In Part 1 of this article I discussed the catalyst spark which ignited this Fourth Turning and the seemingly delayed regeneracy. In Part 2 I pondered possible Grey Champion prophet generation leaders who could arise during the regeneracy. In Part 3 I focused on the economic channel of distress which is likely to be the primary driving force in the next phase of this Crisis. In Part 4 I assessed the social and cultural channels of distress dividing the nation. In Part 5 I’ll examine the technological, ecological, political, and military channels of distress likely to burst forth with the molten ingredients of this Fourth Turning, and finally in Part 6 our rendezvous with destiny, with potential climaxes to this Winter of our discontent.

Technological & Ecological Distress

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” Aldous Huxley – Ends and Means

The level of distress being produced by technology was probably underestimated by Strauss & Howe when they wrote their book in 1997. The internet, cell phones and e-commerce were still in their infancy, while cyber security was an unknown concept. Huxley would be shocked by how backwards we have “progressed” through the efficient distribution of iGadgets, creating millions of distracted, non-thinking, passive, easily pliable, willfully ignorant sheep who adore their technological servitude.

A vast swath of the populace never reads a book and can’t go more than a few minutes without checking their iGadget to view the latest funny cat video, the latest update on Kim Kardashian’s ass, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s courage, or Lamar Odom’s latest whorehouse escapade. Our country is drowning in a sea of irrelevance as our infinite craving for diversions and triviality overwhelms any thoughts of confronting our oppressors. The adoration of technology has degraded our ability to think and allowed the Deep State to control the masses by amusing them to death.

The totalitarian Orwellian utilization of technology was exposed by a millennial with courage, intelligence, and love of his country – Edward Snowden. His revelations were very distressful to the felonious government apparatchiks who blatantly flaunt their disregard for the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The criminals at the NSA, fully supported by Obama and Congress, have made Big Brother look like an amateur, as they siphon up every phone call, text, email, and facebook entry made by each person in this country and for good measure the political leaders of our allies and enemies.

The failure of Americans to be outraged at this traitorous offense against their right to privacy and ludicrous belief that Snowden is a criminal is distressful to the principles of liberty and freedom upon which this country was founded. Sacrificing freedom for security is a false trade-off, as we become less free, less secure, and less responsible for our own lives. The implications of allowing an all-powerful surveillance state to use your private communications against you are far reaching and a dire moment for humanity. The one method left for citizens to communicate without the government able to decipher their messages is encryption. The government is now attempting to gain a backdoor to encryption with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as their rationale. Every real or imagined threat is used to grow the Deep State.

They have failed thus far in controlling the internet, as it remains the only remaining avenue of free speech and truth, but they will stop at nothing in using the threat of terrorists to capture complete control over all communication outlets. Blaming Snowden for the complete and utter failure of the trillion dollar surveillance state to stop a bunch of amateur terrorists, living in France and using open cell phone communications, from killing 130 people divulges the desperate flailing of spineless incompetent government apparatchiks who are exceedingly good at taking away freedoms and astonishingly awful at ensuring safety and security .

The sophistication and complexity of computers, code, and networks is only exceeded by the brilliance of hackers working on their own, for groups like Anonymous, or on behalf of governmental entities. Cyber-crime, cyber-attacks, cyber-warfare, and cyber-terrorism could be game breakers during this Fourth Turning. The trillions spent on high tech military hardware, aircraft carriers, missile systems, spy satellites, and computer systems could all be for naught if cyber warriors are able to disable these systems with computer code.

Commerce at major retailers has already been disrupted by cyber criminals who have stolen millions of credit card holders’ data. The next world war could be determined by which side can successfully disable satellites and key missile systems of their foes. The hypocrisy of an outraged U.S. government when hackers from China, Russia and Iran hack into government computer systems is comical, as they opened Pandora’s Box by releasing the Stuxnet virus into the Iranian governmental computer systems. You live by the sword and you die by the sword, or in this case the computer virus.

One of the most hyped channels of distress, and the one which humans have the least amount of control due to its complexity, is ecological distress. The extreme rhetoric surrounding the issue of global warming is deafening, and as with many issues during a Fourth Turning, there is no middle ground. The climatologists and scientists who depend upon the government for research grants allow their financial interests to dictate their findings. Whenever someone declares an issue as settled science, you know they are lying and pushing an agenda. Science is never settled. It requires constant questioning and exploration of new data.

When terminology like global warming is proven to be false and scientists are caught faking their data, they just change the terminology to climate change and start over again. No one can argue the climate doesn’t change. It changes every day. Does the burning of fossil fuels impact the environment? I’m sure it does. So does cow flatulence and my breathing. So do the trees outside my window. So does solar activity. So does volcanic activity. The variables affecting our environment are limitless and no computer model can accurately predict the future with any reasonable degree of certainty. If computer models can’t accurately predict the path and intensity of storms within a 48 hour window, how could anyone believe forecasts a decade or two in the future?

The facts do not stop the ideologues like Al Gore and nanny state government drones from declaring their position in-contestable. Anyone who dares challenge their facts, story-line or motivation is declared an ignorant right wing climate change denier. The vehement vitriolic fervor of the venomous environmental justice warriors is reminiscent of the angry pomposity of the bitter social justice warriors with their black lives matter, safe spaces, and feminazi agenda. They believe the louder and angrier they appear, the more likely the passive sheep will quiver and let them have their way.

The goal is always more control, more taxes siphoned from the remaining productive few, and less free and honest debate about the issues. The critical thinking, rational, courageous few who refuse to cower from the malicious meanderings of these climate sociopaths are the last barrier to allowing some world organization to tax and regulate us to death. The absurdity of believing a carbon tax levied on Americans will save the planet is laughable, as China, India, South America, Africa and the rest of the developing world ignore global environmental mandates. The technocrats controlling the developed world need more money to keep their power and dominion over the masses, and climate taxation is their last remaining method.

The planet has enough land mass to easily support the 7 billion existing people. The problem is the people are clustered into urban areas and the existing water and food sources are not distributed evenly among the population groupings. The hatred of free market capitalism in much of the world results in mis-allocation of resources and economic development, leaving large swaths of the planet living in abject poverty and starvation. Extreme poverty and hopelessness leads to the rise of dictators, extremist criminal groups, war and anarchy. Poverty is a driving force, along with Islamic religious extremism for the chaos in the Middle East, exacerbated by U.S. interventionism. As this Fourth Turning intensifies, the poverty, starvation, war and extremism will grow, adding fuel to the global wars.

Just like there is no avoiding the harsh winter gales of a Fourth Turning, there is nothing that can be done to bypass the consequences floods, droughts, water shortages, pandemics, seismic events, tsunamis, solar flares, or other unanticipated ecological events. The climate will change. If a solar flare does significant damage to satellite systems and the electrical grid the pandemonium and helplessness of our energy dependent civilization would be laid bare immediately. A devastating earthquake in California would have far reaching economic consequences to an already bankrupt nation.

The fear during the recent Ebola scare revealed how irrational the masses can act. Imagine the panic which would occur during a real pandemic. The Dust Bowl droughts during the 1930’s exacerbated the already terrible economic conditions. A worsening of the recent droughts in California and Pacific Southwest could have far reaching impacts on food and water supplies. No matter what ecological distress is experienced, the answer from politicians will be more government control, further straining the relationship between the people and their rulers. The people of this country are so divided, there is little chance for compromise solutions. Will this division result in our desolation?

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” – Matthew 12:25

Political Distress

“The average man will permit the oligarch, whether economic or political, to hide his real purposes from the scrutiny of his fellows and to withdraw his activities from effective control. Since it is impossible to count on enough moral goodwill among those who possess irresponsible power to sacrifice it for the good of the whole, it must be destroyed by coercive methods and these will always run the peril of introducing new forms of injustice in place of those abolished.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

The channel encompassing the maximum level of distress at this stage in the Fourth Turning is the political arena. The initial trigger was the 2008 financial collapse, but the political actions prior to and since 2008 have been the driving force behind this ongoing Crisis. Politicians of both parties were bought off by financial interests to repeal the Glass Steagall Act, unleashing Wall Street to go on a ravenous greed driven bacchanal over the next decade, creating the worldwide financial implosion.

The revolving door between Washington DC and Wall Street is self-evident, with Goldman Sachs providing Treasury Secretaries (Rubin, Paulson, Summers), Fed Presidents (Dudley, Harker, Kaplan, Kashkari), and hundreds of other White House and regulatory agency operatives, as they have engineered an infiltration, subversion and silent coup of the Federal government. Goldman was the single largest contributor to Obama’s campaign and is likewise, the largest contributor to Hillary Clinton. They buy off key Congressmen of both parties (McConnell, Schumer). That may explain why not one criminal banker was jailed after the crime of the century in 2008.

The oligarchy controlling the levers of power behind the scenes of our political, economic, and financial systems use their immense wealth, control over the propaganda media outlets, dominion over the regulatory and judicial structures, and legislative authority to siphon off the wealth of the masses, while leaving a withering dying carcass in their wake. The political process has been bastardized as candidates, hand-picked by the vested interests, are sold to an increasingly uninformed and uninterested populace like a bar of soap. They are bought and paid for by special interests before they ever reach Washington. It’s a pay to play system, and the public aren’t playing. The traitorous actions taken by politicians and their banker co-conspirators at the start of this Fourth Turning divulges their true constituency. And it’s not you.

Ben Bernanke and his Goldman cohort Paulson proceeded to save their Wall Street benefactors and throw grandma and the rest of Main Street USA under the bus. They poured trillions of taxpayer funds into the coffers of criminal banks who took excessive risks, committed massive mortgage fraud, and used derivatives of mass destruction to screw clients, pension plans, little old ladies and the country. When public outrage resulted in 90% of Americans coming out against TARP, Congress initially voted it down.

Then Wall Street threw a hissy fit, Bernanke and Paulson lied to the country about the problem and threatened the spineless weasels slithering around the halls of Congress. Congress did as they were told (including presidential candidates Obama and McCain) by their real bosses and passed TARP. Paulson then used it in the opposite manner from which he sold it to the public. ZIRP, QE1, QE2, and QE3 have badly hurt senior citizens, savers, and middle class working families who have seen their real household income fall since 2007.

The congressional approval rating of 11%, down from 40% in 2009, and presidential approval rating of 44%, down from 67% in 2009, reveal the disgust Americans currently have for their politician “leaders”. When the economy is doing well or when confronted with an attack from a foreign threat, the approval ratings of politicians jumps higher. The nonstop decline since 2009 exposes the much touted economic recovery to be a fraud. Average Americans know their standard of living continues to decline, despite the propaganda laden highly manipulated economic data shoveled by the government on a monthly basis. You would have to be brain dead or an Ivy League educated economist to believe the true unemployment rate in this country is 5.1%.

The reason only 25% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction is because its current economic trajectory is collapse. The Fed can print fiat and enrich their owners, and politicians can promise free shit to voters until the cows come home, but someone will have to pay the bill – and it’s a doozy. With an $18.7 trillion national debt, $200 trillion of unfunded welfare promises, $600 billion to $1 trillion deficits for as far as the eye can see, and no politician with the courage to tell the truth, Americans know deep down in their bones this farce can’t continue. With a rapidly aging population, there is no mathematical possibility those bills can be paid by the younger generations.

The next financial earthquake will be far worse than the initial tremor in 2008, as bubbles in stocks, bonds, and real estate simultaneously pop, and the Fed already zero bound on interest rates. The retribution sought by the masses against those guilty of crimes against the nation could be bloody and swift. Our relatively peaceful society could go off the rails quickly.

With less than a year until the next presidential election, we have the front runners on the Democrat side running on promises of more free shit to their constituents in the form of free college, a $15 minimum wage, equalization of pay for women, free healthcare, and a bevy of other goodies. We’ve got the front runners on the Republican side promising tax cuts, building walls after kicking 10 million illegal immigrants out of the country, repealing Obamacare without offering an alternative, and expanding the war on terrorism.

All the major candidates are itching for war with Russia and China, while promising more spending on the military. All the major candidates will again be on the take from Wall Street. Not one major candidate has any intention of cutting spending or balancing the budget. They know voters will not elect anyone who promises them discomfort, pain, or shared sacrifice. One year from now we are likely to have either a lying, corrupt, criminal, socialist president or a bombastic, pompous blowhard reality TV president. In either case, they will reside in the White House during the most intense and likely bloody phase of the Fourth Turning.

Military Distress


“History offers even more sobering warnings: Armed confrontation usually occurs around the climax of Crisis. If there is confrontation, it is likely to lead to war. This could be any kind of war – class war, sectional war, war against global anarchists or terrorists, or superpower war. If there is war, it is likely to culminate in total war, fought until the losing side has been rendered nil – its will broken, territory taken, and leaders captured.” – Strauss & Howe The Fourth Turning

As we’ve witnessed throughout history, when the ruling class loses control of their domestic situation, economic turmoil ensues, they begin losing the support of the masses, and attempt to retain control by producing a foreign conflict to rally the people around the flag. War serves three vital purposes for the establishment. The politicians in power gain support, as the masses decide it would be unpatriotic to throw the bums out in the midst of a conflict. Secondly, the military industrial complex increases its power, generating obscene profits for its constituent arms dealers. Thirdly, the Wall Street cabal finances the conflicts, reaping more riches, and compensating the politicians waging the wars.

The best wars from a government’s standpoint are wars against concepts – like terror or poverty. They can’t be won, so they go on forever. The government is free to invade or bomb any country they say are housing terrorists. The government can restrict all liberties, freedoms and Constitutional rights in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists. The concept can be utilized any time for any reason, without any proof required by the ruling class. The true terrorists are in Washington DC. They wear suits, hold hearings, give speeches, and accept bribes. These charlatans are terrorizing the world and the citizens of this country with their neo-con ambitions to rule the world.

Linear thinkers expecting technology and human ingenuity to keep our country and the world on a path of progress are badly mistaken. They ignore the obvious escalation of global distress, as history suddenly hurls us towards some cosmic chaos that defies all rational predictive models. To those not blinded by ideology or captured by the vested interests, it is plainly evident the world has become more chaotic and dangerous in the last two years. The initial economic chaos created the atmosphere and political conditions which are now leading inevitably toward global war.

American foreign policy, dictated by neo-cons of both parties, has purposely destabilized the Middle East and the Ukraine in an effort to keep the petro-dollar king and to ensure no regime in the Middle East could challenge Israel. As with most diabolically immoral plans, the unintended consequences will be far worse than the initial outcome. By overthrowing Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak, and attempting to overthrow Assad, the U.S. has unleashed thousands of Islamic fanatics and disaffected soldiers from the overthrown regimes to wreak havoc throughout the Middle East and now in Europe. Creating anarchy and chaos in countries previously living in peace under strongmen is blowing up in our faces.

The provocation of Russia by overthrowing the democratically elected president of the Ukraine, and friend of Russia, began the war phase of this Fourth Turning. Putin then annexed Crimea and civil war waged in eastern Ukraine and an airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian government in an effort to blame Putin. The U.S. armed any Muslim willing to fight Assad, in their effort to overthrow his regime and allow Saudi Arabia and Qatar to build a gas pipeline to Europe, further weakening Russia.

The latest terrorist threat to the world – ISIS – was created, funded, and armed by the U.S. The coordinated oversupply of oil had its purpose to destroy the economies of Russia, Iran, Argentina and Venezuela. The unanticipated deepening global recession has produced the unanticipated consequences of damaging the economy of Saudi Arabia, crushing the oil sands industry in Canada – pushing their economy into recession, and revealing the U.S. shale industry to be a debt enabled fraud – now in a slow motion collapse.

The ongoing saber rattling between the U.S. and Russia over Syria and the Ukraine, along with the increasingly provocative actions taken by the U.S., Japan and China over the contested islands in the South China Sea, are setting the stage for a showdown no one anticipates or actually wants. But, psychopathic politicians feel driven to prove their manhood by using their military assets to bully opponents they know cannot fight back. The U.S. and their feeble minded NATO allies were sure they could overthrow Assad, just as they had done with Hussein and Gaddafi, because they have far more firepower and unlimited funds printed by their central bankers.

Putin put a stop to those illusions, as he refused to let his only Mediterranean port fall under U.S. control. When Putin stepped into the Syrian conflict it immediately became apparent the U.S., Turkey, and the rest of NATO had no intention of defeating ISIS, as they allowed them to run refineries, ship oil to Turkey in thousands of tanker trucks and arm themselves with U.S. provided weapons. Continuous never ending conflict is good for American business.

Even though the latest American created evil terrorist threat – ISIS – has been wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East, they were fighting Assad, so we weren’t going to eradicate them. Putin immediately began obliterating their command infrastructure, refineries, oil tankers, bridges, and other essentials an enemy uses to sustain them. This real war embarrassed the U.S., Turkey and NATO, while infuriating a desperate ISIS leadership.

Now we’ve reached a tipping point, as the swirl of accusations, rhetoric, provocations, miscalculations, egos, hubris, and luck will combine to produce a combustible mixture which could erupt at any time. The Islamic radicals (ISIS, the supposed moderates, Turks, Iraqis, Egyptians, French, Belgians and Muslims across the world) have lashed out in response to their betrayal by the U.S. in allowing Putin to actually fight them, by blowing up a Russian airliner, slaughtering 130 people in France, killing dozens in Mali and Tunisia, while threatening similar attacks in the U.S.

Hollande has thrown the French Constitution in the trash bin in his pathetic attempt to appear tough on terrorism so he doesn’t get ousted in the next election. Nothing like a bomb going off in Rockefeller Center or the Mall of America to get an already fearful American public in the Christmas spirit and deepening the recession the 99% are already experiencing. In this tense global atmosphere all that would be needed to set off a conflagration would be for someone to do something stupid. And Turkey just obliged.

The shooting down of a Russian bomber over Syrian territory by Turkish F-16s, provided by U.S. arms dealers, and then the shooting down of a Russian rescue helicopter with a U.S. provided TOW missile by “moderate” Syrian rebels will have far reaching consequences. This was a deliberate unprovoked attack by Turkey as either retaliation for their cheap oil supplies being cut-off, a frantic attempt by Erdogen to boost his popularity before elections, or as instructed by those calling the shots in Washington D.C.

Putin is unlikely to do anything rash, but this event has solidified the fact Russia is considered the true enemy of the West, not Islamic radicals or Syria. The next decade or so will see Russia, China and some lesser developing countries confront the West economically, through currency wars, commodity wars, and militarily through proxy wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, with all sides armed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

This phase of the Fourth Turning seems surreal. History seems to be moving in slow motion. It reminds me of the eight months between Hitler’s invasion of Poland and his invasion of Belgium and France in May of 1940, referred to as the Phoney War. The Western allies had declared war on Germany, but no one did anything. Parisians and Londoners went about their business, eating at restaurants, going to plays, enjoying the spring sunshine, and blissfully unaware of the tragedy, bloodshed, and horror which was gathering like a swirling tempest just over the horizon.

Americans today are blissfully distracted by their iGadgets, plotting out their holiday shopping strategies, leasing new cars, eating out, and buying advance tickets to the new Star Wars movie. They don’t see the wicked winter squalls ahead which will try their souls. We are experiencing the lull before the storms, but the storms are surely coming. The potential for catastrophe is high and burying our heads in the sand is not a strategy.

“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning



  1. Jim wrote:

    “the economy of Saudi Arabia, crushing the oil sands industry in Canada – pushing their economy into recession, and revealing the U.S. shale industry to be a debt enabled fraud – now in a slow motion collapse.”

    I’m not sure that this was unintentional. Alberta went from hero to zero overnight for a reason. It is a part of what I believe to be the great leveling. Middle class people with high incomes and the potential for zero debt (unfortunately many are too leveraged) are a major threat to globalists because they are difficult to control. The destruction of Alberta’s oil and gas industry is an assault on the backbone of what was becoming an independent and freer western voting block. Now Albertans – instead of facing a future of prosperity are faced with bankruptcy and dependence. My spidy senses tell me this is by design and people who are broke and dependent are easier to control.

  2. Well thought out article admin.

    But, there is always that, buts, some of the things anonymous has done has increased surveyance not dilute it.

  3. Russia is aligned with China, Iran, and other developing countries – O’Dumbo will be on the losing end and I don’t want me or family members to be sacrificial lambs in order for the corporate arms dealers can elevate their profits.

  4. Westcoaster , we agree again . Damn ,are you becoming reborn into a free market republican ?

    Once again another thought provoking article. Good job Admin.

    Sometimes it looks like there is no hope for our REPUBLIC .Seems like we’ll be hit by a hundred different storms at the same time.No where to run ,no where to hide .

  5. @Erisa… No. What part of the “wall of separation” between church and state Jefferson envisioned do you NOT understand?

  6. All of the war scenarios suck bad. The arrogance of OUR LEADERS is off the charts, and stupid beyond belief. They push and push to the point that it it seems they’re begging for destruction. I can’t help but think that between the u.s. and israel, all nuclear options are on the table and that they are confident in their satanic solution.
    This leaves many terrible possible outcomes for all involved.
    I pray for justice and it kind of scares me to do so…

  7. Article is too long and sounds like conspiracy theory.

    Russia economy is same GDP as Italy, Italy has no oil and only half the people in a land that is minuscule to Russia. So get a perspective on this “me too” superpower. Living standard is lower than in India.
    So as much as Putin makes noise, he is shooting himself in the foot. Russians are running out of choices for southern vacations they can afford. The fruit from Turkey comes handy, and its also cheaper.To initiate Visa requirements is madness as that affects mostly wealthier Russians, not Turks who prefer Egypt.
    Russian currency is junk and China will not jeopardize exports to Western markets mainly USA just to please Russia whose Siberia used to be Chinese territory and is still referred to as such. Its 1.3 billion people must be living somewhere!
    The F-16 incident was a well planned Russian provocation to destabilize NATO. It is unimaginable in today’s world that Russian Radar only 40 km from border did not see Turkish planes, not it is conceivable that Russia strategic bomber’s own radar did not see the F-16, nor hear 5 minutes of frustrated warnings from Turks to change course. When pilot of Arabic Airlines on route from Beirut has heard it on his radio and recorded it on his cell phone, that one must ask why the Russians did not hear anything, why on previous incursions in to Turkey claimed “Lost due to bad weather” and did not share flight plan with Turkey as promised after June accident!

    Well planned Russian provocation, no doubt!

  8. Jim, I was surprised to see no focus on the bullshit of the upcoming Paris 2030 spectacle and blatant fraud of change vis-a-vie the environment as a precursor to sand box fight about to get real as Israel gets abandoned with enimies abound and nukes as their plan b. Any thoughts?

  9. Frankly, you should stop smoking Russian pot, you are getting delusional! Its been a long time I have read such a piece of misinformation and Russian propaganda, but some things never change, it fits in the 1950-1960 Soviet propaganda like a glove.

  10. Good article. I’ve enjoyed reading these. Makes me fear for my kids future. It will be interesting to see how this global warming nonsense plays out. I’ve read that we are approaching a Maunder Minimum with solar cycles. Not good for Europe or much of the north. Shorter growing seasons and a much higher demand for energy for heating. They will be wishing global warming was real after a winter like that. So cold it froze the Thames in London.

    My biggest fear remains the morons in charge will do something really stupid and get a lot of us killed with their hubris.

  11. @ anonymous. A school is not a state. You don’t loose religious liberty because you are forced to attend a govt indoctrination center. “CONGRESS shall make no law with the respect to….” Congress…not your local school board. The two most despised commandment by the state…do not steal. Do not kill.

  12. @ George Boehm…You are very mistaken. According to IMF, CIA World Factbook and World Bank numbers, Russia is either #5 or 6 in the world ranking of GDP, Italy is #11 or 12.

    The actual figures are: Russia-$3.5 Trillion and Italy-$2.1 Trillion.

    As far as the rest of your assumptions about Russia….they are wrong and I cannot fathom where you got them unless you just dreamed them up.

    You accused Admin of peddling a conspiracy theory and all you offered is some unprovable bullshit.

  13. @ Lu San Chin….You just tag teaming with George doing a juvenile hit and run on this article? Go troll somewhere else. Might I suggest Godlike Productions? You belong there.

  14. “The absurdity of believing a carbon tax levied on Americans will save the planet is laughable, as China, India, South America, Africa and the rest of the developing world ignore global environmental mandates.”

    Yep, yep, and yep. I shall now turn my attention to one or two folks who have thus far commented in this thread. Stand by.

  15. @ Lu San Chin….You just tag teaming with George doing a juvenile hit and run on this article? Go troll somewhere else. Might I suggest Godlike Productions? You belong there.

    @ Erisa…I don’t think it started with any kind of religious suppression. Fascist governments can use religion and it’s institutions to press their agenda, like the Catholic Charities and other Christian groups who have been hijacked by government funding to support illegal and legal immigration. They make a lot of money off of each case they ‘help’. I believe the start of our downfall was and is apathy and ignorance.

    I guess we’ll see if the lunatics in power really want to start the festivities in the ME if they escalate the violence against Russia. Like I said before, all it’ll take is a Russian ship getting zapped or an serious attack on their Syrian airbase to kick the whole thing off. Or, if John McInsane gets his way, the US starts shooting down Russian planes.

    I like to be a fly on the wall of the Kremlin right now. Everyone has a timetable for action and contingencies against an aggressor and I wonder what Russia and China’s are. Maybe they’ll believe it’s time to flood the world with Treasuries. We’ll see.

  16. “So as much as Putin makes noise, he is shooting himself in the foot. Russians are running out of choices for southern vacations they can afford. The fruit from Turkey comes handy, and it’s also cheaper.To initiate Visa requirements is madness as that affects mostly wealthier Russians, not Turks, who prefer Egypt.”
    —-George Boehm @ 9:01 pm above

    Please tell me this is sarcasm, George. Please.

    This comment is worthy of a Saturday Night Live satirical skit. I’m sure that the first thing on Putin’s mind is cheap fruit from Turkey and warm vacation spots in Egypt.

    “Apricots from Turkey, beaches in Egypt. Don’t leave home without them.”
    —-Vladimir Putin

  17. Mr. Q.

    I enjoyed your well crafted arguments and essentially agree.
    Who wouldn’t agree? This is what is happening and we have
    no control. Reading a summary of events and likely outcomes
    is calming in a way…it allows one to prepare. Thanks!

    PS…G. Boehm may be correct about Russia wanting to destabilize
    NATO. So what? That would not negate your take on things at all.

  18. C’mon Rise Up…it won’t be as bad as all that. Think of the money you’ll save on sunscreen. Although where I live, I will certainly, and without a doubt, never feel a thing in a full nuclear exchange other than seeing the initial flash of the first ones hitting Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, Colt firearms, Kaman Aerospace, good ol’ Submarine Base # 462 in Groton, and all of Raytheon’s sub contractors around here. This state will be nuked down to bedrock and then nuked again just to be sure.

  19. “The Great Leveling” has been occurring since the dot com bust, only now its unraveling at much quicker pace. This event is world wide. Not only financially but politically, militarily and socially.

    There is no way back from the brink. Its much too late now. The situation that the world finds itself in can be classed as “The Perfect Storm”. A storm that will manifest itself in ways unthinkable to many.

    Many of those of us “in the know” will be aghast at the scope, depth and depravity that will be visited upon us, compliments of the elites that are at the levers of power.

    Being prepared as best you can, with what you can and above all – maintain a stout heart and a clear mind. With some luck, we may find ourselves on the other side of this storm. Walking with hope once again in our souls, into sunlit days on the morrow. Good luck.

  20. Aw shucks the worst possible scenario would no catastrophe. It’s clear the author wants the U.S. to be a “Leave It To Beaver” style of society. A society made up of wholesome White Christian families where father has full-time job, mother stays home to do the housework and children go school with the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

  21. Another homerun Admin .

    I have many thoughts on this subject , I will try to write coherently .
    @ Technological and ecological distress , doesn’t it seem odd that some technologies are light years ahead of older tech? For example 20 years ago cell phones were big, bulky etc and now everyone is walking around with a computer in their hand? Yet the internal combustion engine is over 100 years old and very little actual improvement on the same time scale? When there are at least comparable technologies that would have the same level of advancement ? I think there are several car companies with hydrogen fuel stations available to produce it at your home? But that would limit the corps control over people I think . Only tech that seems to advance are the ones that solidify govt and corporations control over people.

    @ Political distress The whole TARP bailout thing was such a fucked up mess for everyone EXCEPT TPTB. The current Ponzi scheme will be enlarged thru the completion of their so called NWO. Its still a Ponzi , but social security for all ! Since the entire world will be taxed for it and the other social welfare programs. But , once again , at the end , they will run out of other peoples money . Why else would they wish to do away with national boundaries etc? In one fell swoop the POCB’s will have a pool of 7 billion to sponge off of . They will placate the masses for another few hundred years maybe.

    @ Military distress , If they fail at their current plans and goals , this is where large scale war comes into play . It probably comes into play anyways . Georgia Guidestones anyone?
    Is that the end game? No idea . Altho ,TPTB seem to be using high technology to fulfill the various and sundry prophecies of various religious texts. Seems to be used only to validate their rule .
    Might be why Jaime diamon Said they were doing God’s work ?

    I do not think that mankind can artificially create the conditions ,that are in various religious texts, so well that God takes notice.

    As outlooking said be prepared .

    Odd equation I am playing with E=MC2 as ,Einstein ? postulated , well what is the other side of that equation ? M =EC2 . If the human race can get to creating matter with a high enough power source, that is available to most individuals , then there are no power structures to control people .
    Then , there will be freedom I believe.

    Just the ramblings of a cook , who is absolutely disgusted with the power hungry current paradigm!

  22. Jim, when i read your signature work, I am always struck by how compact and accurate your appraisal of our situation is, yet how much I disagree with where we are headed. Your writing in 2009 was dead on also, except you didn’t factor in printing a trillion dollars a year. Why not? Easy, no one could have dreamed that was going to happen. Sort of a reverse black swan. I think my only disagreement with your theory this time, is timing. To fit my read, I can take your 4th turning theory and accelerate the timeline, and we’re not that far apart. You see winter coming. I see spring. You await the gray champion. I think it’s trump

  23. War & Putting It All Together

    Posted on November 29, 2015 by Martin Armstrong



    It is unsettling. ISIS has issued a letter taking credit for the attacks, stating, “That’s just the beginning of a storm.” I have tried to put everything together to understand how the world ticks. War comes only when the economy turns down; outside the USA, the peak was 2000 or 2007 depending on the country.

    The siege of Paris is a very profound event. Had the terrorists attacked a military target, an international war would be less likely. Attacking the people like this stirs the sentiment against the Islamic organization and will create war.

    Watch Roosevelt’s Speech on October 30, 1940

    FDR promised that American troops would not be sent overseas to fight any foreign war. Now, you have Hillary claiming that this is not America’s war. America entered World War II only after the Pear Harbor attack. Attack the people and WAR will ALWAYS follow. That is just a simple fact of correlation, and not a personal forecast or opinion. All I can do is hope to reveal the interconnections and perhaps others in the future will learn from the mistakes.

  24. “Cry ‘Havoc !’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War”

    Posted on November 29, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

    Cycles are how energy moves. This is the divine mechanism that dictates everything from the planets revolving around the sun to our solar system revolving around the universe once every 25,800 years — the Precession of the Equinoxes. Only a fool refuses to comprehend the world around him.

    President Franois Hollande was the first to speak of an “act of war” against France to justify calling for a state of emergency and to strengthen border controls. Yesterday, numerous heads of state at the G20 summit saw a solidarity as the German President Joachim Gauck also spoke of a war. The dogs of war were unleashed with this siege of Paris. The danger now is that the uneducated Christians will begin to clash with Muslims without understanding the difference between them and ISIS.

    And yes — they really did use dogs in war. Archaeologists believe that humans have been using dogs in warfare since the animals were first domesticated more than 15,000 years ago. The first actual written record of using dogs in war dates back to Lydia in modern day Turkey, where coins were invented. The first ruler, Alyattes, reportedly had his soldiers turn packs of dogs loose on Cimmerian troops in a battle sometime around 600 BC, which was very effective against cavalry according to contemporary sources.

  25. Admin… the article is indeed dark, troubling and excellent. You have put this all together in a way that seems so well planned that it can only be intentional. Do take some time and enjoy life to avoid looking into the abyss too long.

    @starfcker, my boys have their heavy winter coats and when SHTF, they will more than likely be living with us 24 hours a day to warn, protect and make sure this family is intact.

    My preps include plenty for the dogs. If I could just get them to learn to turn the grinder handle (opposable thumbs not a sale item) so they can make their own dog food, we would be set.


  26. “The danger now is that the uneducated Christians will begin to clash with Muslims without understanding the difference between them and ISIS.”

    The bulk of the Martin Armstrong quote was spot on, then wrote that twaddle above. The danger now is uneducated Christians? What have Christians done in the past 50 years except roll over on their collective backs for their new master? If he had switched around the words Christians and Muslims I would have agreed with him, the danger bow is an ISIS radicalizing the peaceful Muslims against what remains of Christians and the feminized secular world. That seems the more liekly of the two scenarios.

  27. Maggie,

    SSS, (who worked for the CIA, now retired), once had a post about how you should NEVER post a picture that you took online. There is information coded into the photo that includes the location, and perhaps more. This would allow anyone to find you and determine who you are.

    Just an FYI.


  28. Years ago I read the book, One Second After, not a fun situation, I’m two chapters into, One Year After, and the story is the same, politicians using their own people as pawns just to assume positions of power.

    Great article admin.

  29. @Yojimbo… LOL… which is why I only posted the photo of the dogs with me when visiting my cousins, who live 15 miles away. Haha… Let them deal with you TBP beggers.

  30. I love how these awesome articles bring out The Gathering Of Assholes ….. looking at you ERISA, George Boehm, Lu San Chin, and Gil.

    There’s only way to battle my depression … go to the Movies!

    At 10:30 Ms Freud will go see Brooklyn (99% on Rottentomatoes). At 12:30 we’re gonna see Creed (94%). I’m gonna try to sneak into Creed without paying. Fuck you if you don’t like that. Then at 4PM we do Thanksgiving, three days late, at Seester Soybeans.

    Enjoy your Sunday Shit Slinging.

    1. “It’s frightening to think that you might not know something, but more frightening to think that, by and large, the world is run by people who have faith that they know exactly what’s going on.”

      Amos Tversky

  31. The fourthturning was created by Zionist ,controlling (media,banking,defense).Our Christian built country has now been forced in a 2000 year conflict between jew ,Moslem!

  32. In politic, nothing happened by accidents everything is planed.
    The world is controlled by Hegelian dialectic, with a touch of Marxism and Winner cybernetic. The wars on concepts are pure examples. War on drugs, war against terror, war on education: no children left behind just to cite few. Moshe Dayan said it best: [Israel] must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no — it must — invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge…

  33. Great stuff, Admin. I’m not sure this is the place for this or whether I am just contributing to Stucky’s Gathering of Assholes, but he did make me laugh.

    So what’s different this time? But first, what is not different?

    • Human nature
    • Sociopath/Psychopath Politicians and Business Leaders

    Profit is the “god” of Capitalism, its highest “value”, and other human values are secondary. This is the flaw in its ethos and suggests that Capitalism must not be unfettered, it must not rule or dominate a society to the exclusion of all other human values. I believe that’s happened here, as well-described by Jim.

    Differences and Firsts:

    • World Population at 7 billion, certainly a first. Sustainable? Not likely IMO.
    • Climate Change? Politics.
    • Global Debt at 199 Trillion, tomorrow’s bread consumed today:
    • Only fiat currencies are available worldwide, a first. Fiat currencies are not money. This is a bigger deal than most people realize. Note that the core asset of all central banks is gold.
    • Environmental degradation and resource depletion. Relates to world population. Worse than WWII? Dunno.
    • Communications – TV and the Internet. TV is low rent entertainment and wall-to-wall propaganda (“news” and commercials), the Internet is a tremendous informational resource never before available to humankind. We The People can find more truth, if we’re so inclined, but the noise level is horrendous.
    • 300+ million guns in US private hands. Not true anywhere else on earth, except maybe proportionately in Switzerland, also one of the few places where bottom-up democracy is practiced. Switzerland was able to stay out of WWII. With a footnote here on democracy as practiced in Iceland. Direct democracy is very likely not practical in large populations and thus we get politicians.
    • US Cultural Degradation. This is huge, but I can’t say it’s a first. Note, however, that Christianity was the foundation of Western Civilization covering a span of 2 millennia. Now Christian Morality has been attenuated almost to irrelevance in the popular culture. The counter-forces have been Materialism and Darwinism, both of which boil down to Atheism In Drag. Their ethos results in Nihilism. Darwinism is sophistry and was spawned by Materialism. Very successful modern science has its origins in Materialism. Very successful quantum mechanics, the queen of the sciences IMO, deals in part with intangibles and gives the lie to Materialism. That is not popularly understood, but it is a very big deal. There are huge gaps and jumps in this narrative, I know, but the connections are real.

    And I’m sure there are more. Hopefully I haven’t missed too many.

    Final question: Do cycles apply? Well yes, I believe they do, and that they relate to a long human lifespan. Does Fourth Turning have answers? Yes, some but not all, it does allow us a framework to better understand.

    My take FWIW and with apologies for length …

  34. Mr. Quinn,

    I would like to thank your for a very well written article that is precisely what lies ahead. I commend your for telling it “like it is” as you do so well. To all of the clueless sheep with your head up your ___ , your date with your fate is nearing. You earned it, so enjoy!

    Keep the articles coming for the ones that “Will Survive” and the poor lowly sheep.



  35. Maggie you have two great character witnesses to vouch for you. They just verify the opinion most on TBP have if you.
    No Compromise! That promises to make the Crisis period of 4T vicious. Not a pleasant possibility but necessary.

  36. What’s happening is perfectly normal: As weapons get smaller and more powerful, we NEED 24/7/365 surveillance on everyone. The cost of this is falling fast so expect complete surveillance and a permanent state of war (which actually IS peace, to quote Mr. Orwell) Learn to love it.

  37. Info for Phaedrus (re: “Note that the core asset of all central banks is gold.”):

    Does the Federal Reserve own or hold gold?

    The Federal Reserve does not own gold.

    The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 required the Federal Reserve System to transfer ownership of all of its gold to the Department of the Treasury. In exchange, the Secretary of the Treasury issued gold certificates to the Federal Reserve for the amount of gold transferred at the then-applicable statutory price for gold held by the Treasury.

    Gold certificates are denominated in U.S. dollars. Their value is based on the statutory price for gold at the time the certificates are issued. Gold certificates do not give the Federal Reserve any right to redeem the certificates for gold.

    The statutory price of gold is set by law. It does not fluctuate with the market price of gold and has been constant at $42 2/9, or $42.2222, per fine troy ounce since 1973. The book value of the gold held by the Treasury is determined using the statutory price.

    Although the Federal Reserve does not own any gold, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York acts as the custodian of gold owned by account holders such as the U.S. government, foreign governments, other central banks, and official international organizations. No individuals or private sector entities are permitted to store gold in the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or at any Federal Reserve Bank.

    A small portion of the gold held by the U.S. Treasury (roughly $600 million in book value)–about five percent–is held in custody for the Treasury by the Federal Reserve Banks, as fiscal agents of the United States. The vast majority of this gold is located in the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a very small portion is on display in several Federal Reserve Banks. The remaining 95 percent of U.S. Treasury gold ($10.4 billion in book value) is held in custody for the Treasury by the U.S. Mint.

  38. Yojimbo says: Maggie,

    SSS, (who worked for the CIA, now retired), once had a post about how you should NEVER post a picture that you took online. There is information coded into the photo that includes the location, and perhaps more. This would allow anyone to find you and determine who you are.
    Doubt it…at least not for the photo Maggie posted. I downloaded it and viewed the properties. The source is 35mm and not digital. If it was a photo taken with a cell phone with GPS, the longitude and latitude would possibly be included which would indicate the location taken. Not on this one, however.

  39. Okay, Rise Up… that spooked me enough to stop posting any photos. LOL. I rarely take photos with my cell phone. I learned to take photos with an old fashioned 35mm camera and have stubbornly resisted digital technology in my photography hobby. I admit that getting film developed is not as simple as it used to be, but it can still be done.

    Oh, and I have several hundred rolls of film in dark storage. I do know how to develop film myself though I do not have the chemicals.

  40. Rise Up – Yeh, am aware of the Fed/Treasury gold holdings status. Thing is, I would question whether the Fed OR Treasury holds much if any physical gold. I think it has pretty much all been hypothecated, that the physical has gone into the market to help suppress the nominal gold price. COMEX is not a real market. The West’s physical gold has gone east.

  41. Hi Maggie,

    What have you got there? St. Bernard and Great Pyrenees?
    Those are some big dogs!!
    I have a huge female Dobe and a rescue kitty. I love them so
    much. When the Mr. retires we will get a German Shepherd.
    Prenamed Karma and a male. Females are so busy. Thanks.

  42. Jim, very well written post, which does a great job of chronicalling the events leading up to this time. I agree with your findings and deductions coming from Strauss and Howes “Fourth Turning”, but I don’t believe humanity will make it to the Fifth Turning, I will explain why.

    When they wrote this book, they had no idea what events have transpired on this planet over the last 5 years, and all the geo-engineering that has gone on to destroy the ecosystems over the past 5 or so decades. Look up Dane Wigington’s website on geo-engineering, it will open your eyes to what is happening on a global scale, and is happening at a very rapid rate! You are also not taking into account the ending of a grand cycle of 26,000 years, and all the Earth changes taking place at this moment. The economic collapse will pale in comparision to what is about to take place on this world, as our planet is changing in a very dramatic way!

    I will get back to that in a moment. First lets get to the economics, the macro picture. The whole economic system is collapsing very rapidly. Too much sovereign debt, too much money printing and being backed by nothing but air. Toxic fiat currency not making it’s way into main street, just circling a drain to keep this Ponzi Scheme going. Too much greed and corruption, the air is thick of it!

    Well, it is about to end, that is why war is coming, any day, any hour, but it wont be long! These dark entities who think they can win, and put the world order in place are mistaken, because there is a higher source of power that will judge them, and He is going to bring down His mighty hand upon this world and cleanse it of all the greed and corruption that exists. There will be no bunker deep enough or island far enough to shelter them from His judgement. As it was 6,000 years ago, when the great flood cleansed this world, so shall it be now!

    The bond markets are collapsing from a rising dollar. They will trigger defaults on emerging market loans and all the derivatives tied to them, all toxic, and are at a mind boggling $1.2 quadrillion in toxic fiat currency, it will all collapse. Right now the world debt stands at about $200 trillion. The GDP of the entire world stands at around $56 trillion! It is a sinking ship!

    As a result the bond markets will implode as every major bank in the world goes down. Add to that a simultaneous default of the Comex and the LBMA, as the paper gold and silver ETF gambling casino comes to an end. the physical market is completely sepersting from the paper market, the game is over!

    The shelves are empty of gold and silver. No more deliveries on short contracts. there will be a scramble for the physical, which has been bought up already by mostly China, Russia, and India. China has already set up swap facilities and a central bank for a gold backed trading system. Everything is in place, but it really doesn’t matter, as I will get to in a moment.

    There will be a loss of faith in the dollar, and hyperinflation follows, and hyperdeflation along with it. Game over! This is all occuring right now. If the Fed raises the rate one iota, it’s game over as the derivatives implode, or if they print QE to infinity it’s game over. They are out of bullets! That is why war is coming to a theatre near YOU!

    The Baltic Dry Index is at an all time low, no one is buying anything in the world. The global consumer is on his death bed with no pulse. As the price of oil sinks to new lows, no demand, no one has any money except 3% of the population, the global suppliers like Saudi Arabia will go down.

    They will succumb to selling oil in non dollars. The petrol dollar is about in the dust bin, as will be the dollar as the reserve currency.

    I could go on, but you get the jist of it. Now for the important point in all of this. The biggest cover-up in world history has been taking place, and it will deal a very severe blow to human existence, and that cover-up is Fukushima.

    You see people, without a healthy planet, humanity Does Not Survive! The economic collapse and WWIII are a side show. The real story is the health of our planet. It is dying a very rapid death. Dollars will not help to keep this world alive, it is far too late in the game for that.

    Japan should be evacuated immediately. North Amereica will soon be next. You see the Pacific Ocean is dying a very rapid death. The Japanese and the US will not tell you the true story, but I am here to tell you things are not good.

    Three reactors melted down right through their containment floors. The officials at TEPCO have no idea where the 3 reactors cores went. They are dumping 300 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific daily. There is very little sea life left unaffected including the plankton which supplies nurisment to the sea life, and oxygen to humans. There are mass die offs of all sea life going on. The ecosytems are faltering quickly!

    Reactor #4 has a spent fuel rod pool of around 1500 rods sitting above ground over this badly imploded reactor. The building is listing severely. Another large quake will topple it, and ignite a radioactive cloud with such intensity that humanity will not survive. One spent rod can kill off one billion people, there are 1500! With the amount of earthquakes in this area of the Ring of Fire, it is a certainty this will happen.

    Einstein had it right. He said when the nuclear genie is let out of the bottle it will be the end of human existence. He was right!

    The Gulf of Mexico isn’t doing much better. The BP oil disaster is still ongoing. Haliburton purposely drilled into a 10,000 ft volcano of methane gas and oil. They hedged their bets on BP’s stock, and cleaned up, and in the process destroyed the Gulf!

    Haliburton is still adding Corexit into the water to keep the oil dispersed to the bottom of the ocean. Most sea life there is getting hammered by the most toxic chemicals known to mankind. Millions of gallons have been poured into the Gulf.

    Some say the gulf states should be evacuated, as the storm systems are delivering by air these toxic chemicals to shore. Many are already sick.

    We are at a turning point. We are witnessing a 6th mass exstinction event by human hands.

    But we are also here in this moment in time for a reason. One has to look beyond this 3D matrix that has been constructed to keep the human race shackled to a system of usury, being used like slaves to do the bidding of very dark entities who have been here from almost the beginning of time.

    One has to LOOK beyond this holographic matrix. It is just a reflection of your own consciousness. One can change this reality, but there is only one way to do it, and it has to be first on an individual basis.

    Mankind was put here for a reason. We are of God. He made us in His likeness to be custodians of a very sacred planet. Unfortunately evil took humans away for a long period of time. I am here to relay God’s WORD, His Love to all of you. He is the only one to judge, and judge He will.

    This reality is ending. There is no balance to this world, and without balance there cannot be harmony and peace. The ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Only this time around there will be no wars, killing, greed or corruption. Once you lose the fear, they lose you, and the system becomes no more.

    Lose the fear of death, for there is no such thing, energy keeps flowing into different forms, and LOOK inward and discover God’s Light, for His power is almighty.For some of humanity there will be a transformation to a higher level of existence, one of the Light!

    You have to look beyond what seems real to you. I am here to relay a message to all who want to SEE the Truth. The Ark of the Covenant lies within all of humanity, but you must believe there is a higher purpose to your existence. This planet is rebirthing herself righ now. That is why there are an immense amount of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. This planet is enlarging at a higher frequency. She is wobbling, the end of a grand cycle, and soon will rebirth herself, and humanity at the same time.

    One must feel Her heart beating, and join with her in order to rid yourselves of the despair, and soon a journey that to most right now cannot be comprehended, will begin.

    The true history of this planet has not been revealed to you. It will be soon. All you need to know right now is that everything in the cosmos is connected by Love. We are all of the same star matter, and come from one source. It all began from the darkness, from a thought, and then the fire brought forth the building blocks of life and the cosmos was born! From chaos comes harmony and balance.

    We are of God. As Above, So Below. He created this world in an instant of time, and He will dissolve this reality and bring about a new one, only this time around it will be full of Love and compasssion, as he wanted all along!


  43. @Susanna… one is purebred Great Pyrenese (Jason, the masked one) and the other (Jake) is 1/2 Pyrenese and 1/2 Komondor (Hungarian Sheep Dog). Jake was bought as a pup from a dairy where his father and mother guarded the goats and cattle. Jason was adopted as a rescue at age one. They are incredible protective of our property and the animals (except the new rabbits, which look like a nice snack.)

    The Komondor who was Jacob’s “dad” was enormous, like this guy…Jakes%20Dad_zpsoy36p6br.jpg

  44. Anonymous said: “What part of the “wall of separation” between church and state Jefferson envisioned do you NOT understand?”

    As a Christian, WHY should MY money support a public school system that is anti-God? The religion of atheism, humanism, evolution, and homosexuality can be taught in school but not Christianity? Many Christian parents cannot afford to send their children to a religious school because they must pay both property taxes and school tuition. Why cant Christians use THEIR property tax money on school choice? This country had no problem teaching Christian values in public schools until the cultural Marxists took over. Primarily: Tennessee v. John Scopes and flower power culture-revolution.

    A Christian bakery can be thrown under the bus for not making a homosexual wedding cake (even though these people can go to another bakery) but Muslim bakeries can do the same thing and not get publicly condemned. What hypocrisy!

    In addition, why should MY Christian money support abortions? You hate anything Christian and trample on our liberties, but have no qualms taking CHRISTIAN money to support YOUR cultural marxist evil.

    The Founding Fathers wanted seperation of church because they didn’t want the American government to be the head of the church dictating religious practices, books, etc. In Anne Summerset’s book Elizabeth, she reveals how the queen controlled every aspect of church life including prayer books and clothes the bishops, etc. had to wear.

    Research: William the Conqueror versus churches, Thomas Becket versus Henry II. Hugh of Lincoln versus Henry II, Mary 1 persecuted Protestants while her sister, Elizabeth 1 persecuted Catholics. The book Fox’s Book of Martyrs shows beyond a doubt the reason why governments shouldn’t interfere in religious institutions.

    Just because our Founding Fathers wanted a seperation of church and state doesn’t mean their Christian morality was to be discarded. Thomas Paine used Biblical accounts in Common Sense. Andrew Jackson was a Christian and didnt hide this while holding many government postions.

    William Jennings Bryan’s political speeches contained Biblical references. For example, the Cross of Gold speech. Although he was a Democrat, many Republicans listened to his “Sermons on the Mount” while campaigning. Bryan was Wilson’s Secretary of State and didn’t believe in war (thou shalt not kill), and Bryan resigned. Please read A Godly Hero for more proof that Bryan used Christian values in politics and in his private life.

    You may separate religion by physical means: no Christian books, songs, pastors, etc. in this building. However, you cannot seperate your innermost being, your morality from the body as soon as you step into a public or government building. Your values are your religion so it’s impossible to seperate them.

    Keep on parroting what the shadow men brainwashed you to believe! Dunning-Kruger! So hold your elections, support your candidates because they are just frail mortal humans trying to fix a country who believes its a god and a special snowflake.

  45. Maggie – nice dogs. If you cut off all the hair you got a chihuahua? They look like 200 pounders with all that hair! My pup looks like a baby but already weighs 100 pounds. Full grown German Shepherds, etc just bounce off him. He is a brute.

  46. @Left a comment… I think that Erisa suggested that the current crisis was brought about by the elimination of prayer in schools.

  47. So, I think that the wall of separation issue is one that doesn’t necessarily mean that people IN positions of government leadership can’t demonstrate faith, Left a Comment. I think it only means that the “state” can’t dictate what religious beliefs and traditions will be practiced.

    The reason that prayer was “removed” from schools was because what type of prayer and how it would be said stepped over the line for many people.

    I was in elementary school when prayers were said at the beginning of the school day. Honestly, I don’t remember the year they stopped; I just know that by the time I was in middle school, there were no prayers at the onset of school.

    I don’t think there was a drastic change during that time, but if there was, it was less due to the removal of prayer from schools than the removal of the Spirit of Faith, Love and Charity from the greater part of our society.

    If this Fourth Turning is different from those preceding it, it will most likely be because we are capable of greater inhumanity to man than ever before. And, again, I believe it has very little to do with prayer in schools.

  48. Maggie – I get the distinct feeling my brute is gonna be a lover not a fighter. No one is scared of him despite his size. “Ooh what a cute dog!” He then rolls over for a belly rub. That said, he is totally fearless – snarling, growling slavering dogs have no effect on him – he sees that as indication they want to play. Never heard him yelp even once.

  49. @TimeTraveler – nice fuzzy dreams of a new Earth (a la the late, fake Dolores Cannon?–well, maybe she wasn’t fake but those entities she induced probably were).

    Humans are a failed experiment. Our creator fucked up. God may be perfect but we sure aren’t. Maybe free will wasn’t such a good idea. Look at what we’ve done to each other and the planet.

    Many good points in your comment, overall. I agree with you on the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima situations.

  50. Phaedras, capitalism is an expression of freedom by a people whose God is the Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and a free market and charity by individuals is the hand of God.

    It is a lie to say profit is the “god” of capitalism.

    The communism is a replacement for God. They are all athiests.

  51. Maggie,
    thank you for the picture of the Komondor. What a big boy.
    My long while ago neighbor had a black Puli. Quite feisty.
    I love Dobermans…big babies. My Maxer is 85#. Largest
    female in the litter. Dad was 100#.

    Tip: if you ever suspect gastric torsion (bloat) then quick
    give the dog Gas-X, extra strength. It works, vet approved.

    sorry to others, off topic.

  52. EC,
    You are a Pal. I show up here as Susanna and Suzanna…??
    In the professional setting I was Suzanne…to stave off the
    burst into song. Thank you for being so sweet.

  53. Stuck…should you happen to see this:

    Congratulations on selling your home. Hope all continues,
    and you close with the buyers. Naturally you will rent and stay
    close-by for your parents. Please start looking for a place to go,
    even if you are not ready to buy. A decent travel trailer can be had
    for low cost, and you can park it at a friends house. We did that,
    and slept the better for it. If the city gets dicey, you can split.
    For your Mrs., I was city through and through, until I wasn’t.
    I am here on my own in our old farmhouse and it is wonderful.
    Maybe you are working/fabulous career? Good, then you can
    afford a country place. The peace and quiet is such a gift. One
    can feel the nervous system healing. Good Luck!

  54. @Suzanna! LOL… EC sweet? You have now bought yourself a load of trouble. Might want to double down on the Dobies.

    Welcome to the platform.

  55. @ suzanna lol most chefs are men , I hunt ,fish, etc . I have so many recipes it is stupid .

    A country boy can survive lol . Even Stucky , has an awesome bone broth soup recipe ,

    and it is fairly good . Actually quite good soup base stucky , ya I had to try it lol . I am a cook .

    So if you have a recipe that you wish to share , please do so .
    I used to work in the construction field before the bankers blew that up . First thing in winter time at a job site was START a fire lol .
    While other crews were eating cold sandwhiches etc , we were eating the slow cooked corned beef , or pork loin or something else that most people would need a full kitchen for lol .

    Can you imagine eating really high quality food at a construction site ? Everyone knew when we were on a job site lol .
    So please ,submit recipes lol I always am looking to increase my knowledge base .
    I mean absolutely no dis respect , sometimes I cannot write correctly and I offend people without meaning too .
    just the rambling thoughts of a cook )

    Altho sss a retired cia person , um there is actually no such thing as a retired , and still living , cia
    person . Once cia , always cia . Lower caps on purpose ).

    @ spec ops alpha , you know oppenheimer was quoting ancient India pre Vedic work right?

    the manuscripts from ancient India are one of the reasons I believe a high tech world has existed before so called modern times .I cannot remember what those particular manuscripts were called

    But they were very interesting .

    @ left a comment had to upvote you , a good bit of what you wrote is completely true , , pondering a few thoughts tho , not sure I completely agree with you but definitely 90 + %
    Kudos to you .
    @ Mrs. Maggie the dogs are HUGE !! lol I love dogs and strive to be the person they think I am ) I have 7. Talk about unconditional love .

    Cook out , looking at other threads that spark my interest , again awesome job ADMIN ))))

  56. Another great and disturbingly informative read admin…+1000000

    HSF on Armstrong bullshit …spot on…. uneducated Christians my ass…just take a gander at where the low IQ ‘s of the globe live and that’s argument enough for not importing more of that ignorant shit into out nation.

    Why is the US government financing the importation of hundreds of thousands of low IQ immigrants from violent backgrounds into our nation, unless the sole purpose if to destabilize and then destroy whats left of our Republican form of government?…no?..what else then?

    National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

    24 Libya 83
    24 Oman 83
    24 Papua New Guinea 83
    24 Syria 83
    24 Tunisia 83
    25 Bangladesh 82
    25 Dominican Republic 82
    25 India 82
    25 Lebanon 82
    25 Madagascar 82
    25 Zimbabwe 82
    26 Egypt 8

  57. 1. At least Suzy appreciated the vid.
    2. Maggie’s a hottie, sorry, Nick, not shopping just looking.
    3. I’m sensing a cooking article in the works, Billy and Stucky can really cook.
    4. gm, keep us informed which FEMA camp you go to, if the food is good life ain’t so bad.

  58. Phaedra–I pretty much agree what you said especially the destruction of the American culture or culture at large. I am glad to see that you agree with Admin as do I. There’s Wisdom in them thar hills (er, posts).

    Homer says. “great minds think alike and those minds that don’t, aren’t great”. haha

    I remind you that Capitalism was a Marxist term. Marx viewed capitalism in a set. More a societal view than an economic view between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. He excluded from his set other realities, such as, ‘free marketism’.

    The purpose of any economy is the exchange of goods and services. This benefits society as a whole. It is what creates society, civilization. If your tribe has a lot of girls and my tribe has a lot of boys, it’s to the advantage of both tribes to make an exchange. Both tribes benefit.

    Marx’s view saw “Profit is the “god” of Capitalism, its highest “value”. The Bourgeoisie gained at the expense of the Proletariat. The Proletariat did all the work and the Bourgeoisie thru the manipulation of capital gained all the benefit. Today we call this ‘Crony Capitalism’.

    ‘Crony Capitalism’ couldn’t exist without government. Government’s laws and regulations funnels society’s productive wealth to the privileged few. This is what Marx saw, this is what Keynes saw. Marx saw revolution as the solution to the inequality and Keynes saw government and central planning as the solution to the inequality. What each missed, I believe, is that ‘free marketism’ is the solution to inequality. Does that mean that there won’t be inequality, no. …But, the path to a better life will be open to you based upon you creating a better life for others thru trade. You’re prosperity will rest upon your laurels. You produce, you consume! Sorry, Bernie Sanders!

    On Equality–Equality is a mental construct and has no existence in the real world. In this wondrous Universe there are no two thing the same. An orange is equal to another orange only in our mind. The infinite differences between two oranges is incalculable. When we talk of equality we are really talking about a mental construct that was meant to exist under another mental construct, The Law.
    “Every person is equal under the Law”. …But is that so, today? What about the too big to fail and the too big to jail Banksters and Corporate heads that have committed crimes that have gone unaddressed by our government that sees the Law as a necessity for the common man, but not applying to themselves? Law is nothing more than an extension of the terms agreed upon in the exchange of goods and services. Without terms of agreement, trade breaks down. Without Law society breaks down.

    It’s time to take off the rose colored glasses and see what’s going on around you.

    Tell me, am I wrong on this? I don’t mind being wrong as I am use to being wrong. My wife says I’m wrong all the time.

    Phaedra, I can tell by the way you write that you are really smart.

  59. flash–I hope you don’t put much meaning in IQ scores. It isn’t what its cracked up to be. One assumes that one is measuring IQ when one may in truth be measuring systemic bias, not taking into consideration cultural differences, economic differences, perceptual differnces and sexual differences.

  60. Lol Coyote I don’t think a FEMA camp is in my future. A FEMA camp would imply the possibility of re- educating me to some level of compliance with a political system that is the anti thesis of what I consider life to be . Life ,Liberty , And The Pursuit Of Happiness is my version of this . I think that when Ramn Emanuel or however you spell his name , defined where I would be at .

    He stated that in the re education of America 25 to 35 million people would have to die .I may have the name wrong, but it definitely came from the current administration . The current administration also stated they would kill the us dollar . Hedge accordingly sir.
    A quote from William Wallace , I am unsure if this is true but it resonates with me .

    All Men Die ! But Not All Men LIVE! Thus I will pursue whatever happiness I deem appropriate with no regard to what governments believe SHOULD be my happiness . It is not theirs to give , or take away .It is your own pursuit , as long as you do not infringe on others without their consent .

    @ homer , lol I have added that to my list . ty for the laugh .

    whatever ))

  61. @gm…William Wallace: Every man dies, not every man really lives.

    I can’t believe you are being nice to homersimpson’s mentally impaired twin.

  62. Damn, Admin, I know someone has to say it, but aren’t you worried that a black limousine will pull up to your door at 3 o’clock in the morning with jack booted thugs and you become one of the ‘disappeared’?

    Information is the bane of fascist control, AKA Snowden’s revelations. I always thought that the Internet was going to be the horseshoe nail that dismounts the fascist agenda.

    Big decisions aren’t made in smoke filled back rooms anymore without being scrutinized by the Internet. It’s getting hard to keep a secrete, secrete. Not only is current events being scrutinized, but past history is being scrutinized in great detail. Delusions are being shattered to the great dismay of those who posited those historical inaccuracies for their own benefit.

    But it is dangerous to be a truth teller in a world of untruth. …But there are some thing worse than death, like being forced to watch an episode of the Kardashians.

  63. All right, in whomever and wherever BW resides on this blog, I demand that troll to acknowldege that in all my ramblings, I NEVER dominated a brand NEW signature post from Admin that has been awaited by TBPers and other lurkers for ages.

  64. Maggie

    How many times has Maggie posted, let me count the ways. What Admin has put together is exhausting (a lot of work) and informative and worthy of intelligent comment.

    It deserves more than foolish prattle about TP and dogs although humor brings the dear readers back.

    I’m hungry for intelligent discourse, but I like to laff a little, too.

  65. thank you Maggie , I actually try to be nice to people in real life ))))

    @ homer , please rid yourself of that fear , you , me , and others just aint that damn important .
    If the black booted thugs are after you , please take as many of them with you as you can .

    We will die . It will happen . Beyond that premise enjoy whatever it is that you hold dear to you .
    If you fear jack booted thugs coming after you , then make arrangements to make it costly to them .
    You will die , at some point in the future , what did you LIVE for?
    Recipe of the day
    DO NOT USE BROCCILY in soup ! It sucks regardless of how good stucks broth is ! Doesn’t work lol , My spelling is not right but im trying . Whatever lol .Best I came up with aforementioned veggie is about 30 mins of pristine soup . Doesn’t work in any long term storage . In my life I have never made soup with broccily that is good after an hour or so . Crap I cant spell lol

  66. @gm… I do enjoy chatting with someone who likes to cook and understands the difference between a can of good soup and canning a good soup. As far as broccoli in soup? I grate the florets ONLY from the broccoli and mix with fresh garlic, grated carrots, chives, kale and chunked not chopped onion. I simmer this with water and salt for an hour until the vegetables are pretty much smoosh and then I heat seal the broth in jars to be used with whatever I want to add later. It isn’t the broccoli that makes the soup taste bad after a while… it is the stalk, in my opinon. If you want chunks of broccoli in your soup, then you need to add it at the end.

    Now, I like to open a quart of that vegetable broth stock from storage and add a cup of ancine de pepe pastine OR orzo for a style of Italian wedding soup. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on the top as you eat it (you don’t want it to melt into the soup, just to enhance the aroma and flavor as you eat it) and you have something that will cure the common cold in a couple of days.

    I also will use this as a base broth for chicken and dumplings, though the chicken I’ve canned in storage has a lot of the same vegetables pressure canned in the jar with the meat. 60 minutes at 15 psi to completely eliminate bacteria and ensure the meat is safely stored… I opened a jar from 2011 last week while my son was here and we had chicken and dumplings, old style. It was absolutely wonderful…
    These green beans were canned in 2013. Those are quart jars and HSF gave me a tip about dilling the green beans. I’ve never done it but this next year you know I’ll be trying.

    This is my winter project… I bought this from a junk collector/trader in Oklahoma and it is in GREAT shape, but it needs cleaning and restoration. It has a connector to use gas to cook with, but I have it outside my basement and plan to cook on it there in the summer to limit heat inside the house and if TSHTF and we have no electricity/gas except what the solar storage will run, then the stove may just come on inside.


  67. Thanks, gm. I not so afraid for myself as concerned for my family. Like the drug cartel in Mexico, not only will we kill you, we will kill all of your family. I thought, in the coming turmoil, being a church mouse would be better than speaking out from the pulpit, survival wise.

    Posting on this blog is speaking out from the pulpit, especially my posts. Sir Thomas More in opposition to the King, knowing the outcome, could have easily acquiesced to the King’s demands and lived to a ripe old age, but doing so would have demeaned his humanness as a child of the living God.
    What the King ask was for More to deny his very beingness.

    I have met a few cowards in my lifetime, who chose safety over honoring the best in themselves, and I saw the spirit in them flicker. They, I think, knew that they let themselves down. It was their finest moment and the failed the test. In life there is always a choice, choose wisely.

    No matter how you cut it, dying is no fun, but living a compromised life can be worse.

  68. Administrator says: My two cats will protect me.

    Cats make a poor choice as a first line of defense, even if you trained them in basic military maneuvers, a couple of Chihuahuas are much more threatening for about the same cost of feed. How are you set for TP and soap?

  69. That will be my donation to Admin’s efforts to continue TBP on a ham radio venue. 6 months supply of TP (the good stuff) and little grated pieces of soap in a big laundry detergent bottle. And maybe a jar of chicken.

  70. Admin, if you are “around” I just got an email from one of the Family of Families members in Oklahoma. She wondered if I still listen to Glenn Beck. (The answer is no… not in years, but a great number of the group were Tea Party/912 member based folks, so they listened and discussed him all the time.)

    Anyway, today on his “subscription” only program? He presented his understanding of the Four Turnings, on his blackboard with little notes and advised everyone to buy the book and read it so they could get a good grasp of what is coming.

    Here is her message she sent when I asked if she could summarize his show:

    He talked about the caliphate and played a tape of ISIS and explained their motivation to bring on Armageddon. He believes we have already entered WW3. Talked about the Feds meeting this morning to talk about adding the yuan to the world currency and he explained what he believes that means. He kinda let it all hang out in a politically incorrect way. [I have no idea what this might mean and am not asking.] I only hear/see the first 30 min. while I am driving in to work. It is so hard to turn it off when I get there. He irecommends we read a book called “the fourth turning”. And is using chalk board to teach on the “every 80 years cycle” of the world and how where in that cycle you are born dictates what your role is in these last days. It is hard for me to grasp and is fascinating teaching. Anyway, I am buying the fourth turning book and will let you know what I think.

    I have never had the Glenn Beckitis that a lot of the FF members had, ,but is this an interesting development?

  71. crap ive been working too much lol been a pita last few days

    @ stucky lol vile weed indeed , thank you I needed a laugh !
    @ Maggie will try that my next batch of soup )


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