The suppression of gold prices is essential at all costs to the Anglo-American banking interests. The saber rattling and attempts to lure Russia and China into military conflict are about who controls the financial world. Russia and China keep accumulating the eternal currency – gold. The American Empire and their EU disciples continue to accumulate debt and print fiat currencies. Has fiat paper ever won out over gold in the long-run? Change is coming. Revolution is in the air. You can sense the desperation of the ruling oligarchs. Their fiat world is beginning to crumble. But they will not go without a bloody fight. 


  1. Next week will be an option expiration for the precious metals on the Comex.

    I cannot remember when sentiment was this low amongst the metals crowd since around 1999-2001 timeframe.

    I do suspect we are making a bottom, and somewhat artificially low at that. This ought to do enough damage to supply to provide for a high upside IF and WHEN markets become transparent and honest again.

    But I will not say we actually have a bottom until we break this trend of lower highs and lower lows. That is a mugs’ game. And there are plenty of mugs out there, who have called about forty of the last three or four bottoms in the precious metals markets. Fear not, when the time comes, they will be ‘right.’

    We need to maintain some discipline in our thinking and a focus on the fundamentals. Talk is cheap.

    So what does this mean? Holding positions with NO leverage, and of a comfortable size with a longer term price horizon that do not interfere with short term cash flow needs. To do otherwise places one at the mercy of the short term market speculators and manipulators.

    If the precious metals are insurance, do you place all of your assets in insurance? Hardly.

    I know it is especially tough on those who hold the miners. They are a leveraged form of bullion ownership. And what is worse is the great complacency which so many mining execs act towards their own shareholders.

    Not to mention the so-called metals analysts who will unqualifiedly claim that there is NO rigging in these markets, after the many scandals of the last five years showing that if there is money to be made in any market, it will be rigged.


  2. It would be useful if the silver miners especially would announce a production shutdown. However they have some intensely shady interests holding large blocks of stock. It would also be useful if they’d stop making servile noises about becoming more efficient in “lowering costs” which mostly means “high grading their best ore.”

  3. Let ’em keep doin’ what they’re doin’! I’m getting Eagles now for $20/each. I’ll be happy to pay less if they insist!

  4. Once this IMF, SDR scheme kicks off full speed ahead I don’t think there will be huge incentive to keep knee capping PM prices.

  5. “What we see now, is a cruel battle with time. On the one hand, Russia and China, together with the rest of the BRICS, are trying to get rid of the dollar and form their own currency system to gain complete independence, on the other, the neocon banking-corporate puppets in the US are in panic and seek desperately a pretext to come to war with Russia and put an end to this threat for their plans. This explains their agony to drag Russia into a warm conflict.”

  6. I believe we are in the hands of “respectable” gangsters who are treacherous, mad, and evil. They have corrupted the whole economic, moral, and political system. Total control of the world is their goal. See links Below:

  7. In case you haven’t noticed Communist China and Russia have always been the enemy unless you have a new found love for communism. Don’t get me wrong our government sucks too but that does not make the others good. Russia is trying to bring back the soviet union and has built up the military and nukes of Iran the biggest supporter of terror in the middle east and China is still suppressing it’s people even worse than here in the good ole USA. What i don’t understand is of they are hoarding all the gold then why are the prices going down instead of up as with supply and demand? Noone will ever convince me KGB Putin and Communist China are good guy countries.

    1. James doesn’t even know communism died 25 years ago. You must be a graduate of our government public school educational system.

      Who the fuck said Russia and China are good?

      Your comprehension skills are on par with a shit eating monkey.

  8. I’ll 2nd you on that admin., concerning this James Charachter!!!
    It’s like he/she read an article on another site and then came over to critique YOU for it.
    WTF did this article have to do with the goodness/badness of Russia/China, James?!
    Let me guess?! You hold an MA in Obamalitics and Obamanomics from Georgetown U and now serve as Advisor to the WH on Advanced Foreign Policy Issues?!

    Fracking Morons with Voter ID Cards!!!!

  9. I don’t think anyone knows the exact amount of physical gold that China and the BRICS are absorbing. And how much unencumbered gold remains in many of the Western vaults either.

    One has to chuckle at ‘analysts’ who just ignore what of the more significant trend changes in the international money markets. The BRICS are buying tonnes of gold and adding them to their reserves? Nothing to see here. Just the usual hijinks of the uninformed and unsophisticated.

    But no matter how one looks at it, there was a profound change in the metals markets around 2006, and that it is somehow involved with what has been called a ‘currency war.’ As it has done in the past, the nature of the global reserve currency system is changing.

    Gold is flowing from West to East.


  10. “China is still suppressing it’s people even worse than here in the good ole USA.”
    ——-James Stamulis

    You go, boy!! Kick that Russkie-China-luvin Admin in the nuts one more time!

    We are the free-est nation on earth!


  11. “I cannot remember when sentiment was this low amongst the metals crowd since around 1999-2001 timeframe.”

    Excellent point–and what happened after that??

    Think of it this way: You’re a little old lady pushing a shopping cart looking for bargains. Whoa, apples are on sale for 10 cents a pound! I’m going to stock up! Gotta keep ’em cool–maybe I can can a bunch of them, or dry some, or…
    On the way home…Hey! That station is selling gas for 35 cents a gallon, just like in the old days! Wish I had a big 2,000 gallon tank to fill–it’d only cost $700, can you believe it! I’ll get as much as I can, maybe I’ll buy a bunch of gas cans and fill them…

    Well, this is the same, except you don’t have perishability and storage problems. That’s the beauty of gold and silver. They’re not a lottery ticket to possible wealth, they ARE wealth. Buy some on sale.

  12. You CANNOT eat any kind of metal, a couple of years of food and other necessary things will do you better than a ton of metal.
    You could not offer me enough of the gold and other STUFF for a supply of food and other necessary things to live on.
    All the gold will be worth is to make bullets with.

  13. “Change is coming. Revolution is in the air. You can sense the desperation of the ruling oligarchs. Their fiat world is beginning to crumble. But they will not go without a bloody fight”.

    But the oligarchs will not fight their fight. We will. As the old saying goes: Rich man’s war, poor man’s fight.

  14. James is simply reciting what he was taught in school. Murrican is ALWAYS good and righteous. The OTHERS are always wrong and evil. Yall see? Things are just simpler that way. You don’t have to critically think and all.

  15. The enemy are the 1) the Elite who bought everything with counterfeit, rob, spy and plot against US and 2) their low IQ minions who rob us will ballots and guns. The Elite have been mugging the Russians and the European people in multiple ways; and the Chinese earned their huge pile of our fiat paper. The BRICS et all are doing exactly what they should be doing under the circumstances and it’s NYC and Wash DC’s fault. BRICS et all would have to be stupid masochist to keep taking it from NYC Inc.

  16. Gold is a pretty metal, raised in status in Our minds in the scarcity paradigm. It is used to represent Our meaningful energy expended, along with fiat currencies and not quite fiat currencies. Energy scarcity, the scarcity of Human energy meaningfully expended, created the milieu into which money systems were added for accounting and control.

    All systems of money (exchange) promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap, and thus We see Monsanto, Agenda 21, and on and on. Psychopathy runs rampant.

    In the past, accounting for the meaningful energy We each add to the system made sense, insofar as the product of Our meaningful energy expended was scarce. We placed value on these. The materials were free – this abundant planet (“scarcity” is one myth They sell Us) offers everything for only the cost of the energy to farm, dig, extract, gather, pick, chop, mold, and so on.

    But today, though hidden for over 60 years and avidly suppressed by “authority” (because of its implications to the system of money and therefore Their power over Us), We have access to the energy in the aether. As money represents the energy We add, with an effectively infinite pool of energy to draw on, accounting for Our energy becomes moot. The only issue would be how to get People to do necessary work They don’t want to do.

    Of course, today We also have robotics. Adding robots in any necessary work no One (or not enough People) wants to do, We can remove this most dangerous tool called money. In turn, this would remove the impedance of the flow of planetary abundance to the People here, allowing ALL to choose how richly They want to live.

    For more, I invite You to read:

    T.A.P. – You’re It!

    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”


    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

  17. China has money printing problem that’s huge.

    China’s Turn For A Debt Crisis: Keep Your Eyes Open For The Unexpected

    Things are not alright in the Middle Kingdom. China’s total bank debt has grown from $14 trillion in 2008 to $25 trillion today – more than double the total size of the US commercial banking sector. To support this massive growth in credit, China’s central bank has more than doubled its money supply (M2) by simply printing more money. While rapid growth in credit and large-scale monetary expansion may have softened the blow of the 2008 financial crisis and contributed to renewed growth, history has never seen such a colossal ramp-up of both money and credit without a subsequent period of financial chaos.


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