbird, to state that entitlements are not draining us financially is extreme ignorance.”

    I won’t dispute you on that point; but that is not my point. My point is the government at all levels has caused this situation by their over-regulation of the economy and allowing the corporations to outsource most of our manufacturing jobs to low wage paying third world countries. They also used high tech means to eliminate many more jobs along with acquisitions of smaller manufacturers. Because of this unbalance many low educated workers lost their jobs. Bring back manufacturing jobs would put these people back to work and eliminate many of the entitlements (you list) presently being paid out because of this unbalance. Many people are taking advantage because they have no other choice.

    You just can’t make people go away when you take their jobs away. One of the functions of the federal reserve banks is to make sure money is available to sustain full employment. But the people that have been running this government system did not follow this policy. If they had we would not see our jobs outsourced to other countries and the corporations allowed to grow into monopolies where their is no price and wage competition.

    But who votes for the politicians? Look to where the entitlements are going and you will see where the votes are coming from. How do you reduce the entitlement payouts? Increase employment. How do you increase employment? Bust up the monopoly corporations in this country, greatly reduce the regulations on private business, get the states and local governments out of the worker licensing & certification business, and licensing of small business. Get rid of mandatory liability insurance for small business and increase income for 1099s on labor to at least 10K dollars. And get rid of the monopoly insurance many states run on workman’s comp insurance that charges up the gazoo rates on workers in small business.

    I have not seen one instance where State and local governments are doing anything for the small business. The Federal government talks but they can’t do anything other than dance their tune. Government Statutes from the top down have to be eliminated. I know many people who could and would start a small business if they did not have to pay the upfront cost the government requires for business licence, insurance, compliance cost to comply with arbitrary local codes, and the paperwork to hire labor. In this environment of contracting business the cost is too high. Want to know why the economy is failing? Look no farther than government; at all levels. You want a civil war? Cut off all these entitlements you are complaining about without at the same time getting the government off the back of business minded people and you will see one. Yes, the sooner it all fails the better off we will be. I don’t want to see a civil war. I want the government out of everybodies business.


    4th September 2011 at 5:36 pm

  28. Smokey says:

    “Two more words: Problem solved.”

    To you it probably is.


    4th September 2011 at 5:47 pm

  29. llpoh says:

    Sarcasm alert! But Smokey knows that. Stuck, quit stirring shit.


    4th September 2011 at 5:58 pm

  30. Smokey says:


    I think he was serious.


    4th September 2011 at 6:28 pm

  31. ecliptix543 says:

    I think you’re both full of shit.


    4th September 2011 at 6:39 pm

  32. llpoh says:

    Stuck – please confirm whether you are dumber than a fucking rock or whether you were stirring shit. Seems voters are split. That dumb as rock is getting support should concern you some. .


    4th September 2011 at 6:40 pm

  33. Smokey says:


    Don’t press your luck.

    I have gone out of my way, since my return, to not deliver you forthwith a well deserved trouncing, of Bradley Manning- worthy proportions.


    4th September 2011 at 6:49 pm

  34. llpoh says:

    ecliptix joins in with this request:


    Best be careful what you ask for, ecliptix!


    4th September 2011 at 6:50 pm

  35. Colma Rising says:

    Stuck’s words: http://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=16575#comment-62035


    “I’m not totally sold on abiotic oil. Too many questions.

    Then again, the folks who say oil comes from Barney the dinosaur and/or a bunch of carrots and trees have never made a convincing case either. How many Dino’s does it take to make trillions and trillions of barrels of oil? Ha! And why isn’t there oil in Greenland (which was once a lush tropical landmass)?”


    4th September 2011 at 6:58 pm

  36. llpoh says:

    Smokey – I have seen this coming now for a few days. Ecliptix is feeling froggy – he will not be able to resist the urge to jump into the boiling water. He is standing by the edging thinking “Boy, the water sure looks inviting. Just how hot can it really be?” Here he is thinking about taking the plunge:



    4th September 2011 at 6:59 pm

  37. Colma Rising says:

    That thread also introduced “abiotic” ed.

    I wonder what he’d say.


    4th September 2011 at 7:00 pm

  38. Administrator says:


    You made this statement:

    “It is the cost of maintaining our overseas wars and military bases that is draining us; not entitlements, unempoyment insurance, food stamps, and social security.”

    We are spending about $1 trillion per year on our wars. We are spending $2.3 trillion on entitlements. Your statement is untrue.


    4th September 2011 at 7:18 pm

  39. Administrator says:


    Check out this article on Zero Hedge. I’ve been fighting a foul mouthed running battle all day long.

    They are appalled that the author would use such language.

    My reponse to David Pierre may be one of my best ever.


    4th September 2011 at 7:24 pm

  40. Administrator says:

    Smokey & LLPOH

    Stuck is just stirring shit. Only a retarded brain damaged shit eating monkey would buy into the abiotic oil bullshit.


    4th September 2011 at 7:28 pm

  41. Administrator says:


    My response to David Pierre on ZH:

    DP comes sauntering out of the barn to make his guest appearance.

    You sure aren’t a broken record.

    You must have a real hard on this week DP. Your favorite holiday – 9/11 is coming up. Are you going to sit in the barn and jerk off while watching the planes fly into the towers?

    Tell us all about Bush being behind the attacks. I love that one.

    Please explain Building 7. I never tire of that ditty.

    Go back into your barn and blow a sheep you traitorous nutjob.

    Maybe I’ll let you back on my site on 9/11 so we can laugh at you, you pathetic joke of a human being.


    4th September 2011 at 7:35 pm

  42. Anonymous says:

    SmokeyQuinn likes to lecture on what he knows best… beastility…to put it bluntly…having sex with an animals.

    ZH regulars will notice that SmokeyQuinn is obsessed with the obscene practice of sex between humans and animals and has a preference for sheep and fixation on such practices. People who practice zoophilia are known as zoophiles.

    He is well known as a “zoosexual” or simply a “zoo”.

    Your blog http://www.TheBeastilityPlatform.com is the biggest joke on the web. That’s where you post comments under your various aliases to stir up your stable of weak-minded 9/11MORONs and Racists to improve your pathetic hit counts. Hell… you make Karl Douchingger look like a fucking genius concerning the scientific facts of 9/11.

    You are the traitorous fool and an…

    Whoever, knowing that an offense has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact; one who knowing a felony to have been committed by another, receives, relieves, comforts, or assists the felon in order to hinder the felon’s apprehension, trial, or punishment.

    Your Fat and Woolly Ewe, you so lovingly named Avalon, cries out for your attention out in the sheep paddock. Best you attend to her under the covers tonight.


    SmokeyQuinn is now posting to himself over at his sheep paddock…


    Check out this article on Zero Hedge. I’ve been fighting a foul mouthed running battle all day long.

    They are appalled that the author would use such language.

    My reponse to David Pierre may be one of my best ever.

    SmokeyQuinn thinks it perfectly okay to be a “foul mouthed” 9/11Moron that posts under various aliases on his own blog.

    ROTFLMAO !!!


    4th September 2011 at 7:42 pm

  43. Administrator says:


    It looks like Douchebag Pierre is already back. He got himself a new IP address.

    Banjo picker – Come out, come out wherever you are.

    Let’s get it on you goat fucking 9/11 consumed traitor.

    Are you even capable of one coherent sentence? I think not.


    4th September 2011 at 8:12 pm

  44. llpoh says:

    And DP sneaks back under the cover of darkness to deliver another turd. We always know it is you, DP, by the stench of sheepshit that lingers everywhere you go. You really should get a good check-up. Sheep carry VD you know.


    4th September 2011 at 7:53 pm

  45. DavosSherman says:

    Good grief, I just read the comments over at 0Hedge. Saying peak oil on 0Hedge is akin to going to a gay pride parade and shouting faggots.


    4th September 2011 at 7:53 pm

  46. Smokey says:


    Yes, the Pierre response was Hall of Fame caliber.

    Consider letting the sheep fucker back on for a little while next Sunday. I wish we could get a few of his friends to also partake in the beatdown.


    4th September 2011 at 8:02 pm

  47. ZombieDawg says:

    Oh boy, where to start !

    “Where’s our oil price collapse?” – soon enough when society collapses methinks…

    But of course it’s a catch-22..
    Economic recovery (joke that it is as it won’t happen, PERIOD) would result in increased demand for oil so the price hikes which then crashes demand and the economy.
    The infinite growth paradigm meets reality.
    As to whether the whole global economic collapse was a deliberately orchestrated event (carefully planned decades ago) by the elite to collapse demand for oil and so help stave off the otherwise imminent peak-oil crash (and keep the oil industry alive just that little bit longer) of human society is an unknown and will probably remain so. I wouldn’t put it past the elite, as distrusting of humanity as I am…
    The so called emerging economies like India, Pakistan, Korea etc are starting to implode economically so their demand for oil will slow dramatically, especially when their western world customer base goes kaboom shortly.
    The western-world lifestyles they crave simply won’t materialise – the time to play catch-up was many years ago and the window of opportunity has closed. Sorry guys – it’s a pushbike not a car, a fan not an aircon.
    China ? Lying through their teeth I’d say. Corrupt, facing multiple severe crises with debt/GDP ratio at dangerous levels despite their claims to the contrary. Little wonder they’re buying up every resource than can globally.

    As for future consumption forecasts, I don’t see the point of them.
    Given that the weather service can’t reliably predict next week’s weather but can supposedly tell us what the climate will be like decades from now, how can oil figures be predicted reliably ?
    They can’t ! Simply extrapolating current production & usage graphs don’t allow for any number of variables that could (will) affect outcomes.
    The age of affordable oil is over and there are NO viable alternatives for the multiplicity of uses oil has. It IS crunch time. All we are seeing now is human society in its death throes. Global resource wars up next !

    Recovery=collapse, collapse=collapse.
    For those that haven’t read them yet, get “The oil age is over” by Matt Savinar, “Collapse” and “Crossing the Rubicon” by Mike Ruppert.

    Well worth a look too is the Paul Revere collection on youtube :



    4th September 2011 at 8:08 pm

  48. Smokey says:

    anonymous, AKA DP,

    Still into that 9/11 conspiracy theory, huh.

    Have you ever wondered why the posters over at Zero Hedge always refer to you as a nutjob?

    About time for you to come through with the iron clad case that the Bin Laden take down was staged.

    You know, Bin Laden died years ago of kidney failure. Or liver, whatever.

    At least one poster here will back you on that—-Stucky.

    At least he indicated to me that he is wide open to the suggestion, so that’s enough to give you a raging hard on.

    Do you still think that me and Quinn are the same person, you fucking shit eating maggot?


    4th September 2011 at 8:09 pm

  49. Colma Rising says:

    Ha! Hilarious!

    Some real winners out there.

    Deliverance indeed, Admin.



    4th September 2011 at 8:09 pm

  50. scott says:

    As AWD notes hydrocarbons are the fuel and we aren’t short of hydrocarbons, just cheap oil. There are oil shales, coal and natural gas sufficient to produce the liquid fuels we need, even to be energy independant, but at some higher price level and and at some environmental cost. It is frustrating to hear Admin parrot the leftists line that there is only X number of days/months/years from this that or the other drilling site. While there maybe no more Spindletops in the US even smaller fields are incredibly valuable and need to be exploited wherever found. At $100/barrel even a tiny field is a billion dollar find and billion barrel field is $100 billion dollars we don’t have to send abroad to those nations that dislike or even hate us. Its money that will stay in the US and circulate in our economy yet the US, alone in the world, resists exploiting its own oil reserves. Other nations pray that oil will be found off their coasts. We refuse to drill for oil we know is there. That is the most retarded energy policy on the planet and it is supported by many in the US.

    I also take exception to AWD’s conspiracy assertion that oil companies would obstruct or fail to exploit any alternative energy source. They really have nothing to worry about as the US is built on an oil platform and short of aliens landing and GIVING us some new technology their reserves will not be devalued on anything like a realistic timeline necessary to adopt even the most dramatic breakthrough in energy technology should it come. The truth is oil’s energy density is so high and its uses so varied its probably never going to be undersold by any conceivable technology. So the oil companies don’t really care what the next big thing is and if they can develop it or make money from promoting it they will. Exxon doesn’t care if you fill up with gasoline, CNG, hydrogen or electricity. You are still going to have to pull into their filling stations to do it and buy it from them.


    4th September 2011 at 8:17 pm

  51. Colma Rising says:

    DP is like a psychotic ex-girlfriend… consumed with rage, obsessed and stalking.

    Calumnous but really looking for the magic meat stick.

    Looks like the bitch slipped in the back door and is hungry for a proverbial pounding…


    4th September 2011 at 8:20 pm

  52. Where Is Our Oil Price Collapse? | Prepper Podcast Radio News says:

    […] From Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform […]


    4th September 2011 at 8:30 pm

  53. Stucky says:

    If I asked any of you to write everything you know about the question, “How was oil formed””, I suspect virtually none of you could produce more than one paragraph.

    You spout the age old story, “oil comes from decayed organic material which has been under enormous pressure for millions of years.” And …. that about it!

    Similarily, 99% of humanity once thought the earth was flat, mankind could never achieve heavier than air flight, and on an on. So, you COULD be wrong about the source of oil.

    As I have said before, even if oil is abiotic …. that does not necessarily help humanity. No one knows how fast new oil is being produced, where it is being produced, etc etc. For example, we DO know that it takes an very long time to produce a diamond. So, even if the abiotic theory is correct, but the process takes thousands of years, what fuckin’ good does that do for our Peak Oil problems? Nada!

    And, yes, Peak Oil is a very very real problem. I hope I’m dead of old age before the shit hits the fan … which it WILL.

    PS: Smokey …. I wear loafers.


    4th September 2011 at 8:32 pm

  54. Colma Rising says:



    There’s really not much more to it…


    4th September 2011 at 8:32 pm

  55. Smokey says:


    If your shit wasn’t so fucking pathetic, it would be hilarious.

    It is fucking astonishing to me to see someone so consumed with something.

    You really are one sick fucker.

    Go see a shrink just once.

    Either that shrink will have wet dreams from your diseased mind, or he’ll blow his own brains out.

    I left you a message over on ZH, you fucking cowardly shit.


    4th September 2011 at 8:32 pm

  56. Administrator says:

    Poster in DP’s barn



    4th September 2011 at 8:35 pm

  57. scott says:

    Madman alert. A madman has escaped and has been spotted at TBP website. Proceed with caution or does one of our resident marksman have a tranquilizer gun in their arsenal?


    4th September 2011 at 8:36 pm

  58. Administrator says:

    David Pierre on a date with his brother.



    4th September 2011 at 8:37 pm

  59. Smokey says:


    If you believe in abiotic oil you might as well believe in leprechauns.


    4th September 2011 at 8:37 pm

  60. Stucky says:

    There are enough questions about Bin Laden’s death and funeral that ANYBODY with half a brain should question the “official” version.

    But, if it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that “We Got Him!!” is 100% truth, then all I can ask is, “Were you an ostrich in a previous life?”.


    4th September 2011 at 8:38 pm

  61. Stucky says:

    I NEVER said I believed in abiotic oil. Read for comprehension.

    I said I am personally open to the theory of it.

    But it ranks somewhere around 1,243rd in things I actually give a shit about.


    4th September 2011 at 8:41 pm

  62. Stucky says:

    I spent 2 1/2 hours in the gym this morning. Haven’t been this sore in quite a while. Already up to 220 pounds on the leg press! Chest Press? Not so much!!! So, I bid you all a Good Night!


    4th September 2011 at 8:43 pm

  63. Administrator says:

    scott is mathematically challenged and gets his oil facts from Larry drill drill drill Kudlow.

    Scotty boy.

    2% of the world’s oil reserves (including your shale, Alaska, and offshore). GOT THAT????

    We use 21% of the world every single fucking day. CAPECHE????

    Do you know how to use a fucking calculator, or do you just want to stick to the storyline that lets you sleep at night?

    Dealing with delusional ideologues is tiring.


    4th September 2011 at 8:44 pm

  64. llpoh says:

    Admin – nice article. Unfortunately, you are right re the fact that we are starting the process too late. The reality is that gas prices, although up, are still too cheap to drive the needed changes. Prices will ultimately skyrocket in a very short period of time – which will allow insufficient time to adjust.

    There is no single solution to the problem. The answer involves a total change to how the country is run, and to how people live their day to day lives.

    To fix this issue, I think something similar to the following would be needed.

    – bring the troups home and close almost all overseas bases. This will free up a lot of resources for what needs to be done, and will reduce general cost.

    – re-locate military bases to Texas, etc. and use military personnel to seal our borders. We need to use the standing army in a beneficial way.

    – eject the illegal immigrants and simultaneously kill off welfare payments/snap cards/etc. The FSA would have to work, and ejecting the illegals would free up a lot of jobs. It would be work or starve.

    – quit funding the arts tertiary educations and rather only fund science/math/engineering so as to create a skilled population that MAY be able to address the issues of the coming oil crisis.

    – transfer expenditure from entitlement spending and military spending to infrastructure spending. Some military sending can be utlized on infrastructure (think Corp of Engineers). Infrastructure needs to address transport systems in particular.

    – welcome English-speaking immigrants with requisite science/engineering/tech backgrounds and deny all others.

    These items would create a base from which to procede. The budget would come under some semblance of control.

    The next step would be to develop alternative energy sources and highly efficient modes of transport. I do not have the exact answer, but nuclear power is, in my opinion, an absolute must. I do not know if a steadily and rapidly increasing gas tax is appropriate, as tax does not generally create anything. Other option might be some system of incentives for the creation of energy efficient vehicles. Or a tax on the size of vehicles so that we do not tax gas, but make it prohibitely expense for most people to drive SUVs. This situation is difficult to manage, as there would be a host of unintended consequences from any action taken.

    I believe you are right that it is largely too late. But there are steps that can be taken to move in the right direction. But it will require a focus on the way the entire country is run and on the way the resources of the country are spent. We can continue to spend on non-productive things such as welfare and overseas wars, or we can transfer the expenditure to productive purposes that will in the end pay for themselves.

    But it is most likely too late in that there is not the political will available to push through such a massive cultural/political/ and economic change.


    4th September 2011 at 8:44 pm

  65. Administrator says:


    If you run on that platform, I’ll vote for you. I would even contribute some Euros to your campaign.


    4th September 2011 at 9:43 pm

  66. scott says:

    There could be abiotic oil. There are extremophile bacteria deep in the earth’s crust though how they would concentrate into recoverable oil is beyond my understanding but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Petroleum geologists don’t seem to have any method of looking for unconventional oil sources either and if they don’t know how it doesn’t matter. Its like gold in seawater. There for sure but what are you going to do about it. We can only drill for oil in formations that are recognized to be capable of producing fossil fuel.


    4th September 2011 at 8:45 pm

  67. scott says:

    That 2% does not include shale, coal, ng or gas liquids. You are wrong.


    4th September 2011 at 8:47 pm

  68. Stucky says:

    To whomever voted thumbs down on my “good night” post ……..


    4th September 2011 at 8:49 pm

  69. [email protected] says:


    Oil is a natural resource of the planet, produced by Gods know what processes, a limited resource which we should use wisely.

    I honestly do not know, nor do I have the scientific background to know, if oil is a “renewable” resource like timber. If it is regenerated, it is on a time frame longer than we need, hence the number of ginormous oil fields in terteiry recovery (Saudi Arabia) or outright declne (Canterall).

    Matters not. Oil is not an addiction: IT IS THE FREAKING LIFE BLOOD OF GLOBAL CIVILIZATION WITNOUT WHICH WE GO BACK TO 1870s tech. Which will never support 7 billion human beings. We can only pray to whatever Gods are listening that we have a slow enough economic collapse to give us time to power down, reduce our numbers through attrition, and start to live in a very different way.

    Which brings me back to my Embrace the Doom outlook and my moniker. I have thought this through a milion different ways, read the history of societal collapses, been a professional student of human nature and biology, lived through a few natural disasters – none of which gives me any hope what.so.ever.

    But hey! Where’s there’s life, there’s hope, so what the heck, dues ex machina and all that.


    4th September 2011 at 8:51 pm

  70. Administrator says:

    David Pierre has a one week free pass on TBP.

    You know how Discovery has Shark Week?

    On TBP we’ll have 9/11 Conspiracy Week with DP as the star performer.

    This could be fun.


    4th September 2011 at 8:52 pm

  71. Administrator says:

    Bullshit scotty.

    Prove your blather. FACTS PLEASE.

    I don’t want to read your fantasy storyline.

    NO LINKS. Write it out in a coherent manner so I can rip it apart piece by piece.

    I’m looking forward to your detailed analysis.


    4th September 2011 at 8:55 pm

  72. llpoh says:

    DP – playing your song again I see!



    4th September 2011 at 8:57 pm

  73. Smokey says:


    You’ve fucking done it now. You are in a world of shit.

    You’d rather jack off a mountain lion in a phone booth with barbed wire than get in a pissing match with the Administrator on this subject.


    4th September 2011 at 8:57 pm

  74. llpoh says:

    DP screaming in frustration at the sheep that got away:



    4th September 2011 at 8:58 pm

  75. Administrator says:

    Yellow Belly David Pierre has some new friends.



    4th September 2011 at 9:08 pm

  76. Colma Rising says:

    A great idea, admin.

    It’s been a little too koombaya and reasonable lately.



    That’ll draw ’em out.


    4th September 2011 at 9:09 pm

  77. Administrator says:

    Road sign leading to DP’s hovel in the backwoods of British Columbia where men are men and sheep are scared.



    4th September 2011 at 9:09 pm

  78. ragman says:

    Hope: we must put oil(gasoline, diesel, JetA) in our tanks for a long, long time. There is no substitute for this. However, we have alternate sources of electrical generation for our homes and bidnesses. Nukie power, coal, and to a very small amount wind/solar can surely supplement our dependence on fossil fuel for our generation of electricity. Is peak oil a reality? Of course it is. Peak oil is not running out, it is running down. More expensive at all levels.


    4th September 2011 at 9:10 pm

  79. llpoh says:

    Not wanting to get into a pissing match, but US oil shale reserves are estimated at 2 trillion barrels. That is more than double all known oil reserves ( an additional 1 to 1.7 trillion barrels of oil are considered yet to be discovered) in the world. It is more than the Canadian tar sand reserves as well.




    4th September 2011 at 9:12 pm

  80. Administrator says:


    Please provide one instance of an oil well refilling abiotically. One instance. Just one.

    Sound of crickets.


    4th September 2011 at 9:12 pm

  81. Administrator says:


    In 2003 the Cantarell field in Mexico was producing 2,000,000 b/d, today it is producing less than 500,000.

    In 2005 The United Kingdom was exporting 1,000,000 b/d from the North Sea, today

    they are importing 1,000,000 b/d mostly from the middle east.

    In 2003 Norway was producing 3,600,000 b/d from the North Sea, today that’s down below 2,000,000

    In 1973 the USA was producing 16,000,000 b/d, today that’s down below 6,000,000

    Nigerian oil production has been cut in half in the last 6 years

    and Iraq production has declined since before we invaded them.

    Libyan production of 1,600,000 b/d has stopped completely.

    Saudi Arabia keeps sending out press releases that they will make up the difference. Unfortunately, refineries cannot turn press releases into gasoline. So far, their actual exports have been slowly but steadily declining.


    4th September 2011 at 9:23 pm

  82. crazyivan says:


    “Please explain Building 7. I never tire of that ditty”

    So…. what did happen with WTC 7, admin?

    No slappdown needed here, just your true thoughts, without all the bravado.


    4th September 2011 at 9:42 pm

  83. Colma Rising says:


    It was the aliens.


    4th September 2011 at 9:49 pm

  84. llpoh says:

    Thanks, Admin. We just need to hit the re-set button and go back to spending money on items that pay back, not on Doritos and Big Macs. We are spending trillions of dollars on stuff that never return a cent to the country. It we drop say 2 TRILLION in non-productive expenditure and replace it with say $1 trillion of productive expenditure, we would explode out of the starting blocks. We would get covered in some shit from delaying the start, but you wouldn’t believe the difference it would make to the country.


    4th September 2011 at 9:50 pm

  85. Administrator says:


    Building 7 was hit by the large perimeter columns of the Tower collapse. It was 400 ft away but the towers were more than 1300 ft tall. As the tower peeled open, it easily tilted over to reach building 7. There were huge out of control fires raging in Building 7 as you can see in this picture. It is very logical that it collapsed. What is illogical is a conspiracy that would have required thousands of co-conspirators who have all kept quiet for 10 years.



    4th September 2011 at 9:55 pm

  86. crazyivan says:

    By the way Admin, while reading your above article on peak oil, I was reminded how, what one knows to be true, can be summed up so well be an articulate writer, to the satisfaction of both.

    I can only assume that your 9/11 stance is a result of being bought off. It has also occured to me that you just can’t handle critical thinking, which woud entitle you to some sympathy on my part.


    4th September 2011 at 10:00 pm

  87. Administrator says:


    DP took a break from fucking his sheep to give you a thumbs up. Kudos.


    4th September 2011 at 10:26 pm

  88. Administrator says:


    Reset button is what we need. If we withdrew our military from around the globe, we could save hundreds of billions. Rebuilding productive companies in this country would be our only chance. Liquidating the 10 biggest banks and purging our system of bad debt would be a pre-requisite to starting over.

    These solutions would destroy the power of the monied interests. As a country we will never chose an option that requires sacrifice. It must be forced upon us by circumstances.


    4th September 2011 at 10:02 pm

  89. Colma Rising says:



    4th September 2011 at 10:03 pm

  90. Administrator says:


    My stance on 9/11 is a result of me having a brain capable of thinking. Any critical assessment of the 9/11 tragedy would conclude that two planes were hijacked and flown into the twin towers. I actually watched it on TV. They were 100 story buildings and they fell, badly damaging buildings around them. I actually watched it on TV.

    That is my cover story. But I’ve really been bought off by Dick Cheney to spew these lies. He’s paying me millions while I run a half assed blog with orgy ads annoying everyone. It’s part of a brilliant plan to scam the American public.

    Actually, me and my fellow 1,200 co-conspirators are getting together for a picnic next Sunday so we can have a good laugh about the 9/11 conspiracy we’ve pulled off. Why don’t you stop by.


    4th September 2011 at 10:10 pm

  91. llpoh says:

    Crazy Ivan – I think you have done it now, and so now I think it is:



    4th September 2011 at 10:11 pm

  92. Administrator says:


    Accessible reserves?

    The technology to convert Bakken Shale into oil does not exist today. I wouldn’t call that reserves.

    If it requires more energy to access the oil than it provides, the result is a net decrease in energy potential.


    4th September 2011 at 10:15 pm

  93. Maddie's Mom says:

    “Unfortunately, refineries cannot turn press releases into gasoline.”

    That would be some funny shit, Admin., if it wasn’t true.


    4th September 2011 at 10:16 pm

  94. Administrator says:

    Crazy where are you? How about a direct quote from the Chief?

    The most important operational decision to be made that afternoon was the collapse (Of the WTC towers) had damaged 7 World Trade Center, which is about a 50 story building, at Vesey between West Broadway and Washington Street. It had very heavy fire on many floors and I ordered the evacuation of an area sufficient around to protect our members, so we had to give up some rescue operations that were going on at the time and back the people away far enough so that if 7 World Trade did collapse, we [wouldn’t] lose any more people. We continued to operate on what we could from that distance and approximately an hour and a half after that order was [given], at 5:30 in the afternoon, World Trade Center collapsed completely” – Daniel Nigro, Chief of Department


    4th September 2011 at 10:21 pm

  95. llpoh says:

    Admin – what part of me not wanting to get into a pissing match didn’t you understand? How the fuck do I know? Although the two links I attached seemed to provide a buttload of info on the whole deal. I think in the long-term they think it is viable. But not today. how about you go back and torment Crazy Ivan and DP, because you are asking me stuff that makes my head hurt. Out of my league without me doing some serious reading.

    Here are Crazy Ivan and DP sharing their 9/11 theories:



    4th September 2011 at 10:22 pm

  96. crazyivan says:

    You watch too much TV. You did not see columns from 1&2 hit 7. If you would have stayed awake long enough (about 4 PM) that day you would have seen Larry Silverstein (wtc owner) say we have decided to pull it” speaking of building 7 on CNN. BBC had reported minutes earlier that 7 had already collapsed.

    Minutes later it fell straight down at almost freefall speed.


    Man up, check the facts.


    4th September 2011 at 10:23 pm

  97. Administrator says:


    I think you spend too much time on conspiracy websites or you are huffing those insecticides again.

    Man up and explain how many people would need to be involved in “pulling” a building. You fucking nutjobs can NEVER make a rational case based upon facts. Your entire thesis is that certain things couldn’t have happened.

    HOW DID “THEY” pull it off Crazy?

    Sound of crazy crickets.


    4th September 2011 at 10:45 pm

  98. crazyivan says:

    I knew that was coming.

    You sir are a coward.


    4th September 2011 at 10:29 pm

  99. Anonymous says:

    The 9/11Moron “watched it on his Tee Vee”. !!!
    Yuppers dats shore as hell makes it a hard fact !!

    The U.S.G.S. ( United States Geological Survey) reports on the WTC dust found large amounts of iron-rich spheres that were evidence that molten iron had accompanied the destruction of the World Trade Center.
    Nothing in the ‘OFFALcial’ government version of the collapse of the WTC Towers explains the large amounts of molten iron found in the rubble.

    Thermite does !

    Looks like DP should re-start his “Special Class” here on TheBeastilityPlatform for all the hockey-helmeted riders off the short bus.


    4th September 2011 at 10:31 pm

  100. Administrator says:

    I knew Building 7 would lure DP out of the barn.

    Come on DP. Cut and paste you blithering idiot.

    I think you should regale the newbies on the site about your hatred for America and the fact you are a yellow bellied draft dodging pussy. Tell everyone your back story about fleeing the US in terror into Canada and how you deal with your guilt and shame by motherfucking America at every opportunity.

    The sheep are calling DP. Be gentle.


    4th September 2011 at 10:39 pm

  101. scott says:

    I don’t have time to find the story tonight but there was testimony before Congress by the head of an outfit called,I believe Syntroleum that we could replace out oil imports entirely by increasing our coal production some modest amount and converting it to oil as South Africa’s SASOL does in that country and as Germany did in both world wars. Like AWD suggested, hydrocarbons are, in a fashion, fungible. Coal can be made into oil and gas into liquid hydrocarbons. The technology exists today. Oil shale has issues but so did tar sands. Obama wants some big infrastructure project well, build a nuclear power plant by some Colorado shale oil deposits. Use the power to bring in waste water from Denver, some more of it to crush the shale and the rest to heat it up.


    4th September 2011 at 10:35 pm

  102. llpoh says:

    Admin – re the shale, one of the studies says this, which would seem to indicate that the cost of extracting is less than the cost of energy input:

    “However, the energy costs of heating the oil shale are significant. With electrical heating, 2 units
    of energy are gained from the oil shale for every unit of energy consumed assuming the
    electricity is produced by a standard coal-fired power plant. If the power plant is a 60%
    efficient, combined cycle gas power plant, the energy balance is 3.5 to 1. Research on
    gas-fired heating, which will utilize the natural gas being recovered from the drilling
    process, may improve the energy balance to 5.5 to 1.”

    Estimates for production costs of shale oil vary, but one number seems to be $70-$95 per barrel (data is 5 years old now) price of oil in order to make shale oil viable.


    4th September 2011 at 10:42 pm

  103. Administrator says:


    If it was viable, how come it isn’t being accessed? We desperately need it, so why is there absolutely zero effort to access it?


    4th September 2011 at 10:48 pm

  104. underfire says:

    The failure to implement an effective energy policy is another example of the chronic inertia that has plagued our country for decades. About the only real action that our leaders have been able to do is give away the farm.


    4th September 2011 at 10:49 pm

  105. Colma Rising says:

    DP said: “Looks like DP should re-start his “Special Class” here ”


    DP can hand out ID cards for his pupils…


    4th September 2011 at 10:53 pm

  106. llpoh says:

    Admin – again you ask questions I would have to research. But prime guesses are 1) oil price variablity and start-up costs in the many billions, and 2) Environmentalists and sundry such issues with regards to digging up the Rockies, putting in pipelines (can’t even get the go ahead on the one from Canada, so far, so what chances in the Rockies?), anti-carbon dioxide emission protestors, etc.

    The reports I linked have reams of stuff referencing ths environmental/political/EPA stuff as hinderances in addition to the economic stuff. I suspect that #2 above is the biggie.


    4th September 2011 at 10:53 pm

  107. Administrator says:

    Some issues with Bakken:

    The amount of oil or gas which it is technologically possible to extract from a given reservoir is always greater than the amount which can be extracted at an acceptable economic and environmental cost. Canadian tar sands are a prime example of this.

    In the case of Bakken, USGS says that the oil-bearing portions of the formation are “thin”. This innocent-sounding word implies the need for horizontal and/or other kinds of directional drilling throughout the formation. Unfortunately directional drilling can be up to three times more expensive than traditional vertical drilling.

    Much of the oil is located in shale rock which has a low porosity. Low-porosity rock requires expensive extraction technologies, regardless of the angle at which the well is drilled. Typically large amounts of water must be injected into the formation at high pressure, in order to break up the rock enough to permit extracction of commerically significant quantities of oil. Will there be enough water near the sites where company X or Y would like to drill ? Can this water be extracted at an acceptable economic and environmental cost ? And what will be done with that water which comes back up with the oil ? From an environmental point of view, this water will be dirty enough to present a significant cleanup and disposal problem.

    The total 2008 extraction from the Formation was less than 99,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The estimate is less than 230,000 barrels for 2009.


    4th September 2011 at 11:06 pm

  108. llpoh says:

    Where the fuck is Smokey? This is a prime chance for him to kick the living shit out of several folks, and he has disappeared. Great. I have been waiting for this moment with bated-breath and he fucks off. Tag-team time. Get your ass out here, Smokey.

    CI and DP – getting ready to explain 9/11 on CNN:



    4th September 2011 at 11:00 pm

  109. Smokey says:

    crazyivan and DP swearing eternal love after engaging in a mean 69.

    crazyivan—Tell me you aren’t that fucking gullible. Naive. Stupid.

    Do you believe in pixie dust too?


    4th September 2011 at 11:12 pm

  110. llpoh says:

    Admin – yep I forgot to mention water requirements. Another small environmental issue.

    Hey, Ivan –



    4th September 2011 at 11:14 pm

  111. Smokey says:


    It may be 8:15 PM in colma’s time zone, and I’m not sure your time zone.

    But it is 11:15 PM on the East coast and I am no youngster anymore.

    Cancer surgery and chemo slowed me down a few years ago, and I can no longer roll with the Big Boys when it comes to pulling a marathon.


    4th September 2011 at 11:16 pm

  112. llpoh says:

    Smokey – you make up with quality what you are losing in quantity. The Big C sucks. Hope all well now.


    4th September 2011 at 11:24 pm

  113. Colma Rising says:

    Smokey: Ivan does believe in pixie dust… I think he’s snorted his share.

    I also believe that llpoh has chased him away for the night.

    Tomorrow’s another day. If this turns into 9-11 week, I imagine it will be Peak Retard that will require action in the form of epic TBP beatdowns.


    4th September 2011 at 11:25 pm

  114. crazyivan says:

    Nothing works better than a good diversion.

    Good luck boys


    4th September 2011 at 11:27 pm

  115. Administrator says:

    Nice analysis Crazy

    Please explain HOW thousands of demolition experts worked for weeks setting the explosives in the buildings and every one of them has kept quiet despite the unbearable guilt of murdering 2,750 innocent Americans.

    Crazy – We await your words of wisdom. You might want to consult DP, but he is busy in the barn. I’m sure he can help you cut and paste 8 links to conspiracy websites.


    4th September 2011 at 11:32 pm

  116. Smokey says:


    All is well now.

    Good night all.


    4th September 2011 at 11:31 pm

  117. Colma Rising says:


    Ivan will return…


    Ivan will remember…


    4th September 2011 at 11:33 pm

  118. crazyivan says:

    If they are loud enough they get killed.
    Some take money and look away.
    Some keep their job and look away.

    Some start blogs and take liscence.


    4th September 2011 at 11:46 pm

  119. Administrator says:


    Killed by whom? Dick Cheney? The Bilderbergers? Fred Flintstone? Alien rulers?

    You are such a blithering non-thinking retard that you think thousands of co-conspirators would all keep quiet for 10 years about the biggest mass murder in the history of the world?

    How do you function on a daily basis with that level of delusion running through your pea brain?


    5th September 2011 at 8:22 am

  120. therooster says:

    Good news for those who may be ready for it. The free floating USD (fiat) was never developed for the sole purpose of being just a currency. It’s only a currency within the fiat paradigm. It’s ultimate role is as a real-time measure for bullion where bullion is the money. The dollar acts as the real-time bridge between fiat currency pricing and payment made in gold/silver weight. This is why the fixed peg had to be severed for gold to be able to enter a new paradigm of liquidity. I dare say that Gresham’s law may soon become obsolete because Gresham’s law was predicated on FIXED gold values such as what we saw during Bretton Woods before 1971.

    Follow “the script”. Some evils are necessary in God’s plan.


    5th September 2011 at 12:01 am

  121. crazyivan says:


    Me thinks that you were educated beyond your intelligence at some point


    5th September 2011 at 12:13 am

  122. Colma Rising says:

    Do I even want to hear a translation?


    5th September 2011 at 12:34 am

  123. llpoh says:

    CI – great line. Really.


    5th September 2011 at 12:37 am

  124. ZH says:

    Damn, dude – you are seriously fucked up.

    You get your articles posted here, then troll the comments for somebody (ANYbody) that express a different opinion, then you jump up and down with all your insults and foul language.

    When I lived in the city I’d hear dogs barking. Some of them barked for an hour or more. I used to ask myself “why the fuck would a live animal invest so much time into something as ridiculous as barking ??”

    After being treated to your bullshit here, I actually appreciate the dog a little more. At least he duzn’t try to make his barking look like independent thought.

    So … pretty please – with sugar on top: shut the fuck up already.




    Oh, yeah … and don’t let anybody go around MANUFACTURING YOUR OPINION !!


    5th September 2011 at 2:48 am

  125. Administrator says:


    Are you too much of a pussy to post as yourself? You have to use ZH and Anonymous?

    You are still the master of the cut and paste. It’s easier than showing everyone you have an IQ of 50 and can’t formulate a coherent sentence. It must be that raging case of syphilis.


    5th September 2011 at 8:25 am

  126. DavidPierre says:

    Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World

    As you read Christopher Bollyn‘s E-Book you will understand just exactly who and what foreign political interest actually attacked the WTC complex on September 11, 2001.

    These foreign political interests with their traitors (George Washington referred to these types as tools and dupes) inside our U.S. political establishment attempting to deceive the world in order to pursue their foreign-sponsored political will and expansionist policies in the Middle East.

    As you read, the real perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks will become apparent, and they will be identified.

    The motive will become clear, and you will see this peg as a natural fit. You will understand that the US is a country filled with ―ambitious, corrupted, and deluded citizens (in positions of political power, office holders, judges, the press, etc.) who devote themselves to the foreign nation, and have sacrificed the interests of their own country with the appearance of a virtuous sense of obligation.

    You may even find yourself supporting a new investigation into the attacks of 9-11.
    So what else should one do when he or she finds that their own government has attempted to deceive them, in order to pursue unofficial policies through lies, fraud, deception, and cover up.

    For Christopher Bollyn and honest people, the Scriptures are clear. ―And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.‖ (Ephesians 5:11.


    Do some serious reading… quit being 9/11 dupes… or worse… a person who assists and protects those wanted in connection with a crime… an accessary after the fact .



    5th September 2011 at 3:23 am

  127. please don't slam the door on your way out says:

    This is a very good article, but I am a little confused by this paragraph. Elsewhere on this website are articles celebrating Ron Paul and his “libertarian” philosophy. I wonder if people reading this understand that adaption of most of these policies are and have long been opposed by the Republican party (including Ron Paul), because to implement them requires strong, forceful government action that goes against the short term interests of many people with money. This very article makes fun of the government for the loans that were given to Solyndra, but then later in the article, suggests that “expanding the use of solar where economically feasible” would be a wise. The problem with solar, however, is it’s NOT economically feasible with conventional energy priced as low as it is now.

    “If we had begun making the dramatic changes to our society 5 to 10 years ago, we may have been able to partially alleviate the pain and suffering ahead. Instead we spent our national treasure fighting Wars on Terror and bailing out criminal bankers. Converting truck and bus fleets to natural gas; expanding the use of safe nuclear power; utilizing wind, geothermal, and solar where economically feasible; buying more fuel efficient vehicles; and creating more localized communities supported by light rail with easy access to bike and walking options, would have allowed a more gradual shift to a less energy intensive society.”


    5th September 2011 at 6:09 am

  128. Administrator says:

    Please don’t slam the door on your way out

    What don’t you understand with the term “where economically feasible”? Did I say that the government should be picking winners and losers? NO I DID NOT. If there is a market for geothermal, solar or wind then the private sector will do it. If not, they will not do it. That is hard for liberal do-gooders to understand because they need to control and direct everyone and everything. We’ve had decades of command and control central planning. How’s that working out for you. The freaking Dept of Energy was created in 1978 to wean us off foreign oil. BWAAAHHHHHAAAA!!!!

    The paragraph you are referring to states that we have a problem and if we were thinking long-term, would have adapted our behavior to our circumstances.

    You clearly prefer the Obamanistas to save you. Did you buy a Chevy Volt this year?


    5th September 2011 at 8:34 am

  129. Stan says:

    We use about 80 million plus barrels of oil every day. If you had all that oil in one place it would be a LOT of oil! We use it every single stinkin day. We extract that much every day too.

    So sooner or later demand will outstrip the supply. And when it do, it will make believers out of the folk who think there is an endless supply of oil.

    Oil would have lasted us a lot longer if we had not wasted so much of it.

    I look forward to peak oil. We need peak oil. We are all just rats running on a wheel. The average working stiff gets up early, fights fuckin traffic, busts his ass all day for a company or boss who don’t care about him, fights traffic again, and then gets ready to do it all again the next day. And for what? So we can “consume”.

    I say, let Peak Oil set in and then lets replace Martin Luther King day with M. King Hubbert day.


    5th September 2011 at 7:24 am

  130. ecliptix543 says:

    Okay there old guys… maybe you’re not full of shit. You are, however, pretty easy to set off with a vacuous, non-specific statement about somebody being full of shit. 🙂

    Come on in!! The water’s fine!!

    No goatfucking allowed.


    5th September 2011 at 8:00 am

  131. ecliptix543 says:

    More people were struck by lightning than bought a Chevy Volt this year.

    More people were tortured to death in overseas American prisons than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people hit the lottery jackpot than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people have sex with farm animals than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people got tossed from a Southwest flight than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people bought .50cal sniper rifles than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people believe Congress has our best interests in mind than bought a Chevy Volt.

    More people had sex change surgery than bought a Chevy Volt.

    On a good note, LESS people were shot in the face by Dick Cheney than bought a Chevy Volt, so I guess that’s progress, right?


    5th September 2011 at 9:09 am

  132. Thunderbird says:

    Administrator says: “We are spending $1 Trillion per year on our wars. We are spending $2.3 Trillion on entitlements.”

    Are you including social security and medicare in this? If so, remember payroll taxes are being collected for these entitlements. Nothing is being collected in payroll taxes for our wars. I’ll bet that if payroll taxes were being collected to pay for these wars we would see mass demonstrations in the street because no one is getting anything in return for these wars. If you say we are getting security; are you saying Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and TSA is worth the money and our lack of Liberty, for war?

    As I said in former posts, our government has been captured by others with a different agenda. That is why entitlements go to the wrong people (in our way of thinking) is going on. I think we have a chance of capturing it back if we replace the entire congress with new faces; if people wake up.

    However, even you have to admit that the economy is so bad with so many people out of work that paid their taxes all their lives, that these people deserve some form of entitlement for their taxes paid in, just to get by until employment opportunities come back.

    For me, if I were young again, I would head toward the southern hemisphere to work and live until this country turns around. This world order we have in the Northern Hemisphere is breaking down fast. Peak oil is the least of our worries right now. Our political system is breaking down. Fukushima power plant melt down is radiating the entire northern hemishere while the news on it is in blackout. I suspect Japan will become a third world country again after the people there kill off all their politicians and TEPCO in revenge when the damage to humans there can no longer be hidden.

    It appears there is no solution to stop the financial meltdown we will experience. Government spending is so uncontrolled it cannot be stopped without stopping computer programs that control it. We do not realize how dependent we are on computer programs that control the government’s spending patterns. It cannot be turned off or changed fast enough to avoid financial chaos. We have no human control of the situation so demanding the politicians in Washington DC to do it is like pissing in the wind. You want the truth Mr Administrator: We are F*#ked by the very system we created. The President and the Congress is just a dog & pony show entertaining us with the illusion that they are in control, when in reality the only thing these people control is the electronic ballot box. We are screwed by the system. It has to collapse so we can start over.

    So entitlement spending cannot be stopped, but war spending can be when we bring our troops home. This is my point when talking about reducing war spending. If employment can be increased with more taxes coming in then this is the only way to balance the budget. But this won’t happen because government is in the way.

    Another point I would like to make with the present system in place: This system being run on computer programming & control requires much less people employed. To balance the system people would only need to work a three day work week. This means people would need to be paid more per hour to make ends meet. It could be done. It means that investors and stockholders would make less of a return on their investments.

    Enjoy your Labor Day because it may be the last one you enjoy for years. I am on my way to the lake to do the same. Good Day.


    5th September 2011 at 9:25 am

  133. Administrator says:


    I agree with you 100% that the military spending needs to be dramatically cut. All of the entitlement programs are paying out more than they are bringing in. The payroll taxes collected were already spent. There are only IOUs in the lockbox.

    Enjoy the lake.


    5th September 2011 at 9:34 am

  134. ecliptix543 says:

    Hey Thunderchicken – It seems like you’re preaching to the choir with most of that last post. I’m not exactly sure why you’re taking shots at Admin… but you two can sort that out…

    I completely agree about the computer programs running (ruining) everything. Up until this past week, I had been a customer of Allstate for my car insurance for right at 20 years. Apparently, when I made the online payment for July, I underpaid by $1.68. Nobody told me this so I logged on to pay the bill last Thursday and it said my policy had been terminated as of the 8th of August and I owed them $1.68. 20 fucking years and I don’t even get a phone call or anything from my supposed ‘agent’? I sent a colorful and scathing email to the agent and a couple days later got a reply that there was nothing they could do about it since the computer showed it was cancelled. A 20 year customer (with no crashes and one speeding ticket from ’96, mind you) shitcanned over a buck sixty-eight with no communication, no warning, no nothing. By a goddamned corporate-fuck computer in some basement in Illinois. The agent finally called me Saturday evening to tell me she got the policy reinstated and the $1.68 cleared but by then, I had already gotten a new policy with a different company – with much more coverage, no deductibles, and 40% less on the premium. I told her she and Allstate were both fired as of that moment due to gross disrespect for the humanity of the customers and general apathy towards being competitively priced. Fuck ’em. Raw. With a stick. … Right in the ear. … Twice.


    5th September 2011 at 9:43 am

  135. Administrator says:


    SSS, LLPOH, HZK and the rest of the faux capitalists would tell you that the Corporation is always right. It’s their company and they can choose to boot your sorry ass out the door.

    SSS and LLPOH will be on shortly to tell you that Allstate is the best run insurance company in the world and they whole heartedly support the actions taken by Allstate, since you are clearly a deadbeat.

    The paying customer has no rights. You’re just lucky they didn’t find out your pants sag. They would have booted you years ago.


    5th September 2011 at 10:00 am

  136. Must Read – Peak Oil « InvestmentWatch – The best source of news, analysis, and intelligent discussion says:

    […] Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform […]


    5th September 2011 at 9:44 am

  137. ecliptix543 says:

    It’s a bit tough to pull off the saggy pants routine while freeballin’. That shit can get me arrested around here.

    It is their company and they can kick me out at their leisure, just as I can fire them at my leisure. My issue with this instance and several others – primarily bank software that stacks withdrawals and deposits specifically to deliberately create overdrafts when the deposits clearly preceded the withdarwals (fucking BoA cocksuckers… and Compass after they got bought out by Santander) – is the use of computer software to determine account status without any review by an actual person or a viable avenue for redress by the customer in question, as well as aligning the software to always try to screw over the customer for as much money as possible then make it incredibly difficult to find a human that has proper access to fix anything. This, I believe, is why so many companies want you to set up automatic billing with them so they can fuck you in the middle of the night with direct access to your accounts and take whatever the computer decides it wants.

    Also, when I called the Allstate 800 number to find out what the fuck happened, I got forwarded to some guy in India I could barely understand and who did not have the proper access to do anything at all other than tell me to call back later. That was the final straw with Allstate.

    Count 1. GUILTY: Outsourcing call center jobs. Sure they don’t pay much but they pay SOMETHING, and we can use those kind of jobs for young kids just starting out. older people that got wiped out in the market crash, and disabled people that need work that isn’t physically demanding.
    Count 2. GUILTY: Blatant disregard for customers. Living in a state with mandatory insurance laws and some fucking crazy-ass fuckwit drivers that like to hit other people’s things, it was something of a surprise to find out I’d been driving around for three weeks without insurance. If I had gotten in a crash, that would have been bad enough. If I had hurt somebody else, that would have been catastrophic. Fuck them for being pricks over a couple bucks and putting me at that level of risk.


    5th September 2011 at 10:43 am

  138. Administrator says:


    You need to pay attention to SSS and LLPHOH. Repeat after me.




    This is publicity for Allstate. Remember those words of wisdom from LLPOH: Any publicity is good publicity.

    Sheesh. I don’t see what the problem is.


    5th September 2011 at 11:05 am

  139. Smokey says:


    Maybe if you’d learn how to use a fucking calculator, it would not be necessary for them to cancel your sorry, delinquent, nonpaying ass.

    Just fucking with you.—That type of shit, the cancellation, is indicative of deeper problems in corporate America.

    Tell you what though. It is a virtual certainty that when you motherfuck them (Allstate) on a blog like this, then on a relative basis, THEY are taking the worst of the incident, not you.

    At a minimum, hundreds, probably THOUSANDS, of people get to see how Allstate doesn’t give a god damn fuck about their customers.

    That shit resonates on a blog like this. Who will sign up with those cocksuckers after reading that post here?

    PS, on a different subject entirely—-Please don’t mistake an ass-whipping that I have deferred, for being an ass-whipping that I have canceled.—Tread lightly—the time is drawing nigh.


    5th September 2011 at 11:13 am

  140. ecliptix543 says:

    Proceed with the ass-whipping at your peril, gramps. Colma has said many times that your spankings are quite memorable, and that you should really start charging at least $10 for the happy ending. You’re missing out on some extra retirement income with that. And, he says you should probably use lotion next time… your wrinkled, decrepit old cock-knockers are too rough on his delicate skin.

    Yep. FUCK ALLSTATE. I’m not going to disclose the replacement I chose or recommend any particular company as I see most all insurance as legalized racketeering, but if anyone has Allstate, look around at some others and compare rates if you haven’t recently.


    5th September 2011 at 11:48 am

  141. More Positive, Optimistic Articles for Another Cheerful, Sunny Happy Labor Day » ReasonAndJest.com says:

    […] The Burning Platform: Where’s Our Oil Price Collapse? […]


    5th September 2011 at 12:13 pm

  142. Petey says:

    Allstate eat shit.


    5th September 2011 at 12:18 pm

  143. ron says:

    Peak oil,create an artificial shortage that only makes oil producers more profit.Just imagine a board room in the 1960,s where theyre talking about future demand and someone says we need to build more refinerys then anouther says what happens if we dont?well there would be increased demand and we well have a problem keeping up,so anouther says hey a shortage we can charge more and not build a new refinery,they all laugh. My friend worked in long beach harbor and an engineer showed him on a map where there was a 300 year supply of oil for the whole usa.Who the fuck knows how much oil is really in the ground.


    5th September 2011 at 12:28 pm

  144. Administrator says:


    Great storyline. I love storylines. They’re so much easier to regurgitate than a fact based analysis. Are you still workin on that?


    5th September 2011 at 1:05 pm

  145. Colma Rising says:

    Eecliptix, reeling from the timeless cornholing he received on the “Cry Me A Fucking River, Bradely” thread, delivers an unprovoked attack on a slumbering Colma.

    Luckily, it’ll take more than that to be re-entered in my Punk Book.

    Don’t get too excited, though, I’m prone to have a change of heart.


    5th September 2011 at 1:32 pm

  146. Smokey says:


    Agreed, that was an EXTREMELY cowardly assault. Truth be known, he slipped it onto the thread praying that you would miss it.

    Ecliptix543 is no doubt panic-stricken by now.

    Worried about BOTH of us.

    As he should be.


    5th September 2011 at 1:43 pm

  147. Colma Rising says:

    When he’s finished getting his ass served to him on Call Of Duty by foul-mouthed eight year old boys, return extra-bitter, though somewhat sedated from the blunts he buys off of Haitian rasta-do’s at the corner swamp.


    5th September 2011 at 2:48 pm

  148. WHERE’S OUR OIL PRICE COLLAPSE?…James Quinn | RevolutionRadio.org says:

    […] The Rest…HERE […]


    5th September 2011 at 3:31 pm

  149. Steven Kopits says:

    In the 2008 recession, oil prices did not peak until July 2008, whereas the recession started in December 2007. If we are in a recession, when did it start? I could argue May, August, or even September. So you get you oil price collapse in Q4 ’11 or Q1 ’12, by these metrics.

    Also, you’re under-estimating China’s demand. The country will have the capacity to build 31 million cars by 2013. Our current sales are running around 12 million units. See my article “EIA: The China Syndrome”. http://www.econbrowser.com/archives/2010/06/eia_the_china_s.html


    5th September 2011 at 5:13 pm

  150. Petey says:

    In Obama’s Labor Day radio address he implored that roads and bridges need rebuilding in the U.S. This is probably true, however I seemed to remember an $800 billion stimulus that turned out to be “not so shovel ready.”

    Being well past peak oil production, we are going to go into more debt to build/re build roads (that we have probably already paid for multiple times). Fucking Idiot. Japan essentially paved their entire country and they are still stuck in a rut. This is the same thinking from 8 decades ago. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Hey but do it anyway, my gold and silver are only going to get more valuable.


    5th September 2011 at 5:21 pm

  151. MajorMocambo says:

    Its too bad that the discussion of Peak Oil includes the nut jobs that posted here. I won’t forward the forward the link in fear my friends will think I went bonkers, goats and all. I don’t think it was mentioned here, but its really not how much potential oil we have, its how fast can we get it. Its the flow rate stupid. Liquid fuel is the basis of our advanced societies. We have used the spice (i like that analogy) here in the United States more so than any other nation. We have eliminated the sense of geographic distance, and we will pay for that dearly. I’ve been studing everything oil for the past 4 years, and have investigated all the standard responses, heavy oil, tar sands oil, shale oil and gas, bio, alternative energies, you name it, I’ve spent time reading it. Notice no mention of the abiotic oil. Get serious. There is no way we will replace the utility and energy density of gasoline and diesel. NO WAY!! We have a problem of epic proportions coming at us and people don’t get it. Of course when the financial system collapses, all the nay sayers will say, “See, no peak oil”. Oh well, I think I’ll gas up my new beamer with premium and enjoy a good ride with Pink Floyd The Wall blasting away. It is totally awesome what hydrocarbon man has done with technology !!! Enjoy it while you can.


    5th September 2011 at 7:14 pm

  152. Administrator says:


    This is tame compared to the vitriolic nutjobs who attacked the article on Zero Hedge.

    Denying peak oil doesn’t make it not so.

    The epic financial collapse that started today will drive oil prices lower, but not as low as last time. The lows will always be higher than the previous lows.


    5th September 2011 at 7:28 pm

  153. Stucky says:

    Humanity WILL survive Peak Oil …. it will just be with a few billion less of us.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that … unless one of those fuckers is ME !!


    5th September 2011 at 7:35 pm

  154. MajorMocambo says:


    I believe your a bit light on the “few”. The ecologists are going to love this, back to ecological equilibrium.


    5th September 2011 at 7:42 pm

  155. LLPOH says:

    Admin comes out swinging. Whenever he is on a rampage he adds “Neo” to the front of a descriptive – neo-capitalist, neo-libertarian, etc. It is a lot like how Democrats start calling people racist whenever they cannot make a salient argument.

    And of course, seeing how SSS and I smacked down his Green Day shit yesterday, he is holding a grudge (and waiting for the swelling to go down). He somehow compares an airline controlling a dress code and upholding standards to a company abusing a long-term and highly profitable customer. Kinda like trying to drive from NY to Boston via LA, don’t you think?

    Allstate, based on the facts presented, did not do the right thing. I actually thought there were laws governing this type of thing – ie a formal requirement to notify re insurance cancelation. Maybe I am wrong there. In any event, they did they wrong thing.

    The last Stucky comment sounds like RE.


    5th September 2011 at 7:52 pm

  156. Administrator says:


    Is that all you got. Did you go to the David Pierre school of debate. Your assanine Southwest arguments apply exactly to the Allstate case. Admit it. You’ve been crushed and obliterated by your own line of reasoning.


    6th September 2011 at 8:34 am

  157. ecliptix543 says:

    Not panicked here, not stoned (but not for lack of trying), and there are no video games allowed in my house. If there has ever been a more complete waste of time than video games… they don’t increase hand-eye coordination. They just make fat fuckers by the millions!


    5th September 2011 at 8:18 pm

  158. Muck About says:

    @ecliptix543: one of these days, we are going to have to close the gap and have a beer.



    5th September 2011 at 8:25 pm

  159. NorthernLight says:

    Jimmy Quinn,

    Your articles are both on point & well researched. I’ve enjoyed them a great deal over the past few years.

    I find it curious that you dismiss the 9/11 theories so thoroughly. I feel we would both agree that the U.S. government at all levels is hopelessly corrupt.

    Is it so unbelievable that the U.S. government & its agencies would create a false-flag event to march into oil rich Iraq? Consider the nature of your current post. The world is running out of oil.

    At the very least, I feel the government allowed the events to occur. Look at the liberties lost since 9/11 with the passage of the Patriot (snort) Act.

    As for building 7, it was the least damaged of the lot. Far worse damaged buildings at the World Trade Plaza still stood on September 12th.

    No one will ever convince me that Building 7 fell neatly, and squarely into its footprint without some help. No demolition expert would ever be convinced of it either.

    Ever wonder what happened to the Enron & Worldcom criminal proceedings? The evidence was evicerated when Building 7 fell.

    In times of universal deceipt, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act. These are those times.

    We can agree to disagree on 9/11. I enjoy your posts, keep up the excellent work.


    5th September 2011 at 9:47 pm

  160. ron says:

    Funny thing about quoting sources,its like polls,it all depends on where theyre comeing from and what results they want.When i see articles about global warming or peak oil the first thing that comes to mind is how the people who push it well profit off it,taxs?or i think about ever increaseing ways to control people.I like it better when someone i worked with for years tells me about working around oil rigs and the inside info they got.One good thing i got out of trucking was to travel the country and talk to so many people,the closer you get to washington dc the more fucked up it is,so many rules and laws and regulations.The folks on the east coast have been fucked for so long they dont even need lube.So whats this got to do with anything?what does the price of oil have to do with the supply?Its a contrived shortage that jacks up profits and control of people.


    5th September 2011 at 10:46 pm

  161. Administrator says:


    Your problem is you post whatever pops into your head. Try thinking. Try doing some fact finding. I know its hard, but you can do it.

    I bet you could even put spaces between your sentences if you put your mind to it.


    6th September 2011 at 8:52 am

  162. crazyivan says:

    “You are such a blithering non-thinking retard that you think thousands of co-conspirators would all keep quiet for 10 years about the biggest mass murder in the history of the world?”

    The biggest mass murder in the history of the world?

    You really need to read more admin.

    You sound like Bill O’Rielly when you get in the comments section.

    Scared shitless that your opinion may be questioned.

    Stick to your articles, they are quite good and appreciated.


    5th September 2011 at 11:49 pm

  163. Administrator says:


    Your name fits.


    6th September 2011 at 8:50 am

  164. madmarc says:

    Honestly, you people need to cheer up! Who cares if we are running out of boil? boils are unsightly and painful, especially if you get them on your face.

    Oh, you said “Oil”? never mind.


    6th September 2011 at 7:23 am

  165. Robmu1 says:

    David Pierre is back – with exactly the same drivel as he had 3 years ago. People, DP is a ward of the state – doesn’t do anything but sit in the shack and collect government checks and beat off to porn. Don’t waste a moment of your time on this dimwitted bonehead. He can copy and paste with the best of them. As 2-time TBP Douchebag Of The Year, we do owe him some thanks for hours of entertainment as we beat him senseless. He was just too stupid to realize that we were just letting him post so we could laugh at him.


    6th September 2011 at 8:09 am

  166. jmarz says:


    Great commentary. You are such a great writer. Look forward to more featured articles.


    6th September 2011 at 10:08 am

  167. Stoneman85 says:

    There is a wealth of knowledge and technology that will very quickly fill the void when cheap oil runs out. Check this site: http://www.knowledgepublications.com

    The question is why aren’t feasible replacement technologies in use today? They have been around for 60+ years…could it be that the Govt-Industrial-Media complex needs to find a way to keep the war machine operating at full capacity?

    We all can get ourselves educated and out of the “system” a little at a time if we really want to become truly free!


    6th September 2011 at 4:02 pm

  168. Administrator says:


    Could you please give us a list of technologies that will quickly fill the void when cheap oil runs out? We use 7 billion barrels of oil per year to keep our society functioning.


    6th September 2011 at 4:31 pm

  169. Administrator says:


    Are you associated with that website?

    You are saying that hydrogen is our solution? I’m not buying the books, so maybe you can summarize how hydrogen can run our car, trucks, airlplanes, tanks, etc.


    6th September 2011 at 5:12 pm

  170. WHERE’S OUR OIL PRICE COLLAPSE? « The Burning Platform | The Terror Fabulous says:

    […] WHERE’S OUR OIL PRICE COLLAPSE? « The Burning Platform. […]


    6th September 2011 at 4:08 pm

  171. Stoneman85 says:

    The technologies are provided in the link I included with the original post…we are a very resourceful people and I think there will be much innovation due to the need as it becomes very acute. I don’t think it will be easy, and yes I do agree that we will be in for very hard times, mostly since alternative energy technology is being suppressed. If our Government really gave a rats @$$ about solving this problem it could be done…that is my main point.


    6th September 2011 at 4:52 pm

  172. Stoneman85 says:

    I am not associated with that web site…I came across it during my own journey to find alternative ways to create power. I am still in the learning stage and have not proto-typed anything yet.

    Interesting fact is that there were thousands of cars fueled with bio-mass generated H2 during WW2 (mostly Europe). After WW2, that technology went by the wayside with cheap oil. Also, most waste water treatment plants are self-powered from the bio-mass gasses produced.
    I have a background in naval nuclear propulsion which only means that I know how to boil water with neutrons to make a propeller turn…I have to figure out the rest.

    I have been reading your site for the past 6 months and do look forward to your posts…Just got my “We Are Doomed” mug today!!


    6th September 2011 at 5:37 pm

  173. Administrator says:


    Matt Simmons was working on trying to create ammonia fuel from sea water when he died. I hope someone comes up with something soon. Good luck in your efforts.


    6th September 2011 at 8:32 pm

  174. llpoh says:

    Admin – claiming victory isn’t the same as actual victory. I kicked your ass and you know it. Comparing SW and Allstate is a joke. Give it up.

    As far as ‘all I got’ – I am like Milton Berle – I only take out enough to win.


    6th September 2011 at 5:48 pm

  175. Novista says:

    Admin … “assanine” … as·i·nine/ˈasəˌnīn/ …

    Pot, kettle, black?


    6th September 2011 at 7:04 pm

  176. ron says:

    Thats all you got,put spaces between words?

    Whenever there is a story about some poor fucker living in a big city surrounded by scumbags,your situation comes to mind.Oh and the omega man movie.


    7th September 2011 at 12:22 am

  177. MajorMocambo says:

    Stoned Man, I think admin eased off you a bit. If you do some calculations on how much energy is contained in 19 million barrels of oil per day, you will quickly come to the conclusion that there is nothing that can or will replace it. Our financial system is based on that 19 million barrels a day. Ouch!! Game over!! Man-kind will survive, just at a much lower energy consumption per capita. Shit, I really like just sitting behind my computer screen making money. I once thought about going off-grid, raising goats and chickens, permaculture farming, bee hives. What an idiot I am. Why not just enjoy what time we have left. Filler up with premium please.


    7th September 2011 at 12:30 am

  178. Novista says:


    Which movie version?


    7th September 2011 at 6:27 am

  179. Stoneman85 says:

    MajorMocambo, I have been preparing much like you described…when I am not sitting behind my computer screen making money. I am growing my food using natural permaculture methods, raising meat rabbits and keeping bees all the while getting a little more energy independent each year…I have reduced my load on the grid by 50% from 2 years ago so that I will have to produce less of my own energy for my family. My goal is to survive the transition to a more simple form of living and then thrive going forward…good luck to you!


    7th September 2011 at 9:53 am

  180. MajorMocambo says:

    Stoned Man, well done. Your a better man than me.


    7th September 2011 at 10:38 am

  181. MajorMocambo says:

    Stoned Man, you probably already read his blog, but I like John Michael Greer. One of the most well read people around, and quite a good writer. When I did the “We’re doomed deep dive”, his writings made sense of it all from a stand back perspective. He is a Druid, and I think that turns some people off because they think that is weird. Too bad for them. I’ll believe a Druid over a politician any day.


    7th September 2011 at 11:11 am

  182. Darron says:

    I just finished reading Steve Berry’s The Emporer’s Tomb which discusses the theory of abiotic oil. This led to one of many ‘up to late’ nights googling the unknown. Apparently some Russian scientists still argue that unlimited oil supplies from abiotic wells are present. That oil can be found where we do not expect it to exist. I feel this is a little too optimistic.

    Of course, i would never have went on my search and subsequently found this article, if it wasn’t for a little optimism of my own. The simple fact is though, Peak Oil is just around the corner. What do we do? I would be the 1st to go out and buy solar panels if I could afford it. I would be the first to by a hybrid (not that burning coal for electricity is much better) if I could afford it. I would be the first to…well you get the point.

    I agree, Peak Oil will lead to bloodshed, starvation, loss of ‘quality of life’., and all of the potentially not thought of. Even though I am, in fare consideration, pessimistic about the next few decades, I cannot help but be somewhat hopeful and optimistic for the sake of my kids. With so much accomplished in technology, someone must come up with some alternative that works, and most important, affordable for the masses. Unfortunetly I don’t think we can wait for the next generation. We need a plan to implement 5 years ago.


    8th September 2011 at 12:34 am

  183. Novista says:


    Funny thing about technology, it doesn’t necessarily run to a plan. Do you remember when the birth of the laser was called “a solution without a problem”? And look at the applications since.

    I remember around 1956 reading Admiral Rickover’s book “Education and Freedom” where he mentioned that “the oil will be gone in a hundred years”. I wouldn’t have even known of M. King Hubbert then and my reaction was WTF? Since then, I’ve followed many paths, sometimes on paths like “zero point energy” and hydrogen technology for automobiles.

    Maybe the answer is not A plan (putting all your eggs in one maybe weak basket) but pursuing various concurrent paths. I remember studying corn-for-ethanol years ago and concluding it was a net-loss solution, only to be shrieked at by True Believers that I was a ‘denier’. Thing is, most people cannot analyze a solution from woe to go, or not!

    There’s also the ‘conventional wisdom’ bias — for example, the old belief that stress caused stomach ulcers and that was that — until Australian Dr. Barry Marshall proved a bacteria was a source. (I don’t think he was the first.)

    Recent CERN experiemtns with the LHC suggest interaction of the sun’s magnetic field and cosmic particles are a primary driver of global warming — and Greenies heads all over the planet explode.

    Too many people are invested with emotional and ideological motives about energy. And I can also predict, come the Collapse, if someone is running a coal-powered train, no one will be waving their ecological credentials, they’ll just want someone to save them.


    8th September 2011 at 8:26 am

  184. Opinionated Bloviator says:


    Charles Hugh Smith’s blog had an excellent article on just this topic. The scary thing is the oil price is currently matching his predictions…


    8th September 2011 at 8:34 am

  185. Indesperation says:

    What a country America is! I would not be at all surprised to find a similar article some years hence concerning the state of the climate. One can hardly call America a world leader on that topic. Personally, I don’t give a flying act of copulation what happens to America as a result of peak oil. It deserves everything that comes its way. But I do care about climate change, which is going to reap a whirlwind on the rest of the planet. The only thing that gives me pleasure is the fact that by then America will be very much weaker and the rest of the world emboldened by the fact. I think it will be very difficult for future Americans to plead for help from other nations.

    One can see the level of responsibility of Americans by simply perusing the above comments. Childish in the most part, despite the seriousness of the issue. And as for 911, ‘truth will out’ as it has with the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor and Operation Gladio. I am an atheist, but if I were not, I would find it impossible to worship a god that blessed such a nation.


    12th September 2011 at 6:01 am

  186. Noah G says:

    Why the slight against. “The fantasies painted by “green” energy dreamers” ? I think the green energy dreamers clearly understand the dire picture you’ve portrayed and have decided to work hard to make the transition less difficult, as you suggest we should be doing at the end of the post.


    14th September 2011 at 3:39 pm

  187. Guest Post: Where Is Our Oil Price Collapse? - OIL WORLD 2011 – OIL WORLD 2011 says:

    […] From Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform […]


    18th September 2011 at 8:20 pm

  188. Just Dropping By says:

    Some of the same points are made in this blog. – Kudos.



    20th October 2011 at 9:37 pm

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