It’s free!!!!!

DHS is giving away military vehicles to copfuks across the land. I wonder why? But at least they’re FREE. Everyone loves free shit, especially from the government.

How many iGadget distracted brain dead zombies in this country wonder how a $500,000 armored military vehicle could be given to a local police force for FREE?  The answer is ZERO. That is why we are doomed.



An Iowa City With A Population Of 7,000 Will Receive Armored Military Vehicle

Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I’ve covered the militarization of the domestic police force on several occasions on this website. For those of you who need a refresher, I suggest reading the following:

There are Over 50,000 SWAT Team Raids Annually in America

Retired Marine Colonel to New Hampshire City Council: “We’re Building a Domestic Army”

Video of the Day – Thuggish Militarized Police Terrorize and SWAT Team Iowa Family.

Moving along to the subject of today’s absurdity, the tiny city of Washington, Iowa with a population of 7,000 and 11 police officers, will be receiving a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle. Yes, they will be employing one of these in the field:

These things normally cost $500,000, but will be given to Washington, Iowa for free under a Defense Department program that gives surplus military equipment to domestic law enforcement.

Matthew Byrd writes in the Daily Iowan that:

Sometimes the news is just so drearily awful that you have to sit back and almost appreciate the pure comedy induced by it.


Take this item from Washington, Iowa, where the local police have recently acquired an MRAP vehicle (short for Mine Resistance Ambush Protected) through a Defense Department program that donates excess vehicles originally produced for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to local police departments across the United States, including other Iowa towns such as Mason City and Storm Lake.


The MRAP weighs an impressive 49,000 pounds, stands 10-feet tall, and possesses a whopping six-wheel drive. Originally designed to resist landmines and IEDs, it sure seems like the MRAP will come in handy for the notorious war zone otherwise known as Washington County, Iowa.


If you’re having a bad day, I highly recommend watching a video produced by the Des Moines Register in which Washington police officials try to justify the possession of a vehicle it clearly has no use for. The excuses range from school shootings (which are an actual concern but an MRAP seems like overkill) to a terrorist attack happening in central Iowa (because if there’s any place that seems ripe for a high-profile terrorist attack it’s Washington, Iowa, population 7,000).


As Radley Balko, the author of the book The Rise of the Warrior Cop, an expose of the police militarization of the last decade, found, in 2006 alone the Pentagon, “distributed vehicles worth $15.4 million, aircraft worth $8.9 million, boats worth $6.7 million, weapons worth $1 million and “other” items worth $110.6 million to local police agencies.”


The effects of cops moving from handguns to assault rifles and being equipped with tanks, bazookas, and Kevlar has been twofold. First, civil liberties have absolutely been eroded, with police-brutality rates skyrocketing in last decade according to the Justice Department. Not only that, but, with the influx of military gear into local police forces, cops begin to view themselves as soldiers whose main job is combat rather than keeping the peace. How else can you explain the rise in police shootings since 9/11?


Keep chanting like idiots until one of these rolls up to your doorstep.

Full article here.


  1. They just received one of those freebies here in a town I’m visiting for a few months. About the same population. I will bet maintaining one of those things will cost more than it takes to keep the library going.

  2. Jeez, you’d think it’d at least have a receiver for towing shit wouldn’t ya? Wonder if its got a quadraphonic blaupunkt…….heh heh heh. The worst part? I’ll tell ya the worst part, it only comes in tan. That’s it, but you can add shit like pinstripes, spinners, and so forth.

  3. Miles per gallon = (Energy harvest per gallon)/ (Energy required to move 1 mile)

    Energy harvested = Energy per gallon * efficiency
    Energy required to move = Force (weight) * distance (Ideal, no loss due to brakes or road friction

    Energy per gallon = 130,000,000 Joules
    Efficiency = 25 % (estimate)

    Weight = 49,000 lbs + [11 police officers (all officers in town) at 250 lbs of weight (body and gear)] equals 51,750 lbs (23523 kgs)

    Distance = 1 mile (1. 67 km)

    Miles per gallon (Ideal estimate) = 0.828 miles per gallon

  4. @bambam, yeah but this thing is for crusing chicks so you can’t worry about that shit till Monday. Wonder if they have a ‘gold package’ so popular with the darker among us.

  5. I doubt they’re free to people paying property taxes. That’s what $1 trillion in military spending a year gets us. Iowa IS a known hotspot for Muslim terrorists, and one of the prime places they’ll strike. Most Americans probably can’t find Iowa on a map. They can use that fine piece of equipment to murder gophers.

  6. More welfare for the military industrial complex, but it’s not the first time see WWII.

    Logistics: What Is Left Behind In Afghanistan
    Next Article → SYRIA: Create A Desert And Call It Peace

    July 14, 2013: It’s going to cost some $14 billion to deal with $26 billion worth of American equipment in Afghanistan. Half that cost will be for shipping gear out, but the other $7 billion will be the cost of equipment not worth shipping home and either destroyed or donated to the Afghans. About 78,000 tons of gear will be destroyed, including over 2,000 armored vehicles. Some has to be moved, given to the Afghan security forces, sold locally, or destroyed. About 9,000 MRAPs will be sent back to the United States.

    Unlike Iraq, where heavy stuff, like armored vehicles and trucks, could simply drive to a nearby port and be put on a ship, Afghanistan has no ports. The nearest ones are in Pakistan and the road trip is expensive and dangerous because of the theft and the threat of attacks (by terrorists or gangsters seeking “protection” fees). So a lot more gear will be flown out of Afghanistan, which is quite expensive. The current plan calls for 28,000 vehicles and 20,000 shipping containers of gear are to be moved by the end of 2014.

    The U.S. and NATO supplies coming in (or going out) via railroad from Western Europe go through Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, to Afghanistan This approach costs $400 a ton to move material to or from Afghanistan, versus three times that to truck it in from Pakistani ports, or $14,000 a ton to fly stuff in, or $10,000 a ton if you just fly material in from a friendly (Persian Gulf) port. For example, $600,000 MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) cost $140,000 to fly in from the Gulf. Some 2,000 of these MRAPs in Afghanistan are no longer needed by the United States or the Afghan forces, so they are being cut up for scrap in Afghanistan.

    It’s common for troops to destroy, or simply abandon, unneeded military equipment when they return home from a distant place. This occurred on a spectacular scale at the end of World War II, as U.S. forces returned home from just about every part of the planet. Thousands of trucks, combat vehicles, and aircraft were just left behind, some in remote areas where there was no one to use them. The U.S. Navy dumped perfectly good aircraft off the decks of aircraft carriers.

    The scale of aircraft abandoned after World War II was staggering. The U.S. built 324,000 aircraft during the war and needed only about twenty percent of those for post-war uses. Most of the 24,000 transport aircraft built were in demand after the war, either for civil or military use. Some of the DC-3 transports are still flying in out-of-the-way places. Some American equipment in Afghanistan will find non-military work. Many of the trucks, for example, are just the sort of rugged transport needed in Afghanistan.

    After World War II the 2.8 million trucks could be used in the civilian economy, but the 88,000 tanks and 257,000 artillery weapons could not. Many were disabled and left behind. Much of the stuff was transferred to local allies, but there was sometimes so much surplus that a lot of it can still be found sitting in a jungle, remote forest, or on the bottom of an ocean (or even lake or river). Occasionally an old tank will be discovered underwater in a lake or swamp and dragged out, well preserved and appearing ready for action. The U.S. hopes to avoid this in Afghanistan, but there will no doubt be lots of rusting reminders of the American campaign lying about Afghanistan for decades to come.

  7. Another calculation, if they go at 30 mph and then have to stop, they’ll lose about 0.15 gallons worth of energy. That means in 7 stops, they’ve blown an entire gallon of fuel In the event they actually need it, how they hell are they going to keep it running? It will be way too taxing on their fuel reserves. Thats just gas, not spare parts. They look like the wheels should collapse in on themselves. The military has a huge supply chain to keep themselves running their equipment. How are small town cops going to manage that?

  8. Wonder how “The Populace” (National and local) will be paying for the enormous costs of running these vehicles once the dollar “goes South”??

    If it boils down to a choice between your local Library Services or your “New Militia” I’d not be betting on the Library being there much longer . . . .

  9. FUCK ‘EM!!!! FUCK ‘EM, I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tank: A million bucks.

    Cheap Ass Grenade Launcher: Priceless

    Just skip to the :58 sec mark

  10. FUCK ‘EM!!!! FUCK ‘EM, I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vehicles can be stolen by the peeps …. power to the people!!

  11. ” … but the other $7 billion will be the cost of equipment not worth shipping home …” — article

    We just bought (leased) a Sonata. It cost a LOT less than $500,000. They shipped that blue fucker from South Korea.

    We have a toaster in the kitchen. It cost about $20. They shipped that fake chrome fucker from China.

    Soooo, lemme get this straight; they can ship cars and toasters cuz it’s feasible ……….. but they gotta leave BILLIONS of dollahs worth of equipment to the ragheads??? WTF???????

  12. “If human beings are fundamentally good, no government is necessary; if they are fundamentally bad, any government, being composed of human beings, would be bad also.”

    – Fred Woodworth

  13. Off topic, but the Feds are waging domestic war against a rancher in Nevada….stay tuned…..

    Feds move in on Nevada rancher’s herd over illegal grazing

    Nevada Rancher Threatens ‘Range War’ Against Feds

    200 Armed Federal Agents Surround Farm…Defiant Nevada rancher faces armed federal agents in escalating confiscation standoff

    Family: ‘Wake up America…they are taking everything from us’…

    Nevada Governor Blasts Feds’ ‘First Amendment Area’ in Bundy Dispute

  14. AWD

    This is the wrong thread. That story is being discussed in the “Copfuk Story #FC251” thread.

    Meanwhile, Billy posted a comment about the rancher story in the “Copfuk” thread, but later apologized for posting it in the wrong thread. lol

    WTF is wrong wif you peeple?

  15. Admin , humans are evil , wicked and sinful.This is why God Ordained government .In most cases any government is better then no government.What do you thing will happen when the American government is no more for what ever reason ?How long do you think society will last until we turn into the WALKING DEAD?I give us 5 days .

    As an anarchist what do you see replacing the government in D C ?pls tell us.Don’t be shy .

    Your last article was one of the best but what comes after the collapse.You gave no answers.Pls tell us.

  16. How does a four wheeled vehicle have six wheel drive?

    Okay, that minor technical detail aside, unless teh feds subsidize the operational cost and maintenance of this vehicle, my prediction is that it will soon grace a city park. I’d love to attend the city council meeting of this town where the subject of raising taxes to support this abortion is put forth.

  17. It’s a frightening trend.

    Totally related, I hope to see TBP show Cliven Bundy some love soon!

    Via drudge:

    200 Armed Federal Agents Surround Farm…
    ‘Range War’…
    Cattle Seized…
    Governor Calls Roundup ‘Intimidation’…
    Blasts ‘First Amendment Area’…
    Senator: ‘Overreaching’…
    Family: ‘Wake up America…they are taking everything from us’…

    MUST SEE!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9’s.

  18. Red v Blue:
    Tucker: (taken aback) A car? How come they get a car?!

    Church: What are you complaining about, man? We’re about to get a tank in the very next drop.

    Tucker: (disappointed) You can’t pick up chicks in a tank.

    Church: Oh, you know what? You could bitch about anything couldn’t you? We’re going to get a tank, and you’re worried about chicks. What chicks are we gonna pick up, man? And secondly, how are you gonna pick up chicks in a car that looks like that?

    Tucker: You know what? Forget what I said before. We can definitely pick up chicks in this thing. Probably two or three chicks a piece.

    Church: Oh man, listen to you. What’re you gonna do with two chicks?

    Tucker: Church, women are like Voltron: The more you can hook up, the better it gets.

    You know, if the Pentagon can find about 150 million dollars to blow on giveaways to local police, as quoted above, perhaps we can cut at least that much out of their budget, since they have so much to give away. Next time they’re talking about cutting DOD funding, I want the FoxNews talking heads to remember this waste of cash. I don’t want to hear any more whining about cutting defense spending below WWII levels-we obviously need to cut their money if they’re so flush they can just give away tanks. Congress should cut their funding and send them to buy, beg, or steal their vehicles back from across the land. What a waste.

  19. I wonder how many police departments will end up abandoning these behemoths as their maintenance costs get added to their host communities?
    I wonder how many community-minded citizens will thermite the engine blocks on them or otherwise tamper with them as they collect dust in city vehicle lots nationwide?
    I wonder how many of them will be damaged or wrecked in hazardous moves executed by ignorant drivers? (You ever ride in one? They sway like a ship at sea in the crew compartment. Even on flat, paved ground you feel like you could get seasick.)
    I wonder…

  20. gil

    Red v Blue is classic! I thought I was the only dork in the universe who thought that shit was funny…

    Stuck.. the video you posted at 5:49 pm? Title says “Police chase WWII tank “…

    That’s an M60. M60’s weren’t used in WWII. They were phased out when the Abrams came online in 1985.

    Whoever titled that video is a dumbshit.

  21. If it becomes necessary to oppose the police, do not fight them. Assymetric warfare is the only way to fight a superior enemy. Keep a low profile, be a lone wolf so that you cannot be exposed. A tank can`t be used against you if they don`t know you are the enemy.

  22. 5 molotov cocktails on this wheeled coffin, tires in fire and game is over.
    assymetric warfare: used with success since Finland in WW2.

  23. gilberts and billy,
    you are in good company RvsB is one my favorites, i’ve been watching it for over a decade. seriously, who doesn’t find Donut funny?
    Personally Sarge is my favorite
    “It looks kinda like a Puma.”

    Considering admin’s recent article it’s quite fitting, here is one of their PSA’s about having a zombie plan

    here’s the classic puma/warthog episode

  24. I worked on the MRAP Buffalo down here at the APG.

    Every weapon system has its weakness….
    Sure, it might me impervious to most civilian rifle fire, and survive an IED, but it lacks an exterior fire suppression system. (hint).

  25. The towns surely won’t be able to fund these things indefinitely.

    But I’m sure the Feds will come up with a program for that.

    Seems that we are conveniently putting the military hardware in place in every corner of the globe.

    Local cops might not be able to use these to their full advantage, but federal soldiers would.

    These little towns are just holding and keeping the Feds toys clean.

    We are a nation of tools and fools led by the rich and corrupted and psychotic.

  26. I don’t care if that thing is made from Unobtainium, Admantium and whatever Captain America’s shield is made from… they gotta come out to squeeze off a shit sometime.

    And Gubmint is right…

    Depending on what you use to make it, thermite burns anywhere from 4,530 °F to 5,229 °F….. don’t care how thick the armor is, thermite is nasty and moreover, very easy to make and ignite. It makes it’s own oxygen, so once the reaction starts, it’s best to just leave it alone. The hilarious part is that it burns so damn hot, if some goober tries to put it out with water, the reaction will split the water into Oxygen and Hydrogen (like a magnesium fire), both of which are highly flammable… 🙂

    Everything will burn.. you just have to convince it.

  27. @Bostonbob

    Actually the Force Protection Inc. built Buffalo is air conditioned and it functions quite well. The combat vehicle crew is also supplied with filtered air to protect them from NBC contaminants. Its the 6 wheeled buggy with the IED digging robotic claw on the right front corner.

    The vehicle in the pic is not the Buffalo, but an MRAP variant built by Leidos, a much smaller, lighter vehicle.

    These were built per contract to go into theater of operations, but operations were winding down and many of these were finished during that time. They were not needed and never shipped out.


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