The BLS tells us that shelter inflation in the last year is only 2.7%. The shelter category includes rent and owners equivalent rent. It accounts for 32% of the entire CPI calculation. The BLS drones tell us that rents only went up 2.9%, while owners equivalent rent went up only 2.6%. It must be nice living in the world of models and assumptions. Too bad the rest of us live in the real world.

Monthly rental costs reached an all-time high today of $766 per month. This is up 6% versus one year ago. Rents were up 16% in the Northeast versus last year. How exactly does the BLS get off trying to convince the clueless public that rents only rose by 2.9%? Which figure do you believe?

Case Shiller came out with their home price data this morning based upon actual home sales. Home prices surged by 12.9% versus last year, with some cities seeing gains greater than 20%. If home prices have surged and mortgage rates have surged, how can owner’s equivalent rent only increase by 2.6%? Inquiring minds want to know.


So let me get this straight. Rents are increasing at 6%. Home prices are increasing at 13%. Gasoline prices are at 9 month highs, up by 13% since November. Natural gas is up 11% in the last month and 10% higher than one year ago. Beef prices are at all-time highs. Food prices are surging in general. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing by 10% or more. Tuition increases are off the charts. And Janet Yellen is worried about deflation?????

It’s called the American Dream because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.


  1. Nobody can afford to buy a home anymore. Millennials will be trapped in mom and dad’s basement until mom and dad drop dead, then they’ll have to move out since they won’t be able to afford the inheritance taxes. I’ll bet millennials are sure glad they voted Obama into office, twice.


  2. “Millenials” are the first generation subjected to near-total “thought-control”, from birth through HS graduation, by the “Bernaysian” “mind-molding” machinery. Hence the hopelessness of their situation; they are incapable of discerning reality, or, in the event reality somehow impinges upon their self-absorbed “existence”, of rational analysis required to formulate an appropriate response to the situation. There are, of course, numerous exceptions. BC-LR to all

  3. What does “BC-LR” mean? I wasn’t able to find it in google. Unless of course you mean Bible Church of Little Rock, or Boston College Law Review.

  4. I might be wrong Persnick, but I’ve asked, and I know Stucky asked, and Mr (Ms?) Wasem hasn’t ever responded.

    It is driving me nuts too. I know I should be able to figure it out, and I’m sure it has something to do with spirituality, but I cannot find the answer!

    Cripes, come on AR Wasem, what does it mean!!!!!?????

  5. A. R. Wasem says:

    “Best Constitutional-Libertarian Regards. it’s Mr.”

    According to admin’s recent post, libertarian concerns respect for another’s person. It is not a political agenda or economic theory.
    My wife is libertarian and I didn’t even know it. She once said, there is no reason for one person to lay a hand on another (in reference to striking a child or adult).

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