Whenever I hear a liberal MSM talking head say that Social Security is not a problem, I could spit.

Obama and Romney both declared the Social Security system sound. They lied to the American people that it will only require minor tweaks to keep it solvent for a hundred years. Liberals hate math. The Social Security System has an unfunded liability of $18 trillion. This means our politicians have promised $18 trillion more than they can possibly pay out. I guess $18 trillion is trivial to a liberal minded person like Krugman or Obama. Lucky for them that 99% of all Americans don’t understand what unfunded liability even means. The chart below gives the gory details. The Social Security system had a negative cashflow of $47.8 billion last year, after running a $48 billion deficit the year before. You may notice that 77% of this deficit was created by the SSDI program, where the depressed masses gather after their 99 weeks of unemployment run out. Do you have a headache? Are you depressed because liquor stores don’t accept food stamps? Did you pull a muscle getting on your government provided rascal? Trouble hearing your Obama phone? Then you are eligible for SSDI.

The funniest line item on the chart is the Assets at End of Year line, which shows the Social Security system having $2.7 trillion. Even using this funny number, the SSDI will be broke in three years. Al Gore told us this money was in a lockbox. They take it out of your paycheck and put it into a fund, waiting for you to retire and collect what you’re owed. Right? Wrong! If you tried to observe the vault with the $2.7 trillion on deposit, you’d be looking for a long long time. You see, the noble politicians in Washington DC took the $2.7 trillion and spent it on undeclared wars overseas, ethanol subsidies, investments in Solyndra, turtle crossings, tax breaks for hedge funds, TARP, bailing out AIG, subsidizing GM, $800 billion stimulus packages, cash for clunkers, homebuyer tax credits, predator drones, DHS, Sandy relief and thousands of other buckets of shit. There are nothing but IOU’s in the vault. The $2.7 trillion is long gone. The U.S. government had to borrow $47.8 billion to fund SS last year. They will have to borrow over $50 billion this year. There will be 10,000 per day turning 65 for the next decade. The borrowing will rise exponentially. If the $2.7 trillion actually existed, why would we need to borrow?

The trust funds are required by law to hand over all surplus revenues to the Treasury and the Treasury then provides “special issue” non-marketable bonds—essentially electronic IOUs—to the trust funds in return for the cash. These “IOUs” become part of the national debt. When the Treasury pays “interest” that increases the value of the Social Security Trust Funds it does so by increasing the number of IOUs it owes the trust funds. When the Social Security program runs a net cash flow deficit, as it has in the last three fiscal years, the Treasury needs to borrow cash from the “public” to keep the program funded.

Does this look like a trend that is going to reverse itself or level out with 10,000 Boomers turning 65 years old every freaking day?

These costs will be exceeding $1 trillion per year in the near future. Meanwhile, the number of workers per retiree will continue to fall as it has for decades. In 1945 there were 42 workers per retiree. In 1965 there were 5 workers per retiree. Today there are less than 2.5 workers per retiree. There are only 1.6 full time private workers for every one retiree. With Obamacare working its magic of destroying jobs across the land, there is much less revenue going into the Social Security System. The system is unsustainable and ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

A recent article on Bloomberg below barely scratches the surface of the massive fraud going on in the SSDI program. Those who think we owe them a living are faking disabilities by the millions. The number of annual applications were flat at 2.1 million per year between 2004 and 2007. They now exceed 3 million per year, as the Obama administration has actively attempted to get more people on the dole. In a matter of a couple years, there were suddenly 40% more people getting disabled. Amazing!!!

Shockingly, as 1.4 million people have been kicked off the 99 week unemployment rolls, the number of people applying for SSDI skyrocketed. Just because the scumbags on Wall Street and in the rest of corporate America commit fraud on a massive scale does not mean we should look the other way when lowlifes in our community do the same thing on a smaller scale. The working middle class pays the bill for the cost of both frauds. More than 90% of all the people who go onto SSDI never go back to work. This program was supposed to be short term until people could recover and go back to work. There are now 8.83 million people so disabled, they supposedly can’t work. There are only 12 million officially unemployed people in the country. The government is so incompetent, they barely check the applications for SSDI. Anyone with an ounce of brain power (this disqualifies anyone on MSNBC) knows that at least 50% of the people on SSDI are capable of some form of employment.

The Social Security system is already broke. The money is gone. Pretending all is well is for fools and there are millions of them in this country. If someone within the leadership of this country was honest with the American people we could fix the Social Security system. A combination of age adjustments, means testing, and reconfiguration of income levels subject to the tax could make it viable. Too bad Washington is inhabited by snakes, scumbags, liars and knaves. Corrupt lowlife politicians, lying liberal media whores, and a delusional populace will ignore the Social Security problem until it becomes a crisis of epic proportions. Then they will propose wrong solutions and implement them badly. Some things are easily predictable.


  1. I see only four minor problems with the Social Security Trust Fund:

    1. It’s anti-social.
    2. It’s insecure.
    3. There’s no trust.
    4. And there is certainly no fund.

    You can bet the mortgage that Congress will do everything possible to defer the difficult choices to another day. It’s practically the only thing they excel at. The AARP blue hairs will ensure that nothing meaningful will get implemented, which means we’ll continue to pretend the “fund” is solvent until reality asserts itself.

  2. recall the bit, alan greenspan telling bush, we can make it for as much as you want for as long as you want but we can’t make it worth anything. the wheels were set in motion to reflate the dow, pump up house values in anticipation of mass plunder.
    mexican inflation resulted in stories we heard, a man sold his home for a certain price, after an overnight inflation (it happens overnight) he said his selling price would only buy him a wooden pencil.
    there is no end of the world coming, it simply will be a heist of such proportions to rival the great TARP robbery of 2008. boomers and anyone with bonds will be thrown out in the street.

  3. Stalker,

    TARP is going to look like a blip when the bond market bubble pops. And, unlike 2008, the real crash will not involve further bank bailouts. The funds necessary to capitalize the banks this time around would cause a tax revolt.

    Fear not. Obama is at the helm. They’re prepping those infamous $1 trillion platinum coins. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. “Such a requirement would create a cost incentive for employers to accommodate workers with limited disabilities by offering vocational rehabilitation, moving workers into less physically taxing jobs or improving ergonomics when possible.”

    I really don’t think the problem is employers. I think much of the problem is simple laziness and outright fraud. Many of these people just don’t want to work, and they won’t unless they’re forced to.

    If anything this program needs to be corrected and saved for the unfortunate people who truly can’t work, like my friend who was in Vietnam. He’s not even 60 but looks like 100.

  5. It is all academic anyway. The government can ignore the cost because they KNOW that the entire money system is going to collapse long before it is a problem. If you believe that the current system is going to last another 20-30 years, you are on some good stuff and you should share!

    The dollar is toast … er … Charmin. They know it. The rest of the world knows it. Everyone is playing for time. China is building up reserves of natural resources like ores, coal, oil, food, etc. Japan is downsizing life styles and planting forests and conserving their resources. Even the Philippines is working hard to be independent. So are other smart countries. America is not one of them. America is just trying to hang on to what they had and it is slip sliding away. I’m 68 and on SS, but I don’t expect it to last even my lifetime and I am preparing accordingly. Are YOU?

  6. Makati
    I’m 68 also. Working on getting my Dual C, US-Pi. When this all comes apart it’ll be much safer there than here.

  7. Hey, those turtle crossings were worth it. Turtles are cute.

    My parents got $25K in Social Security benefits last year, plus withdrew $18K of their own money. They did not pay a single dime in taxes. No income taxes for federal or state, and certainly no payroll taxes. My mom can’t help but brag. She says, “It doesn’t seem right, but that’s the way the rules work.” No wonder she’s never voted.

  8. I foresee that those who paid in the maximum every year over their lifetimes and also accumulated assets will be told to deplete those assets before collecting Social Security.

    This government will create a class of serfs, similar to those in Imperial Russia, who worked to pay the master’s taxes, but were never free themselves.

  9. When you work to diminish each others pay this is what you will get. You will be ruled by Kings and Queens, Lords, Viscounts, Duchesses, Knights and Powdered wigs.

    By the time the M’lls get to retirement age they will be making Chinese wages of 5$ a day and relinquished to the soylent green heap.

    And they helped.

  10. Makati1, you didn’t address the sun coming up the next day. Have you considered suicide? Oops, my bad. You did say you’re prepping. Care to enlighten us how?

    ASIG, ex-pat is a way to go. I’ll take my chances here, with a shit load of supplies and ammunition.

  11. We have more lawyers per capita than any nation in the world (1 per less than 200 people). 90% of these scumbags have jumped on the disability bandwagon and are reaping billions from the system. For filing a few papers and showing up at one or two hearings, they get 30-50% of “back wages” which SSDI recipients qualify for when they are approved, which I’ve seen amount to $35,000 or more in a lump sum.

    Lawyers are the second biggest contributor to the democratic party (now behind Wall Street). Over time, the more than 1 million lawyers in the U.S. have lobbied their criminal lawyers politicians for ever easier disability qualifications so that now anyone can qualify for just about any reason.

    Once again, lawyers absolutely destroying a system put in place to help people so they can get rich regardless of the consequences.

    The morality of people getting on disability is a complete wasteland. 98% of them are scum, pure and simple. They got on disability for LIFE for a sprained knee, a sore back, being obese and diabetic, or depressed because they are too lazy to work. Once they get on disability and get their back pay check, they become masters of the universe, and everyone else are their to serve their needs.

    I had a guy come in last week wanting drugs; pain pills and xanax. His attitude was simply striking and amazing. He told me exactly what he wanted and was offended and viscous when I told him no, I wasn’t going to prescribe them because he didn’t really have anything wrong with him. He screamed “I’m on disability” and that I should be serving him and giving him what he wanted. These people really are the lowest form of human imaginable; their only competition being life-long welfare recipients.

    Like life-long, multi-generational welfare recipients, many disability loser’s fathers and mothers were/are on disability. Given the majority voting block held by democrats (FSA, welfare and SSDI recipients) I don’t ever see it changing until it collapses, which it will. These parasites are in for a rude awakening some day.

  12. disability-1.jpg

    The very definition of unsustainable. More people getting disability than jobs. Only in a socialist country would this be allowed to happen.

    Thanks, Obama! Rate of Americans Joining Disability Now Outpaces Rate of Americans Finding Jobs

    A new chart set to be released by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee details an alarming fact: In the last three months, more Americans have joined disability than have found a job.

    As the chart shows, between April-June 2012, an estimated 246,000 Americans were added to Social Security’s disability insurance program. In that same time period, only 225,000 American jobs were created.

    These alarming numbers, though, are part of a wider trend, as another chart, also set to be released later today, from the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee shows.

    Since 2008, 3.6. million Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program. In that same time period, a net total of 1.3 million jobs were lost.

    “Amazingly, while fewer Americans are working than at the end of 2008, 3.6 million Americans have been awarded SSDI benefits over the same period. The growing number of people on disability and other federal benefits, combined with weak economic growth, raises serious concerns about the sustainability of the American economy,” Senator Jeff Sessions, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, says in a statement in response to these new numbers.

    “It is clear there is a great need to distinguish between proper and improper disability claims, and to better incentivize and find acceptable work for those who are able. Today only 1 percent of Social Security disability recipients ever return to work. The administration of this program must be improved to avoid sinking our country deeper into debt, to ensure the program remains viable for those with disabilities, and to protect Social Security itself.”

  13. I’m glad our virtuous president fully supports people leaving the workforce and getting on disability. Keeps the BLS numbers looking good, and FSA recipients slaves to the government.

    This chart says it all.


    5.4 Million Join Disability Rolls Under Obama

  14. It would be nice if there were low-skilled jobs these folks were obliged to take but t an off shoring of the G DP tends to preclude that.

    I don’t have the answer – and I have watched this past year as two people whose jobs are now in India descend into bitterness, anger, resentment and entitlement.

    They will lose their homes, their cars and their skills after sending out hundreds of applications and rarely getting acknowledgement, much less an interview.

  15. “I had a guy come in last week wanting drugs; pain pills and xanax…….I told him no, I wasn’t going to prescribe them because he didn’t really have anything wrong with him.”

    Bet that’s the last time you’ll see that guy.

  16. Social Security will survive because most of the pre-boomers are dying in droves and the boomers are also dying faster than the pre-boomers. In fact many boomers have not lived long enough to even collect. I’ve known some of them.

    Republicans claim to be the party of small government. This is simply not true. With every bill they pass government grows larger. For government to stop growing legislation has to stop. For government to go on a diet legislation has to be repealed.

    Defense spending is not defense spending at all. Rather it is offense spending. Do we really need all this spending? What we are really doing is bullying the world to be like us. Do we really need to do this? Do we really need to spread the bliss of slavery?

    We are no longer a free country. With so much government in our face with endless laws enacted every year how can we be a free people. Do you really think the free shit army is free? They are slaves to the system, as the rest of us are but we won’t admit it.

    A free man lives by his conscience; not under man made laws. Laws of nature exist that we all have to live by, but they are small in number compared to the millions of laws made by man to control others.

    If you are a free man then why is your house titled and you have to pay taxes on it every year?
    If you are a free man then why is your automobile titled under the State?
    If you are a free man then why is your business registered under the State and you have to comply to federal and state laws?
    If you are a free man then why do you need a social security number to open a private bank account or a federal ID number to open a business account?
    If you are a free man then why do you need a drivers license?

    We are all subjects of the State. Let us not be deceived; we are owned by the State. We are not a free people.

    So in light of all this why is this thread complaining about the free shit disabled army, as you call them? They are your comrades; are they not? Everyone gets something out of this relationship with our father and master the government. Some get to keep a portion of their wages, some get to keep some of their investment income, and some (the free shit army) get money directly from the government. The government is providing for everyone.

    Is this not what the people want? When you complain about it then are you not being ungrateful? Look what the government is doing for you? The government gives you permission to make your money but those unfortunates not as bright as you the government still takes care of.

    Shame on you slaves for complaining. Is there no shame in your ranks? Now go your way and stop complaining. Your master has spoken.

  17. Most of the guys I work with are over 65. We all have aches and pains, but so what. The alarm goes off at 0430 and we’re up to face another day in paradise. First thought is “WTF is gonna hurt today”. Sometimes not so much, sometimes a lot. Like I said, so what. Pain is part of life, especially when we get older. Most “Americans” make me want to puke. We have become a nation of weak dicks, of pussies that want “disability” if they stub a toe. I say cut most of that shit out and see what happens. I have no room to talk, but if some of them lost a hundred pounds or so they just might be able to go back to work. Sorry for the rant but lazy fuckers really piss me off!

  18. There really does need to be a requirement for those on the government dole to do some kind of work in order to get their payments, even those who are on disability.

    Since our beloved leader is so enamored with renewable energy, I would suggest non-motorized treadmill farms, connected to generators, that all federal welfare recipients would be required to come to and produce power for several hours each day, with established minimum power production standards.

    Just think, a renewable energy source with the added health benefit of fighting obesity. No entertainment while working, of course, to encourage participants to consider getting a real job.

  19. Olga says: “They will lose their homes, their cars and their skills after sending out hundreds of applications and rarely getting acknowledgement, much less an interview.”

    I find this hard to believe. Possibly what has happened is their skills are obsolete or they have poor social skills and have a very small circle of people that know them in their skill field.

    Right now there is a critical shortage of people will skills. There is no need to send out hundreds of resume’s to people you do not know. In fact if I were looking for work I would not send out my references unless I knew the people advertising were worth it.

    A good source for getting a job is through Crag’s List providing you work it right. Even though you may not have access to a telephone number, name, or email address, there is a place to list your skills, comments, and even your counter proposals. The person on the other end has to read the responses. Just sending them a resume without knowing who you are sending it too foolish. Evidently that is what these folks are doing.

    Another good way to get a job or at least leads is by making cold calls on businesses. Talking to people opens doors that the internet cannot do.

    If people want a job they have to get off their butt and put some sweat into it. Many people have become slaves, and slaves don’t make good workers. People that sit at home and send out hundreds of resumes and just sit there waiting for a response are not the people I would hire. This tells you up front how lazy these people are. A good worker is a self starter. One who puts some sweat in the game.

  20. Clownbucks says:

    “I foresee that those who paid in the maximum every year over their lifetimes and also accumulated assets will be told to deplete those assets before collecting Social Security.”

    I think that at some point they will tax SS at a higher rate so that it effectively disappears if you have another source of income, including savings.

  21. ragman says:

    Most of the guys I work with are over 65. We all have aches and pains, but so what. The alarm goes off at 0430 and we’re up to face another day in paradise. First thought is “WTF is gonna hurt today”.

    if someone would just collect these gems of wisdon, a thousand monkeys would write the great american novel to rival joyce’s ulysses

  22. i say kill the ability to sue for careless slip and fall/ injury due to product use /or stupidity of pouring hot coffee in your lap.
    As well as disability and all the other parasitic bullshit that those lazy cunts want.
    If i didn’t have to pay my fair share i could retire in my 40’s just by living within my means.
    White man is one dumb motherfucker to have allowed this shit to get started, and to continue.

  23. It all depends on if the person really needs help.Not everyone is a crook.
    For many all the jobs leaving for years has finally had an effect.Free trade? The usa has gotten the shaft and places like China got the mine.Greedy fuks going overseas for cheaper labor and little regs.No long term thinking by all the so called smart leaders.This crap sure isnt helping the country.
    Ive noticed a trend here where people with jobs and money like to beat up on theyre fellow broke citizens. Just watch out its easy to slip and fall and be anouther joining the poor folks ranks.
    Most people are a paycheck or two away from joining the folks on the street.

  24. Uncle Ronny said that if you don’t like the….situation, you should vote with your feet.

    Rhett Butler: My darling, you’re such a child. You think that by saying, “I’m sorry,” all the past can be corrected. Here, take my handkerchief. Never, at any crisis of your life, have I known you to have a handkerchief.
    Scarlett: Rhett! Rhett, where are you going?
    Rhett Butler: I’m going back to Charleston, back where I belong.
    Scarlett: Please, please take me with you!
    Rhett Butler: No, I’m through with everything here. I want peace. I want to see if somewhere there isn’t something left in life of charm and grace. Do you know what I’m talking about?
    Scarlett: No! I only know that I love you.
    Rhett Butler: That’s your misfortune.
    [Rhett turns to walk down the stairs]
    Scarlett: Oh, Rhett!
    [Scarlett watches Rhett walk to the door]
    Scarlett: Rhett!
    [runs down the stairs after Rhett]
    Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett!
    [catches him as he’s walking out the front door]
    Scarlett: Rhett… if you go, where shall I go, what shall I do?
    Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
    [Rhett walks off into the fog]

  25. You young whippersnappers best stop your whining, put that 2% of your paychecks back in the pot because this boomer, come October 26th this year is coming to collect. For the first time since I was discharged from the US Army, Uncle Sam is going to be signing a paycheck for me. Its my turn at the trough and I intend to be all sharp elbows if anyone tries to pull my snout away.

    You see Ben Bernanke has been stealing over $25,000 per year from me that I would get if interest rates were just 4%. He’s doing that so zombie banks can roll over zombie loans and so the government can finance its obligations… like Social Security for me. I won’t get $25,000 per year from my early social security claim but at least l’ll get $14,000 or so of what Bernanke stole from me.

  26. Admin: great topic, didn’t ruin my weekend, on the contrary. At least it’s a topic I know something about. I have to deal with these parasites every day. I’m the doc at a group home; people that are retarded, head injuries, psych problems. Truly disabled people. And guess what? They want to work every day. They work at a wood shop nearby, doing odd jobs. They beg me to let them go to work. Brings tears to my eyes. Then there’s the other 98% of people on disability. Parasites.

    SSS: I hope to God I never see that prick again. I was hoping he was going to raise a fist or something, then I could have tee-d off on the guy. A truly miserable waste of oxygen he was.

    Ragman: Pain is just pain. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever died from pain. Pain lets you know you’re still alive. The fucking democrats and criminals in Washington want to take away everyone’s pain, by getting them addicted to pain meds, benzos. Their solution is worse than the problem. Take away their humanity, save them from themselves. Priceless.

    230,000 disability recipients were recently caught going to 4 or more doctors a month, getting pain pills from each and then selling them. The government caught them, but did nothing about it, including not taking away their “medical card” or anything. The government DOES NOT WANT people to get off disability.

    Here’s how it happens. People hurt their back or knee, go to the ER where they get pain pills, they immediately get addicted to pain pills. Some get off ’em and go back to work, the lazy shits don’t, they decide to make prescription drug addiction a lifestyle and a vocation by getting on disability. 80% smoke cigarettes, many have jobs on the side, and most go on more vacations than anyone I know. They got it made, and never have to work another day in their life, and everything is paid for by taxpayers. It doesn’t help people, it’s pure evil.

  27. Sangell, could be they mint the trillion dollar coin, drive inflation through the roof, pay us old warriors pensions with clownbux and take our homes for a pittance in oldspeak money. you see it happening but your sense of cognitive dissonance makes you deny it to yourself. my sense of deja vu is firing off right now, having seen this happen in mexico in the 70’s and 90’s. i can almost assure you the dollar will fall so low that there will be a new minted 1000 dollar coin and million dollar bills. any accounts receivable you may have, including bonds, will turn to crap. it seems a plan in place is to disposses the boomers and pacify the genexers, a docile generation; dependent on government largess, studied in the new math where 1+1=3, and the constitution is but a piece of paper.

  28. objuan,

    I’ll live as long as I live with or without Social Security. I won’t live or die by it but goddammit. 12.4% of all I was ever paid was taken from every paycheck I ever earned to pay for this ponzi scheme. Had you taken 12.4% of a 20 year old median wage earners income ( around $40,000) and paid them no interest beyond wage inflation over the next 45 years of their life they would have $223,000 at age 65.

    $223,000 in the bank in your name makes a huge difference financially and politically and that is why the Democrats made sure this option was not available to the American people. Suddenly you are interested in the economy. You have a major stake in it. You have wealth to bequeath to your children should you die. Your retirement is up to you. Maybe you forego that cruise or buying a new car when you are 50 because you can see the impact that make on your eventual nest egg.
    If some idiot politician wants to debase the currency you might even decide to fire off a $500 check to see that he is defeated because… you can do it!

  29. sangell, so if you had had the opportunity to save that amount (you in general) why would genexers complain if you collected as much from SS over a 20 year period starting at age 62 collecting a reduced benefit @ ~$950/mo? considering american health is not the best in the world, a person might not even collect that much in benefits.

    vito, no one mentioned liberals and anyway, many of them don’t even deserve to be called liberals because they are really libertines, not you, of course.

  30. Shockingly, as 1.4 million people have been kicked off the 99 week unemployment rolls, the number of people applying for SSDI skyrocketed. Just because the scumbags on Wall Street and in the rest of corporate America commit fraud on a massive scale does not mean we should look the other way when lowlifes in our community do the same thing on a smaller scale.

    Pardon the ad hominem, but this fuckshit is assuming that the any person on disability is a lazy no-account? Or just some? Or because there are some, fuck the rest of them?

    And there is virtually nobody in that crowd that worked for years, paid their taxes, WHILE THEY WERE DISABLED? They didn’t want to take a buck they wanted to earn it. Nobody, right?

    Then when there were no jobs, they took something of which they were entitled to in the first place.

    Like in this day and age, some fucking Corporation is going to hire a Disabled person?

    Yeah, fuck them. We have to put up with all of these handicapped parking spaces that they never use.

    This is like the fuckin’ right-to-vote-cards. Because .00001% of the population got around the law, all of the voters are probable frauds.

    Blame the fuckin’ victims.

    This Jim Quinn is a fuckin’ intellectual thug.

  31. Objuan, you just don’t get it do you?

    I gave the figure of $223,000 per person. A thousand people with that much saved money is $223 million. One million people with that much save money is $223 billion. 50 million geezers with that in their own bank accounts is over $11 trillion dollars. Not owed to them, but money they have saved. It would make the US government’s debt to GDP ration the best in the OECD and better yet it would mean real investment in real enterprises because no retiree is going to by a 10 year bond that yields less than 2% because they may not be Bill Gross but they aren’t total idiots

  32. nonanon… I am preparing by helping to prepare some land to become a self-sufficient farm. No mortgage or bank loans. No debt. No commercial utility ties. (Solar/wind/batteries/

    I have skills learned from age 5. Carpentry, masonry, building design/construction, plumbing, electrician, gardener, animal husbandry, first aid, etc. I am building a complete hand tool collection that will allow me to do and to teach others how to do what I know. Hand tools, with care, can last past your lifetime and continue to produce for a very long time. I have tools my grandfather used to build his home in 1950. All hand tools of good quality. Better than owning stocks or savings.

    Very good health from a healthy lifestyle and some genetic luck. Both parents in their late 80s. Uncle turned 90 and still lives on his own. Other uncles in their 80s. Good, trusted friends here in the Philippines and a good climate for growing food and living independent. Low stress. How else can you prepare for a total collapse of the world you have always known? By doing all you can now to be ready to live without…

  33. How many of you entitlement haters want your parents or grandparents to be cut off from government programs tomorrow? How many of you are willing to do, as they did before those programs? You know, take them in and take care of them until they die? Extended families used to be the norm, not the exception. Are you ready to give your mother-in-law a room in your house and feed and pay her medical expenses? Think about it before you make a smart-assed reply.

    I remember vising my grandmother when she was in her 60s and HER mother was living with them in their 700 square foot, two bedroom house. Her mother was 94 and senile. Didn’t remember who anyone was and lived in the distant past. That was before government programs to take care of old people. Would you do that today?

  34. There are 5 pages of comments on Zero Hedge. The 1st 2 pages are about the Jews.

    The mathematically inept liberal douchebags don’t have a clue what unfunded liability means. I wish a few more would show up on TBP so you can see their idiocy.

    They actually believe the $2.7 trillion exists in a fund with their name on it.

  35. What is the PV of a 1% increase in SS taxes over a 50 year horizon with a GDP growth rate of 2.75% for a $15 trillion economy discounted at a 2% inflation rate? Don’t forget the terminal value. Lets assume it is a perpetuity.

    Approximately $17.75 Trillion.

    So were down to $250B without any reasonable and logical changes in benefit formula or eligibility age.

    Do you consider those MAJOR changes?

    A math savant such as yourself could easily have worked that out in your head right? So why bother with such a meaningless post?

    Maybe next time try tackling the American educational system; notably its to failure to emphasize mathematical and logical reasoning.

    1. Math for Dummies

      You’re funny. You must have gone to the Paul Krugman school of economics. The Social Security System is already broke. The $2.7 trillion was spent by our politicians. It consists of IOUs. I love when economic geniuses like yourself think your little NPV formulas provide truth, when all your little assumptions do is give you a nice warm feeling in your pants.

      I also love your BLS and CBO level assumptions. They are hysterical. The long term GDP growth rate of 2.75% is a joke. Try 1.5% hotshot. Ask Bill Gross, Jeremy Grantham or John Hussman.

      Your 2% inflation rate almost made me fall off my chair in hysterics. You really believe the BLS drivel that passes for inflation? I guess some things are so stupid only an intellectual like yourself could believe them. Try 5% inflation for people who live in the real world, and not in the world of theoretical economic models.

      Put those assumptions in your little model and churn away Dr. Math.

      The funniest part of your ridiculous post is your assumption that this country will actually have a functioning economic system in 50 years. Now tell us how Obamacare is going to reduce costs and Medicare will be fine for centuries. I need another laugh.

      Thanks for dropping by. We love to witness the minds of liberal academics like Krugman and his ilk. It reminds us what kind of people are running the country.

      1. Are you tired of working? Feeling a little down? How about a monthly check for life? Just call this 1-800 number and we’ll help you scam the American taxpayer. Thank God for shyster lawyers and liberal academics.

  36. Admin, a couple weeks past we witnessed a hilarious rant by Stucky, who had just learned of the 1960 case, Flemming vs. Nestor, where it was decided that the federal government has no contractual obligation to pay Social Security benefits. As Stucky exclaimed between f-bombs, “it was always just another tax!”

    That is probably why those unfunded liabilities are not considered part of the national debt. Because the government does not consider them to be liabilities, and in truth they are not, since there is no contractual obligation to pay them.

  37. Let’s not forget the Hov-A Round for all the fatso’s who are on the public dole in one form or another and are too lazy to get out of their seats and grab a beverage.

    The new Hov-A-Round advertised incessantly on cable TV, now features a beverage and snack pocket. They even have a snappy jingle now. The fat Black guy featured in the spot sings it beautifully.

    The “purchase” is also covered by Medicaid and Medicare. Cool.

  38. The USA government uses Social Security monies in the US GOVERNMENT INCOME pie chart. This money is not income to the government – it should not be shown as such ! It is money to be held in trust for recipients. I am sure they do this to make gov finances look better than it outherwise would. If we ran our business books like the gov we would be arrested and jailed for financial fraud.

  39. In my condo association, we do not use capital improvement funds for operating expenses. If we have a heavy year for snow removal and the dues don’t end up being enough to cover it, we assess the homeowners for the difference at the end of the year. By no means do we “borrow from” the capital improvements fund. We know we will need that money in the future to replace elevators, roofs, or resurface the parking lot.

    The US government decided to borrow from the SS trust fund, and has borrowed all of it. Now the Boomers are retiring, and it’s time to replace the roof. Either the roof won’t be replaced, or outside money will have to be borrowed to pay for it.

  40. I swear, more and more of the comments on here are starting to look like government drones complete with BLS level bullshit numbers and propaganda.

    Whey work when you can hoveround?

  41. Sangell, you didn’t spell it out like Admin did, i get your point now.

    “The mathematically inept liberal douchebags don’t have a clue what unfunded liability means.
    They actually believe the $2.7 trillion exists in a fund with their name on it.”

    If i was ignorant of that fact, i wouldn’t be visiting TBP, it isn’t the cheeriest of sites but it is informative.

  42. Dammit, Admin – I came to this post as stop numero uno for one reason and one reason only – to see your response to Pike Bishop. And to my great and abiding disappointment, your response was….nada. Not a fucking word.

    I will make my way over to see what carnage you have wrought on Zero Hedge, but for fuck sake, you gotta take care of business at home, too. You let Pike come on here and take an A grade dump, and do not destroy his sorry ass?

    At my ever advancing age, one of my remaining joys is to see you stomp mudholes in jerks like that. Are you going to deprive me of that? That is so insensitive of you.


  43. I have had time to peruse the ZH thread. What a stinking pile of shit. Holy cow, can they ever fuck up a conversation. Total morons hang out there. Jim did obliterate a couple of folks, but for every head that he lopped off, ten more sprouted. My friend Pike showed up there, too. Jim didn’t get around to him. There simply would not be time enough for any person to address all the fuckwits over there.


    1. llpoh

      So many fuckwits and so little time. Some comments are so stupid they don’t deserve a response. I enjoy when a liberal nitwit like Pike arrives on the site and spews their nonsensical gibberish so everyone can see the type of people who are in control. It does more for our cause than anything I can write.

  44. Why is it folks only remember the TARP but don’t remember QE2 and QE3 and now QE4? BOTH parties have bankrupted this country and made their rich bankster friends richer. We could have printed up a million per person in this country (about 310 million) and it would have made more sense than giving the banks TRILLIONS.

  45. I”m 65 and retired last year. There were 4 young black girls with kids at the SS office for every olster. They evidently get SSD when their kids are determined to be mentally, emotionally or developmentally/behaviorably disabled. I think SS is now just another part of the minority welfare ripoff of working people. PS: My 2012 visit to the IRS office to get forms turned into a long wait as IRS employees filled out unearned income tax rebate forms for minorities; IRS now looks like the county welfare office I visited a few years ago and like the post-GI VA physical I took in 1983. Welfare want-a-bees choked the hallways. Liberals have been taking America to Hell; always talking about cutting SS/Medicare/Defense but never the welfare programs; it’s past time to fight back! Nobody getting welfare should have a higher standard of living than anybody working! Support school vouchers.

  46. Sue – I understand the sentiment, but when you say something so outrageously stupid as “We could have printed up a million per person in this country (about 310 million)”, your whole message gets tainted by it.

    That one million times 310 million is $310,000,000,000,000. Count the fucking zeroes, and get back to me on what that number is. Here is a hint – it is 22 years worth of the entire GDP of the country.

  47. Deservin’s got nothing to do with it (apologies to Clint)! I so look forward to seeing you skewer them, it is like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to unwrap the presents. I even tend to leave some of them fresh and unskewered so you can have all the glory – sloppy seconds just isn’t the same. But I understand – so many morons, so little time.

    But I have to say, the time I spent on Zero Hedge is ten minutes of my life I will never get back. I enjoyed your beheadings, but damn, there was some worthless crap on that site. It has jumped the shark for sure. Some of the posters were saying the same thing.

    1. llpoh

      ZH is crawling with jew hating 9/11 nutjobs. David Pierre actually appears sane on that site. Of course he will copy this comment and use it the next time I have article on ZH. Some of the commenters on ZH are always surprised when they take a shot at me and I then kick them in the balls and hit them with a baseball bat. They get offended and call me mean. They wouldn’t survive 5 minutes on TBP.

  48. “There are only 12 million officially unemployed people in the country.”

    I guess you accepted this “official” number after changing your mind about the competency of the government and while using your ounce of brain power.

    “The government is so incompetent, they barely check the applications for SSDI.”

    PROVE IT. Or at least offer evidence.

    ” Anyone with an ounce of brain power (this disqualifies anyone on MSNBC) knows that at least 50% of the people on SSDI are capable of some form of employment.”

    Oh boy. This is not even opinion. This is speculation based on what? Hatred of the unrich?

    As for the stolen SS surplus – why exactly are you so willing to just forget about it? If you think the government should default on all its obligations say so. Otherwise why just the SS money?

    1. Working Class

      Is there any liberal out there capable of making a point that anyone can understand?

      You all come across as angry foaming at the mouth douchebags without an ounce of brain power.

      I’m convinced that liberals are dumber than a sack of hammers.

      Make whatever argument that supports your assanine position with some facts and we’ll assess your brainpower.

  49. The fact that the surge in SSDI claimants are increasingly claiming ‘mental’ disability or ‘soft tissue’ , ie. impossible to refute, injury ought to tell you something about the level of fraud and abuse taking place unless you are contending that, for some unexplained reason, people are more mentally ill today than in the past. Soft tissue injury is just as dubious. Why, in a time of higher than normal unemployment, are we seeing an increase in soft tissue injury so severe as to incapacite a person. They sure aren’t getting injured at work. Maybe it is comes from the increase in obesity in America in which case requiring a person to reduce their weight to some reasonable level could restore their ability to do useful work.

  50. Workingclass idiot shows up and spews forth shit.

    First, Admin, and anyone with an ounce of brains – which leaves Workingclass idiot out – knows that the actual unemployment figure is probably nearer 40 million than 12. The was being sarcastic.

    Second – why should Admin have to prove anything – look it up yourself. Look at how many folks are applying for SSDI, look at how many are accepted, look at the break-out of their ‘ailments”. Look at the correlation between applications and the running out of benefits. Look at the number that return to work – ever. Make your own deductions, shit-for-brains. Speculation my fat ass – these folks are going onto SSDI for stress and soft-tissue ailments – and they NEVER COME OFF. Stress? What a load of fucking shit.

    And re the SS surplus – get this through your thick skull – the money does not exist. It has been spent. The “surplus” is just another debt that the US owes. There is no pile of money – just a marker “to be repaid”. And that is never going to happen.

    Damn, the Admin is right – ther are just too many idiots in the world.

    Workingclass – go back to your Starbuck’s job and leave comments to folks with the intelligence to make them.

  51. Sangell – nice comments – you beat me to those points. I would have given it a 10/10 if you had started with “Workingclass, you ignorant douchebag”. Style points count around here, you know.

  52. Its not that guys like working class are idiots it is that they are dependent or will soon be on government. Its very threatening to hear that the government they depend on may not be able to continue the Ponzi scheme for much longer thus they attack the person ringing the alarm rather than heed the alarm. Afterall if you are on a burning boat just where is it exactly you are supposed to go when the alarm sounds.

  53. WorkingClass

    Spewing and defending government propaganda. The government drone trolls aren’t hard to spot. They dispute anything resembling original thought or anything that violates the party line. Love the names they give themselves.

  54. Sangell, I am afraid you give them too much credit. They are supposed to be human beings, and as such they are capable of rational thought and the ability to over-ride their emotions. Yes, it is scary for them, but that doesn’t mean they should hide in their cabins while the ship goes down, having heard the siren. That just makes them stupid.

  55. My comments got published. That’s good enough for me. I don’t mind being called an idiot.

    “And re the SS surplus – get this through your thick skull – the money does not exist. It has been spent. The “surplus” is just another debt that the US owes. There is no pile of money – just a marker “to be repaid”. And that is never going to happen. ”

    Thanks for at least trying to answer my question. But I already know all that. I was asking about your seemingly permissive attitude about the governments default on the debt owed to SS and if it extends to all government obligations.

    I thought you might have some numbers to back your bull shit on SSI but since you don’t (and I don’t either) I guess we can just call each other names until one of us has something substantial.

    1. Working Class

      WTF are you talking about?

      What is my permissive attitude about government default on SS?

      The Federal government has promised $200 trillion of benefits to its citizens that it cannot fund. Medicare is in much worse shape than SS.

      I also think the insolvent Wall Street banks should be liquidated. I think our military spending should be cut in half and troops withdrawn from the 100 countries we occupy. I think we should eliminate the $3 billion we give to Israel and the billions we spread around to other countries.

      Please make a fucking point and we can have a discussion.

  56. Permissive attitude re the govt’s default? The government does not promise to pay SS – never has. There is in fact no formal legislative entitlement to SS, and the courts have so upheld. It started out as an insurance program, and devolved into a pension program. But the government does not in fact promise to give pension payments.

    I do not have a permissive attitude about the governmnet debt – any of it. The fact is, the government will never repays its debt. It owes directly 16 triliion dollars, and has promised a hundred to hundreds of trillions more. It simply cannot pay what it owes and what it has promised. Social security and medicare are cooked geese, as they account for a huge slab of the total. Defined benefits pensions for govt employees account for another huge slab.

    Their are millions and millions of folks on SSDI and waiting to get on SSDI, for the “ailments” already mentioned. If you can claim stress, and soft tissue injury, and obesity, as ailments, and get onto SSDI, then fraud will be rampant. There is virtually no follow-up screening, or investigative screening, done to establish whether a person gets better, or should have ever been allowed on in the first place. Once on, these folks are on for life. You really think this is not being abused in a major way?

  57. You can’t argue with a troll. Our military is gearing up for Africa, fighting a cold war with China over natural resources. About all our military does anymore is invade countries (without congressional approval) so the banksters can rape the resources. Good thing we can afford troops in 35 more African nations. Oh wait, we can’t, we’re bankrupt.

    The War On Terror Spreads to Africa: U.S. Sending Troops to 35 African Nations

    U.S. Army teams will be deploying to as many as 35 African countries early next year for training programs and other operations as part of an increased Pentagon role in Africa. The move would see small teams of U.S. troops dispatched to countries with groups allegedly linked to al-Qaeda, such as Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger. The teams are from a U.S. brigade that has the capability to use drones for military operations in Africa if granted permission. The deployment could also potentially lay the groundwork for future U.S. military intervention in Africa.

    AFRICOM’s [the U.S. military’s Africa command] goal is to eliminate China and other countries influence in the region. Africa’s natural resources is another important element to consider because it includes oil, diamonds, copper, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, bauxite, silver, petroleum, certain woods and tropical fruits.

  58. Working class, I presume the government woudn’t default on the bonds it has issued to the SS Administration. It didn’t allow the bonds issued by Fannie Mae to default and they were not the official obligations of the US government and even said so on the prospectus for that debt but it was close enough that the government had to be concerned that to allow those bonds to default would impact its credit rating and ability to finance itself through Treasury bond issuance.

    If and when the US government can no longer issue new Treasury debt the game is over. It can print dollars to pay off existing bond holders but it can’t borrow new money or rollover existing debt. The US government isn’t going to ‘default’ in the same fashion you or I would It will simply fund itself with increasingly worthless money it prints. Social Security checks will still be issued and banks will probably still cash them but the money will be worth less and less until it has no value at all.

  59. After seeing SSDI every day for 15 years, I can assure you the government doesn’t want anybody off SSDI on the contrary, they are making it easier and easier to get on disability every year. The entitlement seekers and hoveround jockies are the life-blood of a massive bureaucracy that has budgets to inflate and pay-grades to ascend.

    They look the other way with regard to fraud, ridiculous claims, selling meds, illegal drug use, and once your on SSDI, you’re set for life. Not to mention the more than 80 different programs supplying welfare cash and benes. It would take years to shut down these programs and fire the union government drone “tentacles” feeding the 128 million people getting cash/food/medical care/phones/housing every month.

  60. Jimi d : ” It is money to be held in trust for recipients.”

    Working Class : “As for the stolen SS surplus … ”

    Sigh. Those are not even opinions — you speak of myths. The Social Security pamphlet of 1936, quite simply, was a.pack.of,lies. Go read it for yourself, easy to see the flimflam.

    But better yet, here are two facts for the record, check them out for yourself.

    In a U.S. Supreme Court case, Helvering v. Davis
    (1937), the court held that Social Security is not an
    insurance program, saying:

    “The proceeds of both (employee and employer) taxes
    are to be paid into the Treasury like internal revenue
    taxes generally, and are not earmarked in any way.”

    [ … so it only took a year … and then there’s this … ]

    In 1960, the Supreme Court decreed in Flemming v.
    Nestor that “entitlement to Social Security benefits is
    not a contractual right.

    Health, Education and Welfare Secretary (Arthur
    Sherwood) Flemming stated in his brief:
    “The contribution exacted under the Social
    Security plan is a true tax. It is not comparable
    to a premium promising the payment of an
    annuity commencing at a designated age.”

    Math is hard. Reality is harder. And as a special treat for you:

    In 1997, Paul Krugman wrote for the Boston Review:

    “Social Security is structured from the point of
    view of the recipients as if it were an ordinary
    retirement plan: what you get out depends on
    what you put in. So it does not look like a
    redistributionist scheme.

    “In practice it has turned out to be strongly
    redistributionist, but only because of its Ponzi
    game aspect, in which each generation takes
    more out than it put in.

    “Well, the Ponzi game will soon be over, thanks
    to changing demographics, so that the typical
    recipient henceforth will get only about as much
    as he or she put in (and today’s young may well
    get less than they put in).”

    I’m guessing he wishes that had gone down the memory hole.

    More, from Walter E. Williams: (not sure when this was written)

    “a man reaching age 65 in the year 2000 could
    expect to receive $71,000 more in government
    transfer payments (of which the largest amount
    is Social Security) than he paid in taxes. But a
    20-year-old man who entered the workforce in
    the year 2000 can expect to pay $312,000 more
    in taxes than he will ever receive in benefits.”

    Form ssa-7005-sm-si (the summary of your lifetime SS
    payments) might be worth your time to check.

    You guys can check it out and get back to us, OK?

    An early example. Remember there were 42 paying for every person retiring in 1940.

    The first monthly payment was issued on
    January 31, 1940 to Ida May Fuller of Ludlow,
    Vermont. In 1937, 1938 and 1939 she paid a
    total of $24.75 into the Social Security System.
    Her first check was for $22.54. After her second
    check, Fuller already had received more than she
    contributed over the three-year period. She lived
    to be 100 and collected a total of $22,888.92.

    By 1950, the ratio of workers to retirees was 16 to one. Today there are less than three.

    Any questions?

  61. Thanks Sangell

    I get it that the plan is to monetize the debt. All of it. Thats different than default but still qualifies as theft. I think it was you speaking of soft tissue and mental illness claims earlier. Do you know if the increase is in claims or awards or both?

  62. Working Class

    If you had the motivation to click the link to the Bloomberg article, you would actually get the data regarding the government not auditing the claims. Here is the pertinent part of the article. Intellectual laziness seems to be a common trait of liberals:

    “Qualifying for benefits has also gotten easier since 1984, when Congress liberalized the rules by shifting eligibility from a list of specific impairments to consideration of a person’s medical condition and ability to work. Applicants with multiple maladies can qualify even if no single condition would meet the criteria, and symptoms of pain or mental illness are allowable in lieu of a clear diagnosis.

    After the economy weakened in the late 1980s, the number of beneficiaries doubled from 1989 to 2009. That corresponded with a rapid increase in claims of musculoskeletal conditions and mental disorders, which now dominate the list of ailments.

    One quick fix is to require the government to conduct more periodic screening to make sure beneficiaries are still unable to work. The Social Security Administration conducted 443,233 full medical reviews in 2011 — less than 5 percent of all cases. Budget cuts have sapped funding for the reviews, which cost about $758 each, and created a backlog of about 1.4 million cases, according to Bloomberg News.”

  63. Greetings Administrator:

    I stumbled in here on a link from Dollar Collapse and joined the thread uninvited. I’m hoping you are the author of this piece. If so:

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

    “I also think the insolvent Wall Street banks should be liquidated. I think our military spending should be cut in half and troops withdrawn from the 100 countries we occupy. I think we should eliminate the $3 billion we give to Israel and the billions we spread around to other countries.”

    Yes! And restore the Constitution and dismantle the Police State. Give me all that and I will gladly give you Social Security. Apparently we have much common ground. If we have anything to discuss it would be classism as an obstacle to bringing the people together to defeat the Oligarchy and their puppets in our political institutions.

    My disrespect was intended for your defender. You have my apology for aiming it at you.

    1. Working Class

      I’m with you 1,000% on restoring the Constitution and dismantling the Police State. TBP is a libertarian leaning website. We hate Wall Street bankers, neo-cons, welfare cheats, Democrats and Republicans.

      Sorry for insulting you.

  64. So, your disrespect was aimed at me? Boy, do you have a lot to learn. LLPOH’s House of Pain welcomes you. I would address your last post, but for the life of me I do not understand “I will give you SS”, and the crap about classicism. I googled the definition of classicism and got this:

    1) The following of ancient Greek or Roman principles and style in art and literature, associated with harmony, restraint, and adherence to…
    2) The following of traditional and long-established theories or styles.

    No matter how I tried, I could not figure out what the hell you meant.

  65. comment in my local ( sarasota) paper today

    I know some of what these people are going thru. I have an Electronics Degree since 2003 and have no where to use it. I was fired from a job I had for almost 3 years working maintenance at a local RV Resort in 2008 and since then I spent 2 years on unemployment looking for work and only got 5 interviews and never got a job from any of them. I am now a 100% disabled Veteran with a 1994 vehicle that is just getting me around and I can’t afford to get a newer one right now (I didn’t get the full 2 years back pay from the VA like I was hoping for when my disability increased). My significant other is on Social Security Disability too and our bills do get paid (we rent an apartment) but expenses are such that the vehicle payments would be high for us especially with the prices of things going up! Our entertainment consists of the internet and TV as we couldn’t/can’t do anything else.

  66. “Intellectual laziness seems to be a common trait of liberals:” i resemble that remark. anyday now, if not today, i will learn that i am a fucktard math-impaired liberal. actually, i sympathize with working class because he sounds like a newbie who is seeking direction from TBP. it seems Sangell is the self appointed orientation commitee with AWD as the designated hazing official. we newbies get it that the SS account is dry, we see the takers multiplying and we come here with questions. if you ask naive questions you get nutted quick so you seek comfort in ZH where you remain in ignorance but no one kicks you in the groin for asking questions.

    AWD, fyi, i am not a troll or a govt spy, i am a stupid boomer, liberal if you must call me that, i am on this site because i am concerned about the SS benefits i may not get. i have surmised that we may yet get the check but the money won’t be worth anything. i don’t believe you are a doctor, i wouldn’t let you pop a pimple on my fat ass, sorry.

  67. i hope never to hear politicos say, “In the narrow spread of the question…” it has gotten tiresome to hear, “let me be clear”.

  68. Pike Bishop, Americans do not begrudge people needing SSDI, we all know people can get injured or acquire medical conditions that makes it impossible for them to hold a job. Most of us also know people getting SSDI who are quite capable of work and in fact do work ( under the table). It is also the case that just because you may no longer be able to do the job you had you can do another. My old employer ( a municipal utility ) did everything it could to not allow people to go on disability. If they couldn’t work in the field they were given a job in the radio room. If their doctor said they need a break once and hour they got one. I myself damaged an eye that makes it hard for me to determine the direction an oncoming auto headlight is coming from on a dark road. When I told my superiors that they could insist I drive at night but if I had a head on with family and survived, the lawyers would get my medical records and the City would be held responsible for requiring me to drive at night. That ended them calling me in for any emergency after dark!

  69. Pike was not disabled, he was ill. He is bitter and twisted, and expected his job to remain open indefinitely (ten months he was unable to work, and acknowledged his illness was variable). He fails to address why millions go onto SSDI and never get off of it. He does not address how or why millions go from unemployment to SSDI.

    I am sorry for his health issues and hope they are behind him. But he makes no case whatsoever, and his position stems from his bitterness at how his life has gone.

    Helping friend is a moron. He talks about the poor getting 25 percent of their wage ripped off them. What a load of crap. He talks about Admin doing nothing constructive. What a load of crap. He talks about going hungry – yeah, right. I saw Admin kick his low-IQ ass all over Zero Hedge, and he follows Jim here to get smacked around some more. What a dolt.

    Helping friend – you are swimming with the fucking sharks. Your pea brain and your left wing, socialist bullshit lies will get you stomped on round these parts. You will find few allies around here. We know horseshit when we smell it, and, boy it wafts off you like 10 cent perfume off a three dollar ho. Do yourself a favor and crawl back up Obama’s ass before the folks around here get your scent, because some of them are not nice like me.

  70. Holy shit, the retards are crawling out of the woodwork.

    Helping_Friend, Pike, and any other douchebag, Johnny-come-(or is it cum?)latelies: Are you seriously arguing that there isn’t rampant abuse of the SSDI program? That being too fat, or emotionally sensitive, is a legitimate reason to not work, and to entitle the “victim” to a lifetime of free cash (and other associated bennies) for watching Oprah and cruising Wal-Mart in their Rascals? Is it a coincidence that SSDI is up big time, as unemployment benefits run out (for folks who, theoretically, could have worked last week, but are now “disabled”)? Do you not know, personally, someone capable of working (and probably actually working, off the record) who is collecting SSDI?

    And your assumptions about the site administrator and his beliefs are laughable. Obviously you have not paid enough attention (or are too dense or idealogical) to figure it out. Fucking dickheads. If you have enough grey matter, follow TBP for more than one post before projecting your stereotypes on the folks here. Ah, fuck, why am I wasting my time on useless eaters like you?

  71. Tsuki – you are out of your fucking mind. We talk about all that here. Just because not every fucking aspect of every fucking stupid govt policy is not covered in one article does not make Admin, or us, intellectually dishonest. Why don’t you watch and learn a while before shooting your fucking mouth off. You may have something worthwhile to say, but we will be too busy kicking your ass to hear it.

  72. Pike Bishop and helping_friend

    Not sure why you’re unloading on Jim Quinn so harshly, but he’s a big boy, so I’ll let him defend himself in the manner he deems most appropriate. In the meantime ….. a few personal observations on your statements with my response in caps.

    First, the Pikester, who said: “People assume there is some great reason to live on SSDI payments. It doesn’t exist. (90% OF THE PEOPLE ON SSDI NEVER LEAVE THE PROGRAM. ARE YOU SUGGESTING A PAYCHECK FOR LIFE ISN’T “A GREAT REASON TO LIVE ON SSDI PAYMENTS.” I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST IT IS. IT’S FUCKING FREE MONEY.)

    “The prejudice which was shown by Quinn, is just that. He presented none of the data which shows the actual fraud numbers, and that they are miniscule, although do exist. (AGREE THAT FRAUD ISN’T THE MAIN PROBLEM. IT IS GOVERNMENT RULES AND/OR INCOMPETENCE THAT ALLOWS SO MANY PEOPLE TO QUALIFY IN THE FIRST PLACE.) Mainly because there is a neurotic meme that 100% of the Government is 100% incompetent. (COUNT ME AMONG THOSE THAT THINK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS DAMN NEAR 100% INCOMPETENT. REPEAT AFTER ME. NOTHING IN THE USG WORKS WELL. NOTHING.)

    Next up, helping_fiend (spelling intended), who said, “To ridicule the weak yet say nothing about the criminals (WHO ARE THESE CRIMINALS? WOULD IT BE THE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS AND LYNDON JOHNSON WHO DECIDED TO PUT SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES INTO THE GENERAL TREASURY INSTEAD OF AN HONEST TRUST FUND?) who caused this chaos through no fault of the ones who have/had 25% of their take-home pay ripped from their hands every payday (PLEASE SHOW ME THE MATH THAT SAYS ANYONE IN THE LOWER AND MIDDLE INCOME CLASSES GETS 25% OF HIS TAKE-HOME PAY RIPPED FROM THEIR PAYCHECK) and get bashed by callous persons such as yourself (YOU HAVE A POINT THERE. QUINN CAN BE MEAN. HE’S SAID SOME VERY BAD AND HURTFUL THINGS ABOUT ME BECAUSE I’M OLD, SUFFERING FROM ALZHEIMER’S, AND PRONE TO TOO MANY NAPS.) because some person, legitimately or not, gets some of the money, paid back, they have paid in to the system all their working lives (THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. IF YOUR NOT GETTING MONEY LEGITIMATELY, THEN YOU’RE FUCKING BREAKING THE LAW. IT’S CALLED FRAUD.).

  73. Aka – nice rant. I do not know about you, but I waste my time on those shitheads because they deserve the ass-kicking they get, and unless we do it, they will go through life thinking they are right and unopposed. Glad to see you have not lost your ability to charm the masses!

  74. SSS joins the fray. After saying you will let the Admin deal with them, you sure are kicking shit out of them. I particularly like the point about the 25% tax rate being paid by the poor – seems I may have made that same point myself, but you did it better.

  75. SSS – one small quibble – I think the number who go on SSDi and never come off is more like 99%. It is a lifetime paycheck.

  76. llpoh-had I known that you would post at the same time, and that SSS would follow up, I probably would have sat on my ever-widening ass and not bothered. Been pretty busy lately-barely enough time to lurk, much less to be active on TBP. But a douchebag is a douchebag-sometimes even a lazy fucker like me can’t leave them lay.

  77. “I am ready for a serious discussion of all Federal Pensions.”

    So am I. You claim military and FERS pensions for retired alphabet soup employees such as the FBI and CIA are “top secret.” That is absolutely, totally false.

    I’m not going to do your homework for you. You do it. Then get back to me and post your findings and recommendations. You may be surprised at my response because I too agree that those pensions are far too generous.

    First, you have to find out why. Get crackin’.

  78. SSDI is a Kludge to coverup a failing economic model. Its a means to provide income to folks who are permanently unemployable, not really because they are “disabled”, but because there are not enough jobs for them to fill.

    The total Employed Workforce has been steadily Decreasing while the Population Increases. That’s a Fact, Jack. if your society is impoverished enough, these folks just Starve. They don;t get jobs just cause thier Bennies get cut off. Ask any Greek Pensioner. Self-Immolation is a Soultion for some in this scenario.

    Anyhow, cutting off SSDI won’t create any more jobs, but it will create a whole lot more destitute people This makes little sense since it will just end up with a faster spin down to Mad Max. Until the society starts to develop a meme that can actually employ people in productive work (that doesn’t include Starbucks Barristas, Lawyers, Doctors or CPAs), it needs some means to distribute its resources OTHER than work.

    I completely agree SSDI is a bogus Kludge here, but so far nothing better has been suggested other than cutting off a vast segment of the population from income and accelerating a downward slide into Mad Max territory, aka Greece or Spain as we speak.


  79. helping_friend (and others)

    “they have paid in to the system all their working lives.” Yeah, didn’t we all. So what? Some of us learn the grim truth — go back to my extended comment above and see what the system has determined.

    ~They~ were only taxed … just lies, smoke & mirrors, from the 1936 pamphlet’s “Old-Age

    Beating a dead horse, I reckon. Here, again:

    “The proceeds of both (employee and employer) taxes
    are to be paid into the Treasury like internal revenue
    taxes generally, and are not earmarked in any way.”

    “The contribution exacted under the Social
    Security plan is a true tax. It is not comparable
    to a premium promising the payment of an
    annuity commencing at a designated age.”

  80. Bruce Krasting, who seems pretty up on things Social Security, says the SSDI ‘Trust Fund’ will be exhausted by 2016 ( if not sooner as more 99 weekers apply). This apparently will trigger either benefit cuts or tax increases. It will be interesting to see how Obama will deal with the first tangible unraveling of the welfare state. If he tries to pay SSDI Peter with SS Paul’s money the outcry will be deafening. Raising the income level above $113,000 on payroll deductions is a possible option but raising taxes on $113,000 incomes is not taxing the rich by almost anyone’s definition and would use up that option to save the larger Social Security program which itself will be a few years away from exploding. The only other possibility is to crack down on SSDI claimants and bureaucratically restore them to work status.

  81. The comments being copied and pasted on TBP from Zero Hedge are being posted by none other than DOUCHEBAG DAVID PIERRE who has taken time out from fucking sheep to try and spam TBP. The comments are not being made by Pike Bishop,tsuki or help fiend. DP is a psycho nutjob who trolls everything I write. He really must have a pathetic excuse for a life.

    Back to the barn DP.

  82. llpoh:

    It’s classism or class-ism not classicism

    A biased or discriminatory attitude based on distinctions made between social or economic classes. From

    I defend SS against those who would eliminate it in favor of war spending and corporate welfare. Your “Administrator” is not one of those it turns out. My own political values often agree with the Libertarian point of view. Class-ism like racism or feminism, keeps us divided when we should be united against the whores and traitors who have taken over out political and financial institutions. .

  83. Administrator:

    “We hate Wall Street bankers, neo-cons, welfare cheats, Democrats and Republicans.”

    Democrats and Republicans are Fascists and Imperialists. They have turned our Republic into a Police state. They have turned our chief executive into Pharaoh or Napoleon. They are owned and operated by an international Oligarchy that does not owe allegiance to any nation. The Democrats and Republicans job is not to govern on behalf of citizens. It is to redistribute wealth from the working classes to the oligarchy.

    Only the working class, which includes all ages genders, colors, religions and ethnicities, has the numbers and the mussel to overthrow the Fascists. We must put aside our petty differences long enough to take back our government. When that is done we can settle our differences through honest elections.

  84. Just a point of interest. From the founding of the Social Security program until perhaps a year and a half ago all politicians and the news media talked about the Social Security Trust Fund. Who has heard a word about this Trust Fund from a Politician or major media outlet in about the last year? The Social Security Trust fund is not mentioned by these people anymore. I suppose that is because, as is pointed out above, the money taken out of every ones payroll taxes to go into this Trust Fund was exceeded in the past two years by the money paid out in benefits. Why hasn’t the American population noticed this fact? Why have Social Security recipients and payers into the system not asked their president and federal represetatives and senators what happened to the Social Security Trust Fund? Why are Budget talks even mentioning cutbacks to the Social Security Program when it has its own separate Trust Fund? Virtually all politicians of both parties have been lying to the American people for the past 50 years. When is the American public going to hold all these politicians accountable for the now clear lies, regarding the Social Security Trust Fund, they have been telling the public for 50 years? It is a shame that Senator Paul Tsongas, who was telling the truth about the non-existence of the trust fund 25 or so years ago, developed cancer and had to pull out of his run for the Presidency. Awfully convenient though, for all those lying politicians.

  85. I have paid into social security for 36 years. I am going to be PISSED if you jerks take it away when I turn 66, or if you say, “oops, you’re going to have to work another 10 years to get full benefits”….in the industry I am in, they routinely get rid of men in their late 50’s & 60’s and hire 22 y.o. clueless guys to replace us. Nobody hires people in their 60’s. If you wankers in congress who are reading this up the retirement age and reduce benefits, be sure and pass laws providing for “shotgun wedding” type hiring policies and police to force the corporations to hire people in their late 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s. Stop screwing with my retirement!!!

    signed: pissed in Texas

  86. “you jerks” refers to the people who think that they can take away the safety nets built up for the last 80 years to help people in genuine need. If they really think there should be no safety nets, they should go live in India for a few years. Yes, there are abuses and abusers, but these are the people who would rather see their crippled grandmother starve in the winter cold in the dark rather than pay their fair share of taxes.

    Those same jerks are blind to the fact that the bankers’ cabal and globalists are behind putting the country into hopeless debt. Our congress is the best that money can buy. The only solution will eventually be to turn to the same bankers for help. They will own the country after they create hyperinflation and loan us their freshly printed federal reserve monopoly money to pay off the debt.

    “you jerks” refer to you, Lipoh, for your smart mouth. I have lived modestly and saved all my life only to see my wealth disappear into the wide mouth of inflation. That combined with the last two stock market collapses the bankers engineered, not to mention the one they are creating right now, has stolen a big chunk of my retirement money.

    “you jerks” refer the the wealthy people that own the banks that own the federal reserve. The good citizens of the usa should nationalize the fed and confiscate the wealth of the bankers’ trust jerks who want to surrender our country’s sovereignty to the UN.

    “you jerks” refers to the corrupt government officials that have sold off our gold. You have an article on this blog that says that the usa has the biggest gold reserves of all. BULLSHIT! You clueless jerks seem to be unaware that Jimmy Carter and the democrats sold off our gold. Fort Knox is empty. Where did the gold all go?

    1. Do the jerks also refer to the people who pissed away $800 billion on Keynesian stimulus pork? How about the $80 billion they are about to piss away on Sandy relief pork?

      How about congressmen who promised $200 trillion of entitlements without figuring out how to pay for it?

      I hate to tell you, but it isn’t your Social Security money. They spent every dime already. It was nothing but a tax.

      Life sucks. Tough shit. Deal with it. You are probably one of those douchebags that didn’t save for their retirement.

  87. “Life sucks. Tough shit. Deal with it. You are probably one of those douchebags that didn’t save for their retirement.”

    if i didn’t find this site informative and useful, i probably would take AWD’s advice and go somewhere else. i have come to realize that since these are libertarians posting here, liberal sympathy is not to be found here. ok, i can deal with that. too bad for newbies when they don’t know that.

    fyi, lipo, i do have 12 cents saved up for retirement. how are you going to deal with it if your nest egg is inflated away as in AWD’s little red hen 2012 story? you guys – meaning you – are not totally safe either, smugness notwithstanding.

    1. douchen

      I deal with reality. Sympathy doesn’t pay the bills. Congress spent your SS money. It’s that simple. There are nothing but IOUs in the lockbox. That is a fact. They can only be repaid if the US Treasury can continue to borrow to pay them off. At our current trajectory, honoring the SS obligations to anyone under 45 years old seems highly unlikely.

  88. “I have paid into social security for 36 years. I am going to be PISSED if you jerks take it away when I turn 66, or if you say, “oops, you’re going to have to work another 10 years to get full benefits”….”

    Well then I guess you are going to be pissed. I predict that the world will not take much notice of it.

  89. Every time I hear the subject of Social Security funding being “sound” come up, all I can think of is that climactic scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber where the prime villain opens up the briefcase that is supposed to contain the ransom of $1 million in cash, only to find it full of IOUs.

    “$325,000 for a car. I’d hold on to that one….”

  90. admin, that message is what i found interesting on this site a few years ago, this site would be more popular numerically speaking if your message of tough love were more prominent, as it is, when people get slapped around for trying to hold on to the illusion of security in social security, (there is a certain financial jockstrap mentality floating around) i think they get turned off on your whole message. i have done my part to share this site with my nephew.

    1. douchen

      TBP is what it is.

      I’m just a guy typing his opinions on a blog.

      I don’t really care whether I offend anyone.

      I don’t care if TBP is popular. There are dozens of things I should do if I want to increase visitor counts.

      I’ll write what I think and people can read it or not. I really don’t give a flying fuck.

  91. here’s a story to put your libertarian foolishness in perspective:

    a man was visiting at the local insane asylum. He found a patient outside on a day pass with a shovel furiously digging away at the foundation. The visitor said, “hey, don’t you realize you are digging up the basement?” The patient said back, “oh, it will be all right, I live on the fourth floor.”

    so go ahead and have your fun. Yep, it will be bad if I retire 8 years from now, and there is no social security check to help pay the bills. You insane people need to realize that you are in line too, only a few more than 8 years down the line. If all I can get out of the tax thieves in washington is a skimpy social security check, that just means that all you can look forward to is that much less, namely $0.00 a month.

    the old people dependent on their social security check so they don’t starve or freeze in the winter are not the problem. After a lifetime of giving, investing, saving, and paying taxes, you people have NO RIGHT to call them “takers” like they were some sort of selfish greedy maggots for asking social security to help them in their old age. Stop with your baseless insults.

    The problem is the bankers’ trust cabal directing their hireling servants in congress to spend money we don’t have for weapons we don’t need, that don’t work, and are obsolete by the time the military deploys them. Add on top of that a baseless war in Iraq and a useless war in Afganistan, and the country is now $16T in debt. The only people that won in either war are the military industrial contractors and their investment bankers.

    The country would have all the money it needs if the abortion mills in this country hadn’t killed 55 million people in the last 40 years. Think of it, 55 million more tax payers paying into the system, and 55 million more customers to support our consumer economy. Yep, that’s right, 55 million lives have been unjustly taken since the supreme court passed legislation in 1973 with its 5 to 4 vote to allow abortions. Think about it.

    1. blah blah blah and your starving to death bullshit tripe.

      I’ve saved my whole life. I will not require SS to sustain me. It is a fucking insurance program you idiot. It was never meant to be a retirement program.

      The tax rate was 1% and the retirement age was set at 65 when life expectancy was 63 when FDR created SS. It was created so widows and orphans wouldn’t be destitute.

      Your just another card carrying member of the senior citizen free shit army that doesn’t give a fuck about future generations as long as you get yours.

  92. jknbt wrote: “The country would have all the money it needs if the abortion mills in this country hadn’t killed 55 million people in the last 40 years. Think of it, 55 million more tax payers paying into the system, and 55 million more customers to support our consumer economy. Yep, that’s right, 55 million lives have been unjustly taken since the supreme court passed legislation in 1973 with its 5 to 4 vote to allow abortions. Think about it.”

    Pure drivel, the type that could only be written by a right-wing statist who seeks to use the heavy hand of the state to control others to their own behavioral norms and mistakes the tertiary economy of abstract finance as being the whole economy while ignoring the primary economy of natural resources and secondary economy of finished goods and services.

    Abortions happened before 1973 — and in some states they were already legal. My own grandparents considered aborting my uncle because my grandmother almost died during childbirth with my mother (and that was 1945). Don’t like abortion? Then stop trying to use the power of the state to enforce your “morality” over others and volunteer and help those who are confronted with the possibility of bringing a child into the world that they are not prepared to raise for any number of reasons, or for reasons like my grandparents faced (they were worried my grandmother would die trying to have another child).

    As for the “consumer” economy — what other planets out there are we going to mine for all the resources that our current path is taking us down? We’re currently destroying the planet’s ecosystems, so going back to what we’ve come to expect as normal just ain’t gonna happen — no matter how much you might scream, jump up and down, and gnash your teeth.

  93. “After a lifetime of giving, investing, saving, and paying taxes, you people have NO RIGHT to call them “takers” like they were some sort of selfish greedy maggots for asking social security to help them in their old age.”

    You old folks always blame the government for stealing your money out of the trust fund. But that’s precisely what YOU ELECTED THEM to do. You wanted all the stuff those dollars could buy, but didn’t want to pay higher taxes for it. Now you want “the government” to pay back the trust fund, even though you know perfectly well the government does not have its own money, YOU will not be working or paying taxes, and the price would be paid by the young.

    If you wanted a strong, stable, solvent trust fund, then you shouldn’t have been asleep at the wheel. It was decided as far back as 1960 that the government has no contractual obligation to pay Social Security benefits, and the trust fund started being tapped at about the same time. It was your government. You elected it.

    Like Admin, I already know I’m not getting anything from SSI and am planning accordingly. Also, Admin makes a good point that it was an insurance program. When you get to the end of your life and your house hasn’t burned down, do you demand a return of all your homeowners’ insurance premiums?

  94. jacknabit – In Jacob’s Ladder, Louis, the main character’s friend, quotes Quinn: “You know what he [Quinn] said? The only thing that burns in TBP is the part of you that won’t let go of your delusional life; your SS hopes, your Medicare expectations. TBP burns ’em all away. But they’re not punishing you, he said. They’re freeing your soul. … If you’re frightened of dying and holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the false promises of the government”.

  95. From the Washington Post:

    More than one in four American workers with 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts use them to pay current expenses, new data show. The withdrawals, cash-outs and loans drain nearly a quarter of the $293 billion that workers and employers deposit into the accounts each year, undermining already shaky retirement security for millions of Americans.

    A report due out this week from the financial advisory firm HelloWallet found that more than one in four workers dip into retirement funds to pay their mortgages, credit card debt or other bills. Those in their 40s have been the most likely culprits — one-third are turning to such accounts for relief.

    Fresh data from Vanguard, one of the nation’s largest 401(k) managers, show a 12 percent increase in the number of workers who took loans against their retirement accounts or withdrew money outright since 2008.

    The most common way Americans tap their retirement funds is through loans, which must be repaid with interest. Those who withdraw money face hefty penalties. In most cases, they not only incur a 10 percent federal tax penalty but also pay income taxes. The costs are financially harmful to families even as ­money-management firms reap massive fees for handling retirement accounts that ultimately are not used for retirement.

  96. hey administrator, I am not an idiot, but you are obviously on the payroll for the bloodsucking bankers’ cabal and their industrialist tools. The only purpose of this blog is to stir up support for the type of legislation that will have 88 y.o. grandmothers starving to death in unheated apartments while freezing in the winter in the dark…..and forever why? so that the money that should be spent to help out that poor woman will be instead available for the bankers to loan to the industrialists to fund yet another unneeded war fought with overpriced weapons and $600 hammers and $1000 toilet seats, since that is the going price when the defense dept. buys them.

    I know that social security is not a retirement plan. I have saved and invested heavily all my life. I have never asked the gov’t for anything, even when laid off from a crappy job. I am just sick of congress and the fed taking my wealth away. I am sick of the bankers’ trust engineering stock market collapses like they did in 2008 so they can get richer at my considerable expense. I will be working as long as I can work. The trouble is, they routinely get rid of workers in their 60’s in the industry I am in. I guess I will be bagging groceries or something with a 90% cut in pay once they get around to me. Don’t mock, you will be there too soon enough.

    you call me “idiot”. I call you a sellout and a tool who is just posing as an anti-government anti-tax libertarian.

    goodbye. your blog is a load of crap. better things to do with my time than to debate with a sell-out tool that doesn’t see that you are pissing in the well that you will someday drink out of.

    Latest news: congress is going to “borrow” (a.k.a. steal) the retirement annuity money of federal employees to help pay the shortfall coming with the debt ceiling crisis. how long until they “borrow” from the 401K’s out there? including yours, mr. tool.

    1. jknbt

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out jackoff.

      Conservative neo-con asshole who probably thinks $1 trillion of military spending is just fine as long as he can suck off the teat of SS to get his fair share.

      It’s fuckwads like you with your drivel about starving grandmas that make me consider having an IQ test for commenters.

  97. hey Pirate Jo, same to you as my comments to mr. tool the administrator. There are 320 million people in this country, so it makes perfect sense for you to apply personal blame to me for the sins of congress the last 80 years.

    I have always voted for common sense conservative candidates. I live in one of the most conservative states in the union. I would be delighted for this state to secede, but it won’t happen. Tried it in 1861, didn’t work….the union army forced us to rejoin their republic with paper money, confiscatory taxes, and congressmen spending my money.

    If you really believe that the state of the union is all my fault, you are delusional and should seek help.

    my solution is to get my 401k money as soon as I can get my hands on it, convert it to gold, and immigrate to a country that is not completely sold out to the devil like this one is. Even the phillipenes has a sound bullion backing for their money. I may spend my retirement in Belize or Luzon growing bananas. Anywhere but this place.

    goodbye. enjoy ranting away like someone reads or cares for your opinions anyway.

  98. jknbt, you are never going to agree with anyone all of the time. You think spending money on an 88 year old woman whose own family has abandoned her is the ‘right’ thing to do. I think $6,000 plus per month for nursing home care is a ‘luxury’ we can’t afford.

    Its not that I don’t like little old ladies its just that she had her day and it has come and gone. We need to withdraw medical care from the elderly and only offer palliative care for pain. Life costs money and you need to invest money wisely which is why I disagree with you and Administrator on military spending. American citizens derive real benefit from having the most powerful military on earth. Its not all Barbara Boxer’s $1000 toilet seat on a B-1 bomber. It is the ability of that B-1 bomber to put 30,000 lbs of precision guided munitions on a target 1500 miles away that makes the world willing to extend us credit to, inter alia, pay for 88 year old woman to live in warm apartment and see the doctor tomorrow.

  99. jknbt says “ou jerks” refers to the people who think that they can take away the safety nets built up for the last 80 years to help people in genuine need.” Bwahahahaha! Those nets are now filled with lazy good for nothing takers. That system simply does not work.

  100. That was me above. Me and my smart mouth.

    jknbt wants money for the 88 year old granny, but is tired of the government taking his money away. Bwahahahahaha! That is rich – I guess he doesn’t understand that they need his money to take care of granny. And that the promises to pay for the next generation of grannies cannot be met, as the vault is empty. He is like all the rest – he wants goodies, but does not want to pay for them.

    We would all like to see all of the grannies taken care of. But fact is, a welfare system to do it simply is not viable. The fact is, people have to take care of themselves, because if you allow them not to do so, it leads to collapse. It is a harsh but true reality.

  101. AWD, thanks for the school pic above! yes i’m a penis/pussy, not sure which you meant. i qualify because i am an old boomer, all the sturm und drang is gone, maybe it’s just low T, whatever. i owe you for saying i don’t believe you’re a real doc but i gave you thumbs up for the red chicken tale.
    thanks for the disrespect ’cause there for a while i was thinking i should hang my head in shame in front of you exalted priests of non-takerhood. perhaps i may yet make it to achieving non-taker status.

  102. douchen & jknbt

    Sympathy don’t feed the bulldog. I got my SocSec card in 1948 and believed the story that came with it. It took a while but I learned the ugly truth — and I post it for people who don’t read the facts, just continue with the “I paid in it for all my life”, whatever, who have NEVER looked at reality. You have believed a myth and continue to carry on as though it was real.

    No, this place is not Politically correct; nor does it have some nefarious agenda just because you don’t like statements of reality and fact, and would prefer to shoot the messengers.

    You should be angry with the government that has lied to you all your life. And mark my words, your children and grandchildren who will putatively pay off the insurmountable debt will NOT do so, and will curse you and your ilk for being gullible enough to listen to government lies.

  103. “You have believed a myth and continue to carry on as though it was real.” i’ll buy that but you got me wrong on the other stuff, i was trying to explain to jknbt that sympathy is a liberal trait but here, a punch in the mouth is the kindest way a libertarian can set you straight. and once you’ve been disabused of your illusions, you begin to taste true freedom.
    BTW, AWD, if you really want to do me a favor – post a personalized pic of that kid with the books getting nutted, that’s me. make it out to juan santos. thanks bunches.

  104. Since when did ‘we the people’ have a choice as to pay SS it or not pay it? You, me, and almost everyone else on this chatboard. I worked and paid into the SS silliness since 1968…..and I don’t remember being asked ONCE by the US government if I liked it or even agreed with it. Somebody else decided for us. Methinks it was (most likely) the same fuckers that pissed it all away. (Just a wild guess on my part.)

  105. A lot of people don’t know that the “unfunded liability” owed to Social Security is actually a debt owed to the Social Security fund by the U.S. government. The law, the federal government has to pay back what it borrows from a fund. To pay back this legitimate debt owed to the workers who contributed, given the fiscal mess caused by the banks and the hedge funds, the government might have to raise taxes on the very wealthy. This can be done via an income tax change or more simply by requiring the very wealthy to pay Social Security(FICA) taxes on all their wages, as the rest of us do. Solves the problem for the next 70 years. Senators Sanders and Franken have introduced such a bill.

    As for Medicare there are many ways to save money without making it harder for Grandma to see a doctor. Cut the amounts skimmed off by the drug companies, the equipment companies and the testing business. Let Medicare negotiate prices, as they are currently forbidden to do.

    By the way retiring on a disability is often a tough struggle, involving delay and lawyer expenses. It also means getting way less than retiring on a regular pension. Some people will abuse any system but I don’t lose sleep over disability fraud. It is drop in the bucket compared to the banking fraud that put our country on the ropes.

  106. I have no problem with the disability deadbeats being thrown off the welfare rolls as long as the whores calling themselves single mothers and their bastard children are thrown out in the cold also along with the retired military and federal retired deadbeats. Then we can get the nation back to work and balance the budget. thanks


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