I think Farrell is a little too believing in this piece. Anyone can extrapolate today’s numbers 30 years into the future and arrive at an answer that looks like China will dominate the world. Anyone who extrapolated the Japanese “miracle” economy in 1988 twenty three years into the future would have come up with a far different result than the economic disaster that is Japan today. Extrapolation is for fools. Farrell completely ignores Peak Oil and China’s demographic nightmare caused by their one child policy.

If the European and American economies continue on a downward trajectory, who does Farrell think China is going to sell their shit to? This is really a thoughtless cheerleading piece devoid of the harsh realities facing the world. Rick Perry may be a dumbass, but he is a dangerous dumbass. He will likely lead the US into a Fourth Turning war. If the war is against China, don’t expect a positive result for either country. If China really wants Perry to win, they may be sorry for what they wish for.

Why China would love ‘President Rick Perry’

Commentary: China wins economically with an ‘inconsequential’ America

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — China must be secretly rooting for a guy like Rick Perry as the next U.S. president. They’d love competing against an America led by another Texas governor who talks from a big hat, loves war spending and tea parties, thinks the Fed chairman is acting “treasonous,” believes Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme” and admits he’s an antiscience, antievolution, anti-intellectual who will turn back the clock to the 19th century frontier Wild West.

Yes, China’s rooting for a guy who will not only make Washington “inconsequential” for all Americans, he’ll make America “inconsequential” in a world where China knows that its competitive edge and economic growth all hinge on investing in science, innovation and intellectuals with a vision of the future.

You can bet China’s leaders are cheering for a president who’ll stall the American economy even further while China races ahead of us in the global economic war. China would probably settle for the other leading GOP candidate, that ex-governor whose values shift with the latest polls and Tea Party questions … whatever happened to the GOP’s Bill Buckley soul?

China’s commie-capitalism beating GOP’s Reaganomics since 2000

Adam Smith’s original 1776 capitalism made America the world’s greatest superpower. We’ve lost that too. So America’s now in a handicap race with China, and losing. Why?

In just the past decade China’s state-run hybrid commie-capitalism has beaten the American economy, going from a “poor country” to racing ahead to global economic dominance. Unfortunately, our politicians just don’t get it. They’re like high school teens fighting a turf war who can’t see the building’s burning down.

In his “Triumph of Politics Over Economics,” Reagan’s budget director David Stockman warns: “America’s at a crossroads struggling to redefine ourselves, at a time when even Reagan couldn’t win the GOP nomination. Why? Because myopic politicians have hijacked the economy. Politicians are the new economists. Politicians now run the economy, puppets of the Super Rich and special-interest lobbyists.”

Stockman calls this corrupt system Crony Capitalism. We call it Reaganomics and Doomsday Capitalism, a sellf-destructive ideology that works to China’s advantage.

Here are 11 reasons China’s leaders would love an inconsequential president making America inconsequential in China’s march to economic world domination:

1. China’s economy: $123 trillion, 3 times America’s by 2040

In an eye-opening Foreign Policy cover story last year titled “$123,000,000,000,000: Why China’s economy will grow to $123 trillion by 2040,” Nobel economist Robert W. Fogel of the University of Chicago writes about China’s unbelievable leap forward. Back in 2000, just one decade ago, China was a “poor country” when the GOP and its “war president” took over control of America, announcing that “debt doesn’t matter.”

Yes, by 2040 “the Chinese economy will reach $123 trillion, or nearly three times the economic output of the entire globe in 2000. China’s per capita income will hit $85,000, more than double the forecast for the European Union … much higher than that of India and Japan … the average Chinese megacity dweller will be living twice as well as the average Frenchman … Although it will not have overtaken the United States in per capita wealth … China’s share of global GDP— 40% — will dwarf that of the United States (14%) and the EU (5%) 30 years from now,” one brief generation.

2. China’s political system is more capitalist than America’s

“The Chinese political system is likely not what you think,” says Fogel, “Most economic reforms, including the most successful ones, have been locally driven and overseen.” Today there’s “more criticism and debate in upper echelons of policymaking.”

Fogel attends meetings of the Chinese Economists Society. Many economists are openly “critical of the Chinese government,” will even “point out that the latest decision by the finance ministry is flawed … even publish a critical letter in a Beijing newspaper.”

3. China is rapidly turning into a capitalist consumer economy

Yes, “China’s long-repressed consumerist tendencies” are exploding,” says Fogel: “In many ways, China is the most capitalist country in the world right now.”

Get it? While we borrow from China then waste money fighting wars, while Wall Street and the Super Rich are amassing wealth in the hands of the top 1%, “in the big Chinese cities, living standards and per capita income are at the level of countries the World Bank would deem ‘high middle-income,’ with a clear, growing affinity for acquiring clothes, electronics, fast food, automobiles.”

Why? Because China’s leaders “made the judgment that increasing domestic consumption will be critical to China’s economy, and a host of domestic policies now aim to increase Chinese consumers’ appetite for acquisitions.”

4. China’s massive investments in education, ahead of America

China’s making “enormous investments” in education, says Fogel. They know “educated workers are much more productive workers. … college-educated workers are three times as productive … a high school graduate is 1.8 times as productive as a worker with less than a ninth-grade education.”

In the next generation China’s high school enrollment rate could reach 100%, the college rate about 50%, adding “more than 6 percentage points to the country’s annual economic growth rate.” Meanwhile, America runs up massive debts wasting trillions on wars, shortchanging education.

5: China’s locking up global resources, using U.S. dollar reserves

The title of a Malcolm Knox feature in BusinessWeek says it all: “The deal is simple. Australia gets money. China gets Australia.” Wake up America: While our clueless myopic politicians are fighting self-destructive election turf wars, China is using its reserves (U.S. dollars!) to buy rights to Australia’s commodities and natural resources, giving China long-term access to natural gas, minerals, iron ore.

And that’s just one continent: China’s quietly buying up future rights to commodity-resources worldwide.

6. China’s rural economy of 700 million adding to growth rate

Go beyond the Shanghai high-rises and Guangdong factories,” says Fogel. You’ll see “changes afoot in the Chinese countryside … an under-appreciated economic engine.”

From 1978 to 2003 China’s labor productivity averaged about 6%. In the future, productivity will also increase in rural areas, for about 700 million or half of China. “That large rural sector is responsible for about a third of Chinese economic growth today” and will explode as a new generation adds another hundred million.

7. China’s government statistics underreporting progress

Don’t be misled by reports that “Chinese data are flawed or deliberately inflated in key ways,” says Fogel. Just the opposite: Their “statisticians may well be underestimating economic progress … Small firms often don’t report their numbers to the government.”

And as in America, “official estimates of GDP badly underestimate national growth” because they don’t “take into account improvements in services such as education and health care.” In short, “the rapid growth of China’s service sector makes the underestimation more pronounced.”

8: Yes, China does have a long-range plan to conquer America

China is America’s worst nightmare, engaged in economic warfare against us on multiple fronts: Stealing millions of jobs, stealing U.S. state secrets, stealing proprietary patents, stealing technology, stealing our wealth. China has also forged strategic alliances with our enemies, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea. China is engaged in a not-so-secret cyber-war against America.

Ross Terrill, a China expert at Harvard, wrote in the Wilson Quarterly: “The Chinese Communists are very aware of this contest with the United States, though Americans (beyond the Pentagon) are not.” Terrill warns: “By being a shrinking violet, the United States would simply hand over the future to China.”

9: China’s aware of Pentagon strategies, is one-upping generals

You know China’s generals have copies of the Pentagon’s strategic war manual. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman warns of China’s long-range plans beyond waging “economic warfare” and tying up long-term natural resources.

Krugman says China’s actions tell us they’re planning long-term military strategies as well as economic war. He warns that in the near future, some seemly inconsequential incident may provoke “dangerously trigger-happy” Chinese leaders into escalating from defensive military strategies to a preemptive strike to advance China’s economic power.

10. The “Goldman Conspiracy” is helping China sabotage America

Li Delin’s “The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy” was a best seller in China. His Chinese readers love his vivid description: “Goldman Sachs knows when to go for your neck” like a “Manchurian tiger.”

Actually China’s playing a clever game: As author Matt Taibbi might say, China is now a “vampire squid wrapped around the face of Goldman, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into Goldman’s capital, talent and connections.” Eventually China will suck the life out of Goldman.

11. By 2040 China will be the world’s biggest superpower (again)

“To the West, the notion of a world in which the center of global economic gravity lies in Asia may seem unimaginable,” says Fogel. “But it wouldn’t be the first time. … China was the world’s largest economy for 18 of the past 20 centuries. … While Europe was fumbling in the Dark Ages and fighting disastrous religious wars, China cultivated the highest standards of living in the world. Today, the notion of a rising China is, in Chinese eyes, merely a return to the status quo.”

And thanks to guys like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Barack Obama, the Goldman Conspiracy and buddies, China is destined to once again become the world’s superpower by 2040, when China’s economy is three times bigger than America’s.

25 thoughts on “RICK PERRY – CHINA’S CHOICE?”

  1. I have to agree with the Administrators excellent analysis of this piece. When oil is over $200 a barrel both China and America will be fortunate if they resemble post collapse Russia.

  2. Why not? At least NC looks like its going after term limits. It’s a federal problem, not state level. You ought to be able to understand that even in PA.

    Sent from my Android.

  3. Kd, bull crap, not when you have the most powerful military ever known. We may look like communist Russia, but not post collapse. The only thing to worry about is peak everything.

  4. Nonanon,

    The most powerful military ever known isn’t worth a shit if they’re used poorly by stupid politicians. For instance, the Marines were trained to kill and destroy. We have them playing policeman in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re failing because the mission is murky, the strategy is hare-brained, the tactics are self-defeating, and we can’t define what victory means. Other than that, I’m sure we’ll succeed eventually.

  5. Truly, the only person to “scare” China would be Ron Paul because he completely understands that producing things produces national wealth. I’m sure the pseudo-American, but truly Chinese owned, companies (like all that no longer produce a damn thing here – Apple, MS, Mattel, Levi’s, Walmart, Macy’s – and all that depend on imports for a big part of their $$$) will be utilizing the Supreme Court’s ok and flooding the opposing candidate with money.

    Yet China really not fear us as long as they can keep their own lights on, no matter who is in WDC. I’m sure they realize that worldwide financial Armageddon is exactly like a group of people running from a grizzly.

    You don’t necessarily have to be the most fit, nor the fastest, all you have to do is be faster than a few other people.

    When TSHTF China has factories that produce things needed to survive a modern life. They also have the R&D and factories that produce weapons – including parts and microchips we need for our own weapons. Clinton & the CEOs could not fucking wait to give all of it to Chinese. Let us hope our “leaders” are not naive enough to try to go to war with them when things get tough now.

    Logic tells me that, just like Civil War, the winner will be the same country that has the most industrial, technical and population going into it. Thirty years ago we had everything except population and technology had leveled that field. Now, thanks to the greedy fucking elite and their paid off Washington toadies, it ain’t us.

  6. I wonder if it’ll end up being another bullshit proxy war in some unknown hellhole or if they’ll actually try to land troops in the US?

  7. You cannot extrapolate basing future performance on present results. It never works. Things change, black swans fall out of the sky, neighbors become pain in the asses, climate drifts along with rain fall and temperature forcing modification in things as time passes. Some for the better, most of the worse.

    What makes anyone think that if peak oil and resource exhaustion will kill American productivity and standard of living that it won’t do the same to China. Hokum…..

    I call BS on the whole article…


  8. 1,300,000,000 —– China’s population. How big is that? Well …


    386,000,000 ——– South America
    312,000,000 ——– United States
    112,000,000 ——– Mexico
    ..40,000,000 ——– Latin America
    ..34,000,000 ——– Canada
    ..11,000,000 ——– Cuba
    ..10,000,000 ——– Haiti
    ….9.000,000 ——– Dominican Republic
    ….4,000,000 ——– Puerto Rico
    —1,000,000 ——– Trinidad and Tobago
    —1,000,000 ——– the rest of the island nations
    920,000,000 ——- TOTAL Western Hemisphere Population

    Still not big enough. We need more countries!

    143,000,000 —— Russia
    128,000,000 —— Japan
    ..81,000,000 —— Germany
    ..28,000,000 —— Malaysia

    920,000,000 + 380,000,000 = 1,300,000,000

    So take the entire Western Hemisphere plus Russia, Japan, Germany, and Malaysia ……. and then squeeze all these people into the United States (we are almost identical in size) ….. and that’s what China is. Think about that for a moment.

    Now, there are all kinds of magical guru shit-stuff that enables one country to have this size population. And what I know about simple math as it relates to resources is that this shit simply, absolutely can not and will not continue. Fuckwit Farrell is clueless.

  9. Steve, nice bit of arm chair generalship there, and I’m sure everyone agrees.

    Stuckey, remember the Korean War? 1 million Chinese died, approx 35,000 US. Numbers don’t mean anything to them. It’s all about the technology. We’re holding the line on peak oil, food, water, and technology.

    Admin is correct, when the line fails, so do we. But it’s not going to be by some economic collapse. It will be a military one. That’s when SHTF, fortunately, we also have the best equipped, best trained militia in the world, so we’ll be back on top before the nuclear winter is over. If there’s anything left.

    The Chinese can go suck eggs.

  10. Nonanon,

    I have no idea what you’re trying to convey. Care to try again?

    Armchair generalship? You don’t have to be Clausewitz to figure out that the wars we’re currently mired in serve no purpose other than enriching the arms merchants. The ground-pounders dodging bullets and IEDs know this better than anyone. Is it any surprise that they overwhelmingly support Ron Paul?

    In other words, the American soldier will fight anyone anywhere and stand a very good chance of success – provided that the mission is clear and they are given the means to complete it. That doesn’t and has never existed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen…. Did I miss any?

  11. Steve, it sounds as if you have all the answers, I’m just trying to soak it all in. A quick historical fact for you, from the Korean War forward, the military has been restrained, one might even say since the first use of an atomic weapon.

    Ron Paul apparently has Adult ADD and is unelectable, but Rick Perry is, so what’s your point. I’m all ears, general.

  12. Nonanon,

    Are you a masochist?

    You want one answer? Here’s one: When the Hitler du jour is not a legitimate threat to our national security and isn’t preparing an imminent attack, “Mind our own damn business”! Hey, what a concept.

    Read a little just war theory when you aren’t spouting off your nonsense. Apply these simple criteria to the half dozen or so wars Obama has us in. None of them even remotely apply. And none of them has a coherent rationale and all of them lack any basic exit strategy. A brilliant way to wage endless warfare.

    Restraint? Ask about a million Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians if we were restrained. Or a half million Iraqi civilians during the embargo. Or the 100,000+ dead since the Iraqi invasion. Who knows how many innocent Afghan and Pakistanis we could ask about restraint…if they weren’t corpses – compliments of our restrained foreign policy.

    If a foreign power killed your family with a drone strike or home invasion, would you characterize their actions as restrained?

    Jesus, you are one seriously deluded individual. Wake up, dude.

  13. As much as I appreciate the compliment, I’m not Jesus, and I don’t know if he would appreciate being called delusional, you douche bag.

    I suppose when you define your own terms of engagement, you can apply any criteria to whatever situation you like, until reality bitch slaps you in the face.

    Steve, I’m sure you’re a real nice guy, but who gives a fuck about a million orientals? We’ve already established no one does, the same goes for any of the other engagements you’ve outlined. I guess the real question is, what’s your point, besides tearing everyone else down to make yourself feel big. If that’s not your point, then fuck off anyway.

  14. I believe you made a rather silly remark about how restrained American foreign policy has been since the Korean war and I gave you several glaring examples of how that is clearly mistaken. Instead of refuting them or acknowledging the point, you’re claiming I’m applying “any criteria.” Define your criteria then. Otherwise you lose.

    I’ll let your snide little crack about “a million orientals” speak for itself.

    Seek therapy.

  15. I called you an armchair general, since you seem to have it all figured out. I think the term is limited engagement, not “restrained”. You’re the one who won’t admit your little world view is stilted by pacivism. Wars, bad. That is your point, isn’t it?

    I’ll seek help when people like you who’ve lived a sheltered existence stop talking down to everyone else.

  16. I love the euphemisms. That little tussle in Vietnam is deemed a “limited engagement.” Who knew? And the 500,000 troops we sent to Iraq the first time around? Want to characterize that quaint military exercise?

    While you’re at it, please explain the purpose behind our current presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are they still looking for WMDs? Man, those things are sure hard to find, aren’t they?

    Nuanced thinking isn’t your strong suit, is it? In your twisted mind, if I don’t agree to every war, no matter how weak the rationale, it makes me a pacifist! Classic.

  17. If the Red Army shows up here, it will be each and every one of us’ duty to take ten before being dropped.

    Add the traitors who will undoubtedly fall to their knees and kiss the feet of a Red soldier before that same soldier plugs one into the disgraceful cur.

    Naturally, it wouldn’t come to that. As Central Command calls most to the Rocky Mountain Fortress, the world will be set ablaze…

    I pray the legendary ability of the Chinese to look at the big picture would guide their actions… they don’t refer to us all (to your face if you haven’t noticed) as “White Barbarian (Lo-fan)” for nothing. Overall they are extremely wise.

    I’ll eat their brains over a bonfire of corpses in Hell.

  18. No, my entire point to Steve was this, I suppose you would do better at directing foreign policy. You seem fairly able to critique the efforts of others. I don’t mind pointing out that a balanced budget amendment could have avoided the endless wars with which the US has been engaged over the past 70 years. The Cold War, Bush I, and the War on Terror, throw in the domestic Wars on Poverty and Drugs while you’re at it.

    I’m not able to second guess the commander in chief and head of state. However, I’m reasonably sure Reagan and Bush II have done the most damage our economy by encouraging exponentially increasing deficits. Would Russia have collapsed without SDI? I rather suspect so.

    What Steve failed to comprehend is that the US is going to fare better than the rest of the world in the coming collapse of peak food, water, and oil simply because of its military, and it can enforce it’s will better than any other country. Russia and China aren’t going to take on the US directly, but it will be war by proxy as it has been since the end of WWII.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with stupid politicians, it just is. A more stark reality is whether the US becomes a police state in the collapse. Probably not, but it also means a whole lot of civil unrest, again, having nothing to do with stupid politicians. Ah, therein lies the fallacy of Steve’s premise, politicians aren’t stupid, hmm. As God Almighty said through his prophet, there is safety in a multitude of counselors. I prayed for Barrack Obama yesterday morning, and I’ll do the same again today. God bless, even you Steve, and so be it.

    The writer of this piece needs to pull his tongue out of the Communist parties collective asshole.
    A GDP of 123trillion. Dont make me fucking laugh!
    Just how much of the earths resources would be needed to supply such a figure.
    Every tonne of iron,lithium,urainium,coal,oil,gas,corn,wheat,fresh water produced WORLDWIDE for the next 100 years will not do it.
    They have already reached WORLDWIDE saturation of their products.
    No one is buying this shit, I have checked the serial numbers of the plasma t.vs in the local electrical retailer. They are mostly the same ones that were there months ago.
    There is no current demand and i believe no future demand for these products.
    lets just play fantasy and say the U.S and Europe sort out their economies and growth is kickstarted(lets just conviently ignore peak oil!) they will also grow and expand.
    Will these two really sit back indefintly and let China colonise the 3rd world?
    No matter how much capital the Chinese have will the other countries sell their grain to China rather than feed their own populace.
    Just one anecdote to finish, I had a close freind who got a job selling P.C’s when we left school (1996). he was on a low hourly rate but would get large commissions per sold unit and extra for insurance.during this time a P.C went from being a luxury item very few households had into a neccessity for all. During this time he was routinley earning two or even three times my monthly wage and the company he worked for ewent form strength to strength, expanding massivley around the country.
    After two maybe three years his commission started to tail off before becoming so low I was now earning twice as much as him (even though my wage had stayed the same). Everyone now had a P.C so the market was saturated. The companty retrenched, downsized and eventually went under. The moral of the story is that when he was in the pub regaling us with the tale of his fantastic wage and prospects,glibly telling us he would be “fucking loaded in ten years at this rate” the reality was very different. Future projections are bullshit plain and simple.


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